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    2019 Garden Thread

    Lily update 5/26/2019.
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  4. Seriously jealous. I’m glad you caught em, and mad as Hell I didn’t. I know what’s possible. It just isn’t happening for me.
  5. Exactly Bo. As you know most folks sit inside where I fish. And, thats a good thing. I always giggle when folks ask me about a fin bite. I know you have some and I'm for sure Champ and Dock have some, but to tell the truth, there are very few fishermen that have any perfect fins. Tim Hughes I'm sure has some, Buster, Sainato , Robbie Dotson,and a few of the old timers, Collier and i bet Tindle, Kelley Powers, Rick Holmgren, Brian Ward and Dan Langly. maybe Mike Sauters. Tindle probably sold his.
  6. No I have not. Most has been on commercial and big docks. Not what I'm looking for with guide clients. There was a Gizzard spawn early on the bank, but thats long gone.
  7. Fished last 3 days out of tucker shed we caught more than I can count. Spinnerbaits and swim jigs in long coves and flats. Nothing over 3.5. But caught so many it was nuts. First time I've fished Bull that high. Wish I could have stayed another 3 days. Simply great fishing. You do have to be careful running with all the floaters.
  8. Same deal with me. Just wasn't ever much of a worm fisherman until one day this year I decided I needed to be. I think I bought the big ones because they were on clearance or something 😄 have an old 2 sided fenwick tackle box with gator tails, kangaroo worms, jelly worms,culprits and cremes I've had for 30 sum years . There's even some older worms in there too but have no idea what they are.
  9. water is high but can still launch
  10. Do what you gotta do. I helped my old man get down between the spillway and the bridge when he was having trouble. He loved it!
  11. Nope, package price. I know a guy that knows a guy
  12. Those gotta run about 1.75 apiece 😅
  13. I haven't went fishing in months, down to one hand and water is all up. Thinking after the weekend going to the Park and catch some of these Trout. Been fishing in the Park twice in 65 years. Would go Squirrel hunting but I have trouble with the Rifle so start by fishing. oneshot
  14. I’m just assuming that a third party out of state check is okay. Now if you could turn it off too, well now you’d have something.
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  16. Well known Jason Dickey for years. Got to admit if I'm anywhere in the state and he is in the same area he makes sure to say HI! Know him and many others personally. oneshot
  17. No more than you, Mr. Kansas City Catfish cartel conspiracy buff.
  18. Michael_57


    You would have to back your truck back into the water quite a ways to pull a boat off of a trailer I think
  19. Bill, thanks for the report. Have you been seeing any shoreline related shad spawn. It was good in a few places on Thursday and Friday morning.
  20. Wow let’s see hour and 15 minute drive grand lake, Stockton, Table Rock , Taney, Beaver; bullshoals, then so many smaller lakes to list bushwacker, fellows, lamar lake. Looks like Chief has more than the 100’s of miles of local rivers to fish and wrench looks like your in the know with many a poacher if .you know their freezers are full beyond limits. perhaps call and report a few criminals? now if that new bill passes, might get on those confiscated boats n gear for sale, perhaps a few widely publicized busts will discourage taking too many beyond ones limit and the Giggers who slaughter the big smallies from their wintering holes even the bfers who dump fish at the boat ramps and woops a ‘ski for giggles
  21. you are right bill. most of the time, you just have to wait for them to get out of the way and then pull in catch them where they were sitting, not where they were fishing, so to speak. bo
  22. Old mom and pop bait stores can be a goldmine for old plugs still in boxes sadly they are disappearing
  23. Thanks everyone for some seriously good input!!!
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