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  2. Buddy had his first kid arrive last week and the boat is now for sale😂 If you might be interested shoot me a PM and I'll put you in touch. Located near 6 Flags. 1992 17’ landau flat bottom Jon boat with 40hp Suzuki jet. Everything runs great, doesn’t leak. Has a few repairs from running the river.
  3. Seth

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    I'll be up on Lake of the Ozarks with 4000 other idiots trying to catch that lucky $100,000 bass that weekend.
  4. I'm with you 100% as this would be amazing for the bass that get moved around on the river tournaments that I fish. The question is how would you enforce this at lower levels though? Small bass tournaments aren't going to have a marshal to weigh fish and verify the authenticity of what that angler says they caught. I know the kayak crowd uses length, Hog Trough measuring boards and pictures to keep score, but I doubt everybody will want to go by length. Even if you took a picture of a scale, it wouldn't be hard to "add" weight to a fish and snap a picture.
  5. Ham

    Wakonda State Park

    I know a guy
  6. fshndoug

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Hey Jesters I will be down Oct 2-7 fishing night and day.Look me up I have a red gmc sierra with the stealthcraft drift boat
  7. fishinwrench

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    They want to milk the hype for all it's worth. Vandam will probably be the very last one to announce what he is doing. Of course he will go with MLF, but they will try to keep you on the edge of your seat for as long as they can. I kinda think that them turning competitive fishing into a reality show will burn out like a short fat candle on a dinner plate, but I really REALLY hope that the evolution of the format takes hold and spreads like a wildfire.
  8. 176champion

    Hey wrench check these numbers out

    I don't see a shift interrupt switch on it, i'll unhook regulators and recheck it to see if it changes the voltage on that one lug also. thanks
  9. Bgctrading

    Talble Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 9-25-18

    I always dropshot from point 10 to point 12 out of aunt's Creek. Our house is by Indian Point everyone always discourages me from trying the dam area maybe I shouldn't listen to them and try it.
  10. J.M.

    Still Not Catching

    I caught 5 last Fri. morning fishing brush piles for crappie. Four of them were from 3 to 5 lbs. All on minnows hope this helps.
  11. Today
  12. Brad N Steph

    09/24/18 fish biting

    I went fishing out at Ruark Bluff on Monday. The fish we’re biting and couldn’t get enough apparently. I caught a couple twice. I fished over by the swimming beach area and caught a keeper there. Caught a smallie by the dock in the cove, went over to the bluff across from the swimming area and caught a largemouth and a bluegill. Then I paddled into the cove and caught another smallie just off the point before the bridge. I ended up catching a few bluegill further up off points after the bridge right across from the boat ramp and a largemouth all in 3-4’ of water.
  13. abkeenan

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    Perhaps Johnny and BPS have some type of media day event where KVD makes the announcement. Have the event held in Springfield HQ BPS and make a big hullabaloo about the new tour. Maybe he can pull a Lebron "The Decision" and say "I'm taking my talents to the MLF Bass Pro Tour" then throw on a Bass Pro Tour logo'd hat. Handshakes. Camera bulbs pop. Could see it.
  14. redshad

    Water Temp?

    Fishinwrench, "tomato-red" SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH. You need to keep those words out your mouth.
  15. abkeenan

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    Only bummer to me in all of this is the Bassmaster Classic. If all these guys switch that event just won't be the same with watered down talent. Will be interested to see how they fill the voids left by the guys that qualified for the BMC and are switching over to the MLF BP Tour. Does BASS fill those spots with end of season AOY pts with whomever is staying on the Elite Tour for 2019 or do they have regional/local qualifier events to fill those spots with new blood????? What a monkey wrench for BASS.
  16. It's 19 feet I think. Nice comfy seats, windshield, storage, rides great with the big deep V hull. Big electric trolling motor with "wristwatch" remote control, good fish finder that can also operate the trolling motor. Has a good sized stowaway canopy top with sides. It's a very nice trolling rig. Boat is a 1986 or 1984, motor is a 2002. The gas tank needs to be drained of the old gas, I'm working on that. The motor does still run fine and I have proved that by plugging in a portable tank with good gas. I had to take up some of the floor to replace a leaking fuel line and have not gotten the carpet glued back down but am working towards that also. It has new fuel pump and fuel filters. I have had it for several years. You can Google Crestliner Nordic for images. I had pictures on my phone that died last week. I'll take $4800 just like it sits, will have to have a little more when I get it all slicked back up. The motor is nearly worth that much. We can test it out on Taneycomo. I live across the lake from Branson Landing. It's a good boat but my fishing friends have died and I don't want it sitting there when someone could be enjoying it. It's a wonderful trolling boat for cool weather! That's what these are made for. Doug Earnest, Branson MO cell phone 816 809 1360
  17. STLbassbuster

    Talble Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 9-25-18

    Those are some beautiful smallies! Great report as always thanks Bill!
  18. Quillback

    Big M area 9/25

    I haven't been up there Bill, I'm a little afraid to try it.
  19. I am considering making a trip there is the bass biting on the Missouri side or should I go to the Arkansas side. What are they biting on now? Have they started moving back in the coves? Any help would be great/ Thanks in advance
  20. Bill Babler

    Big M area 9/25

    Those are really nice LM. Have you gone up toward Eagle Rock any? Was kind of wondering if the kill up there has made much difference.
  21. fishinwrench

    Hey wrench check these numbers out

    This is gonna be a fun one 😃 I've never seen a switchbox that produces sufficient voltage at cranking speed...but won't at 3k+. I almost wanna say it's impossible for anything in the switchbox to cause that. I'm still leaning towards a VR problem, or possibly a bad shift interrupt switch (if so equipped). The shift switch is designed to momentarily kill the spark to one bank, which helps the motor shift more smoothly. Put a timing light on each plug wire, run it up, and verify for 100% certain which cylinder(s) are loosing spark.
  22. merc1997


    went again for a bit, but the incoming front had them shut down. what shad that were grouped up all seemed to be out in the lake more. ended up with 10 keepers. nothing that would make 3 lb. bites were still in the 25 to 30 ft. range. it was a trolling motor pattern for sure. about one to a stop. sure glad we got in on the better catching the night before. caught them on the 3/4 GrassJig and the big wobbler. going to be a chilly one tomorrow night. bo
  23. 176champion

    Hey wrench check these numbers out

    Stabilizer and advance module is gone..i took them off the other day.
  24. ness

    What's Cooking?

    A little late on the photo, but this was my mom’s beef stew which is delicious and about as easy and it gets. Search this thread for the recipe 😄 ness 2.1 and her boyfriend visited and helped me eat the other half.
  25. 176champion

    Hey wrench check these numbers out

    Motor has new CDI regulators, all 6 new coils and plug wires and a new i think CDI stator..previous owner said they had been chasing a dogging out of the hole problem, well it not only bogs out of the hole but once it does take off it just bogs right back out, had up to 63 mph and it just dump on me...lol..still had old original switch boxes..i had already ordered new ones figured it wounldn't hurt. Oh and the tach dropped out just before it shut down, may be just coincident.
  26. ness

    Whatchya Drinking?

    See original post for exciting new additions!
  27. fishinwrench

    Where have they gone?

    😂 Stealing that one. 😊
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