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  2. I have never tried this Technic myself. But I have seen several of you mention a minnow hooked right on a jig for crappie and walleye fishing. My question is, are you guys talking about just a jig head with hook, or an actual crappie jig? Thanks, Mike Billethead stop rolling your eyes. I can see you! lol
  3. Swim a grub or a small kietech in those snotty smallmouth areas, just keep it off bottom. As Dave said, the fish are still there, they don't mind the snot. Just makes it annoying for us fishermen...
  4. DavidB

    Snot Grass

    Thanks to each of you. We had trouble fishing the Ned and a Carolina Rig with Speedcraw last year, in areas where we had caught smallmouth in the past. Still had a great trip. We just fished other areas, and caught mostly spots and largemouth.
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  6. Congratulations young man!!! Outstanding!!!
  7. The boy got one this morning about 1145 at my folks...wasnโ€™t a trophy but a beautiful bird...and a lot of memories
  8. Of all the things I inhale on a daily basis (cigarette smoke, carb cleaner, gas fumes, hair spray fallout, nail polish remover, fly head cement, dog farts, CCA sawdust, 2-stroke exhaust, diesel fumes from the truck in front of me at the stop light...) Pollen is what we are gonna piss and moan about, and claim that is what effects us the worst. Rediculous!
  9. Cool hat, Lets Go Blues
  10. I didn't know yiu could get pollen alerts even, I just look outside at the hood my truck. For the first 40 years of my life I was allergic to nothing, then at one point I was sick enough that I hoped someone would shoot me. Went to the Dr and he said, you are miserable but not sick. Whaaat, apparently immunity to pollen isn't always a lifelong benefit, now I just take zyrtec and am good, well except for the side effect of loss of taste/flavor.
  11. It's only those of us that have Neanderthal ancestors that suffer from allergies. Pure humans don't need pollen alerts. Strange that you get them and I don't,.. ahchoo!
  12. With the weather forecast coming out last friday thought the Spring would be blown out but checking levels Sunday night showed the flow around 2000cfm so made plans to head down Monday morning. Forecast was for strong wind from the north keeping it cooler. Got down to the cc ramp around 7:30, prabably 10 rigs there. Several boats were right at the ramp area fishing. The river looked quite a bit lower but was able to launch. Wore my leaky Simms waders instead of bibs so I could get the boat launched easier and maybe do some wet wading at the gravell bar. Headed up river and hit some gravel ,so it was definitely lower. Followed ther channel up the left side and encountered another gravel bar. A fellow boater said I didn't need to go further that the fish were here. dropped the anchor and preseeded to catch whites. Not every cast but close. Had 13 after about 30 minutes, smaller males mostly. Decided to head up to the gravel bar in search of larger prey.A fellow flyfisherman was just above me pulling in fish cosistently. Mostly crappie he said so I started. He was right most running 10"-11". Caught a larger one every so often and in the cooler with those. Made a trip up higher in the river.; the wind hit me hard on the north/ south section. that and the current meade it difficult. Back to the gravel bar. The high banks and tall trees on the north bank took care of the strong breeze. Chartreuse and white clouser worked well in fact one fly would have caught all 67 of my fish if I had not lost it on my trip up river. Left around 1PM . Talked to one fisherman at the ramp and they had gone farer up river and found some larger whites. Looks like the most of the whites have spawned and are coming back down. The crappie still had eggs so there is still time for them. Endeed with 67 fish Few more crappie than whites. Brought home 13crappie and 8 whites which is my limit when it come to cleaning fish. Fellow Fly fisherman at gravelbar with his stringer River down means lots of carcasses on the bank
  13. More from KS, hobo coffee anyone?
  14. I plan on going to Stockton Monday. But I haven't decided where to go or what to fish for yet. Love to bass fish, But really would like a mess of crappie with a walleye kicker. Most likely outcome, the way it's been going for me. Is I will have to get chicken on the way home. lol
  15. I am going to camp at Stockton State Park for a few days and see if I can find some green or brown fish. I'll be in a red and gray Nitro Z 20 if any of you guys are around there.
  16. They've been on bank around B landing in pomme side last couple nights from 7 pm til little after dark.
  17. Everyday. 46 times per day. My phone goes off with a POLLEN ALERT ๐Ÿ™„ For hundreds of years people have survived just fine living with "pollen", so what has changed ? Humans have evolved into such delicate little critters, haven't they? Good grief ! So if you are one of these anti-pollen people, what are you supposed to do, lock yourself in a sealed room, take lots of meds, and breathe through a pillow case? Who's gonna pay your bills? Because there hasn't been a day without a POLLEN ALERT since the rent was due the last time. Who is gonna hide the Easter eggs?
  18. Just between Indian point and the marina now, and I can pick it up as deep as 15ft
  19. This is where I get a little confused. Well actually their several things that confuse me, but that's for another forum... Anyway, I know I have seen other people spider rigging with more that 3 poles per person. Where does the 3 pole or hooks if that is more correct, fit into this? Mike
  20. Was able to pop back up Sunday thru yesterday and get after the Turkey's and Crappie. Fished from the 62 mile mark to the 59 mile mark Brown's Bend to Proctor. Ended up with 24 total crappie over 12" with the biggest at 16" 3 days of fishing for about 6 hrs. a day. Just fishing the bank. Water was 63 and chocolate milk muddy, pretty had on this Table Rock boy. Most of the crappie I caught and that was probably 60+ total were main creek arm and main lake, not in the pockets or small coves. Most were under 10' deep. Rainy Creek, Proctor and Golden Goose were simply packed with boats and fishermen. One set fishing the bank but the middle of these creeks were crowded with spider riggers to the point of just unbelievable. Should have taken a photo but at one point I could count 22 boats all spider rigging the Florida Beach area of Rainy Creek. Visited with several of them all nice folks and they were catching them. Lots of shorts and small males. No one was catching what they wanted as far as size was concerned. There was a team of two ladies running eight 16' rods and they just seemed to be catching fish at a rate I have never seen. Talked to them and they said the day prior they went thru 30 dozen minnows and had caught and released well over 200 crappie. I think there must be a big derby coming up and they said they would not have had a decent bag out of the 200 they caught. Another fun several days on Lake O.
  21. I was back in Indian creek Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Usually takes me a half day or so to figure things out but when I did it was all over. Found them in Isolated brush or cover up near the bank, some behind docks, others not, caught most out of just two areas. Seen a lot of people using the spider rig also. Thursday after that front came in they were still there but playing their games a bit but still managed to catch them. Next week with that warmer weather will really get em going.
  22. What, nobody shadow casts? I guess my technique is down and across, wet fly action, even if I cast upstream or in a pond; I just seem to get more strikes if the worm/fly moves a bit in relation to the water and if the line is in hand I can detect most even strikes in the dark. That doesn't keep me from missing a large percentage of the mouth and spit fish. Tuesday at RR I probably missed 10-15 trout for every one I landed. I agree that many of those spitters don't even disturb the indicator, although when one does pull the bobber down it is likely to hook up. Fish in moving water often mouth objects that resemble food then spit what feels or tastes wrong, or so I read once. I know I've tossed small grub looking stones into clear streams numerous times and seen suckers and trout grab and spit remarkably quick. When fishing tiny wet flies/nymphs/midges in still water, I still like to grease the leader to about a foot from the fly and use some kind of retrieve, just enough that some motion is detectable. Ever notice an improvement when the wind stirs the water surface? I try to mimic that small movement with with rod and/or line movement. I do kinda admire the guys/gals that can cast those bobber-sinker-jig-fly combos and not have it all hit them in the head or tangle into a nest. Maybe if I could cast better, I'd learn how to use "indicators"?
  23. Ketchup. I am sure you will have a nice day with Wrench. I do not think you will be spending a awful lot of time talking about Air Rifles. Wrench is one of those people who when he fishes he fishes. He puts his whole energy into fishing. I understand that. I have a lot of trouble concentrating when I have someone in the boat with me. The combination of not being able to hear them and yet wanting to be social is about to much to mix with the fishing for me. I am going to try too drive over and see the way in. No way I could get out there and fish for 9 hour anymore.
  24. Did they get a regatta permit for this event? I see a 7:00-3:00 Crappie tournament listed for Gale access on that day, but nothing else. Not that I care, but it might be a bit of a clusterphuck if both events are taking off and weighing-in simultaneously. I'll pack us a few beers and some pork rinds just in case. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  25. Looks like a great fry. Congrats on the fish and fungi!
  26. We ate at 178 club tonight and it was very good! We didnโ€™t get here early enough to get on the lake but will tomorrow.
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