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  2. m&m

    White River Area Report 6-18-18

    Bill, thanks for the report. The pictures say it all. Mike
  3. m&m

    Bugle lips!

    Quill, thanks for the information. Great pictures. Thanks for picking up the trash Mike
  4. Today
  5. RyanLane


    Got some family in Branson and the dad is wanting to get his oldest boy out fishing. They are in town for a softball tourney but have Friday evening free. Would like to take them to Stockton as that is my preferred fishing hole where I have some success. With all going on for them was thinking to head to Kdock or put them in at Beaver if need be. I fish for walleye 90% of the time. Love to bottom bounce. Figured I could give it a go down that direction Friday evening. I fished Kdock a few summers ago on the big flat right there just up lake from the marina. Fished the channel breaks and did okay. Trolling motor battery ended up being dead so I couldn’t do my normal thing. Any advice would be appreciated. Hoping to show them a new area and maybe catch some fish. I usually pull 2oz bottom bouncers with spinner rigs I like to tie up. Spin n glows and smile blades With slow death hooks at 1mph or so. Figured if that wasn’t working could jig some bink spoons. Once it starts to get dark will probably move a little more shallow and further off the channel breaks. Thats the plan anyhow. Thanks guys
  6. Sore Thumbs

    Table rock

    Will this bite last all summer or is this a temporary thing?
  7. nomolites

    Report from first visit ...

    That was me; nice visiting with you and putting a face to a name! Mike
  8. joeD

    Smallmouth on a Fly Rod

    Nice fish!🎣👍. Plus, excellent wardrobe changes. Who took the pictures? They were good. Did he/she catch nice fish too?
  9. trythisonemv

    Friday trip June 1

    Wher did you catch the pickerel if you don't mind my asking?
  10. Champ188

    Bugle lips!

    Thanks for the report.
  11. MickinMO

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    He is a college professor at OTC. So, by nauture he is likelh a bitter crusty old man.
  12. ness

    Finding Joe Brooks

    I’ve got Google Fiber and it says no upcoming showings, but I clicked the red button and it will record it if it ever comes on. Kind of a cool feature. I had something get recorded a while back and I bet it had been a year or more since I searched and set it up.
  13. Tanderson15

    Fly Fishing Gear

    Kind of expensive 15 hrs
  14. Flysmallie

    Smallie Talk

    Probably been through a hundred bags of Zoom trick worms. Less than five have been a color other than bubblegum. I like to have a color I can see.
  15. dtrs5kprs

    Bugle lips!

    Traffic was almost as bad this morning as it was yesterday. Plus wind.
  16. NoLuck

    Fly Fishing Gear

    All gear was used lightly for maybe 15-16 hours on a trip in New York. WileyX polarized sunglasses. Copper lens and tortoise frames. $90.00 Scott G2 Fly rod. 9ft 5wt 4 piece. $400.00 Orvis Battenkill III reel and Rio trout LT WF-F 5wt line and backing. $140.00 Fishpond Nomad Emerger landing net, $100.00 Korkers Greenback wading boots. size 12. Includes both felt and rubber interchangeable soles. $85.00 Fishpond Waterdance waist pack. $75.00 Simms Freestone waders size large king. $200.00 All prices are negotiable within reason. PM me here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  17. Bushbeater

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    You can go to the Springfield News Leader facebook page and leave a comment. There's already a bunch of good ones so I just left a like on on of the better replies. You oughta see the posts on BBC, those guys are ready for a lynching.
  18. aarchdale@coresleep.com

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    Yeah, im sure your right, but it would make me feel rushed. Im flat worn out after a few days on the water let alone almost 2 weeks. At least it will be cooler up there
  19. IL Fisherman

    Bugle lips!

    Thanks for the report Quill. A big thank you for keeping our lake cleaned up.
  20. Ellros

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    Has anyone by chance responded and sent him an email (or other contact means) explaining his inaccuracies? Or is it not worth the effort given his obvious attitude?
  21. oghfm

    Report from first visit ...

    If you were at Casey's about 10 am filling up a Crestliner 1850 w/ a kicker I talked to you for a bit. If not, loved that guys boat. Either way glad you enjoyed the lake.
  22. Yesterday
  23. BilletHead

    Bugle lips!

    Congrads on the Carp Quill! MoCarp will be proud as heck of you. BilletHead
  24. Flysmallie

    Short float with a new toy.

    At a grand each I think I would do a better job of keeping it dry. I’ve seen a bunch of reports of them crashing into water but haven’t seen a single one where it couldn’t have been avoided.
  25. 176champion

    Bugle lips!

    Thanks for report Quill!! I still think no one works around here anymore...lol
  26. merc1997

    White River Area Report 6-18-18

    well bill, it sure is not anything like the old days when you had a zillion places to fish by yourself. but, it goes to show that all the bass are not doing the same thing. maybe similar but in a different way. i would say those folks had an awesome day of catching. if it were easy everyone would be doing it. wait, you said everyone was out today😂. well, scratch that last statement. must be easy because they were all out doing it. bo
  27. Smalliebigs

    Father's Day Morning Quickie

    Sweet!!!...watch the Lesterville gauge...it drops fast as hell, lots of gradient. I will be there Sunday at 10am sharp and will be there for awhile....I will have a big report the week of the 4th
  28. Ketchup

    Ban all Bassboat's

    They haul it there as they dont have a slip on Taney.
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