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  2. What would a 90 Etec Jet measure at the jet? Many rivers have restrictions and go by "Horsepower measurements are the industry standard as measured at the propeller shaft." Does anyone know where I can find that information? I always assumed it measured 40 at the jet? But maybe not.
  3. Two or three years ago when they were running about 20k cfs we were headed up from Lilleys dock in the morning and started seeing a bunch of stuff floating in the water and a couple of older gentlemen in a pontoon were scooping up what they could with dip nets around the pump house. Didn't think a whole lot of it, but as we continued up lake we kept seeing more tackle and trash. We get up to Trout Hollow and there is a small bass boat about half sunk with the stern up in the air. Luckily, a dock barge was there assisting the fisherman who looked pretty dang scared obviously. Would seem he had tried to anchor up in that eddy across from there, but just was not smart with that much water was running. I don't know if that dock barge just happened to be up there to work on fortifying some docks or what, but that guy was lucky to be alive
  4. Good to know. I thought I was sneaky but in reality probably not as much as needed.
  5. Extreme stealth would be my advice. This goes for walking and moving around and casting and presentation. You may even need to sit and wait at a hole for 30 minutes before the first cast.
  6. July 8, 2010 on Table Rock. 13.75 lbs, 32 inch fish on a bottom bouncer with nightcrawler. The next week I caught an even 10 lb. fish trolling a Storm Thundercrank. I'll try to find a picture of that fish and add it.
  7. Well it was definitely beautiful out. The water was clear and there were definitely some fish. No luck catching anything, I've been fly fishing just a handful of times and this was my first small stream experience. Unfortunately I spent a lot of my time getting myself out of trouble. I tried some smaller patterns, had a few show some interest but no takes. Definitely solidifies that I need to find a guide to learn out to fish/present. Walking down stream i mostly swung wet flies under an indicator. There were a few spots where I could actually cast across into a little riffle and try to let it float through to the slack water. There were a few pools where I could do this too. Walking back up stream I mostly stuck to the spots where I could swing a wet through the riffles again. I tried to stay on the bank as much as possible and out of the water. I added a photo of one of these spots, along the right bank where I was trying to float some wets through. I had fun either way but any constructive criticism would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I freely admit I like shooting. I am forever swapping scopes around, buy a better one for a particular rifle and it has a cascade effect upon other rifles and scopes. Ain't nothing wrong with it I can shoot on my own property so it isn't a big thing for me.
  9. Can't waste a good crisis. I need a big screen TV, looks like I should go out and "protest" 🙄 Actually had civil and no violent protests in our town yesterday. It can happen though won't get any press time.
  10. I remember seeing it when it was nothing more than a bump in the flow.from Taney to Bull, back when they had removed the boards seems like 90 or 91 maybe. There would certainly be possibility for it to happen, and yeah I bet they would grow like hogs in there.
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  12. I had heard that they were level.
  13. People can learn how to take a gut hook out then it has more than a chance.
  14. Set it up like a drop shot, weight below hook, and use a barbless octopus or circle hook, size 6 or 8. When you feel a bite, just start reeling. This will minimize damage to fish you will release. When I used to bait fish below Bull, if I didn't use sculpins, nightcrawlers, or crickets for Brown trout, I used one kernel of corn and one salmon egg on the hook. My friends and I used to argue over whether you should put the corn or the salmon egg on first. Use enough weight to tick the bottom as you drift. If the bait gets ahead of the boat, reel in and cast again. Note: The classic White river rig uses a dropper line above the weight. I did not find it necessary, and I hung up less.
  15. I saw something today that scared the crap out of me. My boat and another boat got to the cable at the same time with 4 units and 4 flood gates going. The other boat wasn't very big and all the sudden they throw out an anchor and when it caught it almost pulled the boat under and almost knocked a passenger from the back seat. Please use common sense people you can't anchor up there in this kind of current and to top it off neither had a life jacket on! I thought for a few seconds I was going to be on a rescue mission! By the way the white bite was on today!
  16. We all hear you. Grand niece does stage lighting for the Tulsa ballet and other one off gigs. She hasn't worked a day since early March. Younger daughter fell victim to a widespread layoff at the national lighting and design firm where she worked.
  17. Buddy is a Clayton Cop. He is there for something twice every work day.
  18. Don't sell it short in some color, either.
  19. Tell me about your anchor pole please. I've been looking at making one. Love the rig!
  20. Right now Ozark Beach at powersite is 702 and Bull shoals is at 695. might want to go down could be interesting watching stripers try to get over the dam.
  21. I can see that the 2 cycle is the issue. I have a 2006 225hp that has been a really good outboard. The only problem I have had was having to replace the oil injection system. Ulrich did it and it was expensive! After that, I thought that my next boat would be a 4 cycle to avoid that unnecessary cost. Gone are the days of putting a quart of oil into a tank.
  22. The wife and I have both caught 4 or 5 walleye in the 26 to 27" range over the years. All caught on large minnows.
  23. I just bought two from overhead door. I sold windows for Andersen for a shirt time. They did a real real good job pre qualifying my appointments. Their windows averaged around 1500 each. When someone asked if I could beat Window World’s price. I would say. Not only can I beat it I can triple it😆
  24. Well I’ve floated with Al at basically the upper most floatable section and the lower most floatable section...and some in the middle. He would know more than me, but I remember quite a few cars up against trees on the bank...and some in the river.
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