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    Walleye galore

    Had a wonderful day today. Had a limit of walleye plus a few to release. Cut lose a 28 incher. All trolling cranks at 2 mph in 18 foot of water on a gravel flat. And the bass were a pain. I couldn't barely keep them off the hook. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Ned Rig Hawg

    In prepping for a trip down to the rock in September, I've been messing around in some creeks recently and wouldn't you know, the big ladies love the rig. Found a sweet little hole, maybe 60foot by 30 foot and not more than 6-8foot deep. Gin clear water, golden hour sun shooting through the trees and as I pitched the rig up under a tree she darted out like she hadn't eaten in weeks. The sight of her was amazing and she fought with every ounce she could. Beautiful scenery, gorgeous weather and perhaps the biggest bass of my life. She was around 21 ounces and right at 6lbs. Released to fight another day. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Aubrees birthday

    Sharing aubrees birthday pic camo party and finger nails she wanted a buck cake she's so cute thot you guys might crack up thanks for the tugs and smiles pa
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    Decent bite up the White

    Finally broke my summer hiatus and dunked the Ranger at 6 a.m. Tuesday at Big M. Surprisingly, there was no sighting of Quillback either in the parking lot or on the water. Not sure, but rumor has it he may have taken up golf --- possibly due to wandering threads here on OA. Anyway, whatever topwater chasers may have been in action on recent mornings were thwarted Tuesday by NE winds at 5-10 mph. Doesn't take much of a ripple to put the shad down and mess up the breaking fish. Even tried to find some slick water in the larger/deeper pockets but to no avail. What I did eventually find was just what some here have been reporting ... a pretty darn good football jig bite on main lake points. While most of my fish were small, there was no lack of action for several hours. Get on the right point and the fish are there. As others have stated, the right points for right now seem to be those with a mix of gravel and chunk rock. Deep water nearby also seems to be a requirement, although I did not get bit deeper than about 20 feet. Even on a Tuesday, the wake makers were out in force by 10:30 a.m. and by 11:30, my two remaining choices were to load up and leave under my own conditions or be hauled away in shiny wristwear. Evolution is not a thing, as the Bible clearly states. Actually, the case could be made that we may well have the gearshift in "R" in terms of common sense. But enough about that. For what it's worth, both Viney ramps are closed and those launching at Big M would fare better to pick the right spot and back off the parking lot rather than use that crappy ramp. Got my feet wet (sandals, so no biggie) launching from the ramp but found it much easier loading off the parking lot.
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    Caught a few on bottom bouncers and cranks yesterday.
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    no more fishing lessons

    i think it is time to stop the fishing lessons unless i want to be outfished every trip. bo
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    Had some nice walleyes this past week on the lower end of the lake trolling. 20-30 fow
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    I will start by saying if you don't like the mountains and streams of the west or fly fishing for trout this isn't for you. Just back out of this page and do not come back to this thread and post. There will be no bait casting or spinning reels. No bait, just fly's with feathers, synthetics and maybe some rubber legs and a little foam where needed. Some places there will be hiking involved. Our interest started in this trip wanting to catch the Utah cutt slam. We have done this in Wyoming a couple of times. The four species we will be going for here in Utah are the Colorado, Bear River, Bonneville and the Yellowstone varieties. Here is a link for those who may be inquisitive, http://www.utahcutthroatslam.org/#program-info We had two weeks to mess around the state. After trying for the slam everything else was exploring and more fishing. We left BilletHeadVille on Friday the 28th of July at 2PM. Headed West through Kansas and Colorado. Stopped on Berthoud Pass North West of Denver for a while after midnight for a three hour power nap. Let me tell you the older we get the tougher it is to do this. I crawled into the back of the non raised camper and the Mrs. did the front seat of the truck. A cold rain fell and we left stiff and sore hardly sleeping. Drove to our Utah starting point Vernal. We have fished a couple of places around Vernal but not for the cutthroat. According to the Cutt slam information and a tip from a friend we could catch the Colorado cutt in Sheep creek lake. After getting our license's and maps of the area we headed up that way. Set up the camper, we were beat but really wanted to fish right away. Part 1 the Colorado cut, Fly fishing from the lake shore. Don't really care for it. Do it where we need to but prefer flowing water picking out where the fish are lying or pocket water. So we did what we had to do here. Strung up the rods. I used sink tip line and the Mrs. Put on a loop to loop sink tip section. Both of us put on leech imitations. We did see a few rings way out in the middle of the lake where fish were taking what looked like some midges on top, well beyond our shore reach. Walked around to the dam and tried to cast into the deeper water. Pretty strong wind in our faces it quickly became apparent this was not going to work with our casts falling dead before turning over properly. We than walked around to a steep bank with the wind more to our side than our face. We both began to work the water best we could. No real back cast available the casts were short and roll casts actually did a bit better. Water was deep and clear. Could not see fish but it felt fishy . Finally the BilletHead hit pay dirt and it was fish on! A pretty respectable Colorado Cutt, We thought this maybe pretty easy, not so I missed one more hit and the Mrs. not a bite. We drug our tired rears again towards the dam for another go there. Fought the wind more and then headed to the camper for food and bed time. First real meal of the trip was a good old BLT with home grown Missouri tomatoes. A local brew with it, A sort of nights sleep. Even as tired as we were the first couple of nights are not like your own home bed. Up we were the next morning to a bowl of cereal and coffee. Then off for another try. Wind already blowing we trekked again to the steep bank to see if the Mrs. could get her Colorado. Try she did, Finally a hit, fish landed, We fished a bit more with only a couple more strikes. Decided to head back. We had noticed a few mushrooms so we did some hunting on the way back to the truck. Boletes everywhere. Nice damp ground great for growing conditions. We broke camp for more exploring. Found another place, barely a trickle of a creek, Fished awhile here, never seen a fish or have a take. Bummer city ! Went looking for Sheep Creek proper. Well found a fork of it but again really small. Drove more to Sheep Creek canal. Answer found, canal pulling off water. So we fished the canal. Brookies were caught here, No more Colorado cuts here but we will revisit them in another place. Much prettier fish, actually unbelievable pretty fish but you will have to wait a few posts later for that . Then it was more shrooming with some picking too, Lots more coming. Going after the Bear river next. Got to rest my typing fingers badly, BilletHead
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    I have been making the trek up to the northern lower peninsula of Michigan for many years and have caught many more smallmouth than I will ever deserve. The pics attached is a small sample of some of the best smallmouth fishing in the world.
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    Not a Table Rock report

    As Mayo said to Sgt. Foley....."I got no where else to go" to give a fishing report. BTW I had to google the quotes as I have not watched the movie in a LONG time....and it was my wife's idea....but I digress. Around here there are mostly no wake NRD flood control lakes - one opened up a couple of years ago about 20 miles west of town ....so I dunk the 250HP boat Sunday afternoon and punch it...tapping 1000 RPMS =/- and go to my first spot ..... A little back ground - they stock these lakes with a variety of fish from Northern to perch and everything in between. Most guys are trying to catch crappie and walleye so that leaves the Bass alone to some extent. WT - 84 with over cast skies....... Average lake depth - 20' Thought I would be a bank beater.....tried a little flippin = nada.....shallow crank = nada....jig = nada so I drug out ole faithful....The D*NED (Dave Ned head) with a green pumpkin Z. Started catching about a doz the next hour with a surprise thrown in! There - I feel better - thanks internet friends C4F
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    An Outing on the Insane Upper End

    Hello, my name is Randy and I am a fishing addict. Despite all the reasons NOT to go out this morning, I went out of HI at 10 AM. I will have kids in the Classroom on Monday, and I had the urge to fish before then. As I idled to the no wake buoy I noted fish at 20 feet with bait above them. I added that to reports that others have posted recently. I decided to troll a crank at 20' to start. In three hours I had five fish on. Three came unbuttoned before I could get them in the boat. One, a bass, was foul hooked and shook off on a jump. Two others that behaved like walleye, got off when they hung me in brush or trees. I netted the other two. All hit an original series wiggle wart in firetiger trolled in water between 19 and 21 feet deep with 150 feet of 10/2 braid out from the rod tip at 1.8 to 2.0 mph. All hits came as the bait ricocheted off the bottom or trees and changed speed - reaction bites. My Lund is a very safe boat, but it is only 16.5 feet long and made of aluminum. By 1:00 PM it was no longer safe to be amongst the tube towers, the wakeboarders, and the slow cruisers not quite on plane. Be safe everyone! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Quick Hitter Pays Off

    Spur of the moment decision today to fish a short and popular stretch yielded this nice fish. It was about 20 inches, measured on my yellow MDC ruler, stuck to the thwart in front of me. Squeezing the tail made it extend a couple inches past the 18" mark. Didn't put on 'til 3:30pm or so.
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    Decided to hit Bull Shoals on Wednesday early morning. Went down K hwy to see how close to the ramp we could get. It's literally 20 feet below the water surface so I turned around and launched right then and there from the road. You know a lake has a ton of water in it when you're going to the backs of creeks and pockets only to look down at the GPS and see that you're not even close to the lake! We saw tons and tons of deer, 2 coyotes, a bobcat, a wood duck, a cottonmouth, and a fox. It was like wild kingdom out there! For what it's worth there are millions of shad everywhere on that lake right now. When we'd see fish busting them, we'd chuck a square bill in there and get bit instantly. While you'd reel them in, you'd get 5-6 trying to steal it out of the hooked fish's mouth. Most of those fish were around 10-12 inches, but it was fun. We did have 2 keepers on the plopper going along the bushes in the very backs of creeks. We hit several areas all around K-Dock. I had one really nice fish on a Jackall Gantarel using my big swimbait setup. It was my first time throwing that lure. It looks amazing in the water and the two bites I had on it were pretty fierce. We had several 4lb class fish on mouse and purple shad colored War Eagle spinnerbaits too. If there was any kind of ripple on the water, those got crushed. Great day and only saw 3 other boats. Put in at 6:00am and were off the water by 1:30. WT was 83.
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    lmt out

    Found a few 8/15

    Took a little looking caught a couple walleye everywhere we stopped. But found a good school about 45 min before we had to leave. Ended with 13 keepers and 9 shorts. 18Ft was best. But caught from 15 to 21 ft. Bb and crawler harnesses. Only kept one for the wife all the rest were released.
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    Hot Crappie Bite!

    I saw the good weather coming up last week and drove down to Stockton to camp at Cedar. Put the AlumaCraft in figured to go after walleye, crappies and blue gills. I never did figure the walleye out; got two keepers, with a bottom bouncer and harness, and jigging a spoon with a minnow head, but few and far between is an understatement. Part of the problem there turned out to be a great crappie bite trolling, and big blue gills too. I ended up focusing on them. And the crappie were overall nice sized too: At first I trolled along the steeper bluffs, and got a fish here and there. I've trolled Stockton before and gotten little so this was no surprise. Frustrating thought given my setup: I can troll four rods at one time so that should up my %. I knew there were fish to be had, from reading this site, and the guys camping down the line from me had a full fish box and they were trolling a couple rods out the side of the boat. I reconsidered my approach, and after seeing a small mouth throw up a 2" shad as I reeled it in switch to smaller lures, and tried the sloping banks without sharp drop offs. That paid off. I ended up focusing my trolling path between 20 and 24 feet. I ran two rods with dipsy divers, one a bottom bouncer, and one a long line out the back. I modified that long line by adding a 2 ounce egg weight 5 feet in front of the lure, so it would run deeper and that paid off. Found that 2mph was a good speed; at 1.6 I wasn't getting nearly as much action. From my tiller seat this was the view to my left: I can easily reach the rods to let line out, take fish in, etc. When I'm pulling in a fish I'll steer the motor with my knee to keep from slamming the other lines into the bottom by wandering too close to shore. Man, I had several triples doing this!! Sure made up for some of the Sahara desert like trips I've had! As to what that post is between the rods: I extended the Bimini top to make a full canopy to the back of the boat. Rain or hot sun are kept where they belong: away from me! Here's the main lure line up: On the left the two divers I used; note the underside of these at top left; you can move the weights so the divers not only take your lure down, but also out to the side. I had them canted out quite a bit to the side. Next is the 2 ounce egg sinker; I tried a 1 ounce sinker and didn't have nearly the success with it. My most successful lures; all had a fast wiggle. I run about 5 feet of line behind the divers; used to go 7 or 8 but what a hassle that is getting a fish in or stowing the rods. Those divers put a pretty good tug on the rod; I use 20 pound braid to the divers and 5 feet of 12 to 15 pound fluoro to the lure. I think you need rod holders to fish the divers as they would wear you out holding on. A fish will often snap the diver release making it easy to pull up, or you can snap the rod to trigger the release. You could easily fish a long line with an egg sinker holding the rod out the side of the boat. Let the line out until the egg hit the bottom and crank up a few times and experiment. I was also prospecting for bluegill, and found them typically at 17-22 feet around structure of some kind. The bottom two lures, one recently posted by lmtout, are heavy enough to drop fast to 20 feet, and have the right hooks for gills. I put a little twister tail on the upper ball, for attraction purposes, and a piece of crawler on the lower smaller hook. Worked great. Also, took off the small treble on the red jig and put on a long panfish hook. Didn't get a ton of these but a couple dozen went into the well. Bright colors don't always work; I can get lazy and not try different things, but this time I was switching here and there, and who would have guessed that bright rainbow and flo orange would be hot? We all know how quickly conditions can change, but in the meantime maybe this helps get a few extra crappie. Those big ones were 12+"; man that is a fun fish to catch! View full article
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    Square bill challenge

    Today I made myself throw a square bill and tried hard not to pick up the dragging baits. Stuck with the SB for about three hours, starting at daylight. Didn't catch many, but got 5, all largemouth, 2 were keepers. They all came on main channel chunk rock banks, up shallow. When I am by myself throwing SB's or other cranks, I'll position my boat parallel to the bank and throw down the bank from the bow, trying to keep the bait running near the bottom, kicking off cover. Caught about a 3 foot gar on the SB also. Caught another 3 or so on the Trick worm, one was a keeper smallie. Smallie was an accidental "deadstick" fish. Had a hard rain shower hit me about halfway through my retrieve, put the rod down, put on my rain coat, picked up the rod, reeled in the slack and he was there. Fortunately he didn't swallow it. Sun came out about 10 AM and that shut them down, I fished until 11 AM but did not get a bite after 10. The wake boat navy was also making its appearance so it was time to go. Surface temp was down to 83.
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    Met a guy today, super nice, fellow USMC vet,gave me permission to call for access to his property. it's in the middle of a very difficult place to access and owns 1.5 miles of riverfront. Has one rule. Can't wait to float that!
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    I launched my boat well before daylight, in the rain, Sunday morning. I was going to boat from Moonshine beach to Big Cedar to meet up my uncle who was in from out of town. I have fished this section some but not very much. I think I was the only idiot out in the rain at 4:30 am so I thought hey hammer down. I know there are islands but I have them on my map. No moon visible, raining, hunkered down behind the windshield, flying by the GPS, nearing the first island, slowed down, peaked over the glass, made it no problem hammer down. same thing with the second island no problem, but nearing the 3rd one (it's really small) I thought, I should be getting close, but I didn't really slow down much as I "knew" I had time. Peaked over the windshield, my favorite OAF hat blew off (which will cause the fisherman to instantly slam on the brakes to retrieve the favorite hat) as the boat slowed I was able to see that I was only a few yards from beaching my boat ! Oh yeah what is that thing that pops up when I turn the depth finder on ? Something about not using this as your primary source of navigation. The moral to the story, make sure to buy an OAF hat, and don't trust the gps too much, they don't give you that message for nothing. I never got my hat back, but I guess that is a small price to pay for a big lesson. Don't hate me, you've done it too. :-)
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    How my OAF hat saved my life.

    In no way do I intend to belittle you, but the fact that there are people out there running around guided by their mapping program is disturbing as all get out. An anchored fishing boat got creamed here several days ago in broad daylight. The guys in the fishing rig saw him coming, waved their arms, yelled and screamed, but he just kept coming. They jumped from the boat just before impact and survived. Seemingly intelligent, and successful dude with an intelligent and successful career in the medical field was just running down the lake watching his Navonics screen. That just blows me away. Remember that the next time some doctor diagnoses a condition and schedules you for treatment. If you promise to never do it again, and spread your story far and wide I'll buy you a new hat and get one for myself while I'm at it. Phil, send me the bill please.
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    Hog Wally

    Beautiful creek smallies

    Had a great day today on a small creek with my youngest daughter. I haven't waded a creek in 15 years. This creek was full of unpressurized violent fish. Caught over 25 rock bass and as many smallie from 11" to 16". The hidef small craw without a doubt is a creek slaying bait. I broke off two over 18" on the 8 lb test that I should have never bought in the first place 15 years from now I'll go back and try it again ? My awesome girl Macey can't let one piece of trash get by her.
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    well, it has been here and gone, and things will change once again, but this past full moon cycle was pretty darn good for catching lots of bass. out of the last 4 trips a total of 48 keepers were boated. one bass over 5, a few 4 lb. range and several 3 lbers. plenty of shorts in the mix also. so, there was plenty of fairly constant action. 3/4 GrassJig has done most of the damage, but we have caught several on a 1 oz. Elite bladed jig we have been tinkering with. bass have been relating to points quite a bit, and steep of flat will both produce provided they match up with the depth the bass want to be. yep, some of these places are out in the nose bleed section. meaning you are about 4 long casts to the bank. a certain depth of water is just the same right close to the bank or a quarter mile out in the lake. some bass have set up residence in 25 ft. of water and in some areas of the lake, there will be many more follow. weather will be a major factor and area of the lake will be a factor as to whether the local population moves out deeper or shallower. there will be some areas that will contain both shallow bass and the deeper ones that are following the thermocline. will be interesting to see what the next moon cycle will bring. bo This post has been promoted to an article
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    Meramac near Steelville 8/7

    A friend and I floated a section of the river near steelville today and ended up catching over 80 bass between the two of us. Most were under two pounds but we did catch four or five decent fish larger than that. Plastics all day was the ticket for us. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Gary Stanton

    Mixed bag day on Stockton

    After a tough weather weekend it was a beautiful day on Stockton Lake. We caught 8 walleye and it was a mixed bag day with over 50 fish caught and 8 species! 53 to be exact since they were keeping track. Miles is 14 and is a great fisherman who aspires to be a Pro Fisherman. He asked lots of good questions and learned how to run leadcore and a lot about Lowrance HDS units. He kept an eye on the HDS10 I have in the back of the boat.
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    Monday morning

    Caught these fish trolling Bandits from 7:00 am till noon in about 20' of water.
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    Nice bass yesterday

    Caught this nice one yesterday and several more just a bit smaller. Been a long time since I caught that many big fish in a day. It was hard to leave, but the little guy wanted to head home. My buddy caught several nice ones as well.
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    Hog Wally

    Banner Day!

    Went out this morning with fellow MSA member Charlie and we fished from 6:30 til noon with over 50 fish and a lot of them were big. Ended up with 8 spotted bass in the livewell to boot! Life is good. And yes it's a topwater bite 100%
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    Seth Clarkson

    Cape Fair 8/12

    I don't have much to report from today other than the fact that it was a nice morning to be out on the water. Temperature was much more enjoyable and the breeze was nice as well. Put in at Bridgeport around sunrise and was off the water around noon. Only caught 5 or 6 bass, a couple perch and my first Ned rig crappie. The big bass was 3.77lbs and 19 inches. This one seemed a little top heavy with a short tail end but I definitely can't complain. Catching it on a 4 1/2 ft ultralight with a Ned rig made it that much more enjoyable. This is my first fish on the Ned over 18 inches, so gives me hope for running into some bigger ones again with in the future. This post has been promoted to an article
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    FB Jig was getting hammered

    Saturday morning near KC. Got a limit of 3-4 lb LM in about 30 minutes in one 100 yard stretch of bank with docks. Pea Gravel with chunk rock between docks in 8-15'. With the cooler temps and overcast sky, they were positioned next to docks, but not under them. Had to use the pliers to get the jig out on a couple of them, as they were gulping it down. 1/2 oz FB jig in PB & J with Green Pumpkin speed craw trailer. Went to another spot nearby with same characteristics, and caught a few more. Every LM was a keeper or better, with some short SM mixed in.
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    Walleye galore

    Well this evening into dark the walleye continued biting utilizing the same techniques, however the kiddos and the wife were able to catch a few just for fun. It was an absolute banner weekend for me as I have never caught walleye on table rock like I did this weekend. Feel completely blessed by what I was able to experience, not just for numbers caught but the ability to release some good ones as well! As I used to fish bass on table rock thoroughly my addiction to the toothy critters took over. Just can't believe the pattern I was able to put together on them and just modify it slightly from different times of the day to stay on the bite. WOW, is all I got. I did fish bass a bit and caught some good spots and smallies fishing #5 rippin rap in helinski shad color on gravel points in 20 foot of water, using the same rip jigging technique I use up north for walleye. Cheers to all!
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    Walleye galore

    Had seven more this morning in a short trip...released some good uns again in exchange for some eaters. caught them up the white river arm..this morning you had to run deep diving cranks and have the bills grinding and bouncing off the bottom, the would wack them on the ricochet. Blue pearls were very good with the target depth of 18-22 foot at 2.2mph.
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    Part 9 continued, Now to the fishing. Before on trips here we caught rainbows. Never browns but we were told they were here and big ones hiding in holes and undercut banks. So right off the bat this happens, Tears were beginning to form here and not a more deserving person got it, We than caught rainbows and small browns, And then this happened, Not a prouder spouse I could be. Pat could hit the pockets that held the fish. She would say I put it right here and it came from there to take the hopper. , Took a break for filtered spring water and a small bite to eat, Then we took of a side canyon to Ely falls for some cooling off, Very refreshing to say the least. Shadows were beginning to get long we headed back to the main trail and back to the truck. The BilletHead had been out fished by a girl. Not just any girl either but by My Girl . Wouldn't of had it any other way. I got the best complement by her though. Actually two of them. One was and this is her speaking, I had a good net man and you taught me all I know. Guys I will take those complements any day, any place, and any where. When we got back to the truck we checked the time. We had been dinking around that canyon for nine hours, yes nine. We began to pull off our wading shoes. Pat says hey what is this white stuff on the inside of my neoprene socks? I said look at your wrinkled wet feet, that is sloughed skin. She says eeew. I say some people pay good money to soak and peel their feet and just sit there. You got to fish during your treatment while softening your feet. What a deal I take the eeeew back. Took the rods apart one last time on this trip. It was dark as we drove back to Vernal. The lights in the distance showed us the way back to the campground for our last night in Utah. In the morning we left for home. Stopping in Wakeeny Kansas for the night. From then on all the way home we talked about our trip. It was the best!, Billethead
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    Legends Boat Company

    It just amazes me how much hate toward Johnny people have, here , and BBC, it just blows my mind. No one wants to look at the positives. That man has created more jobs here in southwest Missouri and nation wide than everyone on here put together. Most BPS employees seem to love and be thankful for their jobs. I think it is amazing what he has built for us to enjoy. Personally i can run up to BPS and get what i need when i need it instead of waiting on shipping, and the prices are pretty much on par with everywhere else. If you think the new Nitros or even Tracker are to crumby to fish out of im afraid you have lost sight of what fishing is all about. He has stated and it is in his best interest to not disrupt the quality of other big boat brands. If it wasnt for Tracker a lot of people, me included wouldnt have a boat to fish out of. I think the option for a more affordable boat is great. GIVE THE MAN A BREAK. just my 2 cents
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    Legends Boat Company

    Well said by both of you guys. I would add that there's another complete guide to how to think, act and otherwise navigate life ... the Bible.
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    Blues baby!!!

    Took the boys to my favorite lake. Grew up going just to boat, tube and swim. Now my main objectives are keeping the boys happy (4-wheelers, tubing, fire, etc) and blue catfish. I take the boys on a blue trip every summer. We always catch fish, but this year the weather played out amazing. We showed up this past Saturday when the storm hit and made the lake turn to an ocean. It was fun to watch, but not much fishing. In the morning it was game on. We saw the water was way up and that meant the water would be dropping all day and into Sunday night. We caught some baitfish and set the hooks. The boys were excited when Monday morning rolled around. The first hook we checked was the 30 pounder (40 inches). Should have seen the look on my 9 year olds face when he was hand lining the fish in. After letting that fish go, we went out to check our other lines. We wanted to keep a few just under the slot, but the fish were either slot fish or over. Just crazy. Threw all but one fish back. Biggest 3 were 18#, 22# and 30#. The boys had a blast! This post has been promoted to an article
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    8/12 Derp Bass

    I ventured out Saturday afternoon with the plan on fishing until dark. I thought with most schools starting or started and the overcast conditions, it might be light traffic. Wrong. Put in at Aunt's Creek and ran to the mouth of the James. Found a few, but this one really stuck out. I didn't weigh it, but probably be around 4. Seemed very healthy other than is upper lip.
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    Bill Babler

    Campbell Pt. Thursday

    Got out really early and to my surprise had a fantastic top water morning on the Fin. Stayed after 1 huge school of fish from 5:45 till 9:30. They would come up and go down. I used a Real Image spoon in1/2 oz. when the would disappear. Also caught a bunch using a 3/16 oz. ball head and a smoke pepper Chompers C-tail swimming it deep Lots of Whites mixed in with a combo of LM and K's. No brown fish. Only about 1/2 dozen keeps and nothing big, but man they were just slamming that Smokey Joe Shad were 1/2 inch thread fin. Really small and they were just choking them good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    Exploring the Upper End, 7/29

    A few days ago a OA member messaged me for help catching walleye. He explained he would be camping at Parker Bottoms up by the Beaver Lake dam and that he would have a modest boat with him. He specifically wanted advice for fishing downstream as far as Beaver town. Instead I offered to show him. I picked Jack up at the Houseman ramp this morning at 6:30. We fished until noon between there and Butler Creek. The front that came through predictably made the fishing tough. We caught handfuls of bluegill but only scratched out two walleye. Unfortunately the one I caught was a 22 inch keeper, but the one Jack caught was between 17 and 18 inches. The fish came out of 15 feet of water with a surface water temp of 84. While up river very near Houseman I was amazed to find a wake boat with a boardhead tearing up the banks on both sides. This post has been promoted to an article
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    I just returned from the first COE meeting at the Chateau. I was able to submit my concerns verbally to a court reporter who was taking down my every word. I spoke about the size of boats, the removal of buoys, establishing no wake areas and the number of docks. It is the quickest way to submit your comments. They had a number of stations set up where you could ask general or specific questions. The questions I heard from most of the people were about their personal dock. I did not hear any general questions being asked. While we were there I would say there were about 75-100 people there. Mike
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    dan hufferd

    When to wear your ring ?

    To all of us who wear a ring... You might want to take them off before jumping out of the boat. It was a hot day on Stockton, my family decided to do some swimming. My wife entered the water by sliding from the gunwale of the boat. Her wedding rings caught the gunwale tie down. She still has a finger with skin on it, but by the time I set her broken finger and cut her rings off, she was not happy. The bone above the first knuckle was broken. and had 3 more radial fractures according to the doctor. The doc said I did a good job, there was nothing he could do, just a splint. The bad....She is a massage therapist. The good...We are still married. One more suggestion...act fast, when setting a finger, Never ask for permission, just do it. At the end one the day I am blessed with a wife who can only slap me with one hand for 6 weeks or so. Oh I did catch a couple fish too
  41. 10 points
    Ask my 40 year old son what an posterior whipping did for him..he has thanked me many times for being the dad i was....Like abk said there is a difference between spanking and beating..
  42. 10 points

    Big M area - Ugh..

    what eric prey was saying about fishing not being as good goes right along with what i was saying about the bass in the process of making a change. they do not do it over night. it most often takes around two weeks before they get gathered up into their next "pattern" so to speak, but actually their next home for a while. bass fishing (catching) is a very mental game. use your electronics for a while before you begin fishing. take note of changes since you last fished. where are most of the shad located? are they deeper or shallower than when you last fished? leave the rods on the deck for a while and go looking first, and it will increase your catching. bo
  43. 9 points
    I had the pleasure of fishing with my good buddy Hog Wally Sunday morning for a nice little 3 1/2 hour run. We didn't take pics even though we should have. We brought some beautiful 17 inch fish to hand but, chose to get them back in the river immediately. Hog had been telling me about a pattern he has going that I was intrigued about to say the least. We fished the Meramec anywhere from The State Park in Sullivan to River Round. The action was quick and fast paced and possibly not for everyone. You had to be firing casts as quick and as accurate as possible with the right equipment. We were fishing in areas that not many people are fishing I'm quite sure, with a normal technique that was what the fish wanted. These bass were roving packs of killer whales breaching bait. It was a fun time. We didn't even keep track of numbers and I measured one fish that I thought was 16 and Hog said it was17.5.....it was 17 1/4☺ we had good numbers of beautiful 10 to 15 inch hard fighting Smallies and I think 1 Largemouth. We both lost big fish but the water conditions and areas we were getting bit were treacherous honestly. I had an absolute blast and learned from my friend you need to adapt and give the fish what they want where they want it even if it is not the typical way you are a custom to. Fun stuff
  44. 9 points

    Legends Boat Company

    Laws, schmmaws. Nobody cares about those anymore. Not to get all deep and heavy here but rather than Johnny and his boat companies, what folks really need to be worrying about is guys like Google, Facebook and Amazon. These companies are information monopolies that control and shape the way people think and what they believe. And it ain't the kind of stuff that most of us were raised on. I trust ol' Johnny with the future of my boat buying experience way more than I do these other clowns. In fact, if they have their way, none of us will be able to afford a boat in ten years no matter who's making 'em because we'll all be "equal".
  45. 9 points
    Tom Ryan

    Trip to Mille Lacs

    My dad, brother and I took a trip up north to Mille Lacs last week for a day of fishing with a guide. It's amazing how big the fish get up there. The biggest fish of the trip was a 39" pike the guide landed on the first cast and my dad caught a smallmouth pushing 6 lbs. I caught the one in the photo along with several other keepers, some walleye and a pike. If you get a chance it's worth a trip up there.
  46. 9 points

    Dam Area Saturday & Sun

    Found fish scattered for the most part. Didn't fish beyond 35 feet because I didn't feel like going the spoon or drop shot route. Brother and I picked up one here, one there, when beating the bank. If fish were bunched up they were right on breaks and roll offs that have that sudden 10-15 foot drop. Usually big flats or pockets adjacent to those drop offs is where we found them. Mainlake transition points type locations produced most. There is a definitive thermocline set up from 22-25ish feet in spots in the dam area. Big fish of the trip was the 4 pounder (1st pic) early in the AM that came off said roll off in that thermoclish depth on a 10" straight tail worm on stand-up head. Weather was a real BEAR this weekend. Mostly due to the nonstop winds that persisted on into the night on Saturday. Had a hot spot going in a location like I mentioned above but could not stay on it with the wind like it was. Had to leave them biting as fighting the troller at night became too much. Tried a crank, popper and jerkbait at certain times throughout the trip and didn't get a sniff on any. All fish came on bottom baits. Mainly a 1/2oz NuTech Elite jig with a full brush hog or paca chunk or big shakeyhead worms. Had quite a few short strikes on the full brush hog but at the same time did get more bites than the smaller profile of the paca chunk for whatever reason. In certain spots it was hard to keep the blue gill off your junk. About the least amount of fishing pressure I've seen around the dam area in quite some time. Had any mainlake point I wanted this weekend which was refreshing. Not sure if the weather kept people (both fishermen and pleasure boaters) at bay or what but I will NOT complain. Too short of a trip, but it always is. Good luck out there, stay safe and tight lines. This post has been promoted to an article
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    New RKcrawler colors

    Of course, there is also the custom painting route for Warts and such. 😀
  48. 9 points

    Exploring the Upper End, 7/29

    Thanks Jack. The pleasure was mine. You are welcome in the boat any time and please do not hesitate to ask. On this forum, many of us know three or four things well. Collectively, the result amazes me. What also amazes me is the frequency that knowledge is shared without competition or hope for gain. In the last ten years (yes I have been a member that long) I have rarely seen the outright ugliness and nastiness that mars several other forums in which I lurk. Who wants to join me in a chorus of kumbayah?
  49. 9 points

    Another weekend of...

    You have to have a little drama in your life. Without it all you have is this..... Look how bored they are when they have nothing to complain about.
  50. 9 points

    Good Day.

    Yes they do.....I have been nailing them pretty regularly post flood here...but now I don't take pics anymore because of my superstitious brain. I lost my phone and took my sweet time replacing it. During that time I have been nailing very nice fish and crazy numbers so....no more pic s for me for awhile and pics suck when you are fishing alone anyway....I.E see below You can nail nice ones though if you have some patience and don't mind losing a ton of lures

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