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Yesterday was the winter solstice the shortest day of the year and after the day passed we started our slow tilt back towards the sun and now everyday should be longer than the previous and I already can feel the warm sun of spring fast approaching. I do realize that we have the toughest months of winter to endure before the temperature and subsequently my spirits rise. But I always mark the winter solstice every year as a day of celebration for the beginning of a new period. It honestly holds more significance to me than the new year does. So to celebrate this day I did not drink or eat myself into a dazed stupor or make promises to myself that I no I wouldn't be able to keep, I instead went fishing. As bad as it may sound I never enjoy celebrating life in the company of others, I only find the things that make life worth the effort in complete isolation in an environment that has been changed very little by the hands of progress. This makes me an outsider a so called weirdo to everyone I know. For it is very natural for Homo sapiens to be absorbed in the lives of those around them and to come across an individual who is not is very unnatural. But how I feel about it is what matters, and honestly I'm OK with it. I can live through anything anyone feels or says about me as long as I can take refuge in the arms of the natural world.

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