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  2. Caught this during my lunch hour. 12 1/8" Orange Comet Goldfish!
  3. I'm still alive. Pat still loves me Some great fishing trips Made some new friends
  4. Might as well go and get tested, Phil, and then you’ll know. And don’t confuse wearing a mask with living in fear.
  5. Wow you are going back a ways to the Steadmans. Do you remember Wayne Brenner who owned it before them?
  6. Since there’s a boat load of bad stuff going on I thought one about good stuff should here too. Make it short and let er rip. I’ll start. My whole family is working from home. Finally caught a big ole largemouth in Taney. My daughter got a summer job at the fireworks stand with family discounts!
  7. Mary Jo probably had it dredged and Sally probably burned it. But it's your fantasy....😂
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  9. Great story! Experiences like that are why I love float fishing in current so much. There are so many dynamics involved and such natural, untamed beauty on the rivers. Please keep the reports coming and thanks for sharing!!
  10. Well, you had to show her your 4” grub...didn’t you? 😂
  11. OK - after seeing this post, I'll chime in. Same time frame, I had something in that Jan-Feb timeframe and my friends say I need to get checked for the covid 19 antibodies because they think I had it. But I've always thought it wasn't HERE yet back then so I've dismissed it. I developed a soar throat one morning. I always take zinc when I get any kind of cold symptom and it helps knock it out. This time it didn't. It actually blew up into flew blown inflamed within 24 hours and went right to my chest. Bypassed my sinuses like a normal cold. Then the cough started. A basketball buddy said he was at the tail end of it and said he had a bad cough for 2 weeks. I said to myself I hope it doesn't last that long. It lasted 30 days. The cough got so bad that my chest was sore. Never got short of breath but did have to stop playing ball for a while. A couple of our employees also came down with the cough but as far as I know their duration was much shorter and symptoms milder. But they are much younger (30ish). My wife never got it. I normally don't get sick - slight colds that run their course. I've never gotten a flu shot. Had the flu BAD when I was about 35 years old and have never had it since. So if what Ness says is true and someone tested positive after being sick that long ago, may be I should get tested. I do know this is real... and I don't wish it on anyone. But there's a big list of viruses, germs and diseases that I don't want and wish on no one either. But for me, I chose not to live in fear of it or any other sickness. Respect them I do, but not fear. Fear accomplishes nothing good.
  12. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Young and tender. Mashed taters and squirrel gravy. Steamed asparagus smothered with sharp cheddar. I will say it. DANG Then there is the important tool that was used. A arc Wagner 10 circa 1898-1915 . The stories it could tell and we are adding to its heritage.
  13. https://fishbaldwin.com/2020/06/18/june-18-2020/ Steve Fraley is a guide at NRC and owns a tackle shop just off the Pere Marquette River in central Michigan. Here is his last "fishing report" before arriving at camp a couple of weeks ago. If it wets your appetite, give them a call. The reports I'm getting is there's tons of sockeye, big rainbows and hardly any fishing traffic on the river this year.
  14. Pfluger is the best in my opinion. President combo, light or ultralight. They blow my Shimano, Abu Garcia, lews, and quantum's away.
  15. I am in the market for some new trout reels. I mainly throw jigs and small crankbaits. What reels have you guys been the most pleased with?
  16. These rumors of people with the Rona . . . . . all very anecdotal and hearsay. I can see why Wrench is skepptickull.
  17. My 30-something niece had respiratory issues back in the January/February time frame. Ended up in the hospital and on a respirator. Came through OK. Tested much later and was positive for COVID-19 antibodies. She's married with two young kids. Nobody else got it. Admittedly the whole story sounds a bit odd, but that's what I was told.
  18. Cold, flu, COVID, I don't want to catch any of them.
  19. Yes, on the water a little before sun up and back home (Mt Vernon Mo) by 11:30am, like you I’ve been thinking about a night time trip.....hopefully Saturday night
  20. I know one person who had corona and recovered. Now she has Afib. Didn't before getting sick.
  21. Looks like somebody's getting taken to the woodshed here! It's refreshing to see things haven't changed a bit. A little observation. It was said here many times over the years by the east coast gang that I was the one causing all the trouble and dissension. Yet I go into retirement and drift by occasionally and still read same ol tired echos. Well played boys, well played. It's refreshing to see constant consistency!
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