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    New personal best today

    Caught my personal best largemouth today. 5.20lbs. Was a pond bass but none the less the biggest bass live ever caught. Sad to say it’s still a pound and a half behind my wife’s biggest bass out of the same pond.
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    My daughter’s PB Smallie

    We were just messing around at low water bridges that looked fun to play in the water. My daughter grabbed a little but, killer set up of mine to fish with and I cringed but, said screw it and ran to our truck to get her rod and reel and a cooler. I remember thinking she’s gonna destroy that rod and reel and I was like screw it. I hear yelling and screaming so I run back the couple hundred yards to our bridge to see my daughter and wife laughing and giggling. My daughter pulled a very solid 16 3/4 inch Smallie out of this little 2 foot deep hole hahahaha fun stuff . Apparently this thing fought like crazy and went airborne a couple of times..... and I was pissed about letting her use my rod 😜
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    The first access was deep right at the bank, so that was a no go, but we went upstream next, and waded up to the next bridge. We started slow, but fishing picked up about halfway. I caught 10 smallies and he caught 4. All of his were on either a grub or a Little Dipper in shiner. Mine were on a Jackall Dera Spin, 1/8oz buzzbait and Zoom Super Fluke Jr rigged on a Gamakatsu G Finesse 2/0 hybrid EWG. When we got to 42, the skies began looking ominous and a 2wd 4cyl Ranger on wet rocks going up that access did not sound like my idea of fun. We turned around and at this point, I'd only caught 4 smallies and he had 1. We decided to make time and hit the couple best pools again, which were in the upper half of that wade. I lost the big fish of the day that had to go 16+. It hit the Fluke Jr and immediately ran downstream yanking drag. My bait flew back at me as he only had the tail...drat. I caught 3 over 12, big fish at about 14. When he caught his first, the smile said it all. The rains ran us off the creek after about 4 hours, but a lifetime of memories were made and it's a creek I'll definitely be back to next month.
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    Big Ole Hump Day!

    2 years ago today, I finished a 6 week radiation treatment therapy that left me with a third less of my body weight and many sores. They promised a 90 percent chance of a cure. They consider the 2 year mark without any new tumors a success. Here I am, this hurdle is past and behind me. 3 more years and we can consider this done. I am out to 6 month cycles to the doctor. Life is good.
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    My daughter, Jaiden, and I went to the river today. I was mainly expecting to go on a boat ride and enjoy the beautiful day with Jade. I didn't think the fishing would be very good with the water being high and in the middle of the day. We jetted up river and then started to float back down. Oh yeah, Jade likes to listen to music and sing too which usually doesn't help with the fishing!! I skipped a 1/8 oz #2 sickle finesse jig paired with a 2.75" orange and green pumpkin Z-Man worm under some overhanging limbs by the bank. I watched my line as the jig drifted down river skittering on the bottom. All of a sudden my line stopped drifting so I reeled into the pressure. My line started swimming up river and the fight was on. Then the smallmouth got in the current, headed down river, and started pulling drag on my reel. Luckily I had my fishing buddy Jade with me to grab the net, or I don't think I would have ever boated that fish. I'm sure it was less, but it felt like it took 5 minutes to get that beast in. The fish was just shy of 17." The smallmouth seem to love that green pumpkin and orange combo around here. If you look closely in the mouth of the fish you can see a craw that she had eaten just before she took my bait. The pincers on that craw still had a orange hue to them. This may not have been my biggest smallmouth, but it is the best one I have ever caught because I got to share it with Jaiden. After we released the fish and drifted around the next bend, I saw an eagle fly over us. I thanked God for another wonderful day that I got to spend with my daughter in his beautiful creation! This post has been promoted to an article
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    snagged in outlet 3

    Vacation Trip Report

    Got to Cooper at 6 am. Heavy fog and then thunder and quick light rain. Slowly made my way upstream in the fog. Boats scattered around fishing. 35 megawatts till 9 or so and then they ramped it up to 150 when I left Threw the jerk till noon. No fish caught after 10:30. Had around 10 to the boat, rolled another 15 or so and had at least that many followers. Never caught a rainbow although at times groups would follow it all the way to boat. A couple of the browns that I rolled or had on for a while were real nice. One XL brown followed the jerk to the boat and he was a tank. Back at it tomorrow. @Travis Swift I swear I had all my bass gear but I just couldn’t leave my regular milk run. This post has been promoted to an article
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    lmt out


    Been having some trouble finding the walley so I enlisted the help of a couple experts walleye fisher women. We ended with 5 keepers and 2 barely shorts. Bottom bouncing in 21 ft if water and jig and crawler from 17 to 21 ft of water. Fished from 8 to 12:30. To hot for us we headed in. Best 2 fishing partners ever. Sister and wife.
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    Cape Fair Friday

    Kyle and I hit the water at. 6. We went up there was lots of fog and floaters. We had 4 fish in the first hour. 3 of them were nice. It got slow after that. The bite quit at 10. We fished until 12 then called it quits. Had a total of 17 bass. We caught fish on spinnerbait buzzbaits frogs shaky and Ned but never could get a pattern.
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    Bill Babler

    Off Topic. Alaska

    Phil and I are off on another Alaskan float fishing adventure. We are leaving August 11. You can follow the preparation and the journey on the Alaska forum. Going to be fun. Hope you all enjoy following us
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    Ozark Smallie Vacation

    Headed on the yearly family/friends vacation to our favorite stream in Missouri at the end of June. Caught lots of fish and some decent size. Even caught the same 17.5" fish off the same spot on the kiddie pole on Monday and Thursday! Missed some big ones but that’s just part of it. Best week of the year, every year. It’s good for the soul!
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    I've always been skeptical of them especially w the cost. But I tried them out Thursday morn around the Knob and caught the biggest bass I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not much else happened tho. Just wanted to share the fish.
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    Big M area, June 20

    Another day, another fog bank. Fortunately it wasn't very thick right outside of Big M so I was able to motor down lake before getting socked in, but I was able to get to where I wanted to be. However the top water bite I was anticipating did not get going for a while, so I worked some trees in a cove with a Grass Jig/Rage Craw and caught a couple of keeper smallmouth, they were in that 10-15 foot range and ate it when it was being dragged across the bottom. I'd say about 0600 the top water bite got going, but it was another day where they were over deep water and scattered, best way to get a bite was get a cast on them right after they popped, fan casting will get some bites, but not nearly as many if you can get on them right away when they come up. I was using an Evergreen SB 115 for most of my bites and also got one on a Rapala Wake Minnow. Tom from Eagle Rock was out there and he was getting them on a Whopper Plopper. Sun came out, fogged burned off, top water bite just stopped when that happened. Dragged the c-rig off a few points and picked up a couple of shorts. Caught 17 bass and 5 of them were keepers. Lost a big smallie, he scarfed the Evergreen, pulled for a few seconds and came out of the water about 3 feet and tossed the lure. That hurt. I think the WT was 79, my temp reading on my depth finder has been squirrely lately, sometimes it shows reading like -2 or 20. But it did read 79 for a while which sounds a little more reasonable than -2. Tried a spy bait for a bit, had a couple of bites, but no hookup. Caught a white bass on a Keitech, but no black bass on it. Three amigos
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    8 year Walleye

    I got out on the river this week. The last time I was out I caught fish, just none picture worthy, but I did have a deer come down to the bank to check me out. This time I caught a bunch of average size smallmouth, nothing big, on shallow crankbaits, and soft craws, and a few pumpkinseeds. I couldn't find any goggle eyes. I also caught a gar but when I got it to the side of the kayak she got off. But the fish of the day was the walleye. My streak now is 8 years in a roll with catching a walleye in the James, just bragging. I got hung up in a tree hanging over the river, paddled over to get the lure , and while I was over there I made one cast upstream and had a nice fight on my hands. I caught it up stream from where Wilson creek flows into the James. I did lose one lure but to make up for that I caught a rod and reel, won't tell what lure catches rods. The catfish pic is to show where I was fishing. Great day on the river....All were released to fight again......
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    Please show yourself

    I did the Meramec on Friday and the Big Piney yesterday. Both days were absolutely some of the best fishing I have had in Missouri for a bit, the numbers were offf the charts and so many fish from 16 to 18 over the last 72 hours it’s gonna be hard to wipe the grin off my face. on Friday I nailed some quality fish on top in front of some very cool younger fellas. They would cheer me on and and we ended up shotgunning Two Beers there on the sand bar.... the one kid recognized me from here and I forgot your name so please come forward. You guys made an old washed up dork feel good with your cheering me on and chugging some beers 🍻 😜 so many fish over the last Two days it kinda all bleeds together but, it was epic.
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    lmt out

    Getting better

    Found a few. Fish from about 8:30 to 12:30 had seven keeper walleye in three shorts. One short on jigging rap all the rest on bottom bouncing crawler harnesses in 18 to 22 foot of water
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    Walleye 7/10

    Put in at Crabtree tonight after getting my trailer back together. Trolled the flats North of Mutton. Found 1 crappie. Trolled a point close by and found a couple drum, nothing really in that area to speak of. I decided to hit a spot on the way back that I had caught some fish in about a month ago, an island which is now submerged. Caught three eyes from 15.5-22", which is my PB. Not really sure what is so special about that spot, but they're in there. 18-20 feet, trolling chart and jointed purple tiger flicker shads. Crappie was on blue tiger.
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    Video Game Fishing

    I've been lucky enough to get out on the lake around the Hideaway area a couple of times over the last week. I took this time to really work on drop shot fishing and found a consistent pattern. I also learned a lot about my electronics considering that I was finally catching fish that I could see!! It was almost like video game fishing. I would fish the long points early in the am. I would get out at first light, but the bite was more consistent after the sun had been up for awhile - somewhere between 0700-0830. I think the sun would help concentrate the shad off the points. Around 0900 the bite would slow down considerably. The best depth seemed to be the 20-25 ft. range. Each point seemed to have a "sweet spot" where the shad and bass would congregate. I would troll around the point. When I started seeing bait balls in the 20-25 ft. range, I would drop a marker buoy. Then I would work on adjusting my sonar and down scan. I would increase the gain until I could see my fishing line drop and rise. I increased the contrast on the down scan until I could see good separation between the bait. Lastly, I would zoom the screens to the bottom half of the lake so I could get a better picture in the 12-25 ft range. It is amazing how these adjustments improved what I could see in the targeted area. I used a drop shot rig with a 3/8 ounce weight and a #4 hook with live worms cut in half. I would thread the worms onto the hook and let half of it hang off of the hook. I kept the nose of the boat in the wind towards my marker buoy so I could control my drift around the area. The fish seemed to prefer the rig to be vertical and slowly dragged across the bottom. I tried casting and jigging some without very much success. The bite was very light and reminded me of crappie fishing. I would watch the bait balls come into view on my screen with the arches under them. I could almost time the bites and watch the fish as I reeled it up to the boat. When I started catching fish I would drop a second marker buoy and this would give me a very good reference of my drift and where I was catching. The shad would move around so you didn't have to stay in the exact same spot. The depth seemed to be more of a key to look for. This was such a fun way to fish. I caught several species of fish. I just like to catch fish no matter what. I would catch very large bluegill, bass, catfish, and walleye all in the same area. It's also a very relaxing way of fishing just drifting around. Can't wait to get back out.
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    Elite Black Widow rules

    took knickmeyer fishing down to the lower end last night. lots of boat traffic until around 10:30. bass are on the move, and you need to be too to track some catchable ones down. we jumped aroun looking and finally found two spots with a good number of bass hanging around. both were further back in big coves. we caught most of them last night on the 1 oz. Elite Black Widow. flatter terrain and most were more in the 20 ft. range. knickmeyer actually had the biggest one, brownie, but after banging it on the side of the boat two or three times, finally getting it onto the back deck, it flopped back in again, and was gone. oh well, got all the good out of it, but would have been nice to show you a pic of this toad. i took a pic of a pretty good one and knickmeyers was quite a bit bigger. we ended up with 16 keepers and all brownies. had to have lots of shad as usual. bo
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    Ozark Smallie Vacation

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    Bill Babler

    new member

    Jamie, welcome. You are staying in a very nice area to catch your first Small Jaw. With the water up throw a Ned Rig or a small jig 3/8th to 1/2 oz in front of the bushes with your boat in 20 plus feet and drag it out. Look to fish as much flat gravel as you can as the fish, especially the Jaws like gravel. Green Pumpkin, watermellon, or peanut butter jelly are great Table Rock colors. Rumor has it that a carolina rig bite is stating and its a good way to find fishing depth. Use a Zoom Fish Dr. or Centipede and drag it from in front of the bushes out to about 30' We use a splitshot rig here or a Mojo jig, which is just a light line finess C-rig. 1/4 oz. weight about 3 ft. above the hook, usually 8 lb. test line and a size one or 1/0 hook. The walleye are a totally different game. Yes there are plenty at the dam, but it is truly a treat to catch one down here. Most walleye start at point 9 and go up the White River. Target these with a dropshot or bottom bounder on the gravel runnouts in 15' to 30' Live Crawlers seem to be the best deal for the Eye's. They were hitting a small swimbait, but have really backed off, for best results use live bait. Good LUck
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    6/21-22 report

    Well it was the first time fishing taneycomo for my son and he was excited to get after some trout. We headed down Friday and put in at Cooper Creek about 4 that afternoon. First thing we did was boat up to the dam and drifted back. We fished jigs but it was tough for us. We had a few strikes, picked up a lot of moss but just weren't getting any to the boat. We stopped in at Lilly's and picked up more supplies, talked with duckydoty and got some tips. We ended the day boating just a couple rainbows. Saturday we were on the water by about 830 and by then there was maybe 1 unit running. again we run upstream and floated down from fall creek. we did this most of the day and had much better results. My wife landed the first (her first brown trout in MO) and last fish with several in between. My son and I tag teamed a few as well. It was a great day on the water with several nice fish caught and some that didn't quite make it to the boat. A big THANK YOU to @duckydoty for sharing some of his SS hand painted cranks and help putting us on fish. and while my son wasn't successful hooking up with a brownie (certainly it wasn't for lack of trying) he did have plenty of luck with the bows. This post has been promoted to an article
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    I was in Missouri starting on the 14th and was there for a week on business - ugly business. I needed a release and started looking at options. I have a goal to catch two new sunfish and two darters this year. I have been trying to catch a brook darter in the black river and it's tributaries a couple of times already. I saw a couple of Ben Cantrell's blogs on catching a variety of sunfish species, including warmouth, dollar, and bantam sunfish near Poplar Bluff. I was going to be on my own until Sunday. So developed a plan to fish a couple of likely spots down that way to try and catch some new species. Compared to the local waters which were running brown and muddy, the creeks down around Poplar Bluff were dropping and may actually be running clear. I got on the road and headed east towards Saint Louis and then south, way south. I was going to start fishing near Poplar Bluff, then Wappello, and then a tributary of Lower Taum Sauk Lake. In one of the blogs I read about an unnamed park in Poplar Bluff with a ditch and a cold water pond. I was looking to start fishing one of the conservation areas, but found myself in McLane park. As I was driving through the park I saw a small creek and a ditch running through the park. I walked along the ditch and saw several topminnows. I got out my microrig and got after those fish with a #20 hook with a bit of chartreuse plastic. Since they were spooky I had to try to sneak up to get after these fish. I spooked several, but I finally got a solid bite and landed my first blackspotted topminnow of the year. I was done spooking these fish and went to the pond that had the cold water stream running into it. I still had my microrig. I saw schools of minnows. I made several casts and easily caught several more of the topminnows. Why did I even try to fish the ditch? I kept spooking the other minnows. I did make a couple of casts into the pond that was loaded with sunfish and a couple of smallmouth bass. I caught a longear sunfish. I looked and looked at this fish trying to wish it to be a dollar sunfish if there was flecks of color on the operculum. Just couldn't and it was just a longear. I really should have been smarter and went back to the car and got my other rod to really go after those sunfish. With the microrig I switched to piece of redworm. I ended up catching a central stoneroller that may have been one of the fish in those spooky schools of fish. I continued to fish the creek. further upstream I finally saw some darters. I know that one of the them was a definite brook darter. It was a male with very blue coloration. I tried several time to get it to eat my bait. Every time I would get the bait near the fish it would list to its side then weakly swim off. I never got it to bite my bait. I high banked fished with no luck. I slipped down to the creek and got closer but no fish. I got back up to the bank I saw a tightcut in the clay bottom of the creek. There was a sycamore that had been growing down near the creek bottom. I climbed down and stood on the root wad and above the fish. I dropped the bait and the fish were eager to grab the bait. I caught my first darter. Looking it over it was a brook darter - my first of this species! The cold water and condensation made for a poor photo. I caught a couple of females and another male from that same hole. I spent a lot of time in this creek and missed an opportunity in the pond, but had to get going to my next spot. I drove up to Wappello to fish the spillway below the lake. I put on a black and green trout magnet. I got a couple of small bites when I fished it without a float. I added a float and could almost reach the other bank. I made a cast near some standing rocks and got a strong bite but lost the fish. Cast back out and got a solid bite. I landed an unusual sunfish, my first warmouth, ever! I caught a couple of green sunfish and then had to run to the last spot. I was going to fish a spot where I had seen a different madtom species and was hoping to catch a few to get my trifecta of new species. I was going to get to the creek after dark. At one time I saw a gray animal run across the road. It was not a deer or a dog. I can only assume that it was a feral pig. I got out the microrig with worm piece and put on my headlamp. I went down to the creek. Saw what I thought was a checkered madtom, but it was a crayfish. I saw several others and lots of minnows, but no madtoms. I searched for a long stretch. I only ended up seeing one madtom. It looked to be a slender madtom and It never even sniffed my bait before it swam away. It was time to go. I drove on back to Columbia. I pulled into the hotel just after 2:30 am. I drove over 620 miles, I caught several new species for 2019 and two life list species. All in all a good day.
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    Went camping with the family Sun-Wed. After talking with Fishrman about his cranking deal I put the thinking cap on and found other flat areas to crank. It was fun. 10 keepers each trip 4 hrs early and 4 hours at night. Caught all three species also which was a treat. Nothing big, a few 3 lbers, several 2 1/4-2/5 lbers. Wt upper 80's. Did spoon some docks but it wasn't going up there. Lots of bait out in open water flipping around.
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    7-7-19 lower end

    well. took the BOSS fishing tonight. it was dark when we put in and quit a bit before 1:30. bass have moved just a tad deeper. most bites to begin with were 25 ft. caught a few 15 to 20 as it got later. the 1 oz. Elite Black Widow and the 1 oz. Elite Mega Blade did most of the damage. i did catch a few on a 3/4 GrassJig. ended up with 14 keepers. the Boss caught 6 of them. almost everything we caught was further back in bigger coves. that seemed to be where most of the bait was. bo
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    7-4 to 7-7

    We fished from 530 to 8 every morning. We did not hit it hard and only tried to drop shot but had top water tied on if we seen surfacing but we did not. We caught 6-10 keepers every time but only found 3 or 4 on each point. The best one was a fat 19 inch spot. We found them in 28-40 ft of water and they could be at any depth at any moment. We used crawlers. We fished from Indian point to point 5. I dont post alot but thought I would send this report back as a thank you to everyone that does post and help us out.
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    I love watching my kids reel em in

    It can sometimes be a pain trying to teach them, and it is very difficult to fish yourself with your kids that don’t yet know how. However, it is really fun watching them reel one in. Today, I took my daughter to the small creek where I learned to fish and we had a great time catching crawdads, throwing rocks, swimming, exploring, and fishing. She caught her first fish all by herself (except for me casting out for her). She saw the bobber go down, set the hook, and reeled it in all by herself. A small sun fish. She also caught her first bass today. A smallmouth. Proud daddy here.
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    My trip Jun22-29

    Came down for our annual week at TRL Jun22-29. Sun was a complete washout for us as it rained nonstop all day and night. Every morning (Mon-Fri) we fished from 5am until 11am at the latest. We had found a couple of new areas that we wanted to try this year so we headed there first thing. A little cut of the main lake just down lake from cow creek. Being that there were a lot of flooded we decided to start pounding them with a jig first keeping a eye out for top water activity as well. . Caught this 5.00 beauty up tight in the bushes about 7:30 or so and she hammered my jig and craw! Also caught a really nice 2.27 SM on the point of the same pocket slow rolling a grub. Also caught a few on top with wakers and spooks. Tried some of our deeper spots and could locate fish but couldn’t get em to bite anything. Threw the grub, drop shot, jigging and flutter spoons and they were having non of it. Caught this 3.70 in the same pocket in the same row of flooded bushes on Tuesday morning on the same jig and craw. We caught more LM this year than ever probably because we were doing a lot more bank beating than we usually do this time of year but with all those flooded shrubs we couldn’t resist! Needless to say it was probably a good idea as these two fish are the largest that I have caught to date out of TRL! We did fish our usual locations but had limited success with no consistency. We did manage a few at each of our spots but just not like in years past. I’m sure the high water and the lower water temps (saw anywhere from 76-82 through out the week) had something to do with this as the summertime pattern is usually well established by the time we get to the lake. It wasn’t this year. We usually start our mornings looking for some top water action. We fished our usual gravel run outs and main lake humps near deep water and could locate fish at all but getting them to bite was another story. We did get a few every day on wake baits. Also had many blow ups but they would just flat out miss it! Was still a lot of fun though. We did have one morning when the whites blew up near the boat. We managed 5 before they were gone on wake baits and one on a flutter spoon. All in all it was a good week. Did not catch the numbers we are used to but the quality sized fish more than made up for that. I think we caught right at 50 fish over the week with about half of those keepers. Pretty good ratio in my book. Good luck to everyone. Thanks for all the great reports over the years as it has helped up fine tune our tactics and our ability to catch those pesky TRL bass! Dan
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    What am I missing?

    It’s only fair to provide an update for all the tips. Finally brought a few up from the deep this morning. Found shad at 40’ on main lake and caught a few on the dropshot. My buddy caught a nice 19” smallie on a jig last night. We tried a tactic that I recently read from Bill Babler to back the boat off and cast to where you would normally keep the boat. Thanks for all the help. Even when fishing is tough, this lake is hard to beat. Here’s one that I caught this morning.
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    Bill Babler

    Quick Trip Yesterday No Pic's

    Started out of Eagle Rock at 0600 with Rod and Will. Only 1 rig in the small lot. We fished to the Mouth of Carter and there was absolutely no topwater early. We caught fish on a 2.8 Keitech and a drop shot but it was not fast. Probably about a dozen for Will and half that for Rod. I could catch them, but right now the speed and depth of that swim bait is CRITICAL.. I just cannot get people to fish it correctly, either to much speed or hung on the bottom. About 0900 we finely got on them as they started chasing across from Rock Creek. They had two on a fin that simply blew its doors off hitting it with total abandon and another dozen on the swimmer just cranking it medium fast shallow thru the chasers. All most all the chasers were LM with the best at a couple of pounds. Probably 30 total for the day, with a dozen small keeps. Just zero lake traffic on a Saturday, a few bass boats and a few wake boats and that was it. Got back to the ramp and there was only one other rig, a total of 3 rigs at 10 am on a Saturday morning. Good Luck
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    finally got back out

    had made a short trip monday evening with leonard, but catching was one here and there because it had been cloudy and raining all day, but we did catch 8 keeps with on 4lb., all brownies. they were all pushing 25 ft. and all of them came on the big wobbler. got out last night and took a feller from louisiana fishing. he was wanting to catch some brownies. i got them on the big wobbler and the Elite Black Widow both in a 1 oz. the LA feller was kind of lost fishing so far off the bank and could not get the hang of the bite when it occurred. found them grouped up pretty good in a couple of areas and got 11 keeps. most bites were out closer to 25 ft. seems as though they are moving to more summer depths now. had one dandy in the group. bo
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    A bit of a delay on posting this, but, was down at Lost Bridge the week of the 4th. Water temps were in the low 80's and there is plenty of water in the lake. We fished each morning from 5 until the kids got hungry which was usually 9ish. Then went back out from 6:30 to 9ish each evening. Had a pretty good week. Didn't set the world on fire but caught fish steady and had a several flurries of schooling fish. The lake was dead calm almost every trip out. We fished the whole week in Big Clifty. Found groups of fish on several main lake points that were there all week. We would have the boat sitting in 40-50 ft on the points and just fan casting around. they would come up to school from time to time and it would be on then. When they weren't schooling they would hit bottom baits. Most of the fish were caught on Ned or shakey heads with the rest being on topwater. I did have one good largemouth on a black spinnerbait right at dark. It was the biggest fish of the week and was right at 4lbs. (It was the biggest LM i have caught on Beaver) Cuaght a good walleye as well. He hit a shakey head in about 30 ft of water. Was a very fun week.
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    It has been 9 years since our last big Alaskan adventure , "Kelly River Float Trip" other than either Kodiak or the Naknek River, so Phil and I determined before I get to old that we need to do something that neither of us had done. I had a plan. For years I have heard and read about a great white fish that prowls the circumpolar regions of North America, Asia and Russia. This fish is the Sheefish or Inconnu Though somewhat widely spread it inhabits regions that for the most part, you just can't get there from here. Alaska's Kobuk River and Selawik River house the largest breeding populations (about 60,000 fish) and that was to be our first destination. Trouble was we can't get there from here this year. The flights are out of Bettles Ak. and there is none available in 2019 as they are already booked for the season. It was going to be a huge undertaking transporting rafts and gear for the trip but we have done it before. Several years ago Phil had a guest come and speak on a river off the Kuskokwim called the Holitna. This is a large class 1 and 2 grade river that starts in the Kuskokwim mountains and flows 110 miles to the main river at the small settlement of Sleetmute, It has a very good population of Sheefish, along with pike, char, grayling and all 5 pacific salmon species. When we first found out about the river the owner of a small lodge, the only one on the entire 110 mile river was the gentleman that spoke at Phil's. The lodge was the Holitna River Lodge and the owner was Rocky McElwain, I believe. It has since sold to Dan Paull and he has renamed his business Alaskan Adventures, still with the Lodge on the Holitna River. Phil and I will get this blog going to show you what we are up to with preparation, gear, flight information and you will be able to join us on the journey down the Holitna in search of char, salmon and the mighty, Tarpon of the North, the Sheefish.
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    JULY 6-7 TRIP

    Took a trip to Taneycomo vs fishing the flooded lakes around home (Pomme and Stockton) It was short notice so couldnt get a room at Lilleys. Did get all my tackle needs filled at Lilleys though ! Stayed at a neighbor resort. Awesome fishing. Saturday was an interesting day. Alot of boats. Expected that ! Alot more kayaks. Even jet skis towing a tube all the way to the cable ! There was also a 2-3 ft layer of fog all day long to make things worse. Didnt hear of anyone getting ran over but sure wouldnt surprize me if they did. No ill intent towards the fishermen in kayaks. They know what theyre doing out there. Rest of them idiots dont. More id like to say on this but wont ! That being said we just kept running and floating from the cable to the boat ramp to avoid the madness. We caught 30+ on sat. 32oz olive/peach jigs (thanks to the young guy at Lilleys for that tip ) I was loaded up with white jigs. Caught a few on white early but the o/p was the ticket ! Sunday was way more pleasureable. Little traffic of any kind. Still fished the cable to ramp for most part. Started the morning out at the cable. Set the spot lock on the minnkota. Casting upstream and reeling straight back to boat. 13 on 13 cast to start off the morning. Wife had 6-7 during same time. Hooked a rainbow guessing 7-8lbs at the cable. Fought it all the way down to the rip rap on the south side. It was jumping and running the whole time. One jump to many and it came loose. Was a load of fun though. Fished from 9 to 2. Most action before noon. Didnt have as much luck drifting as we did spot locking and casting. All fish healthy and scrappy. Majority of fish were 12-16". Current seemed to be faster and more turbulent for the amount of water being released. Powersite dam thing im guessing ?? Overall great trip. Caught lots of fish. Didnt run over any kayaks ! Didnt get to stay at Lilleys . Next time !! Did get a terrible sunburn This post has been promoted to an article
  35. 10 points

    Learned a little something today

    I met up with magicwormman at his house today. He was gracious enough to invite me to go along and show me what to look for hunting suspended fish. I did not keep count but we caught several. I imagine we had more than a dozen at the first stop. Thanks Ken
  36. 10 points

    What's Cooking?

    I am dining on bream fillets tonight.
  37. 10 points

    Net Monkey

    My net monkey helped daddy get a topwater fish in the boat tonight. My first Whopper Plopper fish. She LOVES to drive FAST!!!!! LOL
  38. 10 points

    Back to the river

    This was my best fish. I did not weigh or measure it but it sure was long.
  39. 10 points

    6-20-19 downstream

    leonard and i got out last night to see if my motor was going to run ok. the crank broke off right under the flywheel, and we just put a crank in it and buttoned it back up. bill vance marine did the work and got me back on the water pretty quick. motor ran just perfect. then our next objective was to see if we could sore mouth a few. it took and few stops and trying different stuff, but the ticket was a bit further back off the main lake. flatter terrain and the Elite Mega Blade 1 oz. (aka big wobbler). we did catch two or three on a 3/4 GrassJig. a few bites were in 10 feet or less, but most were closer to 20. so, with the terrain being flatter to really cover what was there, it required making a pass sitting closer to 15, and then make another pass sitting out past 25 ft. same thing, there had to be a lot of bait in the area. the bait is still staying 10 ft. or less after dark. ended up with 18 keepers. did have some good lmg's in the mix. several 3's. no keeper k's. just brown ones and big heads. bo
  40. 10 points

    Sulphur hatch on the upper White 6/20

    Went to the upper White this morning since the forecast was for minimum flow. Sulphurs started coming up around 9am and lasted until they blew the horn at noon. I fished a very shallow area that was less than a foot deep with very little current. The sulphurs were hatching in the shallow gravel and the trout were stacked in there waiting for an easy meal. It was fun because it was mostly sightcasting to cruising fish. I had a good size brown take the fly but I think I set the hook too fast and didn't connect. That is a pretty common mistake when you see them come up for the fly and then end up striking too fast. My old British friend always said to say "God save the Queen" after you see the take before setting the hook on a dry fly. Ended up with lots of rainbows including some really nice ones. Best fly was a size 16 crackleback with a yellow foam body skated on the surface. The movement really got their attention. Here is a pic of a fat one...
  41. 9 points
    Mitch f

    Please show yourself

    **This post contains uncovered nipples, and no mention of Ned Rigs or 1/32 oz marabou jigs with 2 pound test and therefore will NOT be promoted to an article.**
  42. 9 points
    Our member here @Harps is all about catching a musky on a fly. He let me tag along a couple of afternoons this week as he made his last attempts until the water cools off. Harps is horrible at catching musky on the fly but he's persistent and he will eventually get his nut. I'll continue to tag along and not add much to the effort. But I do take pictures!! Well except the last one. I had to make him take a pic of me since I'm the only one that ever catches anything.
  43. 9 points

    Table rock July 4

    Fished till noon today. Glad I did. Caught too many yo count. Caught all of them on 6xd. Don't know how many keepers but I'd say double digits. Biggest one was a little over 4. I've been waiting on them to get there and they have started. I think more are still coming. Good luck.
  44. 9 points


    7/2 8:30am to 12:30 Fished above Theodosia bridge. Went to the bluegill hole. A nice shady spot. Boat sitting in 5ft or less. Not as many bites this time but still decent size. Caught around 4 dozen. Didn't see as many cruising like they were last time. Also threw a 1/8 homemade double Colorado blade spinnerbait for about 30 minutes. Caught 7 small largemouth bulging the surface.
  45. 9 points
    JR Brotherton

    6/30 report

    Put in at Cedar ridge yesterday around 5:00pm. Fishing main lake points with channel swing close by. Jigging crawler on 1/8oz chartreuse jighead caught 4 drum,2 eyes over 20" lost another 18-20"@ the net, an eater Gill and a 15" LM. Was off the water by 7. Boat ramp was a little crowded with pontoons and ski boats but it was a nice afternoon. Seems to me like the old shoreline is the place to be. Marked fish from 15-35 fow but all my fish came between 15-18fow. Wt was 83.5 and had quite Abit of surface junk on it. I would have thought it was too hot and calm . I planned on catfishing deep but never got past the walleye.
  46. 9 points

    Can't Win

    Bill, please provide the travel sites and I’ll personally post a rebuttal. Some people are just haters. Mike
  47. 9 points

    White river 6/27

    Had a good morning today with minimum flow until 1 pm. Sulphurs really started popping once the fog burned off around 10. Lots of rainbows, 2 decent browns and real pretty cutthroat. All on dries. Here's a link to a short video of the bug action... all those swirls and dimples are nice size trout eating the flies. Also a couple of pics... This post has been promoted to an article
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    June 28

    Went out of Stockton ramp sun afternoon. Trolled with flicker shads at 4 different depths. 10' at bank side and 20'+/- at far side. Trolled around for 6hr at various depths trying to figure out a pattern. All fish hit the outermost deepest running bait and mostly in 25' depth range. Couple crappie, butt load of drum and doz or so giant bluegill. BG's had to be close to a pound. All fish looked like theyd swallowed a goose egg. All spitting up small fry and baby shad. There are gazillions of baby shad everywhere. Fished a bluff end with Ned rig right before dark. Couple small bass. Theyre bellies also looked like they were about to explode. Stayed after dark and droped in the green light and fished minnows till 11pm. Set up next to the flooded trees and then on top of a brush pile. BP topped out at 30' and had alot of fish suspended over it. Caught one 9" crappie. I dont think theres a hungry fish in the lake. Just reaction bites. My opinion for what ever its worth !! With so few available ramps its just ridiculous trying to get in and out. Good luck to ya
  49. 9 points
    Hello there! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tyler, I'm a late 20s guy that just graduated school and got a real job (in IT) in Marshfield, MO. I grew up in STL and have family up there. Most of my fishing in the Ozarks has been when I was little at ponds and trout parks. I spent the last 10yrs in Western Montana fishing mainly for trout but also bass and pike. I learned how to fly fish and worked at a fly shop for 2 summers on the Missouri river. (Crazy to see the MO river with clear water and big trout) My favorite fish to catch is smallmouth. It heavily influenced my decision to move to the Ozark area. I own a few boats, and if anyone has recommendations on where to take them to catch fish I would be grateful! (Especially the driftboat, anyone else have one around here?) I'm strictly catch and release unless we are talking catfish or walleye, maybe stocked trout too. The last 2 weekends I have taken my jet boat on the gasconade and put in at the Hazelgreen access. Last year I took it down to the White River and nymphed up some tiny trout with my fly rod. My GF and I took the kayaks down crooked creek in AR and that fished pretty well. I will definitely be researching these forums for suggestions on where to go. I joined hoping to find and share local fishing info... maybe find a fishing friend or two. I don't know anyone around here. I am going to attempt to add pics to this post... mostly as a learning experience (usually its a pain)... also some might find them interesting Here are my boats: 16ft Alumacraft Aluminum V bottom with 25hp tiller 16ft Stealthcraft Jet Boat with 40hp 16ft ClackaCraft Headhunter Driftboat 12ft Alumacraft Jon boat with 9.9hp tiller Plus 2 Kayaks for my GF and I:
  50. 9 points

    Magical Mystery Micro Tour 6/18/19

    So, I needed to run my wife’s car by the shop for a warranty issue. Tuesday was my first chance so off to Adventure Subaru I went. I had a little lead time so I used Google Maps to look at possible access points for micro / mini/ macro fishing From Piggy City to Flippin. Selected rods and a cross sampling of gear for everything imaginable. I set the goal of 25 fish and 7 species. Hoping for a couple of fish that I had not caught yet this year. Maybe a lifer. My furry alarm clock had me up a little early and I made good enough time to hit White River access at Hwy 45 for a few minutes. I got a Bluegill and a few Longear Sunfish for my trouble. I wouldn’t zero. I spent longer in Fayettevillie than I intended, but I had a nice visit with my daughter so that’s cool But I didn’t hit my next spot until after 11 am. I needed to be back in Flippin at 5:30 ish. I stopped at a little creek. I found a pull over spot and rigged up 2 lb line and size 20 hook with a Tiny bit o worm. The descent into the little gem of water was treacherous. I did avoid breaking any bones which was a plus. Right away I spotted lots of minnows and darters. Darters were willing, but their little mouths werent able. I finally caught one of the “larger” ones. It was one of the “Orange Throated” darters. Not sure which of the five or so sub species. Trying to move the bait towards another one and a Banded Sculpin flew out from underneath a rock. Man this is going great I thought. Then it got tougher. I got another Darter to hand hoping for better photos to ID it. He flopped off trying to get him into the photo bag. No more darters willing or able to eat. I dropped down into the pool and regretted having only brought one rod. I missed some opportunities there for sure. Trying to find more Sculpin and Darters was a flop, but got into multiple Striped Shiners, Dusky Striped Shiners, LES, White Tailed Shiners, and as it turned out Steelcolored Shiners. Feeling the time crunch and hoping for more darters, I left the biting. I could have stayed there and worn them out or gone further upstream or down. That would have been smart so I did not do that. Drove to War Eagle south of Huntsville. Missed a nice LMB. Quickly caught LES and Green Sunfish. Caught more Duskies, more White Tails, and more Steelcolored. Somewhere in there I caught a Bigeye Shiner. I was frustrated to no end by a large Darter that I think was a Greenside which would be a lifer for me. I put the bait on a platter for him, but he would not eat. On the road again, I stopped at War Eagle off 412. This was a bad stop. Lost a lure. Top Minnows would not play. Only caught LES. Stone Rollers blew me off. Next stop, King’s River. Family swimming where I wanted to fish. The fish I tried to catch largely ignored me. I did catch a Dusky and LES. They are two of the higher populations in most of what I fish. Actually hard to avoid them. Truly running out of time. I gave up on Osage for this trip and hot footed it to Crooked Creek at Hwy 62. Ppl again where I wanted to fish. I caught several more White Tailed. Missed my chance at a Smallie. Like an icthological Icarus that flew too high I fell in failure. My desire to fish everywhere ended up being a poor plan. I will learn from this. 39 fish and 10 species. 3 new for the year and 2 new ones on the life list. A very successful day really. I was just mad at myself for over thinking this.
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