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  3. Smallie bigs.. Started going back in the late 60's, Went for probably 25 years. Fishing was crazy good in the 70's. Great memories. Going in Aug for the weekend. Have not been in a several years. Should be fun. But sad for some other reasons too. How's Jim Hammock doing ? Have not seen him in a long long time!! My sister goes the week after you. Just crazy good memories.
  4. If I was going to book a guide trip I wouldn't do it this time of year. That being said, if I had to I would want to be out as early as possible as it's cooler, minimal recreational boat traffic and I just like fishing early, my favorite part of the day. As far as fish catching, it's a tough time of year, all I would expect from a guide is to give me his best shot at catching some. Bass fishing to me is partly about catching them on artificial baits, so I would not want to fish crawlers. If I'm going to break out the bait, I'd rather just fish for bream or crappie. I think a guide trip for some bull gills would be fun this time of year, I think I would just as soon do that then fish for bass right now.
  5. Wait -- I'm not sure you deserve credit for that bass. You caught a bluegill, but the bluegill caught the bass
  6. I would answer 2 distinct ways: As an informed fisherman or local- I would be trying to gain knowledge on how to fish deep/use electronics. Dealers choice on when/where/and how. I want you to show me and give me the best shot. Catching is an afterthought mostly. Like has been said I want to translate what you have showed to do it myself and duplicate it elsewhere. I wouldn't expect to catch zero fish but I realize that a 3-4 fish total day could happen. As a non-informed vacationer- I would think this is Table Rock and is played up so big as a heck of a fishery(Records broken on MLF, ect). I would be looking for a significant amount of numbers of all 3 bass species and be hoping to luck into a 4+lber. I also probably wouldn't want to be up at the crack of dawn or have to drive from one end of the lake to the other.
  7. Been out between 8 and leadwood the last few weeks. Same old same old. 3-5 foot of visibility. Nice and cool compared to any of the lakes around. Smallmouth, LM, crappie, longears, and various other sunfish species been biting well. Eating topwater baits, jerkbaits, plastic worms, and swimbaits. Mostly in and around riffles. Caught 1 LM out of a long slow pool on a worm that was about 16 inches long, everything else has been significantly smaller. Have yet to catch any decent smallmouth this year. That stretch never has very big fish, but typically i can find a few over 15 inches, this year its just been a ton of 8-12 inch fish. Wading/floating a cool creek is about the only kinda fishing i really enjoy when the temp gets so hot!
  8. Personally, I would want/expect to catch numbers of fish, type and size not as important but large black bass would be a nice bonus. I would not want to use live bait and would want to learn for future outings of my own how to find fish during this time of year and hope to replicate it on future trips. Whatever time a guide said to go would not bother me at all. However, if I was someone who only fished 5 to 10 times a year and was going with family I could care less what we used as long the group was able to catch and see fish of any kind and try to avoid the most high traffic pleasure boat areas. The time may factor in some if it was a larger group or had little kids that may be thrown off schedules.
  9. If it were me by myself id probably ask you to target walleye. If I had the boy, id wanna dunk crawlers and catch spotted bass. In terms of expectations for a guide trip i think it kind of depends on if the client frequently fishes or will be fishing the lake, or if the client is just in town once or twice. Personally, a guide trip at table rock or Stockton for me would be more of a learning experience. Id probably spend more time with a pen and notebook than a fishing pole, as i fish those lakes fairly often and would be looking to improve my skill set. Catching a bunch of fish would take a backseat. An out of towner might be more concerned with just catching fish. In terms of numbers of fish, I dunk crawlers, jig spoons and troll crankbaits in the summer and can catch maybe 5 or so fish per hour, so id hope that a guide would be significantly more successful than me. That said, I wouldn't be "expecting" any sort of results, because fishing just sucks sometimes. Yes Id be willing to start as early as the guide suggests for the best shot at a target species, and yes live bait is cool with me. I would assume for a shot at a topwater fish, getting out early is the only chance.
  10. Yes to 0600, and worms. I would be most interested in learning where (type of structure/depth) to be fishing this time of year. Also being shown geographicaly and on sonar what different structure looks like to find similar areas. The number of fish caught isn't as important as learning from a guide the type of areas and techniques most likely to catch a few this time of year. I think if you want to catch numbers you're wasting time. When with a guide pick their brain on a technique or two and have them explain/show you so you learn it. The best part of learning from a guide is finding your own area similar to what you were show. Then use the technique shown and catch 'em! Just my thoughts but thanks for asking!
  11. Hope I can, this is my choice for Saturday but going with a group so we'll see what others think!
  12. I have always ished below the park. So can't say specifics about the water above the park. Based upon what have experienced below, I would tend towards the more natural colors, green pumpkin, orange, browns, etc. Any of the baits that you mentioned should work. I have caught both smallmouth and brown trout on rapala countdowns in brown trout or rainbow patterns. Don't really think that the pattern was what they wanted more so having the bait down and skipping off rocks near the bottom. For rock bass I love using crappie sliders in Grn pumpkin with chartreuse paddle tail sliders on a 1/16 or 1/32 oz tube jigs. Good luck. Can't wait to see report.
  13. Had not been on the Rock in more than a week, so with a day off today and a Rock trip in the morning, I thought I had better find some fishes. Reading reports and watching current video reports are so totally different depending on who is reporting right now it is amazing. Guides that are fishing the same water are telling totally different stories most being really tough but a few saying its a barrel shoot. Kind of found it in between. Launched at Baxter but fished from Campbell Point to the SK bridge. Caught a couple of dozen nothing special, with the exception of a nice 3 pound LM caught on a War Eagle 1/2 jigging spoon at 78 ft. on the bottom. Caught the majority on a Dixie Jet and a 2.8 Keitech. They would not touch a drop shot worm of any type for me. They ran from it like a horse in the Kentucky derby. I did drop a crawler to see the reaction and it was totally different. If I were on a guide trip they would have eaten the crawler. Fish are just suspended completely thru the water column. from right on the surface to depths unknown. Extremely had to find or put a group together, as it is just singles running just about everywhere. Surface temp at SK was 86 degree. Water lightly stained. Wake boats and Summer fishermen with no clue about how close to drive or fish around you are thick. OK, here is the question. On a Summer time July/August guided fishing trip what would you expect to catch, and what would make you happy if you were fishing the Rock with a guide tomorrow? Also, would you be willing to fish live bait or would it just be artificial? Would you be willing to start as early as 6 am if the guide said that was best? Just some ramblings, give me your thoughts
  14. We've already cheated and lied. The only thing we haven't tried is bending that 60 over the transom and stretching her exhaust port. Toss me the lube, I ain't ashamed to try it. 😜
  15. I love these fix it threads, especially when it takes a long time to figure it out. It's like my daily soap opera. Would really increase traffic on the sight if you guys could mix in some cheatin, lying, and sex.
  16. You're good with that. I used a wee craw there years ago and had a big trout on the rear treble and my thumb on the front. It was flopping around and while I had tears in my eyes I WAS NOT CRYING!!! Finished the float with the hook buried in my thumb and the guy that runs Vogels got it out with the help of some whiskey a couple Mizzou football players offered. BUT I WAS NOT CRYING!!!
  17. Hoping to go this weekend, but going with others, so other options are still open. Haven't floated the Niangua at all, what baits/colors would you recommend? Rooster tails, crankbaits, ned rigs, small swimbaits and jigs? Reds, Oranges, Browns, Yellows and Chartreuse? Will be using artificial baits for sure. Is there a lot of pool and drop areas or more a steady flow? Also primarily smallmouth, goggle eye and sunfish? James River is where I have fished the river primarily and there is some largemeouth and spotted bass mixed in there.
  18. Moon Valley to Bennett would be the way to go. You will not catch Trout until you get by the Park but you will have good fishing. River looks good and the temperature is good. oneshot
  19. Old Plug, I’ll give you credit for turning me on to the drop shot! Thank you Sir!
  20. I'm hoping that they don't do too much travel before daylight haha
  21. Apparently the Mennonites are doing well there.
  22. Thank you Hunter75 that helps a lot!
  23. Wondering about floating either Moon Valley to Bennett or something above and finishing at Moon Valley. Would the water be better at one or the other currently? Also any details about the differences in the 2 would be appreciated. Fishing is first priority but scenery is a plus. Would one potentially have a chance for trout and not the other? Thanks
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