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  2. You might be surprised with how fast of water you can catch a fish out of on a crankbait.
  3. I need to get more confident with a crankbait for sure, but with how fast the water was there didn't seem to be many places it could be thrown especially in deeper water. Did you throw out into the channel and reel back to the bank?
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  5. Not sure how I came upon this, it opened when I clicked on new content. Great advice from a great poster.
  6. We floated down in canoes twice right after it closed and both times the water came up and flushed us out. Two guys in a canoe with chest waders on with 2 units running is all you want.
  7. If you have crappie even remotely on your mind I would venture and stay towards sweet water.
  8. http://www.denvertu.org/carpslam-2019-registrationopens/
  9. Have been to the lake several years pleasure boating now it is time to fish. I am undecided yet as if I am going to put in at Eagle Rock or Kings River (sweetwater). Hope to have a good report to post. after some crappie and bass. Any tips? Wondering if the showers that fell today are going to affect the bite? Forecast looks great.
  10. When I had one I added a handle. http://www.bbcboards.net/showthread.php?t=650320
  11. The red-fin worked good this morning until 8AM, then you had to really work for a bite. I tried a Sammy and the fish were not too interested in a walking bait. They would fool with it but not commit very often. Do not be surprised if someone post a 100 fish day.
  12. same here let me know.......still need someone to go do a float on an un named corridor with me.....I even have a brand new extra SOT yak from Jackson for whoever would want to fish off of a really cool platform. I am sick of solo missions for awhile......needing some banter while out nailing feesh. Just PM me
  13. I've drove by it no telling how many times. I decided to pull up to it and went up and down it probably 4-5 times. lotta fun.
  14. I am taking my kids tomorrow evening to fish for white bass and crappie. Anyone know if white bass still running? What to use if so?
  15. Caught 5 this morning in the rain. Grub and jerker, 1 keeper smallie. We were in aunts just put the trolling motor down and covered water. There is about a 4 lb female under the walkway in about 3 foot of water. She has been under there for the 2 days I've been here. Flipped a little 3 inch swamp bug at her but she just flared her gills at it and smiled at me as she swims away. An old girlfriend of mine used to do the same thing.😛 might head up to KC bridge shortly
  16. Hi all. Down for a week or so. Looks to me after reading a couple dozen reports no one is catching them the same way. We went out in the morning 4/24 for 4 hours. 2 boats. One boat 10 fish. Spots SM and whites. The other boat zero. Had lunch went back out for 3 hours more skunk boat had 6 SM the other 1 small spot. 80% caught on a 2.8 Keitech. Rest on wacky Senco.
  17. Luvn2fish, You are cool, Awesome, and a friend for life.......................... Walcrabass
  18. Sounds good, let me know when and where. Love Vietnamese,
  19. Yep, have called a few down to the water while fishing.
  20. Gosh, I miss the place too, I have lots of fond memories. I only fished it once since Mc, closed, we boated up on two generators and waited until the water dropped out to wade fish, it was wonderful but certainly fished different with min. flow. I could hardly recognize ace in the hole.
  21. KC area was full of beds and beds with fish (singles and pair) on them Good Friday. 2-10ft ( probably deeper too but it was windy making sight difficult). The fish spawn when they are ready. I’ve asked several and none knew what month it was.
  22. I haven't caught a fish with a rough tail yet including several smallies. I've seen beds but the ones with fish around them are almost too deep to effectively fish for me.
  23. I know last weekend they were catching them tight to rocky banks. I caught 2 while bass fishing. I would think the white bass spawn would be over but I don't fish for them specifically.
  24. Stop, Ask, Let us know. My guess is its carp and gar.
  25. Thanks for that info MoPan!!! While I'm ok with white knuckle rides occasionally, don't need to go looking for one as enough just sorta happen. Will check out bean cove from sure. Also happens to be one of the Corps land spots I marked to scout for Turkey. Have you ever heard any Tom's gobbling away up in there?
  26. Sorry for the late follow up. We fished Friday down around Browns Bend and got three more limits again. This time we found some really good quality sow white crappie staging out in the middle of the coves in 12-14" of water. Targeted them the same way with minnows and jigs. Ten of our 45 were a pound or better and the biggest was a egg laden 14" that pushed the 1 3/4# mark. Other boats were pounding the males up on the banks.
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