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  2. The Niangua hasn't even crested yet so we have a ton of water headed our way. The Gravois and surrounding creeks were as violent as I've ever seen them at about 1:30pm today. I expect the lake to hit 660+ by late morning tomorrow. Maybe even sooner. We have alot of water headed our way.
  3. The English would hang ducks, pheasants and partridge until they separated at the neck and then dress and cook them. That's a little far gone for me.
  4. I found this on Ozarks water watch Quillback Table Rock is experiencing yet another major flood! Here is the James River arm on Saturday around 3 pm. It is rising around 1 foot every two hours even with all flood gates open releasing a total of 20,000 cfs. But Beaver Lake is now releasing 10,000 cfs into Table Rock Lake!
  5. Picture of beaver bridge at eureka springs
  6. Just read on FB that Phil had to evacuate his resort....not looking good! Lilleys' Landing Resort & Marina 58 mins · No one cast today. We've evacuated the resort. Pray that no one is hurt in this event.
  7. Looking at the gauges from most of the tributaries they have not slowed or crested. Lots of water still heading towards the lakes.
  8. The one my wife and I saw looked to be as big as a car, but it's hard to say how far away it truly was. Seemed really close, less than a mile away. My grandma told the story 1000 times about one that passed right over her house once.
  9. Shoal Creek at Tipton Ford or where the Under Cliff was, also know as Water's Edge.
  10. Well now see, I look at it differently. Those guys train like crazy, and our tax dollars buy them all the best toys to deal with things like that. So for anybody to whine because now they get a chance to use their toys and just rediculous. Don't kid yourself, those guys get off on that crap like two fat lines of fine Bolivian cocaine !
  11. Never seen nor heard of that. Went to a Junk-A-Palozza flea market today. Weather was good with no rain until we got in the truck. Seen some of the longest streaks of bolts i have ever seen today. Such a cool part of nature.
  12. So im assuming your associated with the FLW?
  13. I live down DD across from Indian Point Marina... We've had almost 5" (about 4.75 so far) of rain from 9am Saturday morning to 8pm. And it is still coming down. That's not counting the 2 1/4" that fell overnight. So the Little Rock guy was way off.
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  15. A link to some overhead footage of the damage of basically hickory creek. Everything drains into it from the city so this is what happens. The road with the Scion on the side is up from my house a half block. Crazy
  16. Good report! Thanks for sharing.
  17. This isn't about outsiders telling anyone what to do. These things don't get done without help from law enforcement and first responders. And law enforcement and first responders had their hands full with emergencies and plenty of non-professional idiots doing idiot things today. That's why this should have been postponed or shortened by a day. If literally a single first responder was tied up with this today it was too much.
  18. By the way..... I witnessed my first ever "Ball Lightning" today. Heard about it all my life, but today I actually watched a ball of electricity travel through the air like a comet on a rollercoaster. Wicked cool !!!
  19. Roaring River campground is flooded. First 2 pictures are of the river from the 112 bridge in the park, it was closed due to the water being over the bridge and had just been reopened when I got there. Last 2 pictures are at the HWY 86 bridge
  20. Well we got 3 more inches and suppose to get 3 more. My wife left at 6PM said I will see her when I see her which will be about Monday because all the water isn't here yet. oneshot
  21. Yep, exactly. No problem whatsoever over there though. First time at that particular resort though so didn't really know the deal going in.
  22. Anyone been to Cow Creek ramp?
  23. Well my wife came home about 11AM left again at 6PM with Blanket, Pillow and some food said she may not see me until Monday. oneshot
  24. Our club tourney last month out of Cape was not the best. We had storms with rain. Within 15 minutes of us starting, the lightning came. By then everyone was headed to their starting spot. I stayed within 200 yards of the ramp, just in case. Within 2 hours the storms were gone. And that was us in aluminum cans holding those lightning rods. I have been in many, many if those situations, as many here have. Never have i left due to weather. As Wrench stated, if im signed up to fish, im fishing. I know my and my boats limitations, and stay within them if possible.
  25. Now now, don't get all bent. 😁 I'm just saying that whether hauling fish to a weigh-in at the end of the day, or scoring immediately and releasing..... Bass tournaments are bass tournaments and shouldn't be cancelled no matter what. If you're scared or are too smart to fish under certain conditions then forfeit. Some guys have the balls and the boat driving skills to go after them, and conditions like these favor those guys. That's just the way it's supposed to be IMO. If I was in it and had put up the money then I'd fish....I just wouldn't run very far. I don't know about you but I didn't stay hid indoors all day today. I didn't go fishing but I could have if I wanted to....and probably would have caught some. That's all.
  26. thats fishable water right there
  27. what day was it for?
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