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  2. Looking at google maps - is that a gravel ramp at the west end of TT road near Brush Creek WMA?
  3. Are you calling the 14 "Anderson cove" ?
  4. Started at the 6, or Millionaire’s cove. Money talks, and we got run out of there.... Mike
  5. Gavin

    Being Prepared

    Still have still have 10-15 years to earn if I'm lucky. Sorry for those that don't have time to wait it out. Big Haircut for them.
  6. check out southforkresort.org. Click on blog for Ron's reports.
  7. A great day for sure! Nothing like that blade bite when they are really chomping it, and they do love it on the upper end of the Bull when that water gets high and dirty. Congrats on a memorable day!
  8. That's how it went once 2008 found it's bottom. This is different in a lot of ways though. The whole world is dealing with a medical problem that's the root of the investment problem. Previously the investment problem was an investment problem start to finish.
  9. ness

    Being Prepared

    The terrible jobs number reported today is based on the month ending March 12th.....
  10. I’m thinking we need few days of steady warm for Crappie and Mushrooms. I’m sure ready. oneshot
  11. Not until people go back to work, at the earliest. IMHO
  12. Today
  13. Same here. People for the most part are being careful too.
  14. Never fished the spring run there, but as a general rule you need to run up to the 2nd or 3rd riffle (wherever that may be) and work your way down from there. If they have begun their migration you should find them pretty quickly.
  15. ness

    Being Prepared

    Shorts are only a small fraction of the total market, so it's not like every one of the $10+ trillion of dollars lost in the stock market since February has gone into the pockets of short sellers. For all the rest, think of it like this: I buy $1,000 worth of stock from you and the value then goes down to $800. How much money do you have? You didn't make money, you just didn't LOSE money.
  16. Launched from the bridge around 7 and fished until about 3:30. Ended the day with 12-14 fish I believe. Two keeper crappie and then the rest a mixed bag of bass. Only 1 keeper bass in the bunch. The wind was brutal and made the fishing pretty tough. The fish we caught were pretty much all relating to the flooded bushes. They were caught on jerkbait, a-rig, smoke grub, spinnerbait, and crappie jig. (Note: the crappie did not come on the crappie jig... lol) Fished from the mouth of the Kings to Campbell's Point and Big Creek. The water in Big Creek was maybe a bit clearer but not much. There was little to no debris in the water there tho. Water temp was 58 - 61 everywhere we went. We did see a few good fish bust shad at different times throughout the day. The lake is full and the water is pretty dirty still, but, we managed a few fish.
  17. Back before my time it was at the 6mm, and when that became "millionaire cove' it went to the 14. Nope the realtors haven't changed the main Osage, just the various tributary arms. We still have an original 15mm sign here in the upper Gravois.
  18. I name my spots like 7# cove or limit run etc.
  19. I thought it was at the 6 or is that a realtor marker too?
  20. available at: www.jigs4bass.com Table Rock Shad , clear water model and $4.99 each !
  21. I went to the Sparrowfoot ramp area on Wednesday and only caught 3 crappie. Lost two. But the 3 I caught were all in the 12 to 13 inch range. I was a little disappointed in myself. Thought I was blowing it according to reports. Was using minnows and could see them on my graph, but very few takers. Then talked to at least to ten other people from a distance of 6 to 25 feet. They were having the same kind of day. I think they just were scared to take a bite... Onward and upward. Mike
  22. I have learned that you cant bake the blanks at 180 degrees, or they melt and deform! 140 works ok, just gotta bake em a bit longer. I'm gonna take this messed up one and see how the action looks in the pond by my house. Maybe it works better!
  23. I'm curious about this too. I know Swan turns into backwater pretty quick with high water.. not sure about Beaver.
  24. Yup...work in the paint lab has been awfully slow, but somehow we're considered essential. So during my time as an essential worker I've been painting up more jerkbaits. They are all predator blanks, which I just love. They work great for me.
  25. Sounds exactly like my report from Truman last week with the exception that we Spider Rigged the full day and used live bait. Interesting on the live Scope as you relayed the same information the gentleman we spoke with also referenced. You would think with the hundreds of thousands of trees in that lake that perhaps there would be one that the fish had not been found or fished but from what we were told you have to get up Deep Water creek or at least past the Hwy 13 bridge to get away from some of the pressure from Bucksaw. Also heard this week that just about every open ramp was totally full of rigs. I didn't see this but a good friend that lives there said the lake was probably under the most fishing pressure he had ever seen and he was there prior to it filling up. It always gets attention during crappie time but he said this was the most, especially during the week, with most folks not working and the kids not in school, the lake is paying the price. He also said none the less it is fishing well for big thick crappie and the catfishing has been simply fantastic. Thanks for the report, we might go back up next week and fish lake O. at the 60 mile mark or around there. I might also wait for Turkey Season and make it my annual duel trip.
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