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  2. Gigging is great!

    Your right. My goal is the whole year. Let these beasts grow to potential
  3. Just funny stuff

    And I love it!!
  4. Just funny stuff

    Are we still talking about crabs? Nobody gets crabs anymore. I think it's a lost habitat thing. All the bushes got wiped out in the late '90's. No bush=no crabs. And thank God for that because now we have all these guys with giant Duck Dynasty beards, and that would be a nasty situation. "Uh dude, you have tiny trapeze artists performing on your face".
  5. Patrick Bridge CG

    I'm not sure. Twin Bridges & Pettit's CG's are open and Sunburst is running floats (no camping at Sunburst yet). Fish are still in the river.
  6. Streamers at night trophy area discussion

    Ohhhhhh. I've never thought about using them but I agree with you, they'd probably put in work. Gunnar Brammer have some great videos. He relays lots of information from Kelly Galloup in his tutorials which by no means is a bad thing.
  7. Streamers at night trophy area discussion

    I ran across one of his videos the other day. He is thorough, I'll give him that. Uses all the cool words too.
  8. Take a kid fly fishing

    That's awesome!
  9. Today
  10. College Football

    I'm almost embarrassed to watch Mizzou football anymore. I had higher hopes at the beginning of the season but that has all diminished which is a shame. Now at least we can look forward to their basketball season which, knock on wood, should be looking up.
  11. Gigging is great!

    almost as concerning as your comprehension of a satirical statement, unless of course you are joking
  12. Just funny stuff

    Wrench can take it!
  13. Gigging is great!

    Ill also yatch slap the pee right outa of fishing buddies for a variety of reasons...not total strangers..the worst offense is peeing off the boat...if you gotta go tell me and we can find a bush on the bank, don't leave a scent trail where we are fishing to tell them we are here I agree....metal gigs, 20 foot poles..warm modern light weight cloths people are people...I typically vote conservative...yet I would have jail time for environmental violations
  14. Gigging is great!

    100% spot on. I also highly doubt that Native Americans left their stream accesses littered with dead fish that they decided not to keep.
  15. Gigging is great!

    I have.....it is what it is and I know that. I have succumb to the fact that this is as good as it gets as far as river fishing for bass is concerned to the MDC. It doesn't bother me anymore, it used to but, not anymore......it is what it is.
  16. Tonight at the Vise: Share Your Creations

    Yes but we took a boat to this spot. Not that you can't get into the same thing walking a bit.
  17. Gigging is great!

    That one I will agree with.
  18. Striper weather ?

    Once the water hits 75 or less is when I start chasing them boogers. I can't wait for it.
  19. Gigging is great!

    I'm curious as to why only Republicans are the threat to our streams. Most anglers and conservation minded people are more than likely Republicans.
  20. Gigging is great!

    Native Americans didn't have jet boats with 2 million candle power LED spotlights. Its hard to convince folks that illegal gigging is a huge problem who have never seen the carnage themselves. The country folk talk amongst themselves and know who's doing it. There's absolutely no denying it.
  21. Gigging is great!

    I doubt Native Americans gigged very many bass
  22. Striper weather ?

    That is easy, there will be a big school of 30lb stripers off the PC ramp about 25 yards out either the day before or the day after I fish there, I will forward you the pics the guy who got into them will send them to me. The best bet is to fish the day before I do since I always here "you should have been here yesterday, check out this pic".
  23. Howdy

    That's great news cause I ended up ordering some spirit river UV2 Bucktails AQUA-BLUE as well. Excited to get these materials in and start stockpiling..... even though the trip is still 3 months out haha
  24. Gigging is great!

    Its also a bit concerning that folks advocate violence at the thought of keeping a bass to eat lol.
  25. Howdy

    Blue and white can be deadly
  26. Gigging is great!

    How did missouri streams used to be like? I am pretty sure that missouri streams have NEVER been free of giggers. Even before Europeans colonized them, the native americans gigged before they angled. Republicans are a WAY bigger threat to Missouri streams than giggers.
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