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  2. I'll heal fast as the Lord lets me. I'm out of Deer hunting once again this year. oneshot
  3. Yes they didn't have anything for pain because I was already taking the max for my Arthritis, Doctor thought maybe he could set it without knocking me out but found he couldn't. Took 3 of them pulling to set it once I was knocked out. oneshot
  4. hope you heal quick.
  5. Saw this on Facebook and hadn’t seen it on here yet, thought some of you may be interested
  6. Tilley, Sombrero, Straw Hat, anything but one of those things.
  7. That sucks ol' boy. Sorry to hear it. Shoulder pain is a mofo!
  8. I Dislocated my Shoulder. They said it wasn't to be back by my spine with my arm up waving to people behind me. Took an hour and half to get me out and said it will be over a year to heal. oneshot
  9. Holy Smokes that's crazy! I'm speechless
  10. Today
  11. Noodle

    What the Heck?

    Just a thought, maybe not a great one and if it’s been mentioned previously I missed it. But, my understanding is that during spoonbill season we are required to pass the spoonbillers at idle speed. Why can’t the same stipulation be applied to wake boats and smaller vessels? If throwing wakes at spoonbillers is a safety issue, throwing big wakes should be considered across the board, all times of the year. I had a situation in Woolley last year with a wake boat where I was scared to death—thought I was going under. The wakes are why I will only night fish pretty much from the first of May until the end of September. I don’t necessarily want to do away with wake boats, but there needs to be more safety regulations so all can enjoy the lake safely. And, I have nothing against spoonbillers or idling past them, just trying to transfer the courtesy to all of us.
  12. Why not? What's wrong?
  13. You can find them all over. Prefer to find them in areas that don’t flood cuz they are not full off sand.
  14. My Son took me for a ride. We went over 64 and 32 HWY Bridges and river looks good and very clear. I won't be able to fish until probably next Spring. oneshot
  15. That's a nice load of crappie for sure, congratulations.
  16. Pete (snagged in 3) and me plan to meet for lunch at west county Syberg’s at noon next Friday (270& Dorsett). Open to all. RSVP by Thursday PM so I can get a head count.
  17. Then people should hit the Katy where it runs along The Missouri River. I don’t know how wide the easement is but it crosses a bunch of creeks and floods knock down bunches of trees. Bug spray. Just sayin.
  18. Like I said I get it. We grew up screwing rollers skate trucks on pieces of wood back in the 70’s. It definitely looks cool as hell. I don’t know the answer so everyone can enjoy the lake they way they want to though.
  19. Double uni I found works well. fairly simple and reliable.
  20. Started at the dam early and it was just not what I wanted it to be. Had several fish with a 4.52 jaw but not many bites. Loaded u.p the rig and headed for Baxter. Temps at the dam were 56 when I launched at 6. Relaunch at Baxter at 11 and the temps were 60 and it was just flat on. I caught them on a Keitech 3.3 and a jerkbait with the boat in 30 ft. Fish seemed to be in that 15 ft. range suspended and moving up. Fished from 11 to 5 and did not go 10 minutes without a bite. Wind was just perfect. Had 2 keeper walleye one 19 inches and one 22 inches and I released them. Had 10 crappie, the biggest I have ever caught. One here and one there. They were monsters. Biggest at 3.08 and 18 inches. Next biggest at 3.02 and 17.75 inches. The 10 weighed in at a little under 24 pounds. Smallest was a shade under 17 inches. I have fished in my 65 yrs. on Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Barclay, Kentucky Lake and Toledo Bend and never had a 2 pound crappie let alone a 3 pound crappie and for gosh sakes catching them on Table Rock is just unreal, I'm in a fog. Knife is 15.5 inches long. Every crappie came on a suspending jerkbait. Color did not matter as long as it was Blue. They were not schooled, one here and one there. Pole timber was always present. Best 5 bass would have pushed 17 pounds, all the best being jaws.
  21. Super work. Not the easiest of crappie lakes at the best of times.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Seems to be 2 types now. The guys with full body cover ink who wear nothing but a pair of shorts, and the guys who walk around fully covered like a raped Muslim chick. I thought the raped Muslim chicks were the ones that run around uncovered. Its the ones in the Harem that are fully covered I think. I bought one when the blast of radiation burned the melanin out of my pores. It comes in handy in cold weather since the areas are really cold sensitive. But I usually rub SPf 50 on the face and neck and wear a big floppy hat.
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