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  2. @Flysmallie is that Zarda in Blue Springs?
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  4. Ordered one yesterday from Russel Marine, 10% off until the end of today. No Tax and free shipping
  5. Fish 24/7, how do i get contact you to order a few of the warts you show above? Would like to get 3 of them. Any other colors? you have a personal email?
  6. I'm trying to NOT spend my way out of cabin fever and you guys aren't helping....
  7. Dutch


    That is a tough outing. Stockton has a habit of being that way this time of year for me so I usually go south until March.
  8. I bought a spool 3lbs P-line Floroclear to try this weekend. A few weeks ago I was trying out a Riffle custom rod and he had a Shimano Nasci spooled up with 3# Gamma Touch fluorocarbon. That 3lbs setup was awesome! It felt like I was casting 2#, but you could tell it was stronger as I never broke off any fish on the hook set like I tend to eventually do with 2# if I don't retire after a bunch of fish. I'll be curious to see if the Floroclear is as good as the Gamma Touch. It's definitely a lot cheaper!
  9. Been a 4 lb. Maxima guy for a long time. I also like P-line flouroclear.
  10. That's a lot of glass !!! We have a lot too overlooking the Lake and stretching across 38' of the lakeside of the house, but nothing like that sq. footage, so we just concentrated placing stickers on the porch door and windows on the end of the house where the feeders are deployed. Hated hearing that "thump" when a bird hit the glass or finding one that was dead. They really seem to help the birds realize that there is glass there and not an escape or flyway route to get away from the Sharp Shinned Hawk that patrols the area. Helps with the Hummers too when they arrive.
  11. Yea, just about all the guides on Grand use them to find the slabs from what I have seen. Almost looks like cheating if you ask me!
  12. Nope, never. We see them hanging around the seed feeders during the Winter watching the other birds dine and tried putting out the dried mealworms for them that they are supposed to like (but ignore). Right now, we are seeing a battle between some kind of Sparrows and the Bluebirds over one of the Bluebird nesting boxes. Last year, the Sparrows won and I wish the Bluebirds would be more aggressive since we went to a lot of trouble to make and set-out a predator-proof Bluebird house ( one of three in the yard ). Bluebirds are going into the cedars after something but, since they supposedly don't eat seeds, I have no idea what they are after. Maybe some early emerging insect ? Feb. and March are the two most stressful Months of the year for wildlife survival so maybe the Bluebirds are eating just the suet fat but not the seeds and stuff most of those suet cakes are loaded with.
  13. I fly fish Taney a bunch. With heavy flow, dead drifting a megaworm (mop chenille) on a jig hook can produce well in various colors, white, pink, salmon. Here's a link to some Taney patterns. https://flytyerworld.com/#/FlyboxTiles/5cbe1f011856f6e6000f6835
  14. After reading Bill's comments on 5 lb. Maxima, I went out and picked up a spool. I have been using it as leader for my braid setups for throwing Ned stuff or other lightweight stuff. really good line that hasn't let me down so far. Saw some comments on the BG over on BBC, seems to be pretty positive, sounds like a great reel. Good comments on the Fuego too.
  15. Thanks Bill! I've been using Pline, Trilene XL and the SOS line in 2-4# test for several years and am not really partial to any of it. It all seems to work the same to me. I finally gave in and bought a spool of 2# Maxima, but haven't really got a chance to use it much since Taney has been running so much water this winter. It's pretty well been a 4# line and 1/8oz jig for me all winter.
  16. A buddy and I used to do a five mile three day float trip on the upper Current.
  17. I have but only when it's super cold and snow-covered. I used to feed birds off the trailer where I used to hunt and I would have 2-3 bluebirds that would hammer the suet when it was nasty out. I'll dig for a picture.
  18. I generally just use the canoe as a taxi when trout fishing. There's something about having a good stretch of wading water all to yourself that I find so relaxing, and take the time to fish a stretch hard to figure out where the fish are feeding, instead of floating thru and getting 3-4 casts. I could spend all day on a 5 mile stretch of water, and pull over every 1/4 mile at a spot. Plus sitting in a canoe all day is tough on these old bones.
  19. I'd just buy the Fuego or the Exit, and yes I'm just filling the spool up with the line I'm using. I only use 4 different lines on my spinning reels and this is just me so I'm not trying to cause a controversy. I use mostly Maxima but do use some BP Excel. I use Excel in 4 and 6 lb. and I use Maxima in 5lb and 8 lb. Maxima does make a 3 lb. but I have not used it. One of the main reasons I don't use backing is when using the smaller reels, the 1 and 1.5 and 2000 series is I can pretty much if need be throw all the line on the reel, and any splice or knot can be a problem regardless of how well I make it. On my Stella's which are 2500 series spooled with 6lb. on a 7'2" Falcon I can throw it to the knot, so again I don't splice. Caught the big fish on Excel in 4lb. green. It is good line and really inexpensive which usually does not belong in the same sentence. I go thru a ton of line and have close to 70 spinning reels spooled so if it works to my expectations price does matter to me. I use the Maxima on my bass stuff, as the 5 lb. Maxi for swimbait's and ned's is super strong and will throw a country mile. It also costs a load of money, it is a very expensive line. Maxima for years has been know as a base line in the aspect that all others were judged by it.
  20. We had an Eastern Blue Bird on the suet feeder this morning, first time I have ever seen this. Has anyone else seen Blue Birds on suet?
  21. @Bill Babler so do you think it's even worth spending the extra $100-120 for a Shimano Stradic or Daiwa Ballstic over the Fuego? Another member said they really like the Daiwa BG model as well. The biggest difference that I'm seeing comes down to weight. The BG is quite a bit heavier, but the Fuego isn't too far off in weight from the Stradic CI4 and Ballstic models and it's only like $20 more than the BG. The Daiwa reels seem to hold quite a bit of line with their deep spool design. Are you putting backing on the reels before hand or just filling it up from the start with whatever main line you are using for trout?
  22. FYI. I just bought the Garmin uhd 93sv with livescope from a store I found on the internet. The GPS store in NC. they don't charge you sales tax and free expedited shipping at $2550. saved $200 over Bass Pro's price,
  23. I send both my Shimano's and Daiwa's in for factory service. I have also in the past had Bass Pro clean them. They have in the past 2 years gone into the bucket however and I no longer let them service mine. At the time of the binding however both the tech's for BP in Springfield and the Tech's for Shimano in Irivine California told me it was a lube problem. As I said after the fix I had zero issues, and both companies will return broken or worn parts with the reels. Never returned any parts and to this day I have between 8 and 12 that are still in service that were purchased in the 2005 to 2010 time frame. These were purchased with my Pro discounts thru Orvis as travel outfits and came with Orvis take down spinning rods, which are also excellent and we have used them in Alaska for years, so I know my time frame. I'll call Irvine and speak to a tech today about the gear issue and see what he says. If it was that now that it is no longer a issue I'm sure they will tell me.
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