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    We have lived here at the lodge for 16 years now, my how time flies. We love the birds and critters and I always have at least 1/2 dozen bird feeders up at all times. I have some with song bird seed mix that I make myself, some with Niger seed and some with suet in the Winter. One of Becky's bigger seller here are Squirrel Buster bird feeders, as she sells dozens of them a year as they are totally squirrel proof and people just love watching the birds, and the antics of the squirrels as they cannot get a seed out of the feeders and just get so frustrated. We have had a total plethora of birds this year. We have been reading about the number of decreasing song birds this year, but our feeders have been full of most of the usual culprits and then lots of strange visitors, including the Robins of a few days ago. Today we were treated with Pileated Woodpeckers at our feeders for the first time EVER. They are very elusive and extremely sensitive to movement. We have heard them and seen them on the trees in small numbers for years, but have never had one approach the deck or the feeders. This morning there were dozens of them here, chasing and chirping, and we had them on not only the suet feeders but the seed feeders as well. It was a wonderful site and we felt truly blessed to have them visit in such huge numbers.
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    February 16, Big M area

    My first time out since January 31, either because of bad weather or stuff going on in life, I haven't had an opportunity to get out until today. Nice morning, little to no breeze, temps started out at around 32 and gradually warmed up to the mid 50's. Water temp was 44-46 with a bit of a stain. Launched about 0700 and started fishing a long rocky underwater ledge working a 110 +1. Fished it for 30 minutes or so, caught a couple of 14" spots on the +1, but as I was fishing I was watching the depth finder and seeing a bass on the bottom here and there. Just wasn't catching them fast enough on the JB, so fell back on the Ned rig. First cast on the Ned, I caught a keeper spot. Thought I was on to some hot fishing with it, but it wasn't hot, however there were bites to be had. Worked the rock ledges, points and chunk banks, in the 20-30 foot range, and caught another 13 bass on the Ned, with 8 of them being keepers. A couple of them were really solid spots. Used a black Nutech crappie jig for my Ned rig, I have been using a chartreuse head last month and felt it gave me a better chance at catching smallies. And I did not catch a smallie today on the black head, did catch a mean mouth, but maybe there is something to smallies liking that chartreuse head. Guess I will have to continue with my 'research'. Lots of people fishing today, 8 rigs in the Big M lot when I left and lots of boats running up and down the channel. This post has been promoted to an article
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    @Justin92297 and I left Columbia around 3:30 a.m. and got on the water at like 7:30 on Saturday the 25th. I fished a 2.8 keitech on a 1/4th oz head all day through trees. Justin threw the same small swimbait and an a-rig. We caught over 40 keepers and probably 55ish bass and fished all day. Most fish were 20-40 feet deep. The key was to mark bait and then count the swimbait down to that depth and just reel it back in very slow. Creeks without bait didn't have any fish in them that we could catch and most of the bait seemed to be in the middle of the creeks. Had 16.60 lbs for our best 5. Sunday we did the same thing. Drive till you find bait and catch them. It was that simple. Had 31 keepers and probably 45ish fish. Lots of boats out on Sunday. Didn't see too many people catching though. Fish are so fat right now. When you reel them up they are spewing up shad like crazy. Really hoping to be back down soon. Anyone know what those smallmouth are doing? We didn't catch a single one.
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    Went bass fishing in the big creek area today got on the water around 7:30 the lake was definitely a few feet higher then the last time I was down. Bite was slow caught a couple keepers then decided to go towards the the state line and fish a few of the good points that the channel swung up close to I was throwing a white and silver 4.8 keitech swim bait got a big bite in 40 of water but the fish came loose straighten my hook slightly I kept throwing and boom something else big took it ten minutes later he finally came up my fish bull shoals striper I think he was close to 40 pounds he was 36 1/2 inches long
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    Springtime in January

    Launched out of Big M today around 0915. I started later today as the forecast called for fog and cold and I hate fishing in ice fog. Well when I got to Big M it was still right around freezing and still foggy. Fortunately the sun burned though and it warmed and really did feel like spring out there once the afternoon rolled around. Had to work for them today, caught 13 total, 3 keepers, biggest being a smallmouth that was a crawdad short of weighing 4 lbs. Fish were scattered, almost all my bites came in 20-30 FOW of points, steep rocky banks, and run out rocky ledges on a couple of cove mouths. Fishing the Ned rig really slow, as a matter of fact had several bites on the bottom below the trolling motor - I think those bass are just swimming along, following the bait and when I stop it, and just shake it a little, for 10-15 seconds they'll pick it up. Been fishing a new Ned type bait called a "Sukoshi Bug", it's in the pic with the largemouth. So far it hasn't fished any better that the traditional cut Zinker, but it does catch fish and it is something different to show them. Water is still a stained green color, maybe 5 feet of viz. Forgot to check the WT, but I'd guess 47 or so.
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    The deep bite fizzled out for me around Feb 10th and afterwards even when you found the shad in a good location there were no fish. I fished this morning and tried the A-Rig and caught some nice fish. I had a nice limit by 7:30 and then a few more good ones around 9:00. After 9AM the sun came out and I did not catch another fish. I kept the boat in 30 FOW and cast to 12ft and did not fish around trees. Today, the fish were bunched up and if I got bit I just milked the area. There may be a suspended/tree bit but I did not try it. The fish can be caught on textbook locations and non-textbook locations as well. The strong north wind limited my options and I did not see another boat. Lately the Mill creek ramp has several rigs and today there were none. For those of us still going thru the learning curve, the A-Rig is the best February education tool that exist.
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    Mitch f

    6.3 Smallmouth today

    Caught in the Meramec by Jeff Shultz. This is the fish of a lifetime. Weighed in on tourney scales. They won with over 19 pounds.
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    http://Watch "New Missouri state record yellow perch" on YouTube https://youtu.be/dbEpL2Bz4SY We were fortunate enough to be nearby when Steve Mullen caught the new state record yellow perch. Steve asked if anybody had a scale. I told him that I do, bring it over and we'll weigh it. Steve just wanted a weight and a picture so he could release it. It weighed 2lb 2oz on my scale! What a fish! She was so full of eggs she looked like she was gonna pop. Steve and my buddy Bryan tried to revive the fish for release but it was unsuccessful. Steve was pretty bummed. He really wanted to let her go. Since he was unable to release her he took the fish to a bait shop to get an official weight of 2.216 lbs. Even bigger than we thought. He called MDC but since it was President's day they were closed or understaffed and could come out to check it. He left the fish in the stores bait tank in hopes of reviving it but it didn't look like she was gonna make it last I spoke with him. It was really cool seeing a state record fish and meeting a guy like Steve that wanted to get a picture and let her go.
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    Cameron Gillespie

    2/8 Report

    Pretty much stayed in the C&R area by the dam all day. Water has been a steady 7 units approx for a while and yesterday was no different. Had probably my best day for stud rainbows ever, caught a couple of decent browns, and a few cutts. Caught a decent smallmouth up there, but the bonus of the day was a 8.03 lbs walleye. Caught everything on D2 and Zig Jigs.
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    Daryk Campbell Sr

    First time at Cardiac.

    Went with a neighbor and a couple of his friends and fished at Cardiac access. I dont know if I would go again. I realize that I am out of shape. The three of them entered the river and crossed at the end of the trail. The water was putting their waders to work, as it was chest high on them. I tried to follow but the current was strong and I decided otherwise. I stayed on this side of the river. We fished the hole, and had no success. There were a few browns caught close by, but nothing of significance. My first fish was my first brown trout, ever. I walked up high and found another entrance at a gravel bank up river. That was where I caught mine, behind the other 3. It was on a black and chartreuse jig. Unsure on the weight. My second was a rainbow, (look at the blue lines, anyone know why?). That would be all I would catch. We made our way up river crossing back and forth. I was able to handle the current, but was uneasy at times. My neighbor was trout fishing for the first time. He bass and cat fishes, but has never trout fished. He was still smelling the skunk after everyone else caught at least one. He was casting in great looking areas, working his jerkbait well, just couldn't get one on. He did finally get one, (after quoting "go trout fishing, they said. It'll be fun they said" many times.). I believe it was a rainbow, he tried to bring it to the bank, as I lost my net about a quarter mile back. It got off right next to him. He was not able to touch his first caught trout. Not long after he was able to catch another one, after catching and landing a rock. (He would catch 2). He later caught a rainbow, a shad, and a smallie. All in all, a good day. Some swift water, somewhat inexperienced current fisherman, and some good luck. The other two caught upwards of 20 fish, good size. They made it almost to the park. My neighbor and I stopped at Dry Fork Creek. I think if I make that trip again, I would like to shuttle from the park to Cardiac, or vise versa. Hiking in, battling the current, and hiking back up was a challenge. Maybe I should just get in better shape. This post has been promoted to an article
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    snagged in outlet 3

    First time at Cardiac.

    Back in the early 70's we used to fish there all the time. Coming up the hill one dad my dad had a heart attack. A couple days later he had a triple bypass. From then on everyone started it calling Cardiac hill. Mostly the guys at Ozark Fly Fishers. He was a big conservationist and held all kinds of positions in OFF, FFF, the Conservation Federation and Trout Unlimited. The state adopted the name and we got the biggest kick out of it. The Southern Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers voted him into the hall of fame in 2011. He was one of the first to be voted in that first year of the hall of fame.
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    Al Agnew

    Sneak Peak at my Book

    Several years ago I began writing a book on the Meramec River system. It was a project that proceeded by fits and starts; I finished the preliminary writing fairly quickly but then spent a lot of time rewriting, adding to, changing, and getting the book read by a friend who is a writer to get suggestions on changes. At present the writing part is more or less complete, but I'm still collecting photos and illustrations, and exploring possibilities of publishing it. It has been a lot of fun doing. Today I decided to put the opening chapter on my blog, with some of the photos and illustrations I plan on using in that chapter. So if you want to get a sneak peak at my working cover and the opening chapter, you can go to riversandart.blogspot.com and read it. I still don't know when it will be completed and published, or how I'm going to publish it. But let me know how you like the first chapter. There will be chapters on each floatable river; Meramec above Maramec Spring, Maramec Spring to Onondaga, Onondaga to Meramec State Park, Meramec State Park to the Bourbeuse River, and lower river. Upper Big River (down to Washington State Park), lower Big River, upper Bourbeuse, lower Bourbeuse, Huzzah and Courtois, and a chapter on selected smaller streams within the basin. There will chapters on history, geology, ecology, and environmental challenges. The history of the Meramec Dam and other dams once planned for the rivers is in there.
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    February 19. Big M area

    This was one of those days that I had to talk myself into going. Forecast was for an east wind with a fairly cold day. Decided to give it a shot. I got on the water about 0930, and it was windy and cold. Wind makes it tough to fish the Ned rig deep, didn't get to spend much time on the main lake stuff I like to fish, just too hard to get the bait down where I want it. So spent some time back in a couple of coves where the only thing I could get in the boat was a handful of 13" spots. Decided I was just going to have to hack it and fish the windy main channel spots. I pointed the bow into the wind and fished into it. Couldn't fish with the wind because it would just push the boat down the bank too fast. It was still slow, but I did catch 3 keepers fishing the deep chunk rock banks. Biggest was an 18" smallie that came on the chartreuse head jig head. And I also caught a couple of short walleye. I left at 3 PM, I was tired of doing the "Fortrex 2-step" keeping that bow into the wind. This would've been a good day to have Spot Lock. WT 45.
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    Report 2-7-20

    Found small schools of fish in 35-38' of water. I caught all crappie and 1 yellow perch, no white bass this time. The water was moving so I drifted through the schools with the current at about .4 mph with minnows. Ended up with a limit and left them biting. It was one of those awesome days that I don't get very often. They wanted the bait about 5' off of the bottom. I didn't try jigs this time but I did last Saturday and they weren't having it. The pics are some of the highlights.
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    Got some yard work done and a nice breeze started to ripple the lake so I just could not resist. Hit the water at 2 pm and put her back on the trailer at 5 pm. Surface temp at Old 86 was 48.1 with the water color being super clear, I could see the stick bait down there 10' Wind out of the West so I headed across to Clevenger and hit a transition. Only fished a stick bait today one black head blue blend body custom megabass and a megabass plus 1 pearl Tim Hughes custom paint. Caught 4 keepers in the 3 hrs. with one good LM. He was long and not heavy, I'm thinking a male. 19" on my Phoenix board. 3 nice K's and they totally slammed it. Caught all the K's on one bank that did have a little color under the 86 bridge. If you find them this time of year don't leave them. They are for sure not on every bank. LM came out of the clear water in Clevenger and I had two others slap at it, one of them missed it twice, or I missed him twice, I'm trying to decide. I just kind of ran out of time on the K bank as on the first past I had the 3. I could see them. Boat in about 25' and there were fish under me at about 10 to 15'. When I pulled in I knew I would catch one and I did on my first cast. That's the first fish I have seen so far this Winter up in the water column on a transition bank, hopefully not the last. I only fished about 30 yrds. and I'm sure there were more there,I just was running out of light. Good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    Great day!!

    Walter,Great weather, cold beer and KC wins!!
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    Ramp Geese

    Flock of them moved in. Almost that time of the year where they multiply. We need more goose hunters. Fishing was not bad, caught 16 bass, 6 of them being keepers. All on the Ned, all still relatively deep, in that 20-30 range. I tried some other stuff, Shad Rap, spinner bait, couple of casts with a jerk bait - no bites. I'm stuck in a Ned groove. But it's fun. Different kind of spotted bass: Best one of the day:
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    my kind of day

    my kind of day, meaning no one on the lake! catching was not too bad either. ended up with 8 keepers. 4 came on the doodle, and 3 on the big wobbler including a nice one. bites were from 5 to 15 ft. bluff type banks were better. did i mention that i love fishing in the mud!. bo
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    Just funny stuff

    The day after his wife disappeared in a kayaking accident, a Claddaghduff, Ireland man answered his door to find a grim-faced Constable waiting in the front yard. "We're sorry, Mr. O' Flynn, but we have some information about your dear wife, Maureen" said one of the officers. "Tell me! Did you find her?" Michael Patrick O'Flynn asked. The constables looked at each other and one said, "We have some bad news, some good news, and some really great news. Which would you like to hear first? "Fearing the worst, Mr. O' Flynn said, "Give me the bad news first." The constable said, "I'm sorry to tell you, sir, but early this morning we found your poor wife's body in the bay." "Lord sufferin' Jesus and Holy Mother of God!" exclaimed O' Flynn. Swallowing hard, he asked, "What could possibly be the good news?" The constable continued, "When we pulled the late, departed poor Maureen up, she had 12 of the best-looking Atlantic lobsters that you have ever seen clinging to her. Haven't seen lobsters like that since the 1960's, and we feel you are entitled to a share in the catch." Stunned, Mr. O' Flynn demanded, "Glory be to God, if that's the good news, then what's the really great news? "The constable replied, "We're gonna pull her up again tomorrow."
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    Outdoors in the delta TV.

    Starting to put some of my older And favorite shows on my old YouTube channel. This one is from last year. Kinda gives me the spring fever. Thought I’d share on this old post from time to time again.
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    Heading Down for the Weekend

    Very excited about the weekend coming up. I recently moved to Dallas from STL and will be meeting my brother at Lilley's for a great trip. His last day of work, forever, is Thursday, his birthday is Friday and the annual charity trout tournament we fish is Saturday. What more could we jam pack into a trip?... hopefully some 20" fish! Happy Retirement and Happy Birthday Bro. Good luck to everyone else fishing in the tournament on Saturday. Lilley's is first class and has the perfect setting for relaxation and the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime. Safe travels.
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    Report 2-11-20

    I got to take 2 of my sons with me today. We had a ball. It took about 45 min to find the fish but once we found them it was on. The schools were constantly moving around so trying to stay on top of them was a bit of a challenge. You had to be moving through them in order to get bit. They weren't keen on just jigging while sitting still. Live scope would sure be nice to be able to see which direction they moving. We all got a limit. Drop shotting minnows in 35 fow. One of my boys got a 14 ½" crappie and the other landed a 12 ¼" perch. I'm gonna send in for a Master Angler certificate for my son's perch. It was a dandy. Good times with the boys!
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    2/11 Crappie

    First off I want to thank those of you who stopped by the Fin & Feather booth this weekend to introduce yourself, sure was nice putting some names to faces! Went out this morning and ended up with a couple of nice limits of crappie, still finding them in 25 to 40 feet of water on jigs. Surprisingly the water temps are holding at 41°, overall it was a very quiet but productive day on the water. Tight & Thumping Lines!! 🎣
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    Plowing corn rows

    Didn’t have high expectations this weekend fishing but it beats sitting around the house wishing I was fishing.... Just went on past experience fishing in the mud. Figure they would be much higher in the column than what they have been. That seemed to hold somewhat true.. Also from past experience fishing other lakes is go to where the fresh water is coming in... That seemed to hold too... The bite was difficult. A lot of short strikes and fish caught just seem to suck on a minnow enough to get a hook in their mouth... Out of the 12 fish caught this weekend only one was caught deep at 16ft in 18fow. The rest were 6-8 feet down in 13 fow. Just never could get on a consistent pattern. Bites were many minutes between. Was adjusting baits up and down constantly by what’s on the graph. More rain tomorrow and several days next week . No hope of it settling anytime soon God bless and good fishing Lance
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    Steve McBasser

    Beautiful February 3rd....

    My buddy Ron and I went down to Bull Shoals this morning. Put in at Nolands Point in the back of Big Creek. Water temp was 46.7* air temp was low 50's. Didn't tear 'em up but we caught a handful of fish and had a ball. The bass were caught on a ned rig, binks spoon, and a A-rig.... This post has been promoted to an article
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    Commemorative bait

    Since it has been so long since our last Super Bowl victory, I thought I’d make some baits to honor the Chiefs.
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    Randy Moore

    Randy Moore

    First time on Table Rock since the first of the year. Fished for about three hours in various places within a mile of point 9 with no success. Finally caught two keeper bass around 3:30 halfway between point 10 and Hideaway Marina in 20 feet of water using a single tailed grub (watermelon green with red flecks). Pictures of the first fish, a 2.1 pound Largemouth Bass are attached. Shortly after catching the largemouth, caught a 1.8 pound Kentucky Bass also on the same lure. Had a 3rd hit on the very next cast but hook set had me all wrapped up in a underwater stump and had to break off. Water temp hovered in the 45 to 48 degree range.
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    Great way to end January!

    Great bite on the water this morning! Had 2 limits by 10 o’clock, just about the time the wind came up. It was very chilly with the breeze up there this morning but the crappie didn’t seem to mind. 40° water temperature in 40 foot of water on jigs. Thumping Lines! Go Chiefs!! #bucketofslabs
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    Old 86

    Fished till about 3. Caught 9 with 8 keeps. All on jerk bait and one on ned. Fished flat stuff all day. WT 46 - 48. caught some goof ones but nothing more than 4 lbs.
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    2020, The Funk is Finally Off.

    2019 was the most pitiful year for fishing for me in a long time. Wet rainy spring in Mo. Major flooding on the Tn River jacked things up down there. Timing and days off always seemed to put me on the water the day after anything would bite and the fish would have lockjaw until time to leave for home. First trip of the new year fell on Feb 1. Headed out to Tn and the Tennessee River. Timing was right. Water was right. Weather was cold but still pre front. Fishing backwater and sloughs, breaks in current with slack water. Big TRD's were the lure to have, but did pick up several on a tube jig. Very few dinks, fish were between 15 and 21 inches. 4lb 7oz smallie by a buddy. Several 3 lb fish and larger until the sun popped out about 2, then it slowed down.
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    Some of the trout were funny looking.
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    Just funny stuff

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    Just funny stuff

    The Quotes of Steven Wright: 1 - I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize. 2 - Borrow money from pessimists -- they don't expect it back. 3 - Half the people you know are below average. 4 - 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name. 5 - 82.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot. 6 - A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good. 7 - A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory. 8 - If you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain. 9 - All those who believe in psycho kinesis, raise my hand. 10 - The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. 11 - I almost had a psychic girlfriend, ..... But she left me before we met. 12 - OK, so what's the speed of dark? 13 - How do you tell when you're out of invisible ink? 14 - If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something. 15 - Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm. 16 - When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane. 17 - Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy. 18 - Hard work pays off in the future; laziness pays off now. 19 - I intend to live forever ... So far, so good. 20 - If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends? 21 - Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines. 22 - What happens if you get scared half to death twice? 23 - My mechanic told me, "I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder." 24 - Why do psychics have to ask you for your name 25 - If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried. 26 - A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking. 27 - Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it. 28 - The hardness of the butter is proportional to the softness of the bread. 29 - To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research. 30 - The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard. 31 - The sooner you fall behind, the more time you'll have to catch up. 32 - The colder the x-ray table, the more of your body is required to be on it. 33 - Everyone has a photographic memory; some just don't have film. 34 - If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. 35 - If your car could travel at the speed of light, would your headlights work? Whew! That was a lot of typing! Thanks to whoever did it.
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    Walleye news from AGFC

    Cold and miserable conditions yesterday with that strong north wind but we got some nice fish. Fished in the general area RPS indicated in his post above. 6 Walleye from 19 to 23 inches, several nice, fat crappie, a few white bass, and a few trout we released. 1/4 oz jig head with small minnows. It was a grind but the dinner last night made it all worth it.
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    Fished Joe Bass today and team to the dam to start my day. 2 good keepers on first spot. Then it went dry for a spell. Finally caught another keeper in long creek. Caught 2 more for my limit back toward kimberling. Had 7 bites boated 6 of them with 5 being keepers. All came on jerkbait. 25 and change was first when I left big fish was 7.20. My 5 weighed 12.18. I was glad to have them. Good luck when you get to go.
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    Aircraft buzzing the lake

    should be easy for officials to find then. this summer we had a crop duster flying underneath power lines and crossing 112. got pics and his numbers and called the faa. do not know what they did with whoever was doing the flying. my neighbor the state park ranger witnessed it too. this bozo broke a lot of laws. too close to power line, let alone going underneath, too close to hwy. , too close to houses, and spraying too close to houses without notification of doing so. i was kind of wanting to deflate his tires🤬. kind of like someone flying a drone around your house. i am getting to be an old cranky feller. wait, i've always been that way😀. bo
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    Custom painting lures

    All ready for their new home !
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    Ryan Miloshewski

    Taneycomo 2/8-2/9

    After the floodgates opened, I decided to come down and fish Saturday. It was tough in the morning, but once the sun went down it was lights out. Morning: started out throwing a 110+1 in Elegy Bone from Lookout to the Narrows. Had two fish on, one being a really big brown. Came out and swiped at the bait but only got hooked slightly and spit it in one head shake. So it goes. The other was a 15-inch rainbow. Tried dragging Bomber Fat Free Fingerling in Pearl White but got nothing. Afternoon: After talking with Blake at Lilleys, he told me from Andy's through the Narrows he did really well dragging scuds and San Juans. So, I tandem-rigged a 14 tan scud and a big cerise San Juan. It was on. The key was to hit the very inside edge of the bank, as well as the seam before the drop off on the bluff side. I caught mostly small rainbows, but had two fish break me off that I know were nice fish. Never saw them, though. Sunday: Fished with Blake and Mark Konecnik from the cable through the Narrows. We were using Duane's signature series jerkbaits--the very small ones. 639 size. We had them on drift rigs and we caught quite a few. Blake boated a 20.5-inch brown in the early morning with Duane on a trip Mark hired him for. Just sitting and talking with Duane makes you realize just how in-tune he is with the trout. Pretty sure he sleeps with them. Well worth it to hire him just to get his baits, too! Everything else I normally use was not working, but the DDSS were rockin. Overall a good weekend, but I think it shows how the pressure and water conditions has changed the tactics and presentations needed to consistently catch nice fish. Adapt, improvise, overcome. Photos courtesy of Mark Konecnik. View full article
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    I posted on here before about how i think i i have the perfect river and lake boat. i ran all over the Meramec for year and ran in some super skinny water with no issues. Now i keep it at LOTO where i use it for all my bass and crappie fishing. Plus ran way up past the swinging bridge a couple of times. Also used it on the White river below Bullshoals dam and on Bullshoals, Table Rock and hauled it up to Canada to fish Rainy lake a couple times. Being an 1856 with the modified V and high sides it handles waves fairly well. And the 90/65 4 stroke is super quiet and i get decent gas mileage. Only downside (for some) is it is not a go fast boat by any stretch.
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    harper valley resort

    Don't know anything about the resort, but I hear the PTA over there is a bunch Harper Valley hypocrites! For the youngsters among us who may be scratching their heads at the above, please click here
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    Yes. I just bought one. I am just learning how to use it. I used it last week on Stockton . I couldn't find any walleye but was cruising trying to find shad balls. Never did find any but saw some under water trees on my lowrance and decided to get the livescope out. Started seeing some fish swimming around the trees drop a jig and crawler down to them and low and behold boom. Saw him hit the jig. They were catfish. Not what we were looking for but cool anyways. Next drop saw a fish suspended about 6 ft from the bottom in 30ft of water. Could follow my jig down when it got to the fishes level flipped my bail and half a second later there he was. Another catfish. Ended up catching 4 in short order. It was really eye opening although nit what we were after but would have never even fished in that spot with out it. I am very excited about getting to learn it. I think it will be a great tool.
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    MDC Blue Ribbon Trout Slam

    I am still on the MDC email list and received this notification of a new Blue Ribbon trout slam. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and Trout Unlimited encourage anglers to test their fishing skills and pursue a “Blue-Ribbon Trout Slam” from Missouri’s nine blue-ribbon trout streams. “Missouri’s blue-ribbon trout streams are areas in the state where trout reproduce naturally,” explained MDC Fisheries Programs Specialist Andrew Branson. “The fish are wary of predators, which makes for an authentic and challenging experience for anglers.” WHERE TO FISH The Blue-Ribbon Trout Slam honors anglers who catch a trout in at least 5 of MDC’s 9 blue-ribbon trout streams: Barren Fork Creek in Shannon County Blue Springs Creek in Crawford County Crane Creek in Lawrence County Current River in Dent County Eleven Point River in Oregon County Little Piney Creek in Phelps County Mill Creek in Phelps County North Fork of the White River in Ozark County Spring Creek in Phelps County HOW TO ENTER The Blue-Ribbon Trout Slam is divided into three levels: Bronze: Catch a trout from 5 of the 9 blue-ribbon trout areas and receive a certificate and bronze pin. Silver: Catch a trout from 7 of the 9 blue-ribbon trout areas and receive a certificate and silver pin. Gold: Catch a trout from all 9 blue-ribbon trout areas and received a certificate, gold pin, and medallion. All pins and medallions awarded to participants have been provided by Trout Unlimited. Anglers need to possess a trout permit if they want to keep their trout. Trout of any size will qualify for the Blue-Ribbon Trout Slam, but trout under 18 inches must be released. Anglers can complete a Blue-Ribbon Trout Slam entry form each time they catch a trout. They may also submit a picture of their trout if they wish, but it is not required. Once participants accomplish one of the three Trout-Slam levels, MDC will verify their submissions and mail them their award. Additionally, anglers can have their successes listed on the MDC website. “This Trout Slam is a great new program that will encourage anglers to get outside and discover nature throughout the year,” said Branson. I have already done this and probably won't be back in MO enough to repeat this slam. I hope that some folks on here get the itch to visit and catch trout from these waters. There is a big difference in how they fish. Here's a few photos of fish from my trips in the past. Barren Fork Creek rainbow - gold ribbed hare's ear nymph under a indicator. Toughest thing about this trip was getting to and from the spots that I wanted to fish. Lots of hiking down and back up from the creek. Blue springs - no photo this was the hardest creek to fish due to its size, many blow down trees in the best looking holes, and spooky trout. Landed only one trout on a 1/64 oz white marabou jig. Crane Creek - Had to fish this one twice before landing my first trout. Have since caught trout most times that I fish the creek. I have always fished the upper wire road section. I have also caught grass pickerel on two occasions during Feb trips but didn't get any photos. Photo is my PB a 15 inch male caught on a weighted glo ball. Current River - My favorite trout river in the state. Usually target brown trout with big streamers and jerkbaits. My PB brown ( 23.75" - 5 lbs 4 oz) and rainbow (22" - 4 lbs 5 oz) trout both came from this river. Eleven Point - Caught my first rainbow below the bridge at the Greer access. Tough to fish from foot due to limited access and thick weed growth along river edges. Have fished it a few times from a boat and has a lot of variety of fish like chain pickerel and shadow bass as well as trout. Little Piney - no Photo - I caught my first confirmed stream bred fish (about 4 to 5" in length) in the upper section of the creek with a #14 tan scud. Mill Creek - I have only fished this creek a few times. Photo is one of the first rainbows that I caught there. The largest trout that I ever encountered there was 20+" and I rolled it with on a cicada fly during the 13 and 17 yr periodical hatch. That fish haunts me. North Fork of the White river - Caught my first rainbows while fishing with my wife and youngest daughter and using a canoe from Sunburst. Sorry about the extended mouth on this guy. Caught him on black and olive 1/16 oz marabou jig. Also caught my first knobfin sculpin on that trip as well . The next day I caught my first brown trout from that river in the red ribbons section below the Patrick bridge. Spring Creek - Fished in Oct and caught feisty rainbows with 1/32 oz white marabou jigs.
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    MDC Blue Ribbon Trout Slam

    This sounds interesting. Gotta start somewhere. The Iowa DNR has a Master Angler program. Might be similar to what MO has? I haven't checked into MO's yet... They've had one for as long as I can remember, where if you caught a fish species by legal methods that met a specified minimum length or weight, they would send you a certificate. In 2011, they started a NEW Master Angler program. You still get a certificate for each Master Angler fish you catch/submit, and now once you catch 5 different species that meet the minimum length or weight requirements, you get a "silver" medallion. When you reach 10 different species, you get a "gold" medallion. In a way I was bummed when they started the new program, because I don't fish the same way I used to when I was younger. At this point, I'm mainly flyfishing, so I'm unlikely to catch some of the species I used to, such as Flathead Catfish. But you can view the records online now, so that's kind of interesting. Anyway....I got it done. First person in Iowa to do it entirely by flyfishing. How about that? 😁 Looking forward to moving to MO in a few months!
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    I'm sure glad I didn't write an extensive fishing report on Monday for Lake Taneycomo because everything changes today. After more rain fell in the White River Basin above Lake Taneycomo in the past 24 hours, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have decided to open 5 spill gates at Table Rock Dam one foot each this morning, on top of the 3 turbines running at the facility. That equals 15,000 cubic feet of water per second pouring through Taneycomo presently. This equals 4 full turbines. Beaver Lake is inching up and is at 1128.66 feet, less than 18 inches below its flood pool level. The Corps really haven't made any attempts to drop this level since they had it down to 1121 feet about 3 weeks ago. Table Rock Lake has been holding steady at about 916.5 feet but is now rising slowly because of the rains. Its seasonal power pool is 915 feet but with Beaver so high and Table Rock rising, they really need to move some water!! I'm not sure why they aren't dumping Beaver Lake plus they have been only running 2 units at Table Rock the last 5 days. They need to keep moving this water through... please!! Fishing continues to be very good, even with heavy generation. With the spill gates coming back on, there's always the chance of threadfin shad coming over, plus a few bass and walleye. We will be testing the waters!! We have 3 trout tournaments under our belt so far this winter and in the last 2 contests we saw very good quality rainbows come in which is a great sign. Our first tournament was plagued with off colored water after a big rain so fishing wasn't very good. This last Saturday, out of 76 teams, 50 weighed in 7 pounds or more, an 8 trout bag. That's very good. There are a lot of rainbow trout to be caught in the Branson Landing area right now. We've been fishing down there and catching big freshly stocked rainbows that are over a pound each. We were catching them on various colored jigs while fishing for crappie -- yes crappie! Some of the tournament contestants were fishing an 1/8th ounce jig on the bottom down close to the Kanakuk Camp and catching rainbows too. I'd imagine you could catch them on PowerBait as well. With more water running from Table Rock, we'll go back to heavier weights to get to the bottom when drifting baits, lures and flies. There is a pattern we've seen when they first kick more water on and that is scud flies get real hot. It might be because the heavier flows dislodge scuds from the bottom and up into trout's mouths. It's plausible! So we'll be drifting big #12 gray scuds from the dam down to Short Creek this week along with an egg fly and/or a San Juan Worm. If you don't book a trip with Duane Doty and don't have his custom painted jerk baits, the MegaBass 110+ is a good match to throw for big browns and rainbows. Good colors would be French Pearl, Ozark Shad, Perch and Elgy Bone. One of our Outdoor Writers who attended our conference this week brought in a big brown just as I was writing this report this morning. John Neporadny, nationally recognized fishing writer recently inducted into the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, caught and released this 13 pound brown on one of Duane's jerk baits. He caught it below Fall Creek about a half mile around the docks. He was fishing with Scott Pauley, outdoor marketing representative for Missouri Tourism. So we're back to dragging hard minnow baits on the bottom using the carolina rig, 1/4rd-ounce bell weights and 4 to 6-pound line. We carry several lengths and styles in our shop, knock-offs from China because we do lose quite a few baits to the bottom monsters. These baits are like the F-5 and F-7 Rapala, from 2.75 to 3.25 inches long, floating and shallow divers in perch, shad and sculpin colors. Bill Babler, fishing guide, showed us this week that when he drifts these baits, he takes the front set of treble hooks off the bait, only leaving the back set. He says he doesn't lose as many baits and believes he doesn't miss any fish because of it. We will be throwing 1/8th ounce white jigs up below the dam this week along with other colors like sculpin, brown and black. But white has been a pretty good color lately... white with gray and white with black also. REPORT: They are liking white jigs below the dam! Here's evidence: Snagged in the butt... but still a beautiful rainbow!! View full article
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    Bill Babler

    Kim City - Feb 2 - Deep bite

    Super job still keeping them going. Got a feeling that bite is about to break up quicker than a Cheerleader dating a Chemistry major.
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    Bill Babler

    Nature Abounds This Morning

    Smallie like you I mix my own. I want ZERO milo as the song birds just rake it out. Of course the turkey's, dove and squirrel will eat it. I see you have one Squirrel Buster feeder out. They are my favorite by far. Your spread puts mine to shame. We have 5 Squirrel Buster's one Suet and one thistle feeder out. Consumption is about 6 pounds per day, unless a storm is coming and then it jumps up to 10 pounds. If its warm and sunny the feeders are not hit that hard. If its cloudy cool and damp they are all over them. Kind of reminds you of fishing don't it.
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    Also heard there were a couple of trips out of Big Cedar yesterday and they just hammered them in the deep creek channels from Indian Point to Long Creek. There was also a RK Crawler bite in the muddy water in long creek even on flat water that lasted most of the day. I just turned the wrong way and could not get if figured out, it was all on me. That's the beauty of the Rock, they are always biting somewhere. Good Luck
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    Got started about 11 on Saturday... Water temp 40-42 and murky. Started seeing fish right out the gate in 20 fow and hovering around 15 foot mark... Started putting baits out at 15 to 12 feet down. They seemed to want it right on their noses and move slow. 14 feet down had to be the most consistent hit. The bite was steady. You would get 2 or 3 right back to back and then a lull for about 10 or so minutes... They work in small packs, school up some shad and then attack... I’m trying to maneuver my boat right in the middle of em. Shut it down a little before 2 with a limit. It was one of those days I didn’t want to get off the water. Light wind and just needed a hoodie shirt... But, don’t get many hall passes on a Saturday... Figure better keep the boss happy God bless and good fishing Lance
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    What's Cooking?

    Wife brought home a couple hunk of Salmon yesterday, so I heated up the grill and laid down in of the mats, what ever they are made of, melted butter added garlic powder, ginger and lemon juice. Painted up the salmon pieces after I filleted off the skin. Shook on a little house seasoning, dill, mojo rub (citrus) and a bit of Old Bay. Smeared some of the butter on the smoking hit mat and laid the salmon on. The butter browed nicely and flipped them over. Thinner belly part done just right for mom, the thicker one nice and rare in the middle for wife and i. Wife added an asparagus risotto (I feel special just typing risotto), and some home made blue berry muffins. I can live like this.
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    Kim City - Feb 2 - Deep bite

    I fished a few hrs this morning after the rain stopped (about 8). The fish were postured high for a swimbait and the bottom hugging fish were not interested in a ice jig or spoon. I used a 3/8oz jig head with a 3" SB and 3/8 allowed for making an extra long cast. I stayed around trees and out of the wind. There were fish in 20-30 FOW but I caught more in the 35-50 range.
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