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  2. I hunted Truman at Clinton all through the 90’s. We would hunt “The Slot” which was up the Grand River arm by a railroad bridge. I can’t tell you how many ducks we killed.
  3. So does anyone think we still need a stocking program on Table Rock? I dont and never did after my diving experiences.. If anything we need to go o a 12" limit on spots
  4. I finally watched it. I’ve learned one big thing from MLF and that’s catching many fish off of one spot over and over. I’ve caught 30% more fish after watching these shows the past 3 years. Largemouth, trout or smallies. I don’t have electronics and I primarily fish in current. If I catch a fish I mark the spot and fish it over and over if I’m in that area while checking out other places similar to that.
  5. Ok it’s the last weekend of Deer 🦌 Season but still. oneshot
  6. They are building ours now. Not sure when it will open but it's down by the AMP outdoor music theater in Rogers right along I-49.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Yes you where spanking them with that crank
  9. Ok found out they wanted me because I’m insured to drive Government Vehicles but it is going to be all day. They have Port ta Pots but I can’t change in one of them. Opening day of Firearms Deer Season so it’s hard to find help. oneshot
  10. Thanks Wrench, will hopefully have time to get into it this weekend. I've got a BYT book (before you tube) on this motor but will probably end up looking on line for some how to tips and tricks. There was somebody most of the forum seemed to like on you tube so will search him out. Thanks again
  11. Our courses were all closed for weather, dang it. Or I'd have been out there. Heck, you just need more clothes. I read that somewhere.
  12. Thanks for posting this @top_dollar .
  13. Lebanon Christmas Parade. Just too long being 4 hours. I think a friend is going to do it. They asked my wife but she is in charge of taking pictures. oneshot
  14. From MDC. As the fisheries mgmt. biologist responsible for managing the Horseshoe Lake fishery in Carondelet Park, your note was forwarded to me. A variety of circumstances came together to create the events at Horseshoe Lake this past summer. The fishkills (actually 2 separate events) were due to low-oxygen conditions. The first event happened after nuisance filamentous algae was treated in June. To enhance success, City water inputs were suspended and the treatment was very effective. But without City water inputs, plant decomposition rapidly removed oxygen from the water, killing fish. Blocked and collapsed outlet structures would then not allow lake water to drain. So, the nutrient-flushing flows from City water inputs needed to be suspended. This water also contains chloramines which can inhibit nuisance plant growth. Without flushing flows or chloramines, nutrients were further concentrated and became available for nuisance plant growth. Duckweed and water meal rapidly filled that role to cover ~95% of the lake’s surface, shading out beneficial plants which produce oxygen for fish. Oxygen was again quickly depleted resulting in the second, more serious fishkill. During these events, STL City crews replaced lake outlet structures and installed a second City water input to allow resumption of City water flows and enhance flushing of the entire lake. These improvements immediately helped the situation and should provide flows needed for the future. In October, MDC restocked with redear sunfish. We also stocked grass carp to help control nuisance plant growth. We plan to stock bluegills in spring 2020 and resurvey the lake to determine if any bass stocking is needed. If needed, we would restock with bass later in spring 2020. Regular catfish and hybrid sunfish stockings will resume in April 2020. For long-term health of the lake (and other City park lakes), MDC and City of St. Louis are currently negotiating a plan to improve lake conditions. In Horseshoe Lake’s case, MDC recently surveyed lake depths and determined portions of the lake should be deepened and nutrient-rich soil removed. Additionally, the existing fountain aerator is inadequate suggesting a larger, diffuser system is needed. These improvements will take some time to fund and implement, but would leave Horseshoe Lake with much improved fish habitat and more sustainable fishery.
  15. Great fishing.Thanks for the video.Might I suggest that you wear a life jacket when you are fishing and running your boat.Always wear a kill switch.
  16. HAHA I wish it was potatoes! My eyes, nose, and lungs are just getting back to normal from being out in the plant... Not sure how those guys do it day in and day out. Nasty environment for sure. I did get to do a ride along one night and pour out some lava on slag mountain. Was the highlight of my trip...
  17. Hate to hear it man, I am down for a march trip if its early in the month
  18. That was a great year. That crankbait was murdering them
  19. Anyone wanting to sell a Savage 220 shotgun? My son is looking for one. Duck.
  20. They wanted me to drive Truck during Christmas Parade again this year but I’m not able to do the four hours. 😕 oneshot
  21. I highlighted those craws with a Black and Orange Sharpie hahaha The color is a new one Tackle HD came out with..... GP/Blue I am not in the tackle selling business anymore but, I make stuff for myself all the time but, my tackle is for catching big fish that’s about it hahaha
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