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    The things my little girl comes up with in the boat........ "Dad, that's a fish landing violation. 2 minute penalty." "Dad, how close to the dock are we? I need to pee." My response....."we just left the house". Me: "Hey Ally....do you know why the fish get under the docks when it's raining? So they don't get soaking wet!". Ally: looks at me like I have 7 eyes. Such a blessing to have her ask......"can I go" before I have a chance to ask her.
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    With heavy rain in the forecast, and the expected rise in the water level at TR, parking spots at the ramps will be limited. Therefore the COE has requested that boat owners use the least amount of space possible to park their rigs. Here's the pic they posted of the recommended way to park.
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    Only things that have changed since we got here on 4/26 are the weather, and the pool. Think most folks know what we do, how we do it, and generally where. Although we get around quite a bit more than many would expect. We're fishing finesse on gravel, including main lake places, specifically with the Ned. Also catching some dragging the doctor or a fry. Water color hasn't mattered a bit. Same for snot, wind, or water color. We've caught very few fish deeper than 10', not for lack of looking. Started getting a topwater bite Sunday, but my guess is the cold weather will hurt it. Lot of them were slapping at it more than eating it. Spawn coves, pole timber points, and guts on that bite. Obviously better with shad everywhere. It seemed to pop at 64 degrees (on our graph, anyway). Waking baits have been better than wakers. Catching all four species on the same stuff, same baits. Plus a few big whites on topwater. Catching a lot of blacks, and a lot of solid K's, which is a little different.
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    White River Outfitters Guide Service Report 4-27-2020 Kimberling City to Cow Creek All I can say is it was the right kind of a day. Last couple of times I've been out the Rock has been "Very, very good to me." Could not have asked for a more perfect day with surface temps in the low 60's, slight chop and overcast with a bit of spitting rain. Kind of sounds like a Sm. Jaw day to me and boy was it. Kind of started slow the first hour till I figgered something out. Not really, I saw some chasing, and that always helps those that can't help themselves. It did get me going and really put me in the right location and on the right stuff. KC to Cow is pretty mossy, with probalby 8' visibility. If you put much on the bottom, its going to get slime and get it bad, out to about 15' Some pockets are worse and really the main lake is worse than the coves. I had been fighting it with the jig I caught them on early last week and it was just an effort in futility as it came back a green sock every cast. I had two options, a jerkbait and a swimmer. Once I saw a feed and tossed the swimmer and got munched my decision was as clear as bath water. Fished from 6:30 till 2:30 and had about 25 keeps and half that many shorts to the boat. I said to the boat as I jumped at least 8 to 10 off. They are angry and as soon as they feel steel they come up to see who did it; Of course I jumped off the two biggest fish of the day, one LM probably 4.5 and a solid 4 pound Jaw. Lots and lots of 3 plus pounders made it to the lock up however to be measured and fin printed. They all had good bondsman and were sent on their way with a promise to not do that again. Everything I caught was on flat and I mean FLAT GRAVEL and swimming in 12' exactly, pretty tight to the bottom. Saw the chasers on a do nothing flat gravel bank in that 10' to 12' range and that got me going. I had been fishing some spawning stuff and every boat that I saw fishing today was doing the same thing. Did not see a single boat on gravel and as I said I would not have been there except for the clue. Fish wanted the 2.8 Keitech on a 1/4 inch tungston head swam just above the bottom slow. If it dropped to far it was messed up in moss. If you swam/pulled it slowly over the top you got hammered and there was no doubt that someone was knocking. Lots of guide boats out today and saw Stacy King. As we met head on I caught one in front of him and then behind him. He was fishing with two buddies and they were throwing a ned. I saw them cleaning after every cast and he said they had done fair on the ned except for the moss. All the SM keepers I caught were solid if measured properly between 18" and 19" and those are nice Jaw's for just about anywhere. The color range was from almost black to a tan brown and some of them being striped like a tiger, really a mixed bag of colors. I had 1 nice LM and 1 K to go with all the brown fish. Good Luck
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    Minus the small break we had to take to ride out the storm, yesterday was a great day on the water. Launched at Moonshine at around 6 and didn't have to go far to find a whole bunch of surfacing shad and active fish. The pics will show you right where we were.... lol 1st hour or so: This was the first morning that I had a top water tied on and I am glad I did. On my second cast it got blew up on 4 times. The last time being a clean connection on a nice keeper smallie. For the next hour it was non stop blow ups. Fish and shad were surfacing all over the entire cove. I ended up catching 17 on the spook which made for a great start to the day. As usual, the two biggest blowups I had were missed. One was probably a 5.5 to 6lb largemouth that flew out of a dock and crushed it. With the water clarity we got to see her come out and sit under the spook for a second before blowing it up. We also got to see her make a quick dive and then turn and open her mouth and spit it out like there wasn't a single hook on it. The other big miss was a very large smallie that flew out of the water multiple times but never connected. The fish that were caught were spitting up shad all over the place. Rest of the day: After the top water extravaganza was over I tried a jerkbait for a bit and managed one good kentucky, but, they were not having it. Also tried a small kietech and nothing there either. Went to the Ned and it was on again. Normally when I fish Ned I don't notice much of a difference in results with different colors of Ned's. I normally throw a green pumpkin variation. But, this time, they wanted something with purple in it. It was crazy the difference it made. Experimented a couple times just to confirm it. Another note, we did not have to work the Ned slowly today. They preferred it hopping and bouncing around a bit more. Not just the let it sit and soak. Caught fish the rest of the day doing this. Most of the fish were around 8-10 ft and were really stacked on secondary points. Caught them on pea gravel and chunk rock banks. The breeze didn't seem to matter a whole lot, but, there were a few more fish stacked together on the spots with wind. Overall just a great day. Minus the quick storm the temp and overcast skies were perfect. We ended up with over 50 total fish. What amazed me was that out of all of the fish we caught I would say that maybe only a dozen or so did not hit the 15" keeper mark. It was by far the most keepers I have ever caught in a single day. None were big by any means, 15-17", but were keepers. It was also a pretty even mix of all three species. I generally do not catch that many LM around the dam on Ned. If only these days would happen more often....
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    5/11 report Kimberling area

    Lazy day for us. Floated it around 8am, fished pretty hard until we came in for the boy's football position group meeting around 130. Went back out in the rain for a couple more hours. Temps were obviously lower, 60-61 in the morning. Did warm up some, or perhaps we just found some warmer spots. Didn't seem to matter, aside from killing our topwater bite. Water was clearing. Had 7'-8' visibility consistently. Still catching them shallow. Know it's not for everyone, have to sell out to do it. We're fishing the 1/8 head with the cut Zinkerz, 6# FC as main, or as a leader. They want that bigger head, even shallow. At least 90% of them are eating it on the bottom, at dead stop speed. No shaking, no swimming, no gliding. Yesterday was the perfect day for it. Technically today was too, but... yeah. By shallow...we are fishing the bank to maybe 7'. Have caught only a handful deeper. Have ideas as to why. Regardless, there are catchable fish there. Had three 19" fish, including a thick black to start the morning. Several 18" fish, many 15"-17". Highlights were a double with the boy catching a 19" brownie to go along with my 16" fish, and a truly stunning meanmouth, in terms of coloration. Not a big color guy. We'd been whacking them on good old PBJ and GP goby for a week. But Saturday something changed big time. Baits needed red flake... GP red, Canada Craw, California Craw. One of the prettier meanies I've seen...
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    We’re baaaaaaack!

    Happy to report that we arrived yesterday afternoon and the rain and the thunder and the lightning and the falling temperatures all appeared as if by magic 🧟‍♂️ and right on cue! Now I see that Weather Underground is forecasting 47 degrees at 1:00 PM on both Monday and Tuesday. It’s supposed to be raining too so at least there’s that! Good to know that a guy still has his fastball....🤦‍♂️ In better news, we stopped at Harter House in Springfield on the way down and was able to secure an ample supply of Boston burger, chicken wings and jumbo shrimp 🍤 so we’re all set in that department. So grab your mittens, throw another log on the fire and enjoy! Your welcome!
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    White River Outfitters Guide Service May 4th. 2020 Cow Creek to Point 5 and after Breakfast Ole 86 Pulled up to my first spot at 5:50 this morning and could see just decent with the cloud cover. Wind was out of the North East pushing in on the flat gravel between KC and point 5. Put the boat in about 20' and he first cast with the megabass vision 110 I had a nice jaw. I worked the flat point and continued to catch fish, all nice quality SM. Got back in the pocket out of the wind and started looking for beds and the pocket was just absolutely full of beds with bass on them. Probably 30 plus beds in the pocket and bass on at least 1/2 of them. Beds were in 4 to 6 ft. Could not resist and flipped the ned in on one and caught a nice LM. I didn't mess with any of the others but could have caught them as they really wanted to bite. McClelland has been catching Goggle Eye by the stringer full so I though I would try and catch enough for dinner. 1st. pocket I stopped in and started swimming the keitech I caught 6 really, really nice ones. If it had not been for the goofy 2 lb. smallmouth i probably could have caught more. I think the durn things this morning would have bitten a baitless gold hook. They just tore up the 2.8 I figured 6 Gog's were plenty and they are really to many once I got them filleted. Should have stopped at 4. I got back on the SM on the jerk bait on any of the windy flat points going back into Cow. Really just one right after the next. Went into Breakfast at 9, as Becky was fixing Homemade Cinnamon rolls for our guests and I hate to miss out on those babies hot and fresh right out of the oven. Yum. Put back in at Old 86 and just dropped the trolling motor. Caught 8 more SM in about an hour with 6 of them solid keeps. The SM were really dark green this morning a total change of color from the other day. Just beat it back in prior to the rain. Water is clear to 15 plus feet in the area's I fished and the moss seems to be subsiding. Surface temps this morning at 62.6 on both locations. Good Luck
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    Shell knob 5/2 and 5/3

    Started out Saturday morning shallow throwing a bigger swimbait and quickly had a few nice LMs. Switched over to a wacky rigged stick fished over the beds in spawning areas and did really well, nothing of any size but fished until 2:00PM. It was like the 4th of July out there! Sunday i decided to stick close to home due to the storms rolling in and glad i did! Threw a spook over a gravel run out and just got into them, it was non stop for over 2 hours, always nice when the stars align like that every once in a while I had 2 right at 20" and one a bit over, 75% were smallmouth and were just crushing the bait. boat in 30' casting toward the bank. Some schooling activity but it was flat when i pulled up. a dixie jet would have been the ticket a little later i believe but picked up a few on the swimmer. Overall one of the best mornings for quality and quality i've had in some time. I have one for fish ID. Initially I thought it was a spot but after looking at pictures it appears to be a meanmouth. Right at 20" Meanmouth? SM just over 20"
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    Spring trifecta complete!

    Decided to wait until after the first week to let the crowd get out of the woods. Worked out well. Feathers, Fins, and Fungus = FUN!
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    Alex Heitman

    Dam 5/20-23

    Fishing has been tough for me the last few days. Wednesday and Thursday were better on ned. Seemed to switch and could not get bit in bottom much but did manage a few LM over 5 and some nice 3+ tank SM. Floating worm was fun up by bank and in the junk. Had lots of chasers and hooked up with some. Lots of big ones up there that came out and missed more than I could count. Yesterday and today bottom bite was done. Tried deep and shallow with Ned shakey and also swimbait. Got lucky and found them boiling off a point with whites on top water but that was all the fun for today. Couldn’t get them figured out. Nephews caught some fish which was nice and dad took big fish of the trip.
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    Have been out everyday this week with clients "AT LAST' You don't or won't need a bucket full of baits for the next week and perhaps by weeks end you can throw in a drop shot but here is what you need to have tied on. Redfin/Surge Shad they are really eating these wake baits, and the best color for the fin has been Smoky Joe. Crank it just fast enough to make it wake and when they pound it don't jerk just pull back when you feel the weight of the fish. Whopper Plotter Size 110/90 in Loon cranked just fast enough to make it spudder. Spook/Chugbug/Yellow Magic. If there are whites chasing this is the best option although they will just hammer a fin. Not so much with the Pooper, and yes you can catch some on it but it is not the best one. 2.8/3.2 inch Keitech on a 1/4 oz head. Look and see where the fish are in the water column and fish to that depth. Little George tail spinner for whites and long casts for schooling fish. That's about it. Still some moss from KC to Shell Knob on the gravel, but you really do not have to put anything on the bottom, just put the boat in 15/20 and swim and topwater in front of the bushes. Look for chasing fish. Most of the guides are just riding at daylight looking for chasers. If you find them and 90% of the time now you will stay with them. They have been in the middle and mouths of the major spawning coves. Yesterday out of one big pocket I had a 5.7 LM a two 3.7 K's, and a 3.2 lb. K. Today my guests had multiple SM in the 3 plus range and one 5.78 walleye on a 3.2 inch Keitech. You can also fish the flooded bushes with a black buzz bait a white spinner bait or chatter bait/swim jig or frog and have success. Flipping has not been good. If your going to flip don't go down a bank flipping as your just wasting time. Pick out isolated bushes that are apart from other structure. To just go down a line of green it is a lot of fishing for but a few bites. It has been cloudy and the bite is staying good till about 10/11 after that go to lunch and either come back at dark or come back the next morning. Middle of the day on Holiday weekends is a bit sketchy. Good Luck
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    Gonna brag for a minute

    My son and I snuck out to the stream for a couple hours last night and he caught his first wild trout....on a fly that he tied no less. Needless to say he was very excited. The water was pretty high but we managed to land a few fish anyway.
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    Some more Indian Creek stripers

    Called my buddy Ken yesterday after I got home and we decided to get out early and see if we could find the stripers again today. I always worry when I run into some fish and invite someone to go that we'll get there and won't be able to find them, but they were in the same spots today that they were in yesterday. We had some really good top water action early, from daylight until about 8 or 8:30. We boated eight stripers, and had a couple others to the boat that got off. Shad appear to be spawning, the stripers herd them up near the bank and go to work on them, they don't stay up long so you have to get on them when they do come up. When they get going on those shad, they lose their minds and will just destroy a top water. I was using an Evergreen SB 125, and Ken was tossing a spook, but I believe any walking type bait will catch them, the key is being there when they blow up. No really big ones, our fish were in the 4 - 10 lb. range. Ken kept several for the frying pan.
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    Warning picture heavy, We have members on here with some real talent. those that draw wildlife and paint. Those that paint lures, tie and create flies. Woodworkers too. I bet there is more out there that have not come forward. Then we find others not out there. I found one. His choice of medium for his art are antlers. Solid core antlers like whitetail deer. When I ran upon his work I was really amazed. We visited some on his work. I told him I had a couple long tines off of a moose palm. I kept a couple more of them, gave away the rest of the palm and @duckydoty was gifted the base to make a billet for percussion work making points. He was interested in the two tines I had left so I took them to him. His eyes lit up and I could look in his eyes and see the wheels in his brain begin to turn. A trait all artists have. A real tell tale. He asked what do you want for them? I said I like to trade what do you think? We can do that as he peered into his showcase. I said how about you make me something? I could maybe do that. Ok how about you work one of these for me and you keep the other? Yes lets do that and a shake of the hand sealed the deal. So what do you want? I said a totem. Again the cogs began to turn I was ready to see smoke come out of his ears. So what on it? I said I would like to see a raven incorporated in it plus keep the length of the tine. 14+ inches. Ok I will work up some plans and send you a text with my ideas. Good deal I am good with that. This was last Saturday. So Wednesday I get a text and picture. "I'm getting there decided to just get it going" I liked it! Then yesterday Thursday afternoon I get a pic and "I got it done" So Pat and I loaded up to retrieve my trade. I was more than pleased and made sure it was signed. View of all sides. Snake tail coiled at the top and snake body down the back with snake head going in and out the bottom figure mouth at bottom. Raven top figure and a horned beast at the middle. My new friend Paul with the totem, Then pictures of his work. Poor pics but you can get the idea of his stuff in here. One thing that reminded me instantly of out OAF paddlefish expert @Seth, Ever wonder what is under the morels as you pinch them off at ground level?, I think I came out smelling like a rose in this deal! I will be knapping a couple points for him. He deserves more from my end and perhaps he could incorporate them in a future antler carving? Who knows as the smoke begins to roll out as he ponders!
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    Since virus stopped our trip down

    Since the virus stopped us from coming down this year we did some fishing up here. Have had decent luck up here (other than splitting my lip open) when it wasn't too windy to get the bass boat out. It was too windy to get the bass boat out on a bigger lake up here a couple times so we went to the in-laws pond and largemouth fished. We did 'alright' with 30lbs 1oz for best five the first day(pics below) in 4 hours of fishing with a 6-14 the biggest, a 6-7, 6-0, 5-6 and 5-6. Fished it one other day for 5 1/2 hours and caught 3 over 6lbs and 6 over 5lbs and a few 4+ but didn't keep track of 5 biggest that day. We still would have preferred to be down there but at least this was a good consolation prize.
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    May 10, Big M area

    Fished from 0600 until noon. There was a topwater bite early, caught a few on a 4" Yozuri pencil popper, scattered fish chasing shad, didn't see any schooling activity. Had a drought after the topwater bite tailed off, caught one here and there, but nothing consistent and had a stretch where I bet I had 10 bites and only boated 2 of them - this was on a 3.8 Keitech swimming it off the bank out into 20 FOW. Keitech bite picked up a bit later in the morning until I left at noon. They got active chasing shad, again they were scattered, but if you could get on them they would bite. Finished the day with a couple of smallmouth that were right up on a gravel bank with a stiff wind blowing in. Caught 20 bass, 9 or 10 keepers, but no large keepers, biggest was a 17" largemouth. Gizzard shad are spawning, had some chasing the Keitech, they'd tap it sometimes but just couldn't get it.
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    Seth Clarkson

    Moonshine Beach 5/8/20

    We fished the Moonshine Beach area on Friday. Was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't that busy. Guess a lot of people were back to work and maybe the possible early morning rain and high winds kept people away. We definitely fought the wind, borderline dangerous at times with a lot of white caps. Because of that we didn't get to fish many main lake spots. First thing before the wind got too crazy I had a big spotted bass hit my swaver right at the boat, had less than a foot of line out and it hammered but got came off as I tried to flip it. Had a smallmouth later in the day come up to it and snap at it but no hookup that was it on swaver and couldn't get a topwater bite with a walker or whopper plopper. Had found some shad balls but the bass werent feeding in them and didn't see any under them on the graph. The only somewhat pattern we could find was swimbaits/underpins on docks midway back in coves. Marked a lot of fish suspended around the docks but couldn't get any to bite unless they were under it. Had one real nice 19 inch largemouth doing that but mainly 12 inches or smaller. Caught a really fat spot on some gravel with the ned when the wind slowed down some and the sun came out. Had clouds and some rain early with high winds throughout the day and partial sun peeking through at times before coming out later in the afternoon.
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    White River Outfitters Guide Service Table Rock Lake current fishing report 5-5-20 Baxter to Campbell Point Got out a bit late this morning at 0800 but it really didn't matter. Was greeted by a 3 ft. surf coming directly in on the launch ramp and that's always interesting. Water is super clear and the moss is totally breaking up. Lots of it coming up and floating. Good. Surface temp at 64 degree. You can get a jig or bottom bait down now pretty easy in the Baxter to Shell Knob area and they seemed to like the 1/2 oz. Pig Sticker pretty well in GPO. Today the bass/ Goggle Eye were in the wind blown flat pockets and boy were they. You really need to get down and get you some of this. As Bobby said not nearly as many fishermen today but that doesn't mean the lakes empty, there were folks out but they are just not fishing the way I am. The majority of folks I saw were pitching docks and bushes in under 5' of water and as clear as it is I am presuming they were sight fishing. There is a lot of fish up, but there are 10X that many out. Lots and lots of both Jaw's and K's suspended in 15' getting ready to move up. Boat most of the day in 20/25ft. Concentrated today on flat pockets and long flat points running into those pockets and it was pure bliss. SMJ on the points going in and most of the pockets had lots of Gog's in them. I turned them loose today as we really enjoyed what Becky fried up last night, but she said she had fried food overload today. One of the pesky rascules even tried on a megabass and caught the durn thing. Caught fish on a jig, a swim bait and a jerker, really did not matter as long as it was wet. Bite lasted till about 2 then I got tired and fished poorly so it went away. On another note as usual I'm the last guy to find out these things, but started using some of the Big Bite swim bait heads today. Gosh and Golly they work good, with double keepers and a touch of Super Glue I caught 10 fish on a single Keitech and I have never done that before. Going to be my go to swim bait head in the future. If the wind and the clouds stay its going to keep on keepin on, till it gets really good and they move out and stage up post spawn. Right now that jerk bait bite is something if your in the right place. Keep it moving even reeling it between head turns as they want it moving. The Keitech and I also fished the Pro Blue Big Bite some today both worked like magic. I used a 1/4 oz. head in the wind and would not be afraid to go to 3/8th. This is just a ton of fun, I wish I had some clients to share it with. Of course when the calls start the fish will be gone. Right now is Right on. I'm Giddy.
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    It was pretty good today.

    I fished out of State park today from 10:30-3:30. I fished between there and Orleans Trail. I caught 14 bass all on Zeros. They were in coves in about 6 fow. I couldn't get a bite deeper than that. I weighed my best 5. They ranged from 4.75 pounds to 2 pounds for a total of 14.5 pounds.
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    New parking requirements at COE ramps

    I could only accomplish that under the stress of being under the influence of a Cranial-Rectal inversion. Of which I am chronic.
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    Too good not to share

    I have already shared this report with a few of you guys and checked with Phil and it is not as much of a secret as I thought so here's the post for the group. I finally got into the Taneycomo walleyes Ive been trying to find for a couple years now...big girl was a 23" smaller male was 19" also caught a really nice white, a chunk smally, and lost another big fish from a headshake after peeling quite a bit of drag...one of the most memorable nights I've had in my fishing career and I only fished for 2 hours. Saw 2 other nice walleyes caught on a white jerkbait from another gentleman who was gracious enough to be my camera man. What makes it special to me is these fish came on a bucktail jig I tied just a few weeks ago. This was the "motivation" i sent DJ last night so I'm sure his crew will tear em up this weekend. Thanks to everyone who gave me the tips on when and how to target them.
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    Fished the lower end 5/5, Tuesday. Found fish on the points in 20 fow 62 - 63 WT. Was pretty windy. Found a mixed bag in a pocket chasing bait, really boiled for about 20 minutes. 2.8 kitech. Caught a fair number but lost count. Saw just a few boats, much, much better than the weekend. Bobby
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    I left today at 11 and hit my usual smallie stream. Water was up but not "bad" color. Nobody around on a Thursday except the Highway Patrol. Ran about 4 miles with the new 90 Rude!!! Love it!!! I thought from the beginning I landed on them but only got a couple pecks on jigs and swim baits. Went through my usual rotation of baits and put on a creature bait. They mauled it from the start. Spent 2.5 hours catching. The pictures are of two 14"s and 2 16's. I had an 18'er on the board and when I took my hand off to snap the pic he flopped right overboard. Good for him!! caught a bunch more smaller than these. All released and a beautiful trip while "working from home".
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    ...that we do, in fact, leave Schooner Creek.
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    Emerald bass

    Big M Crappie

    Fished over the weekend and caught several nice, mostly black/male crappie. Could not get bit on standard crappie gear so started throwing 2.8 keitech for bass and the crappie started biting. Mostly 1/2 to 2/3 back in cuts and creeks on the flat banks...many nice bass too 😎
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    3 trips

    Had 3 trips this week. Had a total of 38 keepers and 14 shorts. Felt honored to have shared the boat with some awesome people. Pics from the last 2 days. Bottom bouncing points and banks leading into the coves 12 to 18 ft best.
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    Alex Heitman

    4/23 ,4/24

    Fished with my Dad and they were on fire. Caught 82 on Thursday and over 50 on Friday. 90% were on Ned. Caught a few on swimbait and couple on top water. Caught them anywhere from the bank out to 20ft. Fished basically everywhere from main lake backs of coves/pockets. It was a blast. We got a new Z-21 3 weeks ago and have been down 3 straight weekends. This was the best weekend so far. Caught some smallmouth pushing 4 lbs and some huge K’s. Had a couple big LM jump off. Can’t wait to get back down.
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    Big Indian-4/25

    Fought the Gail force winds yesterday and managed a solid bag of fish. Fished a RK & Blade. Caught 12 keepers and a special kicker! In California it wouldn't be a legal catch! Took a swipe at my RK and turned hooked her in the tail! My smile says it all. She is still waiting to go to the bed. 6.09lber. Wt: 59 all day.
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    Went Out Saturday Night 5/23

    Went from Cow To just past point 5. Started out about 8 pm to midnight. Fished main lake points with a few fish caught. Most of our fish came on the inside of the points. If you would get back 1/3 or more off of the point no bites, and this was true for every point that we fished. We caught 18 between the two of us. And 12 keepers with 5 pushing 4 pounds or a better. Mostly all SM. Man they get mean! All caught on the Tokyo rig with a Rage Craw or a Zoom Super Hog. Green pumpkin or green pumpkin purple.they where12 to 25 feet. Most of the better fish where in 18 to 25! Not a great night but I am not complaining!
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    Guess I'll open with these 2 just to get things started. I see that I need to be conscious of the glare off of that tag holder thingy when the sun gets low. Those 2, one other squeeker and 5 shorts is all I'm worth tonite. Will try again tomorrow. 😊
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    snagged in outlet 3

    TR Lake Level going forward

    That's not been my experience... She wants to change outfits but it's never quick.
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    Lilleys Landing Fire Pit

    Going back through some photos. Thought this one was pretty cool.
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    Walleye report

    These fronts r coming so fast the walleye have gotten a little difficult for me. Today had six keepers 2 shorts. Had 3 keepers bottom bouncing in 12 to 16 ft. Pulling at about .8 mph. Using new floating butterfly blade from northland. The r very good at keeping you from getting hung up as much. The other 3 keepers came on pitching jig and plastics to the normal pool bank line. About 5 ft deep. Working out to about 10 ft.
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    Back to back browns 5/1

    The water was even lower this morning than yesterday so we had to take advantage. Launched the boat and tried the same area I fished yesterday but the fish were rising out in deeper water so we stayed in the boat and worked the area with elk hair caddis dries. I was drifting the fly close to the bank when I hooked the brown in the first picture. After I did the CPR on him I hooked the brown in the second picture 2 casts later. Don't think I have ever caught 2 nice browns on 3 casts. We finished the morning with lots of rainbows and another smaller brown. Size 16 elk hair was all we used.
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    What's Cooking?

    Fishing buddy came by to visit yeaterday and handed me a couple big wally fillets and said don't freeze them.. not a problem! Fried walleye, fried taters and onions, wilted salad with lots of bacon, onions and radishes. I can feel myself healing with this in my belly!
  38. 10 points

    4/26 walleye report

    Took my favorite client out today fished about 5 hours. Had 16 keepers and 3 shorts bottom bouncing harnesses. Took our 8 home today. Don't do that very often but need to get a little reserve going.
  39. 10 points

    May 1, Big M area

    Got out at the break of dawn and fished until noon. Wind really picked up about 11 AM and the number of boats on the lake later in the morning was getting ridiculous so I was ready to go. Most of the bass I caught today were in front of buck brush near bedding areas. Threw a Ned rig on the edge of the brush and dragged it back a few feet, most bites were pretty close to the brush. Nothing big, mainly nest guarding males, I had 4 keepers out of 21 bass. Quite a few bites, quite a few misses as they are being really squirrely. Several bites where it would just stop and feel exactly like dragging it into a limb and usually those were the better fish. Some bites I'd just see some twitches in the line, without feeling anything. Caught a couple on top water, there are a few out in the channel chasing shad. 18 rigs in the Big M lot when I left which seems to be the new normal.
  40. 9 points
    Alex Heitman

    Dam 5/20-23

  41. 9 points

    One more day of striper chasing

    Forced myself to get up at O-Dark-Thirty for one more trip to Beaver. With the weather forecast and Memorial Day boat traffic this would be my last chance to chase them for several days at least. Launched at Indian Creek and motored down to the bluff by point 5. Didn't see a whole lot of top water activity, but from 0530 until 0700 there was some action and I boated 3 stripers, 2 on top and one on a Keitech. Still no big fish for me, a couple of 5 lbers and the Keitech fish was probably around 3.5 by my estimate. At 0700 they just flat out stopped. I kept the three I caught today and once they stopped biting, I was gone and was on the trailer at 0800. So here it is a little after 1030, fish are cleaned, boat is put away, and I am cleaned up too. The stripers did get their revenge today, I was pulling them out of the livewell, my hand slipped and the ball of my thumb went right over the end of a gill plate. Sliced open like a paper cut on steroids. That was not fun. Time for a nap.
  42. 9 points

    Quick outings -- Indian Point

    And dual, master-angler goggle-eye in the same afternoon... for good measure. A fitting homage to my wife's late grandfather who was the one to get me hooked on fishing, once upon a time. "Rockies" were always a bonus catch when targeting crappie and gills in MN.
  43. 9 points

    New parking requirements at COE ramps

    Bill, why would you think that a person who hits the only trailer on a huge parking lot can write? Mike
  44. 9 points
    Mitch f

    Just funny stuff

  45. 9 points

    Caddis fishing 5/7

    There have been fewer caddis hatching on the White river the last few days but still enough to keep things interesting. I fished a weed bed this morning where the caddis were coming up. The water was too deep to wade so I anchored the boat and drifted a size 16 elk hair caddis dry fly to the rising trout. It was a good morning with lots of rainbows, 1 average size brown and 1 cuttie. Here's a couple of the better rainbows...
  46. 9 points
    Travis Swift

    May 1st quick report

    Fished an hour Thursday night and we caught a few stockers and a nice 19 inch brown. Friday we started at the cable and to be flat honest it was brutally tough for us. First time we've ever made that drift without a fish. Drifted all the way to monkey island throwing jigs and dragging baits and throwing jerkbaits picking up a few here and there but nothing very consistent at all until we got past Cooper creek. Went back to the cable in the afternoon and again it was terrible for us. Started drifting back again and I finally caught a big brown that was 21 inches and weighed 5 even. It's been as tough of a trip as we have ever had so far. We will see what Saturday brings but the big fish make up for the missed numbers!
  47. 9 points
    The past two mornings have been very different weather wise but still very productive. Yesterday morning I caught them in a wind blown gravel spawning cove and this morning I fished with no wind in a deep (ledge rock) spawning pocket. Today I had about 30 keepers on the underspin (1/4 and 3/8) and the key each morning has been abundant shad. Some of the shad each morning have been scattered in the 15'-25' range but each morning I also found shad extremely thick in shallow water (3'-10'). Both mornings the fish & bait have been grouped up in a very small section of the cove or pocket, so I idle around to eliminate 90% of the area and sometimes I eliminate 100% and run to the next cove. WT 60-61.
  48. 9 points

    County park crappie

    With the re-opening of many of the county parks including my favorite crappie lake I went out yesterday morning to give it a try despite the rainy, windy conditions. Lake is way up but still managed to find a few fish. First one was the biggest. Thought I had my first 15 incher but she was only 14.75 inches so I'm going back today and try again. I release all crappie over 13 inches hoping to catch a giant here one day. They aren't spawning yet so might find some even bigger in the next week or two.
  49. 9 points


    We waited until late afternoon on 4/25 due to the big winds. Fished a couple of hours and picked up three keepers bottom bouncing slow death rigs in 16-19'. Two were on a secondary point in calmer water and one on a main lake point in the wind Big Sac arm of the lake. WM
  50. 9 points
    Mitch f

    Just funny stuff

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