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  2. Hi all - going to be in Estes park from the 4-10 of July. Any advice on some good fishing spots within an hour or two. Spin or fly fishing. MOtroutbum I sent you a gmail. Thanks in advance. Todd
  3. Sore, my wife is the same about getting out there early. So the compromise was she goes fishing but we go out around 9am. She is happy catching fish later in the morning. I'm happy with her company in the boat. Life is good. Mike
  4. I agree with Gatorjet that before guys go spewing their mouths off about jet boats to actually make sure they know what they are talking about. as well as I am 100% sure most of u that Gripe and Complain dont have the Same training or Licensing that the Jet boat Operators and Ducks Ride Operators have
  5. I set a loose drag in situations like this.
  6. MOCARP instead of Bashing and Complaining about all these different Post Maybe you should investigate and try things out for urself If not the Value of ur Arguements are VOID you complain about noise on Stockton Lake, You complain about the Jet boats on Taney, you complain about How Humans mess up and Effect the Wildlife/ Scenery You Complain about Bowfisherman/women IS THERE ANYTHING POSITIVE THAT ACTUALLY COMES FROM YOU If u Stay this "Trumped off" at people/business sounds to me you either really have issues or Just need to Stay away from Areas at their Busiest Times
  7. the only way it might get stopped is if things were getting out of hand and LE/Water Patrol/Game wardens/county Commisoners thought it to be a big hazard or problem area then they would talk with Owner if nothing comes of it the Owner has a RIght to Own a business
  8. Fishinwrench, i am tryin to make a point to MOCARP that most people that use the lake for night fishing arent as bothered by the noise or just put up with it. Times are changin and it seems the older generation is getting more hacked off with the changes, yes i dont always like change myself but is every so called battle/issue worth a fight People that be come that disgruntled about every lil issue about an area in my opinion just needs to either deal with it or just stay away from said specific location, Stockton is a good size great lake and if u dont like the way it produces in an area im sure there are other areas that produce just as well
  9. Well I got back out and the water was pretty much done but I did manage to haul in one last fish!
  10. I was thinking more of a barbecue theme… "Don't Ness with Texas"
  11. Even when you are by yourself? What do you do when you get snagged or bit? Thats when other lines out have caused me problems the most.
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  13. but I did have a jet ski go across my bow at 1 am once, we need a way to selectively remove some pepole from this world
  14. from memorial day to labor day is the time to fish at NIGHT
  15. did the kids still have there heads, that troll likes to bite their heads off
  16. Anyone who lives here and had any sort of dealing with Piercy knows the kind of attitude he demonstrated. I have no doubt he blew hos rop at the kid and just was not thinking. He seened to think he was superior to the rest of us. It is not like I am way off looking back. I am like Wrench i live right here in the neoghborhood.
  17. " The Johnson County Martha Stewart show" "This old deck" Coming soon to PBS. " How to make beer" This weeks feature we will be using tomatoes fresh from the garden for the brew. Stay tuned for more upcoming episodes .:) . BilletHead wants to be Nesses manager
  18. NOPE but leaving 100's of dead fish to stink up the lake isn't cool...imagine what it would be like if under your deer stand 100 guys took a dump after eating 10 plates of ghost pepper fajitas at Mexically Joe's buffet all you can eat night... even worse a school of corn eye brown trout floating past your float tube
  19. Maybe because I am just old enough to see how much things have changed, in 1970 Ozark, Missouri had a population of 2384 in 1980 it was 2980 took 10 years to jump about 600 its almost 20k...Our population in this part of the country is getting to the point we can't afford to allow the small % of people that cause litter, pollution, over harvesting game, or get drunk, cause problems to the general one time I could go to Branson/Silver Dollar City and probably see someone I knew... I lived in San Antonio for about 8 years moving back to Carthage in 2011, I realized when you are anonymous people can and will do things they might not if someone knows them. I can't remember ever going anywhere seeing anyone I or my Wife (who lived there all of her life) that we ever knew...ever..... This area's water using population, has been blessed,...with in a reasonable drive from my home in Carthage, Mo...we have Grand Lake, Beaver, Table Rock, Taneycomo, Bullshoals Stockton, Truman, Lake of the Ozarks, not counting Trout parks and the many many Floatable/wade-able rivers/creeks..... Outdoor using population was spread out. I have seen the newly in this country devastate the places I used to wade fish a short drive from my home, They being used to subsisting living, didn't understand that pound and a half Smallee he caught on a pop can wrapped with fishing line using a hook/shot and worm he dug, was more than a meal to those who have grew up fishing here. I used to fish over 300 days a year, if we fished LOZ and got tired of fishing, we buzzed past the party cove to see busty co-eds looking for Mr $ to get their MRS degree. We knew if you hit the main lake on Grand you had to watch for the big Cruiser yacht's wakes that would submarine almost any Bass boat long after they passed. You fished Table rock early in the year before the lake got warm enough for the water sports folks came out in force. You could fish down lake on Taney and catch huge bass most never ever knew where there and never see more than a handful of people fishing even on a weekend in May...Then there was Stockton(except for the hand full of sailboats) was a fishing lake most times too rough to water ski..(got a bit more when PWC became popular)...It was by design a fishing lake, restrictions on boat docks and limited ownership of lakeshore property...on a late July night, I could fish and see the stars like I was in a planetarium. Catch monster Smallmouth and walleyes, and hear sounds that carried across the water at night.. I guess what I am saying is hearing drunks party, and wanna be Musicians butcher their cover of Sweet Home Alabama clear to point 6 on Stockton.... or a Jet boat tour blasting past like a Miss Budweiser unlimited hydroplane is the straws that broke the camels back
  20. Finally made it up part of the mountain with my 2wd dually. I knew it was hotter up there than down hill. But I didn't realize it was that bad. Granted there is about 4 pieces of equipment running up there.
  21. Not at the time, Just when he is on duty driving a squad car
  22. Guess you haven't been around the Landing to see the "youg'ns" enjoying the kayaka, stand up boards, the new CraigCat catamarans. Then moving down the Landing for a ride on the zipline. I'm sure their next stop after the zipline will be the jetboat. Remember those young'ns are not all 20 year old snowflakes. A good number of them are the 35-50 demographic that have, and more importantly let go of the $$$. While many your assumed elderly "spenders" squeeze their nickels so tight ole Tom Jefferson's eyes bug out.
  23. Thanks Mike
  24. He wouldn't have done anything. When I was younger one of my favorite things to do was shoot crows. The farmers all hated them and were always glad to let us blast them all we wanted to and let them rot. Not sure why they hated them so much. How much harm can a dozen or so crows truly do to a 200 acre cornfield? It was good wing shooting practice, but nowadays I kinda like crows. Hummingbirds and cardinals with 3" magnum loads of #6's seem like a better alternative to me now.
  25. No not involved at all. I am also not promoting it either. Just accepting the fact that it is a legal operation, and no amount of false, or exaggerated gloom and doom speculation is going to stop it. As long as it stays down lake from the Landing, I have no problem with it. I do have a few years, and river (and lake) miles of jet experience. I know how they operate, what they do, and how they do it. The previous posts from people who were actually on the lake opposed to your speculation are much more valid to how a jet boat runs. As for your friend's estimation of the speed it was traveling, the sound of it could be quite deceptive. So far from reports from fishermen in a bass boat, and also kayaks your prediction of a devastating wake just is not proving to be correct. Gatorjerk, really. A bit childish aren't you?
  26. LOL yes, you need to toe the line sir.
  27. I do, even though I haven't been on Stockton since 2002 and have no plans to visit there anytime soon. I am strongly opposed to it because I know far too well how it is and what it's like. Doesn't matter though, you can't stop it. Once a place gets loud, crowded, and rowdy it either stays that way or gets even worse. I challenge you to name just one place that was once quiet and peaceful, then turned wild and crazy, and now is quiet and peaceful again. And Camp Zoe, Times beach, and Chernobyl don't count.
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