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  2. Sounds like you guys had an all around great trip!!!
  3. Had a close encounter today, thought Vernon would enjoy this. @vernon This afternoon I went out for a walk at one of the parks here in Bella Vista. It has an out of service access road that goes uphill at a fairly steep incline, leads to the top of an earthen dam that backs up a lake called Loch Lomond. I will do about 3 miles and will walk up and down that hill a few times to get my heart going. There's a gravel road that runs the length of the dam, maybe about a 1/2 mile in length. I'll walk it to one end then back to the other end. The tire tracks are gravel with some old blacktop, there's grass in the middle of the road and about a 10 foot strip on each side. The sides and side strips are kept mowed, but on the lake side of the dam it is chunk rock with weedy type vegetation and on the land side of the dam it is basically a steep slope covered with thick, weedy growth. So I am walking the dam today and see a big spider cross the track in front of me. I would get close to it as I want to check it out and the darn thing would come after me, it would kind of hop a few inches at a time coming towards my foot. I have never seen a spider that aggressive before. It did let me get close enough to get a good look at it, and darned if it didn't have some baby spiders riding on its back. Never seen this before, so when I got home I did a search on "spiders with babies on back" and it turns out it was a wolf spider. According to the experts it is the only spider in the US that carries its babies around like that. I didn't squash it, couldn't kill a mama with her babies, and I had some respect for a critter that would take on something that outweighs it probably about 10,000 times. So now about the snake - I start walking down the trail again, and maybe get about 100 yards, hear something move in the grass, look down and a bit to my right and see a snake dart into the weeds. It couldn't have been more than a couple of feet from my leg when it seemed to almost jump up and zip into the weeds. I only got about a 1 second look at it, but I am convinced it was a cottonmouth. Had that fat body with a skinny short tail section and the skin coloration those things have. And it was a good sized one, I'm guessing at least 3 feet long and bulky. I was fortunate it didn't go for my leg, because I never saw it until it took off. And it was pretty cool today, I think it was about 60 degrees when I saw that snake, but it sure didn't act sluggish at all. It must've been out in the short grass sunning itself until I came along. I have spend a lot of time outdoors and have seen some venomous snakes, but never have I had one that close to me (that I know of) where I thought it could've got me if it had wanted to. One more step and I would've been within inches.
  4. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    My wife caught another 15 last weekend😀.
  5. Johnsfolly


    My bad for not looking at the forum that this was posted😌. Thinking that it might be about Sonny's BBQ some of my favorite ribs from Florida. I was wrong... horribly wrong😵!
  6. TR bounced back over 917 feet but regardless, I doubted they would leave it off very long. They ran 2 most of the day today.
  7. Quillback


    It would not surprise me at all, I used to do good this time of year.
  8. We left Texas behind on Friday afternoon thankful that we 1) still had Waldo in good shape, 2) we were out of the rain, 3) had on dry clothes, and 4) neither of us had hypothermia ! This is a bad picture if you are a boat owner. Ham dropped me off at the Little Rock airport so that I could pick up my rental car that I would use to get to Columbia for work once this trip was over. He and I met for dinner and I followed him back to Flippin. Sat we headed to White Hole access and were met with a nearly full boat ramp. Could have been an ominous start. At one point I counted well over 60 boats and then just stopped counting. It's a good thing that we were after the yellow perch run and not those stocked rainbows. Ham pulled up to a hole that he has seen and possible caught perch previously. I had a casting weight with a dropper loop armed with a #10 Aberdeen hook and some redworm. I pitched the bait into an opening in the weeds. It was less than 20 seconds that I missed a small bite. I repositioned the bait and hooked into my first yellow perch of the day. Took about a minute ! I am no stranger to this fish. So maybe it was familiarity with my quarry, but more likely just that Ham put us in the right spot. I gave my rod to Ham since he was champing at the bit to catch one of these guys himself. Took a little longer but not by much until he had his first of the day as well. Ham and I proceeded to drop into grass edges, under grass mats, etc. to catch more. Ham caught a few more from this spot. I got trout blocked and only landed one more perch from that spot. First I was blocked by what I am inclined to consider as a Bonneville cutthroat (my first ever; let me know from you knowledgeable guys if this should be considered a Yellowstone instead @netboy or @mojorig) followed by a rainbow. I was halfway to a slam, but wanted to catch more perch . We moved to a new spot upriver. At the confluence of this small tributary. I caught bluegill and two more yellow perch one of which took the hook too deep and didn't make it. Ham hooked some trout. I couldn't get the suckers to bite at this location either. Further upstream we went and into another small creek. I saw brook trout, rainbows and what looked like a decent brown trout as we went into the creek. The only fish that we could see were trout as we went further up the creek. Some of those trout were less than 5 to 6 inches in length. We headed back to the confluence and Ham hooked one of the brookies on his Zig jig. Then another. Now he had half a slam as well. I also caught a snakeriver cutthroat trout at that spot. I caught a rainbow but no other trout. I did land a new species for 2019, a male hornyhead chub. He was "dressed" for the ladies with a bright red spot and sported a head covered in breeding tubercles. We looked over a few more creeks and rock piles, etc. looking for interesting fish. Still not too worried about a slam. Then we made the big run uplake where we met @snagged in outlet 3. I had on an olive ginger 1/32 oz Zig jig and was casting towards the shore line or running the jig down through the troughs between the weed lines while Ham was talking with Pete. Just as we said goodbye to Pete I hooked and landed my first brook trout of the day! Three quarters of the way to a slam (or maybe 4/5? ). I caught another brook trout and Ham caught brooks and rainbows. We drifted downstream where Ham landed his cutthroat. We did come to the White to get me on knobfin sculpin. So it was decision time - go for the slam or head downstream for the knobfin. I wanted the slam. Problem was that water had been flayed over by boat after boat after boat. We soldiered on anyway. Ham came closest to a slam but lost the one brown that he hooked. I caught a couple more brook trout and a few rainbows, but don't think that I had on and lost a brown. We gave it a shot regardless. Headed back to the boat ramp. We tried a couple of rocky points and Ham caught a knobfin sculpin. I hooked a 5 inch rainbow. I did end up landing a knobfin sculpin at Stetson's dock. It was another great day fishing from Waldo. I appreciate Ham taking me on this adventure. I look forward when we can do it all again!
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  10. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Working on a seafood Alfredo for supper. Wife is down after foot surgery so I am full time care taker for now. Found all the igredients at local dollar general of all things. Scallops, aheimp and Krab with 2 jars of Alfredo sauce, no culinarily spectacular but so far is looking good. I did add a fair amount of garlic and a dash of Old Bay. Was pretty darn tasty.
  11. I’ve been at phase 4 for a while fishing Beaver. It’s taken me a long time to get there. I’m usually in the top half of the field and have cracked top 10 a time or two. Looking back at what it took to get to that point I firmly believe it’s about certain locations I’ve found more so than technique. I’m still not dialed in on seasonal migration yet. Beaver is tough to pattern sometimes. I need to spend more time looking and studying than actually fishing.
  12. Better Monday than mine.
  13. I will be doing my annual fall campout from Oct. 20 to 30.
  14. Lifes2short, I see on your posts that you like Fly fishing in Colorado. Have you ever been to Westcliff or Silvercliff? I have fished there a couple of times and it was really good. PM me and I can give you some details. Walcrabass
  15. The cool down brought floods to me and I thought it would have there too? Sugar Creek was still high and green yesterday eve. I had plans a couple times and rain happened.
  16. ollie


    Quillback, the guides on Grand are tearing up the blues on the flats with cut shad in 1-4' of water right now from what I have heard and seen.
  17. Randy there have been several reports of a buzz bait bite as well as a frog. Very limited on the Pooper. Bite has been right on the bank from what I'm hearing. I have had lodge work to do the past couple of days but I'm on the Rock tomorrow and some next week, so we will see.
  18. Holler at me at Jeremy.Risley@agfc.ar.gov if you have any questions about this project or anything related to management of Crooked Creek fisheries.
  19. Let us know how you do if you get to go tomorrow.... It will probably be the end of the month before I get to go again. We do our annual camp out on 10/31 - 11/2... can't wait.
  20. Thank you much more promising than my Son he has Lymphoma and they gave him maybe 5 years. But we know that the Lord is much stronger than any of this Cancer stuff. I’m hoping I get use of my arm again surgeon wasn’t real positive on this. Woke up hurting but managed a shower. oneshot
  21. I'm at about 90% on my plus one QB. He's got a few more things to get figured out, but will likely be staying and he is boatless as well. Thanks for putting all of this together once again.
  22. Here's what I have for a roster. Looks like probably 11 confirmed for lodging with a couple of possibles. Couple of regulars I haven't heard from yet and I will reach out to. Looks like we will again need the two lodges. Myself - Staying Phil and DD - probably staying N9BOW - staying off site Daryk Campbell SR - Staying Jester HK and Brandon FMC staying John's Folly - Possibly staying GotMuddy - Staying Little Red - Staying Terrierman +2 possibly 3 - all staying Ham - Staying off site Wounded One - Staying off site Total cost of the lodging for both places is 1800, which with 11 stayers works out to $163 each. I'm sure we'll get a few more, but that's where it is at right now.
  23. Lol, looks like John missed Yellow Bass, again. Here’s a better warmouth pic. I guess I feel like there are more species because I am layering Saturday’s fish on top on the Texas Tour.
  24. Looks like a trifecta to me. Way to go. If my fencing project goes well I plan to go tomorrow.
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