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    Gentlemen: My generation, with good reason, was so opposed to rules, requirements, and expectations that we taught our children to ignore what society expected. We now reap the two or three generations that come from that. The cycle repeats and repeats.The irony lies in the fact some of us teach or train or supervise those who were raised to pay no attention to us. Penance is a bi****.
  3. Kahr 380 Bronze

    Brand New, not fired. Kahr CW 380, Bronze finish slide. Nice every day carry gun. 380 ACP. 6 round flush fit mag, box, documents, instructions, lock. Textured polymer grips. Made in USA. Also included is a portable metal lockbox. use in car or truck, secure to seat frame. comes with cable and key. $300 Located in St.Louis (Ballwin area) but we also get down to Branson West a few weekends per month.
  4. Couldn't help myself

    Should I post or not. That has been a problem of mine for some while. Needless to say I have had a good week fishing. Friday I went and visited a bud of mine I have known since HS who lives by Grand Lake. Fished a heated dock and 3 keepers (crappie)so that was cool since no else was catching much! This morning I decided to just fish Capps and if I could just catch a couple I would be happy. Got on the water around 9:30 and landed my first brown of the day. Was looking over under the mill and saw this nice guy moving around. Couldn't tell how big he was but could see him for sure moving around. Threw up in some really shallow water and some that looked like I would get hung up in, but it payed off. The jig was moving fast and the brown darted out fast to take it. I set the hook and it was on! This was like the third or fourth cast I had made and it was great! 19" to the tape. I was happy to say the least. Threw in a couple more times and nothing so I moved on over to the other side. Threw in a couple or three times and BAM!!, another brown hit my jig. This one I thought for sure would be over 20" since it was taking a toll on my drag. After playing it out I measured it out at 18". What a thrill for sure. Capps doesn't give up gems like that very often and to catch two within 20 minutes of each other is just something else. Right time and all of that. Caught one more brown in the middle section in a real small chute. Love February for browns on Capps. That is when I have always caught my best.
  5. TR placeholder for this weekend!

    Looking forward to the full report!
  6. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    I am with you Wrench.. Just do not need to mention sun drenched bouldef banks with early flowers growing.
  7. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    I am with you Wrench.. Just do not need to mention sun drenched bouldef banks with early flowers growing.

    With all due respect and apologies to Phil for the foul language, this pretty much encapsulates my view on the matter. https://agingmillennialengineer.com/2018/02/15/-you-i-like-guns-2/

    Evil Knievel was my hero.

    I had a Olsen and Rice 60 attached to a board in a ice to run it after it got water in it from a model boat crash. That thing ripped out of that vice and hit me in the for head and onece more going over the top of my head. I took 17 stitches to sew me up
  11. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    I have spent a little time in the Osage Beach Bait and Tackle shop down near to PB2 lately and found the owner in there to be pretty friendly (he has a somewhat decent selection too). He is at least willing to chat with someone who isn’t necessarily “someone” in the bass world. I say “someone” with quotes because sometimes some people think they are a much bigger deal than they necessarily are.
  12. Today
  13. OA One Bass tournament March 10, 2018 Eagle Rock

    He is a great guy. I work with him kind of. We work at the same hospital.
  14. Quail hunters

    I am sorry, when I type bi***ch the software translates as female doggy.
  15. Quail hunters

    My mother, who bred and showed setters (she once bred a bench show champion English setter female doggy who won field trials as well), talked of drops, setter/pointer crosses from her growing up days.
  16. TR placeholder for this weekend!

    We made it back home safely. I'll throw up an after action report tomorrow. I'm going to bed lol.
  17. Rains acomin’

  18. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    Doesn't surprise me. I'm sure they get tired of dealing with "patch pirates" that believe they are the second coming of KVD.
  19. Rains acomin’

    7 day accumulative.
  20. Quail hunters

    Cool pics! Whitetail, and Turkeys...you plant a garden and throw in a weekly fishing trip and you could live off the land while doing your hobbies...sounds like you're on to something
  21. February 14, Eagle Rock - Big M area

    I know Babler really likes his Phoenix.
  22. Saturday

    They said almost all the jon boats had damaged props Saturday - that's 10. Either rebuilt or we file them out. To answer your question - a bunch.
  23. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    The tackle shop owners around here will tell ya that Crappie gear is where the money is at. The only decent bass gear around here is at Dick's, and one other little shop in Osage beach that is the most miserable unfriendly place in the whole state. They say "Bass guys won't spend any money, they think everything should be given to them at cost".
  24. Kupla Limits

    What size and color of jig head was you using?
  25. What's Cooking?

    Lobster Newburg tonight, inspired by Ness.

    The grandest thing we did to worry our parents when we were 8-10 years old was being Evil Knievel. We'd go around the neighborhood stealing (borrowing) everyone's trash cans, line them up, build a ramp at the bottom of a hill, and launch ourselves over them on bicycles. We got extremely good at it and really wanted to be famous, so we built a giant ramp and hauled it piece by piece to the IGA grocery store parking lot and reassembled it....We were gonna put on a show We started off by jumping 4 grocery carts and had worked our way up to 7 before my buddy landed hard, broke the front fork on his bike and ate the asphalt HARD, broke his wrist and tore his face and shoulder up real good. Thinking back I am blown away that they just sat back and allowed us to do that. If a bunch of kids started building a ramp and rounding up grocery carts in a grocery store parking lot now, the managers and every lawman on duty would attack them like they were a group of terrorists. And the parents of the kids would be arrested for child neglect.
  27. What's Cooking?

    My phone is not to fancy and lets me resize them. Mr. Scientist does yours? HA . I generally send phone pictures to computer and resize there before posting. I know I am not any smarter than you. I accidentally once called a shiner a chub once , BilletHead
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