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  2. Do y'all get to hear the Steve's Pest Control ads on the radio, or is that just a local thing here at the lake? The folks that run that biz have a stellar sense of humor ! ๐Ÿ˜… Almost makes me wish I had a termite, rat/mouse, or ant problem.
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  4. I have cameras on the boats around here, and a few gaggles of crackheads fairly close, but all they ever do around here is be helpful. One of them told me awhile back that someone asked him about "that place with all the boats" and he told them, "That guy stays up late, has a dog, and is about 1/2 crazy....I wouldn't be messin'round there!". I'd say that's about the perfect reputation to have here in Gravi. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  5. I love those motors so much! Keep her tuned and maintained and she'll run forever. ๐Ÿ‘
  6. I tossed that idea around. It would look really cool but I'd never actually use it. I have a hand operated TM on a ProControll mount and a 50amp 12v plug up front. I have a brand new black Bimini top that I found laying in the road and nobody came back to claim it. I'm thinking that might be sweet to have on there while searching and waiting for the white bass blitzes to happen.
  7. These ads make it really hard to follow a post. This is probably why so many posts get hijacked around here. How can we learn anything about carpsuckers and COVID19 with distractions like that? ๐Ÿ˜‹
  8. Well I think there are way more possibilities than those two, but ok ๐Ÿ˜… All that bleeding heart crap about: "Nobody cares what happens to a non-conformist jackass like YOU... but for the love of God, PLEASE shelter your children", is so.....so...... what's the word I'm looking for here? Ugh! ๐Ÿคฎ If there were only two possibilities then they'd have to be either this... Or THIS... ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. Gavin

    Cole's Landing???

    Nope, private. Talk to Steve at Cherokee about access @ Blackwell. There is a new rock climbing venue below Coleโ€™s. Robinson Bluff, they say they have boat access, dunno. Customer of mine owns Robinson, have not been there to check it out. Small fee and a waiver for a day pass. Let me know if you go.
  10. Is this still a place you can launch at? I've heard folks talk of it but its always stories from the past. I'm looking for put in places past Cherokee landing and am stumped. Also heard of there being an access in blackwell somewhere. Anybody have any insight on this dilemma?
  11. Oar lock pins are pretty standard, and bushings are used whenever they aren't. Lot's of different designs.
  12. Heretolearn


    I have not been bass fishing, but am regularly catching large mouth and a few smallies, but have not caught a Kentucky/spot yet this year. Last year I kept and ate quite a few. Earlier in the year I caught a lot of small mouth.
  13. So, Iโ€™ve got an individual pontoon that is in need of oar locks. The brand is a Water Skeeter, which they no longer make. Anyone with a pontoon got advice as to what size I should be looking for? Thanks!
  14. Meramec does have chain pickerel. Definitely looks like it could be one of those.
  15. Did a long float trip today. River was in perfect condition, and I caught about 85 bass, but the vast majority were less than 12 inches. In fact, I doubt that I caught more than about a dozen that were over 12 inches. But some of them were really good fish...I caught four 18-inch (give or take a quarter-inch) smallmouth, and 2 largemouth that were about 17.5 inches. The weird thing today is that I was consistently underestimating the size of those fish, until I put them on my paddle blade, which has marks on it for 18, 19, and 20 inches. I'd catch one of those smallmouth, hold it up and look at it, and guess 17 inches, and then put it on the paddle and it would be right around the 18 inch mark. So when I hooked one that actually looked a little bigger than those fish had looked in the water, I was excited. Had to be 19 inches. Got it right up to the canoe, was even holding the net and beginning to work it toward the net, and the danged line broke. The last mile of the float, I had some nice fish blow up on the topwater, caught a 16 inch largemouth and a 16.5 inch smallmouth, and I just had a feeling that there was one really big one just waiting to hit that walk the dog lure. It was a perfect spot, right at the bottom of a riffle with a good log, current sweeping past it. When the fish hit, it was a splash the size of a washtub. Current was sweeping the canoe toward that log. The smallmouth surfaced, and I saw that it was CONSIDERABLY bigger than those 18 inchers had looked in the water. I grabbed the paddle and worked the canoe away from the log, rod held in my other hand. The fish leaped three times. Stayed hooked. I had it close to the canoe. It jumped twice more. I knew it was over 20 inches. I grabbed the net, got the fish coming toward it...a foot from the net, it leaped one more time, and was gone. Anybody watching me would have thought I was nuts. I was cussing LOUDLY. I'm calm about it now. That strike was absolutely spectacular. The fish was about as hot and strong as a 20 plus incher can get. It was fun. And what the heck, I was going to release it anyway. Not a single person seen all day, but two deer crossed the river in front of me, two turkeys flew across, an eagle gave me a really good look at it. Great day!
  16. Daily deaths in STLCO are virtually nill. Think its still running around out there, but the medical folks are achieving better outcomes for most now.
  17. Thought gar with mouth broke off with pliers but that split tail fin said no. Eye placement does look like a pickerel.
  18. Well, it's definitely a carpsucker. The only question is what species of carpsucker. It's either a quillback or a highfin. Given the depth of the body, I'm going to say highfin, which is cool, because they are a lot less common than quillbacks.
  19. You DON'T want her or anybody else in the family to get it. The data is beginning to come in that people are getting it twice. Either the antibodies soon thin out so much they get reinfected, or, like a number of viruses including HIV, herpes, chicken pox, etc., it goes dormant and then goes active again, and remains in your body forever. There are cases of reinfection in Perry County, next county to the south of us. That also, if it turns out to be true, throws out the whole "herd immunity" thing.
  20. Greg, Iโ€™m not sure I remember but Iโ€™ve got a xpress center console, 20 ft. Been fishing a lot around bridge area up to war eagle. Trying to figure out what the next move is to finish out the summer. Canโ€™t seem to pin them. Any tips are appreciated. Will look for you!
  21. Looks slick! Nothing to snag line on. Needs a poling platform!
  22. Might be the out of place fins by the gills. Rough fish for sure. Thanks for posting
  23. Catfish maybe? Could be just about anything down there. Thx for the picture. Something looks familiar about that shape but I canโ€™t pin it down
  24. I have an older model BPS Carbonlite rod that needs a couple of micro guides replaced. Any recommendations besides Bass Pro?
  25. I found this guy dead right on the path to the creek at Flamm City Public Access. Any help with identifying this fish would be appreciated. Pickerel? Pike? I didn't feel up to wiping off its sides to get a better look at the coloration/pattern. There sure were a whole dead fish around. Mostly silver carp, but this fish was sad to see dead. I caught a few spotted bass and a white bass on a crappie jig around the boat ramp.
  26. Know a guy that won a weight loss contest at work that way. He hung two window weights down his pant legs. Won by a mile at the last weigh in๐Ÿ˜
  27. Looks good...I bet itโ€™s fast. are ya putting a trolling motor on it?
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