I'm curious if anyone has seen, or even has some pictures of, fish stacked up on their sonar in Beaver Lake. I am new to the sonar gig, so I have been doing a lot of research and such and watched a video of a guy and his son fishing for striper in Georgia. The sonar was just plumb full from so far down to almost the bottom with fish arches. And they were true fish becuase they would reel them up and then catch another one right after. I have seen it in other places also, but just wondered if it is dependant on the lake or if Beaver has fish that school up like that. I am thinking of going out tonight, actually I am going, but I am thinking about just putting around and seeing if I come across something like this to drop a jig down into. Is it worth the time? Most of the time I have just been motoring out to a spot and then just troll around. I figured I could cover more ground, be able to make sharper turns and go into various depths if I just keep the rods in and locate the fish first. I know that one guy told me once that he has spent up to an hour looking for fish before starting to fish. So I just wonder what other people's take is on this.