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  3. merc1997


    fished from dark thirty to 1 a.m.. started out catching them on first stop and left them still biting. started out catching way out on a divider point between two pockets on the big wobbler. these fish were all in the 25 ft. range. these bass seemed to quit when it got good dark. tried something steeper next, and whacked them on a 3/4 GrassJig, and that bite seemed to fade out or we just ran out of the area where they were all concentrated. went back to flatter stuff back in pockets and the big wobbler was the ticket again. it was important to fish areas where you saw lots of shad on the electronics. majority of the bites were in the 25 ft. range but did catch a few up in 15 ft. ended up with 31 keepers. only two were in the 3 lb. range and the rest were chunky 2 1/2 lb. type. there were 3 k's in the mix and 5 lmg's. these bass are pot gutted and are very active after dark right now. fall night fishing can be just as good as spring night fishing. i believe these same bass will be around these same areas during the day and are most likely some of the same ones that the jig had been working on in the daytime. gauging from all the shad poop on the carpet, it goes without saying the importance of spending the time to look for areas where plenty of bait is present. we fished a couple of areas that we did not see hardly any shad around and did not catch anything. that told us to just keep looking until we found an area with plenty of shad close by. bo
  4. fishinwrench

    You buying this?

    Yeah well, school was a drag. They always went out of their way to say Hi and wanted to chit-chat after the graduation (that I didn't attend), so I must have done something right. They made the mistake of mailing our diploma to us weeks before the actual graduation ceremony. So with that already in hand a float party on the Meramec sounded like a way better plan. There were 12 of us that didn't really care if we had a tassle to hang on our rear view mirrors, or not, so graduation night was spent at the Finn's motel. 😁
  5. 176champion

    9-19-18 Big Jig Bite Lake Wide

    I haven't even been on the water this summer,well i was Sunday afternoon but not fishing.
  6. 176champion

    Big M area 9/23

    I was at Big M Sunday afternoon and the where several wake boats running, wasn't there to fish just to run new to me boat which didn't go well.
  7. Alright guys. The season has indeed concluded and congrats to our winners. Below is the list of members and who owes who. Send whatever you are comfortable sending and please try to do it in a reasonable amount of time. Please don't wait MONTHS to send them. Baits between $5-10 is the norm. Please PM the person that you are sending a bait to and get their address. Let me know if anyone has questions or problems and thanks again for participating in another fun year of fantasy fishing. 1 swelbo1 - S. Welborn 9 baits Senders to swelbo1: SplitG2 - D. Young Royal Blue - P. Baum Lvn2fish - C. Spinks goose919 - G. Anderson Cheesemaster - C. Hunt rogueagent - T. Enke Ketchup - J. Leads TRRanger - T. Reaka aarchdale - A. Archdale --------------------------------------------- 2 fozzype - B. Foster 6 baits + 3 AOY Close Guess Winner = 9 Baits Senders to Fozzype: swelbo1 abkeenan - B. Keenan Targa98 - N. Hass kansasskeeter - A. Roberts 176champion - B. Phillips crazy4fishin - B. Turner Nomolites - M. OToole wmander - W. Andersen riverfish86 --------------------------------------------- 3 dwiebenga - D. Wiebenga 5 baits Senders to dwiebenga: Fozzype Quillback - J. Rhodes supremeJCK - J. Keenan Bassmaster1 - J. johnson AaronPorter - A. Porter --------------------------------------------- 4 Falcon215 - C. Thomas 3 Baits Senders to Falcon215: dwiebenga basfis - D. Reader Slothman - R. Lewis --------------------------------------------- 5 Champ 188 - J. Gilzow 2 Baits Senders to Champ188: Falcon215 moguy1973 - J. Horrom --------------------------------------------- 6 SethOAF - S. Turner 2 Baits Senders to SethOAF: Champ188 likinmo - G. Littrell --------------------------------------------- 7 SoreThumbs - J. Mitchell 1 Bait Sender to SoreThumbs: SethOAF --------------------------------------------- 8 aarchdale - A. Archdale 1 Bait Sender to aarchdale: SoreThumbs ---------------------------------------------
  8. 176champion

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    Congrats to the winners, but if it wasn't for us losers you would not be winners..lmao...J/K
  9. fishinwrench

    Got the .25 dialed in .

    If you add the steel breech and be sure that the transfer port seals up good and straight they hit plenty hard. Mine when stock would not blow completely through a bean can, but after the steel breech and port sealing rings it's ballistics look like this...
  10. Tim McDougald

    Blue Springs Creek 9/22/18

    The water was very clear and did seem low, but that was my first trip there so I had nothing to compare it to. I had an interesting time so I am planning a return trip in a couple of weeks.
  11. Congrats to the winners. I’m already looking forward to next year and another opportunity to win some baits instead of buying them for others😂
  12. SplitG2

    Drop shot

    I would keep doing what you are doing until it doesn’t work. You enjoy it and have confidence in it, so take advantage of it while you can. I don’t have experience with the drop shot from October through March but would think you could still catch them the same way in many of the same places and depths throughout the year.
  13. Noodle

    9-23-18 Cape Fair

    Thank you Mr. Babler. Sprint and Dan thanks for the feedback.
  14. jdmidwest

    Got the .25 dialed in .

    http://www.airgunsmith.com/Benjamin_137/Benjamin_137.html http://www.abairgun.com/images/ben 13x.pdf If thats the model. I saw a 132 on a table at the show for $225 this weekend, way over price. You could shoot a PCP for another bill. Not much to it. Lots of info on the web. My Great Uncle had one in the city we shot at feral cats with. Missed it at his auction. The little pump handle was a finger web pincher. By my time, it was the Crosman 1322 which got lost somewhere. I have a Benjamin HB22 I picked up at Dicks on clearance a few years back that I never took a liking too. My new model Crosman 1322 lacks the zip that the old ones did. That new one I picked up over the weekend has more compression. Thinking about moving the 22 barrel over onto it.
  15. Smalliebigs

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    Hahahaha awesome smile
  16. MickinMO

    Saturday Night Fly Fishing - Video

    Beautiful fish. How long did it take you to net it? So much fun to catch these fish. Been 15 years or so since I have been down to the dam at night. Lot of great memories catching a lot of fish and big fish. Can remember the first time someone mentioned fishing the dam area at night to me. A fellow SMS student who worked the Bass Pro fly shop told me I needed to try it. He was from the Pacific Northwest, but I can't remember his name. We recognized each other from campus and me coming into Bass Pro. I thought he was crazy and that was before I found out he wet waded in summer.. He talked about the number and quality of fish you could catch strippin woolies. So, a couple of us met him down there one night and found out he was right. Took quite a few trips getting comfortable with where to go, but those evenings waiting for the water to shut off learned a lot talking to guys in the parking lot and pavillion.
  17. fishinwrench

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    The kid FINALLY caught one ! OMG if you only knew all the crap we've been through... This is the child that "doesn't like to fish". 🙄 Funny how she wouldn't put the rod down afterwards. 😃 So there's still hope!
  18. What color jigs were you using? Also How deep were the docks that you were fishing?
  19. bkbying89


    Back down to Montauk today. This clear water is making it tough. I caught two really fat ones and missed two more. I thought I was snagged but when I tried to free them it turned out to be trout. Oh, dopey me. Bill
  20. bkbying89

    Blue Springs Creek 9/22/18

    At this time the spring is down and the water must be gin clear. Blue Spring Creek can be tough at the best of times but when it is low and clear it is a real challenge. Catch it at the right time though and it can be a joy. If you can fish it while it is rising you can do well but the fish are always spooky. Bill
  21. Bgctrading

    Drop shot

    Do you like the fluke bite better than the crawler bite overall?
  22. Just took this pic off our deck a few minutes ago.
  23. Yesterday
  24. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Trying to use things in the refrigerator type of evening. Acorn squash/zucchini/tomato soup with half a baked potato dressed with smoked Gouda.
  25. Bill Babler

    9-23-18 Cape Fair

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for your post.
  26. doroger

    Drop shot

    Don't be afraid to try a small minnow/fluke type bait as the water gets colder and they switch to a heavy shad bite. I fish it year round, till the water gets too hard to get the rig to sink!! Don
  27. J.M.

    Cedar Ridge / Bona

    Thanks for the info.
  28. Al Agnew

    The Monster...

    This an old story from 2011, more than seven years ago, but I was reading through old posts looking for a couple of posts I remember making long ago when I came across it, and thought I'd update it...that fish is still alive and swimming in the pond. In the years before I caught it, I'd see two swirls of big fish taking off from the bank, in different parts of the pond so I knew they were two different fish, whenever I was walking the banks and the conditions were right for them to be up in the shallows. But in the couple years before I caught that fish, I hadn't seen but one swirl at a time. Since that day, I've never seen but one swirl at a time, so I'm pretty sure it was the only grass carp left even back then. But I'm still seeing that fish take off now and then...it's exceedingly spooky, so I never get a good look at it. I don't know how long grass carp live, but I stocked those three grass carp back about 1995, so it's something like 23 years old at this point. I'm glad Tim was wrong and it survived!
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