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  2. Opening day at Bennett

    And the really serious guys will never show up at all. I think it's awesome that some people love it. Everybody should be able to enjoy what they love doing.
  3. What will you be doing at age 67?

    Stick with it. My plan has always been 55 and that's coming up faster than I want. But I haven't wavered. It won't be full retirement but it sure won't be doing what I do now.
  4. Marabou Quality?

    I wish. There doesn't seem to be much consistency. Your best bet is to go in to buy it and get it in your hands. Other than that it's just a crap shoot and you buy a bunch and toss the rest. Like wrench I tie a lot of different things so I find a use for most or create some dubbing or just trash what I don't want. At least it's cheap.
  5. What to choose?

    Want to ask an advice. I need new waders. I saw the best models right here: https://under-the-open-sky.com/best-fishing-waders/ . In addition, in this article described all the characteristics of the presented models. Maybe someone already had some of the submitted waders and you can give me some advice?
  6. Marabou Quality?

    Another good source are these "feather boa" things. My wife found them at either Joann's or Hobby Lobby. They are like 4' long for 2 bucks.
  7. What will you be doing at age 67?

    I've got 36 years to think on it so who knows. My main concern is staying the ours and retiring at 52 at this point.
  8. Marabou Quality?

    Blood quill is what I typically buy for jigs. I guess it's just a matter of buying a bunch of it so I have a good stock of quality feathers then. I haven't tried palmering marabou before.
  9. Today
  10. Any walleye

    Has anyone been up to cc and tried to catch any walleye yet, just wanting to go so bad
  11. Marabou Quality?

    I buy the "woolly bugger" and the "blood quill" stuff, and I buy a bunch of it so I can dig through it and find what I need. Beings as how I tie trout, bass, and hybrid/white stuff none of it goes to waste. If you're tying jigs you can buy the big long feathers, tie them in by the tip, wrap forward, then sweep it back.
  12. Is there a certain brand or "label" of marabou that you prefer to buy for tying jigs? The strung marabou that I always buy is very hit or miss as to the quality and how many decent plumes I get for tying with. Some packs are full of decent plumes and others are full of junk that I don't bother using. Most of what I buy is the strung marabou that Bass Pro sells.
  13. Opening day at Bennett

    The Cuz and I are in. Maybe a couple other fellows that haven't decided. As far as fishing elbow to elbow, who needs that? Just wait until they get their 4 then go to breakfast. Usually is plenty of room then. Not any worse than a warm summer day on a weekend. Granted I would rather have it to myself but my schedule allowed me to be there so I'm going. Usually a good show!
  14. Be My Valentine Day

    My kinda test
  15. Juvenile eagles from the St Johns River

    Wonderful trip. Thanks for taking us along!
  16. Elfrink Trout Tournament this Saturday

    Sounds like the ol Cabelas Guidewear will get a good workout Friday and Saturday!
  17. crappie with pics

    And got paid for it too?
  18. 2 HDS 7's Gen2

    PM sent
  19. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    Sorry Dave, trying to catch up on my reading....................many prayers here and to a healthy 2018 and beyond!!
  20. crappie with pics

    Sorry Vernon, I STRONGLY DISAGREE. When golfers are on my course the geese have "no safe haven" , left, right, fairway, green and sometimes my back yard. I see it as a valuable service provided to our community !!!!!!!
  21. Elfrink Trout Tournament this Saturday

    Sounds like the weather might be quite interesting this year.
  22. Here's one of my favorite shots from my trip.
  23. Wade Fishing At The Shut-Ins

    I've fished Millstream Gardens for years and did well when the water was rising on tube jigs for smallies. Even have caught a few large walleye out of the holes in early spring. Very dangerous place for wading. You will fall regardless of your footwear. I refuse to fish here alone anymore since falling seems to happen often! I've also witnessed the cottonmouths coming out in early spring and sunning on all the granite boulders. I've never seen so many poisonous snakes in a two mile hike. It makes a man watch where he puts his wet feet!
  24. Jeremy Hunt's trip yesterday

    We can thank C&R for that.
  25. Thunderbolt 14.8 Length. Clear Mo totals on boat, trailer and outboard motor. 12 volt 36 pound trolling motor. Good crank and troll batteries, 6 gal gas tank, good trailer with good tires and spare. Moter is a 87 Classic 50, 45 hp that came with it new. Good moter with shifter, good compression, Lower seals need to be replaced in lower unit. $600 or best offer. No Trades. Need money in bank by Friday 3 pm 2/23. If not sold at this price will be reposted for $1000 with new seals and carpet on rod and live well lids. It can be seen or picked up in Holiday Island . For more info call Robert at 479-253-2258. Please leave a message if no answer.
  26. The rain helped

    Rod is sweet! Boat is functionally sound now. Still some minor repairs to make
  27. Motor limit size

    There is a super nice top water on the sale topic. No hp restrictions I own both aluminum and glass pros and cons on each. Watch Craig’s list
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