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  2. I went through a stage of chasing them and then tried them on a fly. I never had any luck even though I was catching them on bait right there. I think it's due to extremely muddy water I was fishing in. All of the videos I've seen of guys catching them on flies was in clear water. These back water sloughs off of the Mississippi are past muddy, it's more like suspended silt. Never got a sniff.
  3. Thanks for the report, and pictures, I thought about trying a couple of flats but never got to them, I just kept working all my spots along the points, good to know your having success. Will work some flats next time down.
  4. In all seriousness I use the two fly rig mostly at taney. I never get tangled or hook myself though 😁
  5. rzbker


    Try Barnett Pawn and Bait in Gateway. 479-656-3730 for shad bait.
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  7. I need to catch one of those guys!
  8. 1) I have one 2) It is VERY light, packs a punch, and is accurate.
  9. I did once it to me was boring. Use to fly a lot back in early 70’s back then it was fun. oneshot
  10. Ham


    Catching them big heads
  11. Try Peterman Fur & Trapping Supplies - Weaubleau, MO -he's on Facebook or- https://www.gfwco.com/ You may not know NAFA (the big Canadian fur auction) bankrupted last year after mailing out $millions in bad checks to trappers. And of course this Covid stuff has hurt foreign buyers traveling. Stick with coyotes, no market at all for coons, very little for cats. Our coyotes aren't what the market wants but they might sell, other stuff not likely. To make trapping worth the gasoline you need to do livestock protection or nuisance work.
  12. Once it's on the water it doesn't matter. It's how it behaves in the air that complicates things. When hitting the target with the FLY matters, then leader construction matters.
  13. Thinking turkeys are in decline due to changes in ag practices over time. Pesticides, no till, etc. Still see lots of turkey in undeveloped area. Not so much on Ag land. See plenty in the St Louis Suburbs. Saw a flock of 10-12 feeding in the SE clover loop at Lindbergh and Page the other day. See them often near the Bayer Campus.
  14. I'm very picky about my bass leaders. I also use the same leaders in salt water but bump up the pound test. Not for turning a fly over, just too keep those bastards from cutting it so easily. "Turning over" most bass flies is a joke. I carry two spools of leader material with me at all times. One is a 330ft roll of 8lb test and the other is 10lb test. I pull off what ever length I think I need at the time and put a perfection loop in one end and attach that to the fly line. On the other end I tie that to the fly. I know it's difficult to grasp but it's worth the extra effort. Keep
  15. I've never rode a train. Need to do that!
  16. I’ve have had some great trips the last week. I’ve been fishing from k dock to shadow rock on flats. Keeping the boat in 25 fow give or take. Trolling Crawler harness are producing numbers. Trolling Cranks and jigging spoons are producing better quality. We’ve boated 9 keepers in 3 trips within the last couple of weeks, releasing 3 times that many shorts ranging from 8-17.5 inches. Only one one occasion did I get into the bluegill. I enjoy catching and eating them as well. It’s great to see Bull getting back I to its banks compared to past 5 months. Great fishing of all speci
  17. Caught 6 keepers again today, 4 lm and 2 small kentuckies. Same lure and pattern as Mon. Plus a bonus kitty fish! Let em all go 👍
  18. My Sister thinks some are strange. I text her Did you feel the Chill? I was in Jefferson City. What's in Jeff? Amtrak Chug Chug Son is going to spend time with his wife. Wait what His wife is in Colorado he is going to spend a week with her. What about girlfriend What about her? LOL She is married. My Head Hurts. Interesting HUH! O Good Grief! Sis didn't ask about the woman he is living with. Wait she might think she is his girlfriend? oneshot
  19. Imagine that ...political caca influence on game management....I curious to why numbers are down...people who trap get fewer every day......unsure where one might even sell hides anymore
  20. It pulls you down he rabbit hole.....I bought my first euro gear to fish spillway areas ..Truman and the pothole....fell into carping because them fish PULL!
  21. My in-laws had a bunch of fainting goats at the farm. They kept the ‘Billy in a pen behind the biggest barn because he stunk so bad.
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