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    A milestone for me...

    So in my 3 short years since I've found OzarkAnglers I finally hit 1000 posts! Just wanted to give a big thanks again to Phil for providing such an awesome piece of the internets for us to hang out on. I have met some really awesome people through the site that I now call friends, which would have never been possible without this place bringing us together. The amount of knowledge I've learned here has also made me a better fisherman ten fold. Although it has sparked a fishing addiction in me which I struggle to feed with my crazy life and work schedule. Thanks all that have made this such a cool place!
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    Well not much of a report but thought I would share anyways. Took the (almost 3 year old) grandson, Owen, fishing. Pretty late start but working on his time frame. We were mostly seeing if the old Skeeter still worked and wanted to make sure he had fun. We put in at Flat Creek. Nice free ramp with ample parking. A couple of people using the only ramp there to work on their outboard so slow getting in the water. Kind of a bad day and time to use a free single ramp to work on your stuff and plug up the system for the rest of us but I guess to each their own. They moved out of the way fairly quick but stayed in the drive wanting me to squeeze through with my trailer. I didnt want to risk bumping someone elses rig and made them move. After they were out of the way got the Skeeter in the water an it started right up. Love the Yamaha 90! The bunk board on the trailer is about disintegrated though. Easy fix next time out! We mostly drove around running gas through the motor. We caught small Ks on the square bill and the Eakins jig with a twin tail. We fished in the Cape Fair area mostly where I knew they would be. Most of our stuff came in the 15-18' of water but not a real pattern because again we were just looking to get Owen a fish. We used to fish 4-5 times a week but worked a job with lots of hours for about 7 years and bought 15 acres where we built a house, fenced and currently working on a barn. Fishing was put on the back burner on simmer for way to long. Felt great to be back on the lake. Awesome day. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Chris King

    The Fourth Was With Me

    Fished a few hours last night and had a great night. I fished mid-lake between point 5 and 6, mid way back in the creek arms. I started with topwater while it was cloudy and switched to a wacky rigged senko since I could see followers. I had 15 fish and 3 that I missed. Had about 7 small keepers in the mix and almost had a grand slam! I had the boat in 20-25ft of water casting to the bank. I didn’t see anything locked on beds, but I’m sure they were there. I just fish for fun so this is about as good as it gets for me. Headed back out in a few... This post has been promoted to an article
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    Daryk Campbell Sr

    My son's first smallmouth.

    My son and I were invited to join my neighbor to go fishing. We met up on the spot and proceeed to fish. My son brought our minnow trap. He is very interesed in it, and wanted to catch something. I was throwing the Ned. He was using a popper. We seen a couple of beds. I explained to him what they were, and how they are made. He tried to catch the fish protecting one nest, but no takes. We left that area and caught up with our neighbor. He was pulling in a drum as we walked up. I continued to throw the Ned and had a couple takes, and while reeling in, they let go. Sunfish. Then I got a real good taker, and was fighting with very light line, but it stayed deep. It was a decent fight, but then it let go. Never got to see it. Could have been anything in this hole, from a turtle to catfish to a white bass to a walleye. My boy checked his trap, had a few baby blue gills. I told him that he could use one for a big catfish, he was interested. He got one hooked, all by himself. Casted out and thought he had another snag. My neighbor calls out, you have a Fish!, my son acts like nothing going on. He pulls in his first smallmouth.
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    Good Samaritan

    After a really good and enjoyable day of fishing, we encountered engine problems up by Baxter. As we are staying in the Aunts Creek area, it presented quite a challenge for us to figure out how to get a back from Baxter to our resort so that we could get our trailer and go get our boat out to have it fixed. As luck would have it we met Wilson, who turns out to be a member of this forum, who immediately offered to give us a ride. What a great guy! He gave up an hour of his day to go out of his way to help out some fellow anglers. He wouldn't even except our offer to give him some gas money. Thanks, Wilson!
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    April 26, Big M area

    The Dogwoods are blooming and the fish are biting. Here's a scenery shot of a little cove and the water color around the point 23 area is just as you see, green stained, maybe 3 foot of viz. I caught 25 bass today (6-8 keepers) and a couple of crappie. Caught bass on the Keitechs, mostly spotted bass on the Keitech, but my biggest largemouth came on a 2.8 Keitech. Back in the coves around trees, a c-rigged 8 inch Zoom Lizard was getting fish, mainly largemouth. Got a couple of fat spots on a Redfin that had the Champ188 modifications put on. Missed a couple of others, fun to see some top water action. Lots of people out there, counted 13 rigs in the Big M lot, which is a lot for a Thursday. WT 57-58. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Big M area 4/30

    Launched early, and headed down the lake to a cove that had held some fish last week. Started off throwing a Redfin, had one missed fish on it, no other takers. Decided to throw the c-rigged lizard, worked it for a while, picked up a couple of small bass and had one drag puller that was on for about 2 seconds before getting off. Noted the presence of many beds with bass around them, they weren't interested in the lizard, top water, or Keitechs. After a couple of hours of very few bites, I decided I was going to have to go full Ned on them - didn't want to do it, but they gave me no choice. I had read rps's report that he had gotten some on the Ned, fishing cuts and pockets. So I did exactly that, looked for small cuts and pockets in the bank, and usually could get a bass or two out of each one. Small fish, maybe had 2 or 3 keeper sized, but if they were keepers they would have been close to the mark. Still fun to catch on the spinning rod. Mix of species, spots, largemouth, smalls, and a mean mouth or two, caught 20 or so. Wind started howling, I was done about 1:30 PM. Saw WT's as high as 63. Big M courtesy dock was messed up when I got back, looks like the wind had pushed it off the bank and slewed it around a bit, had to wade through knee deep water to get to my truck. Fortunately air and water temps were warm. This post has been promoted to an article
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    straw hat

    Rock rip rap.

    Last weekend and today the wife and I worked some rock rip rap around Stockton. We managed to get about 7 keeper crappie (all post spawn), and the wife caught a 2 lb largemouth and this 7 lb, 26" fat as a butterball walleye. She was in 7th heaven. It meant a lot to me to see her eyes light up like that. We noticed the cats are moving into the rocks. We caught 10 channels and 2 flatheads with the biggest flathead only 7 lbs. Not to bad for being lazy and setting on a rock in the sun..
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    Here is a 22.75 inch Brown Trout that we collected while sampling black bass in Music Creek, last night.
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    Reel Recovery 2018

    Another one is in the books, Thought I would do a report. This one is a bit more special to me as I got to meet and be a reel buddy to two of our own members here from OAF. The first evening everyone comes together to dine as a group. The participants, the facilitators and the river buddies which I am fortunate to be a part of. The river buddies try to work our way in and sit amongst the participants to visit and become part of the group. Some of the guys are pretty quiet and some are not. We don't like quiet we are here to have fellowship and have a good time. After dinner the River buddies are run off to our lodging while the participants and facilitators do there thing, what ever that is. Top secret stuff I suppose . Next morning early the Buddies get up and rig rods and reels for the guys who don't bring their own. Some of these good fellows have never had a fly rod in hand. We all eat breakfast and get ready to pair up and hit the stream. We had nine men attend this year. We try to get ten but things happen and some cannot make it for various reasons. One of the things that is done is the vest signing. There is a set of traveling vests signed by all the men going through this program. some vests have been retired because they are filled with names. When you see the names on here it really makes you think. I have two very close friends that have signed vests that are not with us now. Both were members on here. Then we have a shot of eight very special men from this retreat,Two of these guys are our members.Can you find them. With all this stuff the first fishing session is pretty short. I got to go out with Rusty. Rusty is not a member on here but his cousin is. Rusty is JDmidwest's "little cousin" I thought little cousin my rear as Rusty towers over me and way over JDmidwest ! Rusty had fly fished some and soon got to hooking trout. We worked on his skills and he was mending line like a pro in the fast water, We changed places and flies often. Some of the fish in the stream had been very educated by the time we got to them. We were called to lunch and after that the guys all changed river buddies for the next session. So here we go again and I had the pleasure to fish with our own OAF member patfish . Pat knows his way around a fly rod and it showed. We hit a place where the spring creek and dry creek have a confluence. i knew some of the guys in the morning session had stripped small buggers and caught I gave Pat a small black seal leech and he began to put the smack down on fish. after catching a few we passed the spot on to other men and their buddies. This is what we all do so everyone catches fish. We worked our way up the stream catching here and there. We talked about everything you could think of as we fished. I knew right off I had met another special person that will have a place in my list of friends, We hit more spots and worked our way back for dinner. Pat wore me out . A break was taken and we all met back for dinner, more fellowship and then the buddies were once again run off from the group. Next morning we got breakfast and there was a guy cooking omelets to order. With that done we paired off again and I got to fish with another OAF member JDmidwest . Again another one knowing his way around a fly rod. I asked him what he was looking for fishing this morning. His response was away from the crowd ! We dropped down below, way below where the others were fishing. After the confluence of the spring creek and dry creek come together there is a stretch still owned by Westover. Then more stream leased. We took a walk to a place down there where Pat and I had ventured the day before. This was pretty thin water with a slot that has a limestone slab. JD worked this over pretty good. Had a few hits but nothing serious. He finally hooked a minnow and bringing it in a trout tried to get the minnow. fished a bit more there and then worked our way back to the crowd. We were needing a hero shot and I knew of the place. We messed there for awhile , caught fish and got the hero shot. I think JD and I did more talking than fishing. We talked hunting, more fishing adventures and of course bee keeping, I got many tips from JD, I am truly blessed to have had one on one time with these guys. More friends to add to my list. I wish I could of fished with each one of the eight men attendees. I did get to visit with each of them and learned from the other Buddies their stories. We had a quick lunch and then closed out the retreat. One more thing to share. I was handed something special from Pat before he left. Am now a card carrying honorary member, I will take it but am sure I could not keep up with this group. I am also sure that I would end up in an early grave trying to. Be well fish on! BilletHead
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    Phil Lilley

    Doty-Lilley Crappie Trip 4/29-30

    We left Branson about 2:30 yesterday for Stockton, Marsha, MonaCheri, Duane and myself, with Duane's boat in tow. Our target was to put in at Sons Creek and fish the evening, stay at Stone Creek Lodge (good friends Kris and Amanda Nelson, owners) and fish again Monday morning before heading back. Put in about 4:30 and headed out. Water temp about 64 degrees I think and windy. Seemed like it was out of the SE but was hard to tell not being used to the lake and direction. Duane has a nice fish finder... and we looked for fish. We went over to the left bank heading out and started there. Duane is going to have to add to my report because he has better knowledge of water temp and depth. I caught the first fish on a chart/red tube jig - a 19 inch walleye. Thought it was on! But of course there's a big leaning curve in most fishing trips. We dinked around that area, up and down the bank, marking fish all over the place but couldn't get them to bite. Did catch one here and there, mostly keepers. Then MonaCheri stumbled onto the pattern... trolling. I'm glad we caught in on the video... she set her rod down to check her phone. She's a birder and had been "talking" to a little yellow bird (MC can chime in and add to the report too if she wants to name the little bird). After catching one while not doing anything but moving along, she caught another one, and it was one. We ran out of deep water and turned around. Catching picked up as it got darker. Started catching some shorts but most were over 11 inches. The battery ran out on my GoPro and it was on silent so we didn't notice it until we were done. Too bad... we had doubles and triples... lots of stumbling around trying to net fish and untangle lines. We ended with 25 crappie, 7 whites and the walleye. After cleaning our fish at the lodge, we decided we weren't going to get out early Monday - the girls vetoed 5 a.m. wake up call. So we didn't get out he water till after 9 a.m. Monday. The wind was already blowing, we tried the same area with little success. The troll bite wasn't there. Pulling up in a cut Kris told us about, we got out and headed inland looking for some mushrooms. Found a few. We ended finding some crappies on the south bank in deep water but they didn't want to play very hard. We gave our 3 crappies and 1 white to a guy at the ramp, pulling out about 12:30. We had a wonderful time... and the fishing was even pretty good. Look forward to going back again. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Turnback Time

    No we are not talking Cher singing on a battleship here. We are talking a white bass report, Mrs. BilletHead and I had a pretty nice morning outing . Water temps 61 to 63.5 degrees. Windy, very windy and overcast. Sprinkle or two. Shot one shoal and stayed below the second. Started by anchoring in two foot of water. Mrs. BilletHead had two fish before I could get a cast in. We would work an area. Pull anchor drop and repeat. Pat used floating line. I literally fought sink tip in the shallow water. Getting snagged a bunch. Actually she was beating me up pretty bad until I switched to floating line. Clousers would go deep enough and snagging problem disappeared. In the thin water just smallish males. As we worked to a max depth of five feet larger fish showed up. There was a stretch of maybe a half mile of straight river we fished between eight AM until ten-thirty before picking up and heading to the ramp. in the deeper water we used the trolling motor until we hit fish and dropped anchor again. Pink over white Clousers and chartreuse over orange is all we used. The Mrs. shooting one out, Proof channel cat like pink, Pat had white bass thumb today, I caught one of the biggest whites I have ever caught today. The rule here is 15 inches. Got a good measurement at home. Wouldn't make 18 inches but close, Totals when we remembered to click . Never seen another soul until we got back down river. Good day to spend with my bride and best friend, BilletHead This post has been promoted to an article
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    Phil Lilley

    Long Creek Crappie

    Put in at Long Creek Ramp at 4 p.m. and boated up (left from ramp). Hit a few old spots - first one produced a nice keeper right off the bat. Lost another, then the spot went cold. Moved around, nothing. Tried another spot, nothing. Then went to good spot #2 and found a real hot spot - caught 4 real quick. Noticed baby thread fin against this bank and the crappie were under them. Moved around and caught another. Went back to spot #1 and caught 3 more keepers. Ended with 8. Didn't have to measure any... all over 12 inches. Haven't cleaned them yet- they're in a live tank so I don't know what they are but I bet males. Caught all but one on a smoke swimming minnow on a 1/16th oz head. 58-59 degree water. I caught most within 8 feet of the bank in 4-8 feet of water, a few out from the bank in 15 feet suspended. Really none on brush. Spot #1 has a green MDC structure sign in the back, 3 cuts from the ramp on the left bank and spot #2 also has a sign and it's the first cut on the left. Both are kind of corners... I caught them close to the signs but that wasn't why I fished either spot... I've done well on those banks before they put the brush there. Pattern? Not really any pattern... just covered a lot of area and made a lot of casts. Oh yea... caught 15 stinkin' bass too, mostly dinks. This post has been promoted to an article View full article
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    Kings River Crappie

    What a week... Day 1 started out first cast with my fav reel not working (worked fine the other day!) Day 2 the bow fish finder stopped working. Day 3 the trolling motor broke and my cranking battery went dead (even though I have solar panels which come to find out were installed on the wrong dang battery). Thank goodness the trolling motor busted at 3 pm on Day 3. We had 21 crappie in the live well with 7 over 14 inches. Fished Thurs/Fri/Sat for crappie up the kings... this has been an annual deal with my dad since I was probably 7 or 8 years old (nearly 30 years now). Fishing was good with all of the larger females still out deep in 7-8 ft down on timber in 20-30 ft of water. Males were moving shallow with a few here few there kinda thing. Limited out day 1. Few short of a limit on day 2, same deal on day 3. Caught 6 crappie that weighed 2 lbs over the 3 day trip with several others in the 1.5-1.9 range. Was tough to get one much over 2lbs. I did lose one that I think might have gone 2 1/2 maybe 2 3/4. Love those huge Table Rock Slabs! I chose to spend most of the time finding and fishing the deep trees vs throwing the bank like everyone else as the shallow bite wasn't really on yet. With the water level being 915 a lot of my fav trees are under water and were tough to find. Day 2 when my bow fish finder went out it made life much more difficult. The other one worked and had my way points so I could still get in the vicinity of my trees, just took more casts/etc to find em. Water temps 64-66.5 last 2 days. My guess is this weekend the shallow bite will be on fire. Now I get to take the boat in to have it worked on.... BOAT = Bust Out Another Thousand. Mark This post has been promoted to an article
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    Royal Blue

    Cape Fair 4/25

    Had a good time fishing the Wednesday buddy tournament with the Cape Fair Bass Club yesterday. I think there were 15 boats and it took a little over 17lbs on a 4 fish limit to win. Supposedly the big bag came from way up above Cape in super shallow water (2-3ft) all on jigs. They had 3 5lbers from the same little cut according to those guys. We had a little over 12 lbs on our 4. All were on a Molix blade and Rapala Scatter Raps. The crankbait fish were not on the back hook either. They were eating it and just t-boning it. Threw the A-rig a little bit, but couldn't stop getting bit by 10 inch whites so we put it away and went to what seemed to be working. It never really stopped raining, so I didn't take very many pics. We saw a ton of eagles and ospreys all carrying fish. All in all a pretty great day. Hope I can get all of my gear dried out sometime this century. WT 57-62. This post has been promoted to an article
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    took a short trip last night at eagle rock and the mdc was actually there getting ready to go out and do some shocking above the eagle rock bridge. they are supposed to e-mail me the results. needless to say, i peeled their ears back while i had a captive audience😊. on the fishing front caught 10 keepers and they were all 16 to 17 inch cookie cutters. all healthy and fat. all were caught 10 to 15 ft. deep. all were caught on a 3/8 GrassJig and trailer. all were on steeper chunk banks. so, more on ends, but still out deeper. bo
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    Bassin' fool

    What a “crappie” day

    Only Had about 2 hours to fish this morning so instead of the usual flippin’ jig and spinner bait I tried some crappie fishing. Ended up with 11 crappie, 10 being keepers in the 11-13” range and a bonus 17” walleye. All caught on a roadrunner from right on the bank out to 3’ on flatter gravel banks. Also picked up 8 bass (all males) with 3 being keepers, all on or near beds.
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    5/2 Midlake

    Had planned on putting in at Baxter but at the last moment turned off and headed to Aunt's Creek. Never put in at Baxter,seems like alot of crooked road down H and figured I could get there just as easy by water.. Hit one point in Aunts Creek that Bill Beck always liked, no love. Headed down the James then up river to a large gravel banked cove. At the back I hooked up with several smallies out in about 8 fow. Just across the lake was a small cut at the end of a bluff I'd had luck at years passed. Right at the bluff end got one on a shakeyhead. Usually I ljust swing them in the boat but this one looked like it would strain my 8# leader so I got the net out. Big LM but only weighed in at 2.75#, still nice. Ran over to fish a cove but see a boat as I get nearer hit to the next cove another boat. Third cove more boats but this one had several options so I found my point and headed down the bank. several fish on the gravel point, I think the approaching front got them active. The wind was right on it. Then just down from that a log near the bank yeilded 5 goggle eye. Thought the first was a fluke so I threw it back. Could have had a meal if I'd thought different. Hit a long thin cove with the wind coming right down it . Way at the back loads of bait. My graph gave an enticing picture so I tied up to a cedar in the middle ,old school Spotlock, started caatching bass. a few of each, 10 in all. They didn't want my SB or swimbait, ate Ned or shakyhead. When the front hit it seems to kill things for a few hours but it started up again around 2. I was on a bank right off main lake so I got a parade of derby boats for about a half hour full tilt heading downstream. finished with several smallies off that bank with one nice keeper. Finished with around 30 fish, probably 6 keepers, don't have a tape in the boat. They all came draggin the bottom, Ned, tube, or Shakyhaed Pictures aren't in sequence sorry Last smallmouth of the day Didn't look like it had spawned yet a friend told me he had caught some big goggle eye in TR just yesterday I said I never had till today Hoped some of these were bass and they were This post has been promoted to an article
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    shark bait

    Eagle Rock Sunday evening

    Fished Eagle Rock area yesterday evening with my friend Terry. Caught some realy nice ones and a bunch of smaller ones. Spinner bait and supper spook was our ticket. Put in at 5:30 pm and off the water at 9:30. This was my biggest and Terry had his big one about the same size.
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    Tough Day in the Wind

    Had to work hard in the yak, but well worth it! Winds were 10 to 15 mph out of the NE. Started at Kauffman, moved to Turkey Creek, and finished at Maze Creek. There are so many good put-in locations for kayaks on Stockton! Pulled cranks for most of the day. Went home with 9 crappie and two walleye. Expected to find crappie in the shallows...that wasn't happening.
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    Big Indian 5/4

    My question was answered by 176Champ,that being if there was stained water elsewhere. Down near Baxter most of the water was unstained till I rounded the bend heading up Big Indian. I had to slow to an idle to get through one area of debris. Headed to the backs of coves and most had plenty of water coming in that was now clearing. Fish seemed to like that clear/stain interface. The clear water was cooler because once I ran my boat through the stain I could see clear water underneath. Lots of small to medium spots. One cove it was every cast had trouble hooking up so I downsized to a ned for awhile. had a 17" ,18" ,181/2"LM and a couple right at keeper size lost one other nice one trying to flip him in the boat.Went out on the main lake all I found were banks with boats on them. The cove I'd fished the other day I thought would be good but I went by it 3 times and it always had one or two boats in it. After that I headed back through the debris though it had dissipated for the most part.Used plastics for most of the day color didn't seem to matter as long as it was green. Caught 2 of the bigger ones on chatterbait. Lots of debris a few big logs found another Goggleye today
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    Second bird down and I am done

    BilletHead finished up this morning, Up early and set up. There is one particular field where the birds work and at the North end two pinch points where the birds enter or exit at a fence row. I set at one and they use the other and vice versa. This morning it was more of the same. Not responding to calls early and doing as they please. I gave it a go and sure enough a tom excited in the other place and their was no gobbling here to speak of. I heard one jake on the roost. I took a break around eight and took some of my layering off, cooled down and went back out again. Forty acres away from the early set up. Sat and made a few calls. Heard one bird and it faded away. Circled back to morning spot looking in fields between. Nada. Between the pinch points is a patch of cedars and persimmons. Thick in there tangled mess of multiflora rose and honeysuckle. I worked on a spot with clippers making a shooting lane or two. Did some calling in the process. Hen call and then a gobble or two. Even checked OAF and read where Seth finished up. I then heard to the North a gobble. I crawled forty yards through the mess in the persimmon grove to see a tom heading my way. I called some and he hung up. I gobbled to him and he turned and ran away. I watched in horror. Crap. He entered some brush and then I seen him jump and he was being chased by another bird. Round and round they went. I began to get aggressive with my calls but to no avail. Then from the other side of the persimmon grove I heard a gobble close and I mean close. I crawled back to the trimmed out hide watching the exit point of the field. I made a hen call to nothing. Gobbled again and he answered really close. In the fence row it is so thick I cannot see the field and he was a mere five yards away. I watch the trail under the fence. Soft hen yelps and then I caught him ducking the fence. He cleared the fence eight yards away and when he stood straight I let him have it. When I did another tom that was with him came out and into flight. I went to the tom and on the other side of the fence when I cleared the tangle there was a third tom on the other side of the fence. Todays bird sported an 11 inch beard and 3/4 inch spurs.A bit better beard than my first bird and much shorter spurs. Go figure. This bird was killed at ten-thirty exactly. If Mrs. BilletHead wants to try for her second in the morning we will. If not I am going to sleep in! BilletHead
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    Daryk Campbell Sr

    3 weekends of scout camping.

    So, as the title states, I have camped out with Boy scouts for the last 3 weekends. We did get to fish last weekend in a private stocked pond. Snag city. Many of the boys never casted a pole before. I had many rods/reels donated a few years back from a customer of mine. I have slowly reworked each one and salvaged what I could. 3 fish were caught, 1 crappie and 2 catfish. Nothing huge for any of them, but ok size for the boys. This weekend we cleaned and filleted them. The boys got their hands dirty, and learned some fish anatomy. They also learned how the meat they buy is processed. I will fry them up tomorrow for our meeting.
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    Old dog 417

    Trolled for Crappie

    Launched at Ruark a little after 11:00 AM. The weather people were right...there was definitely a south wind blowing but air temps were moderate. I found a close by creek that the wind wasn't blowing directly into and decided to start there. The plan was to troll deeper water for staging crappie rather than casting the shoreline. Started out with Rebel Deep "R"s (yes, they are old baits) in firetiger and caught a few but ultimately decided the baits needed to run deeper and switched to #7 Flicker Shads finishing out the day using them. The deeper presentation and larger bait produced better sized females in the 12-13" range. The bonus walleyes came early on while turning around on the windy point at the mouth of the creek in shallower water with the Rebels. I probably tossed back 5-6 shorts and a couple of bluegill in the 4 hours of fishing. It was important to retrieve the baits every few minutes and knock the slime off acquired from the globs of it that were floating/suspended throughout the creek. Often, immediately after throwing the bait back it would get bit so that said a lot. The numbers: 14 crappie, 10-13" 2 walleye, 16-17" Water temp 62.5 degrees Contour Depths trolled 12-16' Speed 1.3 - 1.5 MPH. Last but not least...Please park your trailer responsibly!! Tight lines to ya, OD This post has been promoted to an article

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