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    Bill Babler

    Float-N-Fly Primer March 4 2020

    White River Outfitters Guide Service Let's face it, there are lots of ways to catch fish on Table Rock that don't involve getting snarled up or having a Master Fly Caster's certification. In Springtime is there a better way to catch big fish other than fishing a barbed wire contraption that's named after a Southern state. Probably not, with one exception, the Float n Fly. The Table Rock Lake, Float-n-Fly history goes back to a guide by the name of Bill Richey. Bill went to Dale Hollow Lake one early Spring and they fished the fly and had really good success. A light switch went on and he thought that will work on the Rock big time. Bill introduced both Bill Beck and myself the the technique and we kind of took off with it winning multiple tournaments and guiding clients to the biggest bass of their life with it. I caught my personal best Table Rock Bass on the fly, at 10.1 pound. Bill caught 2 over the 10 pound mark and also had a 12 year old girl, catch a 10.3 on it. My biggest on a guide trip was a whopping 8.3 pound a client caught about 6 yrs. ago. The Float n Fly works between late January and May if lake conditions are correct. We have not had a good year for it for the last 4 or 5 yrs. Good year is clear water, pool between 914 and 917 and if possible small shad die off. This is the perfect year as they are just inhaling it. I hit 3 different bluff ends today after guys fished A-rigs on them and caught keepers right behind them, no problem. Fishing a Float n Fly is a bit like a Ned in that it is pretty slow fished, but a better analogy is you fish it as if your were flipping a jig in a bush. Cast it out and let the fly settle, bounce it or jig it several times and then rinse and repeat. Both Bill and I bought specialized equipment for the technique. We both bought St. Croix rods that were 9' as they are tournament legal in most derby's. Some do not have length specifications and you may use any length rod you wish. i prefer a 10' to 12' rod. Any good large arbor spinning reel, at least 3500 series works great. Spool the reel with the 10 lb. braid, you select brand, it don't matter. I like white or hivis yellow. Just like a fly line you can see it and tell if you have to much slack. You need a Mr. Crappie high Vis float and a 3 way swivel. I use a Spro 3 way. First you attach your swivel to the float then you put your braid on one arm of the 3 way. I use a palamar and pull it super tight. Then for your leader you want to use carbon as it sinks. Bill Beck used 4lb. but I think 4, 6, or on the outside 8 works OK. 8 is easier to cast. At this point attach the carbon with a improved clinch with at least 6 wraps. I'm using 14' of depth right now as these fish are suspended deep, as deep as 30' and they will still come up for it. There are a ton of companies making Float n Fly jigs/flies. The best by far not even close is the Spro Phat Fly in 1/16th. in blue or shad. My favorite is the blue. It has a super sticky Gamakatsu size 1 nickle hook that you need to be careful of. There are a couple of things you now need to do. First you need to trim the fly back a bit. Yes its looks like a waving tail would be better but its not. Trim the fly. Attach the fly to your carbon leader with a 6 twist improved clinch and put the knot at the rear of the eye so the fly rides level, cinch the knot tight and it will stay at the back till you get bit. There you have the basic FF rig. Correct posture for the fly. Incorrect posture for the fly. After you have it attached use gulp or some type of attractant on the fly, you can pretty much just sop up the tail with it and that great. Casting and retrieving and fishing the rig needs some explaining. With 14' of leader below the float it takes a while to get proficient. First this rig is light, so you are casting or lobbing the float, the fly and line just follow, somewhat like a fly cast. Pull out at least 3' of braid to the float, dangling your leader and fly in the water as far as you can reach out with a 10' to 12' rod. Length really Really helps. Back cast the float and watch your back cast, when your fly hits the water, lob it forward at height and it will shoot right out there after a little practice. If your a fly fisherman no problem, Phil lilley was casting it better than me in about 5 minutes. The trick is watching your back cast making sure the fly is completely behind you prior to coming forward. Easy Peasy. When the fly hits the water it takes a few seconds for that to sink. Wait about a minute and then jig it several times and repeat. If nothing raise your rod tip as high as you can reach and them smoke it in as fast as you can turn the reel handle. Reason, You cannot slowly reel 14' of 4 or 6 pound test leader thru pole timber, cannot be done. Reel in fast and the fly will come to the surface following the float and rethrow to a new location. Strikes can be very easy or the float is just gone. Sometimes it starts walking, just like crappie under a float. When setting the hook set to 12 o'clock, this is a lift and not a snap or you will break that light line keep your rod very steady in that straight up attitude, allowing the rod to absorb the shock of the fish. Keep a big bend and if you need to use the trolling motor to pull the fish out of the pole timber to deep water, making sure previous to fishing that your drag is very loose. The better the reel the better the drag. Float n fly does not work well in wind or choppy water, it is best as a smooth water technique. It's hard to keep slack out of your line and for some reason the fish don't like the constant action of the chop. Go figure Location, most any bluff end or runnout pole timbered fast drop point I usually make a dozen cast per location and if nada, hit the road. At times they will get on the bluff walls in the small cuts and pole timbered pockets, where ever fish stage Pre or Post spawn. Table Rock, Bull Shoals, Beaver or any of the White River Lakes it will catch them between now and May. Watch your electronics, if I see suspended fish in the 10 to 30 foot range off those points they will eat it. Don't be intimidated by it and you will catch your biggest bass, maybe of a lifetime right here on the Rock Good luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    usa made outdoors

    White River 3/17

    Yesterday was just one of those days. My dad and I fished the middle part of the White and happened across a creek arm that was loaded with shad and bass. Put in just after daybreak water temp was 49.5 and pretty much stayed that way all day. Lots of surface activity early on and the baits of choice were a jerkbait and slab spoon. Fish finally started to slow down on those baits around mid-day so we picked up the small swimbaits and the rest was history. All in all we caught well over a hundred fish with a good portion of those being football K's also mixed in were some quality smallies and a fair amount of Largemouths. All species we're fat as could be and didn't look like they could eat one more bite without popping. Biggest two fish of day were 5lb 14oz and 6lb 2oz. Also had a couple of 4's and more 3+ than you can shake a stick at. Best 5 would've went for 23 and some change. All this action took place in a 300yd stretch that we never left. Truly one of those days you live for as a fisherman. Attached a few pics of some of the better fish.
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    I fished this afternoon for a few hrs and had the best trip of the year so far. I found a school of fish just inside a gravel cove that was feeding on a big school of shad. The shad were thick from 7 to 15ft then they thinned out between 15 and 25ft. This was an area protected from the wind and that allowed me to see shad flickering when idling into the cove. I used two different underspins to catch them. I positioned my boat in 30ft and threw a 3/8 oz to 10 ft and slowed rolled the bait. After catching a bunch, I put the boat in 22ft and threw a 1/4 oz to 6ft and found out the LM were shallower. It helped to have the bait real close to the bottom under most of the shad. If the bait hit the bottom it would get just enough slim to make the cast useless, so I messed up a lot casts. I had 28 keepers with a good mix of all species and some really nice LM (one was 5.10# and some 3s and 4s). I caught all the fish on a 30yd stretch and never moved the boat except to give them a rest. A few guys came in the cove so I stopped fishing and went to scout other gravel coves hoping to find the same stacked shad scenario. Yesterday morning I had 15 keepers on a 3" SB around trees with shad. Yesterday they would not pay the underspin much attention.
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    James River Striper!

    I was fishing the James River/Aunt's Creek area Tuesday evening. The water was very muddy, but there were a lot of shad and loons around so I was launching my A Rig trying to entice something to bite. I started to get frustrated and questioned my sanity for fishing such muddy water. I was going to leave this spot after this cast, and suddenly my late afternoon trip turned into something special. I felt a tug and set the hook and soon found out that this was not your usual bass you catch on Table Rock, but a Striper! In forty years of fishing Table Rock, I had never heard or seen one caught. I had heard that there were some in the lake that escaped Beaver Lake when flood waters allowed some to go over the dam. The mighty fish made several runs, before I was able to bring it closer to the boat. I had thought it might be a huge Cat or a carp, but I was sure surprised to see this beautiful fish swim by the boat. I was able to get it halfway into my net, and had to use both hands on the hoop to get it into my Ranger. I called Dick Stewart from Oak Hill Resort to share my surprise and he said to bring it in so we could take some pictures of it and weigh it. It was 40 inches long and weighed 26.5 pounds on his dock scale. We were able to release it alive. After we did, I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do or not, but maybe someone else will get a chance to decide it's fate and experience it's fight.
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    First Lunker for March

    This picture doesn't do the fish justice. It had a really fat belly almost like full of eggs but not. Caught another one that was a little smaller. A good day to be on the creek.
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    Bill Babler

    Big Shout Out Phil Stone

    Phil and his partner Brian Vaughn won the AIA yesterday in horrible weather conditions. Fishing the Lower James and Mid section White River they caught their fish on a swim bait and a jig. producing a bag of over 21 pounds that included two whopping 6 pounders. The 97 team event paid the winners nearly $11,000.00 which included a check from the Phoenix First Flight Program for $7000.00 with Phil driving his 2019 Phoenix. In second place were long time friends and clients Don and Dustin Gossett of Shell Knob that bagged nearly 20 pounds of Table Rock Bass. Their 2nd, place bag included 2 hefty 5 lb. lLM. Congrats to all that braved that cold windy, rainy day.
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    One of the earlier bites up the white river. Thought I was going to get into good fish and then the Buck event happened. Had a late start as Becky is full and it was pancake day and I helped serve. Hit the water at the Eagle Rock ramp at 11 am. Surface temps at 50 degree and 2 footers even up there on that skinny water. I had dedicated the day to the Jerk bait and was only gong to throw it and nothing else no matter what. First 3 locations 5 nice keepers between the ramp and Devil's Dive and then that was that. Headed up to the mouth of Panther and fished the deep channel bank. Surface temps at 1pm in the creek were 54 and it was full of bass. All bucks and were a total pain the the hand.; From Rock Creek to Eagle Rock every cut and every cove mouth had tons of LM and K buck males all over them. Very seldom have I ever said fish are not worth catching, but today was that day. These bucks that probably averaged 12" were skinny and the bite was just like you were hooked into a dish rag. They came to the boat like a 10" walleye and then wiggled and flopped like crazy when you tried to get those vicious treble hooks out of them. The crappie I caught could have kicked the tail of 90 percent of the small bucks that were in a hurry to get to the bank this afternoon. I quit at 3 pm and they were still hooking themselves on the megabass. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Kim City - Mar 8th - underspin

    I fished the past few mornings and the fishing is pretty good. I have been using the underspin (3" SB pro blue) and it seems to be the ticket for the deep fish. I am fishing around shad and trees and early the fish can be anywhere from 15 to 45 FOW and when the sun gets up the best range seems to be 25 to 45. The shad kill is still prevalent and that causes me to see a lot more fish than I catch. This morning I had about 10 keepers and several shorts. I had two good LM hit the underspin on the fall and the K's and SM hit on the retrieve. The fish are throughout the water column bugging shad and those around 20-30ft seem to be the easiest to catch. They also get educated pretty quick even with making very little noise and making long cast. There are a lot of shad in 15-20 FOW but I have not been able to catch many at that depth because the shad are so thick. The SM pic is from yesterday and it weighed 3.75#
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    Terrin Garber

    Cambells point 3/8

    Went from 2-7 for the afternoon! Im a youth pastor, so thank God it gets dark later so I can justify the drive to get down here we caught 13 fish. Mostly on jerk bait. 5 keepers going between 13-14lbs be my guess between me and two buds (one zeroed) The LM is 18-1/2 that’s me with the KENTUCKY 17 1/4. i did a Poor job holding it closer to the camera Smithwick will still catch em my friends. Who knows one of those $30 ones we probably would have had 20+ fish and lbs lol thank you guys for posting. Have a Great fishing season This post has been promoted to an article
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    Current Fishing Report KImberling City, Mo. 3-3-20 White River Outfitters Guide Service Can you see the Mr. Crappie Float? I have tried and I have tried, I have put in more than enough time from point 2 to point 5 and I just cannot get it to happen. I guess you can call it fishing, cause you sure can't call it catching. I can scratch a few out of pre-mo locations, but that is totally that. Those fish are just not where I can get at them or they just don't like my junk, and I'm thinking that's a big part of it. I'm sure its a matter of time till my old tricks work again down here, but for now they are thinking most of my lures have been in a Kitty Litter Box and not a tackle box. Man that was a dark one. UPDATE: Kimberling City this morning and wouldn't you know there are fish in the lake, that want to snap. I fished a float-n-fly off bluffends from 6:30 till 9:00 then, the wind started I had 15 solid keepers with a 4 lb. largemouth anchoring the string prior to the wind event. Lots of really nice 2.25 lb. jaws, and enough K's to keep you setting the hook. Ouch, that's sticky I moved around quite a bit and caught them on every end I tried. Spro Fat Fly set at 14 ft. below the float using 6lb. Invisx. Boat in 40 ft. to 70 ft. Fish suspended in the 20 ft. to 30' range and they would come up and eat it. Young One's like it too I fished some straight wall bluffs with pole timber and they were not on it on the fly but if you sat off a way you could swim a Keitech after counting it down to 30 and catch some nice K's Trouble is you will lose some baits, depends on how bad you want to catch Most catches are top lip. If their mouth is big sometimes it goes a little deeper, especially if the fisherman is sleeping. Lot's of really nice Jaw's were after the floater. And, some K's too. Wind started howling at 9 and I couldn't catch any more float fish as it will not work in the wind very well, but I continued for another hour to catch some swim bait fish. Tried the jerker but got the same response that I have been getting, they no likey. Good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    The fishing has been pretty good when the weather cooperates. I fished this morning with an underspin and 3" SB. The areas I targeted had a good combination of trees and shad. The fish were feeding on shad and the shad can be found from 3 to 45 FOW and utilize the entire water column. Had about 12 to 15 keepers with a good mix of all three species. Today, the shallow fish (3 to 8 ft) were tough to catch and I only targeted that depth when I seen them bugging shad on the surface. I tried SQ bill, spinnerbait, jerkbait, and a few other lures but just caught a few in the 3 to 8 ft range. The underspin and SB worked good in 12 to 40 FOW. I wasted a lot of time this morning experimenting with different baits. The LM pic (6.3#) was caught in 12 FOW on an underspin and was relating to a bunch of shad. The shad kill is still going on but it normally takes a bus load of shad to see it (included a graph pic showing bus load). WT about 48.5
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    Fished Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Tuesday fished the upper White on areas on both sides of the 86 bridge in Tom from Eagle Rock's boat. It was tough fishing. Early we caught a couple of keepers throwing jerkbaits on points, Tom caught a 3.5 smallie on a JB that would be the biggest fish we boated. I caught a spot that I didn't weigh, but I bet it was 2.5lbs. But that was it for our JB fish. I fished the Ned quite a bit, caught one keeper smallie and a few short fish. Fished a lot of good looking locations that should've been holding fish, but there just don't seem to be many of them around in that area. Tom got a couple of nice keeper largemouth on a crank on one short stretch of bank. I think we finished up with 16 bass, 5 being keepers. Wednesday I went solo and fished between point 23 and 25. The bite was a little better on the Ned, first fish I caught was a 3 3/4 lb. smallie and that was the big fish for the day for me. Caught 20 total, 5 being keepers. The Ned fish were fairly deep when I started which was late morning as I waited for the storms to clear out before I left the house. Later in the afternoon there was a rush to the bank of smaller fish and I caught some of those dudes in 5 -10 FOW. Not much in the way of shad activity going on in that area. No gulls, no loons. Surface temp was 52 in the main channel in the afternoon, someone told me they saw 54 back in a cove in shallow. First one Wednesday: Last fish of the day - chartreuse head strikes again! And a really fat spot:
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    Put in at Bridgeport 10:30 on Wednesday morning. Cloudy and a little breeze. Water color was fair and 49-50 degrees. Headed to Flat Creek. Water was much clearer in Flat and muddy coming out of James but temps were about the same. There were 3-4 boats below the bridge but saw nothing caught. They seemed like they were looking for crappie on the flats. I didn't go above the bridge. Came back out of Flat and down past the ramp. First cove on the left is where I've fished alot. Found a few fish on the livescope out in 24 feet of water but couldn't get them to play. There was a guide in the middle with spider rods out. Saw them catch a couple - they left. Ventured across the main lake to the other side and sought out MDC brush piles. Found the first one - nothing. Second was really small but yielded the most fish. 6 big keepers and 6-7 shorts. 24 feet of water on the bottom. Next one yielded a few shorts - then MDC agents pulled up and checked me. Kirby and a guy from Barry county. Last one was on the bluff - big pile. Caught 2 more nice keepers off that one and a few shorts. 4:15 had to head back. Could have limited if had more time but 8 is plenty for us. I think there was 3 females in the bunch. Put in at Cricket at 10 yesterday morning. Windy. Water color dingy and 52 most places. I fished up Yocum, above and below the bridge, up Long and up Cricket. Brush piles - some had fish but couldn't get them to bite. Fished the flats. Saw lots of fish on the livescope but couldn't get anything to bite. Quite at 4... too tired to fight it anymore. Others were moving around a lot and not catching that I could see. Just an off day. Did meet the new owners at Cricket Creek Marina. Awesome couple! And they've done a lot of work/improvements to the facility. Young family... wish them well! View full article
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    March 3, Big M area

    Well I could not match Bill and Docknit, but I did get a few today. There was an early bite then things tailed off considerably about 10 AM. I caught 15 bass today, 13 of them before 10 AM. Thought I was going to have a 25-30 bass day, but it didn't happen. Last time I was out on TR, about 2 weeks ago, I could not get a bite any shallower than about 20 feet. Today, I could not get a bite any deeper than 15 feet. Things have changed, even thought the water really hasn't warmed up much - I saw a temp of 48 when I left. Fish were on the Ned rig, I did try some cranks, jerks and a spinner bait, but no joy there. Had several solid keepers, but nothing really big. No smallmouth today for me either, just K's and largemouth. My buddy the ramp goose: Couple of fish pics from today:
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    Hey Guys- Came down for my annual spring break trip last week. I don't have a lot concrete to report, because fishing was fairly tough for us. I had my boys, 5 and 12 with me, as well as my father in law. Fishing 4 folks in the boat changed what I would normally do quite a bit, so I stuck with Ned, Keitechs and Yamamoto grubs for the most part, stayed away from Arigs and anything treble hooked, mostly fished steeper channel swing banks and didn't run around looking for fish nearly as much as I would by myself or with an experienced back seater. Got the boat in the water Tuesday in Spring Creek around 11, after everyone slept in and ate a big breakfast. Water pressure was low, so we just fished fairly close to the ramp, and Elmo, my father in law caught a nice crappie on a steep bank with the smoke grub. We pulled out and took the boat to Theodosia Marine Repair. After lunch and with some dirt daubers nests cleaned out, we went back out again. Grubs and the Ned caught Elmo a couple more fish, I caught three or four, and both boys zeroed. Wednesday we again slept in a bit, and got back at it around 10a. Same baits, only today it was the boys chance to put it on their grandpa, who had been REALLLL mouthy to them about having skunked them the day before. Sam (5 year old) caught himself a nice smallie (with just a tiny bit of help from me). Sid caught a nice smallie and a keeper LMB, and I caught a few shorts and a squeaker LMB. The boys had had enough fishing, so Elmo and I went out after lunch for an hour or so while they went to the playground at the corps park. I picked up a megabass 110, and promptly caught 4 very fat spots on a bluff end. Elmo was getting bites but not hooking up on the grub. We went back in after an hour or so, to make sure my boys hadn't burned down the resort. We loaded up and came home Thursday morning due to the rain and cold weather incoming. I'm reasonably sure there would have been a good A-rig bite on the bluff ends, and water temps 48-52 and clarity (slight stain) were perfect for a wart bite, I caught one short on a wart waiting on my father in law to back the trailer in, so I'm sure if someone got out there and worked, there would be fish to be caught. All in all, it was a good trip. Boys and Grandpa had fun, and nobody got any new holes in them from hooks. I'll call that a win, and hopefully I can get back down soon to beat up on the fish a little harder for a day or two, if it looks like COVID allows. Otherwise, it's boat repair time, with carpet and seats to do in two rigs, and compounding and buffing to do on one.
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    Donna G

    SK 3/21

    Parking lot waa packed when we got to SK ramp today. Splashed at 9 a.m (I know, Bill. The day's over by then. 😊) Skunk buster at 9:40 on a blade. Not another bite on blade, jig, Senko, little swimbait, crankbait or Ned until this purdy thang. Honestly, I wasn't sure it WAS a bite. Just some suspiciously slack line. Headed home to play golf. LOL
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    Leprechaun in cutoff overalls-

    Bull Shoals folks, we lost a good one. Bryan gave me the sad news in another thread, but I thought Gary Nokes at least deserved his own post here. I wasn't a close friend of Gary's by any means, but over the 30 years or so that I have been fishing at Theodosia Marina, Gary, who had been a friend of my late Uncle, became a friend and saved more than one fishing trip for me. He looked like the stereotypical Ozark Hillbilly, with beard, cutoff overalls, and ever present chaw. He also was one of the smartest men I've ever met, and an absolute mad genius boat mechanic. He was the kind of mechanic who had been to all the marine manufacturer's schools, and knew the "book way" to fix a problem, but also had the natural problem solving skills and experience to know the "RIGHT WAY" to fix a problem. I'll always remember overhearing this hillbilly looking guy talking on the phone to someone in the early days of the internet, about IP addresses and other technical netspeak, which one would never have guessed he had any knowledge about, given his appearance. Gary always had a funny story, and was a master storyteller in his messy on the water shop at TMR, while he worked on (and cussed at) somebody's boat. He saved no telling how many trips for unprepared amateur boat owners like myself by digging through that seeming rats nest of tools, broken outboards and trolling motors to somehow come up with whatever relay or switch or fuel pump or whatever other random part he needed, and worked his posterior off to seemingly magically get people back on the water fast when their boat was out of commission. He also drove a TMR rental boat from Theodosia all the way to Music Creek late one evening, well after work hours, to try and help some twentysomething year old kid get his boat started. He had a cranking battery and some other tools and fuses, and fully expected to be able to get him going. He wasn't counting on a melted wire harness, and after working til after dark, realized he was gonna have to tow that twentysomething kid in the new Champion back to Theodosia. Looking around the rental boat he had driven down, and looking around the dumb city kid's boat, he realized the only thing the had to tow a boat with, was a 50' orange extension cord from the trolling battery charger. Sooooo, for the next three hours or so, we made our way back to TMR, the dumb kid and the hillbilly boat mechanic, with me laughing the whole way with decades full of Ozark county and Bull Shoals stories. I cracked up for many years after that, walking past that stretched out orange extension cord, still plugged in the charger on that rental boat. I've missed Gary since he retired a few years ago. Theodosia Marina just hasn't quite been the same without poking my head into his floating shop and shooting the monkey dodo for a few minutes when I came down to fish. He was one of those humans who just made the world better, without making a big deal about himself. One last story. On Bull Shoals, at the mouth of the Little North Fork arm, is a long runout point called The Saddle. There is a real narrow hump that comes back up, WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY out in the middle of the lake. At certain lake levels, the tip of that hump is just barely under water. Gary said he used to have a buddy drop him off on that hump, and he would stand out there and pretend to be walking on water in the middle of the lake, just to get a reaction out of "the flatlanders" cruising by in their runabouts and pontoons.... Here's hoping I'll get to shoot the monkey dodo again with Gary, my Uncle, and my Dad, when I get on to the place the guy who really walked on water said He was going to prepare for us. Thanks again Gary, for the fixes, and the stories.
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    Toby Estes

    3-8 at Big M area

    First trip of the year with my wife. Got to the ramp at about 9am. Surprised to only see a couple other boats. Spent the first couple hours playing with new electronics. Started fishing some points and cove mouths, nothing. After a short lunch break, I went a little farther back in panther creek. That was the ticket. Spent the rest of the day fishing the back of coves. We caught 14, 7 keepers. Spinnerbait was my wifes choice, I used a Spinnerbait, rock crawler, and wiggle wart. I was shocked how shallow these fish were. Our bigger fish were females. WT 50-51. Wife got big fish. Again
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    Took the future son in law fishing today. He hung with me pretty good and taught him a few things about river fishing. I had taken him once before and when I mentioned staying close to Home and trying some crappie or heading back to the river, he immediately said he loves that river bass trip last time He didn’t twist my arm much for that and off we went. The fish are for sure coming out of there winter stage here, did best on a crank in some pretty good current in what I call staging areas above holes. We had a pretty good hour then the wind and clouds moved in and the fishing slowed, great afternoon however I brought him back home so guess he gets my approval 😛. She had a couple BF’s in the past that might had disappeared. Ha ha
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    intervention needed

    Youngsters, I'm from the Virgil ward and Harold Ensley days. Ran into Harold one day below Truman dam. He was catching crappie for fielting at walmart while promoting his fillet knife and of course he had his strong heart dog food too. Well while fishing he had one Heck of a birds nest in his fishing line. He said sonny would you help me I can't see so well anymore. I got it unsnarled and he thanked me and shook my hand. I will remember that forever.
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    New PB

    Caught my two largest redfish last week in Venice at Redfish Lodge...a 45 and 42. Netted a 51 for the guide and saw a 40+ take a topwater 10 feet from the boat. Needless to say, I had a blast.
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    Spent a few days with our good friends Rose and Dave at Holiday Hideaway in the Aunts Creek area this week. This is the first time I have ever been on Table Rock in the spring (been there a couple times for fall derbies), and I definitely like the spring better there 😄. Dodged rain storms and found some good fish shallow in the backs of pockets every day that we fished. Almost everyone we saw was fishing secondaries and main lake points with A rigs, I hate that bait and I am more of a dirty water shallow guy when I can be so I idled past them and went to the run ins in the backs. I could pick one or two off or at least see them make a run at the bait in every pocket. Baits of choice were jerkbait, spinner bait, swim jig, and a swim bait. Didn’t get many fish pics but only had 1 short all week and probably a 3 pound average. Saw several big ones (5-6 lbs) that were too smart to eat I guess. Water temps ranged from 47 to 51, and did run into a small Shad kill in a pocket a little ways up the James one evening and couldn’t buy a bite there. If you are wanting to get out and/or away, they have openings!!
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    Al Agnew

    COVID-19 - Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

    And...here's why people are selfish, willfully ignorant morons if they don't take this virus extremely seriously. Mary and I live out in a rural area, more than an hour from St. Louis, and we have been very cautious and prudent ever since this thing started, since we are both old enough to fit into the higher risk groups. We have been feeling reasonably confident that we can avoid getting this thing for quite a while because of our location and our precautions...after all, the nearest place to us that has any cases is the St. Louis area. This morning we went into Farmington to the Schnucks at 6:15 AM, because they announced that the hour from 6 to 7 would be reserved for people over 60 years old, and we figured that there wouldn't be very many people, even old farts like us, who were going to get up that early to go grocery shopping. We were met at the door by an employee who disinfected the handles of our shopping cart, along with our hands. There weren't many people in the store. The shelves weren't as full as they usually are, a few items were completely gone (toilet paper was, of course, one of them but we're good for now on TP), but we got what we needed to get, and got out of the store. Used disinfectant wipes on our hands again when we got into the truck, and wiped down all the packaged groceries when we got home, along with washing our hands carefully. So we were feeling good about the whole thing... Until we got the news that last weekend there was a wedding in Bonne Terre, 10 miles away from Farmington and 20 something miles away from our house. 200 people in attendance. And two of the guests came up from Arkansas, and two days later tested positive for the virus. The Health Department stated that they were symptomatic when they came to the wedding. A member of the family of the newlyweds disputes that. But there were a LOT of high school and college age kids at the wedding, and they all went to school on Monday. So you can pretty well expect that there will be a hotspot around Desloge and Bonne Terre, and that's hitting pretty close to home. And several of those kids went out later to a bar in Farmington, so it will probably show up in the hotspot, too. This is why I am completely pissed off at ANYBODY who plays down the dangers of this virus. I don't care what you believe, I don't care why you think it's no big deal or it's a conspiracy or whatever the heck you think. This is not a game and it's not politics. It's a very serious matter, and YOUR ACTIONS CAN HAVE DANGEROUS AND EVEN DEADLY EFFECTS ON OTHERS. If it was just you that was going to suffer from acting like a moron, then I'd be fine with that, but it isn't. I and the people I care about can suffer from your stupidity, too. Even if we don't suffer by getting the disease, everybody is going to suffer from the sacrifices we'll have to make for a longer period of time. All the government restrictions that are now mostly requests and advisories are going to become mandatory, and it won't be because the government is stupid or out to get you, it will be because of selfish, willfully ignorant people who did whatever the heck they pleased and ignored those restrictions when they were requests and advisories.
  24. 11 points

    Shell Knob 3/18/20

    I had the opportunity to make a day trip yesterday. The lake was in beautiful condition, and the fish cooperated for me most of the day. WT: 49-51 Areas: Main lake points with mix of gravel and rock (4-18 feet), boat in 20-30 feet. Baits: 3/16 Dirty Jig Guppyhead and 2.8 Keitech (Electric Shad and Pro Blue Red Shad) This was the only bait that played all day. Tried a jerkbait when the wind came up, but the fish preferred the swimbait. Overall, the fishing was good for my first time on the water this year. I was simply casting, letting it fall 2-4 seconds, and a slow constant retrieve. The bait would "tick" or simply "load" the rod up. Fish were all really healthy and they are feeding up preparing to spawn in the next few weeks. However, I think the cold front will pull them back over the next few days. I ended up with the trifecta (Spotted, Largemouth, and Smallmouth). Of the 20 fish I caught, about half were solid keepers. On another note, stay safe and be smart. All this will pass soon, and I look forward to fishing with you all again.
  25. 11 points

    White Bass Run

    I've been having some success lately fishing for white bass in the river arms with a technique that I wanted to share. I've been following the Lilley's Crew on their reports about drifting crankbaits with added weight to get them to the bottom during high flow periods on Taneycomo. I thought this would be a great idea to locate and entice the staging white bass on their way up river for the spawn. I've had the most success using a #5 sized flicker shad in natural colors tied to 6# leader about 30" long. My main line is 10 lb braid. I put on a sliding snap on style weight that is 1/4 oz. on the line above a swivel. I tie the 30" leader to the other end of the swivel. This is pretty much a Carolina rig set-up. This rig has allowed me to keep a #5 flicker shad consistently on the bottom in 10-12 ft. of water trolling around 2 mph. I've tried using bigger crankbaits without as much success. The bite seems to be better when trolling down river even if there isn't much noticeable current. I've found most of the schools are concentrated in areas where 6-8 ft. of water in the main channel drops off into 10-14 ft. of water. I've tried using jigs in the areas where I've located schools of fish, but they still seem to prefer the crankbaits. The smaller males are up river, but if you head further towards the lake the big females can be found as well. I still prefer to catch the bass with a jig; however, this is a very good way to get them to bite and locate them. I've also had the opportunity to really learn my electronics and the river while trolling around. If you go far enough up river you can get the smallmouth to play with a Ned Rig and the deer to jump in the boat as well. I love this time of year! I hope this helps some of you. God Bless!
  26. 11 points

    Saturday Sunfish Surprise!!

    Weather here in MD this last weekend had fishing all over it. High 50s to low 60s. I also had a spot picked out that should hold some different sunfish species. I have a goal to catch three new sunfish species in 2020. So @Ham made a contact on FB with a guy here in MD and he shared some photos of giant fliers that he caught in a public location. Ham put me in contact with Bret and he told me where and what he was using to catch those fish. Bret and I have yet to meet in person and due to circumstance have not been able to fish together. With the warm weather, I couldn't help but want to make the trip and find those fliers. With the COVID-19 concerns I did not reach out to Bret, but took My Betterhalf and Livie with me on this trip. The spot is a small impounded pond. I put on a John Deere microjig and made a couple of casts in the pool below the discharge. I got two bluegill in quick order. I called down Livie and she caught four bluegill before we headed up to the pond. But no fliers. My Betterhalf was fishing a worm under a float and having no luck. Livie had on a trout magnet jig and a worm as well. I still had the John Deere. I caught a small bass and they had no luck. I had them move to the corner of the pond and told them to fish the edge where the lilies were just starting to break the surface. Lots of missed strikes until Sue got a solid hit and hooked a feisty fish. The coloration was about right. So I was excited that she had hooked a large flier and got it landed ! I tried for a long time to catch one myself in that corner. I caught some small and large bluegill, a small largemouth bass, and even a redear sunfish that I really thought was going to be a flier . Livie was having trouble as well and was only catching bluegill. So I put down the rod and went around the pond looking for other likely spots. The girls went back to the car and I decided to fish near a large brush pile made by the local beavers. At first the wind kept blowing my rig into the brush. So I fished an underwater trough that the beavers made. I ended up with 8 bluegill landed, but still no flier. By this time the wind died down In I got a worm baited hook to sit out near the end of the brush pile and got a solid hook up. The fish fought hard and got me wrapped in some brush. I had to give it some line and I was able to coerce the fish from the brush. After all that I had my very first flier in hand. This fish was just shy of 8" in length and I was excited. So the girls were not excited to go back out the pond (especially Livie since she went in while trying to unsnag her mom's line form some lilies ). We had crossed a couple of creeks that had pools near the bridges that I wanted to fish on the way home. At the first I was able to convince Livie to try again. She had changed at this point so was not as cold and not wet. She was still fishing a small jig and redworm and caught a fallfish right away. She followed that up with one bluegill after another. I was fishing a black and green or white and chartreuse trout magnet jigs and was doing well on fallfish. Livie caught a redear sunfish and another sunfish that we thought may have been a hybrid of some sort. Once the bite died down we went to the next creek and tried for more fish. Sue caught another flier and hooked her very first warmouth! I have not caught a warmouth in MD yet so was jealous. Livie was just catching bluegill while I was still getting more fallfish on the white/chart jig. Livie got hung in a tree on the other bank but too far out for her to reach and broke off. Sue gave her the rod she was using and offered her spot. Livie ended up catching her first flier as well as a warmouth (which was the same species of fish that we thought may have been a hybrid)! Though I tried I could not catch a warmouth just to add to my list of fish caught in MD. Then again there is always next time .
  27. 11 points
  28. 11 points
    Slept in again so Ron and I didn't get to Campbell Point until 11am and fished til 6pm. Water temp was 48.2* at the ramp and was pretty stained. Started out gettin' bit on a ned rig and a hula grub while it was cloudy but couldn't get a bite on the jerk bait. Then the sun came out about 2pm and as the skies got brighter they flip flopped and started eating the jerk bait and ignoring the bottom bouncers. We ended up with 15-20 fish,.. 7 keepers. Great day on the water and always a ball to fish with Ron.
  29. 10 points

    Fished the last seven days.

    We always come down from Michigan to share your beautiful lake and fish the Aunt's Creek Association Buddy Tournament.My buddy Dale and I came down last week Friday. We had just got the news that the tournaments were called off. We each drove our own boat and trailer down with planes that our teammates would come later to join us in the tournament. We also expected four others to join us. Then the Coronavirus stated getting more people infected and shutting down more stuff, everyone else decided to stay home.We figured we could socially distance ourselves on Table Rock, so we have been fishing out of our own boats, trying to stay within a mile of each other the past week. we fish about 6-8 hours a day, and compare our catches and stories. The first day, 3/21, was very tough. I caught one 2.5 pound largemouth and Dale got skunked. The next day we stayed between point 9 and Aunt's Creek. I caught a 3.5 pound smallmouth and a Spot. Dale caught a ball Spot. I believe it rained in the morning on Tuesday. We fished the Aunt's creek area again. I had five keeper smallmouths and a 40 inch Striper. Dale got skunked. The next day, we took a ride up the white towards Campbell. I caught 14 spots, two smallmouths, and two largemouths. Dale had 12 spots and two smallmouths. Next day we went to Kimberling City. I caught Two nice smallmouths, three 3 pound largemouths, and a nice spot for 17.68 pounds. Dale had a nice bag of four smallmouths and two spots for 16.86 pounds. We are kind of competitive. Thursday we went up the white again, and I only had three keepers, but one was a 3.65 small jaw. Dale had about a dozen, with a couple of smallmouths and the rest spots. Today we went back to Kimberling City and Dale had seven with a couple of real nice spots, one over 3 pounds.I had five fish, buttony three keepers which include a couple of small jaws, and a big spot. The majority of the fish Dale caught were on a 5/16 round ball jig with a smoke/purple Yamamoto 4 or 5 inch grub, or a 3 inch Kalin Grub.Keeps his boat in 25-30 feet and makes a cast award shore and slowing reels it back, trying to keep it near the bottom, without getting slimed.Most of my fish were caught on swim baits, using a 1/4 ounce Shin Spin jig with a 3.8 Keitech. I also caught a few, including the 3.65 smallmouth, on the 5/16 jig with a 2.8 keitech. The day I caught the Striper, I caught all five keeper smallmouths on a finesse A-Rig thrown very close to the flooded bushes. Much like a spinner bait. I tried a spinner bait, but couldn't get bit on it.Trying to decide where to fish tomorrow. Still haven't caught a big bass(I did lose a five pounder on Tuesday) Tried to net it by myself, and I should of boat flipped it. Glad it wasn't in a tournament. Still would like to have a 50 fish day. but with the water levels going down, I don't think the bite will turn on. We are leaving early Monday to head back to Michigan. Good luck everybody. This post has been promoted to an article
  30. 10 points

    Webb Elite-Bull Shoals

    It was a great weekend on Bull Shoals this past weekend. After having a great practice on jerkbait, I made adjustments during the tournament to catch bigger fish and they moved shallow. WT's were colder during the tournament 46.5-47. Caught my better fish in 1-3 feet of water slow rolling a spinnerbait. I would catch a solid limit cranking a red Rock crawler at the mouthes of spawning pockets on transitions and secondary points. Then took advantage of the rain run off hitting as many back ends of small main-lake pockets rather running major Creek pockets like most of the field was running. Finished 3rd! 2 day total: 32.43. Congrats to Jim Lovan!
  31. 10 points
    Bill Babler

    Nice Morning on the Rock 3-7-20

    Kimberling City at 6 am this morning was a very chilly 29 degree on the Avalanche thermo. Son Steve and I fished the floater for several hours and we caught 8 solid keeps on the floater. Biggest was a 3.88 LM followed by a 3.65 LM and then a 3.12 jaw and 2 fat K's both at 2.95 rounded out our 11 fish morning, all keeps. That puts the best 5 at 16.55 and thats a good day for us. 8 on the floater, 1 on a plus 2 in TR sp, one on a A-rig and one on a swimbait. Both of us nearly froze to death. Got off the water by noon and I'm still cold. Good Luck
  32. 10 points

    Float-N-Fly Primer March 4 2020

    Bill, from a professional editor, that's the best of many, many articles you've done here over the years. And for free, no less. Wonderful narrative and perfectly illustrated with your great pics. I can't emphasize enough to every member here the value of what Bill contributes to this forum. Not only does he frequently share his own lifetime of experience on the Rock, but he passes on the knowledge of probably the best fisherman/guide to ever fish this lake. It's a great tribute to Bill Beck for his brother in arms to continue to share his rich knowledge on OAF.
  33. 9 points

    When the pandemic is over trip

    I got out a world map put it on the kitchen wall, took out some darts and told my wife to throw a dart. I told her that we would go there no matter where it landed. Well it appears that we are spending a month behind the refrigerator.🤣
  34. 9 points
    Feel a little funny about making a Truman Lake report, but we went so here it is and maybe a little bit of very uneducated information. This is kind of a story in the works and I blame it all on the interweb as it got me going this Winter with nothing to do but sit here and spend money I don't have. Started watching Spider rigging videos and I got HOOKED. Was kind of hooked from last year seeing them work on Lake O. during turkey season, but the videos were the last straw. I got with Ed. of Southern Crappie Rods and fanangled a guide price deal and he set me up with 8, 14' Southern Crappie Rods. I also bought a dual front chair system and a Drift Master trolling set up and mounted it all on my 23' Alweld. Of course then I had to try it out. Side note, we only used 2 rods each so 4 was the max we used around the trees. Been reading all the Truman reports on the web and most have been crazy good so a few phone calls and some great folks on here got me and my buddy Mark on our way. Quick note there were no minnows available in Warsaw yesterday, but we were smart and I brought 8 dozen from Lilleys, which reminds me, I need to have them put on my bill On with the report, we hit Bucksaw at 8:30 and were about number 15 in line to launch. No problem as these people actually know how to launch and pull boats out. 4 rigs can launch at once and it is like a well oiled machine. When we pulled out a 3:30 Mark said there were over 100 rigs in the parking lot. We saw boats of every age and price you can imagine. One current theme was it didn't mater your boat cost or how old it is. 99% of the boats had PanOptics. We saw rigs including the pickup that cost less than their electronics These crappie fishermen are CRAZY about Livescope. and a 126 SV After the tips I received we went up and started at Pretty Bob Creek. I will tell you, the creeks from Jackson up to 13 hwy are totally full of fishermen. Seems like most of these folks are either Dipping trees or Spider rigging. We did not see a person make a cast all day and we at first were covered up with fishermen. One thing I was not familiar with was how close these folks will fish to you. We were even slightly bumped once as a guy went by us with his trolling motor in a narrow channel between trees. Huge lake but everyone concentration on the major creeks.and there were lots of folks. At one point there were over 20 boats in Bob and the next big branch up on the right. We caught a total of 37 crappie 5 whites and 1 channel cat fish. We caught everything rigging using either a Capps and Coleman or a Kentucky rig. Never lost a hook in all those trees, unbelievable. We had decided to keep only crappie between 12" and 16" so that's what we did, could have had two limits, but there is not enough meat on a 9" crappie for me to mess with. We kept 14 crappie and had just a scouche over 6 lbs. of fillets which we thought was super for a couple of dummies. We had 5 females and 9 male keepers. Big Caveat and no" PanOptics." The Lowrance HDS7 told me they were hanging in the 10' to 15' depth range over 18' to 20' so we used that old worn out machine to find our crappie, and did OK. Didn't see them snap at it but saw the rod tip dip or quiver and that was fine. We could not catch a fish on a soft plastic. Caught them all on double minnow rigs. Caught 2 of the white bass on soft plastic The Dippers/Dabber fishermen were interesting, they would scan the millions of trees and pull up and dab a jig or minnow on a rod that was 11' to 14' and watch the scope. Talked to one of these guys at long range. His mount put the 126 SV screen just below his chin. I'm guessing the mount was at least 5'. He said every tree in Truman in the last 10 weeks had been dipped. Said he could catch one here and one there but the majority ran from the bait like a chicken with its tail feathers on fire. He said in January at times you could catch a limit out of one tree. Now it was one or two no matter how many were down there. They were totally gun shy. We noticed that the smaller pockets, like maybe only 100 yrds. long were not being hit so we gave them a try and right off we started catching. We caught the majority of our fish out of 3 of these small pockets . If I were to go back I would concentrate on these small pockets only. They need to have at least 20/25 ft. of water however to make them work. Fish are pretty much suspended over the deepest part either on a tree or just suspended in the channel. The Lake reminds be of Bull Shoals only its very muddy. Still fantastic vistas and no houses to be seen . Surface temp was 56 in the small cuts. Creeks and big lake 51 degree. Just about zero visibility, looked like you were lowering your bait into plowed ground. I heard a guide say the crappie like it muddier the better and he was right. Good Luck
  35. 9 points
    There needs to be a better way to score that doesn't involve relocating the fish from the cove/area they were caught in....OR there needs to be WAY fewer tournaments. That's the only smart options.
  36. 9 points
    Posted this on Facebook yesterday. Thankfully it is something we can still do.
  37. 9 points
    Phil Lilley

    Bridgeport Saturday afternoon

    Sorry late report. Put in about 2 pm. WT 52.6 degrees and pretty calm. Hit some MDC brush piles south of the ramp and caught crappie on all of them. Had 12 keeps and as many shorts. They came on a variety of soft plastic baits - none better than others really. Just had to get the fish activated and then we'd catch 6 in a row. Tried beating the surface with a paddle which did nothing. Snagging the brush and pulling on it did something... and some times it helped the bite. Did see the whole lot of fish slowly leave the pile one time... that was cool. We just moved to the next pile.
  38. 9 points

    Shell Knob 3/10/20

    Launched from Shell Knob bridge about 8 and fished until a little after 3. Ended the day with 34 total fish. One walleye, two crappie, and the rest a mix of all three species of bass. About a dozen or so were caught on ned and the rest were all on jerkbaits. Had 7 or so keepers, nothing with any size. One of the crappie did weigh 2.5 lbs, so it was a good one. Best spots for us was main channel points and banks. Surprisingly, wind didn't really seem to matter. We caught 0 fish when we would move back into a cove or creek arm. Everything was on the main points. Some friends were down last Friday in the same area and fished Mill Creek arm and caught all of their fish doing just the opposite. They were in the very back of the creek arm. The also had a bunch of big fish. They ended with 40+ total fish and had around 20 over 3lbs. Had 3 over 5lbs. (The pics of the big fish are theirs, sadly not mine) We definitely could not find those fish , but, had a blast none the less. Caught fish all day.
  39. 9 points

    Wildcat access 3/4

    With all the high water here on the White I ran the boat up to some protected water this morning and then put on the waders. As I was idling up to the area I wanted to fish I spooked a really nice brown. I put on the waders and started wading upstream throwing my new favorite fly... a real "technical tie"... an olive mop fly (LOL). I caught lots of rainbows along with 2 nice browns. It was fun as most strikes were visible and I missed a really big rainbow that I struck and set the hook a bit too early pulling it out of his mouth. Here's a couple of pics of the better browns...
  40. 8 points

    What's Cooking?

  41. 8 points

    Fishing Goals 2020

    I caught 11 (or that’s how many I remembered to click) in about 2 hours. 2.8 Keitech on 1-4 oz Guppy heads. That’s a tough little hook. I used up 8 bodies catching multiple fish on most of them. I had 2 at the most that I only caught one fish on before they were toast. I also had a Big White Bass and a Big Spotted Bass in the mix.
  42. 8 points

    Fishing Goals 2020

    Caught an 11 lb. hybrid today in one of the Bella Vista lakes. Caught 20 total, it was crazy, never have caught them like this. They were on a windy bank in 2-4 FOW. 11 lber was a personal best. Caught an 8 and several in the 5-6 lb. range. 3.3 Keitechs on 1/4 oz heads, spinning tackle. They are strong fish.
  43. 8 points

    COVID-19 - Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

    In all seriousness we take this emergency to heart. While some can hunker or the preppers bunker in we cannot here. I can but St. Pat works in health care and cannot. Precautions will be taken. We all need to be careful and vigilant but not to the point of becoming paranoid to the point of becoming insane. There is some humor in even times like these so put on your game face but smile some. I will give us a temporary brake. Like the rest of you I need to go fishing. Anyone care to go with me? Again this is in good humor in these trying times. I wish all my friends, ones who don't like me and the others on this great place luck and prayers. The BilletHead's
  44. 8 points

    Kim City - Mar 8th - underspin

    The swimbait options seemed to expand this morning around Kimberling. I caught some mid creek fish and some from three different pockets. Having shad in the area was key for me. Lots of fish in 25-35 FOW. I used plain swimbaits (both 3" and 3.8") and the 3.8 worked very good. The WT in the creek was near 50 and the main lake showed 48 ish. The attached LM pic was caught in a creek about halfway back and was in a tree top in about 35 FOW. I left them biting and had about 12 to 15 keepers.
  45. 8 points

    Float-N-Fly Primer March 4 2020

    Thanks brother. Generally, we are. Get through this week and I should be free to post some updates.
  46. 8 points
    Took advantage of the great weather today. Went out with my younger son, and took the boat out. A bit windy today, even in the lake which is low and has hills all around it. The lake is electric only, so we did not take the bigger motor. Had to suffice with the tiller trolling motor. It did very well with two grown men of lager capacity, and my son. You see, just as we put the transmission in drive I got a text. Wanna go fishing? Is all it said. I haven't talked to this guy in a couple years. I texted him a picture of my van with the boat in tow. He was excited, we met shortly after. As for the fishing, I was using an olive green Montauk special, as it was still on the rod I decided to use. Threw it longer than I should have, but we were talking more than fishing hard. Then I got a bite. Never got to see it, but a great fight was on. I'm guessing some type of catfish, but a fighter. I was using an ultralight setup, and afraid to snap the line. Drag was set medium, and the fish was peeling it. The rod was bent under the boat, and I was fearful of a break off. The net was offered, but I asked my son to wait. I didnt want to spook the fish. After a tense few moments, the line went slack. The hook was released. I had a good two feet of thick slime on my line. Not sure how, maybe the line was wrapped around the fish. Later while I was trying to clear a birds nest my son had in one of my bait casters, he had a ned rig tied on. I cast the line out, was pulling out the knots, and allowed a lot of line on the water. While reeling it in, fish on! It was a dink bass, but it was my first fish on my boat. I didnt realize it until.afer letting it go. But that makes twice I caught a fish with my son's pole/bait in front of him while he was using mine. LOL I'm petty, I know. He does also. 😀 no pictures today, but a good time was had by all. Good time fishing with an old buddy.
  47. 8 points

    Kim City - Mar 8th - underspin

    I have no scientific evidence, or near the experience on the lake as most others here due to living a few hours away. However, a few years ago we had our little clubs year end tournament on the lake in early April and my buddy that was fishing with we was tossing an underspin while I'd rigged a plain jighead. I was never a believer in the underspin, it never produced for me, I even poked fun at him for even tying the stupid thing on. Got to the lake with about 4 hours to prefish on Thursday and found them in the back of a pocket pushing shad. This was my buddies first time ever even seeing the lake, and he proceeded to put 20lbs in the boat, from the back of the boat, while I managed 1 3lb smallie. Same boat, same cast, same swimbait, only difference was the underspin vs. plain jighead. Picked up some underspins that night, found some other similar areas they were eating the underspin and a jerkbait, ran away with the tournament. I'm more a believer that a correctly presented bait is the right area is going to get bit more often than it's just a certain bait, but in that instance, the underspin was hands down the better option. I've not taken a butt kicking like that from the back of my own boat before or since.
  48. 8 points
    snagged in outlet 3

    Jet outboard maintance?

    There's an old eskimo and snow machine joke that mentions that.
  49. 8 points
    Mitch f

    Just funny stuff

    A young mobster named Artie wanted to make a name for himself in the Mafia. He was informed that he had to perform a “hit“ with his bare hands to pass the test for membership. He was very excited to get started and a young woman approached him to kill her husband. She told him she really didn’t have that much money to give him for the job. Since he needed to make a hit for his entry into the mob, he agreed to do it for $1. The lady gave him the house keys and he waited for the husband to come home. When the husband arrived, he immediately strangled him to death. Just then the maid walked in and screamed...he immediately strangled her too. The butler heard the commotion and ran down stairs, Artie strangled him too. The neighbors called the police and broke the front door down. They arrested Artie on the spot. The headlines in the next days paper read: Artie Chokes 3 for a dollar!
  50. 8 points

    Cast iron

    As promised for @Terrierman Rick and others that may be interested, Awhile back I piggybacked on a post by Rick about a lodge he had found. I posted an Erie skillet I had found and told him I would post when I got it restored. Finished it yesterday. Cleaned up real nice and seasoned up real good. Circa 1880 -1905. With a bit more research I may be able to narrow that down to more of a specific date. It is a rather cool piece and I even put it to work for breakfast this morning. It has been very well used but not abused. After the cleaning I was happy to see something cool on the bottom. Right above the D that is next to the 8 is another mark. A flower I call it. A pattern maker mark. There are several different marks out there It is either a pattern makers signature or something to do with quality control. There is some sulfur pitting on the bottom. Real common for something this old. Caused by high sulfur content in the gas or coal used to heat the skillet. While I was doing one skillet I did another at the same time. It is a Vollrath Circa 1950 -1960. Both of these skillets have a smooth slick cooking surface. So the Erie did some work this morning. As the Mrs. scrambled eggs in a #10 Wagner I reheated and crisped some potatoes. These potatoes are the bomb. Diced up with some onions, coated in goose fat some S&P then a serious dusting with some dehydrated chanterelles I had run through the coffee grinder. They were then roasted in a 450 degree oven. Good yesterday and leftovers this morning in the skillet!
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