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  2. Under brush greening up here for a few weeks. Mowing yards. They were finding some in TN a few weeks ago. Probably time to get out and look. Take a stroll around the farm tomorrow, we have lots of ash dying there. May spawn a few.
  3. I suggest that you work even harder at it than THEY do. đź‘Ť
  4. Craftsman sold the name before Sears tanked. Ace Hardware and Lowes? carry some of what's left. Harbor Freight will stay open, vital industry, they sell generators. They have a cheap tool, which works well in a box in a boat that only gets used a few times. Better than nothing.
  5. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    You are a good man. This is the one that has been kept alive since the civil war correct? .
  6. If she won't take care of your dogs I will. Wait a minute I have skunks around here.
  7. Great fish, you should have kept it. It came over the dam at Beaver. They try to shock them out but a few get away. Had to be a fun battle.
  8. Everything Craftsman is great..... except their ratchets. All these years and they never figured out how to make a decent 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2" ratchet. 🙄 Breaker bars and sockets are fine.
  9. ness

    What's Cooking?

    Ok. Been feeding it regularly the last week. I’ll build up some volume and send some of it down. I keep it in a Mason jar in the fridge and feed it weekly. When you’re going to use it get it out and feed it daily for a few days until it’s really active. I’ll follow with more detailed instructions.
  10. Frankly JD I wasn't going to even think about looking for another couple weeks here.
  11. The way my wife throws, we'd be spending a month in the garage!
  12. Today
  13. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Please do John. Would love that. Directions on how you feed and maintain the starter also.
  14. I wish I could get a job being a 650 yard target shooter.
  15. Some ace hardware stores are sell craftsman tools Kendall.
  16. Can't say we've found anything yet.
  17. Forgot to mention...I bought 87 octane at conoco for $1.09 line was all the way around the building
  18. I thought I got an email that harbor freight closed...I know they said they donated all their Ppe gear i need a good homeowner tool set...got any recommendations? Always wanted a craftsman but with sears in the tank...not sure what to get??? i went up town today too...Home Depot style...got some peat moss...and 13-13-13
  19. Shopping for weekend groceries yesterday at 5 pm, 10 shoppers in the store, ones I passed dodged me like the plague. Checkout and Manager friendly as usual, talked with him for a while like normal. Most stuff in stock again. Needed a new trolling battery and some things for the boat build. Drove to Academy and stood in line for about 5 minutes, socially distanced on my x on the side walk. They are only letting 25 customers shop at a time. Crack lady came to close to me from behind and was coughing and talking on the phone. Don't have a clue what she was after, and she did not seem to have 5 minutes to spare. Store was pleasant to shop, did my business and left quick with the battery, some bearing buddies, a motor cover, and a donut for the trailer jack. Wally World had the lawn and garden door open, jetted in there and bought a throwable cushion. Business as usual there. Harbor Freight had built out the front of the checkout counters with cardboard boxes a fender cover, and bungee cords to distance the customer from the checker. They had bright x's on the floor for distance reference. I bought some tools for the tool kit in the boat. I really felt that I needed to be in a body rubber or something while I was shopping. But more people died locally yesterday by homicide than Corona, 1 in St Francis Cty, 1 in Piedmont near home, and one kid in Bollinger Cty. The world is a different place now. I could drive freely thru town, but it was raining.
  20. ness

    What's Cooking?

    I’ve still got mine going. I’d be happy to bag some up and mail it down. It’s pretty resilient stuff. Although the bread I did was with yeast I did dump about ⅔ cup of sourdough starter into it for extra flavor.
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  22. Hey Marty I hope that pound of Yeast doesn't come down with something.That would be a heck of a yeast infection.
  23. Got to start using that pound of yeast,
  24. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Since none of you yahoos don't pay attention to the cast iron thread I'm going to start putting stuff here. No Knead bread in a Griswold big block dutch oven #8 . Threw dry ingredients in a bowl and stirred it up. Then the water and a quick stir that was done covered with plastic wrap. 20 hours later floured up the work surface, dumped the dough on it. Made a ball. Covered again for an hour or two for another raise. Who knows how long we were morel hunting. Heated up the oven to 450 with the dutch oven lid and bottom inside. When hot put in the dough. Cooked 30 minutes lid on and 15 minutes with out lid to brown and crust up. Then out to cool. YEA! good stuff. I need to create a sourdough starter,
  25. From the looks of that parking lot in the background there were plenty of folks out tryin'!
  26. Current River Marine said to sit it at 22" and give it a run. And go up from there. I have plenty of room to rise...
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