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  2. Can you order a shorter shaft and install head unit and motor to it? My problem is that the wire to the foot control unit is too short...sounds crazy but on the duck boat...the deck is small and I want to screw down the foot control in the middle...as close to the front as possible...and run wire to battery in back...only run one battery. Way it is setup now...two batteries...and tm battery in front hatch...and foot control isn't bolted down...if I move battery to back...and run the wire...I don't want the foot control to move Sounds stupid but it's a problem
  3. Bummer...not what I wanted to hear but thank you wrench...you're the man
  4. Air Rifle

    I've seen them. I may be on the wrong track but a 2 piece pellet doesn't appeal to me. Some experience may teach me otherwise, but for starters I think I want solid lead with most of the weight up front. It's gonna be hard to throw everything I know about center-fire and archery ballistics out the window.
  5. Whatchya Drinking?

    Well, it hit 63 today and I couldn’t help thinking too bad Gavin couldn’t enjoy this wine in a climate like this😄 It’s just good. Don’t really care about the calendar or the temperature.
  6. If it is a 2 piece shaft (foot controlled unit) then Nope it can't be done. Not reasonably anyway. If it is a hand control (single piece shaft) then it's no problem, whack away.
  7. Lop-headed dog ????

    Something about this board plays havoc with Oldplugs posts. He emails me frequently and the emails never have weirdness like his posts here do.
  8. Lop-headed dog ????

    Plug, he hasn't had any treatments in his life, other than a shot of antibiotic and some Benadryl tablets for a snake bite. His momma and daddy, and Grandma (now passed on) are/were right next door, and all of them are/were free of any muscular disease or any other abnomalities.
  9. Minn kota endura...bow mount. I would like to cut about 8 inch off shaft...it's a plastic shaft. any body ever done it? Any tips?
  10. Air Rifle

    I cannot find the ones with BB inbedded in them anymore. They hit as hard as anything I ever seen in my 177 RWS. As far as being accirate that thing has been shooting wHere it is pointed since the first time I used it. The BB invedded ones are like a domed pellet
  11. $300 Old town discovery 146k

    Whats the inflatable bags for?? Does it have seatbelts?
  12. Today
  13. I'll bow out of this argument because I don't want Phil to be upset about us getting into politics. This was supposed to be a discussion of Mizzou sports teams. I didn't attend Mizzou, but have long ago made it the school I follow. I will not stop supporting a bunch of college athletes just because of stuff supposedly happening elsewhere on the campus. Didn't get to watch the game today, but looks like the basketball Tigers bounced back nicely from the horrible performance on Monday night. I would guess that Long Beach State is a better team than Division 2 Emporia State.
  14. Lop-headed dog ????

    Dam Plug, whats with all the v's???
  15. Air Rifle

    I have too many to wait that long. I usually get my settled in on one afternoon session. I have a Gamo Maxium and several Stoegers. Most like the Crosman heavy pellets. I do have a S20 Stoeger that likes the Beeman wadcutter in 177. I can kill a bunny at 30 yards with it.
  16. Lop-headed dog ????

    I am not sure that there has always been something wrongvwith him I f you read what I sentvyou itvsays something about acmedicated condition from other treatments. Just waht that that means I have no idea. But tvcould nean some other drug administed to hm for some reason has a effect. You mightvwant ovtslk to the vet about that.
  17. Lilley's Taneycomo report, November 17

    I was able to get on the lake for a few hours today...pink worm was the hot time for me....but I forgot my trout stuff and when I broke it off I started thrown the DNed with a watermelon Zinkers and while the bite slowed when I did catch one they were bigger! awesome day for sure C4F
  18. Gotta Love Skulls

    I once traded a few prints for skulls from a paleontologist. Got casts of a sabertooth cat, another catlike creature she called a dirk-tooth cat (the teeth were smaller than a sabertooth but larger than a regular cat), a dire wolf, and a Homo erectus. Also got a bobcat, red fox, coyote, black bear, beaver, a partial otter, a fossilized muskrat, javelina, stone sheep, possum, several raccoons, skunk, a large red eared slider turtle, a longnose gar, a big alligator, and probably a couple more that I'm too lazy to get up off the couch and go look for them now Oh, yeah...also got a bison, musk ox, and wildebeast.
  19. jerk

    I am going to tie one on tomorrow for sure and give it a try......fishing in the KC area for the forms time in many years.....but I did catch some nice ones on the DNed C4F
  20. Lop-headed dog ????

    Yes! Now we are making progress!
  21. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Amen to all of the comments....God is good....I am blessed beyond my worth that is for sure..... and I am blessed to know all of my internet OAF friends C4F
  22. the feedbag is still on

    Bo - you are right...fishing up in the KC area and there are tons busting the surface but small ones...and a boat load of graph traffic!!!....I could not get any love on the spoon....maybe I am not doing it right. I will have to dig out my grass jig and 4'' swimmer!! And give it a try. guy fishing 100 yards from me was getting action on the jerk bait. going to be a nice day tomorrow and I will NOT be a black Friday guy C4F
  23. Air Rifle

    Awesome, thanks. I have read that it takes quite a few rounds to get the barrel tinned and shooting consistent. So hitting it with some solvent right away helps speed that process up ? I hope it doesn't take 1000 rounds to settle in. That's rediculous. A hundred or so after a good solvent scrub will hopefully be enough.
  24. What's Cooking?

    All that and a Stella as well. Very nice meal my friend!
  25. Yesterday
  26. Meramec at Holzer, then Suson

    It’s on Meramec Bottom not far from Suson. If you go from Suson south on Wells Rd to Meramec Bottom theres a parking lot just to the west like fifty yards or so. There’s also an entrance on Meramec Bottom just off of 55, but to get to the river from there is longer walk.
  27. Meramec at Holzer, then Suson

    I guess it depends what the current is like. I think if you have a light kayak it’s not too bad to walk the couple hundred yards to the river with it (from the parking lot near Suson). With a kayak over 40lbs though i’d suggest getting a little kayak cart, cause it seems like kayaking from Arnold park is pretty far.
  28. Olliefest XI

    Bringing my brother again ! Maybe he'll catch something this time !
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