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  2. Up a foot from low and Milky is usually great in the Spring. The Current can produce some big Smallies, but not as consistent as the Meramec or Gasconade drainages. James drainage s/b good too but have never fished it. The Meramec and Gasconade drainages are on the way. Plus the Black, St Francis, Current, Eleven Point, Castor, Whitewater.
  3. The campground there is primitive only as it is out of season. Roaring river state parks is near there, and offers most if not all amenities.
  4. You will be OK if the shark takes your bonefish/redfish/tarpon. Folks who get bit are the dumb ones in waist deep with a stringer of fish tied to them. Bull sharks like those guys. Finding fish, and reading the tide is key. If their for a week I’ll guide first two days and get some guidance on where and when to fish off the beach over the next 4-5 days. Morning sight fishing for Snook off the west coast of Sanibel is a blast! 40-50’ cast at most, basically a hike and spot. Fish will be cruising the shore chop eating 3” long white bait. Any shad pattern will do.
  5. We will have a guide for 2 days, Friday and Saturday, taking Thursday off and staying 1 mile from Rim Shoals. We were thinking if possible to get a few hours wade fishing in we would if water is up will just chill and commence to drinking a few.
  6. Will the Eagle Rock campground be open then? If not, which resort or campground is close and good?
  7. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Fantastic Fish Pie out of the oven and ready to serve with the salad.
  8. Looks like a wild ride at high water. I need to check that place out. Thanks for sharing.
  9. When those guys are out there fly-fishing the flats for bonefish, and a 6' shark homes in on the bonefish they just hooked....... What's the protocol for that? I mean they are 1/2 mile from dry land for Christ sake.
  10. A little stress and uncertainty is a rush.
  11. Yessir. Apex predator chicken! 👍
  12. Exactly!!! Trout will crowd up in a spot over and over again. I still go to the same spots on the white I’ve been going to for 40 years.
  13. One more tip... Reds are constantly moving to find their food (think grazers) whereas our trout in the rivers are stationery in their ambush points.
  14. No two ways about it, you got the White figured out. Was this near the Wildcat ramp? Take Care and keep catching trout.
  15. Chicken!!😆. I love inshore salt water fishing. Vicious strikes! I’ve waded with salt water crocs. 2 different locations twice each.
  16. I only wade where the Apex predator is ME.
  17. Those are all good options. I would recommend picking 3 floats on differnt streams. Wait and see what water levels look like on the USGS and pick the one with the best water conditions. Many of the streams rise, fall, and clear up at different rates. Personally I like the stream to have a little stain to the water in early spring. Big smallies are feeding heavily after the winter and can easily be spooked in clear water.
  18. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I have a brine working, salt sugar, peppercorns and whatever else I found. The salt was a mix of some Hawaiian sea salt (so I could empty the container) and some pink himalayan salt (my wife has a thing for salt, I have used salt from the feed store before for the brine), something called cowboy rub, thyme, garlic, ginger, and a blood orange I stole from my wife's stash of them. Will put the pork loins and chicken into it tonight for a long soak then tomorrow afternoon it will go to the smoker. Gotta make a loaf of gluten free bread too as it was requested and we do have the items needed. Will add add photo tomorrow if I don't forget.
  19. Well we had more rain the last few days and the lakes rose about 5 feet so more big releases in the near future. That said I went to my neighborhood backyard fishing areas and the trout were up in their yards feeding on bugs coming up out of the flooded grass. Caught some on a size 18 BWO and also the ruby midge. Here's a couple of the better ones...
  20. Moonshining would be better 😁
  21. It's very similar to fishing the rivers up here. Find some transition areas where there is a shallow ridge or drop-off. Redfish will follow those contours and then wade those areas and you will catch fish. Also very important to figure out which way the fish are moving...always into the current. That is usually a very slight current in a bay system created by tides or winds and then wade slowly into the current direction to maximize the opportunities.
  22. When I look out across a vast area of water like that I just wanna throw my rods away. The attempt to find a specific species of hungry fish feels like finding a soda straw in a hay field. Casting practice.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Saltwater fishing is a great change of pace. Always do a couple 1/2 day inshore flyfishing trips when we visit the coast. Usually $500 per day plus tip.
  25. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Fantastic Fish Pie (cod) ready to go in the oven.
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