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    Cape Fair 12/3/17

    I put in at 7:20 and fished a straight worm for a couple hours and had a couple shorts, and a couple swing and misses. It was pretty slow with the worm. I started throwing some cranks, spinnerbaits and squarebill with not much luck at all. I went to the very back of a 50 yard cut with a black Buzzbait with a gold blade and when I pulled it over the top of a log in the far back something took a swipe at it but stopped just short of hitting it. That got me excited because it seemed big. For some reason she pulled away from it. I changed to a black on black Buzzbait and did much better. I caught about 12 on it with 2 good keepers, and they really wanted it. The big one was 3.14 and the other was 3.5 on my scale. It sure was good to get out again and set the hook, it has been way too long. Water temp was 55.7 and I pulled out right at noon. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Chief Grey Bear

    Now that's a Brownie!!

    Caught in an Ozark stream today! This post has been promoted to an article
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    a few linda pics

    here are a few pics of some of linda's fish from the last two trips. could not post the walleye. she had the phone on video. wish i had a video of her landing those. she gets kind of excited and tries to reel them through the rod tip once in a while. bo
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    Dan the fisherman

    11/21 report

    Was lucky and found some today. I had the boys with me and trouble getting them to the boat. Out of 6 bites we landed 1. I didn’t mind though. Boys need to learn how to get them on there own. Water temp was 57-58.
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    Stockton Gamble

    Well, decided to gamble on a trip from St. Louis Saturday, knowing it would be rainy and blowing going down, but next couple days looked okay. Had some second thoughts when buying minnows at Lakey's bait shop by Aldrich, the attached metal building was blown apart just before I got there. Hmmmm. Some of the recent posts said stick baits were working, and my thinking was to start with trolling. Maybe having four rods running at all depths with different lures would work. Bottom bounced with a crawler harness as well, just in case. Nothing. After a couple hours without a strike, running from 15 to 35 feet, I decided to try some stick baits along the rocks, given it had become sunny and quite pleasant as Sunday morning wore on. Got a couple big whites pretty soon and was encouraged. Then, a really big fat 23" walleye! Alas, not what it seems! While tossing the stick bait I noticed a fish floating 50 yards away and decided to check it out . Low and behold a big walleye, and it was alive, barely. Turns out the walleye had a big bluegill wedged in its mouth. Took a bit to get it out, and put the walleye in the livewell but it was gone within an hour. No point in letting it go to waste! The belly part of the fillet I cut off to fry up right away. My trip got cut short as wife had to help a relative and I needed to watch the dog. I did catch a couple crappie over brush 25' deep on a jigging rap. Didn't have the time to drop minnows once I knew I had to leave so soon. Was planning to troll through some big deep shad schools but never got there. Sleeping in the back of my truck at the Cedar Ridge park is not condusive to a comfortable trip when it's plenty dark and cold starting about 5:30! But got a few fish and had some fun. I'm always perplexed when other folks throw lures and get bass and walleye, and when I do I don't. I'd say my Stockton gamble paid off, having the lake mostly to myself on a beautiful sunny day, even though on this trip I didn't have much time to try things out. Not like it's been an unlucky fall though; got this 9 point with my recurve so the freezer is looking very good this year!! Anytime we can get into the outdoors is a time to give thanks! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Hog Wally

    Meramec giant

    Another 5 plus 21". I pulled a solid 18" Smallie into the boat when my best friend sets the hook on this ! 5 lb 2 oz !!
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    Brrrrr..... post cold front 12/9

    Well I had the opportunity to fish with my good buddy Hog Wally this morning. Last night watching Dave Murray's forecast for today was giving me the chills. I even messaged Hog last night bitching about the forecast and that we probably wouldn't have fish jumping in the boat and he promptly sent back a message so full of confidence it got me going (one of the things I love about that guy) The water temps were hovering around 39, the water clarity was a scary Gin color...I could see the bottom everywhere we went in water up to 17 ft deep and the winds gusts were anywhere from 10 to 35 mph I would guess. A cold front pushed thru very early prior to us going out....not exactly ideal conditions. I started out fishing a jerk bait as it is just one of my things, I absolutely love fishing jerk baits these fish were having none of that not even a sniff. The water was soo amazingly clear that I found myself just standing there looking at the river and it's contours and it's fish....just astounding. I'm sure Hog was sick of me commenting on how clear it was, just so fun to be able to see everything. We fished for a bit I wasn't doing anything , Hog was fishing a Craw pattern they just came up with and at first glance I thought it looked peculiar. Then I tied one on and let it fall into about 6 ft of clear water and it looked amazing!!! It is really weird how these colors can look so different in and out of the water. Just as I started with the craw, Hog as he does, says " oh I got bite here" and then set the hook and his rod bent in half. I knew he had something with some weight. Sure enough he did, he coaxed up an absolutely beautiful 19 inch 4lb Smallmouth. This fish was soo chunky and just a perfect Bronze beauty. I was jumping and fist pumping as I just love to see fish like this in person....I was ecstatic. Now I'm pumped as hell and ready to go but, these conditions were just horrific for fishing and the bite was very slow. It seemed like if you could get the craw in front or near a fish they would crush it. We moved on to a few other spots and the wind and temperature were oppressive really. Not much happening but, my excitement was keeping me warm from seeing Hog's fish. We finally made it to a spot that Hog said there is a giant here for sure and I thought to myself what is he talking about?? As it looked fairly vanilla but, I know not to question his knowledge of that river. I made a cast right to the area he was speaking of and wham I had a nice hit and set the hook. Hog says you have a nice one and being the dork I am, I say it seems like a 17 incher. Then a massive blob of Bronze rolls in front of the boat and I see Hog lunging for the net in excitement....low and behold it's a 20 inch FAT Hybrid Smallie/Spot!!!! We were both high fiving each other like little kids. This was such a cool moment for me as I have never seen one this big in person. Guys I know you may get sick of people pushing products on here and I am not a part of Tackle HD anymore as we parted ways. I can tell you this, their 4 inch Craw just flat out catches bigger fish on average. Eventhough we parted ways we are all still friends I love Paul, Mitch and Aaron like my brother. They have a great bait and their jigheads are the best at crawling thru rocks I personally have ever used. Sorry in advance if you don' care for my endorsement but the proof is in the pudding as far as I'm concerned. Now as I sit here eating my wife's delicious chilli, I am wondering how old that Hybrid is???...the biggest one I had caught prior to this was 14 inches. Anyway everyone have a good rest of the weekend This post has been promoted to an article
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    Indian Creek 12/3

    Went over to Indian Creek early in the AM and fished with Mike M. Early it was flat calm, as you can see from the pic. That's when the fish were biting. The smallies were hitting jigs and there was top water action, mostly stripers but a few black bass also. We caught the smallies dragging 1/2 oz football jigs with craw or twin tailed grubs dragging them in 5 - 20 FOW. Once the wind picked up, and it really started blowing, the bite slowed down. We totaled about 15 bass, mostly smallies, but a couple of spots and one largemouth. One smallie went about 3 lbs., the rest were in the 12-16" range. I had two stripers blow up on a pencil popper, one was a huge explosion, but he missed the popper, had another blowup, just felt a tick, but he didn't get enough of the lure. Saw one boat fishing for striper that came in a bit later after the wind picked up, he was in the right area, don't know if he caught any. Saw water temps from 57-59, given the forecast that won't last. Quite a few eagles back in Indian if anyone wants to do some eagle watching, that's not a bad place to go. Saw some turkeys too. This post has been promoted to an article
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    straw hat

    Thank You

    Many of you may know my posts from the Stockton forum. My wife and I do a lot of crappie bank fishing. Well yesterday we decided to head to PDTL to see what it was like. I was very surprised and impressed with the bass anglers. On Stockton my wife and I have problems with bass anglers running over our lines, buzzing by at full speed right next to our slip bobbers, casting over our lines, etc. Well yesterday seemed to be a busy day on Pomme for the bass anglers. We probably had 10 to 15 pass by us as they worked the banks for bass/walleye. EBERY one of them slowed down, went well wide of us and did not even try to cast toward us as they went by. The boats that were running down the lake and were coming in our general direction ALL slowed down to a trolling speed, went by well away from us and then gunned it back up to plane once well past. I just wanted to say it was a pleasure to share the lake with you and you should be proud of your sportsmanship. It is one of the reasons that my wife and I were able to walk away will 20 total crappie with several in the 11 to 13" range. 22 to 26' deep tight to bluffs. Good fishing to all.
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    SAT & SUN (2/3 DEC)

    Fished both days with decent success. Saturday my wife and I caught most of our fish up the James from Aunt's Creek on inside channel swings with gravel. Mostly on a slab spoon and a variety of smallies, spots and whites. Probably about 20 fish all together, mostly shorts. Fish were in 25-45 FOW. Sunday launched out of Kimberling and found the bass chasing bait 3/4 the way back in the creeks. Schooling action lasted until mid morning when the breeze but a ripple on the water. Caught 15 or so smallies, spots and LM with over half keeprs. Most of the fish were 2+ pound smallies with one 3+ LM. Once the wind kicked up switched to spoons in 35-60 FOW and caught another 10-15 fish. A great day with awesome weather.
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    the feedbag is still on

    been fishing the last three days, and the feedbag is still on. however, it is catch in a different place each day. either the bait is just moving that much or the bass is moving them that much, but more than likely it has more to do with the weather. anyway, still same two lures. ZincSpoon, and 3/4 GrassJig with 4" swimmer. depth for the most part is 40 to 50 feet. we have caught 10 to 12 keepers each day, and the bulk have been lmg's. on a side note, have seen a few chasing up on the surface, but they appear to be mostly smaller ones. bo This post has been promoted to an article
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    shark bait

    Last weekend Dec 2

    Fished out of Eagle Rock. Put in at 7 am. Fish were busying the surface occasionally so tried top water around the dock and down the bank. Nothing. Tried jerk bait- nothing. Went halfway back in Panther and the schooling was going pretty good. I tried a several top waters an nothing. So I tied on a ned with a little 3 inch white senko and swam it through the schools. Bingo! I stayed on them a couple of hours. Caught several keepers with a few 2 - 2 1/2 liners. After they quit I went the bridge and cought a very nice smally on the old roadbed. Went up to mouth of Roring River and cought a few here and there, all small until I saw some busting the surface off a point. First cast to that area I caught one that was 3 1/2 to 4 lbs. All spots except for the one sm. Fun day and beautiful weather.
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    Ended my rifle season

    Late start, lots of other hunters around the area I was in. Walked far, sat down, watched squirrels for 30mins before his girlfriend came pounding down the hill with him in pursuit. I had to yell at him to get him to stop long enough to shoot....wobbled, staggered 20 yards across a trail before laying down. Ready to go back to the Bow and see if I can make that happen as well.
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    Fun Family Weekend on Table Rock

    Had the family down at Table Rock for the weekend. First post here but have learned a lot from the users in this forum. We fished a few hours Friday afternoon and ended up around 19 fish with about 6 keepers to 3 lbs. Drop shot fishing vertical with shad shaped worm in about 45 - 50 ft of water. Started on the bottom and when we hooked a fish it would get pretty lively for 5-10 minutes (assuming we could keep the boat in the general area with the wind). We fished on and off all day Saturday with the same patterns working. Between the four of us we landed about 35 fish with 10 keepers up to 3 plus pounds. We were still fishing vertical but chased a few bait schools when the fish would surface. After I told the kids that I had only been catching small fish when chasing the schools I proceeded to catch two keepers (2+ pounds each) in 5 minutes on a chrome Zinc Spoon. Fished for a while Sunday Morning in the cold, thick fog. Bite slowed down a little but we still found a few good fish throughout the day on the drop shot and a double willow spinner bait fishing under the bait schools. My son, daughter, and son-in-law all had a blast and caught some nice Table Rock Bass this weekend. Thanks for sharing the knowledge in this forum! This post has been promoted to an article
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    My First Tagged Fish

    My Buddy CajunAngler and I floated the Current River in late October this year. We did a three day trip. The food and fellowship was epic as always, but the fishing was only so so. One of the nicer fish I caught was late on the first day. Johnny hooked up with a nice fish which turned out to be a 15 inch LMB and a beat or two later I set the hook into a angry Smallie. It was a bit of a circus as current was pushing us into some wood, but it all worked out. We didn't get dumped on the river and we both caught our fish. As I took a quick pic I noticed something odd about it. A weird clump of algae was hanging back from rear of dorsal fin. I rubbed on it and saw it was an MDC tag. I quickly clipped it off and released the fish. I put the tag into the top pocket of my waders. Later I sort of freaked out when I thought I lost ithe tag. Once I rediscovered the tag, I put it in a hopefully safer location. I did make it home with the tag and I put in a call to MDC and started the process to getting more information about the fish and getting the $25 Check. MDC seemed pretty surprised that a tagged fish from that study was still out there. As per MDC, "my" fish was captured 5/8/2013 about 3 miles about Powder Mill. It was 15.4 inches when tagged. It was about 16.5 inches when I caught 10/24/2017. I caught it several miles above Two Rivers. I spoke to a biologist that estimated it was 15 years old when I caught it. Bigger smallmouth take a long time to grow. Please be careful with them and try to release them quickly IF you are not harvesting them. They are Pretty special fish to me anyway.
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    Cape Fair area, 12/6/17

    Buddy and I got in a pretty full day Wednesday at Cape Fair. Results weren't so great but we were fishing between two strong, rapid-fire cold fronts. Started in some shady cuts between Bridgeport and Peach Orchard and it became apparent early on that would be very little shallow action, so we soon migrated back out to the main river. For most of the day, we went 15-20 minutes between bites on the Ned rig ... not a good deal on a bait that consistently produces a bite every 5 minutes or less. The action was primarily in channel swings and bluff ends. I did manage to pick up a gorgeous 4 pound-plus fish off an isolated boat dock (15 feet of water in the stall where she bit) on a finesse jig and lost beside the boat what looked to be one of the biggest spots I've ever seen in any of the river arms. Got a pretty good look at it up close and it was well over 3 pounds. Also managed one fish on a jerk bait. Dilly dilly! All told, we had a dozen fish but only two keepers. No crank bait bite at all and I spent too much time throwing one. Better days coming soon. Stay tuned.
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    Phil Lilley

    New Angler Arrived Today

    Lily Catherine Cummings 7-04 20 inches #7 Grandkid... hard to believe!
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    That's what I like about you guys.... you've learned to respectively disagree and not get offended at the drop of a hat. New members who come on - they seem to get it too and follow suit. The "all about me" mentality doesn't cut it here. They get weeded out pretty quickly. But we are also a group that looks over each others flaws... and if we've really got ourselves together, we can polk fun at those flaws and laugh about it. Except Al... he's a pretty tempermental old guy Thank you to everyone! Happy December 1st!!
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    My son and I decided to do some Black Friday fishing today. It's the first time I've had the blazer wet in almost 3 months, as y'all can probaly tell I've been pretty quiet on here lately. For me, my fishing season has started again. We almost set in the deer stand stand today but decided to make the drive to the river after not fishing in awhile. Action was slow early with the only thing scoring any fish was that new 3 inch craw. As the evening progressed and we moved to another spot the shade had taken over this area, and the fishing picked up the water is low and clear and the shade seems to,help . The last hour of light had the best action of the day. My son caught his first and biggest sauger I've seen come out of there, he really had his retrieve figured out on his grub towards the end of the day and scored some decent smallies. Didn't catch any really big smallies but caught some decent and chunky ones. I had one nice spotted bass up to the boat before it got off. Great evening on the river and it felt good to something other than work, the harvest season was a longer one this year, but a good one! Was blessed to,get back on the river with my little buddy!
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    In the middle of the night....

    I haven’t posted in a long time, and truth be told, 3 of my best friends reached out to me on this forum to fish in the dark. Sunday night chefofthesea and I braved the cold, dark conditions. Weather man said 38 for a low, I can handle that. When I noticed the ice forming on my rod I realized I’d been had again. So we slung buggers with the eyelets freezing up. Brought some rainbows to hand and after proclaiming that I was done at nearly 1 am I made one more half posterior cast back out......BAM!
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    Hog Wally


    Al Agnew and myself went fishing today. Short and sweet, it was too windy ! We had to bank the boat to really fish effectively,( if you can call it that ). We basically threw hidef craws Big and little. It was very difficult to feel any bites. We both lost several big fish today. I did boat a 19" though 😎
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    Dan the fisherman

    Striper report

    The top water bite has finally slowed down early last week. It’s a shame sense I love catching them that way the best. All fish now are being caught on down lines 20-40 feet down. Stripers are really on the move now with colder water temps. Temps are 53-50. I caught a 4 today, 1 yesterday, 2 Saturday. Just find the bait and the fish shouldn’t be to far behind. Good luck out there guys. Stay safe.
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    dan hufferd

    Tough Crappie Wednesday

    Well teaching myself how to catch winter crappie is going slow. I did find some nice brush piles. Then it all came together, I thought all right I have found them! This feeling of joy lasted for 2 fish in 35 feet of water, then nothing. I did find that if a person throws something that swims up on the bank you catch as many sub-legal bass as you want. It's a good life ! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Sunday - Indian Creek

    Got out Sunday morning, really nice day, very little wind and warming up as the day went on. There was striper activity right out in front of the Indian creek ramp and all around that area. Scattered fish coming up on top, and from what I could tell they were chasing fairly small shad as in 1-2" shad. I spent probably a good hour and a half chasing those things, but they would not touch anything I threw. Water is very clear in that area, fish were spooky, very tough to get within casting distance even with the TM set at low, I could get some close to the boat if I slowly approached them, and then let the boat drift in, but still could not get them to eat anything. If I could do it all over again, I'd bring some small spoons, grubs, and marabou jigs and give them a shot. Anyway, if you're looking for stripers they are there at the mouth of Indian. Gave up on the stripers and went back in Indian to chase smallies, which was my reason for launching there. Never did find much of a bite, caught 3 smallies in the 12-14" range on jigs and Ned. Caught a nice walleye (released) pictured above, I was swimming a jig back to the boat when he hit it. I'm also pretty sure I had another good one on earlier that got off. I believe that if a person went back in Indian and worked a swim jig with a paddle tail trailer around the rocks and trees you have a decent chance at putting a good walleye or two in the boat. It's not going to be a numbers game, and you're going to have to fish hard, but the opportunity is there. I might give it another shot later this week and target some walleye (maybe I'll catch a good smallie if I chase wallies ). This post has been promoted to an article
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    Archery season. Think I’m done!

    It’s been my best year yet! Started off opening day taking a real good eater out behind the house. Second day of season, I sat in a new spot on public land for what I thought would be a scouting mission and ended up talking myself into taking a little 4 pointer. Won’t do that again because I saw bunches of good bucks all the way through rifle season on public ground. The second week of the season I took two more little does for eating on. The month of October I concentrated on turkeys. Ended up getting a nice Tom mid October and watched many a deer both big bucks and little ones along with countless does on public land near my house. One of the bucks I had seen from a distance was a heart stopper. Now I have never hunted antlers, but this guy got me going. I hunted during rifle season with the crossbow and saw the big guy from my stand about 200 yards off in a draw chasing a doe. I moved my stand closer to that draw after the morning hunt. I put the stand 20 feet up a tree on the side of a steep hill. The next morning that heart stopping buck was following a doe right up that draw and stopped right on top of a log that I ranged at 42 yards. I took my time, took a deep breath, let it half way out, concentrated on the kill zone, and slowly squeezed the trigger. The arrow flew right over the top of the deer. I was dumb founded as he ran off 20 yards and stopped to look around for 20 minutes. I did not breath, did not blink, and did not move. He finally slowly walked up the hill and out of sight. I went home and resighted in the crossbow thinking I must have bumped the scope. Nope, it was dead on. My range finder has the angle feature and I used it while ranging that log. I went back to that stand Thanksgiving morning. Saw the big guy again but he stayed 65 yards out. 30 minutes later a doe came through and I was gonna let her walk but she stopped on that very same log I ranged for the buck. I though, I’ve got to try this again. This time I put my 30 yard pin on her and just knew I would hit the dirt at her feet. Nope, the arrow punched both lungs just high of where I was aiming. She dropped after 3 hops. That steep of an angle was throwing my sights off by about 17 yards. I definitely felt more confident about another chance at the buck if I got one. Hunted yesterday morning with my brother Dave. Set him up on the other side of the draw right where I saw the big guy enter the woods when he skirted me 65 yards out. We saw nothing. Started chasing walleyes about 9 am and had some success with that. Headed back to the woods by boat at 2. Brother Dave headed to the south, and I started walking to the north to my spot. As I got closer to the wood line I could here something moving in there. I stopped and watched. Could not see nothing. Took a few more steps and stopped. Nothing. Got right to the wood line and stopped. 2 seconds later, a doe poked her head out. I slowly crouched. She was watching my brother cross the draw. I could hear something else moving behind her. A few seconds later, I saw antlers. It was the big guy. My heart started jumping out of my chest. He saw my brother across the draw and made a jump up the hill. He turned and looked at the doe then stepped behind a big tree. I though he was taking off but I pulled up my cross bow up anyways. He did not leave. He actually came down the hill towards me and when he stepped out, he was 12 yards away. I took the shot and he did a back flip and fell right there in front of me. Biggest deer I have ever taken on the shortest hunt I’ve ever been on. Did not even quite make it to the woods. Brother Dave heard the crossbow shot and came over to help. We had it gutted by 2:30 and continued the hunt. Me after turkeys and him looking for deer/turkey. He ended up getting a doe right at 5 pm. Great hunt and great season! This post has been promoted to an article
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    straw hat

    Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and your families. Give Thanks for your blessings and hold your families close.
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    What's Cooking?

    Sous Vide Rocks!, The new cooking item gets it's first use. I did a test run yesterday with just a pot of water to familiarize myself with the unit. Then thawed out a section of venison loin from my archery buck. This morning did some S&P and thin sliced wild garlic , some cumin seed and sealed it into a bag, Into the hot water bath it went. 134 degrees. We were going to be gone today for a spell so I set it for six hours but wanted it to go for four. Got back in time to pull it at four hours. Patted it dry and seared it in a real hot cast iron skillet in some goose fat. Top, bottom and sides, Put it on a plate and just stared at it wondering what it would look like with the first slice ...... Are you ready for this?, Took a taste test. Oh my gosh it was super tender, juicy and real tasty. I will never cook back strap any other way. Adjust spices maybe. Made a compound butter with hazelnut coffee and maple syrup. If everyone cooked deer this way we would have less deer in the woods. Fresh lettuce from the garden as a side, BilletHead is planning the next dish .
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    dan hufferd

    Found a few crappie

    My buddy Steve and I are working on our winter crappie fishing technique. Steve had the hot stick catching probably 20. Together we ended up with 10 keepers my contribution was 3 keepers. They were in about 28 ft of water. We also caught 4 or 5 baby walleye. I am blessed to have such a great friend!
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    Let someone know where you'll be.

    Yes I second and third so on and so on like this thread, We have loved ones who are concerned about us. Like some that have responded here I go out alone. Tell Mrs. BilletHead where I am going and ETA coming back. If I move locations I let her know also. I have spotty service in some places and when I get out of some holes I have a series of texts and voice mails to go through like how are things going, are you OK and on and on. This is what I call true love fellows. I am not hen pecked I am lucky and I know it. She teases me she needs to know where to find my carcass for proof of death . She asks me to wear my PFD especially while running. Trouble can come fast and in the blink of an eye. I tend to not be so stable on my feet anymore but act like I am. Bkbying89, I share this with you backing up my thoughts on the bald headed woman. You see 12 years ago we had a reset in out life and the bald head was a result of this situation . I thank you for the post as it got me to looking for this photo. I realize how lucky and blessed I am, Her hair is back but mine is still kept shaved off. I was this way before she was temporary and I tease her she just wanted to see what it was like to have the perfect head. I think she rocked it better and I have the Klingon ridge going on. Thanks bkbying89. I need to revisit this picture more often. I thank my lucky stars daily for what I have, BilletHead
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    Old Man Coon Huntin

    Got drug into a coon hunt likely 40 years since my last, with no explanation by my Brother-in-law, but it is family so.....as I told Billethead en-route, you can choose friends but not family. Showed up a few hours early, as requested, had a tour of the area in the gator to familiarize me with the lay of the land. (I had been there in the mid 70's but with another gal so after 38 years of marriage, dumb is good) Learned that this hunt was for some folks who had paid generously at auction to benefit the school and the neighborhood was pleased. We went to the main place, not super fancy, but a much better location and decorating than our place. Had grilled duck breast rolled in jalapenos and bacon for horse de vours, (sorry never learned French, ....my Professor at Mizzou would testify English either for that matter) with cocktails followed by salad, baked potatoes, really nice steaks and wine. Then away we go, due to my bad ankle I was in-charge of driving the "refreshment cart" and support vehicle (gator), with coolers loaded with various drinks and snacks. One Walker (my favorite) and a Red bone were released it was a clear, cool fall evening, stars were very clear and the sound carried well. Very soon they cut a track, and the music began, man I love hearing any hound but the deep drum of a Walker is so special. They drop off the hilltop, I circle, get in the bottom below,the deep voice of the Walker, broooam, broooam,broooam...., then they tree, the Red bone is very, very excited, think she got an eye full. I watch from the bottom as the wheat (now led) lights descend, a near perfect circle below the cedar tree is formed with lights shining looking in excitement. Then a lot of squalling and hissing, starts moving from tree to tree in a tight cedar grove. The lights scattered quicker than if you had blew them plumb up..., going far and fast. I was totally dumbfounded (easy task). I turned on the Gator lights, to make a regroup point, as apparently there was an issue. After a bit the hunters gather at the "refreshment cart'. The story goes, it was a bobcat, and was not happy being confused with a coon and refused to be treed. The hunters were not scared just trying to give the cat some space...???, after being refreshed they went on. The youngest, Sam was about 9, had drank at least 3 Mountian Dews, he kept pace with the dogs for quite some time. Pretty sure his Mother made note of my name when we returned, hopefully not to report to child services, he was not skinned up too bad. Coon hunting has come a long way from my younger days. Brian the dog owner had a GPS deal around his neck. He could point out where we were and each of the dogs... maps and everything. The next track was fast and furious, as the dogs got further than anticipated, Brian said they are in a drive way..... he said 900 yds out...... showed me the map... only grumpy neighbor in 3 sections.... "I think they treed in the yard"....Please no. Fortunately the coon went on (likely jumped onto the house and ran to catch a tree on the east side) The lights in the house came on, ..Brians dogs are trained not to come to anyone but him. We ended up with two coons and a scared Opossum. I am not a coon hunter by any means but sure enjoy hearing the hounds run and watching the antics of the hunters will never grow old. Hope they invite me back next year. g
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    Just a day at the marsh

    Been watching this spot for a week up by Stockton hoping that I would be able to hunt it soon, today all planets allined and it worked out! Put 8 dozen deeks out no spinners and very little calling they just wanted to be where we were set up!
  33. 8 points
    Phil Lilley

    Clear water

    Pissing contest is over. Topic closed.
  34. 8 points
    Received an email from the Corps through Shane Bush at MDC. Table Rock's water has mixed to the point that they've lifted generation restrictions. Good news for fish in Taneycomo and anglers who like to fish for them! Probably good news for Table Rock anglers too.
  35. 8 points
    Hog Wally

    Topwater in December

    This weather has the fish confused. Took a quick trip close to home and it was crazy good for a hour on wtd baits. Who would of thought.
  36. 8 points

    Shorts and short sleeves in November.

    Absolutely beautiful day to spend a few hours on the water and drown a couple dozen minnows. Fished between k dock and beaver targeting Crappie and managed to put 5 in the livewell and lost atleast 10 either at the boat or in the brush and 4 bull blugills. Focused on chunk rock banks fishing minnows in 12 to 15 fow. Water temp was 55.7. Little windy to start but manageable in the tin tank. Released the 5 back to be caught another day and was blessed with a awsome sunset for the boat ride back to the ramp.
  37. 7 points

    12/15/17 Lunch Run

    Well sitting in the office was making me a dull boy, so I went to see if my suspicions were true about a hole I have been looking at. It looks like great Winter habitat. Suspicions confirmed it is a good Winter hole hahahahaha. I also lost an absolute giant and significantly larger than this smallie right at my feet....oh well I'm not bitchin Everyone have a great weekend and tight lines.
  38. 7 points

    11-26-17 Glaize Crappie

    A buddy and I started about 1pm yesterday and fished till dark. I started out hitting a few brush piles, but only caught one. It didn't take me long to switch gears and start scanning main lake docks. Found a few that were loaded up and caught around 50 crappie. Only had a few white crappie and only three or four shorts. The rest were all good quality black crappie and most of them were over 10". There was no need to measure any of the two limits that we kept. Biggest was 12.25". If you couldn't get your jig way up under the dock, you didn't catch fish. I doubt color mattered, but we were using BG Slab Slayers and Slab Busters in blue, black and orange with a chartreuse tail. They all worked as well as the other. We fun fished for a bit longer after limiting out and caught another 15-20 keepers that we released. This post has been promoted to an article
  39. 7 points
    Started late about 11 off the water by 3:30. Water temp 53. Caught fish on a jigs, spinnerbait, and the big one came in a big crank. Had a couple just under 2lbs, a 2 1/2lb, a 3lb, and a 4 1/2lb
  40. 7 points
    Chief Grey Bear

    What's Cooking?

    Before and after results. Cook that in your fancy sandwich bag! I kid because I love.
  41. 7 points

    Who was the joker?

    That yelled "Whoo Hoo!" or maybe it was "Yee Haw" out by the lodge at 0200 in the AM and woke some of us up this morning? This mystery must be solved, Miles thinks I am crazy, or I heard a donkey braying, but Mike heard it also. I just can't remember if it was Whoo-Hoo, or Yee-Haw, being that it woke me out of a dead sleep, LOL. That aside, had a great time. The food was outstanding, and all of us are thankful to those of you that brought and prepared the food. Outstanding fried walleye/flathead/crappie/taters/onions. Some great fried mushrooms. Great breakfast made in a wok. Great pulled pork and homemade BBQ sauce. Killer deserts, some of the best cupcakes I have ever had in my life. Great homemade sausages. I probably missed something, there was so much food it was impossible to taste everything. Thanks to Ham and Brett for taking me out in your boats. Fishing was pretty good, tough conditions, some dirty water and wind made things challenging at times, but I think everyone did pretty well at catching some fish and had a good time. Hopefully we will do this again!
  42. 7 points
    And u guys thought you were eating walleye......lol!
  43. 7 points
    Yes I finally got my source to share photos. Really funny what you can see on the river when jig fishing gets slow? There was no alcohol involved either. Just good sense of humor and good skills. I suppose since I know these guys I am guilty by association? see what happens when Phil is not there to control his children? We missed you Phil and hope you are feeling better and maybe this will make you smile . It did me and my compadres , Happy post jig fest guys, BilletHead
  44. 7 points
    I fall into the "below average" category but to be totally honest I'd say that my family lives quite well. We have all we need. Nice enough house and 10 acres of land, have some pretty nice things, and although we might have to wait awhile to afford the more expensive things in life we truly don't "want" for anything. When I hear someone who makes 150k/yr. cry about how bad they have it..... I simply cannot relate. I live quite happily on a little more than 1/3 of that.
  45. 7 points

    Possible Strike 3.

    The call finally came this morning around 9, Lymph nodes showed no sign of cancer. All clear, back to 8 months cancer free and going forward. A huge weight lifted off my shoulders after 21 days of waiting. I am sure those 21 days took a few months off the end of my life just worrying about it. 14 more clean months and I can call this episode of my life done. Thanks for all of the prayers. Went out and bought one lottery ticket this afternoon, don't want to spread my luck too thin....
  46. 7 points

    the feedbag is still on

    Fished a couple of hours Thursday and then again on Saturday in the KC area. White spoon was getting bit in 40' in creek channels. caught several keepers, but nothing over 2.5. I really like the trick of running line through a feathered treble above the spoon. Also picked up a few nice smallies draggin a FB jig on mixed gravel flats in 25-30'.
  47. 7 points

    What's Cooking?

    One of the pleasures modern farm standards has created - you do not need to cook pork into jerky. Tonight I seared a two bone chop then roasted it to 131 and let it rest. Final temp was 134. I sliced the chop in half and served the bride and I. On the side I roasted potatoes and pan roasted broccoli, then finished it with a Worcestershire sauce.
  48. 7 points

    No report

    Bill has also been deer hunting recently and if I know him ... and I do ... he won’t give a report unless he’s been out there and knows firsthand what’s going on. I won’t get into the discussion on newspapers but as most of you know, I was a career sports/outdoors editor and later a news editor. The situation now is a joke. I wouldn’t spend my money on a subscription.
  49. 7 points
    I share more information than most, but I am consciously choosing the information I share to be about larger areas than can stand the pressure. I can share information without crapping my pants. I'm not willing to ruin a vulnerable fishery to get "likes", brownie points, or fish karma. I share about current conditions on larger bodies of water and patterns that I think are in play rather than go to this spot and do this. you do understand that there is a mortality rate on fish that are caught and released AND those smallies can get loved to death by being caught over and over. I can teach ppl about saving money without giving them my bank account numbers.
  50. 7 points
    Chief Grey Bear

    What's Cooking?

    I'll see your cheesy bow ties and raise you one creamy smoked Mac n Cheese with bacon and jalapeño

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