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  2. Good news. What did you catch them on (if you don' mind)?
  3. There do exist summer rainbows and brows in the Meramec around Cardiac Hill. Looks like they both had gig marks though, not cool.
  4. Ive had a cozy burger, they are pretty good
  5. The Susquehenna River has been on my list for a long time, but if I had to share the boat or the river with those dudes, I’m out.
  6. My chard is getting eaten badly by something, so I've hit it with Sevin a couple times. Need to get fungicide on maters and beans too.
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  8. oneshot


    You would think more plant more Fruit. I have found Prune the something out of the plants get more Fruit off New Growth. Got some Grapes haven’t done anything for years. Cut them off, now they are going to town. oneshot
  9. The Mississippi River near LaCrosse, WI, is about as good as it gets. Two BASS tournaments and the MLF Redcress were held there for a reason.I know the Great Lakes get a lot of press these days, but wind blows you off 3 out of 7 days. Check this out (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpqOxk_VHzA).
  10. trolling crankbaits has been tough lately around 412 bridge area. I wonder if they have moved north? It was good down there a few weeks ago.
  11. I have NOT caught any spots this year. Now, I havent bass fished very much but I have caught mostly smallies. Most of my fishing has been around the main lake area. I caught a personal best 4 lb smallie last week on a shakeyhead. Fought like a freight train. Love the smallies!!!!! And we need to protect them down there!!!
  12. Ah the old woman never comes out and if we told her she would just worry. Get some spray take care of it. oneshot
  13. Me too but I have a couple plants with shield bugs on them(stink bugs). I have knocked them off and stomped, squished between my fingers and other non chemical means. Now i have resorted to going ape crap on them with the seven spray. My fault partially for having crowded plants. Limited space .
  14. jsut got back from Sturgeon Bay on a vacqation with my wife. She let me fish 2 days. I went with a guide. the weather can really effect your ability to fish. Even a 10mph if coming from any northly direction is going to keep you off Green Bay. We had one day of 20+ winds and had great difficuly finding anywhere to fish. The second day we fished out on green Bay I had probably 30 most in 2-3 1/2# range Had a couple in the 4+ Most of them on a jerkbait which in July I think is kinda cool.As @Bill Babler said wiht any big water weather can kill a fishing trip. That includes Mille Lacs, I live ther for 3 year and the wind could whip that lake up. If you gobetter have a strong trolling motor with Spotlock If your'e looking for something off the radar and easy to get to Galcial Lakes region in NE South Dakota. I go there each May. Had 4 fish one afternoon go 18# my best was 5.8# The 2nd picture is the state record from one of the area lakes 7# 2oz only 19 3/4"
  15. Oh this place isn't Gated but because of Druggies and all just things are locked up. Got 10 Cameras around my place. Can't get away with nothing without everyone knowing. How in the heck can a person unload a Box and have a neighbor hundred yards away know what is in the Box? At the Cabin it is Gated but actually get away with more there. oneshot
  16. Lifes2Short


    The spots I have caught were on the rip rap at twin bridges. And I fished the main lake area down around the mile long bridge last week and caught a number of brownies. However I’ve not caught any brownies from mutton Creek south.
  17. Just what I told you : ) This is going to make those multi species anglers jealous! Actually see that fishes face. Looks like it is frowning. Those guys frown will look the same 🤣
  18. We've got friends in Hutchinson and they're in the camp that thinks this is a joke. But, there haven't been many cases out there so that's what they're leaning on. BTW -- sposta get a burger at Cozy Inn when in Salina. I never have a reason to stop there unless it's for gas, so I've never been. but I hear it's good.
  19. My partner, (fishing), caught this yesterday on the James river. This is the first year that I have seen them in the James.I have seen schools of them and I first thought they were large shad but later saw the large scales and the mouths. I'm not much on fish idenification but inquired to @BilletHead. He gave me his answer. after googling some I felt there were 2 possible choices. Thought I'd taike a poll of the OA experts.
  20. IMO this thing has reached unbelievable levels of stupidity. Now we have places locally that are not accepting cash because "that's just another way to pass the germs". Numbers of positive cases in my area are reportedly skyrocketing.....yet I don't know of a single person that has it. I'm in awe of what's going on here. 🙄
  21. Im in Salina right now for work and there is a mask ordinance now, i got ran out of a store for not having one. Its weird that i go to all these small hospitals around here and i still have not been required to wear a mask in any of them. Most the nurses i talk to at these places pretty much think this "pandemic" is ridicules
  22. I did buy a bottle of Bonide Blossom Set and am giving it a shot. Try to avoid chemicals as much as I can, but this seemed to be a natural growth hormone so I suppose it's kinda ok.
  23. Just taking precautions will help! I know the daycare and sitting children is not applied to this.
  24. Working from home with my little one right now. Been exposed to positive cases at daycare. Everyone's under quarantine. No symptoms yet and Dr. said no testing until symptoms so sitting and waiting.
  25. This is considered premeditated because you posted it. Better get a lawyer quick!
  26. Susquehenna River! Also, FWIW: If I was going to fish one of these fisheries - any of the those mentioned here- I would certainly plan on getting a guide for at LEAST the first day of my trip. That would at least give you a clue as to what it happening on that body of water at the moment. The few additional few hundred $ on top of what you already spend on a trip like that is well worth it in my mind to not be out there blind. If you are going to do a trip like that go all the way and make sure you do everything you can to make it a trip of a lifetime...
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