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What I Learned From Losing My Hunting Vest



went to the Deer woods today. I didn’t buy my tags early enough to hunt the daylight hour but, being the early riser that I am I went none the less, after lunch. This was my first day out this year so naturally, no Deer. I mainly went to check out my ground blind, which in this case is a fancy term for a clump of trees in the middle of which, I stand and hunt.

The trees were still in the same place as were the Deer, which was not that same place so I amused myself redefining my hunting territory by breaking off the odd limb I dreamed would get in the way of a spectacular shot. I also counted off the paces to the tall yellow grass, still twenty-five yards away just like years previous. It’s funny how trees will sprout limbs and saplings will grow six feet in a year but the tall yellow grass is set in its boundaries. People are like that. Some are adventurous and some like the recliner, but I digress.

Last year, during Deer season I somehow misplaced a brand new insulated, reversible, camouflage hunting vest that I found on sale at the Sportsmen’s Mecca of the Ozarks. I hunted high and low, questioned my son extensively about his choice of equipment during gun season, sorry Jeff and finally gave it up as lost. I had asked God to help me find it numerous times as I searched in vain and behold today was the day. As I approached my tree clump my keen hunter’s eye spotted evidence of someone’s having used my stand without my knowledge as there on the ground laid some sort of camouflaged thing.

Of course you have figured out by now it was my long lost vest left there while I pursued big game on foot last November, you know, the “rolled to my knees” story. As muddy, smelly and unrecognizable as it was with small sprouts actually growing from the fleece I shook it vigorously and hauled it home in the back of the truck. I will attest to the toughness of polyester in its ability to fend off the elements. A simple wash and dry and we are friends once again.

I have friends that are like camouflage polyester. I don’t see them for a year and when we finally meet again it takes no time to catch up and suddenly it’s like we never parted. Here’s to them for, like a patient hunting vest they are indeed good friends.


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