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  2. Quill could be Grand Marshall at Sucker Days in Nixa, MO next year...
  3. Heard that there may have been some cutts in the mix as well.
  4. congrats @Quillback on a nice sucker! Sounds like you guys caught plenty and some nice ones as well! Ham didn't mention his boat partner when he was texting photos.
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  6. Little Red Fisherman has abused me with a jerk bait enough times that I decided to throw it some. Browns and Bows bit often. I have some pics, but Iโ€™m blocked for the moment.
  7. We had several SuperSized Bows. This one was 20 1/4.
  8. Quillback and I did pretty well. We launched into the crazy water at Wildcat. They reduced flow at some point and most of the leaf litter went away. I had scouted the River last Saturday and had found a few key areas. The fish were still there yesterday. We had numbers and size and variety. Jeff is Super to fish with. Catches his share and is Happy to be out there. I am pretty jealous of his sucker though.
  9. Thought i would bring this thread back up if anyone is still interested. I ordered a whole bunch of these heads and they are perfect for 3.3 and 3.8 size swimbaits, and they are priced decent. Thy are very sharp https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/searchresults.html#search=products&searchtext=boxer&opt_page=1&opt_sort=alphaAtoZ&opt_perpage=20
  10. Amazing bow and arrow cast, thanks for sharing.
  11. On the river(north). Haven't been there in 15+ years, it was always walk in .
  12. There is a history feature on Google Earth. Think is under the view tab. Did not see squat in St Charles CO this afternoon. Some folks out at Purdy with an ice eater and 100 dekes. Blinds are sticking out all over.
  13. Nice, at least it wasn't a long drag!
  14. Bronze Football, heck of a fish sir.
  15. Looks like fun DJ. Glad that you guys got some fish in the boat. Nice variety. Sorry about no brookies. Can't wait to see what you get tomorrow.
  16. I might try settles ford sometime...can you use a boat? The google earth pics doesnโ€™t show flooded but description says 22 pools or something.
  17. Thanks for the start Phil. Seth and I boated 25 in just a few hours when we got down yesterday. Had 2 pretty nice smallies and I stuck a little brown. This morning we started in same area down at buffalo confluence, but with an extra 5k of flow I guess it moved them out a bit. Lots of trash too. We boated 25 or so again today, but it was tough. I did catch my first white river cutt and a decent brownie along with the rainbows. Never got a brook for the slam. We boated all the way past rim shoals to crooked creek. Drifted back down and jerked the slower water.
  18. Thank you. I sure will.
  19. You absolutely were. It was great guys and gals like you that made me decide to actually decide to go ahead and guide full time. Well my version of full time.lol. Thank you for getting the ball rolling. I still can't believe we caught any on that day. Wow miserable weather. I haven't got to duck hunt much at all with the bad knee , only 4 times but have done very well when able to go. I may need to get a lab now that I have time to train one.
  20. @Phil Lilley thanks for getting this thread started. I've been seeing some photos off line. So there are fish being caught. Many had hardbaits in their mouths. Sure that after you guys get thru that fish fry maybe the photos will start coming in๐Ÿ˜€.
  21. @Smalliebigs freakin awesome smallie!!. Congrats buddy! @Mitch f thanks for getting this post started. That's a great fish and worth of praise.
  22. Bonafide toad ! Congrats ๐Ÿ‘
  23. Ok, remove the very!
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