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  2. Here's what I have for a roster. Looks like probably 11 confirmed for lodging with a couple of possibles. Couple of regulars I haven't heard from yet and I will reach out to. Looks like we will again need the two lodges. Myself - Staying Phil and DD - probably staying N9BOW - staying off site Daryk Campbell SR - Staying Jester HK and Brandon FMC staying John's Folly - Possibly staying GotMuddy - Staying Little Red - Staying Terrierman +2 possibly 3 - all staying Ham - Staying off site Total cost of the lodging for both places is 1800, which with 11 stayers works out to $163 each. I'm sure we'll get a few more, but that's where it is at right now.
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  4. Lol, looks like John missed Yellow Bass, again. Here’s a better warmouth pic. I guess I feel like there are more species because I am layering Saturday’s fish on top on the Texas Tour.
  5. Looks like a trifecta to me. Way to go. If my fencing project goes well I plan to go tomorrow.
  6. They should know if they got all the detectable cancer shortly after the surgery. If it was aggressive It might show up again in the same area where the prostate was and you will need Radiation to clean it up.That happens frequently with Prostate cancer. That is what happened to me. But have been cancer free for 5 years now.
  7. Great catch! Ned turd on a caster with 12lb, thinking a drop shot rig.
  8. Glad to have met @snagged in outlet 3 on the river. Those were some nice browns that he caught. I caught my third (technically fourth) trout species just after we talked. Remind me to not try and fish the White on a balmy Oct Saturday if I wanted seclusion on the water !
  9. It was a great trip (all except the frigid stinging rain on Friday ! Even in the rain the cypress are impressive trees. Ham bore the brunt of the rain as he was driving the boat. As Ham mentioned I had not fished tree tops for crappie using those long poles. Pretty similar to how Livie and I fish the piers here in Maryland. I just need to pay attention to when Ham is moving the boat and get that jig the heck out of that tree top before the hound dog needs to come out . Also haven't had much experience with using a baitcasting reel except for musky fishing and those lures are quite a bit bigger so not as many bird's nests. Also there is typically no overhead branches or docks behind you to grab your lures on a musky lake. We ate well. Chicken with lemon and capers with rice, fried crappie with beans, and only one frozen pizza. We caught bluegill, longear sunfish, redear sunfish, green sunfish, warmouth, redspotted sunfish, blackstriped topminnows, spotted bass, largemouth bass, white and black crappie, bowfin, chain pickerel, channel catfish, and blue catfish. Ham can add any that I might have missed. Only one really unwanted visitor but Ham would have to tell that tale. So that was Texas. Onto Arkansas and the White River for its famous yellow perch fishing !
  10. The last few weeks have been pretty awesome....should keep getting better for the next several weeks.....
  11. Glad you boys had a great trip. Wish you could of saw the big fish John... Next time I guess lol.
  12. I will be down Thursday. Not sure if I remember how to run the boat in zero current! Hope they keep it off some in the mornings. Seems like the last few years I have been able to make the trip it's been 710-713 round the clock due to high water on TR. Not going to miss 713
  13. Okay so we are bragging about the bigger fish. We also pulled a lot of mini fish out of the brush, stumps, cypress knees and tree roots along the bank. With a new boat there are always a bunch of first fish that happen. Like the first channel catfish, first spotted bass, first bowfin, first blackstriped topminnow, maybe first redear sunfish, etc. that occurred on this trip. One of the fish that Ham and I discussed prior to this trip was the possibility of catching a spotted sunfish. Looking over photos of fish that Ham has caught in the past I was certain that he was catching redspotted sunfish. So we needed to catch some to confirm. On one of the tree tops without much crappie action, Ham was throwing towards the back of a cut. I threw my olive Gulp honey worm close to the bank between two cypress knees and got a bite. I pulled in the first redspotted sunfish of the trip (actually my only one as well). It didn't take Ham too long to catch his first and then with a pattern he was able to call the shot as to what cypress knees, roots would hold a redspotted sunfish. We caught bluegill (Moe or Momo's), longear sunfish (aka Larry since that was the least favorite of the three stooges), juvenile or hybrid longears (Larry X), green sunfish, and warmouth. Ham caught the smallest warmouth that either of us have ever seen on Lake of the Pines. For the first few days, we had opportunities at several micros but didn't fish for them and spent most time fishing for other fish. I did get excited about some topminnows and I could see a couple of species. Also there were a few different schools of minnows seen throughout the trip. I tried fishing with a shorter pole on Thursday for a different topminnow species than I have seen before and had one bite and drop off and didn't get close enough to reach any others. At the boat ramp Thurs. there were groups of topminnows and I called the shot that it wouldn't take more than a minute to catch one of them. It didn't take more than a minute and I landed my first blackstriped topminnow of the year. On Friday morning it didn't take Ham that long to catch his first of that species for 2019 either. Friday's poor weather did not allow us much opportunity to catch any other micros for the trip .
  14. I saw that, they were fishing from the bank at night
  15. We had a great time and one pastime was coming up with nicknames for these fish. Ham mentioned Swamp Musky already, but didn't talk about BOWFUN! Now these fish are considered trash fish by most folks, but to those of us in love with the thump and strong pull they can be a lot of fun. As Ham mentioned, after catching that crappie in the brush sitting in about 4 to 6 feet of water, I hit it again with the 1/32 oz crappie tube jig and Bobby Garland pearl crappie plastic. That fish hit like a freight train and fortunately ran out of the brush into more open water. That allowed me to actually play the fish using that long pole to wear it down. I back reeled a lot and let the drag work as well when the fish ran, trying to maintain constant pressure. I was also fortunate that the jig caught the fish right in the lip and upper jaw and not in its hard palate where it may have pulled sooner. It was my largest swamp musky to date - 23" and 4+ pounds. My second encounter with the Swamp Musky was in the same lake where Ham had two solid bowfun strikes. This fish hit the bait about 6 to 8 feet from the boat and not more than 30 yards from Ham's strikes. I did not get a solid hook set and the fish swam off. Later as we had circled the banks of this small lake and heading to the cahnnel out to the bayou, I made a cast with the spinnerbait again not more than 70 yards from my last encounter, the bait got smashed. Again I was fortunate to have the hook find the spot just behind the upper jaw and not in the hard palate. After the nice fight my second swamp musky was in the net . Keep an eye out this holiday season for our line of swamp musky apparel and video series !
  16. I now have that fish and a big boatside musky as haunting fish memories of that moment when the hook popped. That was a hard fighting fish on such a light pole. I was trying not to horse that fish and as Ham knows there was a lot of give an take using that little reel's drag, back reeling, and bringing in line when I could. Ham didn't mention that there was only 9 feet of line out when that hook pulled on that fish. Still didn't get a look at the fish, but it was so close. That fish was well above the weight limit of that thin wire 1/32 oz crappie jig.
  17. Just got home from Prostate Surgery. Had Surgery on my Shoulder couple weeks ago maybe be good to go by end of the year. I actually thought I was going to die on this surgery but it went better than my others. Now need to get use to stuff. Got home and I must not have had my bag fastened good because I got pee on me at least I was home. I just hope they got the Cancer. I haven’t had use of my left arm since April 8, fell and dislocated it. Just trust in the Lord. oneshot
  18. https://www.wired2fish.com/news/illinois-record-smallmouth-bass-caught-in-downtown-chicago/
  19. Yesterday
  20. No it wasn't Frank. Wasn't wearing any jewelry.
  21. Just got off the water... trout are biting like crazy. But the front blowing through might have a lot to do with it. Saw a monster brown above the Narrows just cruising the flats - 20+ pounds for sure. He looked at my scuds... made me shake.
  22. Questions about future generation are as old as time itself 😆 And I read every one of them, thanks
  23. I'm heading down next week. Just got done telling my fishing partner we would be fishing from the boat the whole time since the water will be constant. 😁 Phil your posts are invaluable info that have helped me catch fish every time I've been down! Thank you!
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