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  2. Pat just wants to keep you from becoming that reclusive crazy "cast" person ! Going to find your body under a pile of refurbished cast iron pans. In all seriousness, it's an impressive collection for sure buddy!
  3. I have one of the newer ones with the rough texture, one seasoned it does very well. Using cast iron is a learned skill, older folks had to learn because it's all they had. Younger generation doesn't like the whole you have to larn how to use it concept. Even my wife after several years gets them too hot too quick and thinks stick. I have one I found in an old house that never leaves my stove and as a result gets used a lot. Some things I don't like them for, I don't like scrambling eggs or making omlettes in them, I will happily use my small non stick skillet for that. But for meat, nothing beats cast iron, whether is bacon, or steak.
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  5. Love is never having to say you’re sorry.
  6. Glad you're doing better. Go get a boat before it's too late. Tell that bossy old cow you've got for a wife you're selling her cookware and getting something worthwhile. She never cooks anyway, so no loss.
  7. I'm interested in anything you want to move along. Not for me, I'm good, but for the younger ones.
  8. Go spend $1500 on a boat and make sure she never uses it. don't get mad, get even!!!!
  9. I saw a bobcat tonight on my way into town. And Mitch.... About my opinion... You used to be my friend.
  10. I don't have a bass boat. But I do have a boat that I will fish the White in anything short of life threatening. Everybody that's coming with me has a heads up to bring jerkbait gear.
  11. Here are couple of the better rainbows...
  12. I saw it. I’m sold on electric cars. Like solar I haven’t seen proof of savings and environmental impact.
  13. Don’t know if any of you have seen this: Elon Musk from Tesla hyping his new indestructible bullet proof truck. Tried to demonstrate the shatterproof glass. Well, things went wrong! I’m trying to figure out is he really that stupid, or is this strictly for media attention. Apparently Tesla stock price took a nose dive after this. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-11-22/tesla-ceo-elon-musk-unveils-long-awaited-electric-powered-pickup?utm_source=url_link
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  15. Well, there is variability in how water is being released through the floodgates. Let’s wait and see what happens. That’s weeks away. Somebody else makes the call on a postponement of Jigfest. I won’t fish with water above 25 K on the White or 8 K on Norfork .
  16. Congrats on the slam and that's a beauty of a brown!
  17. A bobcat out in my area has killed a few of my chickens . Earlier this spring my neighbor has pictures of some babies climbing down out of one of her trees. Great pics and story😊
  18. Well went to Therapy and they say my Shoulder is looking better. Thinking of trying to do more, I'm pretty well healed. Son has my Chainsaw and Splitter. Selling Firewood, told my wife I should get a cut. Been there done that. I cut 20 Cord of Pulpwood one time didn't get a dime. Told them I could not work like this so I quit. Idiot came over wanting to kill me. He had Sledge Hammer, I had a Shotgun. His wife told him it didn't look good for him they better just go home. oneshot
  19. My wife says she hates Cast Iron because everything sticks. Well yea you kill the seasoning. She went spent $1,500 on a Pan Set she never uses. oneshot
  20. We had almost 2 inches of rain last night and the river was muddy here at Cotter this morning. Just what we needed... more water. I noticed they shut the dam down to 2 generators this morning around 9 so I took the boat up to White Hole access and ran to a nice shoal then got out and waded. Water was clear up there and fishing was great with lots of nice rainbows, a couple of brookies, 2 nice browns and a cutthroat. The bigger brown was 23.5 inches and put up a really good fight taking me into my backing twice and had me chasing her downstream a ways. She took a peach colored egg pattern.
  21. Hey guys, I posted this in the "Buy - Sell - Trade" forum but thought it'd be of interest to duck hunters more than fisherman. See link below for the full listing.
  22. Asking $11,000. I'm in Rogers, AR and can meet within a reasonable distance for serious offers. 2013 WC Custom (18’ long x 50” wide x 22” sides) 1/8” hull 2012 Gatortail 35 GTR (140hrs) 18’ Trailer w/ spare tire Boat: - 4’ front deck w/ pedestal seat base, storage hatch, 5 gal gas tank, battery. Minnkota 45 edge trolling motor, removable 20” light bar and LED pods - Multi position deck with pedestal seat base. Can be positioned rear or middle or removed completely - Rear hunt deck w/ dog ladder, fish finder attachment, LED pod - Removable grab bar w/ RAM mount - Bilge pump, running lights, interior lights Motor: 2012 Gatortail GTR 35 hp. 140 hrs Boat is ready to go for duck season, no trades, selling as a complete rig, will not sell boat, motor, or trailer separately
  23. So who is bringing their bass boat for jigfest? lmao
  24. I was thinking the same thing. Jerkbaits/crankbaits.
  25. Thanks RPS, I have been told I have a problem and need to move some out before I acquire more.
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