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  2. Wait, you study?! I pick em by if I’ve heard of them or they are from mo or ar. It’s not working btw 😆
  3. cat fishing ... mind blown... looks like a great time!
  4. Naw he fibbed. He may have hit it during practice, but that isn't where he caught them during the event. Every ditch has the potential to be hot at some time, but Galinipper wasn't one of them at that time.
  5. ell I just shot myself in the foot. My original lineup was Zaldain, Pipkens, Gustafson, Yelas, and Herren - I decided, after reading some "expert" advice, to switch out Zaldain, Pipkens, and Yelas for Herren, Combs and Hudnall. Zaldain is 1st Pipkens is 4th. After day 1 I could've had 3 of the top 4. It's early, but most of my guys, with the exception of Gustafson, are already significantly behind. Grrrrrrrrrr……….
  6. Today
  7. The lodge we used to fish at in Canada had a cabin that always seemed vacant. I enquired about the cabin and the lodge owner told me “That’s Doctor “Jones” cabin...he rents it all year and is flying in this week with his helicopter to fish” I got to meet the Dr. Jones one evening at the camp. He explained that he invented a portable drug testing kit for police officers to use for the guys they suspect of being under the influence. He said a Japanese firm offered to buy his company and he told them “You don’t have enough money!” And then he said “guess what? I was Wrong!”
  8. i stay out of beardsley myself. too many characters around there to be safe.😂 bo
  9. If the water gets to normal pool and it's late fall/winter. Buster. End of story.
  10. We're back, safe and sound. No bear encounters... only saw one and he ran the other way fast. They are hunted hard in this area. The limit is 7 per person (local) per season. It was a learning experience for us. We got taken by boat 57 miles up from the lodge http://alaskan-adventures.com/ Holitna River by Rodney in a flat bottom jon boat so we got to see the river we'd float which was good. But it was hard to take it all in. I set waypoints on my Garmin InReach, marking spots for camping and holes where to find fish. https://www.facebook.com/AlaskanAdventures/ The river changed from a big open, slow moving river to a faster, shallower river with more visible spawning chum salmon. The water got clearer as we went up too. The spot we picked for our first night turned out to be the best fishing spot on the trip. We camped there for 2 nights. There were tons of chum spawning and lots of dollies and grayling feeding on eggs below the beds. We caught them on beads using our chuck-and-duck method plus I caught them on a sculpin/ginger 1/8th ounce jig.. yes there were sculpins in that part of the river. No dry fly activity which was disappointing but when you have an abundance of eggs to eat, who cares about a bug you have to chase! The next couple of days, we floated and casted jigs from the boat, catching mostly grayling and a few dollies. I caught a couple of white fish which added to my species list. And then there were the nasty chum and an occasional silver salmon which were fun. At some point we were torn... we had to pick from staying up where we knew we could catch the dollies, grayling and silvers or push down river to where we could catch what we were after, the sheefish. We pushed on. We did take to a group of 4 guys, 2 rafters, who had been on the river for 5 days at our first campsite. They had been dropped off way above a weir in the river and had been in fish the whole way down. Truth is we got nailed by a headwind on day 4 and 5 and gave up on day 5... called in the cavalry and they came got us about 10 miles short of the lodge. The last stretch was NW and there was a NE wind blowing 20-35 mph... it kicked our butts. Made fishing tough but we managed some silvers and a few sheefish in one hole Dan, the owner of the lodge, had pointed out. We could have ventured in to one of many backwater areas where monster pike lived but honestly we didn't want to mess with them. They weren't the reason we were there. Plus we didn't have any wire leaders!! We did manage to land a few small ones in the river but I'm sure they were the one cutting the line and losing many of my jigs!! The clients staying at the lodge were catching tons of pike, silvers and sheefish every day, mainly throwing spoons, line spinners and jigs and fly fishing with big streamers. Their guides knew where the holes were, a big advantage over us and our float. But like I said, it was a learning experience for us. If we did it again, we'd do it different. But I can say that for about any trip to Alaska I've taken. Videos to follow in a few days (when I get back from vacation - seeing grandkids).
  11. Once they find out they can get out you will never keep them in. We had a dog like that and did the same thing. as soon as it figured out that the pain was only temporary it no longer worked. Charli could hop right over our four foot fence right now like a deer but she doesn't know that.
  12. You gotta have patience! 4-5 years and you'll have a helluva dog!
  13. Just got lucky and found a few.
  14. they dont care what part of the lake, I am gonna say they are wanting to come up this fall.
  15. Got a Dog now that use to belong to our Son. He was with us couple years, I told Son to come get his Dog. Daughter in Law said if Son got him he would go to the pound. I said nope I'll keep him. Months later Son said soon as he got Fence up he would come get the Dog. I told him he wasn't getting the Dog back. Had the Dog about 5 years now. He has decided to climb a four foot Fence, then go to Front Door wanting in. Thinking of putting up a Hot Wire. oneshot
  16. This is great! 😅 I have so many hilarious/rediculous/insane/stupid dog stories that I won't even attempt to entertain you with them. But I will share the one from LAST NIGHT... So I put in an extra long day at the shop yesterday (since I slacked for 2 days prior due to the insane heat/humidity), and I'm headed to the house right at dark-thirty with Orion by my side. One of those giant black&yellow demon spiders was on a web and I ran my face right into that MF'er. Of course I completely loose my mind and start frantically beating myself upside the head, and Orion is pouncing around and I just assume that he's excited because I freaked out. We go in the house and he's standing there looking at me all weird with his mouth contorted, so I say "What?" He comes over and I reach over and scruff his head.....and he drops this GD spider on my bare foot!!!!! (thankfully dead....but STILL) I went spastic AGAIN and cold-cocked that SOB across the face, then felt bad about it all night because I know he thought he was doing me a favor. He's my best buddy today though so I think he has forgiven me.
  17. No! I'm not a performance tuner by any stretch of the imagination. I'm a mechanic that tunes for longevity. Any performance work I do comes with zero warranty because I admit up-front that I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. Things that are on the verge of grenading scare me. 😳
  18. Makes perfect sense...Smooth water would have more hull contact (resistance/friction).
  19. My ex BIL drives a Top Fuel Dragster and always refused to get in a boat with me. I really should be the guy that holds the World speed record on water. You want to build a boat that will hit 319?
  20. A little chop and 45° water.....so they say....is where speed records are set.
  21. It’s true. That glass slick water just slows you down.
  22. We could only get this beast here to 84
  23. The announcers talked about running faster with a little chop on the water rather than dead calm. They actually got into the physics of running even a few miles quicker. I’d like to see it live.
  24. These guys have pretty much reached the limit of how fast you can travel on water before you take to the skies. It's becoming a sport where it's not whether you're gonna die.....but when. Pretty stupid IMO
  25. For a 12 pack of MGD I could arrange it. Well maybe not a 200+ boat, but one that gets pretty close. I ain't riding with ya though.
  26. Congrats on catching a bunch of keeper crappie! Great report! Sound like a fish fry to follow! Would have loved to seen some fish photos.
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