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  2. Water has some power. I read somewhere that the Arkansas river has reached record levels as far as water flow.
  3. Nice meeting you in person at the OAF tournament. Good luck with your future endeavors.
  4. Man, if this was just a little bit later in the season, haven't quite got enough disposable income built up just yet..
  5. Dang, sorry to see you go. Hopefully you can get back and see us for the OA One Bass tourney.
  6. Much better than video games, good job!
  7. I think the marina was closed a day or two ago but they were open again the next day.
  8. Randy we are going to miss you something fierce. God Bless you and your family and come see us and read the forum from time to time.
  9. Today
  10. Plenty of water in Missouri on Bull Shoals with smallmouth in it. Ask 24/7, the smallies get caught farther and farther up the Theodosia arm every year. Old Missouri record was from Bull, new one could easily come from there as well.
  11. I don't care about an Arkansas record all that much but, LOVE Bull Shoals
  12. What with the last few weeks of school and packing for a move on the 30th, I felt very lucky to get out this morning. Fished 6:00 to 11:00 between Big M and Holiday Island. The water was somewhat green/brown but you could see the bottom in 4' of water. Water temp was 70-72. Two on a top water and 6 on the Ned. I could not buy a bite on the Keitech. One nice keeper largemouth in the group
  13. Sorry for the delay, I've been out of the country the past several weeks. The entry is $25 per person, you can have as many as you want in the boat, the boat will weigh 7 fish for the team total. Most people fish with 2-3 per boat. Thanks, Brad
  14. What Martens did in those conditions was amazing. He could tell if a fish was going left,right and even said that certain fish weren’t biting his bait cuz he had already caught that particular fish. Dude was dialed in. Just gotta watch and appreciate these guys abilities.
  15. All true, but that drop shot bite is only gonna get better. Martens will In the hunt again for sure.
  16. Went to the river so far still just bank full. oneshot
  17. oneshot

    Long Night

    Was watching Radar and seemed storms were bottle necking in NE corner of Oklahoma I think because of the hills. oneshot
  18. Yep more viewers after work and some anglers will have to change up how they were fishing. Although the shad spawn and top water bite can turn back on in the evening. Plus Watson and McClelland get another shot at it. I will be watching again.
  19. well, bill there is a reason for that and it is called not too many bass up this way. good reason that most of last summer was spent down on your end of the world. bo
  20. Pure speculation on my part , but I bet they had more viewership after that rain delay than other time slots. This format is gonna be aired in its entirety. Championship day will be from 10am to 6pm.
  21. Nah he's got a head full of snot. He'll be on the couch.
  22. Stone kept saying that Table Rock was 30 to 50 miles long also. He needs to get out his tape measure. I believe in reading the charts at the visitors center starting at the Youcum/ Long Creek split to Beaver dam is 102 miles. That is what they are counting as the length of Table Rock Lake. If you throw in going up the James just to point 15 and up the Kings to the 86 bridge you are talking about a bunch, bunch more miles. From what I saw they seem to have fished from the Arkansas line up Long Creek, to Bears Den up the James to Viola up the Kings and not really any up the White past the mouth of the Kings. From Gage's to the mouth of the Kings River it is right at 50 miles.
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