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  2. It's probably because of all the weight you're carrying with all of those crappie you're catching! 😁
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  4. Im sure Fishinwrench will chime in soon. May need a little more info on what engine it is though. You can have all the fuel in the world but without spark it wont do you any good. I had a coil go out on an outboard a couple years ago and it would run low RPM's like that but wuldnt go because it was wasnt getting fire in one cylinder
  5. Thos fly wouldbe great at crane creek. Tons of baby rainbows and stone rollers
  6. Carry Lite 30’. with 2 slides Air, heat, all season insulation, storm windows, ready to roll Less than 500 miles on the tires Also included king pin jack, slide jacks, portable gray water tank. $10,250
  7. I would talk to Brian Hayter down at Ulrich Marine. He is a good wrench.
  8. So the mechanic I’m using has had my boat for six days now and can’t figure out what’s going on, thought I would check with this knowledgeable group of folks. The issue I’m having is that when I go to put the throttle down it will only go to about 2000 RPMs and just chugs along. The mechanic is telling me I’ve got good fuel pressure but he is stumped as to why the boat just chugs along and will not get enough fuel to get it up on plane. I am open to suggestions so I can get back to fishing. Thanks in advance!!!
  9. I have been wondering about the access on Spring creek. I fish a few of the other creeks you mentioned but not Spring creek. Are land owners a problem? Is parking a a problem? I thank you in advance for any information You can provide. Bill
  10. I've had a knee replacement, which wasn't too bad and I am glad I did it. I've always heard that shoulder surgery/replacement is much worse from a therapy standpoint as it is just flat out painful. I took the opioids for about 6 days - they play heck with a persons digestive process, so I quit taking them as soon as I could. Even after only six days I had some withdrawal symptoms, I got ittchy spots and it would move around - it would be my elbow, then move to my leg and so on. It was annoying, lasted for a couple of days. I just don't see the "recreational" benefits of opioids, I didn't like anything about them. Hope your wife does well!
  11. I would join the walleye club but they are a long ways off. I love next to Beaver creek boat dock. Long drive to them. Now, where is a good place to find eyes in the fall? I dont have a fancy fish finder so it is hit or miss for me. Look on flats or up in creeks? Where will the shad go?
  12. Have went below the Dam when they was running water have did well on Crappie and Catfish And have fished where the river turns into Truman Lake have caught many fish. Have fished on down from Sapps Landing on down some of the best fishing in the state. oneshot
  13. Dutch


    Only in 1 cove. We must have fished a mile of banks, points and coves catching nothing.
  14. tho1mas

    2019 Garden Thread

    I believe it's over except for a bit of sickly looking lettuce. Too hot in Sept.
  15. curtisce


    We caught jsut a few whites Friday but small. Did you find them in just a few spots or on most any windy bank?
  16. Fished yesterday, mostly in Son's Creek arm. Just casting at the shore for bass nto targeting walleye. Red small shad rap, PBJ ned , and shakeyhead. 3 of us. Caught Several keeper bass, loads of small bass,and 3 walleye between 16-17". Also 3 hard fighting drum. All in 3' or less. Wind was a big help. Webb Outdoors was having a tourney with 40 boats. The ones I saw were all hugging the bank throwing fast moving baits.
  17. I had a lot of luck in October/November of 17 doing pretty much the same things I did in the summer. But this year, and last year, I haven't had much luck. I know a lot of guys catch them shallow on jerkbaits around this time. Something I hope to get better at. I usually have the best luck during summer, when the thermocline keeps them confined to the top half of the lake.
  18. We had some luck last weekend trolling flicker shads along rocky banks in 10 ft of water. Just an idea for you. Heading up tomorrow to try again. Good luck to you
  19. Congrats on your LP success! Caught my first Missouri stream bred rainbow in that same area on a scud near bottom. That was close to 20 yrs ago. I have caught small parr marked rainbows in the Current suggesting that some successful reproduction is possible. That river gets so much pressure and disturbance and that may affect the trout spawn most years. I hope that you get back out after those LP stream bred guys again. Or try your luck at one of the other blue ribbon streams with stream bred rainbows like mill creek, spring creek, blue springs, or barren fork if you haven't fished them.
  20. Don't know the capacity, but very seldom do you see the buoys at Fall Creek completely submerged but they were yesterday and 2.7 mph as the late Hark Stram said is, " matriculating" right on down the lake.
  21. It was my first time fishing the little piney and let me tell you it did not disappoint. Started out right above where Lane spring flows into the main creek at about 7am. Saw several fish spread out rising to what appeared to be very small blue wing olives. I tied on a size 22 BWO and tried for those fish for about an hour and gave up fishless and proceeded downstream (these also may have been creek chubs rising on the hatch so may have been wasting my time). Fished another stretch with confirmed trout with BWO still on, but still had no luck. It was now 11am without a fish, so I continued on downstream. Switched flies to a soft hackle with a green copper John dropper and it was on! Landed my first Piney rainbow, and it was probably one of the most beautiful fish I’ve ever caught. Fished for about another mile downstream and picked up maybe another 20 fish until calling it quits around 3pm. They did not seem to want my dry fly presentation, but anything small and on the bottom (emphasis with on the bottom, bumping across the bottom) and they were on. The fish in this creek are beautiful and the stream is pristine. Reminded me a lot of the neighboring Current in terms of water clarity, size, aquatic vegetation, microfauna, river bank composition, substrate, etc. which makes me wonder why the Current River can’t support a reproducing rainbow population? Could it be due to Montauk at the head waters maybe? Anyways, incredible day spent and I will be back.
  22. If you still have this, shoot me a pm.
  23. Nothing but radishes and turnips left. Frost was just too much for my tomatos and peppers. Pulled all the plants and plowed up some rows for next year. Amended the soil and put some mulch down. By next Spring should be good to go!
  24. Try the silicone tail thing like this one has Ones made like this swim like crazy, but honestly (and oddly enough) it is not one of my better fish catchers. Sure is fun to show off though. 😊
  25. Fishing out of the State Park myself. Buddy hit it this afternoon and had white Bass and a few smallies. Gonna hit it in morning
  26. Well we are headed down to Stockton this weekend. I usually dont fish in the Fall, I am usually coaching youth football. I will let you know how we do. We are targeting walleye. I am surprised nobody has has commented on your post from down there. Usually they are pretty helpful. Well unfortunately my plans have changed. Wont be able to make it down until next weekend. Hopefully the weather will still be good.
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