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  2. got into the water around 1 pm. caught 3 keeps, several shorts, and a few nice whites. caught all of them on a spoon. most were 20 ft. deep. some areas are trying or are turning. probably due to all the rain. water temp was 71-72. was fun to get that tick on the spoon. we caught them on 1/2 and 3/4 Zinc Spoons. white and chartreuse both worked as far as color. flats were the ticket. bo
  3. If you are going to bass fish I was doing really well yesterday on spinnerbaits and a carrot cake jig. My fish were all close to the bank. I caught probably 15-20 keepers and had a couple in the 4-4.5 range. I lost a really nice one when my spinnerbait broke in half at the boat. He was without a doubt the biggest I had on all day and I know would have gone more than 5 pounds easy. White spinnerbait, white/chartreuse, and purple shad war eagle spinnerbaits were the ticket in the wind. This is the jig I caught them on on bluff banks and chunk rock: PM me if you’d like to get some of these jigs.
  4. Nice gills! Not too shabby of a bucket mouth either! Love pond fishing.
  5. Nice! Glad you had a great trip. That's an awesome brownie to boot. Glad you survived your run in with those other questionable characters lol 😋
  6. LOL was never a real catfisherman, we usually catfished while listening to a ballgame on the truck radio. Or we were trot lining etc. I think I have tried about everything I could think of when younger for bait. Worst was catalpa worms, supposed to be irresistible to catfish, picked a bunch on a neighbors catalpa tree and I think we caught one bluegill, only tried them once though, maybe it was just a bad day.
  7. Thanks guys, I was telling a buddy tonight that now that I'm home I really didn't fish all that much but it was still a good trip. I think if the water would of cooperated I might of hit it harder. I flew solo last night so around 1am I called it. Not the smartest thing to be wading with those flows even just hanging up on the banks... I was sad the jerk bait bite wasn't better, but happy to see that I could still jig them up... Until next time! I'll be back down in a few weeks. Hope I can find a brown then.
  8. Does not come with a steel rated full choke, but does OK with 3" steel at 40 with the factory extended steel rated IC an M chokes. Bought a couple Patternmaster Code Black's to pass shoot (sky blast) and shoot a turkey with. Have not shot them yet. The extended range sky blaster is a 1" extension, and rated to 60y with steel, Turkey choke is a 1.5 extension tube .665 diameter but not steel rated, they say 70y. Did have to shim it to drop the stock..Saw to much rib with what came from the factory. Cycles every round you toss in it. Trash low velocity shells, no problem.
  9. Thank you very much! Was looking for temps in middle 60s. Looking better.
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  11. Tom Hargrove had a bunch in Mason Jars. Stop by in a week or so, he is in Argentina chasing Dorado.
  12. I had a great weekend of fishing. Thanks for all the help on water conditions. I was worried about not having enough water, when in fact it may have been just the opposite. I caught bows on power eggs. Actually so many that I switched to Maribu Jigs in black and also peach and did very well. I kept 4 pretty nice ones for tablefare done on the grill while staying at cooper creek, good stuff. I had to cut my trip short due to unforeseen circumstances on the home front. My only regret was not getting to stop by Lilly’s.
  13. Water temp yesterday was 71 degrees by the dam. My wife and I went out midday and caught a little bit of everything, nothing big, but fun. She had the best fish, I'm not sure but I think it's a meanmouth. What do you think Jeff?
  14. Del Colvin is catching them. It should be getting better as the water temperature drops. I hope you do well.
  15. It was Fun running into Pete. Pete is definitely right on the money about the river being crowded. John quit counting at 60 something boats, but we saw closer to 100 boats. John and I came home from Texas hoping to get some micro fishing in, but recent rains made us swap over to White River. We still caught some micros and some unusual stuff. We didn’t get Big Numbers, but we had a Big Time.
  16. ness

    What's Cooking?

    Haven’t made that but do love it at Olive Garden. Know there are knockoff recipes out there. Tonight did a baked ziti. Scimeca’s Italian sausage, Cupini’s marinara, mozzarella, Parmesan and some dollops of sour cream in there. Haven’t made this in a while. Good stuff. Scimeca‘a has been making Italian sausage in KC for a long time. My favorite. Cupini’s is a local Italian joint that does a great job with things. Took a cooking class there a year or two ago. Lotsa fun — Cupini was a hoot.
  17. They were involved in the bed of my pickup with my fly boxes. Low water and that’s all I would’ve used
  18. One story I remember Al Agnew telling was of an old river guy that Al used to fish with. He said they would pull up to a rock dike and put out the rods. If they didn’t get a bite in less than 5 minutes, they would pick up and go elsewhere. That shows the ability of a catfish to smell and track down their prey.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Love G&W! Cant beat their meat, love there Liverwurst in a natural casing! Current favorites, Katie's Pizza, Sushi Station, Black Market Eats, Clover & the Bee, and Olive & Oak. Dont make it to the city much anymore...Broadway Oyster Bar is always great, and good live music. Or go to Fraziers, then hit the Venice Cafe.
  21. I saw 64 yesterday on the Pomme side, Lindley a bit warmer around 68. Bass was good, I caught about 50 but nothing over about 14"
  22. Last Wednesday it was 70° haven't been able to make it out since then.
  23. Gavin

    What's Cooking?

    Thanks for the ideas guys! Crab was to fishy....Need better crab.
  24. Saw several Monarchs crossing last weekend
  25. Dang I forgot about wheaties, I suppose it's the gluten on it? Can you buy gluten? I mean they gotta do something all the gluten from gluten free stuff. Wheaties was always a key ingredient in our carp baits, mixed right it stays on well. Wheat gluten adds bouncy - chewy texture to yeast breads and can be used as a binding agent to make meatloaf - veggie burgers and even tofu I had to know so I searched and yes you can buy a pound of wheat gluten for like $5. Now that I know that, well nothing will change but I do know it now.
  26. Looks like a great trip. The White has been good lately with the steady flows. What, no fly rods involved??? They have been coming up to BWO's recently.
  27. Cool, those are some nice rainbows. Congrats on another great trip.
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