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  2. Fished Saturday through Monday, drifted cable to narrows, this midge pattern/color (size 16/18) produced entire length. Hope it's ok that I commented on this here.
  3. Welcome to the forum lmt-outfitters! We should fish together sometime! WM
  4. Decided to leave the big boat in the garage and take a buddys jon boat down to Springfield lake for a change. Caught a few on everything i threw, Crank, A-rig, Jerker. Once i found a pile of them the jerkbait bite was really good. Lost count of how many, lots on back to back casts. Nothing big, but lots of fun and numbers. The A-rig was working but you could feel them just come crashing through the middle of it, i hooked a couple in the belly. If they didnt get snagged they did seem to come back for it multiple times
  5. Hey Yak congratulation on your venture. I haven't forgot about our conversation so I will be contacting you shortly. And we can figure something out.
  6. Nice fish, it looks like it is smiling
  7. Sold his boat last year and He's got a new little girl. Talked to him a week or so back and were planning on getting together up at Stockton this winter. He lives a few minutes from Masters ramp
  8. lmt-outfitters


    Omg what a crazy last couple of months. First of this is Ed of lmtout. I lost my phone duck hunting along with all pics and account log ins. So as could be expected my limited memory space could not remember log in info pass word. I have a new email for the business could not figure out our old email pass words either. And not wanting my wife to make fun of me. I just started over. So this is it new name same as business I know shameless plugging. Ok so same as yak I retired from the power industry. I am having knee surgery Tuesday so after that us healed. I will be getting after the walleye. Probably very early January sometime. So let's go fishing
  9. Good luck! Usually prefer river fishing, but might give you a call...Wife & daughters camped at Stockton with her BFF & daughter from KC last year and they want to go back...No clue how to fish that lake. Girls just want a pontoon and a tube to drag. c
  10. My grandson has signs on the farm that say IF YOU CAN READ THIS THEN YOU ARE IN RANGE. That is probably true as he is zeroed in at 650 yds.
  11. Wife is in KC, and gonna scout a walk in open area tomorrow & maybe hunt Saturday & Sunday. Think 1/2 mile in. Walk in rig is making progress.
  12. I grew up fishing while sitting low in the water. I guess that’s why it doesn’t bother me. But I understand that viewpoint.
  13. Not surprised. Draw areas are less than ideal. Pill 7 should do me well though! Will be breaking ice. You hunt it a lot this year?
  14. Mixed in Hog Feed. oneshot
  15. Alot of people love it. I can't stand fishing sitting down at this point in my life. If I ever lose my legs I'll be doing it though.
  16. I have never tried fishing out of a kayak, but it looks like fun. Good luck on your new adventure!
  17. well done gentlemen..... We are heading down in the morning...
  18. Fine folks all around so far. I have met several and enjoyed the times spent with them. I just wish I had more time to meet more.
  19. Limb chippers make it easier...
  20. here are a few pics of some our 24 keepers today. we had a lot of lmg's today. many more that 5's. 56 to 62 ft. dead on the bottom. 3/4 Zinc Spoon. most of them were caught casting rather than vertical. bo
  21. Yesterday
  22. i get the biggest kick watching linda catch fish. just like watching a child. she really gets excited, and she has listened to me in the learning process. still not the best caster, but where we fish most of the time, precise casting is not required. bo
  23. Bo congrats to you on a good trip and guiding your wife on some nice fish. I hope that she tipped the guide well 😌. I like taking my daughter and/or my wife on most fishing trips. If they out fish me which happens from time to time, its a win win for me. They enjoyed the trip and I get to fish more often😀!
  24. Got a Sign was going to put it on the driveway but decided it might get stolen so put it going into Man Cave. oneshot
  25. The ladies certainly are good at it. On our very first date, my wife took ME fishing. We had a competition. I say we tied. She says she won. I don't take her fishing anymore. Maybe someday, though. ;o)
  26. They "dropped it" from 5:am until 10:am today. 😅 Instead of setting a date to draw it down, they should just admit that they'll draw it down whenever it is convenient and allowable for them to do so. I don't understand why they feel it necessary to bull$#!t people.
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