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  2. Went last night and had one short and one barely legal. Found a couple nice crappie on brush but I didn't spend much time trying to find them. JME but the walleye bite seems to slow down during a full moon. Should get better soon.
  3. Sorry "T" but I could not find them.Fished 2 days with no luck covered lots of water.... Now the crappie, found lots on pole timber at the bottom at 9 foot. Caught some slabs.😎
  4. rps

    What's Cooking?

    House guests tonight. Two long time favorites I claim as grandchildren. They brought Leo, who I now claim as great-grandchild. And they loved dinner.
  5. Got out at dark thirty this morning and went to one of my favorite gravel flats. I marked fish all over the flat from 20 - 28 fow. Water temperature was 83 degrees. Although I was marking fish as soon as I arrived, no joy until about 7:15 a.m. at which point the bite was aggressive on the the drop shot. Given Bill B. recent post I wanted a jig bite but that would not work for me. Tried the GPO and dark colors as well as well as the Big Wobbler and Grass jigs watching carefully for that slack line deal. The best bite came from fish at about 10 feet that followed the bait on the fall. I stayed in the same area because I had to leave shortly to take my daughter to volleyball. Caught 4 in a short time including this nice Spot and SM. The SM was 18 inches. My guess is that similar flats would produces at well and th bite would have continued for awhile. Cool enough boat ride that I needed the sweat shirt. Bobby
  6. Unpack the boat every night. They can still take the ultrex. That would hurt the most.
  7. Yesterday
  8. you are doing basically what has been working at night all summer. we have been having better luck on moving baits, i.e. 1 oz. Elite Mega Blade, and a 1 oz. Black Widow. the jig bite has started to improve for us, but those two moving baits cover more deep water than you can shake a stick at, and they will trigger bites. i will agree that the daytime bite will begin to get really good until we have to start dodging the turnover, and then the lake will become very small again. bo
  9. Wasn't that part of what Bass Anglers Sportsman's Society was doing before everyone decided that we had to "grow the sport"? 🤔 We have a pretty darn good collective voice here on this forum, but I'm not sure how to go about making the Corps aware of us, since we don't have large sums of money to donate to politicians, unless Phil is holding out on us...lol One unpopular (and off topic- Phil, please remove if it becomes an issue) thing I will say though, is that there is actually a lot more common ground between some of the liberal tree hugger organizations and us outdoorsmen, than there is between the oil, mining, and pro global corporation groups that lobby DC every day for doing away with the clean water act, deregulating the national forests, and privatizing national parks. If we want the Corps of Engineers to consider fishermen and outdoor recreation, we *might* have to look at a wider scope of candidates when it comes to voting, on both the local and national levels, because in theory, the COE works for us, but in reality, they only take orders from those we put into office with our votes.
  10. Jeremey, Thanks for taking the time to post this here on OAF. I also agree with Bryan, bass fishing on Bull Shoals is going to continue to be good in 2020. Now, if I only don't get flooded out before the post spawn topwater bite really gets going...
  11. I won't comment much on these latest TMR thefts, other than to give my condolences to the guys who lost all their gear. Opening up a rod locker to nothing but carpet sucks bad. After getting hit twice like 15 or 20 years ago, once on the dock, and once in the covered storage on the hill, I just stopped leaving anything I want to keep in a boat overnight. This pretty much led me to dropping my boat in and out each day and not renting even nightly slips. Thieves can still get me at the hotel, so I still take gear in and out, but it's easier to secure my stuff when my boat is parked just outside the room vs. at a seasonal business during the "off" season. I also believe that the lake areas in general, and the Missouri side of Bull Shoals specifically, have suffered a lack of quality LE since the highway patrol/water patrol merger. The old water patrol officer, Mike Cochran, was able to recover some of my stolen gear once, and kept a solid eye out for thieves in the area. I just don't feel like we have the same level of local LE presence from the highway patrol troopers. Don't get me wrong, they do their best, but they seem to be stretched too way thin in the ozarks, IMHO. I hope they find the stolen gear, but with the combination of Meth and EBay, I just don't trust leaving my hard to replace stuff anywhere, be it Theodosia Marina, Branson, Lake of the Ozarks, or my own driveway in the burbs of St. Louis. It's not a specific TMR problem, it's a every darn place all the time problem. I have been blessed with an abundance of fishing crap, some would (probably rightly) say that I'm a hoarder with a sickness. I realized years ago though, that this stuff is a LOT harder to replace now that I'm a husband and a father. So, I leave stuff I'm not likely to use at home. I load up for seasonal patterns, travel as light as my aforementioned mental illness will let me, (think 6 to 8 combos vs maybe 30) and I unload the boat after each day. Bonus is, I think it's made me a better fisherman, increased my organization, and made me pre-plan my trips better. I've had it bite me in the butt a couple times, when patterns were changing fast in the spring and I was all stocked up with warts and jerkbaits and didn't have the spook box I probably needed, but it's been at least 15 years since I've had to go buy all new crap. Sadly, I think we all just are living in a world where we have to assume that thieves will find a way to theif, and $500 to $1000 combos, $1500-3000 graphs, and tackle boxes full of $25-30 baits are just too easy of a target to be ignored anymore.
  12. Ran up the Gravois and fished some of everything from noon-6:45ish (Friday the 13th with the full moon.) Many people would probably call it junk fishing. We fished main lake points shallow and deep, secondary points, shallow docks, deep docks, backs of pockets and steep shaded banks; caught fish on all of them. Justin caught a 5 pounder and I caught a 5.5 pounder on back to back casts. His came on a jig and mine came on a worm. Those fish came off of a dock. We fished some shallow wood and caught keepers on squarebills, chatterbaits, and jigs. There was shad in the backs of pockets but all of the shad that we saw were the small ones like 2-3 inches and there really wasn't a ton of it back there yet. Mostly isolated balls. Nothing like what you see on the main lake on the lower-end. We did see some big shad on the main lake schooled up but almost all the fish we caught out there weren't very big. I think the fish that we caught shallow could've been feeding on bluegill but that's just a guess. Justin tied that jig skirt on an Omega jig head and I think it definitely looks pretty sweet. Anyways, we had 8 keepers on the day and about 17.5 lbs for our best 5. It was a fun day all in all. Caught fish on top water once the shadows got long. I'm heading up the Niangua's tomorrow to try if I can replicate it. we will see! Good luck to everyone fishing the BFL Super today and tomorrow. I hope we didn't sore-mouth your fish and if we did we put them right back lol. Tight lines everyone.
  13. I’ve had the same place in Clevenger Cove for close to 20 years. If don’t get in early for the weekend you won’t get your boat in the boat lot. Even 5 years ago it would only be half full. Doesn’t help when they stayed hitched to the trailer either. The proliferation of wake boats is unbelievable in the past 5 years.
  14. It was jig fest. There wasn’t any left😀
  15. One day, I had that 500 yard slot to myself. Bill comes down and lands a monster, very next weekend there were 25 boats in that slot. It has slowed quite a bit now though. Kinda back to normal.
  16. Ahh ok. Doing a search for US fishing records didn’t come up with much. Have to look through each state individuallly. I missed Michigan.
  17. The guys trolling those little Arkie crankbaits out in the middle of nowhere are doing pretty good. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, just throw them out and start idling around in circles wherever you see suspended fish and shad on the graph. It might be 15 feet or 70+. I couldn't do it, it would drive me crazy, but it is definitely working for them.
  18. Pretty tough on the glaize arm yesterday. Found some on the corners of docks about 15 feet deep. Ready for the water temp to start dropin. Waiting for it to get dark and fishing over the green light saved the day. Did end up with a 6lb flathead
  19. How has traffic on Taney picked up after Bill caught this fish?
  20. Thomas Healy of Rockford Michigan caught the Brown weighing 41.45 in September 2009 on the Manistee river
  21. Two actually. One was 41lb 7oz and the other was 41lb 8oz. Both were the seaforellen strain
  22. Nope, just caught a few years ago on the Big Manistee by a guy fishing for King salmon in September.
  23. Try all you want. It will happen in time Problem is just too many people. As far as the bass tournament goes that amounts to no more than most of those fishermen involved just being fish themselves.trying to keep up with the jones. They just wind up on the stringer of the commercials and magazines. We are on the verge of a terrible recission if not a world depression That will slow everyone down except those with money to afford it .
  24. Awesome day. That looks like some skinny water too.
  25. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    Guilty conscience?
  26. It wasn't a bad year for me, had really good summer squash, for some reason the squash bugs never were much of a problem. Tomatoes were good for most of the month of July, got some decent cukes and the beans were good early in June. Not much left now, wilt got most of the tomato plants, still have 3 plants left with a few green tomatoes so may get a few more. Planted some beans in early August, they are doing well and should get some in October.
  27. Swallowtails love dill as well.
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