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  2. Fish, your a better man than me for sure. By looking at a lake map there seems to be several locations to fish on Bull Shoals. The MLF guys have really done me a favor. Every Tom, Dick and Harry right now is dragging his skag on the bottom trying to coax 1.5 pounders out of heavy bushes. We'll just set out and catch them where they live and not get hung up every 3 minutes. When I pulled over on 19 Jeff said, "wasn't there are guy just fishing this?" I said, "Not really."
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  4. It has been may years since I have fished this lake. The lake is high but the water color was really good. I caught not one fish, I suspect that it can be good. Most important I was with my wife. I also learned some things about which kayak anchor to NOT buy. FYI this anchor will not turn loose of a submerged tree.
  5. I like a dude who just picks another spot if somebody is fishing where he wanted to. I had a very odd experience last time I fished. Not another boat in sight for hours and then here comes one around the corner about a mile away and heads straight for me. They started to slow down then passenger points at me then driver presses on the gas pedal. They shut down within a few yards which is fine but then literally come right next to me I can read the boat numbers. I'm still OK with that. All good until passenger bounces his crappie jig off my boat and snags my anchor rope. I then pulled up the rope, cut his line went back to fishing with his jig still hung in my rope 😄 they both said something about it but I was nice and smiled years ago I would have told him what a stupid idiot he was but I'm a much more spiritually awakened man these days. Just secretly laughed at them when they got the boat stuck on the bottom a few minutes after. Great fish Bill!
  6. Can you stay away the weeks of July 7th and august 11th?? Please???
  7. What Mixermarkb said. You could pull up in Roark or the other creek mouths for bass and bluegill.
  8. They work! Gamakatsu finesse wide gap weedless 1/0 hook. I have colors ranging from Pink to natural colors. Baits with two colors work well. Yamsenko's come in 109 colors. Get one of these too. https://www.cabelas.com/product/BASS-PRO-QUICK-RIGGER/2909563.uts?productVariantId=6129775&WT.tsrc=PPC&WT.mc_id=GoogleProductAds&WT.z_mc_id1=02084988&rid=20&ds_rl=1246492&ds_rl=1246531&ds_rl=1247882&ds_rl=1252079&gclid=CjwKCAjw8qjnBRA-EiwAaNvhwPmeZH2hJIvjyLd99NKuZixfaLnphlQ8NYwstK9-OM4_ZygL6-jxABoC04YQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  9. Can you launch at cc?
  10. Dfi itely have to wade if by yourself. Were the staggered barricades still there.
  11. White River Outfitters current Mid-Table Rock Lake fishing report Sunday, May 26 6 AM On the Rock Point 19 Had one of the best days of the year today, not only because the fishing was simply unreal, but my client Jeff was a long time Table Rock Lake, ie Ozarks Lake's fishermen. He had great stories from the late 60's and 70's. Jeff had fished Table Rock, Bull Shoals and Taney when he was in his early teens with Rex Grady, staying at Lake Shore Resort. He had also fished the Rock with the Fletcher's out of Devils Dive and floated the Kings River many times out of DD Resort. Nice dark Table Rock Jaw on a Red Fin Launched this morning in what I thought was perfect timing and was wrong. We pulled away from the H hwy. dock at 5:15. I t was going to fish the swim beach at Baxter but there were 2 boats on it. Next was the point going out of the Indian's on the left. Boat on it. Went to the buoy point up the White across from Red Barn, boat on it. Next was Red Barn 3 boats on it. Next was 19, boat on it. Next the Old Road Bed point. Success. LM like topwater too Fin bite was savage with the boat in 25' throwing across the point. We caught 9 here, all keepers and they just crushed it, to the point of being scary. Guy on 19 had vacated so I bogged over there and we caught 6 on it. All short but again they hammered it. Zoomed back to the road bed and bang a nice jaw on the fin and then switched to the Keitech. 3.3 with a 1/4 oz. head in either Rainbow Shad or Pro Blue. I'll be durned fat Kentucky's eat Red Fins also. It really never slowed down. I jumped a bit and we threw the fin on each new location, but the Keitech never stopped getting bit. Most locations we would catch at least 6 with a combination of just about every fish that swims in the lake. Fished 5 gravel runnouts this morning between point 19 and point 16 with no bad stops. Hitting the Road Bed twice early looking for fin fish. Walleye prefer swimbaits to Red Fins Boat today was most often in 25' but did hit 35' several times. Most fish in 12 to 20 ft. Fat 10 inch bluegill on a 3.3 Keitech. We caught several they seemed to be about 15' deep Total of 17 topwater fish as we caught a nice K on the last cast on a fin. Probably 25 down fish on the swimbait and did not see any drop shot fish what so ever. Baits were pretty simple for us today. We used two. Surface temps at 74-76 degree water is clearing fast.
  12. Thanks guys we found 5 or 6 keepers and a nice catfish throwing Swimbaits along bluffs.
  13. Now which is it? Either you always see them in their brand new trucks never getting dirty or you've never seen one? And how do you get you have 80% more action there? You've never been close to my area.
  14. Probably 80x more fishing/hunting going on around here, and I haven't seen a single one, nor heard of anyone even getting checked, even throughout the whole spoonbill snagging and mass crappie slaughter season. Your guys down there are awesome, wish we had them here.
  15. A wacky rig is one of those deals that should always be on the deck IMO unless you're strictly fishing deep water. Even then, you can still fish a wacky drop shot. They just get bit.
  16. I have gotten to where I keep one rigged and ready all year long. 3/0-4/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hook snelled to 12# flouro is what works for me. The choice of worm is a maker-breaker, I've tested a bunch in our pool and settled on one that I think is best. Giving the worm a few good stretches beforehand is a step that makes a big difference.
  17. Have caught fish year round and as deep as 50' if you have the patience to let it sink that long 😃 I make a sweet custom weedless jig that's multi purpose including wacky rigs.
  18. Had a few hollow body 🐸 that needed new legs. It was pretty easy. https://youtu.be/NgLCCIj5pLI Can easily customize the colors and lengths. https://youtu.be/8WmYjJKdTIc for sure will try this! Now I have a use for the tails on my torn up gambler swimbaits. 😀 https://youtu.be/qHOYLrqCuFo in action FYI I'm not affiliated with the company, just sharing info
  19. I was at Bolivar landing last night and you could tie to the sign or pull up on the grass. You will need to wade a little to launch though.
  20. I would also drop in to Table Rock early in the mornings if you have any cloudy days. 2 rods, a spook and a keitech swimbait as a backup.
  21. Best I can tell we'd be about 10 minutes from Cooper Creek Access. How would the high water flows affect fishing in that area? I think I'd stay in the lower end and try for bass or crappie and maybe even consider bluegill, as I've heard there's good ones in that area.
  22. I don't fish it as much as I used to, but always found it to be effective around docks. In the late summer and fall when top water fish get finnicky it can work for them.
  23. i rate it right up there with the Ned rig for getting bites. Get good hooks, i skimped and got some cheapo hooks and missed so many fish. I use the Owner hooks now, usually with a weighted head
  24. It’s another screw driver. Like maybe a Torx 20. You don’t really need that often, but sometimes it’s the best option. I don’t see it being useful in deep water so I think of it <15 FOW. You need fairly clear water. It can be you best option and not expensive to get set up for so.
  25. Floated 8 to leadwood yesterday. River was not too high but it was really flying. Typically that's an 8 or 10 hour float for me...this time was less than 5. I was not able to fish effectively and only caught 4 small bass 2 on a keitech and 2 on a worm. Man that was humbling.
  26. It was in 1973 4 year after being built. I was there j Dade county with the aoil conservaton service uUS goverment. MDC ask us to map the soils before the lake was flooded. They also had a field day to show people how the Indians used the bottom land and fished in Sons creek. Hunderes of peoole came.
  27. It’s all about the flow! When I fish for walleye, I usually fish where most people would pass by and not give it a second glance. These fish set up on very predictable locations when they feed. This morning I look at the river and it dropped to almost perfect walleye conditions
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