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    Dan the fisherman

    Trust the birds

    Got out this morning for a few hours and Fished mid lake area. Water temp was 45-46. The bite continues to be red hot..... I was heading south from them ramp when I cam across a pack of birds drive bombing the water. I killed the main engine plenty far enough as to not spook anything that might be feed under them and proceeded to get closer with my trolling motor. I got about 100-150 from where the birds were working when my graph lit up like a Christmas tree! I drop lines down and was hooked up immediately with a nice 12-15 pound striper. I fished the area for about for another 3 hours before I headed home. Ended up with 4 striper and half a dozen whites. I threw back all the striper but kept the whites for fish tacos for later this week. Big fish went 22 pounds and just shy of 40 inches. Here’s a few piics. Stay aware out there for them birds. Good luck out there fellas, and stay safe.
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    Big M area, December 26

    The fishing today was a bit slower than Christmas Eve. And the fish seemed to be deeper, I don't think I caught one that was in water less than 20 feet deep. Did the chartreuse head Ned rig thing again today, and I caught another keeper smallmouth and keeper walleye on it. Couple of fat spots too. Swimming the Ned rig over deep water was working a little better than dragging it on the bottom. Still fishing around structure, trees, rocky points and steep chunk rock banks. Threw a couple of different jerk baits for a bit too, and never got a bite on them. Nice day to be out, and I was not the only one out there today.
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    Quick preserve hunt

    My son Matt has been after me to get out and do some bird hunting, so we headed out to Eckman Hunting Preserve near Baldwin City, KS on Saturday morning. I've known Mike Eckman for many years. He used to be a regular in our western Kansas hunting group before he started the business about 16-18 years ago. Good guy and runs a good operation. We took our two Brittanys Max and Ruby with us. Max is 11 years old and has hunted a quite a bit, but not so much the last few years. Ruby is 6 and just doesn't have as much time in the field, plus I really didn't put as much effort into training her to begin with. But they've both got good pedigrees and great instincts. After the dogs got settled down a little things started to click with them. We had several nice points including a picture-perfect one from Ruby which was really fun to see. The birds held pretty tight and they flew well. Matt got a lot of action and had a blast. We ended up with 9 birds in about 3 hours. It's a pretty compact and efficient hunting experience. Sure, it's not the 'real thing' but I'll take it over the alternative. It's only a little more than a half hour out there. The area we hunted was only about 15 acres. We knew there were birds and they weren't too hard to find. It beats the heck out of a 4-5 hour drive each way, staying in a crappy motel, miles and miles of walking with a real chance of zero birds these days. And, it's much easier on the bum knee. Poor old Max could barely walk the rest of the day. And neither could I
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    Let's see your river pics!

    My fishing partner in training catching her first smallmouth on the creek where I learned to love fishing with my grandpa: Roubidoux Creek below the Highway 32 bridge in Plato, MO.
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    Let's see your river pics!

    Fall River, RMNP
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    Bill Babler

    Ned rigs #1 killer of Bass?

    Guy's we have just fished that thing for hours upon hours and like Bo said, it is about 95% in the upper lip even for novice anglers. The following are baits I consider to be the least harmful when "My clients fish them" Swim Bait Mostly 99% safe. Float-N-Fly same Drop Shot Maybe 98% Buzz Bait Spinner bait excluding trailer hook Vertical jig Ned Ice Jig Flutter Spoon Even if your not in contact Just to big to get deep for the most part Jig that is NOT A EWG EWG Jig Jigging Spoon C-rig Tube Those are kind of how I rank the baits I use as far a mortality from safest to the most dangerous for the fish in the hands of my clients. Next set of baits. Cosmetic damage to the fish: Eye damage, mouth and lip damage, scale damage, not life threatening for the most part Starting with the worst. Most of these are multiple triple hooked lures Suspending jerk bait Top Water Crank baits A-rig I probably forgot some but that is pretty close
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    Banded Ringneck hen

    I killed this banded ringneck hen down at Otter Slough this past weekend. It was my 10th band out of 40 years of duck hunting. All my bands have come from Canadas and mallards except this one and a gad. Just wondering if you guys see many odd ones like on teal, widgeons, other divers? By the way that was one out of 16 ringnecks my group killed. It turned into a real diver shoot!
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    Snagged, we also picked the Table Rock area as our retirement destination. Our kids and most of our grandkids are in STL so the short drive for visits is an added bonus. We began our search about 4 years before retirement and now have been here daily for 3 years. One of our best decisions. You won’t regret it. And meeting the people on the forum has been an extra pleasure. Mike
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    Fishing Goals 2020

    I’m a numbers guy, but I expect 2020 to be more about new experiences. I have a trip lined up for Mexico, hoping for a New England trip, hoping for Carp on the fly in Michigan, trying for a Sandhills Nebraska Trip, and still trying to line up a Venice bass fishing trip. My man Marty is making me want to wave the fairy wand more. I intend to fish the Spring River in OK. I’m hoping for a follow up Redear trip with Quillback. I’d like to get Waldo on the stretch of the White above Eureka Springs. Waldo also needs to ply the waters of the Strawberry River. I’m going to try for 10 states fished this year. And let’s try for 10 Benjamin’s and 20 Fifty Burgers so let’s say modest numbers like 3000 total fish a Great Big number of fish species caught like say 75 total species. I want 13 lifers in that mix. Including an American Eel which I failed to do in 2019. pics or it didn’t happen right. What are you hoping for in 2020?
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    Roll off crappie

    Since I really don’t know how to fish brush piles for crappie I decided to try to find some in other places. I scanned 5 roll off areas above Cape Fair looking from 18 to 30 feet. I only found one that showed any fish and it was only 100 yards long. I fished it 3 times and caught a dozen crappie and a few spots. Only 5 of the crappie would measure and they got a free ride home. One of the throw backs was an Arkansas black nose. Water clarity was good and the temp ranged from 43° to 45°. It was cloudy and cold all day long. When I started out I had a chartreuse stinger on an orange head. They hit it so I didn’t change until I lost it. Then I used a chartreuse swimming minnow on a chartreuse head.
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    One big rain and we're back to big generation here on Lake Taneycomo. Beaver Lake jumped 4 feet to 1125 feet while Table Rock rose to 919.9 feet. Both lakes were almost down to their seasonal power pool. Right now, they are releasing a little bit of water from Beaver and releasing water at Table Rock to the tune of 15,000 cubic feet per second. That's a little more than if they were running 4 full units but they are only running 3 turbines along with 5 flood gates opened 1-foot each. At Beaver, my app says there's one gate open one foot at 970 c.f.s.. We are going to see this flow from Table Rock all this week and probably into the weekend with more continuing at 3 units when they get Table Rock down a little. If they do the same thing as previously, we're going to see 3-unit-water for several weeks. Fishing was tough over the weekend because the upper lake was still feeling the affects of Friday night's rain. The lake Saturday was pretty dirty, and when the cloudiness cleared up, anglers had to still deal with leaves and sticks flowing in from feeder creeks. By Monday, the lake was free of stuff and very fishable. There's only really one thing you must do to catch a trout now and that is to be on the bottom. That's where the fish are holding up. That and in eddies along the bank. And they are biting and can be caught. Guide Steve Dickey put 2 of his clients on big trout already. Randy from St. Louis landed this 28” 10.5lb. drifting a Bomber on the bottom in the trophy area. Steve from St. Louis Caught this beautiful 26 inch brown on a #14 gray scud using 6x tippet. Yeah! Both browns! All of a sudden they're showing up which is cool. So whether you're fishing a gray scud, cerise San Juan worm, a stick bait, a Bomber, night crawler, minnow or PowerBait, get it on the bottom and drift away. View full article
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    Fishing Goals 2020

    My goal for 2020--fish more than I did in 2019. I've already got a few trips planned. Northern Wisconsin/Minnesota/UP Michigan in early June. I've got some buddies that have never been fishing up in the great white north. We plan to pull a jet boat along with us and do some river/lake fishing. Haven't chosen a spot yet, I'm open to suggestions! Right now I am leaning towards Vilas county in WI or the upper wisconsin and turtle flambeau flowage. The other option I'm interested in is the Brainerd area of MN. I'll be in Florida in February, gonna have to do some fishing while I'm there. We'll likely vacation overseas again in the fall, and I'll make sure I take the fly rod with me. Probably going to be catching some trout in Spain this time. Need to do a solo overnight float at some point. I've got a couple rivers nearby that should have great flathead cat fishing, I plan to do some smallie fishing during the day and set up for flatheads after dark while I sit by the gravel bar campfire. I've got a certain logjam in mind. I'll be out in Bozeman Montana for a wedding at some point, I'll definitely figure out a way to get some fishing in while there and we may stay longer to spend some time in yellowstone or the tetons.
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    65 hp jet

    Not a 65 but a 60/40 merc jet on my Topwater love it.. shoves it up river just fine.
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    Fished Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Took a trip on each section; upper or lower upper, middle and lower middle or upper lower depending on how you draw the lines. Each trip was good but Monday's trip was best. Partner boated a 20. I caught an 18 and we each caught a 17 along as well as 15-20 other "keepers". Brought home a wad of spots from the trip yesterday. Looking forward to Sunday's lunch...................water temps were 45 yesterday when I took out around 2:00.
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    Steve, we are seeing them deeper in the last 5 years, and this is simply because the bait has chosen to go that deep. I have a Christmas morning report with some great graph shots to show, if I can get them pulled up. I'm having a hard time. One day I can pull them off the computer and the next day It won't give them to me. Just don't understand it. Again as Champ said they are shallow also, and they are a bit congregated as well. I had 5 nice keepers yesterday off one long hog back ridge and they were all under 30' on a Pigsticker Quick 5 jig. Just flat hammered it. Kind of one of the strange things to me the last few years is the depth of some of these Jaw's. As I stated I caught 2 the other day flat on the bottom 89' below a group of shad. I have all ways fished deep, but until the last few years have not caught SM that deep. Lots of biggins suspended and on the bottom in 50' plus.
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    Sounds like a real show going on there. Sometimes it’s not so much the fishing but everything else we get to see out there.
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    Let's see your river pics!

    Duck river TN Small Mississippi river trib in MO Current river One my favorite places on earth Small scenic IL stream Aille river Ireland Driftless area of IA Yampa river CO France Another creek in Ireland
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    New Hat

    It ain't a road, it's an adventurous trail. Lock it in and hit the gas ! 😎
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    Let's see your river pics!

    Confluence of the Jack's Fork and Current Somewhere along the Jack's Fork
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    snagged in outlet 3

    Eating Bass?

    No I'm talking about somebody trying to show they know fishing but clearly haven't fished much at all. At a party up the street at Christmas one of the guys mentioned that he sees me towing my boat in and out of the subdivision. The he goes on about how he prefers the reels that you close the bail on and not those goofy ones like a sideways spool. 🙄 I went and got a beer and him let blather on to the ladies about it.
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    Last Lunker Trout for 2019

    Foghorn,have you not noticed the little gray scud glued on the end of that boga.He sticks it in the water with cheese scent on it and lips the fish when they come up and smell it.
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    Polar Bear

    Yes sir I plan on it. Pay at ramp ($75). 7:00-3:00 Arigs allowed. Flyers at HLS / South town I am just donating - I have one fish the last three trips. But it beats working
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    Just funny stuff

    Oh yeah. Back when I was late teens, a buddy (toughest guy I ever knew) and I used to sneak fish his uncle's catfish pond as soon as the ice thawed. He simply refused to touch the guts to bait his own hook. I made a deal that if he'd say "The Creed"* every time he needed to rebait that I'd bait his hook for him. To this day he can still say it (just not in front of anyone else). *My name is ________ ________, I'm a non-fishing, p***y b***h, and I don't like shad.
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    Just funny stuff

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    snagged in outlet 3


    Take your time. Judging by past performance, this thread will be here when you're ready
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    snagged in outlet 3


    Then throw away the trout and eat the bacon😆
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    National wildlife federation photo contest

    Chet Hicks of Lebanon won NWF photo contest in the People in Nature class. Photo taken at Bennett Springs during a snow storm last Jan. Fisherman was in zone 2 down stream of the stone bridge.
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    Fishing Goals 2020

    I am gonna keep it simple: Yellowfin/Bigeye tuna. I still want to do other fishing, but that for sure.
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    we were never promised an easy life. we are hear to learn, gain knowledge and wisdom, and to try as best we can to like Christ. learn to have that pure charity of heart. each trial we go through is for us to learn from. it is either to help us individually or to enable us to help someone else going through that same trial. the only way back home is through Christ. all of our choices will have a consequence of some kind. always choose the right, and it will help any of us to stay on that straight and narrow path. as far as supernatural happening in your life, maybe you have had but never recognized it. just a unintentioned meeting with someone can be your supernatural meeting, or something that someone says. being in tune with the Spirit helps in knowing when those moments have happened. i would guess that most never really recognize when a special blessing is given to them. they come at any time from anyone. one can pray about something and sometimes you get the answer in your head, but most often, it comes in many other ways. when one exercises faith, it will then begin to strengthen one's testimony. reading your scriptures is a great place to start. bo
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    Good morning folks, The leaves are turning, here in the north country, and it reminds me of one of my favorite autumn reads. I hope that you'll enjoy it. THE THURSDAY MORNING ART REVIEW The Way Its Remembered Memory is a man's real possession...In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor. Alexander Smith (1830 - 1867) Every day in October started the same; Phil shuffled quietly past the couch where I slept to start the first pot of coffee, and I'd pull the sleeping bag up around my shoulders and turn toward the old stone fireplace. The fireplace was the best weather gauge we had, and I was anxious to see what the day might bring. If the dawn was windy, the embers of the last night’s fire would pulse with the gusts, glowing and fading like it was the cabin's ancient and beating heart. The flue was ill designed, and if a storm was on the horizon, the slightest bit of low pressure would send smoke back down the chimney. Phil claimed that he could predict the weather by how smoky the cabin was in the morning. Set the coffee to boil, wipe the windowpane on the kitchen door to look at the thermometer, pull on a wool shirt, and fill the bird feeders. Phil was a man of habit, and I knew that next, he'd be headed across the yard for a couple of pieces of split oak or swamp ash. As quickly as I could, I'd throw a few pine knots on the dying coals, pull on my hunting pants and meet him at the wood shed. He'd never let me take his load. "I've got these," he'd say. "You grab a couple ‘a more." By the time I’d filled the wood box on the porch, the frost had melted on my bare feet and they’d be coated with the fine Michigan sand. Standing in the yard and looking out over the South Branch, I'd listen to the river, smell the fire catch, the coffee boiling, and watch Phil on his way to the kennel for his setter, Pat. I remember calling him, Patrick just once. "It's Pat," Phil had told be on that occasion. "Pat, for Pat'ridge." All the other dogs in camp stayed in the cabin, but Pat was happiest in his kennel. Perhaps he felt that he'd miss something important if he was inside, or maybe he just liked to sleep under the stars. Whatever the reason, it didn’t have anything to do with the lack of a bond between them. Pat was a one-man dog, and Phil was his man. Most likely, they were both just creatures of habit. Phil would let Pat out of his kennel and then start toward the garden to see if the past night’s frost had done any damage to the few remaining vegetables. Pat would run ahead, circle the garden once to see if a raccoon or skunk had visited, and then stop, to look back over his shoulder at Phil. "All right," he’d say, and Pat's head would cock, his ears up. "Find me a bird." Before the word, “bird” was out of Phil’s mouth Pat would be off through the bracken and over the hill towards the swamp. "Gonna be a fine day." Phil would say with a smile as we walked back to the cabin to make breakfast. Today's image is an oil painting with the same title as the story, "The Way It's Remembered". It shows my friend Jay with his girl, "Libby" on a fine day, clear and crisp. Phil was head "camp keeper", and breakfast was his specialty. The menu would vary; depending upon how smoky the cabin was in the morning. Bacon and eggs meant a fine day, clear and crisp. If the eggs and bacon came with flapjacks, you'd better take a rain jacket. Dan, Phil's son and my English professor, was just about to finish wrapping the lunch sandwiches in waxed paper, when Phil set the bacon and eggs on the table. "Make an extra sandwich for me, will you, son?" He asked. "I believe I'll be joining you boys today." Lunch suddenly took on a whole new meaning, and we all threw ourselves into its preparation. Dan filled an old leather-covered flask of port and tossed it into the box. Fred, Dan’s good friend and hunting partner, lovingly wrapped one of his Cortland Apple pies into the folds of sackcloth. And, not knowing what else to do, I cut a bigger than usual chunk of Pinconning Cheddar off of the block in the icebox. "What will you shoot today, Pops?" Dan asked, as we gathered up our gear, checked our coat pockets for shells, and laced up the high boots. "The Parker, I believe. I've got some old paper shells to shoot up. How's Pat been working for you?" "Right as rain. He'll be glad to have you along today." Because his eyes had started to cloud with age, Phil had been hunting less and less as the years past. It frustrated him to trip in the cover or not see the birds flush. Never mind that I was in my mid-twenties and was always tripping in the woods, and rarely saw a bird go out. Dan had stopped asking his father to join us as we planned the next day's hunt over dinner. It was easier for all of us that way. Pat knew from the moment that the extra sandwich was wrapped that the day would be different. It was like old times, and he jumped up on Phil’s chest to have his ears scratched. We'd start with the cover around the Smith Bridge. There was an easy hillside there, on the west side of the river that we could hunt early in the morning with the sun at our backs. The South Branch was running low and clear as we walked from the parking area, back across the old bypassed bridge, and into the cover where the maples and aspen were a riot of color. The three dogs, Pat, and his parents, Jake and Belle, were out well ahead of us, their bells ringing as we dropped in shells, and gently snapped our guns closed. I’ll never forget the sound of Phil’s Parker when the action locked. It sounded like a bank vault being closed; more of a “snick” than a “snap.” We knew from past experience that any birds that were pointed, would likely flush off of the hillside and cross the road, headed for the cover of the dark tamarack swamp down near the river. The low ground there was so full of blowdowns that it was almost impossible to walk, a perfect refuge. Dan, Fred, and I followed the dogs into the cover, while Phil walked the road and covered the escape route. To a bird hunter, the only sound nicer than a dog's bell in a sun-dappled wood is the quiet when it stops. "Point here!" Fred yelled. "Pat's on. Where's Belle and Jake?" "Gone, past the bird. He’s backing from the other side," I answered. "It’s pinned, but good." "I'll go in," Dan said. "You guys get ready. Pops?" The bird came out low and climbing to clear a blackberry thicket. Dan was swinging on it, and had the big, red phase male, dead to rights. It broke toward the road, following the contour of the hillside as it passed Fred. It was an easy shot, as grouse go, and he too was swinging smoothly with it. I was in no position to shoot and watched as neither of them did. The bird broke out of the cover of the aspen woods and dipped as it crossed the road to refuge. Phil was late in picking it up, but reacted without the panic that we all felt. The Parker spoke once, and the bird bounced into the woods on the "safe" side of the road. Phil was backlit by the morning sun as he broke open his shotgun and bent down to take the bird from Pat’s mouth, so it was difficult to see clearly, but I remember them both smiling. We all came off of the hillside to join Phil in the road and congratulate him. He held the big male grouse in one hand, and the 16 gauge in the other. It was a perfect balance, a perfect moment in time. "This was just right," he said. "And, this is the way that I want to remember it. I'm glad that you were all here for my last hunt." We stood in silence trying to take it in, wanting to protest, but not ruin the moment. "Dan, this is for you; hunt it well and often," he said, handing him the Parker, a shell still in its left barrel. The only sound was a late morning breeze building in the tops of the big white pines. "Bob, a dog like Pat deserves to be hunted, and I know that the two of you will get along. He's yours now." I never remember staring so long nor hard at my boots. When I looked up he was smiling at me. "I think that I’ll just keep this." He said, slipping the grouse into his coat with a wink. The next day I drove across the UP, to my home in Minnesota, with my first bird dog. Dan and Fred stayed on a few days to help Phil close the cabin, and no doubt, had a thoughtful trip home as well. Nearly a year passed, and I was at work thinking about seeing Phil and the guys in just a few days, when I got the call from Dan. "Phil died this morning," he whispered. “The sheriff stopped by to check in with him, and found him sitting on the front porch. The bird feeders had just been filled and the ice in his whisky hadn’t yet melted... he thought that Phil was napping. We’ll bury him in Jackson in a few days. I know he'd want you there. We'll all be going to the cabin afterwards. He'd want it that way. I got to Jackson an hour after the funeral. Had I forgotten about the time change? Or, was it just too painful? I don't remember. I don't recall much about the following week either, except that no one said much, and that Dan made breakfasts, and Fred, the lunches. Later that fall, Pat was poisoned, and I lost him too. I was weeping when I called my friend Jay. “I’ll be at your house in half an hour.” He said. "The woodcock are in, and you need to get out." We spent that day chasing woodcock, and tumbling the occasional grouse behind Jay's setter. It was hard for me not to think of Pat and Phil while in the woods, but I'm sure that this was the very reason that Jay had taken me to his best cover. I realize, now, that he meant for me to remember them, and remember them well. That night as we drove home, I watched woodcock flight against the dusking sky, and knew that everything was as it should be. For, while Phil had given Pat to me for keeps, Pat must have always thought of it as just a short-term loan. Thanks for visiting, Bob White
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    IL Fisherman

    doodle fishing

    I used to be a fireline guy. Was a great line for a good time then started having fraying issues. Switched to Suffix 832 much better. Can drag a ned all day and maybe retie once or twice.
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    Diet is Going to Kill Me

    Yes you will, and it will be many years before you can enjoy them again. But, sometimes you live thru it. My best advice, listen to the doc and follow his instructions. He has the training to get you thru it. And they can get you thru it. But, when all is said and done, we all will have to die. You have a great chance of getting killed in a car wreck driving to the treatments that far each day in the traffic.
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    Today on the Savannah River.
  34. 3 points

    Tying for the Enjoyment

    When I tie marabou I lay down thread on the hook shank, cut about a third of what is needed, wrap it down with a couple of wraps, add another third, wrap it, then finish with what I need and place it where it needs to go, lay on a bunch of tight wraps, a few whips and call it good. I usr Danvil flat waxed line so I can pull it really tight and not break it.
  35. 3 points

    Iranians Here?

    The meds have got you a tad loopy, ol'buddy. Please put the pow-pow on top of the fridge if it isn't there already. 😊
  36. 3 points

    Kim City - Jan 3 - Deep bite

    The fog this morning provided ideal conditions for the deep bite. The catching lasted until 8:45 and then the sun popped out. The graph pic shows that the fish where postured for both vertical and horizontal presentations. I stayed with the vertical approach (ice jig). Approx 20+ keepers in 90 minutes. 60% K's, 30% SM, 10% LM.
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    The problem with that, is that by doing so you are showing that you already believe that you have no initial right to be there. And if you go there after being told "no" then your case falls apart before it even begins. Just because some guy got shot once upon a time in Crawford county is no excuse to just puss out and forfeit your liberty. Or at least it isn't for me.
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    Just the Facts

    Beardsley? You went into Beardsley? Did you apply for a permit first from abkeenan?
  39. 3 points

    Eating Bass?

    In the past, I ate anything legal, even drum. The first time I heard of catch and release, the species discussed was trout. I understand why. Unless the fish has been in the wild long enough to allow the meat to turn orange, it's nasty. Oddly, I don't think that is why TU advocates CR. I stopped eating bass after the BASS magazine made a big deal of it in the 70's. Besides, I preferred crappie and catfish. Now, in my maturity, I eat walleye, crappie, wild caught salmon, and a few ocean fish. Why? Because they taste better than the rest.
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    2 Decades Later..

    20 years ago....I lived in Genoa, Illinois with my wife and young daughter, working for the City of West Chicago engineering department. My son was born roughly 6 months later. And a year after that, we moved back to central Iowa, where I've been since. And now we are preparing for a move to MO. We've been married for 26 years and counting. My daughter has a 1.5 years of Doctor of Pharmacy school/rotations left. My son is in college. Life has been pretty great for the entire time we've been here. The town we live in has grown from 27,000 people to 65,000 people over the past 18 years. Its split into 2 high schools and built numerous elementary and middle schools in an attempt to keep up with the flood of new people and young families. New businesses, new restaurants, new parks and entertainment venues.... its really hard to imagine a better place to have raised our family. New subdivisions often means new stormwater detention ponds getting built, which means new fishing opportunities. The fishing locally has gotten better and better each year...or I've just gotten better at it. I'm gonna miss it. I'm looking forward to milder winters in MO, though.
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    Mitch f


    The increase in the cost of college has greatly outpaced inflation. Then you’re left with possibly hundreds of thousands in student loans. You better get a degree in the sciences or accounting or engineering. Combine that with the 100% proven fact that politics has entered the universities. It’s a total crap shoot. I’d say go to a local college first then spend your last 2 years where you want.
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    Devan S.

    Fishing Goals 2020

    I'm thinking I want to set the bar high: Take my daughter out on the lake and just introduce her to fishing New PB Walleye 8+ Catch whites on the fly Catch a musky in Missouri; striper in Arkansas(has to be a reasonable size fish, I'm not counting 12" fish) Fish in Colorado with my wife on vacation Possible brown trout in the fall Get back in the routine prior to having my kid of hitting the fish at the right times: Crappie/Walleye in winter/spring, whites, then gills and cats in late spring early summer, floating in summer. Trips currently planned: Ice fishing in MN, Colorado vacation(RMNP)
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    What's Cooking?

    I set this one up on Pacific time, because I was feeling west coasty.
  44. 2 points

    What's Cooking?

    Thanks. I’ve got one of those German brown crocks. Have made kraut a couple times and pickles once. Pickles were really good, kraut was pretty good but not great. Need to dig that out. I love pickled stuff. Kimchi would be interesting.
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    We Have Lost a Musical Legend.

    Neil Peart, the drummer of Rush, has died at age 67 from Brain Cancer. Grandson recognized his work as soon as I started playing "Tom Sawyer" on the laptop. Geddy Lee made the noise, Alex thumped the strings, Neil made the sound. His drum set was pretty amazing.
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    You Might Try?

    Guy named Mike is my guess
  47. 2 points

    Eating Bass?

    I ain’t eaten no bass. I don’t know where all those guys and ladies thumbs have been. Geesh!!! 😝
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    Kim City - Dec 26 - Deep bite

    Check out those teeth marks on your thumbs! Great catching! Shallow bite for me has changed extremely since our last club tournament. Must play the conditions to get a good reaction bite. Only mustered 7 bites yesterday, 1 keeper. Fished Christmas Eve 4 bites no keepers. Fish are moving around for sure. Happy New Years.
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    snagged in outlet 3


    Not possible.
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    Big M area, December 20

    Looking at the background of this photo pretty sure it was caught from a bass boat😀. Could be wrong. Nice report Jeff.
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