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  2. Note, Picture of Boat in the water was taken before new additions were made.Asking $6500 or best offer1997 Supreme 1648 river boat with a 1997 15 horse mercury electric start prop motor and matching trailer. It is in very good condition shows very little wear inside,outside has some nicks and water stains on the bottom. Includes the following.Three matching tempress seats with spider mountsFour compartments.Live well with pump currently disconnected.Navigation lightsSwitch panelNew bilge pumpTwo trolling motors one new installed one older model.New Minnkota deckhand 40 anchor system with anchor and remote switch.Trailer bunk guide arms.New Fenton trailer tongue swing hinge.Motor has;New starter motorNew starter solenoidNew fuel filter assembly and hoses.New fuel intake connectorNew spark plugsGroup 27 battery with battery box.Lowrance elite 4x finder with transducer not installed.Guest 2 bank battery charger not installed.
  3. scroll down the homepage of the forum, its down toward the bottom.
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  5. Most likely one of those black ones.
  6. @whiteley.matt looks like everyone had a great time. Congrats on getting those boys on some fish! Fishing memories ... You can't beat them!
  7. I did GSMNP a few years back. A couple night’s stay on our way to the coast. Was dealt heavy rains one day and high water the next. Managed a few rainbows but never got a brookie. And Michael Jackson died.
  8. you know the truth just due to habit I didn't even think to throw the Kentucky in with the walleyes after weigh in. Going to have to get it ingrained in my mind to do that. I have told myself and my dad when one of us takes the kids and they catch some legal Spots to let them bring them home, just not something I've gotten used to doing, I still second guess myself when putting a 12incher in the box.
  9. Sitting here at work in KC and it is 97 degrees outside already. Heat index getting up to 110 this evening. All this does is make me think I have reverse seasonal depression! I hate summer. I hate "going to the lake," boating, etc. If I am going to a body of water, I want to fish it. Give me fall and spring--fishing is great, hunting seasons are open, you avoid a full-on flop sweat when walking to your car. Anyway, who else is preparing for teal season? What do you all think will happen this year for numbers? I've been hearing duck hatches have been excellent up north. I only hope! I need teal season and walleye fishing on Stockton.
  10. A bit of a delay on posting this, but, was down at Lost Bridge the week of the 4th. Water temps were in the low 80's and there is plenty of water in the lake. We fished each morning from 5 until the kids got hungry which was usually 9ish. Then went back out from 6:30 to 9ish each evening. Had a pretty good week. Didn't set the world on fire but caught fish steady and had a several flurries of schooling fish. The lake was dead calm almost every trip out. We fished the whole week in Big Clifty. Found groups of fish on several main lake points that were there all week. We would have the boat sitting in 40-50 ft on the points and just fan casting around. they would come up to school from time to time and it would be on then. When they weren't schooling they would hit bottom baits. Most of the fish were caught on Ned or shakey heads with the rest being on topwater. I did have one good largemouth on a black spinnerbait right at dark. It was the biggest fish of the week and was right at 4lbs. (It was the biggest LM i have caught on Beaver) Cuaght a good walleye as well. He hit a shakey head in about 30 ft of water. Was a very fun week.
  11. Congrats on a great looking brook trout caught under challenging conditions for sure! Overcoming the situations and the challenges that we put in front of us, to me that defines success!
  12. I dig it. Family and friends all laughed at these monsters I recently boasted about . . . caught them a couple weeks ago inside of Smoky Mountain NP. But I was well pleased with myself, especially the southern appalachia brookie. That bow and arrow cast in these tight confines ain't as easy as it might seem.
  13. FG is best. It just grabs the line like a Chinese finger trap… There’s really no hard curve in the line that would cause the knot to break. It’s also extremely thin.
  14. I usually use a surgeons knot or blood knot. I’d probably use a double uni if I were connecting a leader to braid.
  15. Curious as to which motor is on the new boat?
  16. JestersHK

    My Bees.

    Thanks for answering! Thats allot of honey!
  17. Have fun Bill; How do we find the Alaska Forum? Is it on this site?
  18. Mhyde, Glad you put some of those Kentuckies in the livewell for your weigh in.......... I know the tournaments are catch and release and I think that is great................... but................ in the case of the Kentuckies I believe they should be allowed to go home with the Angler or be given to others. This would greatly help the awesome Biologist that instituted the 12" rule in his effort to control the Kentuckies in the lake. I am asking all of you tournament guys to ask for this to be instituted in your tournament rules. I hope this can be legally accomplished ................................... Walcrabass P.S. I also hope that the Biologist for Stockton and the Biologist for Table Rock are good buddies. Maybe the Stockton guy can influence him with the same 12" rule for Kentuckies on Table Rock. Actually I would take a 10 or 11" rule as they spawn at such a small size !!!!
  19. I believe the term is “Ate up”😆 i have a custom 5’ 2 weight bamboo fly rod with an antique hardy bantam reel and silk fly line I inherited from my dad. I don’t think it’s ever been wet.
  20. Every obsessive behavior that they describe in the article I possess😁.! I love the research, the attention to specific fish, the discernment to determine if its a new species, willingness to travel for a minnow, love of lists and goal setting..... And to think that at 163 species to date that I'm just getting started😁. Just on this trip back to MO I've caught three confirmed new species and a possible fourth and lost one other but thats a separate post in the making.
  21. The weird thing was he dressed that way when we fished in February😂
  22. Although the lake is high there are not really any unusual hazards. There is not any floating debris. The only recent fishing I have done is with the grandkids using crickets for big bluegill.
  23. Phil and I are off on another Alaskan float fishing adventure. We are leaving August 11. You can follow the preparation and the journey on the Alaska forum. Going to be fun. Hope you all enjoy following us
  24. This is why I always try to add something a little "off" to all my posts. My article writing days are being reserved for future retirement activity. 😊
  25. Triple Surgeons knot for me...rarely fails and dead simple to tie.
  26. @Johnsfolly they're talking about you bud. I used to dabble with a 1wt fly rod myself.
  27. I've yet to experience handcuffs or a night in jail.....So yeah, so far so good. 😋
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