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  2. Bo makes the most weedless jig I know of.
  3. The sm came in 10 feet off a small brush pile All of the others where in the old shoreline 12 to 18 feet. Had to move the baits real slow. I was dipping the tails in JJ's Magic in chart. The hot color jig was pbjj and Missouri craw. The Nutech jig can't get hung up!!!!!!!!
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  5. Thanks...I heard water is in parking lot at Martin's landing so we're checking options...probably going to euchie or bone creek. I like both lakes and should be relatively flood free
  6. I gotta say, I repaired my jet ski(entire front was smashed onto a gravel bar) with a kit from Napa and it repaired it all very well. It was all there, resin, hardener, cloth, etc. in a box ready to go.
  7. This bit of prose from a fellow of note gives some insight to what this day of remembrance meant about 135 years ago, before it was considered a "holiday". Sleep, comrades, sleep and rest On this Field of the Grounded Arms, Where foes no more molest, Nor sentry's shot alarms! Ye have slept on the ground before, And started to your feet At the cannon's sudden roar, Or the drum's redoubling beat. But in this camp of Death No sound your slumber breaks; Here is no fevered breath, No wound that bleeds and aches. All is repose and peace, Untrampled lies the sod; The shouts of battle cease, It is the Truce of God! Rest, comrades, rest and sleep! The thoughts of men shall be As sentinels to keep Your rest from danger free. Your silent tents of green We deck with fragrant flowers Yours has the suffering been, The memory shall be ours. -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow So, the subjects were the fallen from the war that (in Spite of Longfellow's promise) it seems we'd prefer to forget... the war that divided this nation to the family core. The one our great granpas either witnessed or participated in. Today's petty internet bickering and so-called partisan extremism that, on the surface, appears to be dividing us simply pales. We aren't divided... THAT was divided. Something to ponder this weekend while that pontoon load of party plows thru where you're fishing. Just smile and wave. It's not that big a deal.
  8. Solid report eye, thanks.
  9. Wait, are you saying he wasn't Mr. Rogers son?? This changes everything.
  10. Speaking of Alice, remember when there was a rumor going around that he was Fred Rogers (Mr. Roger's neighborhood) son? Killer blueberries by the way
  11. Nope, she's out with the girls tonight. As Alice said, school's out for the summer. Four days of curriculum writing just wrapped up, Memorial Day weekend off, then it's summer school for a month and a half. Summer break is for the kids. Nobody works more for less money than teachers. Meanwhile, I whipped up the remaining cream and put it on some blueberries.
  12. Nice day on the lake, 4+ lb.. smallie really nice!!!!
  13. Thanks you all, Don't have anyone to share this with but you guys. BilletHead
  14. With all the crazy flooding I have been putting off booking my float until I have a better idea of which outfits are up and running and which river is in the best shape. We did the 11 point last year, booked through Brian Sloss who is always an excellent host. I was thinking about the Jack's Fork or Current this year, but I don't know what kind of shape the river will be in by the weekend of June 10th. I could be talked into floating the upper 11 point above Greer if the smallmouth bite was hot. Looking to do a two day float with an overnight camp on the river if possible, and trout or smallmouth to chase are a must. Like to avoid the party crowds as much as possible but I know that I don't own the river.
  15. Eye, sounds like a good day topped off with a 4 lb SM!!! Sweet! Thanks for the information. Mike
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  17. Dang Are you sharing this with your gal pal? That is the way to a woman's heart is through cooking they say. I had wild turkey carnitas ready for Mrs. BilletHead when she got home from work this evening. She is really happy with me right now. Probably temporary but I will take it ! BilletHead
  18. The talk of cream pastas had me salivating. Did a bow tie pasta with mushrooms, wine, thyme, cream and Parmesan. Dang
  19. me also, and I am NOT trying to learn someones honey holes. man I love a jig and a short arm single spin
  20. I have nothing against trolling but when someone trolls between you and the bank you are fishing is just wrong. same goes for any fisherman that jumps in front of you when your going down a bank. sorry for the rant but it seems like common courtesy is a thing of the past. hope you guys trolling catch a bunch and enjoy your time on the water
  21. A fly only a devoted husband could love 😄 I've loved stippling ever since you told us about it a while back. I think it's a great technique. Can't say I've got it down as good as you, but I've got some poppers that look pretty with green on top, white on bottom and stippling to blend. I've got a bunch of old drill bits and other stuff that I use.
  22. launched a big lucky 13 at one once that kept buzzing my boat. sadly I missed but he didn't come back
  23. Going to paint this one by using dots. Called stippling or as I remember from art class in high school pointillism. I learned a bunch from this site, Takes some time to load but well worth the read. Some of my tools for this method, For the Mrs. I will be doing a pink and purple fry. Being a breast cancer survivor she likes the pink of breast cancer awareness and purple of being a survivor. We will be doing a tight pattern of dots. I will mask off the first part with a strip of painters tape, We start by doing pink dots spaced out without touching, Let dry a bit and start dotting between the dots, Again after drying some one more time. I know we can just paint it solid but what fun would that be? Leave some white showing, When dry remove tape and reinstall another strip slightly behind that, Repeat like above with purple and remove tape and do some scattered dots being it all, Now lets paint on some eyes. Using larger dot making tools we will use three colored eyes. Since we are working on a rounded side you will have to work your roundish eye on that curved surface, Add your other colors, Sign the bottom of your work. Looks kind of plain but it will really pop when we coat it with epoxy but we will do more painting before we do that. BilletHead
  24. We're going in 2018 now MTB. Stuff has come up for this year. Gonna meet our hosts in March at the beach somewhere. Thanks for the photos. I'll check'em out.
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