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  2. A friend of mine is wanting to sell his 1989 Stratos 289fs with 200 Evinrude XP. He is asking $3500.
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  4. Much like Echo Park that was created without river access, there is a reason for the uprise. The rivers are governed by the Federal Government and they issue permits for Commercial Access to the river for Commercial Gain. If the State proceeds, the commercial floats will have to be accessed by other licensed vendors in the area who have already contracted the accesses. The Federal Government will be in control of allowing more traffic on the river by anything other than private river usages at accesses.
  5. From the Columbia Tribune, a different perspective with more details. An Oregon County circuit court judge has ruled that a state agency can’t buy some key land along the Eleven Point River to create an Eleven Point State Park. Circuit Judge Steven Privette agreed with nearby landowners who sued the Department of Natural Resources to block it from acquiring 625 acres of land along the river that had previously been designated a Wild and Scenic Easement. The Wild and Scenic Easement bars use of the land for boat access to the river, or for camping or other recreational uses. The
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  7. Walcrabass will be proud of you!😀
  8. Winchester Model 42, best slide action 410 ever made.
  9. The Ruger Single Six is a solid gun and worth its value. The "Chia Pets" I am not sure of. Never hear a complaint about Chiappa but never really know of anyone that owns one. They made a 1911 22 conversion that was ok at first. But the rest?? Henry is a good company, solid reputation. Can't beat a good Ruger 10-22, best semi auto 22 ever made. I do like the old style mag releases vs the new extended ones. Pick up an older style if you can find one.
  10. Yeah I form judgements quickly too. When that dog went apeshit I honestly thought the cop was going to plant something, because I knew there was NOTHING in my truck. I don't trust them one bit.
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  12. Be nice, confuse them with kindness. Eye contact and a smile with a friendly nature start to the conversation. They are waiting for a response to the uniform. They form judgements quickly, they have too.
  13. You’re pushing it a little here. If it looks like a duck.....
  14. They can create "cause". And they will anytime they want. I had a drug dog go nuts under the seat of my old 99 Silverado over a tater tot that my daughter had dropped between the seats. No apology or anything. I was so pissed.
  15. Someone put up No Trespassing signs on a gravel bar at my local creek, and I was like "oh no you don't!" So I called the county prosecutor (we know each other) and explained my concerns. He said, just stay in the water, and if by chance a deputy shows up and wants to write me a ticket....just BE NICE, take the ticket, and he'd throw it out when it crossed his desk. I stayed in the water and never had any problems. Several just ignored the signs and fished from the gravel bar. They didn't have any problems either. What needs to be addressed by agents is people putting up signs an
  16. Never resist a legit request. ID & insurance you betcha, why did you pull me over? They can’t search without a cause and speeding is not a cause to search.
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  19. Never resist...it works in every situation...including cops. A few low life people these days need to learn it to keep from getting shot.
  20. A guy walks into a bank and goes up to the Teller and says: “ Do you have a Sexauer here?” The Teller says “No, but we do have a 10 minute coffee break”
  21. Never had a problem with any agent, either here or elsewhere. Closest I came was in Montana, when an agent left a ticket on the windshield of my buddy's truck at an access, because the trailer didn't have a license plate. Since I was part owner of the raft and trailer, it was my responsibility as much as his, and we shared the cost of the ticket and getting the license plate. My local Missouri Conservation Agent for Ste. Genevieve County knows me well, and he's a good one. I was once wading one of my favorite sections of creek in Ste. Gen County, had left my vehicle at the bridge. He saw
  22. We were fishing Current River below Doniphan the other day. Boat comes into the hole and shuts down 100 yards away and starts watching. I just waved. My buddy asked why I did it. Its Water Patrol. How do you know? Who else wears black on a hot sunny day. He motored down and talked for a while. Same one from Wappappello that I have been visiting with all season. Great guy. I was pulling His boat that trip. TN does not license trailers and it was behind my MO tagged vehicle. You would think that would draw a check all of the time, but no it does not. Had a new a
  23. They get offended when you STFU around here. They are trying to get you to talk as much as possible so they can see if you slur your words or whatever. They'll keep jacking with you until you give them a piece of your mind.....then they get all pissy. Stay quiet and you'll be there all dam night. I let them have it, IDGAF, I lost respect for "the badge" a long time ago.
  24. I had not heard anything about it since Nixon left office. We were out there 2 weeks back and talked about it wondering whatever happened to it. Looks like there was another court case in August that spurred this decision. Gonna have to look into it.
  25. Guide in Canada would mark fish and if they were not active, he made a couple laps over the X to stir them up a bit.
  26. I think we're at 11 in Morgan co., 7-8 in Camden. That's over the last 8-10 years. They started ramping them up after 2007 I think, when some bill passed. Alot of times we get word of them beforehand, especially the ones close to home, so we can avoid them. The toll road(MM) from Sunrise Beach to Osage beach, the hill approaching the Niangua bridge on 5 hwy., and the road (my road) leading to/from Coconut's are hotspots for them.
  27. I agree with you there. But there is no evidence that the state planned to do some kind of big development like Echo Bluff. In fact, what I read previous to this bit of news is that they planned nothing more than a campground and hiking trails. Yes, the people should have a say in how it would be developed, but that's ALL the people, not just the people of Oregon County who were against it and the Republicans in the legislature.
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