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  2. What's Cooking?

    No need to be confused young lady just glad to see you back! Also John you are sooooooo spoiled, maybe more than I am ! BilletHead
  3. Today

    That looks insanely delicious. I may have to try out this recipe one of these days.
  5. Just funny stuff

    Wow! I never knew there were such things as lumbersexuals. Hahaha!
  6. more weirdness

    snagged in outlet 3's reply definitely cracked me up. I almost spit my coffee on the computer.
  7. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    If the corp or boat patrol troed to do that. these peoeple with thecbog boats would stop that on a hurry becaisecmorecthan likely they arecin the political swamp with the rest of the snakes.
  8. Cape Fair 7/22

    Starting to sound something like the fish kill we had last year or the year before.
  9. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    I'm afraid that ship sailed a generation or so ago when the liberal mindset decided it was abusive to teach children respect by applying correction liberally to their backside.
  10. UK Strain Carp

    back in the day lots of people kept bass walleyes everything
  11. 13lb Brown in Zone 3

    Had a Big One break 6# Test line on the river. Might have been that one. oneshot
  12. UK Strain Carp

    Interesting I grew up Paying to Carp Fish. Found it exciting and still do, just don't pay. I also enjoy catching Buffalo and Suckers which are Native Fish and very Good Eating. One of the last times I paid for fishing for Carp. 22 pounds. oneshot
  13. a little different

    In for updates...
  14. What's Cooking?

  15. Another weekend of...

    Right or wrong those fellers done well.
  16. UK Strain Carp

    Like I said its the SAME species, stocked on purpose 150 years ago, not "another" species Its possible..... just like florida F1 bass getting loose in a lake, or a guy pen raising hybrid stripers in beaver that get loose Theses fish get big the same way aunt martha gets 500 pounds.... eating the same things as Twiggy Jones does, they have a genetic trait that does that, ftom what I have read, if anything they produce less young than common carp already in say Tablerock, they are shaped different as they were bred for the table, with less scales for easy cleaning and deeper sides more meat to bone ratio. That is true, one study tracks a drop in Largemouth bass growth rates after common carp were removed from 500 acre lake..it seems that the carp spawned and the baby fry were munched on by the young of the year bass, after the removal bass growth slowed and recruitment was poorer, because the adults feed upon young of the year bass, funky development...wouldn't you say? Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) are not the same critter, who knows what the result will be...zebra mussels made the water clearer and game fish populations soared (all the poop water the big cities pumped in them was great food for the little clams, the goby it seems has been a boom for the smallmouth populations...I remember in the 70's no one would take a trip to the great lakes except for salmon...fishing is better today than anyone could have predicted. Rainbow & Brown trout are not native to Missouri yet people love catching them, These common carp where in our waters long before we had the dams that grace our state......, our native suckers and buffalo compete pretty well and baby carp get munched on by everything from crappie, bass catfish and muskies, flatheads etc....if the state desides to put them in a lake and limit harvest to produce trophy carp..they people will go there and spend money to fish for them, just like they go to Taney for trout or pomme for Muskies That was def not deliberate, but stocking florida non-native largemouth bass caused native fish and amphibian extinctions in California, yet has produced world record class fish...common carp are already in our waters and more and more people are euro style fishing for them, this was coming sooner than later to the USA just to much money to be made
  17. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    They need to teach "Wake management and respect" or have a section to sign off on when people go to get their boat certification. It's required for boat operators born after 1985, correct?
  18. I had the day off today, so I made a quick day trip to Maramec Springs. I have only been there once, some 40+ years ago, when I was nine. I got there about 10:00 am and started flyfishing in the rain. I slowly worked my way downstream, eventually coming to a sign that said "Deep Water" and yeah it was deep. By that time some nice fog formed over the river - the picture above does not do the scene justice. I spent about three hours flyfishing but, unfortunately, all I caught was a small bluegill. Even so I had a great time because "a bad day fishing..." I guess I need to use different flies next time.
  19. Another weekend of...

    I ain't arguing the gigging thing again because it ain't gonna change, either. I still think MDC is one of the best agencies out there, but I do get aggravated at them when it comes to smallmouth management...because I believe things could be so much better for ALL (well, except the illegal giggers and meat hogs).
  20. Trolling motor problems...

    If you travel through Wentzville. Tristate Trolling Motor is pretty good to work with normally have you done in less than a week. I don't know of any at the lake.
  21. Japanese Beetles are back!

    Excited heck yes! Enough I pulled mine this morning. Was a nice feeling. Better feeling knowing I took out literally thousands of the little stinking beetles. While looking at various plants I only caught by hand a few and promptly pitched them into the garden pond for the little bass and monster green sunfish to annihilate. , BilletHead
  22. What's Cooking?

    Who exactly is this posting here ? , BilletHead knows like the shadow knows.
  23. Netflix Show - Ozark

    I lived in Buford, Ga. for over 3 years, Lanier was way cooler than LO.....until you wanted to catch fish. The biggest bass I caught there was barely over 2 pounds. The night time striper fishing around the lights is kinda cool, so I hear.
  24. Big Upgrade...

    Use a picture of your boat. I think it's awesome, sweet pea
  25. 17' Paddle Jon

    Sounds about right.
  26. Japanese Beetles are back!

    Is it too early to get excited about only having 50 to 60 beetles in our trap today? I haven't had an over flowing trap in several days. Hopefully we are nearing the end of the beetles☺.
  27. Yesterday
  28. What's Cooking?

    RPS, I feel for you on the blood draws. I will think about it tomorrow when I am in the chair to gI've them some blood. Usually I am an easy stick they say. I enjoys watching them work. Some work by feel and some by sight, however when I mention they are like hunting dogs that way, hey don't see the humor as much as I do.
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