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  3. Sure, send me his moniker, I think I had him as "Son of Kbilb". 🙂
  4. Spent this afternoon on Fellows. Exercising equipment and breaking stuff. Looking for crappie with no luck, fish were tight lipped. Warmest water was 48 some down to 46. Probably need it a little warmer to get things going well.....
  5. The Missouri River by Craig, MT is a great fishery. I fished it for two days, in the middle of a 14 day out West swing about 15 years ago. I can’t give you any fly advybut can tell you that they pounded Zig Jigs for 2 days!!
  6. Wouldn't matter if they were. I'll either be on a plane, in a car, or inside an office trying to convince people to be smarter.
  7. I heard the smallies are bitin up there. Could be fake news though
  8. I always thought it would be a shrewd move for Ameren to lower LO about 14-16' and put all these lakefront homes on second tier .... Then they could resell lakefront property all over again. 🤣
  9. Oh don't worry. It will only be horrible Saturday afternoon since that is probably my only shot this year. Next week should be crazy good since I'll be in Milwaukee.
  10. Sprinkle maybe, BilletHead
  11. I just checked the tracker on day 1 shotgun round. I had to look at it for a while just to make sure I was seeing it right. The numbers are unreal!!!
  12. deluge downpour flow glut spate stream surge tide torrent tsunami wave Niagara abundance alluvion bore bounty cataclysm cataract current drift eager excess flux freshet inundation multitude outpouring overflow plenty pour profusion rush superabundance superfluity surplus drencher outgushing
  13. Ugh Don't say flood . BilletHead
  14. Looks like it's going to flood and get cold again before I get to go. And then as it starts to get nice I'll be back on the road again!! Yay me!!
  15. Plateau Fly Shop next to Fin and Feather or BPS.
  16. Decided to give it a go this morning. Boy it was foggy launching at 7:30 this morning. I just went slow watching and depending on my last track by GPS on my fish finder map. I did not want to trust it I was all turned around but it took me to where I wanted to go. Again I ended up using floating line and pink over white clousers. Did try a couple other colors but did not stay with them long as the bite was real slow. I think the fish were in a neutral to negative mood. I would throw out and let the clouser swing downstream my line would bow and I would watch that bow for a tick them gave a strip set. With that bow in the line I did miss a half dozen strikes. I don't think the fish wanted to chase but if the fly came by their face the fish snapped at it. Caught fourteen whites and one spotted bass. I did however catch three or four nicer ones today and a couple of those were pushing 15 inches. I pulled out at noon. I hope the afternoon guys get a good bite, BilletHead
  17. So the wake boats and ocean cruisers will have plenty of water during the summer. Recreation interest rules. Lower all the lake conservation levels by 40' or so and there might be a hope of flood control/prevention, as is the only thing they do is delay the start and extend the duration of the down stream flooding.
  18. Phew!....finally after 3 trips with nada I got off the schneide today. I ended up with about a dozen really nice whites and one dink...all caught on the same $0.20 1/8th ouncewhite maribou jig from Walmart. In the morning it needed to be a slow retrieve with a snap and fall action...they always picked it up on the fall and you had to let em grab it for a second before stickin it to em. Closer to noon it needed to be a slightly faster (still slow) retrieve while putting a more subtle swimming action to the jig with the rod tip. I was happy to find i hadnt lost my touch and could still pick up on subtle hits. There was one other guy doing well on a small chartreuse plastic of some sort and a guy that came by in a boat had a few as well on the A rig. Felt awesome to feel a few hard fighting whites on the end of the rod...thats what keeps us all comin back! Now i gotta learn to tie some maribou jigs, any tips on where to buy some good maribou??
  19. Thank you all for another great tourney!! Enjoyed meeting and visiting with folks. A great day by our standards with 6 keeps, all scrubbing the rock crawler in transition areas on the main lake. Not much going on up the creeks for us. Had a great week with friends and of course fishing with my son!! Quill my son actually won the first tournament, I will get you his moniker if you care to update the past winners. A couple pics from the week....... KVD has nothing to worry about😏.
  20. They'll herd a female to the surface and try to knock the eggs out of her, but I've never seen a white get air.
  21. mbkwrh


    Hum Whites jumping, I see that at night when the males are chasing sows but that usually happens when the spawn is peaking. Makes me wonder if they had a bunch of bait fish cornered and were just feeding.
  22. Thanks for this, Al. The Blackfoot is nearby and has many access and it is most likely where I will fish. But Craig and Wolf Creek are possible. And I will buy flies at Blackfoot Angler in Ovando.
  23. You might try these folks 1-800-872-0222. I did a search of firewood near Greenfield and came up with this.
  24. All you guys with A-rig envy should see a doctor.
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