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  2. I'd have to see it, can you snap a pic of the bilge area and post it here? The pump has to be able to prime, or else you'll have to run the boat in reverse everytime to get the pump going.
  3. ness

    Favorite duck mount positions

    I think after seeing the fet down, cupped wing mount, I like the fly by showing the coloration better.
  4. Phil Lilley

    Quality fishing report

    He edited his post... you guys are mean!
  5. I am needing to replace my livewell pump. It has a straight pump in it now. My question is can I replace it with a 90 degree pump without a problem. Thanks for advice.
  6. Flysmallie

    White bass run

    True story. @Ozark Sweetwater quit taking me because he was tired of shouting obscenities at me over my casting. That and I lose all his flys, can’t row, don’t tip, and refuse to rub suntan oil on his chest.
  7. Hunter91

    Favorite duck mount positions

    We have a few mounted already but I like the idea on the divers. My son has an eagle head snow mounted that looks good.
  8. BilletHead

    White bass run

    Oh crap, . I know better, BilletHead
  9. Today
  10. Gavin

    Anyone been out recently?

    Have not been, but little scuds and midges usually rule at Meramec Springs. Itty bitty 20-32 on top. 16-22 scuds.
  11. That was a fun hunt, need to plan another one ;).
  12. Hard to beat a Yella Dawg imho ;).
  13. Gavin

    Free fly reel to good home

    A classic! Should be a nice upgrade from a beginner combo reel. I don’t want it, but nice of you to pay it forward.
  14. PAT92B

    River and road conditions?

    Thanks Brian.
  15. Flysmallie

    White bass run

    Me either. I actually think I’m getting worse. Just gotta own it and let if fly.
  16. Quillback

    January 19th. Lake Report

    Fishing near a dock the other day, uncovered bass boat in one of the stalls, stern sticking out past the roofline of the dock, not on a lift, down by the stern, no telling how much rainwater is in it.
  17. Rick yellow dog is a good dog! Check this out @Terrierman,
  18. ness

    What's Cooking?

    That looks delicious!!!
  19. That's a good looking dog.
  20. dblades

    Megabass 110 +2

    I've already got a couple of jerks baits that cover that depth, think I'll save the bucks.
  21. dblades

    January 19th. Lake Report

    I've got a report of bear crap in my BILs pontoon boat. The same one that had the goose nest last year, not found till late spring
  22. Ham

    Big Fish of 2019

    Ok, Now you’re just being mean.
  23. Basfis

    Megabass 110 +2

    No telling how much braid from a-rigs and trot lines I could catch with that! i am intrigued....look forward to the colors they apply.
  24. merc1997

    January 19th. Lake Report

    and that goes to say about all the fish those things kill just for the fun of it. folks eradicated them for a reason before. bo
  25. snagged in outlet 3

    Your first fish of 2019

  26. Bill Babler

    January 19th. Lake Report

    Last volley today was around 0900. 3 shots I think. The guys had a pretty good shoot as that was the 4th. time I heard them pull the triggers. I think they shot at least 24 rounds, maybe a couple of more. No bass boats this morning yet. If you guys remember about 5 yrs. ago I saw an Otter come out of a pontoon canvas cover. I looked inside and it was totally destroyed. Brand new boat and not a quarter size piece of any of the seats left. Just full of manure and fish parts. Completely totaled out. Critters
  27. BilletHead

    Free fly reel to good home

    Great gesture man, it happens all the time on this forum! BilletHead
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