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  2. Personal Best Spot

    But great memories!!!
  3. Personal Best Spot

    My wife, who does not fish, caught the largest spot ever in any of my boats. We were on Broken Bow lake in Oklahoma in the late 70's. I had an old 18 hp Evinrude on the back of a rented boat. We were fishing Texas rigged lizards on a point. I was, literally, casting my bait and hers. She had a pickup in about 20 feet of water and jerked when I told her to do so. She did a great job. The fish would have measured well over 20 inches and I would swear it was between 5 and 6 pounds. At that time, I did not know how close she was to a state record. We already had fish for eating, so we let it go. No pictures, of course. Different world, different time, different results
  4. Meramec giant

    What a catch. Congrats!
  5. Back rest for butt seat

    A friend of mine has developed a back rest for a butt seat, it is an add one and i feel it is a great product and very useful...he only has a facebook page as of now but here is the link.. https://www.facebook.com/ButtSeatBackBrace/?notif_id=1513545641445351&notif_t=page_invite

    I'm selling my Benelli Super Black Eagle 2 it has a 26" barrel comes with 4 choke tubes that came with the gun plus a Carlson improved cylinder and a kicks highflyer modified choke tube. The stock has some camo coming off The gun is about 8 years old I haven't shot it in about 2 years. I'm asking $600 if interested call or text 636-544-5441 Thanks
  7. Air Rifle

    Army men are fun. Strike anywhere matches are fun too. 1 pt if you hit it, 3 if you light it. Hang them with a clothespin.
  8. Today
  9. 12-15-17 crappie report

    Congrats on a nice cooler of crappie!
  10. Air Rifle

    BH we never had those types of battles. I did build a lot of warship and airplane models when I was a teen. After about 6 to 9 months I would get bored or want to build a new one, but didn't have a place to display the new one. So I would load up an old model with sterno or firecrackers. If it was a boat, I would light it up and drift the boat out onto a local pond and watch it burn and then get blown to bits. Airplanes would get a similar treatment, except that I would string them up and "fly" them before they would blow up. We also would fill nylon stocking eggs with sterno and CO2 cartridges. They would burn, blow up, and put out the fire with the CO2. A lot of fun at the time, but likely an environmental hazard.
  11. Best way keep hands warm?

    I use the adhesive chemical toe warmers and place them on my hips above my femoral arteries. That keeps my legs warm. Since I do most of my winter fishing while wading, I do stay heated while fishing. I typically don't wear gloves, but a couple of hand warmers in my coat pockets are used just to get them warmed up again.
  12. Best way keep hands warm?

    I have 3 pairs of the cheap fingerless wool gloves from army surplus. If one pair gets wet, I throw them in the bottom of the boat & get a dry pair. I use a hand warmer pouch that you wear around the waist with a couple hand warmers inside & a small hand towel. I use the little towel to dry my hands after dipping them in the livewell or minnow bucket. I use adhesive hand warmers & stick them on my hoodie over each kidney. This keeps my achy back feeling good & warms the core.
  13. Personal Best Spot

    Congrats Mitch on a personal best spotted bass! That is a pig!
  14. Has this weather driven the eyes deep?

    I wonder how Stockton compares to Bull with walleye as far as how deep they go in the winter. I watched Buster Loving's seminar about upper Bull a few years ago and if i remember right he was saying they go shallow and all the guys (like myself) were trolling their baits under them
  15. Has this weather driven the eyes deep?

    Dan- it's still a walleye even though it's not that much bigger than your spoon.
  16. Chocolate Scented Orchid

    It may look like bacon, but does not smell like it. Don't think that I could stand a bacon scented orchid. I would be drooling on myself all of the time while it was blooming. Fortunately this is a flower that gives off it's scent in the evening/night. Might get overpowering if it gave of its scent all day and night.
  17. Air Rifle

    Haha. Looks like its been fun for ya wrench. I havent shot for a few weeks now. Sold one of the guns to a friend. Looked at a pcp at BP friday. Just cant talk myself into it still even after going back to it that day 3 times. Since all of mine are .177, i am going to pick up a .22 this week. Narrowed it down to 3 models.
  18. Chocolate Scented Orchid

    But it looks like bacon 🥓 😂
  19. Chocolate Scented Orchid

    I am sitting watching television and periodically get wafts of the perfume from one of our blooming orchids. This one is a chocolate scented Oncidium or a dancing lady variety orchid. Not a commonly found orchid here in Missouri, but I picked this one up locally about a year ago. The scent is reminiscent of chocolate.
  20. What's Cooking?

    Keeping up with the wild game theme, I made a modified version of beef and broccoli using venison. I thinly sliced some venison steak meat, added It to a bowl along with about two tablespoons of sambal chili sauce, two tablespoons of cornstarch, some powdered ginger, and enough soy sauce to wet and coat the meat. I let the meat sit while I sliced the broccoli, yellow onion, and about a cup and a half of sugar peas (halved) and minced garlic. I mixed two tablespoons of cornstarch with two thirds cup of soy sauce and a third cup of beef stock. I cooked the meat over high heat. Once browned, I removed the meat to a plate and added a bit more oil and the remaining goose fat from the fridge then began cooking the broccoli. Once the broccoli cooked a bit, I added the peas, followed by the onion and minced garlic. Once the onions were translucent, I added the meat back in to the pan. Added ground pepper and a little Chinese five spice then the soy sauce/stock/corn starch mixture. Cooked everything until the sauce thickened and served with white rice cooked with a little beef stock and some powdered ginger.
  21. Meramec giant

    I know I didn't say it , but it needs to be said , this fish was released with the utmost care and consideration for its well being This was the first fish I've seen of this size with no battle scars or signs of age. It was to me a younger fish. Very healthy and as pretty a smallmouth I've ever seen.
  22. Best way keep hands warm?

    Why do you think I make Mrs. BilletHead sleep on the front screened in deck during the winter? Easy answer she has to go to work to warm up during the week . It is a win -win deal ! All this time you all thought the BilletHead was crazy, nope, BilletHead
  23. Varmint A Rig.

    Caught 2 Stripers and a bunch of whites on that A rig. Went out after the tournament.
  24. Meramec giant

    An absolute Ozark Trophy congrats Matt!
  25. New to Stockton, newbie advice welcome.

    Slow death hook is just an aberdeen hook with a bend in the shank that makes 1/2 a nightcrawler spin when trolled. I used the eagle claw rotating hooks. Really nice rig! Good luck out there !
  26. Yesterday
  27. Best way keep hands warm?

    Another good way of conditioning is to never turn the heat on and windows down while riding around in your vehicle and keeping the house thermostat set right around 38 degrees. Just enough to keep pipes from freezing. Me, I’m a little more into comfort. I’ll use a hand warmer.
  28. Best way keep hands warm?

    I'm anti-handwarmer or anything that produces heat. IMO the best and safest way to spend time out in the cold is by conditioning yourself to tolerate it. I learned a long time ago that you can be perfectly comfortable in below freezing temps in nothing but a sweatshirt and jersey gloves if you are doing things like splitting wood. And after you've done that a bit you actually increase your tolerance for cold temps quite a bit. Get out there on cold days and exert yourself just enough to stay warm, jog, ride a bike, cut wood, whatever, then when a 20° day comes along and you wanna go fishing you'll be just fine in a couple of light layers and probably won't even need gloves. It's all about conditioning yourself. That's why in the Fall you shiver uncontrollably at 40°, but in the early spring you can run around in 40° weather in your underwear.
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