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  2. Reports?

    I went last week with my uncle. Put in at Twin Bridges and went up Spring Creek. Fished about 300 yds short of the power lines. Ended up with 70 between us. Mix of male and females. Had to really slow it down and was fishing right on bottom.
  3. Day one complete in Austin Texas https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/2018-austin-team-championship/teams#ttabs
  4. Bed Bug Heat Treatment services

    I have crashed in some pretty shady digs, I'm really surprised that I have yet to meet my first bed bug. I have had to deal with a flea infestation though. Probably about the same.
  5. Where to stay at Truman

    Short answer is “in places” it’s ok to be by the channel. It really depends on the lake level. 708 is flat out spooky if you’ve ever seen it at 706. With trees decaying at “pool” the amount of timber just below the surface is astounding. Truman was my home lake and I can say i have literally seen the whole lake from as far as u can navigate up tributaries to the dam on all arms That said, have the folks at bucksaw draw your run path on a map and suggest idle areas. The entire lake can be run on pad if u know it. From long shoal to sterret creek to Osage bluff, run anywhere on the main body u don’t see trees or danger buoys with no worries.
  6. Where to stay at Truman

    I can not ever remember being on the Lake and not thumping a tree. You might think your safe in the channel then hit something. Some places I knew well and would bring the Boat on plane scare the something out of my wife but she was in the boat with me one time when I had it on its side. LOL oneshot
  7. Got into the act...

    I gotta say it's been a tough winter for me for fishing. Water too low and clear, weather too cold and frozen, something always seemed to come up that I had to do when the weather would moderate, then water too high and too much rain, and finally I had surgery that was supposed to be no big deal but took me out of action for two weeks. So yesterday morning I was looking at a weather forecast, and it looked like the next week was going to be rain and more rain, and yesterday was going to be partly cloudy and cool with a northwest wind, which isn't all that great, but it might be my only chance to go in the next week or two. I called Hog Wally to see what the water looked like on his part of the Meramec; I knew it was up more than a foot, but was it clear enough. He said it had about a foot or a bit more visibility, but with his characteristic optimism, he said it should be perfect. I'd hoped he could take off and go with me, but alas, he had to work. So I started to get the boat ready, and found my starter battery was dead. Well, I wasn't in any huge hurry to leave, since I figured the sun would warm the water up and it would be better fishing in the afternoon. So I let the battery charge for an hour, and then took off for the river. I ran up several miles from the access, headed to a certain winter hole. The thing about this hole is that it is short, though deep, and has a bit of everything a smallmouth would want, all in a small area. A nice riffle coming into it with a nice eddy and drop-off on the gravel bar side. A beautiful run against a mud bank with cover on the other side at the bottom of the riffle. A rocky bank with strong current. A rock point forming a big, deep eddy with logs and rocks. A steep clay bank with sunken logs and gentle current with plenty of depth. So, you can fish that one hole thoroughly without taking too much time, and usually find out where the fish are, and translate that to other places. Hog Wally, though, had told me where he'd found the fish a few days before...the rock point. I started in the deep eddy below it, and no action. But when I got up to the point, a cast across it with a crankbait got my first strike. Nice fish, nearly 18 inches: About two casts later with the crankbait, I got a heavy strike. It was obviously a big fish, but I quickly figured that it probably wasn't a bass. I was right: The darned drum had completely engulfed my crankbait, so far down its throat that I couldn't even reach it with my forceps. It took me forever to get the lure extricated. I got no more strikes on the point, so I moved up and fished the gravel drop-off. Nothing. Over to the deep run on the other side, nothing. I fished down the rocky bank with strong current, and in a small eddy I caught another 18 inch class smallie. I got it unhooked and started to photograph it, but it flopped and left the boat. You'll just have to take my word for it! I went back to the point and tried an HD Craw, but got nothing. Fished out the rest of the pool, nothing. Headed to another wintering pool. One thing I'd learned about this stretch of the river is that some of the fish stay in the wintering pools all year, and both the first one and this second one had spots where we had found the fish staged pre-spawn. The point in the first pool was one of those spots. So I had hopes for the staging area of the second pool. I fished some other parts of the pool first, with no action, and then reached the staging area. Bingo. I caught three smallies, but none very big, maybe 13 inches. So I started the motor and headed to another wintering pool with all the good stuff in it. I stopped to try one other spot, which wasn't a good wintering pool but usually produced fish in the spring. Nothing. So on down to the wintering pool. This pool has a great rocky bank, with one section of it being the staging area. But I started at the top of the pool. Fished the faster water with no action. On the other side was a gravel drop-off into deep water, with a backwater alongside it. I'd fished it with Hog Wally during the winter with only a few mediocre fish to show for it, but I was just sure it would eventually produce something. As I started across to try it, I noted a school of minnows scattering across the surface, right on the point. I slipped into the backwater to make a cast across the point with the crankbait. It came right through the spot where I'd seen those minnows scatter, and they scattered again...at the same time that I got a hard strike. This one was bigger, I could tell. Those first two nice smallies had obviously been males, but this one was fat 19 inch female: It was the only fish there. I fished the staging area, and caught only a couple small spotted bass. By this time it was getting well up into the afternoon, and I had one more pool that had everything, even a small tributary coming into it, that I wanted to fish. The area at the mouth of the trib was a flat, 3-6 feet deep, with a couple scattered logs lying around. Fish were there, but I only caught two largemouth and three 10-12 inch smallies. I went down into the main part of the pool, but could catch nothing but small spotted bass. The sun was going down, so I started the motor and headed back to the truck. It had been a pretty darned nice day!
  8. Today
  9. Wind on Bull Shoals

    I was surprised how much stuff they had packed in that place.
  10. Trip Report in tribal lands

    Curt kept a mess, I practiced catch and release . This time. Please on your next visit home do not bring snow from the East with you. Curt will be eating his raw. Oh he says it is cooked in lime juice. Please Mr. Scientist tell him how this is not good with unfrozen freshwater fish. He says he is loosing weight with some special diet. I think he is wormy, BilletHead
  11. Yamaha T1 25 or 27p?

    test it yet?
  12. Trip Report in tribal lands

    Sounds like a great time buddy. Would love to be out in MO going after whites amd crappie . Looking forward to seeing some white bass dishes soon.
  13. New Left Hand Reels

    Sold. Thanks Dave
  14. 3/20 3/21 3/22

    3/22 3-7pm FINALLY got to crappie fish for a couple hours casting the f-n-f w/ homemade marabou jigs and swimming 2" grubs by brush piles in 10-15 fow. and off transition banks from bluffs to flats. Caught 9, all keepers but 1. Nice average size 12"-13". Bass fished the rest of the day up on the flats, caught some little spots and largemouth all of them about an inch short on 3 and 4" grubs, white or pearl was working the best for us. Going again tomorrow .
  15. Bed Bug Heat Treatment services

    Chootem Phil chootem
  16. 3/21 fishing report

    Awesome skeeter Glad to see your posts there are beauties smoken them again I see ! Meanmouth has orange eyes
  17. Fish EVERYWHERE at Taylor

    I will be up there tomorrow afternoon. I will be in a flat bottom with a trolling motor in the front. Will have my son and another guy with me.
  18. Forum member Curtise headed West and the BilletHead South West. Met west of Joplin and parked Curt's modern prairie schooner. He jumped in the BilletHead's Prairie Schooner with the newfangled dugout sporting a jet drive. Farther Southwest we went through Seneca and across the border into tribal lands. Passing Casino after casino. I thought of how poetic that the first peoples were now getting even with the paleface taking their wampum. We soon made our way to the bridges twin to the boat ramp to see the parking lot pretty full. Gear stowed in the dugout we traveled up the spring river. We passed boat after boat circling spots like covered wagons landing for the night. Only difference was there was no campfire in the middle but fish they were after. It was like slalom skiing in and out of the boats wondering which side to pass on as they were in the middle and fishing each bank. Upstream we continued and by the 10c bridge. The farther up we went the less boats we seen. Our quest was the first good current and shoal. We found another boat there and two wading anglers catching fish with stringers dragging behind. We dropped anchor and strung up the rods. We would cast either towards the bank letting the fly or lure swing into the current break or vice versa into the strong current swinging into the current break. Then it happened with the BilletHead getting a hook up then Curtise at almost the same moment. A double to start the day , We continued working up and back repeating the process not only catching Whites but Crappie too. Some nice ones at that, We caught enough to keep us happy in that area but soon began up through the shoal to cast a steeper deep bank with slower water. A couple more were caught there. We then traveled farther up to another shoal and watched a couple waders catching what I think were crappie from a slack area next to current. We fished there fighting the wind and more shallow water without any catching. Dropped down to the original starting point to find two other boats. We fished there without anymore fish. Left there for trying deeper water where the masses of other boats were scattered. This time so many more that the first pass. Every size of water motor craft you could imagine here and there casting anything from tiny jigs all the way up to A- rigs the size of compact cars. Wind beginning to get worse now with mini whitecaps forming. Add to this large boats plowing water it was a mess it was . We even seen waves going over a smaller crafts sides . Fished down there amongst the crowd without another fish we decided to call it an afternoon. Had to run the riverboat slow back in the waves to keep from beating ourselves in the waves. In a couple of places they were pretty intense. I am missing the 10c launch. Hope it will be useable when the bridge is finished. People putting in and out at the ramp we finally got off the water and ready for the trip back. Trip specs were, Air temp at launch right at 40 degrees. Water temp 51 to 52 degrees. Air temp at trip end 72 and water temp finally hit 55. The BilletHead threw fly's all day, Curtise fly's and flicker shad. Clouser colors that worked were gray over white and pink over white. A white streamer worked too. Flicker shad purple back and fire tiger. Sink tip lines were used on the fly rods. Caught fish in water depths four to six or seven foot deep. Numbers between us I would say in the mid to upper twenties. Mixed sized whites both males and females. I weighed one pound a half. Big crappie without weighing say a pound fish. Did not notice any redbuds showing any color on way over but did see a hint on the way back. Good day with good friends I call it a successful trip. We tucked tail and headed back East and North East, End of story and report, BilletHead
  19. Crappie on Council Bluff

    I've never fished Council Bluff but want to try the crappie there. How is it there?
  20. Yesterday
  21. Wind on Bull Shoals

    Oh, and the bait shop at 160 and 76 is good. The folks that run it used to run the Winter Bass O thon derbies, and they are good people, with lots of the right baits and things you need.
  22. Wind on Bull Shoals

    I’d say as long as you stay up lake of about Tucker Hollow, you will be ok. Main lake opens up a lot, and there are a few wide open areas that can get crazy. Good news is fish on Bull love the wind. Don’t be afraid to fish windy banks, should have a good bite.
  23. Ackerman Access 3/22

    Wife and I went to Ackerman Access this morning at 11 after the water came down. Quite a crowd there when we arrived due to Spring Break and the Sowbug roundup this weekend in Mountain Home. We hiked a bit to get away from the crowds and found some pretty good fishing. She caught a nice rainbow right away and I lucked out and got my personal best cutthroat @ 21.5". Fished the usual egg/ruby midge dropper and the Cutties took the egg and rainbows seemed to like the midge. Here's a few pics...
  24. 2018 KVD Big Bass Classic - March 24th/25th

    Stop by and see KVD at BPS Long Creek Friday from 3-6pm!
  25. Pete Wimmers

    Good to hear! Great guy!
  26. Wind on Bull Shoals

    I'm glad to hear the wind isn't as big of an issue. I knew Stockton was notorious for its windy conditions but wanted some confirmation before trying new waters. I'll look for those bait shops on the way down, hopefully at least one will be open in the early morning when I roll through. Thanks aarchdale!
  27. Sons Creek

    I bent a prop shaft in Sons creek. Go slow and be careful.
  28. Yamaha T1 25 or 27p?

    I found an original T1 25p. Thank you.
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