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  3. Been fishing hard since the -15 temps in February with limited success! Fishing the Solo Pro Series had been interesting to say the least. Not capitalizing on key bites when opportunity knocks. (Pull offs) treble hook baits. Man I love this crazy game of cat mouse. Anyways, fished the rock today 5 bites, 3 shorts/ 1 -3lber and pulled off a significant bigger one 5 ft from boat. They sure are fun watching them in the clear water shacking their heads! That 1 fish would have put me in the top 30! Today! The rock showed her teeth today. Congrats to everyone that's been catching them! KC-Cap
  4. TN is nice this time of year. A few weeks ahead of us.
  5. Has that black tail thing going. TN causes that. Probably nuke material leeching out of the watersystem. Pretty common in TN. Never see that around here.
  6. Wrap a little pinch of steel wool around the threads, shoot some spray paint on the bolt and the steel wool.....and then run it in real quick before the paint drys. Old farmer trick that actually works pretty good.
  7. That's an interesting guy. All head/no @$$ πŸ€”
  8. Those are some pretty little fish. πŸ‘
  9. Might be the gas cap . My tundra freaked me out one time and it was loose
  10. Yesterday
  11. Nothing better than making a plan and getting it done. Good job John and Livie.
  12. Good haul @budman! We went out looking today hit four patches, two of those places did real well. Not much in the other two. 65 to 70 found. Getting big here now. Tried the new mushroom knife. It is neat. Has a brush on one end. will look again in a couple days. Inch and a half of rain yesterday. Hopefully many more to be found.
  13. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    Seems a heck of a lot better than those last three Star Wars movies.
  14. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    You have heard of the last Jedi in the Star wars sagas? Well it was the last Ribeye in the BilletHead's saga. Fried morels took it to the top then a big salad. Great day to eat on the screened in porch.
  15. shifts with the motor running so I’m going to try it.
  16. Brand new 4Runner with 10200 miles on it. Just had the dealer oil change and service Monday.
  17. That is pretty neat - hope that engine light is no big deal.
  18. We stopped here on the way to Charleston to break up the drive. So I spent about 4 hours today fishing around town on the Little Pigeon River. This place is awesome! I spent all my time between Sevierville City Park and Lowes downstream about 2.5 miles. There is a walking trail all the way along both sides. I didn't start fishing until 10:30 and still whacked em! I had on muck boots and was able to fish everywhere. I started catching small 12'ers right off the bat and when I found they were in the faster water it was on. Biggest was right at 16's and I quit counting at 15 or so. I le
  19. Big thank you to everyone who competed this year! Full results are up on the website at www.bigbasstour.com See everyone next year. πŸ‘
  20. It tightens but doesn’t lock down...wonder if I could just put some blue loktite on it?
  21. Yeah I'd "worry" about it. If it's truly stripped out it isn't a big ordeal to drill and tap it out to a 9/32 or 5/16 stainless.
  22. Had to take it off and make it bigger...then put the bottom one on...and slid it on the top and that was all she wrote...thanks for the help do you think I should worry about that bolt that I stripped? The other three are tight
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