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  3. linda and i put in a bit before 8 and was back on the trailer at 11. but, we did catch a few. 10 keepers. caught 3 off one spot and 7 on another. all brownies and most of them were thumpers. some of these were pushing 30 ft. deep. seems like they are creeping out a bit more. the Elite Mega Blade got everyone of them. bo
  4. Dark purple Wally Diver when it was overcast... Shiney silver and purple Flicker Shad... We were trolling 2.5 to 3.22 I almost broke a rod tonight... Turning in 36 foot of water and BAM rod bends almost to the boat and my line breaks at a knot I was too lazy to cut out... Whatever it was had to be huge. There was no timber where I was at...
  5. I went out to Bolivar Landing for the first time since before the 4th of July, but didn't get to put in as the courtesy dock was not usable and no place to pull up the boat without tearing up the bottom on concrete or rocks. I fish by myself or with my Dad who has Alzheimer's, so I need a dirt bank or a courtesy dock to pull the boat up. Does anyone know when the courtesy dock at Bolivar Landing will be fixed and ready to use? Thanks!
  6. I found a few shorts in the 15-18 foot range on Saturday morning, but looked like a drowned rat. No keepers for me. I can't seem to figure out what color they want now. It was pink, but on Saturday I only caught them on a Bandit with chartreuse and a Flicker Minnow with a hint of purple. I was trolling 1.8 mph. Did you find any particular colors that worked? Also, what speed were you trolling? Thanks!
  7. Haven’t camped here in prob over a decade. I know the park has several first come first serve sites, but how fast do these fill up? And on Labor Day weekend, how early in the week do you need to get there to get a spot, any spot? I was thinking about fighting the crowd and going Thursday after work and trying to stay thru Sunday but don’t want to risk driving there if nothing available. What do you think, how busy will the campground be on Thursday? 100% occupancy?
  8. Only made it on Saturday afternoon. One short and what I believe was another that I only caught a glimpse of. The crappie were cooperating much better, brought a few of those home for dinner. Pulling crankbaits, fooled around with BBs some too, but after getting hung for the third time and breaking a rod I went back to cranking. For me, they always seems to slow down some when a full moon is near, I have not been having nearly as much success as I was 2-3 weeks ago. This was on a flat, little sac arm. 16-20 feet.
  9. Gary and I have been wanting to go to Stockton for weeks but the water has been too high. We took a chance and ran up there Wednesday and to our surprise we found it very fishable. Put in at Mutton Creek and ran up toward the mile long bridge. The fish were very active everywhere we went. We wound up with 4 or 5 keepers and a couple of dozen dinks.....we had a ball. Water temp up in some of the flatter creeks was around 90*. Main lake was 83-84*. We caught 'em on the ned rig, a wacky worm, small top waters, and the little flat rattle bait. Can't wait to get back up there.....
  10. Over the two days picked up 6 keepers and numerous (20 a day or so) sub legal. All of the smalls were 12 to 14.5". Lots of boats. No big fish... Biggest was 17" They were a bit moody from the storms I think. Most if not all were caught trolling in 18 to 25 fow. Could not find numbers on the flats. Tried bouncing the above depth and they would not touch them... Wanted trolled a bit fast. Anyone else care to share some non-location specifics? Also got to meet T-Byrd and his dad... Good folks. No fish pics... But a nice sunset this evening.
  11. Think I saw you out there... Green Crestliner... Was fun
  12. Grandfathering boat operators based on birth date makes no sense at all to me. Same way with hunter safety.
  13. What Ham said. It seems to me that Stripers are king there. the Ouachita River has good populations of smallmouth BTW
  14. ness

    2019 Garden Thread

    Lawdy, we have suffered this season. I won’t rehash it all now. But, we’ve also had a lot of tomatoes...but there have been a lot of cracked and cat faced ones. Those have either been dried or had the sweet spot cut out and the rest pitched. But...there’s this one that is darn near perfect. A very large, clean Black Krim: I think the squirrels and long-necked climbing turtles are getting tired of maters. Possibly gettin’ canker sores 😄
  15. It’s a nice enough lake, but you’ve got lots of stuff as Good or better closer. I have wanderlust worst than most and I’m not going back down there to fish any time soon. IF I were you, I would definitely try to find recent fishing reports from Ouachita online. Striper fishing can be good. All three bass in good numbers. Walleye. Crappie. catfish. Panfish. It’s pretty and has lots of islands.
  16. Gavin

    What's Cooking?

    I know it! Love those peach gobblers!
  17. Brook trout are delicious! Eat them out West. 6-8 of them will fit in a 1 Q Nalgene water bottle. Mountain bacon!
  18. ness

    What's Cooking?

    Wifey got these peaches at a festival she went to with some friends. First really good peaches we’ve had this year. There will come a time when you will wish those girls were there gobbling up your peaches. Cherish your time with them—it will go by faster than you can imagine.
  19. The wife and I drove around that lake yesterday, and had a brief visit to hot springs. Question to anyone who might know the lake, is it worth a 4 hour drive to fish and stay ? I am an hour from Beaver, Stockton, Capefair, and 1.5 from Beaver creek Bullshoals, other than a huge natural park. Is lake ouachita arkansas worth the drive ? Thanks
  20. Bootleg is pretty much always a creek. You can float from there down in good springtime water levels (heck, you can float from Belgrade down--I've done it), but by early summer it's strictly wading water. The river just about doubles in size where Cedar Creek comes in.
  21. Trout don't need deep holes, except in the coldest part of the winter. There are lots of trout in those smaller western trout streams that lie in fast water that is less than 2 feet deep. Rainbows especially like water like that, but browns and brook trout can be found in that kind of water, too. Although there are lots of western waters that hold brook trout, they are less common than rainbows and browns (none of those species are native to Colorado, by the way--the only native trout there are cutthroats. Brook trout tend to be less desirable in most of the West because they tend to outcompete cutthroat.)
  22. Somehow I ended up with 4th and 5th place in this one. The rest of my guys not so much.
  23. Water table has dropped on all streams in this neck of the woods. What used to be floatable 15 years ago barely gets your ankles wet now.
  24. Ham... I'd buy a 42" but no less. Thanks
  25. Yesterday
  26. 15 rounds rapid fire (in a safe direction) and some bible songs will clear folks out quick. Folks don’t like crazy.
  27. You might try watching the Classifieds on Baxter Bulletin online too. I’ll keep my eyes open for you. I saw several today, but not sure how easy it will be to find a 48 inch bottom boat though.
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