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  2. I would ride with Gary as shuttled guys around the river. We didn't even fish, just look. Then come back later
  3. Wow. It's going to be a rough year for the marinas on the lake. However, I'm pretty excited. Stockton can be amazing when the water is up in the trees like that. Give it a week and I'm taking the kayak into some of those jungles.
  4. From the AGFC Rules: Drive, harass or pursue trout with noise, objects, boats or by wading to concentrate them. And I'm not directing this at anyone here BTW.
  5. I remember when there was a time that guides would run their boats in circles on a 'hole' where the browns were and they'd also throw rocks into the water. Theory was that it got them to move and if they get moved they are more likely to bite. They'd stir up that hole then fish live sculpins. That practice has been made illegal, the stirring thing, not the sculpins.
  6. Roark Beach & Mutton Creek. Photos by Pete Fisher
  7. He exclusively used Morning Dawn. Yamamoto 4 in. purple cuttail has been the standard for years. Morning Dawn is the new kid on the block and really came on hard last year. One of the anglers that represents another soft plastic company was using the Purple 4in cuttail and not telling the truth. This always really aggravates me, but they do it all the time. Lying for the all mighty dollar. I used to fish 2 circuits back in the day with a guy that was represented by Strike King. Everytime he mentioned a Strike King product on either the radio or in print he would get $50.00 bonus. We never fished Strike King a single minute and he mentioned it countless times. I got sick and tired of it and told him, either he fished what he said or I was going to rat him out. We stopped fishing together. This was way before Beck and I started tournament fishing. Beck was just the opposite he would tell what we caught them on and where we caught them. Never heard him say the slightest of a fib to anyone. If you don't want to tell, just keep your mouth shut, and don't fib about it for money.
  8. St Croix has 6'9" ML XF spinning rods in several of their line ups. Not sure if that extra 3" is a deal breaker. They seem to jump from 6'9" up to 7'6" in that action on their spinning rods.
  9. Looks like there are 2 of you. 😃 I can understand not fishing Grand, and I was expecting them to cancel it with all the water they are getting. Don't want to see a TR redo, I'd be happy to see them fish Beaver, I know Beaver is tougher, but I'd like to see one where they have to work for their fish.
  10. Nope. Watch it every day it’s on. Good show. They are as close to ground zero as anyone. New news comes from them before most.
  11. What rod company makes a rod closest to the action of the falcon cara Nestor falls rod, which I have not been able to find in the past few years. I do know it was a 3 power ML action XF taper.
  12. I run in to this when I take people fishing for trout and crappie. Straight lining jigs for trout and shooting docks for crappie produce the most fish of those species for me by far, but not everybody can just pick up a rod and do it. It's takes practice. My casting abilities to get baits in tight to cover is decent (I think), but my skipping abilities are crap compared to somebody like Montgomery. It's not even fair how easy they make it look.
  13. Anybody notice the color martens was using? I was a little surprised as most of my success dropshotting at TR has been with shad and night crawler type patterns. Just proves I need to get out of my comfort zone and take a chance more often
  14. Nothing on the web page yet. Thought I was the only BTL fan on here.
  15. Stage 7 will be at TR . Just saw this on Bass Talk Live.
  16. Yep. Hard to practice skipping and pitching in an office cube. Trust me....
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  18. oneshot

    Long Night

    Went to the office about 10 talked to my sister North of California, MO. She said it had just hit there. I’m waiting to hear back from her. Heard about Jefferson City. Was told about midnight to stand down go home but be ready. I’m sleeping in my clothes thought I was hearing hail but Tornado touched down by us. We haul tail for the office 1:20 running ahead of the system. Then another touchdown. Far as I know only one house distroyed no injuries. Get to the office watching Radar Tornado goes to FLW. Boss said there was one on the ground at Edgar Springs. Where is Edgar Springs? I knew because I use to hunt up there. They was touching down all along the line, every time seemed it had calmed down there was another. Finally one of my Bosses asked what I thought? Told him I thought it was done but had 2 more touch down, so we wait. Then 4AM they said stand down go home. On way home pointed out to my wife that all the Mailboxes were open. She might be deployed to Jefferson City right now dealing with Media. oneshot
  19. ness

    What's Cooking?

    Managed to get a cold so I decided I'd make some chicken soup, the only known cure for the common cold. Pretty basic stuff, but very tasty. Sauteed onion, celery and carrots, added chicken broth, sage and thyme. Meanwhile I cooked some Reemes frozen square dumplings in salted water. Poached the chicken in the broth (used breasts because that's what we had), removed, cut/shredded and added back. Added noodles, parsley, pepper, a splash of cream and a splash of cider vinegar. Tastee! No pics -- trust me! Thinking ahead to a muffaletta tonight, I picked up black, kalamata and green olives and some Mezzeta giardiniera. Mixed that well togedda with some olive oil, salt, red pepper flakes and oregano.
  20. One of the things I hear more than anything from clients is that "I fished when I was a kid and I was pretty good." I always know when I hear that, it's going to be a long day. Even though both professional fishermen and guides are in somewhat the same business, I cannot do what they do and for the most part they cannot do what I do. They Catch fish. For the most part most pro-fishermen cannot guide worth a hoot. They know fish are there to be caught and really do not understand why you cannot catch them. I think Evers said, now is the time to bring kids to Table Rock. I don't know a lot of 10 yr. olds that throw a square bill within inches of cover and when they miss a fish flip a jig under it and catch the fish. I think they lose track of how good they really are and to try and put kids into jerkbaiting, dock and bush flipping and bank running a square bill is not a remedy for success. Dropshotting is a different matter. Without the 3 footers that Martins was fishing is the way to get them catching them, or dragging a ned or swimming a keitech. They for sure can get you around them, but its hard for them to make it easy for others to catch. Now I'm in the fishing business and fish everyday and their skill level is so far above me I cannot even touch it. Let along folks that fish once a month or even once a week, that want to flip bushes and shoot docks.
  21. Watched a female and a male on a bed last Friday They were getting it done. Seen a group of females roaming shallow. Seen fry Monday. Middle meramec. Didn’t get much reaction from them. Hopefully this rise don’t put fry in the cornfields 🙁
  22. oneshot

    Yes It's Up

    Haven’t been to the river today but I’m sure it is way up for days still raining here. oneshot
  23. I would ride around with Gary all the time way back when just to look around. We saw some really big trout.
  24. Where are we going to be for water levels when this is all said and done... Thought I'd see everyone's ideas.
  25. Their was some really nice SM weighed in the big bass tour, I was fortunate to weigh one in a little over 4 lb's. Pretty sure a 6 was the biggest weighed in. Definitely a state record swimming around in the rock, bull, and Stockton where the current record was caught....
  26. Rainbows especially recently stocked fish don’t seem care if a boat goes over their head, browns will do anything to avoid a boat. Several years ago we ran across a brown that was trapped between our boat and an inches deep gravel flat, the fish swam back and forth looking for a place to hide. When it finally passed us by we were astonished at the size, until we got a good look at it we were asking ourselves if was a beaver. Hang around that river enough and you’ll see some amazing things.
  27. Wheeler was absolutely amazing with that Spook. We all can fish it but there is not a guy here than can drop it in the places he did with that type of speed and accuracy. Charlie Campbell in his day could fish a spook better than anyone, but Charlie did not have that type of ability to drive nails with it. For one he did not have to. Pete had some guys watching last week and kept wanting him to get them to the bushes. He tried several times and told them they couldn't do it. Did not go over well but you simply cannot be hung up cast after cast. I think Hackney or one of the bush flippers said if you can't play checkers with it stay out of the bushes there are better options. One of my best options is to see them chasing and throw a Fin in the middle of the fray.😂
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