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  2. I actually inquired about that when I got this boat but he said his insurance wouldn't allow it. Nonetheless, hiring him for a day has been on my bucket list for quite some time and, hopefully, I can get it out of the thinking stage sometime soon!
  3. We went over there when we were down in May and, believe it or not, she didn't much care for it and has no desire to go back. You see, the problem was, she got exactly what she ordered 🤫 - a bunch of fried stuff and then complained that it was, well, a bunch of fried stuff! 😳 Now, my brother and me, that's an entirely different story. We could close our eyes and point anywhere on the menu and be happy as a (fried) clam!
  4. You might have to hire Bill for a whole day in YOUR boat just to train you on your electronics!
  5. You did all that running and never took your bride to flat Creek! Shame on you! That's the best part of living on the James! I can almost smell their broasted chicken!
  6. Today
  7. Nice! Congrats buddy on getting some creek bass! That spot looks like natural colored crappie jigs would get a lot of bites as well. Can't wait to see what you catch today if get back after them!
  8. I'm glad you could get out. It's refreshing to escape. Keep on them!
  9. I’m sure we crossed paths. I went out of Baxter at 6:45 and made it up to the shell knob bridge. Got off the water at 3:30. Had probably 15 with 6 that measured. Finesse jig, single swim bait, and drop shot. Lost my best fish of the day probably a 4lber. 👎 On to the next one.
  10. I have been wanting to fish for quite a while now. There is a stream local to me that I have been wanting to get on. The spring time had many floods and high waters. I have a health condition that keeps me out of "dirty" water. I attract infection. This water is very shallow and since @drew03cmc posted his top water success, I decided now was my time to visit said stream. It was clear, and shallow. I did no ot have any top water lures in my van with my tackle. So I used a crank bait,( shallow diver orange craw) very slow to start. A couple looks, partial follows, and that was it. I put on a Rick Clunn shad shallow diver. Caught a small Kentucky. Nothing else. I moved on down, and tried with no success. Seen a couple just below a riffle, targeted them, my first smallie. (Again). Nothing of size, and to be honest not much fight. I hung up, lost a lure, put on a rooster tail. That's what I got the smallie on. Seen a couple small Walters. It was getting darker quickly but I wanted to keep going. My wife and daughter are at camp, and my son is staying at a friend's house. I can stay out as long as I want, aside from the park where my van is, closes at dusk. I managed one more, another green fish. It was larger yet. Gonna get up early, if no rain, I have another spot in mind.
  11. Saturday started off normal. Spent some time with the Grandkid and off to the farm for chores. Luckily, he stayed behind with Grandma. Stopped on the way and picked up lunch for Dad and I and fought the hurricane winds along the way, rocking the truck from side to side. Rolled into the farm and Dad was on the tractor. Doc was down and he needed me to open the gate. ??? Tide had turned for the worse in a few seconds. Down thru the barnyard and thru the gates into the horse yard. Sure enough, the horse that Dad had been so proud of, Sired many a colt, and had been King of the barnyard was wallowing in a watering pond, barely holding his head above water. I saw, and knew what was coming. He had been in there a while, lungs filled with water and he was wore out. Too far out to reach. I sent Dad for a halter and some rope as I assessed the situation. I knew how it was going to end, but I tried. So did Doc. I retreated for water boots and something else. I got back down to the pond and Doc had done his best. His last lunge brought his head back to the bank. I worked his halter on, all I could do to lift his large head to get it under it. He was slipping, strenght was gone. We hooked him up to the tractor and drug him out. His back leg was broke and twisted under, and looking at it, probably had been there all night. I sent Dad off. After he was out of sight, I did what had to been done. I stayed with him until his last breath. We called an excavator and dug a hole, buried him there in the horse pasture. Doc was born about the same time as my daughter. Dad raised him from a Colt and he became a fine horse. I have rode Doc too, as did my daughter. He was a part of the family.
  12. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Cheesy corn chowder. Biscuits on the side. https://www.ozarkrevenge.com/2019/09/cheesy-corn-chowder.html
  13. They are Coppernose. Huge fish on that lake...8-10lb bass are not uncommon. The big ones eat trout. t
  14. Incredible fish, they look like Coppernose.
  15. I had a similar experience in that I flipped my Ziggy under the bridge I accessed at and hooked one right after it landed and as the fish ran around, all 12" of it, a 10" smallie latched on the other hook and I almost caught my first double. I always love walking the bait back in and seeing the wakes come after the bait and then kersploosh, it's gone.
  16. Camped & Fished there a couple times when stationed in CA....Huge gills, and Giant Spotted Bass! Good for you!
  17. Yesterday
  18. Good to hear, I think we have finally broken out of the hot weather cycle.
  19. Cool, looking forward to hearing what the District 1 fisheries guys are up to. Used to be available on the website, but when the redesign of that website happened a couple of years ago, there was an info shutdown as far as fish stocking, habitat projects, and survey results. I do commend District 2 for keeping the public informed and doing a good job of letting us know what they are up to .
  20. Lots of wind today fished from about 9 to 3. Caught 8 with 4 keepers, all came on spinner and plopper. Caught some out of cedars today, 2 good ones. WT 82
  21. Anybody go today? Still wanting to go may be next week.
  22. Noted. I wasn't aware that you had a Corps connection.
  23. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    The dirty T shirt approval is on tonight's meal. Venison loin from the grill, sautéed squash from the garden, and some corn on the cob from Dollar General since they are the only store left in town.
  24. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I love artichokes, looks tasty.
  25. Nope, I tried following at beginning of year but it’s not the same...BPT all the way
  26. I love seeing multiple wakes going after my top water bait in shallow creeks. Always exciting to see who hits it first😀. I fished the pool beneath a briidge on a similar skinny creek. Had ten wakes go after my bait. Caught five on the top water and three others on a fluke. That was fun😀.
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