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  2. Just for clarity and to help understand the system.....Your charging circuit and your ignition circuit are two totally separate systems.....kinda. The only thing that the two systems both share is a common ground. A bad rectifier or voltage regulator can dump AC voltage into the ground and THAT is the only way that the charging system can cause problems with ignition primary voltage. You can bench test this by hooking a voltmeter to the black/yellow wire and turning the key switch on and off several times. At no time should there by ANY voltage on the black/yellow wire. If there is then the key switch or regulator/rectifier is bad.
  3. Side note:. If by chance someone hooked up the battery backwards then your new rectifier is probably toast, regardless of what your diode test are showing. But.....that alone should not kill fire to all cylinders and cause the engine to die.
  4. Bull is always tough in the hot summer months, and it's extra tough when it's very high and has dying vegetation everywhere. I haven't even been trying, I figure I'll just let the fry grow this summer, and I'll be back chasing the bass this fall when it cools down and work season slows down.
  5. Hook up a voltmeter to your battery, run the tilt/trim several times to draw the battery down to about 12.5 volts, start the motor and watch the voltmeter....it should climb to 13-14v and stabilize. If it doesn't then shut the motor down. If it does then keep watching it until the motor dies like you said it would. Any crazy voltage crap going on right before it died? If not, then disconnect the black/yellow wire from the power pack, start the motor and see if it still dies.....If it doesn't then your problem is a short to ground somewhere in the kill circuit (possibly a bad key switch, or kill switch) and you'll have to pull plug wires to kill the motor (DO NOT TOUCH THE BLACK/YELLOW LEADS WHILE THE ENGINE IS RUNNING, cuz it will knock the piss out of you). Report back with your findings.
  6. ness

    What's Cooking?

    So, we’re cleaning things today, including the fridge. Got home tonight determined to clear out the leftovers. Chicken, pork, corn tortilla, rice, cheese, shredded cabbage, etc. Things were looking a little dry, so I grabbed the Pam and gave the chicken and corn tortillas a shot before the microwave. Everything’s going good and I came to the rice. Grabbed the aerosol can and gave it a shot too. Then, the scent of lemon filled my nostrils. Oops—wrong aerosol can. I kid you not—I sprayed the rice with Pledge. Note the similarity in the containers. New rule here: no cleaning products in the food prep area 😄 Well, that was the only casualty. The leftover leftovers we ok. Oh, and I got some taco holder things a few days ago that I want to show off 😄
  7. The main thing is the freakin’ fish are tiny!! ^ha
  8. Helping a friend with his pontoon hasn't ran in 2 years. To start with only had fire on #1 cyl. every once in a while the other two would fire. So started running the DVA voltage outputs and found low output on stator intermittent output on timer base and no continuity on one cylinder through the power pack and diodes bad in rectifier. So replaced all those parts with CDI replacements and went ahead and replaced coils because the potting in them was cracked and falling apart. Got it back together and set the timing and it's running on all 3 cyls. and runs good for about 5-30 seconds then dies like you turn the key off. If you unhook the 2 yellow wires to the rectifier it will run forever checked the rectifier and all diodes check good. Anyone have any ideas I've just about ran out of ideas. Also cleaned all positive and ground wires and even tried a different battery. Appreciate any help I can get.
  9. Fishing must really sick, N0 0ne bagging about how good they are, when they catch lots and nobody else does.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Really he means, don't feed the bears
  12. Good Clean Boat! Fun Colors! im assuming you have this posted on BassCat Owners Forum as well? Good Luck with the Sale. That’s a Very Nice boat. I have a 2009 version.
  13. No Doubt Micro fishing can be as frustrating as traditional fishing!
  14. Fantastic! Y’All’s boys will remember these trips their entire lives. Truly Wonderful experiences.
  15. @Jadesjigs killer report man. The kids make every catch better!
  16. I'll ask the boss. I just dig the holes. If it weren't for my wife I would have house with a kitchen, big screen TV and a comfy chair. That's what I had when I met here. Not one picture or anything else.
  17. Don't pet the bears!!
  18. Truth! Went to visit my buddy in Denver a couple Junes ago. Drove up to Boulder to fish. When I left his house that morning it was 67 deg and when I got to my fishing spot it was 34 deg. I was not complaining but holy hell was it cold.
  19. Its been pretty nice so far this year...Getting hot today though. Should be a good time to pick some Chanterelles.
  20. That’s for sure. I was watching a 4th of July parade in Leadville a few years back and it was snowing. I was heading there next week until the weather man said we were supposed to have temperatures in the 80s.
  21. That was 2006. I imagine you've only gotten better since then!
  22. Summer doesn't suck in CO. Go west young man!!!
  23. Makes me wonder how they did it. I can't hardly sleep if it's any warmer than 75.
  24. Thanks for the responses. I plan on getting one of these and see how it goes. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/marine-metal-products-cool-bubbles-8-qt-insulated-livewell?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwObPreW-4wIVRr7ACh0-zQdcEAQYBCABEgJBb_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds#repChildCatid=12044&affcode=42&campid=1757576084&adgroupid=67599021726&device=c&keyword=010951861&Channel=pla
  25. You don't find that level of concentration just anywhere. I'm the Kevin Van Dam of fly fishing.
  26. I think I recognize that catfish area. Seems to still be more water than normal for this time of year.
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