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  2. First time at the ozarks and night fishing for the first time. 😅 A little nervous. How’s the fishing by the gravois arm? Was reading the forums and read that black spinners during dust and dawn, big worms on points, top water during night, black jigs. How’s the boat traffic usually on the weekends during the night?
  3. Yep, saw the minnow dunking Menonites or Amish guys dragging stringers of all sizes (undersized mostly) down the Niangua with a minnow bucket. Josiah and Jebadiah don’t care much for the limits.
  4. I was feeling a little sick when I came in from the heat. When I read 3 limits of Small Mouth kept, I definitely became ill. Try a Rebel Deep Teeny R with an orange belly, never failed me on this stream, browns like it as well. CM
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  6. 1. Just can’t seem to catch fish on the Niangua this summer. Fishing some different parts, but lures have not changed from last summer. 2. Watched menonites keep 3 limits of smallmouth today. One of those was an easy 19-20 in fish.
  7. Fished a local jackpot last night. Caught 3 keepers all before dark. Had 2 big hits on a spinnerbait last night but never hooked up. They were knocking the blade. 2nd bite pulled my blade off just before quiting time. Weighed in 9 lbs, won big bass with a lbs won.
  8. lonkm


    I am waiting to get healthy and cooler temps. Hopefully the eyes and crappie will be hitting then.
  9. Think may have chased it down to the pack. Went back through everything this morning and here are the peak voltages readings I got. Orange to orange and black hooked to the pack 8 volts running and rectifier hooked up spikes to 12 volts when it dies and right at 12v with rectifier unhooked and doesn't die and 60v unhooked from the pack. Brown to brown and yellow 350v unhooked from the pack, then motor running and rectifier hooked up it jumps around between 230v-250v till it dies and motor running rectifier unhooked it is 275v and doesn't die. Checked timer base again just to be thorough white wire to purple blue and green each one of them were 2v unhooked from the pack and 10v hooked to the pack only thing I wasn't sure about was the specs. you posted says .6v or more hooked to and unhooked from the pack. The CDI specs I have say same thing unless it is 1988 and newer then it says it should be 100v-400v when hooked to the pack. What leads me to think it's the pack is I checked peak voltage on the orange wires from the pack to the coils and instead of 150v+ I have 4v and timer and stator all seem to be within specs for voltage and ohms. Didn't post ohms readings because didn't write it down but the were all in specs.
  10. Ain't that the truth, weather hot, water cool and you just gotta see what the next hole looks like or see what's around the bend. Can end up a looong way further down the creek than intended.
  11. I drug the bucket one gravel bar to the next; that wasn’t a good idea; we waded a lot further than I intended, but it’s hard to not check out the next deeper hole.
  12. Last night we caught probably 20-25 crappie off the dock but only 2 of them were over 10", which is my personal limit. The first one i caught was 10.5" so i kept it thinking it was the start of a getting a good limit of fish. But that was not to be. I put that one plus the other decent one in a fish basket and let it sink about 10' down and this morning both of them were fine, so i let them go. I bought 3 dozen minnows and the minnow bucket worked great. All the minnow stayed lively all night and the few i had left were still fine this morning.
  13. Nice, @LittleRedFisherman!! How did your boat fish with the top up? Mine's been in the garage and never unwrapped. Even thought of selling it.
  14. That's the what the boss just told me.
  15. I do and it does not my friend.
  16. I used to wade fish Swan creek many years ago, love them long ears, greens and smallies. Never had much size but a few lures in my shirt pocket and I was good for a few hours of solitude.
  17. Did you drag that bucket with you or just hit one hole?
  18. Nothing better than wading a clear ozark creek in the summer and catching the variety of fish swimming in those clear waters. Congrats on a great day!
  19. Those are Liatris or blazing star flowers. There are ones like the rough blazing star or prairie bkazing star that are native wildflowers to Missouri. These look like a commercial varietiy but should be a great plant for pollinators.
  20. You need to find a place to anchor the boat and splash around in that cool water. Refreshing! I’m Glad you were able to get out with your Son. I’ll probably have to live long enough for him to get a serious girlfriend or go to college to get to fish with you again, but that’s OK. I understand.
  21. I was planning on running the DVA tests again this morning and see what I got. I'm like you the ones I've helped friends with I've gone more by DVA rather than ohms but will definitely check both this morning. I am going to run back through the whole system and see what happens. When we had the flywheel off the magnets all looked good.Thanks
  22. I think the new size limit regulations have really helped with increasing the average size of the rainbows. Now you can only keep 1 trout over 14" per day. They also raised the limit on cutthroats to 24" like the browns.
  23. I use that same minnow bucket. It works really well. we also buy the 1 oz bottle of G Juice and put about 8-10 drops of in with minnows. we have been able to keep minnows alive for 3-4 days with the G juice and changing the water out a couple times times per day.
  24. True! And I haven't been out to confirm....but when it is backwatering in the Gravois the bite is typically pretty tough. So my advice is: If you aren't getting bit where you think you should then run out of the Gravois and fish closer to the dam.
  25. If it is ignition failure then it just has to show up on a DVA test. You can pretty much rule out the trigger, but you can't rule out the rectifier, stator, or power pack. I would start by hooking up the peak reading voltmeter to the ignition primary leads (orange) with peircing probes and see if voltage falls off before it dies. If it does then hook up to the stator (brown and brown/yellow....or whatever CDI uses) and see if voltage falls there too. If it does then you have a stator problem. If it doesn't then you have a power pack problem. Pull that flywheel and check to be sure that all magnets are in place solid and that none are cracked. If it stays running when you terminate the rectifier then it just has to be either the rectifier or stator. And since you've tried numerous good rectifiers then bygod it just has to be a bad stator. I never go by stator resistance tests....but maybe this is the time to use them. The stator charge coils could possibly be failing after the stator warms up.
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