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    Bill Babler

    4-22-19 Kind of Nuts Today

    Started at the dam early and it was just not what I wanted it to be. Had several fish with a 4.52 jaw but not many bites. Loaded u.p the rig and headed for Baxter. Temps at the dam were 56 when I launched at 6. Relaunch at Baxter at 11 and the temps were 60 and it was just flat on. I caught them on a Keitech 3.3 and a jerkbait with the boat in 30 ft. Fish seemed to be in that 15 ft. range suspended and moving up. Fished from 11 to 5 and did not go 10 minutes without a bite. Wind was just perfect. Had 2 keeper walleye one 19 inches and one 22 inches and I released them. Had 10 crappie, the biggest I have ever caught. One here and one there. They were monsters. Biggest at 3.08 and 18 inches. Next biggest at 3.02 and 17.75 inches. The 10 weighed in at a little under 24 pounds. Smallest was a shade under 17 inches. I have fished in my 65 yrs. on Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Barclay, Kentucky Lake and Toledo Bend and never had a 2 pound crappie let alone a 3 pound crappie and for gosh sakes catching them on Table Rock is just unreal, I'm in a fog. Knife is 15.5 inches long. Every crappie came on a suspending jerkbait. Color did not matter as long as it was Blue. They were not schooled, one here and one there. Pole timber was always present. Best 5 bass would have pushed 17 pounds, all the best being jaws. This post has been promoted to an article
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    I had the honor today to captain a couple of Jr High boys from Springfield in the aforementioned tournament today on Table Rock. I had William and Sam Kuzemka in my boat. We launched out of State Park, first cast at 6:35 a.m. on the first point NW of the ramp close to the Branson Belle. They started out throwing a swim bait (grub) but I quickly switched them to a ned and it was on. They fished my smallmouth banks in Jakes, Powerline and Clevenger Coves... all the ones I could remember. I don't think I got over there any last spring so I was going off my long-time memory. Set the boat in 16-20 feet most of the time until the fog burned off about 10 a.m., then we backed out to 30 feet. I had them fish the bottom although every 3rd or 4th cast came back with the green slime. They had about 13 keepers, all smallies expect one spot. We culled a couple of 16-inchers and had one kicker brown about 3.5 pounds. All bass except the spot appeared to have spawned - they had no pouches at all.... but what do I know, I'm a trout guy. Had may be the same number of shots plus 3-4 nice gogs (which I'm going back for this week!!). The boys weighed in at 13.58 and took 2nd out of 60 teams. 260 teams in the high school division... weigh in at White Water. Needless to say there was a traffic jam getting into the lot, which was basically full when I left at the beginning of the High School weigh in period. I hope they pulled it together cause .... well you know. Ulrich was there with 2 pontoons/tanks for the catches. Babler said they do a good job keeping them alive and back in the lake. View full article
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    Personal Best

    Caught this 24.5 inch and a 22.5 incher today. Wasn't actually targeting walleye, was trying to catch crappie.😒 Caught them throwing a #7 flicker shad up as close to the brush as I could.
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    Cows to the dam

    I have been fishing this lake every spring for nearly 40 years now, and have seen it this clear only on a handful of occasions. I’ve never had a 3-4 day stretch of fishing like I’ve just had with a higher keeper ratio - 59 w/35 keepers. There was nothing new or mysterious to what I was doing, dragging a Dr or French Fry back to the boat, chucking the 3.3 keitech, an occasional fluke offering, and when conditions warranted I’d go Red Fin or Buzz Bait. Didn’t much matter whether it was pea gravel, fist size rock, basketball size, or boulders there always seemed to be fish looking for a meal or pizzed that something was in their space. Timber in the vicinity helped slightly. My boat was never in water more than 18-20 ft and many times I worked down the bank in 10 fow. Smallmouth were predominant, but I did catch a few Spots and Large Mouth. All released to swim another day. Bite yesterday in the higher and rising water didn’t change. Nice to see the future dock crappers out swimming with mom and dad too.
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    Kast for Kids Tournament

    Took my grandson Myles (6 yrs old) to the Kast for Kids today out of Moonshine. What a blessed day we had. Our first tournament together and Myles catches his personal best smallie. Ended up with 9 keeps but could only weigh three. Little over 8 lbs. , and was enough to win it. Caught most of our fish in 10-12' on swimmers and brush hogs. Lots of rock snot to deal with, but that's just part of the game anymore. Special thanks to Mike Webb and WebbOutdoors.com for taking the time for the kiddos and to keep the sport growing.
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    Memory Day

    Took the Gkids out today and what a day we had!! Tons of bucks and a few females pulling up shallow. Never had much of a lull all day, which is always good with the kiddos. It was a great trip and we created lots of great memories....including losing my flipping stick and hard body jointed swim bait in 30' of water!! Take a kid fishing!!!
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    Friday 5/10

    Fished out of Mutton and trolled in and near spawning coves with Flickers. Had a limit of crappie in a few hours. They were 15-18' down in anywhere from 15-40 fow. Pretty scattered but once you found a pod, had some doubles. Then switched to walleye around 11:30 and caught a limit and then some. All fish came around wind blown main lake points. Fished bottom bouncers and Road Runner heads tipped with a half crawler. Also had a couple of nice cats and a sow white while fishing for walleye. One of my better days on Stockton with a north wind. Jason
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    Bill Babler

    James River Report 5-14-19

    Launched at Aunts Creek, back ramp at 6:00, pulled out past point 10 going up hill and it was murky, not muddy but more than Ice tea. Lots of floating stuff, mostly up to Campers. From Campers up water turns into nice James River Green and not so much debris, but enough that I wore my life jacket anytime the big motor was running, all day. Started out fishing a blade thru the bushes across from Jackson and fished it to point 12, mostly fishing points or long runs. Caught 8 mostly K's and small LM. Switched to a 1/2 oz. PigSticker GP Orange with a big Nicholes orange craw trailer and it was on. Kept the boat in mostly 15' and under and fished it from in front of the bushes back and dragged it quite a bit. Most of my bites on the blade were out in front of the bushes, nothing in or behind them so I thought the jig might work, and it did. Had another 15 mostly nice 2.5 pound keepers on the jig. All most all of them were Jaw's with a LM thrown in, except for 3 keeper K's off one location. Fish were on the small points and shallow rocky runs, seems like the main lake points I fished did not produce quite as well. I tried some 45 degree stuff and steeper, but the flatter stuff was much better. The kind of banks that you are a full cast from the fronts of the bushes and still in 15' of water. Fished up to Cape Fair Marina and caught 3 off the ramp. All keeper K's. Don't know whats up with that, they don't usually live there as bigger critters patrol that area. About Noon the wake boats came out and for the life of me I could not understand people pulling children thru that debris, but then again I'm not all that adventurous. Lots of nice bites on a jig up the James with some very nice SM up to Cool Water. Surface temps 67 at launch and take out.
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    Alex Heitman

    Dam 5/10

    Fished Friday with my dad. We caught around 30 with maybe half being keepers. I really thought it would be better. No topwater for us. Maybe the cold front knocked them down. I really thought we would hammer them and catch around 50 or more. We could not get on the smallmouth. We tried a little be deeper with Ned and Neko rig but no love. Most of them came shallow less than 10 and a bunch in the bushes. We tried all our go to smallmouth spots and ended up catching LM or spots in those locations. Caught some nice 2 1/2 lb fish but nothing really over 3 lbs. We still had a great day on the water but not what I was expecting. Morning bite was good but then we had a lull where the fish would just pick it up and drop it. Probably on beds but we would set the hook and they would come right unbuttoned. After the sun came out the bite picked up and we started just fishing flooded willows and bushes and produced a lot better. Most likely would have had a better day if we started doing that from the get go. No love on swimbait just a couple bumps. Here is a beautiful colored smallmouth my dad caught. This spot is usually stacked with them but only caught this one.
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    Old dog 417

    Caught some Thursday!

    Embarrassing to admit...I've been remiss on posting reports so hoping to improve on that! Invited a friend that typically only shore fishes for trout to try crappie fishing on Stockton. We launched at Rurak at 8:15 AM and proceeded to troll creeks with #7 Flickershads. The screen was showing good marks suspended at 15'-18' in 35'-40' of water and we hadn't gone 50 yds when we caught the first crappie. After a few snags, a couple of line tangles from too short of turns, and some bait switch-outs attempting to tweak color the 1 o'clock hour arrived and we needed to be going home. Final count, 25 crappie and 1 bonus 19" walleye. (Only 20 crappie in the pic..the other 5 are still in the bucket) No wall hangers were taken and the 4 largest crappie were only 12"-13". Most were around 11". Threw back about 6 shorts. All retained fish were females and full of eggs. Took some quick pics and filleted all in preparation for the weekend fish fry. All in all a great day on the water! We never did hone in a specific color. Pink Cougar, Firetiger, Blue Firetiger, and Uncle Rico all seemed to work equally well. Guess they were just hungry! Most valuable piece of equipment used...SPF 50 sunscreen as the sun was doing it's thing! Conditions observed: WT; 69 Wind; WSW at 15 mph. Water; stained, Clarity 3'-4' Limited amount of trash (few leaves) observed in creeks Trash and floaters in main lake have decreased greatly compared to last week. Tight lines, od
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    dan hufferd

    Hey I caught some fish !

    I was jonesing to get on the water, I did not care if it was high. I had a bad leak down on my power trim, I work on it, couldn't stand it, I had to try it out. The trim is now fixed, it was a check valve. Many thanks to Cope marine, and Fishnwrench for the trouble shooting and parts. I should have taken a picture of the floor of my boat, it looked like basspro threw up in there, as it turns out all I needed was this little 3/8 Binks spoon to make something happen. Nothing real big but I came home with a mess of fish, my trim works and I didn't have to speak to anyone. I call that a win !😁
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    Hog Wally

    Middle meramec walleye

    Here’s a couple or 3 nice walleye I’ve caught lately on my home waters There’s been a consistent big smallie bite for weeks but I can’t help but go after these toothy creatures. I lost a really big one a week ago that I’m speculating in the 29” range.
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    I fished the Missouri BASS State National Qualifier on May 4th put on by Webb Outdoors out of Moonshine Beach this past weekend. To put it bluntly fishing was great. Caught 15-30 keepers a day, easily. My normal partner Justin Luetkemeyer wasn't able to make it so I fished will a different guy on the Mizzou team. May 2nd we put in at state park and ran around to areas that I have had success in the past. Fished from about 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The day was shortened because my partners boat needed a new primer bulb so we had a boat repair to do and decided it would be better to do it in the day light. We found fish schooling as soon as we got on the water and headed off to a place I know the schoolers usually come up well. Had 5 keepers in about 5 minutes of fishing on top and proceeded to catch those schoolers for probably 15 or 20 minutes. Some nice spots in the 2.5 lb range and one good smallie that weighed just under 3; all those fish bit a spook but the bigger smallie came on a small bull shad which is in the picture. We fished mixed rock banks with 2.8 and 3.3 inch keitechs the rest of the day and put together a bag that was 15 lbs with 3 smallmouth and 2 largemouth. All of those fish weighed between 2.9 and 3.1 lbs. Scattered timber helped that bite but not a forest. Cedar trees better than pole timber. Caught a few on a jerk bait and ned rig as well, but small swimbait was the best, sexy shad color. May 3rd we put in at state park again and fished down to about the Kimberling city bridge. The same smallmouth bite was predominant. We actually got on one bank where I caught 3 smallmouth in about 20 yards that were all 2.75 to 3.2 lbs, all on the keitech. We tried to chase largemouth and I was able to catch a nice fish that was almost 4 lbs in the back of a pocket with run off on a weightless fluke. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at them and they would not fire on anything. They would follow and not bite anything that looked like a bait fish but just wouldn't eat it. In the backs of pockets if you threw a shakey head or ned rig, right down the middle of the cut, you couldn't keep the spots off your line. They weren't any good for a tournament but were very fun to catch. We ended up with 15ish lbs again thanks to that bigger largemouth. May 4th we put in at Moonshine beach, that was an adventure with all of the high schoolers but it didn't bother me too much. The line just moved a little slower. Started on our spot with the good schooling fish and caught a limit including a nice smallie which went 2.8. Fished the back of a pocket and caught a largemouth that I never weighed but would guess was about 3 lbs. Good start we thought! We figured if we could catch 15 lbs again we would have a good chance of cashing a check if not winning. Got in my head too much, I think, and chased largemouth too much and didn't trust my smallmouth spots enough. Caught a bunch of keeper spots and a largemouth that went 2.27 lbs in the backs. finally committed to smallmouth and culled up a couple times but only by like 0.10 lbs. Boats everywhere! Thought I was fishing the Big Bass Bash. Looking back on it, I wish I had fished the 3 best spots I had in the dam area and then ran to new water down past Kimberling City to try to get away from the boats. Hind sight is always 20/20 though. The lake is fishing amazing though. We caught an insane number of fish. Other patterns that worked which I heard from guys on the team were a watermelon red flake shakey head on bluff banks with scattered timber (they found this pattern trying to get away from the fishing pressure) and a jerk bait, chatter bait, and spinner bait in the backs of pockets with a lot of run off which had shad. I love table rock so much and I hope I can get down there again before my summer work starts in STL and my hometown of Bowling Green. The topwater bite is just getting started and should only keep getting better. Mike Webb is a great guy for putting on this event and I can't thank him and Sherry enough for putting it on. Also, Thanks to Wilkerson & Reynolds Wealth Management down at Osage Bluff for our awesome new jerseys. Tight lines everyone! This post has been promoted to an article
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    The Fish Were Biting

    I got out on Monday even though the river was a little higher and faster than I would have liked, but the worst part was the wind, a lot of paddling while the wind was trying to blow me upstream. But who can complain when it was a beautiful day and the fish were biting. I started out with the right lures on my rods and didnt change them the rest of the way down the river. The only two lures I used was a shallow and a deep crankbait. The big fish wanted it deep, and in the current they put up a good fight, and the rockbass and small smallmouth wanted it shallow. I now have a green kayak.I got tired of patching my yellow one. Someone told a while back my yellow kayak scared the fish away, although I never had a problem catching fish out of it. It was a great day on the river and they were all released. Now here's some pictures of a few....
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    Bill Babler

    5-21-19 Table Rock Lake Report

    White River Outfitters Guide Service Table Rock Current Fishing Report Real Nice Table Rock Lake Spotted Bass 3.15 pounds. Picked up Bill and Jack at Mill Creek Resort at 0600 and headed for the mouth of the James. Fished around Point 9 for a couple of hours swimming a 3.3 Keitech in Pro-Blue and caught some very nice SM. Boat in 15'. Wind started to blow and we headed up the James, surrounded by MLF guys, which this morning all minded their own P's and Q's and we did not have to contend with them. Most of the locations I caught them on Saturday were high and dry We did manage to catch 4 up there 3 SM and 1 really nice K. One on a jig and the others on the Keitech. These fish were 15' and under. As I was coming out we saw Pete at the cut thru Island below Jackson and his client had a nice fish on a jig. Here is where it is much better to be lucky than good. I have not seen a schooling fish to speak of all year and right at the mouth of the White, thar-she-blew. LM, K's and Jaw's a plenty. There were big chops out there and they were blowing right in the waves. Here is the deal, we stayed on those fish for almost 2 hrs. Mostly catching them on a Fin and a swimbait, it was amazing. These fish were blowing in 90ft. plus and they just kept on and kept on. I never leave when they are biting like that regardless of time but we eventually left when it started thundering and wind blowing just to much. Have no idea of numbers but it was pretty stupid. Just some thumper fish with the 3.15 lb. K in the picture with Jack being the biggest. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Mr. Wheeler says "Hi"

    Was moving the dock and Jacob Wheeler pulled up and fished around it. A machine. Very nice to talk to. Reports a lot of Kentucks. Throwing shad baits. He thought the color in mid-James was pretty stained (2'-3' vis). Too clear for my liking. A lot of other MLF boats here today. TR show will be live streamed and then shown on t.v. later this fall.
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    Did a little trolling today.

    Trolled model A Bombers at about 20’ deep over 35-45’ of water. Water was mid 60’s and the weather was fantastic. More traffic on the lake than I expected. It was a great day to be on the water. Caught a limit but it took me awhile. This is the first time I have caught a full limit trolling.
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    JR Brotherton

    Tuesday trip

    Got out Tuesday from 10-2. Just drug minnows through a cove with some standing timber to catch the crappie. 12fow or less was chocked full of sub legal males the better keepers were 15-30 but suspended 5-10' off the bottom. Found the eye on a rocky point with a jig and crawler. Not a bad day on the water. Lake was still rising but it wasn't too dirty. Was above the 245 bridge .
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    Probably hit Boyd Duckett's Ego, it has to be floating around out there somewhere. 🙂
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    Congratulations to Eric Olliverson for winning the FLW Costa derby. It's nice to see someone local (Lampe) win the money.
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    Bill Babler


    My wife has mentioned this to me on quite a few occasions
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    Bull Shoals near Peel

    Caught a variety of all bass today in 15 to 17 fow using pumpkin pit boss with 1/4 oz tungsten. Fish are concentrated on sides of main lake points on the outside of the brush line. Find the green top bushes and fish outside of them. Caught around 8 quality fish in 2 hours this afternoon.
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    Indian creek again

    The stripers were at it again early this morning, got on the water at around 0545, first cast caught this dude. After that it got slow for a bit, but a few started coming up to eat and I caught a couple of bigger ones in the 10-15 lb. range, I'm estimating on the weights, couple pounds either way is possible, catch and release, I'm not going to hang them from a scale. And sometimes I just get lucky, after the initial bite died off, I think it was around 0730, I motored a few miles to a steep drop off that sometimes holds walleye and spotted bass. I figured the stripers were done on top, so time to try for some other species. Got to the spot, maybe made 3 casts with the Keitech and had a striper blow up on the deep side of the boat no more than about 30 feet away. Picked up the top water tossed it after him, had a blowup that missed, then a spotted bass that went about 2 lbs. grabbed the lure. Kind of surprised me to see that fish out there with the big boys. Had a few more blowups, got the top water on them again and a dang heron flew off the bank and went after my top water, just was able to get it away from the bird, reeled it back in and waved my arms and yelled at that worthless bird and was able to spook it away. In spite of all that I fortunately did not spook the stripers, a couple of them came up and I was able to stick one. That was the last one of the morning. I chalked that one up to pure luck, go to another spot where you don't expect to see a striper and they show up. Did a little bit of bass fishing, caught a few 12" smallies and a couple of spots on the c-rig.
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    Wrench and Ketchup

    Wrench and myself finally got together for a day of, well fun...... Tho wrench gave his idea of a recap to our day, I’m going to give mine, as it is slightly different than his.... So, for a solid week leading up to this benefit tournament, wrench sent me pictures of frog infested fishing backwaters, whites the size of musky, stories of buddies of his coming up to fish, catching nothing smaller than a 7lb fish. The more we chatted, the more my excitement grew. He talked about us fishing his favorite honey holes, as the launch was in his backyard. Now, for a guy to take you to fish HIS holes, is a big deal. Just Incase I fell overboard, or got lost launching the boat, I asked for gps coordinates as a backup, so I could meet him at the next secret hole. Well, those never came. Yeah, I know, can’t give out all of your secrets. The evening before launch, I get a message, which I shared with him right away, saying the launch site has changed to the other end of the lake. Man did my anxiety take its toll, because for a week, seeing these pictures, hearing the stories, and finally fishing his secrets holes, I knew getting that message would change everything. So I sent wrench a copied text with the new launch details, and about 10 minutes later, I get this response: “You’re on your own”. Now mind you, this is like 8:30pm, the evening before our first outing together. As I load my gear into the truck, my mind drifts off to those stories I heard all week about 7 pounders every other cast, possibly hooking a white that swam back out of the river, that would engorge any musky left over on LOZ, and the idea of seeing firsthand his honey holes, I got settled into bed around 1:30am. At 4 I fire the truck off for my 1 hour 50 minute drive to this new area of the lake. We met at a local supermarket that was boiling smoke from some ribs they were preparing. Our agreed meeting time was 6:30am. Im one of those that am atleast 45 minutes early most places, especially fishing related. I get there at 5:40, roll the window down, letting those smoke searing ribs sink into my lungs. I have my gear laid out across the bed, standing outside waiting for wrench. At 6:31 he pulls up, smiling face and all, as I comment “where were you, at the donut shop” to his reply, another friendly smile. We load up, get to the launch, chat with a couple dudes, and launch. 7:30 takeoff time, and looks at me and says “well, I have never been on this side of the lake, so I hope you got the goods”. Now, I remember a week ago telling him “I have been on this pond once in my life, and it was by the dam, for crappie” so when he says he is relying on me, I just sunk into the boat seat. We get to the first cut, and both catch a few behind docks. Keep moving and more of the same. As the day goes on, and the washing machine wave makers start coming out, this was about 10am on a cool, cloudy sky, I knew it was going to be rough. And rough it was. In closing, we caught a bunch of short fish, watched guys weigh in limits, got a free t-shirt, and finally got to hang out. Wrench is one of those guys you just feel comfortable around, not the “Im wearing my speedo in the boat with you” comfortable, but one you can joke with, tease, and enjoy the day with, thinking “I could do this again”. We had 9 fun filled hours of doing/saying guy stuff. I have no doubts we will be doing this again soon, but with a few modifications: Everytime he texts me pictures or stories leading up to the outing, I’m blocking his number!!!! “disclosure”. SOME of what you just read was true. You choose what isn’t. Wrench, you’re a good dude. Thanks.
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    Larry Eby


    Was thinking about what makes the ned so effective. Then I remembered an article done by pure fishing regarding craw pappies. Something to think about. https://m.bassmaster.com/understanding-bass-forage-crawfish An excerpt from the article. For 60 days, 450 largemouth bass, plucked from the same environment, were tested using a robotic arm and a strike counter. Each group of bass was presented a crawfish bait at the same speed and angle of attack. The bass tested had never seen the bait that was presented (it was a prototype). The test then continued, with one pincer removed, then a second pincer removed, and finally, the legs. The soft bait that had no appendages (no legs or pincers, just a body and tail) had the greatest number of strikes.
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    Indian Creek area, May 13

    Got to the launch early, foggier than heck when I got there. Didn't have much choice but to idle over to a nearby point and start fishing, started out swimming a Keitech with the idea of catching smallmouth, but wasn't out to long before I started seeing a blow up to out in the deep water. There wasn't a lot of top water striper activity, but it got to be enough that I couldn't take it any longer and had to give them a shot. Had one blow up about 100 yards away, stood on the TM, got within casting distance, tossed the walking bait at the spot where the blow up occurred, gave it a twitch and man I tell you a stinking HUGE striper blew up on it, but missed, started walking the dog and it was like a pack of hungry piranhas were after that thing, had three quick explosions and misses and BOOM finally got one to grab it. Went through the usual tug of war and boated one that was in the 13-15. lb range. Wrecked the front treble on my lure, so tied on another one, and when I tied it on I noticed my hands were shaking. Many years of fishing but I guess I can still get excited at times. Anyway, caught another one that was in the low teen range and a couple of 3 pounders to boot, all on the top water. Also caught an 18" smallie that was near to the bank. That dude grabbed about 4 feet of air a couple of times which was pretty neat to see. For burned off, stripers went to parts unknown so I did some bass fishing, caught 10 bass, mostly smallies with a couple of spotted bass. 3 of the smallies were keeper sized. Had the best bite on the c-rig with a UV Speed craw as bait. Had quite a few bites, but they were just not eating it right - I think they have spawned, and are guarding nests or fry and are just messing with the baits. Surface WT 66, water has a bit of a stain to it. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Thursday 5/8

    Had a great 4 hours on the lake today! Released this girl but kept 10 for the oil. Jigs in 12 to 15’. Out of Roark Bluff.
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    Borderline insanity

    Missouri Highway Patrol website lists regatta permits for 705 boats total tomorrow. And here we are in midspawn. And yet, MDC won’t even consider stocking bass into TR. Sooooo many bedding fish gonna get plucked and moved around. Can’t be good for the fishery.
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    I"m gong to start this in reverse order starting today and going back thru the past week. My work load has been totally Table Rock 8hr. trips with the exception of a trout attack on Sunday. Most of the past week has been corporate stuff. This year with really good clients that wanted to be there and fish. At times this is not the case. 4-30-19 National Crop Insurance group staying at Tall Pines Pete Wenners and Phil Stone helped on this trip today and it was really pretty good just prior to the storm. We started in the lower lake area fishing topwater on a cloudy overcast morning with surface temps at 56 and water clarity at clear beyond clear. All of us had huge blowups and swats and nothing to show for it. Fish would just blow up all over or behind it and follow it to the boat but Pete's group was the only one that captured one on top and that was mid morning. I believe Pete's best deal where he could find a slime free location was a 5bites Ned Rig. Both Stone's group and my group caught them on a 2.8 inch Keitech. We had 15 keepers and 19 total fish in my boat which was excellent keeper to catch ratio. This was a 4 hr. trip. I think Phil did about the same. 4-29-19 Six hour bass out of Shell Knob. We caught a butt load of fish yesterday but the keeper ratio was really bad. Lots of spawned out and male LM. Several on top but the majority on a Keitech either 2.8 or 3.3 I think we had close to 50 fish with only a dozen or so small keeps. Surface temp at 56 and water clearer than the lower end. 4-28-19 was a trout day. We had 41 for anyone interested on a Berkley Power Worm 7' under a float. Had some just flat excellent fish. 4-27-19 Dental Group of Missouri. We had a fantastic day in the wind and boat traffic on the Rock. " Truly Stellar." Lots and lots of boat traffic but not bothering us one little bit. They were not fishing what I was fishing. Surprise, surprise. Had 35 bass with 15 really nice keepers, all Jaw's. Boat was in 30 to 40 feet letting the 3.3 inch Keitech hit on the very ends of the long runnouts just before they dropped into the channel. We were fishing with a 1/4 oz. Keitech tungston head with a 2/0 hook. We would let the bait sink to the bottom and then slow wind it back. Most times it was hitting in 15' to 20' to staging fish. 4-26-19 Fished out of Shell Knob with a pair of fishermen about to fish the Shriner derby. Struggled all day, catching crappie and short fish. Probably had 20 bass a dozen crappie and a couple of squeeker keeps. Keitech. 4-25-19 Fished Mid-lake Baxter 56 degree water and they were biting on the long runs, most fish were staging in the 15' to 25' range and we caught them swimming the Keitech thru them. Had 21 quality keepers, mostly SM and most averaging 2.6 to 2.9 pounds. Thats a slim range but most were males and cookie cutter. Had 8 crappie 4-24-19 Same as on the 25th. but had 26 keepers and no crappie. Mostly fishing the long run out ridges near the big spawning pockets I will tell you I only fished the same location once all week and it was a huge gravel flat up the James a bit prior to point 10. We hit it twice Saturday and on the 24th. It is really solid with keepers. Saw at least a dozen boats fish near it on the bank and in the pocket and never seen a fish caught while my guys were really sticking them off the end of that gravel. With all the boats Saturday we had no problems, I think everyone including the tournament participants knew the lake was crowded and everyone so as to speak stayed in their lanes. This lake right now is in great shape. Not a load of 4 to 8 pounders, but absolutely great on 2.to 4 pound fish. Good Luck out there. This post has been promoted to an article
  30. 11 points

    Finally Turned on.....

    Seems like this spring has been slow turning on fishing wise. Found some right at dark. High Point Area. Water temp was 60-62.
  31. 11 points

    Largemouth on the beds yet

    Why bother them on beds? There are lots of other ways to catch them right now. Best to let them spawn in peace, especially since MDC can't see fit to supplementally stock the No. 1 sportfish in the lake.
  32. 10 points

    Cool fish story 5/22

    Just when I thought the caddis hatch was about over SWPA finally turned the water down to true minimum flow (7mw) this morning. I went up to the dam and about 8am the caddis started coming up. There were fish coming up everywhere I looked. Didn't take the time to take any pictures as I was out quite a ways from the bank and the fishing was too good to stop for pictures. Caught a bunch of rainbows and a couple browns all on dry flies. Here's the fish story... I was casting to a pod of trout that were rising to caddis just downstream from me. They were within 10 to 20 feet of me. All of a sudden I see a huge brown charging up to the surface and he made a big swirl and grabbed a nice rainbow in his mouth and turned around and swam off. I could see the front half of the rainbow flashing in the sunlight as he was trying to get away. Then the rainbow disappeared down the brown's mouth.The rainbow was probably 14" and I would estimate the brown was 35" and looked to be in the 20lb range. It all happened in a couple of seconds but it was almost like it was in slow motion.
  33. 10 points
    lmt out

    5/22 Walleye

    Fished with my son today caught his first walleye. Ended with 11 shorts and 4 keepers. Jig and crawler. 20ft of water main lake points.
  34. 10 points

    Sat May 11-Sat May 18

    Much apologies for the delay in this report as getting back to the grind at work has me consumed. Of my 34 years coming down to Table Rock Lake only one word comes to mind: WOW. It has been a very long time since I have seen the lake fish like this. Here is a quick snapshot of our trip by the numbers, per day: Sat May 11- On water by 630pm, off the water by 10pm. 15 caught, 3 keepers. Sun May 12-On water by 930am, off water by 430pm, back on the water by 630pm, off the water by 12am. 50+ fish caught, 13 keepers. Mon May 13-On the water by 10 am, off water by 430pm, back on the water by 7pm, off the water by 1am. 50+ fish caught, 20 keepers. Tues May 14th-On water by 3:30pm, off water by 1am. 40+ fish caught, 10 keepers Wed May 15th-On water by 3:30pm, off water by 1am. 30+fish caught, 8 keepers. Thurs May 16th- On water by 4:00 pm, off water by 12am, 30+ fish caught, 6 keepers. Friday May 17th- On water by 6pm, off water by 2am. 40+ fish caught, 8 keepers. Saturday May 18th- On water by 10am, of water by 12pm. 20+ fish caught, 2 keepers. That is correct, we finished our 7 day trip with exactly 70 keepers and easily 250+ fish caught, with a 20LB flathead as our "kicker". Of these fish I would say only a handful were at the 15" mark, most were over 16". Besides the catfish, largest Smallie was 4.5lbs, Largemouth at 5.5lbs and Spot at 3lbs. You already know what the were caught on: Keitech 2.8-3.3(bumping the bottom), smoke grub, NED, white fluke thrown into the bushes and at night we were throwing salt craws and the tried and true black colorado blade 3/8th. 80% of these fish were caught in the White as the clarity the first half of the week was an easy 10'-12'. The other 20% were caught up the James as the water started to turn green(almost too green-Algae boom). Of the 70 keepers, 5-8 were female and 2 were spawned out. Simply incredible. If you have a beginner or a little one you want to get hooked into fishing, this is the perfect time. Below are some pictures. Tight lines all, enjoy this time on Table Rock. This post has been promoted to an article
  35. 10 points
    Alex Heitman

    Current river Brown

    My dad caught this brown that weighed over 12 lbs today on the current river. Fish was about 28 1/2 inches and he caught it on 2lb line. It took him he estimates about 15-20 mins to bring in. It’s an absolute beast for that river. I was so happy for him. I’m in Florida on vacation and talked to him for about an hour about it. He caught it on his last cast before he was headed back to the truck. He planned on releasing but the fish was not going to make it. He is going to mount it and I remember a post a while back about fish mounts. Does Phil or anyone know who does a good fish mount in the area?
  36. 10 points


    Back on the water again this morning out of State Park and ended up with a limit of crappie and two walleye over 20 inches! We tried trolling the flicker shad’s but really didn’t have much luck with them. All of our fish except for two came by trolling jigs in shad patterns in 12 to 20 feet of water. About half the crappie we caught were females that still had eggs in them, some of the eggs had hardened up and I think are starting to be reabsorbed. Water temps were 64 to 68° Tight Lines!
  37. 10 points

    Shell Knob 5/18 - 5/19

    What a few days on the water, many ways to catch them so if you get bored doing one thing go onto the next. Saturday I threw the mag draft shallow and followed it up with a wacky rigged senko for most of the morning. Time is getting limited to catch them shallow so i figured id take advantage, had a dandy 5lb 10oz fish and another 4lb with endless amounts of short and keeper sized fish. if they wouldn't commit to the big swimmer they would show themselves with a follow. Made a mental note and could pick them off with the senko. Storms came rolling in and did some damage to our trees but were able to get it all cleaned up by dark. Ran into Bill at the Shell Knob ramp this morning and was happy to read his post as today was just a banger. Started with the Mag Draft after there was a boat on the point i wanted to start on. Caught a few and promptly went to the point I was after when the boat vacated after a few casts. Ended up sitting there for 2.5 hours and loaded the boat similar to Bills findings. 90% of these fish came on a 1/4oz head 3" swim bait. the remaining on a wake bait when they would surface. Didn't keep track of numbers but when i didn't get bit on a cast i was wondering what i did wrong, just one after another. Most of these being solid keep spots with a few LM mixed in, even 1 crappie mixed. Ran back up to the mouth of the kings and found 2 more locations with similar results. All in all a great 2 days of catching, most of these fish with my boat in 50-80ft, fish down 20-30ft I will have to say those MLF boys sure were blazing around, it amazed me how fast they could run up on a spot, turn the key off and have a cast in before coming off plane haha! from what i could see the majority of them were fishing shallow. They sure do run around alot
  38. 10 points

    5-17-19 Shell Knob

    I’ll try to condense this down. Yesterday we fished from Shell Knob to almost Cambell Point. Topwater was a no go for me. I didn’t try it much though honestly. The 2.8 keitech was solid all day. It caught several keepers including a nice 18” smallmouth. I lost one at least as big the cast before. I also caught two keeper smallmouth and a 4+ largemouth on a wobble head. Main lake flats and flat points were best. The last few hours we spent pitching to flood buck brush and I was surprised at the quality there. No monsters but a 3+ and a few keepers. All were halfway back and farther. I caught these on a paca craw and 1/2oz weight. Anyway the flatter and windier the better. Scratch the wind part in the brush though lol. Our best five went 14lbs + or - . It’s a great time to take a kid or friend because you can just cast and wind a keitech and stay occupied. Probably no monsters but it’s fun regardless. Hope you all catchem!!!
  39. 10 points

    5/11 Crappie

    Pretty steady day on Stockton. Third limit of crappie in a row. Pulling Flicker Shad over structure..most were in 20 to 25 foot of water. Water temp. was about 63 degrees. Caught four whites and a couple short walleye. My buddies Gerad,Judd and I pretty much had the lake to ourselves! We didn't see one other boat from our kayaks. Bald eagle fly-overs never get old!
  40. 10 points

    Mutton area

    We got on the water at 630 and off at 1030 due to prior obligations ur we had a pretty decent morning and it was just an amazing morning to be on the water. We put it at mutton and stayed pretty close, started out shallow trying to throw jigs but only a couple takers. Our best bite was pulling #6 flicker shads with the trolling motor in about 12-17 ft of water. Ended up with 12 crappie and 1 22 inch walleye to boot. Great time and worth the trip.
  41. 9 points

    Has the earth turned on its axis?

    The STL Blues in the Stanley Cup finals after a zero to hero season? Just gotta win 4...Might happen. Unbelievable!
  42. 9 points

    Almost a limit

  43. 9 points
    Bill Babler

    Pro Tour Rest of the Story

    Just got clarification on the event. Starts at the dam at 6:30 first period goes till 9. 15 minute recess after each period with no check in. You can stay and fish till lines out at each recess and lines out for the day at 2:30, so it brings the entire lake into play. Only running factor is the start to get where your going to begin. Really nice that you can fish where ever you are till lines out and do not have to be back to the ramp, you just have to quit fishing at 2:30.
  44. 9 points

    Pro Tour Rest of the Story

    Well, in my defense lol, the concert is 90 minutes, but I'd been there since noon getting everything ready. My job at that venue is stupid easy, since the sound system that covers the lawn seating area is installed at the start of the season and stays up until the last show. I really just have a couple hours of working with the tour sound guys of alignment and tuning to make the lawn sound as good as possible. The hard days are when everything goes in and out in one day, and I've done plenty of those over the years to work my way up to the "easy" gig I have now, and I still do 50 or more one off gigs in a year outside of the Ampitheater and sound for a church on Sunday morning. Yesterday's tour was Rascal Flatts, Billy Currington, and Jimmie Allen, and while my part was easy, there were roughly 30 touring crew members, and 50 local crew members working their tails off. A typical day for a big show starts at about 7:30am, with ground riggers drawing chalk marks on the arena floor to locate where the climbing riggers will hang all the electric chain hoists that will support all the sound, lighting, and video equipment. Riggers are crazy dudes, with a crazy job, walking beams 80 to 100 feet in the air, pulling up chains and making bridles with steel wire to hang the points where they need when a beam isn't exactly where a hoist needs to go. It's not unusual these days to have 80,000 to 100,000 pounds of equipment suspended above the stage. After most of the rigging is chalked out, the trucks start getting unloaded about 8am. Last night's show was ten 53' semis of gear, plus another full semi of merchandise. Everything that gets flown in the air goes up, and the staging gets built underneath, with all the band's musical instruments going up last. After lunch, everything is checked, lights are focused and programmed, cameras and video screens balanced, any pyrotechnic effects get tested and approved by local fire marshals, anything broken gets fixed, guitar strings (for as many as 50+ guitars) all get changed and everything is tuned and tuned again. About 3pm, the bands start soundchecks, maybe rehearse a little, reset for show, and then dinner at 6ish, with a few hours of downtime to kill before the show starts at 8. Show till around 11pm and then the load out starts, which is typically around 3 hours of intense, seemingly chaotic, but highly organized work. After you get 10 semis worth of stuff back in the right cases and on the right trucks, and make sure nothing got left behind, you shower, usually at the locker rooms at the venue, get on the tour bus with 8 to 12 of your fellow crew guys. (that you just spent all day working with), crawl into your bunk, and sleep while your driver gets you to the next venue for the next show. Usually 4 or so shows in a row, with your days off mostly being long travel days. Most tours run from May thru October, with festival shows and a few one offs scattered around the rest of the year. I know, none of this has anything to do with fishing, although a surprising amount of tour guys carry some gear and fish when they have down time. (many a bass caught out of hotel ponds) I just thought I'd share a bit of the behind the scenes of what goes into a concert these days for the 3 guys who read all that hahaha
  45. 9 points

    Big M area, May 16

    Well I have to say my results were a bit disappointing, really thought I would get into them, but it did not happen. Just couldn't find where they were. tried a lot of different terrain, gravel points, rocky points, back in some coves and windy banks. Threw top water, c-rig, wobble head, jigs, and the Keitech. Every once in a while I'd catch a bass. Caught 13 total, 2 were keepers sized smallies. Caught a couple of walleye, one was a keeper. Rolled out at 1130, I could have stayed another couple of hours, but I know when things aren't going my way and I doubt staying another couple of hours would've mattered that much. Never have hit a deer in all my travels, but got one today on the way back, on one of the side roads going towards HWY 86, the deer came from the left side of the road, sprinted right in front of the truck, I had time to apply a little brake and WHAM! Hit her right in the hip with my front bumper. It was a really loud whack, thought I would've killed her for sure, but looked back and she was gone. No damage to the truck either. WT 70, water is stained, there are a few ig floaters out there so watch out.
  46. 9 points


    They seem to be able to program their sonar and mapping units just fine. Kinda reminds me of my kid who can master the most complicated video game ever designed in a single evening.....but can't load a dishwasher right, or get all the conditioner rinsed out of her hair to save her soul from hell.
  47. 9 points

    Roundhouse Shoals 5/7

    I took my boat down to Roundhouse Shoals his morning and got out and waded. Caught 6 or 7 on eggs/midges early and then about 10:00 the caddis started coming up. Tied on a size 18 foam bodied elk hair caddis and the fish really liked it. Probably caught 30 on the dry fly and missed a bunch more. After missing 5 in a row I checked my fly and it had a trout scale embedded on the hook point so that's why I was missing them. Mostly average size rainbows along with 2 cutthroats and this really fat rainbow that gave me a good fight on a 3wt.
  48. 9 points
    Randy Moore

    April 29th Fishing

    Caught 19 bass and 1 walleye near Baxter with the majority on the Ned's Rig in Peanut Butter & Jelly. More Kentucky Bass than Smallmouth. About 6 bass exceeded 15 inches with the largest a smallmouth coming in at 18" and 2.5 lbs. Boat positioned in 15 to 21 feet of water. The walleye was 14 inches but it was the first I ever caught on a Ned's Rig. Caught 4 bass on a watermelon tube bait. Last Friday (the 26th) the preferred bait was the tube bait with the boat again positioned in the 15 foot range. Today was much more enjoyable on the water with far less boat traffic than Friday. Encountered a high amount of rude boaters on Friday which has become far more common that it should be. Best to luck to everyone this Spring.
  49. 9 points
    Al Agnew

    Fishing really fast

    My wife Mary is a wonderful woman. I told her I was going to float the river today, and she asked me where. Knowing that she would be the one to shuttle me, I said that I'd probably float the stretch that's the closest to our house so she wouldn't have to drive too far to pick me up. But she suggested I float my absolute favorite float, which I didn't do at all last year and usually only do once or maybe twice a year because it's a long float and a really long shuttle. I love that woman! So I was on the water at 7:30 AM for a float that's somewhere around 14 miles (because there aren't any convenient accesses in between). I usually float this stretch in the middle of the summer, when it's fairly low, and it usually takes 12-13 hours and I still have to paddle through some of the long, dead pools. Well, I knew it wasn't going to take that long this time. I'd told Mary to pick me up at 6:30 PM, and I could see pretty quickly that I could make it in that time frame, because the river was really moving. The first pool showed what the story would be--it's usually a very slow pool, but I was working just to slow myself down enough to fish. But I caught a 15 inch largemouth on a spinnerbait. I had tied on the spinnerbait on one rod, a topwater, a shallow running crankbait, and a deep running crankbait. The river was beautiful as far as visibility, about three feet, but I quickly established that the topwater was going to be tough to fish. I tried the crankbaits and caught a couple on them, but the spinnerbait was working best, and it was the most no-brainer lure to fish under those conditions anyway. I caught 12 bass in the first mile and a half, as usual a mixture of smallmouth, spotted, and largemouth, though only a couple of smallies. Then I reached a spot that really doesn't look like much, just a log along a low mud bank in 4 feet or so of water, but I've caught good fish there before, and this time the big smallmouth hit just as the lure came over the log. 18 inches; not a beast, but anything over 17 inches is worth mentioning, and an 18 incher deserved a picture. Not only that, but there was another one the same size following it around. After I netted it and released it, I tried to catch that other one with an HD Craw, but only got a nice 14 inch spotted bass. The fishing slowed. The next three miles I only caught about 10 more bass, though one of them was an 18 inch largemouth. And it seemed the smallies were the most inactive; I was catching mostly spots and largemouth. But then I put on a bigger spinnerbait with bigger blades, and bingo, I started catching more smallies. A 17 incher. A 17.5. Then I reached a long, rocky pool that was just lined with smallmouth. I got another 18, along with several other nice smallmouth. I was sorry to reach the end of that pool. I had just been fishing whatever I came to and pretty much letting the canoe drift with the current, just paddle strokes to keep it more or less parallel the banks. But now I slowed down and started fishing a little more carefully and thoroughly. I came to a short stretch of bank that always seems to hold a good fish, and sure enough, hooked one in the 18-19 inch class. It was a hot fish, leaping and swimming all over the river...and then it broke my line. There went that magical spinnerbait. I watched as it leaped three times trying to throw it. I hate it when I leave a lure in a fish. I went through a long stretch of fast, shallow water, catching small fish, mostly spotted bass. Came to a long, rocky pool, caught more small fish; not feeling real confident in my replacement spinnerbait. Fished it down one more good pool, with only a couple little ones. So I switched to a different one. The river split at a big island. Most of the water was going down the left, but the right had enough water to float, barely, and I'd never taken that channel. Near the lower end, it opened up into a short, fairly deep pool against a vertical mud bank. The other channel was coming over a shoal and sweeping along a huge log on the other side of this pool. It wasn't a spot that just shouted how good it was. But I quickly hooked a big one along the mud bank. 18 inches. Got it in, paddled to get into an eddy where I could take pictures without going downstream and messing up the rest of that 50 foot stretch of bank. Released the fish, got back into position, made another cast 10 feet farther along the bank, and hooked another big one. This one was the best fish of the day, a beautiful 19 incher. Got it in while paddling over toward the other side, got into another eddy, took pictures, released it, and made a cast along that big log. Three casts, three big fish. This one was "only" 17.5. Next cast to the log, a 15 inch spotted bass that had another big smallmouth following it around. I didn't get that one, but I got another 16 incher when I got back over to the mud bank. That was terrific little pool! I got back into the main current, went down the pool catching small to medium fish, then hooked and lost a huge spotted bass, looked to be at least 18 inches. Went through the riffle below, made a cast to a little eddy along the riffle...another big fish. This one was 18.5. I caught a 16.5 in the next pool, along with a few other decent fish. Then another 18 inch largemouth. I looked at the time...4:30 PM, and I still had nearly four miles to go. Checked my cell reception, good enough. Called Mary, asked if she could pick me up an hour later than planned, since I was having a terrific day. She agreed. I love that woman. Well, the fishing slowed after that. I hooked two more big fish and lost them. Caught several more 15-16 inchers. I had been keeping count of the fish I caught and wanted to reach 100. I made it with two fish to spare...37 smallmouth, 37 spotted bass, 28 largemouth. Eight smallies from 17-19 inches, plus two 18 inch largemouth. What a great day. Wind was a pain at times, and it was a bad pollen day and I could tell it. Stuff was coming off the trees and covering the surface in places and getting tangled in my spinnerbait now and then. But the bluebells are in full bloom, and I saw a big tom turkey on a gravel bar; it flew across the river in front of me. And I timed it just right. I'd just unloaded the canoe when Mary pulled up to pick me up. By the way, the pictures are on my phone and I'm too tired to download them now. May post them tomorrow.
  50. 9 points
    Bill Babler

    Big Bass caught?

    I think the Big Bass Bash answers your question, with multiple monsters weighed in. Really the deal here is you cannot or can very seldom just go fishing and catch a big fish. You have to hunt them like hunting a big deer. Most time catching fish here and catching keepers is not all that hard. Hunting and catching biggins is. You must be willing to fish where they live and at times lose supplies trying to recruit them.
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