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  2. So is anyone still pulling cranks this late? Or has water temp dropped enough that the fish won't chase? I am a generalist and enjoy Stockton because of the variety of fish you can catch other times of the year while trolling. Just wondering if it would still work this late in the fall. Thanks in advance for advice and thoughts. Tater
  3. I remember when CNN first discovered that a total nothing burger car chase on a highway got tremendous ratings...we’ve been hosed since.
  4. Yeah, doing great thanks. Had a little scare over the weekend while out on a hike with the family. Short of breath and very dizzy. Long story short, ended up in the ER. Had an abnormal EKG and after a series of other tests discovered that I had "heart block", which is essentially the top chamber of the heart being out of electrical sequence with the bottom chamber. Not usually fatal, but can cause you to pass out and hit your head or, as you could imagine, not a good situation if you were driving. Pacemaker is a good fix with with an excellent outcome. Soon as I heal up, I will be bette
  5. Either cut them up smaller or cook them longer.
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  7. Location will play as much a roll as bait selection. Remember the fish are moving out to their winter haunts, so if your current areas didn’t produce, try moving out to the next depth with the same baits.
  8. We put them and other divers in gumbo but I am going to mount the one I bagged. Pretty drake.
  9. Just wondering what color swim bait is ideal for Stockton. Have been fishing a single swim bait with no luck and also have thrown the A-rig more then I want to with no luck. Thinking I need a different color. Thanks
  10. Nice reel and looks to be a bargain. Hardy reels such as this one are now made in China though, right?
  11. Having just spent 3 1/2 days in major St. Louis hospital and talking with the nurses, and doctors -- they are all quite concerned. All of the area hospitals are filling up fast, they are short staffed, fatigued from working long shifts, and the worst is yet to come. The view from my hospital room gave direct view to ambulance arrivals --- a constant parade of them coming from areas outside of STL county.
  12. This is a New in the box HARDY Fly Reel Ultralite SDSL 6000 (6/7/8wt) This is New never line or mounted on a rod . Comes in box with case and all paper work. List price is $399 Selling for $195 Will consider shipping
  13. No it’s not all doom and gloom but I can tell you guys stories about people I know that had it where it wasn’t more than a cold to people that have been in the hospital on ventilators. Heck I’ve got one guy that was out the beginning of October that won’t be able to return until after the first of the year at the earliest. I haven’t seen previous health as a determine factor on who it hits the hardest. I’m also surprised that people are still surprised when anyone in the media over blows anything. Have you not been paying attention to them your entire life up until now?? Just look at
  14. Sending positive vibes, hopefully she gets better soon!
  15. It's been that way for a long time. Sensationalism and fear sells. Keep people dissatisfied so that believe that you have a better way or thing to help them.
  16. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    What's cooking? Beans and Ham and Cornbread, be ready in about 5 hours.
  17. Seems there's another one in California now #3
  18. Hi All, Just wanted to give a heads up. The plan is still to be down Next Wed - Sun, however my Mom is not doing very well at the moment so I am taking things day by day. There is a possibility I will either be late arriving, leaving early or have to cancel all together. As I get closer to next weeks departure time, I will have better handle on Moms progression. I will as mentioned previously order the pulled pork if I cant make it down to smoke it. Hope to see all soon.
  19. Seems the big pieces don’t cook up well. oneshot
  20. That's an email from AGFC that I copied, so I can't take credit for it. But glad to see AGFC and the other organizations putting out this structure.
  21. Oh we get along fine just he needs to not keep things. I also found out I get Road Service with our Car Insurance but I have AAA to. So I’m thinking drop the AAA. Also found out I can’t be hired because of my health and I can’t pass Drug Test but I still take classes and train. Once COVID-19 is over they will pay for a room and meals. Plus I can take Government Vehicle . Just in a mood today. oneshot
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