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  3. Yeah, do try it. Will give you some additional options on your trip and you can form your own opinion. Think a trolling motor would be a plus with that one. Weighs as much as my 17' jon boat, and 40+lbs more than any of my paddle craft.
  4. Putting a dollar value on big antlers has ruined deer hunting. Outdoor television has ruined deer-hunting. Outfitting whitetail deer hunts has ruined deer hunting hunting. Twisted herd management (my deer mindset) has ruined deer hunting.
  5. While it may not be the ideal river craft, if you wanna use your duck boat to fish out of the few times you go to the river/creek there's nothing wrong with that. It beats walking the banks or fishing from an inner tube.
  6. https://news.ontario.ca/mnr/en/2019/06/ontario-proposing-multi-line-carp-fishing.html
  7. I never looked it up but some years ago I was told by some one in that organization that I should get all the land owner tags available to the whole family because they all are considered "sold" for P-R money purposes. Unless that has changed this increase in acreage is going to be a net loss to MDC and by extension to all of us. Sold = issued. I believe the old regs did call for more land than has been required since the big herd downsizing began, it might have been 75A. I know a 1/4 section only got one buck tag for all the seasons put together. What ever caused the antlerless tags changed everything including land requirement.
  8. Bassmeister

    Beaver 6/10

    I’m always shocked at the weights coming from the Beaver tournaments. I mean, 21lbs?! I have to assume most of these bags are coming from deep. Just crazy for Beaver!
  9. I don't know anyone who fishes with a Flat Brim & a GoPro...Might have to vote you off the island if you show up with either of those.😁
  10. I haven't been out after dark but from what I've heard lately you're not alone. The catfish guys are even doing much better during mid-day than they are late evenings and after dark.
  11. Oh, I guess you could make it work, but I'd run from it as fast as possible. For one thing...115 pounds??? For a 12 ft. boat? You are going to be using it solo, and it ain't gonna be easy to load and unload that thing. And I agree with Gavin's critique. If you want a boat that you can paddle upstream without working yourself to death, you need something a little longer and quite a bit narrower.
  12. If it is a typical missouri summer and major rain events don't happen, mid August should see normal levels again. But Missouri has a way of changing things.
  13. Thanks for all the help rick tell sandy and the boys i say hi.
  14. Seems like years back you had to own 75 acres to get free landowner tags, but can't say for sure. I buy a couple tags for myself and a couple for my wife, even though they will happily send me tags until I am sick of cleaning deer, for free. I live within one of the CWD special zones. 5 was enough last year and it's never difficult to find takers for the meat.
  15. I found the study where they did that but, they did far more than that to other test subjects...the whole test study will be completed in 2020 however they shared some of their findings, eye opening and disconcerting at the same time, https://www.kunc.org/post/bent-out-shape-part-4-next-mad-cow-disease
  16. is it just me or is the link dead? http://www.ozarkanglers.com/lake-taneycomo/maps/
  17. Deminished gun rights and gun hysteria are one reason. Land access is another. The authorities are always bitchin that so many are breaking laws while doing it, so why do they wish even more people were out there? Makes no sense. On one hand they are worried about too many animals getting killed....and on the other hand they claim to want more people out there killing animals. Make up your freakin' mind !
  18. Johnsfolly


    I like to bake them with onions, lemon slices and dill. Really used to enjoy 15 to 18" brown trout that had been in the river for a while. They would have the orange colored flesh. Those I would stuff with dill, basil, bread cubes, sauted bacon and onions. Maybe add some minced shrimp. Then bake. Since I no longer keep brown trout, my daughter hates picking bones, and am only likely to keep stocker rainbows, I tend to fry them. I mix a half and half mix of regular and panko bread crumbs. Then dried basil, oregano, thyme, garlic powder, salt and pepper, then parmesan cheese. Dredge filets in seasoned flour, then egg wash, then into the bread crumbs. Fry at 375 until golden brown. Would make a fried boot taste good😁.
  19. mikeak


    I like them smoked
  20. They are just meat deer, no trophys and very few mature bucks, so nobody wants to hunt here. We can only consume one per year in this house, and don't have freezer space for any more than that anyway. 30-50 per year get killed on the roads within 2 miles of here every year yet there seems to be no noticable effect at all on the population. I don't understand why they won't let people that can truly use the meat kill all they want. It would be better than letting them rot in the ditches.
  21. Yesterday
  22. I don’t like the width and the pontoon bottom hull. It’s shaped like a bathtub and it won’t be fun to paddle upstream. i think it would not track straight,would be difficult to turn in current, and catch bottom/structure allot. It’s a puddle duck hunting boat, not a river/creek boat. You want a a narrower hull with a flat or slightly rounded bottom.
  23. If rain holds off (or at least stays average), the water could be down by them. Truman is down 4 feet, they should be able to start releasing from Pomme any time. But unless you have a way to predict the future, don't plan on it doing so.
  24. That is fantastic. On another note how can you be in water that is 20 degree cooler than body temp and be smiling?😂
  25. They are out there now. You can usually start at Cool Water Cove.
  26. Pretty sure they are black bass. I think white bass fry would be bigger, a broader body and maybe not that far away from their spawning area yet. Morig would know. Who ever they are there are millions of them from Campbell Point to Big M.
  27. You're exactly right owning 5 vs. 500 makes you the same in MDC's eyes but you're smart enough to know the 2 aren't equal in the actual grand scheme. You want to use that argument then MDC gets money from the state, feds, and conservation sales tax. Based on that alone, there should be no "costs" to hunt or fish. Since your awash with deer you should lease out your property for hunting and make some extra $$$. See how long before they are gone.
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