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  2. Fly fishing in a cypress swamp

    A. I do not flyfish. B. Have never fished in a swamp. C. Always enjoy your videos. You do a great job. Can not wait for the next one.
  3. 4 Months Out, 4 lb 11 oz Smallie

    Beautiful fish!!! Glad your are able to get out.
  4. 4 Months Out, 4 lb 11 oz Smallie

    Glad to you back at it...if more knew how fast your health can fail...they would go fishing more!
  5. 4 months away from radiation and things are approaching normal again. Most effects gone. Still have dry mouth and goofy taste buds. Neck stiff and speech weaker and slurred. Weight and strength coming back. Kicked cancer in butt again and kissing it goodbye. Back on TN River today and had a good day. I had been tossing back 14-16 in smallies and holding leader board over my two companions. Then one pulled ahead of me with a nice 18" 3 1/4 lb smallie. Not to be outdone, I worked this one up. Best smallie so far, 20" and 4 lb 11 oz. He fell to a flicker shad just before dark. Nice end to a wonderful day.

    Nah they don't do that there..... Zebra Mussels are native there prob munching on those...I hear Mussel flavor Boilies are the ticket on that lake.....your thinking of Kansas for catfish....
  7. Made us work

    Fished friday and sat with Kbillb. We fished pretty hard both days. Caught 12 friday with 3 keepers. Caught 19 today with only 1 keeper. Various baits. Good to be on the water. Beautiful weather. Saw deer, turkeys, coyote, wood ducks. Tough fishing but great being out on this beautiful lake.
  8. Black Bear hit by Macks Creek

    Shame that bear had to die, black bears ain’t much to fear when given their space.
  9. White Bass Size limit

    Yeah I always get a kick out of these articles and vids composed by local "pros" when they say "the key is finding the shad". Um dude, shad are EVERYWHERE. No really....find me a bank where there are no shad ! 24/7/365 there's never a problem finding a school of shad.
  10. White Bass Size limit

    I must have got them in a cooperating mood then plug
  11. White Bass Size limit

  12. White Bass Size limit

    Yep, and that attempt failed miserably. So they changed the genetics of native Whites FOREVER.....for nothing. I'd like to kick their asses up between their shoulder blades.
  13. Usually a bunch of deer camps in the WKW this time of year and they jet to them, gig fish, fish, kill deer & turkey. Stl TU wants to do a a study about were the trout go down there. Would not be surprised if they go into a monkey dodo pile behind a couple deer camps.
  14. White Bass Size limit

    Champ 96 the ones in the picture are Hybrds. Its that numerous broken line pattern that goves them away. We have been having a good year in my neighborhood. Many betwen 14" up to 18" Plus two 27"" and 24 " But with Hybrids and strippers I have learned not to expect consistency. .One day you will get a buncn next day a couple and sometimes just one big one. Further they can frustrate people fishing for them when they bust the surface. Unlike white bass they may very well turn up their nose to anything you thow to them doing that.
  15. White Bass Size limit

    You are correct wrench, i am thinking the reason they stocked hybrids in LOZ is to help control the overpopulation and abundance of gizzard shad being they have no natural predators
  16. What's Cooking?

    Dang, that looks great. I wish I could see a slice. How was it?
  17. What's Cooking?

    I'll give that a DANG!
  18. Norm M

    Thanks for posting this information. I was thinking about Norm M the other day and was wondering how he was doing with his treatments. We will keep him in our thoughts.
  19. What's Cooking?

    Did a beef shank with red wine, beef broth, onion, taters, and carrots and rosemary. 10 hours in the slow cooker. Dang, that’s a tasty cut of meat. Love the browning capability of this slow cooker.
  20. Robo Ned worms

    Naw, that would never work 3.75 inch streakz in mud minnow and the deal wouldn't either... JE
  21. Norm M

    Guys one of our friends from the northern Illinois area has been absent on the forum for some time. As most of you know Norm has had some health issues. I sent him a message a while back and received the following reply. I sure your prayers would be welcomed. I have been in and out of hospital 3 times recently . trouble with blood pressure , doc finally changed dosages . also just found out throid issues, more meds . cancer treatment done for now, it really tore me up, still in recovery mode
  22. White Bass Size limit

    I'm afraid you're mistaken. Stripers and whites do not spawn together naturally, it is done by people extruding the eggs and mixing in the jizz. The result is what we know as Hybrid Stripers. They are then reared and stocked, again by people. 2 Hybrid Stripers (supposedly) can't successfully reproduce, but the resultant Hybrids can, and do, reproduce with White bass. True (pure) White bass are becoming more rare each year because of this.
  23. NEW WORLD RECORD!!!!!!

    So you can sit by the pellet feeder for an up charge?
  24. 10/20/17 Night

    Great job on a nice night of bows and a white! Got to love catching a trout that hardly fits in your net☺! That was a real nice PB rainbow! My plans changed this weekend and I won't be out at Taney tonight. So seeing fish like yours ratchets that yearning to net a nice trout to a much higher level.
  25. 28-inch Spawning Colors Rainbow

    True that, he only lost control of it once....and got lucky 😁
  26. White Bass Size limit

    Wiper is another nanw for Hybrids. I am with you champ. Guesswere just to old to wrap our brain around this stuff.
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