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  2. Oh Chiefy, I'm 55 years old and have owned fishing poles for 51 of them. I've caught carp on spincast gear, spinning gear, baitcasting gear, fly rods, trotlines, limb lines.... and I wanna say jugs too... but that might not be true. Gar pull like hell too, and they even jump sometimes, but inspite of what appears to be "excitement" I'm just not into persuing them purposely.
  3. Wish i could see the picture you decided to embarrass me with....
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  5. well, i was going to put a post up, but i can just put my two cents in here. the night bite has faded and it sure seems that many fish are suspended, many out in the lake. your fishing report just proved what i thought to be going on. we fished the k.c. cow creek area last night and did not have a bite after dark. guess we will have to wait for the moon to get smaller before the night bite picks back up unless you want to fish from 2 am to daylight. bo
  6. Beautiful cut there!
  7. Oh heck it would be a blast! And you don't have to work anywhere near his hard as Jeff is trying to get you to. In all honesty I know carp have a terrible reputation on this forum, but they are a freaking blast to catch! You should try it at least once. And there's no better way to do it than with friends around to support you!
  8. So what, it's just someone's obese pet.
  9. in any tight quarters, one should idle by boats are fishing. what gets me is i will come off plane and idle by someone fishing up in the kings, and it will not be very long that same boat comes by us on plane and about throw us out. it has made me, many times, want to pull up the trolling motor and follow them and give them a taste of their own medicine. almost kind of glad my journey here is getting shorter all the time. it has become a world that i am not accustomed to. bo
  10. I've been hitting Wheatland every couple days lately. The crappie are still not moving in shallow up there as far as I can tell, although I've seen that they are further down the lake. I've been finding them on brush in 15-20 feet.
  11. I remain uninspired. Can you make it sound more worthwhile in any way? We can have a bonanza without even a single carp, I promise. πŸ˜„
  12. Wrench if you would get out there every day or two and dump a barrel of corn out for the next month or so, we could have a bonanza.
  13. did not say he was, and i liked his response, which clearly shows he in not the enemy and is fully aware of the issues we have going on lake wide. bo
  14. There's some big ol'grassies at my favorite bluegill pond, but MDC owns it so we can't even drink a beer there πŸ™„
  15. I'd be all in, but I honestly don't know of a truly good carp hole. We have a bunch of pretty skilled bowfishers around here and even they go elsewhere these days. If I absolutely had to catch a carp I'd probably visit one of these lakeside restaurants where they feed them and keep them around. They'd probably throw a fit if we started harrassing their pets with hook&line.
  16. That thing looks like it wants to poop so bad!!! I've been there.
  17. Will there be a bow fishing division?
  18. Seems legit, what a hog! Think of the endorsements you could get with that. Wish I would have caught it, maybe I could afford a boat wrap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3b1frJCNI8
  19. That's the show that made me think of having uniforms in the closet. lol
  20. Now I know why you don't bird hunt. I truly appreciate the flattery. But there is not even a group of faithful followers working in shifts that can keep up with every post you make daily. We have jobs and families. But you did get me to thinking. And this in all honesty and not our playing around. What do you think about hosting a Carpfest at Wrenchville? I used to enjoy carp fishing as a kid. But not like you see being posted here. We had a cabin on Grand. Sometimes dad would bait a hole up Friday night when we got there and you could fish it all weekend. We would catch the snot out of them and channel and Buffalo. We could do the same at your area and just shoot the bull, drink beer and eat. It'll be better that chasing slicks in Dec.
  21. Neat colors on that trout!
  22. Wow, that's a big ol'Carp. I'd be proud of THAT one. Congrats to the angler ! You tell him I said congrats, MoCarp. I'm sure he's a personal buddy of yours.
  23. I was leading the shot. Figured it would be another 4 hours before anyone else clicked it. My bad, I wasn't taking into consideration that my most faithful follower would be jumping on every thread that I post on....within minutes. Seems you could use a whiff of calming butternut posh. ☺️
  24. Made a trip to Ackerman access this morning and the water was down to minimum flow. There were some caddis hatching along with lots of midges. Elk hair caddis worked good until the clouds came in around 10:00 and then the caddis hatch dissipated. I switched over to a ruby midge and caught this pretty cutthroat along with some more decent rainbows.
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