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    I need to thank everyone here

    I hardly ever post anything, but Im on here a lot. My wife was diagnosed with early onset dementia 5 years ago. i haven't pickup a pole since then taking care of her is a full time job. now she's in a residential care facility getting close to the end. i buried my brother yesterday. all the post and pics helps me ease my mind for bit. So thank you from the bottom of my heart and keep those pics coming.
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    Bill Babler

    Sunday Fishing Report

    Fished the AIA as an alternate with good friend Don Gossett it was the kick off for Table Rock. After a 2.5 hour fog delay. We started to clear blue high pressure fishing. Surface temps started at 47 and by 4pm had reached 51 in the dam area Lots of the channel swing creek locations I had been fishing really muddied up but we managed 11.78 pounds. 2 of those came from clear water in the Kimberling area on a float-n-Fly. Both were 4 pounders. It was hard for lots of us, we only had 4 keepers and a total of only 6 fish. The other 4 were A-Rig fish. 86 boats in the derby and we came in 13th and got a decent little check. 20.44. Won it with second at 15.24. Out of the 86 boats 40 teams skunked so it was a very tough bite Most to all fish caught on a Rig, Swim Bait, Spoon or jig. However I have no idea how you could fish that jig as the moss and slime are terrible With the water warming this week and the lake color I expect to see some crank bait and spinner bait shallow as the water has risen over the moss line. Moss line is at 906 and the lake is now 916 with color so that should come into play pretty quick None of the fish however were spitting craws. All Shad so it makes you wonder. I’m hyped about fishing this week and will try and keep you up to date Good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    Rigged their rods and filled a couple boxes today. Watch out fish!
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    Well here goes. Fished out of Eagle the Rock Wednesday and Thursday and Big Creek today. Wednesday 8AM. ER launch temp 46. Fished on merky water up to Leatherwood. Threw a wart mostly. Not good. Also fished some swings and 45 degree banks. Tough. 3 total fish LM NO keeps. Fished 5 hrs. Usually this time if the year the river treats me better Thursday same launch, fished down stream, channel swings and last deep shelf in pockets, much better. Temps up to 52. LISTEN CLOSE, YOU NEED 48 RIGHT NOW. It’s not 48, Rethink what your doing. Fished to the Kings. 2’ to 4’ visibility. I cant get bit on anything Red like Bo or 99.9 others, they want green for me. On cranks, pull them and pick up the slack, if your reeling your moving to fast they want it super slow. 7 keeps 1 short all LM Today launched at Big Creek and fished to Shell Knob and then back to Baxter. Best bite I have had. 5 keeps on a Wart and 6 really nice keeps on a custom Tim Hughes MB 110 plus. Regardless where I’m fishing this has not been an early bite for me. It’s starting at 9:30, so if you don’t get bit quick hang in there. also when you find them stay with them. These fish are not everywhere and if you catch one he will have friends. Muddiest water is from Viney to Big Creek. Struggled in that stretch but did have a few back in the main creeks on the last deep water on the wart. Best bite was Big Creek to Baxter on the custom painted sticker. Thanks Tim. Durn it’s been a long time since they snarfed a sticker for me. Caught my first Ky’s of the season today, 4 of My keeps so they are starting to move up. Fish seem to be in the channel side going into the pockets , coves or creeks on the last shelf rock. Not so much on the points. Hope this gives all an idea where to start if you hVe not been out yet. Good luck tomorrow and can’t wait to see you all. Could not get half the pictures to load, sorry. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Season Start

    Tomorrow I will go down to the boat and start it up. I will also pull all the reels off the rods to make a line change. By Sunday morning, I will be ready to make a new season beginning. In the old days, I did these things in February. Not now, as I hate cold, wet weather. Next weekend I fish in the only tournament I fish each year, the OAF Big Bass Challenge. They let me compete because I bring good food. I am ok with that.
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    James 03-15-18

    Backing up just a bit, I fished the dam area Wed afternoon for 3 1/2 hours and it was a big, fat nogo. I don't have a secchi disk in the boat but I eyeballed the water clarity at 2-3'. Water temps were 47-49. I threw the Ned, mostly, a swim bait, and even chucked a rig for awhile until I hung it in the top of a cedar tree and broke it off rather than beach my boat on wind-blown shoreline rocks. Good riddance. So, Thursday I decided to just see and fish some new scenery so I headed to the James. I was quite surprised at the water color. I would guess visibility at a foot or less. Water temps were 50-52 for the day. I hit the water at the crack of 9:30 and fished until 5:30. Caught 24 total with a nice mix of Spots and LM with a few bonus keeper SM thrown in and one nice White Bass. 14 were keepers and most of those were just over 15" to 16" but late in the day, I did land two 17" and a skinny 18" LM. Fished a RkCrawler all day. I'm a DT-10 fan but I have to admit that the RkC digs much better and allows for a much slower retrieval which seems to be a good thing. Pictures are poor but I was concentrating on wind-blown banks and don't yet have the luxury of one of them fancy trollers that hold ya in place. I've suggested that I sell the wife's car to raise capital to invest in one but you can imagine how that went. My best day on the water since I got here Feb 27 and I know it was because I don't recall my back aching all day. The regular adrenaline rush of catching 'em does wonders for that. Threw in a sunset pic just because this lake has some of the best sunsets anywhere.
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    Babler took me around to all his good spots, at least he said they were all of them We caught a bunch of bass but no big ones. I think we had 3 keepers out of 20+ fish. Fished a wiggle wart, rock crawler, a ned and a grub. I'll let Bill give the proper, bass lingo names. I think I'll bring my trout rods, 2-pound line and white marabou jigs next time... show you guys how to catch those stinkin' bass
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    St. Patricks report

    Put in a Roark Bluff today got on the water about 8:30 fished till about 2pm. Ran down to sons Creek area started to fishing secondary points with 45 degree banks with rock about as big as a football to the size of your fist. Caught the first keeper about 20 minutes into the day ended up having 4 total Keepers with one right under 5 pounds. 7 bass all together. Six Largemouth in one small mouth. Warmest water we found was 48.7 degrees water still has good color with about 2ft of visibility. Ran down the big sac arm for a little bit did not have any bass but did catch one 18 inch walleye on a jerkbait. All the bass came on wiggle warts (green and brown Craw patterns). All the bass were scattered and in 10ft or less. She was the only female all day and the only time we had a double was when I caught her my partner caught a male that we feel was with her. Rest of the Bass where single males. Caught the last fish about 1:45. We felt after we left that if we had been on the water at dawn we would have caught more fish. I think we had some high pressure move in about 10-10:30 and the bite sent south quick on us. Good luck guys if winter would ever let go this year, when it does the fishing for all species are going to explode!
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    As I reported last week, I checked to make sure the motor and batteries would be up to my first fishing trip this Spring, the OA Big Bass Challenge. What I failed to check was the battery in my trolling motor remote. At my first spot, I couldn't deploy the motor. I went back to my slip, drove to the Holiday Island hardware store and bought two so I would have a spare next time. As a result, I really wasn't "on the water" until nearly 8:30. I tried a crankbait and a slow rolled twin spin. No joy. I finally found a bite in 9 to 15 feet of water using a pbj Ned. I landed 15 bass, a mix of spots and largemouth. Not a single one was a legal keeper. No trophy again this year. Others competing found a crankbait bite. The top four fished weighed 4/15, 3/6, 3/3, and 2/15. Jeff and Robert (Quillback and Muddywater) had the site set up and much good food was shared. Thanks guys! QB took pictures and will post a formal report with names and pictures.
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    March 8, Big M area

    Bankers hours today, launched around 0930 and fished until 4 PM. Threw the #5 Shad Rap for most of the day, fish are still biting it, but you do have to find them. I caught 20 bass today, 10 of them came off a 100 yard stretch of bank, and three others off a short stretch, the other 7 were scattered. 5 keepers. I did catch one Ned fish. They still seem to like the brown water, up on the bank, I slow roll the Shad Rap in front of the buck brush and usually the bites occur when I am ticking bottom. They are not slamming it, usually they just load up WT 49-50. Hardly any junk in the water now, only saw one floater out in the channel. Controlled burn going on today, really smoked up one stretch of lake. Smoke on the water!
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    Water is still dirty brown around Big M, not as many leaves in the water and not a lot of big stuff in the main channel, but keep an eye out when you are motoring as there are a few big pieces of wood out in the channel. I started off the morning throwing a Menace Grub on a 3/8 oz swing jig, caught my first fish on it, lost another one, then snagged up and broke it off. Both bites were right up on the bank, so I decided to switch to a #5 Shad Rap. I had noticed something Bo said in his report about the fish hitting his crank bait near the boat, so I thought it would be worth it to throw the minnow rather than bounce a crank off the bottom. Decent bite on the Shad Rap, very shallow fish, mostly dinks, but a lot of fun on the light spinning gear. Fish were in the muddy water, right on the bank. Caught a couple dozen with 4 keepers. Threw the Ned for a bit and caught one spotted bass on it. Had one hard puller that got off, I thought I had snagged a big limb, drug it towards the boat for maybe 2 seconds, just dead weight like a big limb, and then it started head shaking and pulling drag. Had it on for another 5 seconds or so and then it just pulled off. Didn't see what it was, I hate big mystery fish that get off. About 10 of my fish were smallmouth, all up very shallow. Fishing got slow around noon, I was out of there at 2 PM. A lot of boats out there today, I saw several bass caught by other fishermen. WT 48-50. A couple of pics, they didn't come out too well in the bright sun. This post has been promoted to an article
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    One for Lefty

    So most sites I read daily are now paying a tribute to Lefty Kreh. Like most of us fly fishers we have heard and read about him. I watched his fly casting videos to learn. I did not realize until the last couple of days how intertwined he, Flip Pallot and Jose Wejebe were. This morning I started looking at videos and step by steps for his Deceiver pattern. Many of these are based on his fly but I wanted to do "his fly" . I finally found the fly he came up with in the 60s and here is what I tied up, Did it while it was raining here in BilletHeadVille. My intentions were to fish it today. As the sky cleared the wind came up. Up enough I almost did not go.. Grabbed the 7wt. this fly and pulled on rubber boots and off I went to some ponds. The wind blew hard, did not know how hard until I got back to the house. First place has three different ponds. Hit the first one that is pretty small and narrow. Had one hit and that was it there. Looked at the second and it was murky and the largest of the three. Passed it and hit the kidney or L shaped pond. Wind gusting pretty well now whitecaps now lapping the downwind end. I knew with the wind blowing this would be the end to warm the quickest so this is where I went. At the bend it gets narrow and I could with the wind to my back I could get the fly out there "kind of". If I could get the back cast half way and get the line going forward with the wind it would sail out there. Today the graceful and pretty part of fly casting went out the door . A dozen or more of this mess and I finally missed two hits in one spot. Next cast and the first bass was landed. Not big but a fish on the new tied fly and the first Deceiver I have ever made, Then another bass from the same spot, More casts without a hit and then a move to another spot. This time I had to cross sideways to the wind direction. Oh my gosh I am a glutton for punishment. To get where I wanted the fly to land I had to quarter into the wind. By the time it hit the water I had a unbelievable bow in the line on the water, add the waves and you can only imagine. Missed three and finally hooked up with another, Had enough with this place and headed back to the truck. Took rod apart and headed back home BUT on the way I looked across the field towards the pond where on the last two trips back there had caught on the fly 42 bass and 10 bluegill. Turned into the field and parked. The farm field the pond is in the middle of had been disked yesterday. What rain we had was already dried on the field surface and I could see dust being kicked up. What the heck I thought as I rebuilt the rod and then trekked across the dusty field. Wind even worse I thought stupid is as stupid does as I got to the ponds edge. Wind to my back I stepped into the edge of the water in my knee boots until I felt the leak I have in them and took a step back.. Four more bass and some really bad casting I was done. A line of foam on the downward side of the pond bank where the waves hit the shore. I thought not too bad for the conditions and said a thank you to Lefty and his Deceiver. Then thanks for what he showed all of us in this sport. Todays mission accomplished Back to BilletHeadVille I went. Checked the weather page. Wind 26 mph with gusts reported 41 mph, BilletHead
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    KC outing

    Got out for a few hours for some spring break bass around Kimberling City. Was slower than I hoped. My last outing was 3/3 and I was surprised to see the temps down 2 degrees in the clean water. Saw from 44-48 in clear water, 48-50 with color. Color is on the dam side of the KC bridge though the creeks there were still clean. Mill was dirty front to back. Who knows with the forecasted rain. Caught a few, marked many more. Best below.
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    OA One Bass tournament recap

    Could not have asked for better weather for this time of the year. Cloudy morning, light wind, turned into a sunny afternoon with temps near 70 at the weigh in. I believe I heard some of the folks say water temps were in the 49-50 range, the water has cleared up considerably in the Eagle Rock area. Saw quite a few boats moving up and down the channel in front of Eagle Rock during the course of the day. Pretty decent fishing overall, heard numbers in the 10 to low 20's of bass caught per boat. Mid-depth crank baits, Rock Crawlers being mentioned the most, caught the most fish. Also heard of some being caught on spinner baits, ned rig, and a few on jigs. All fish being weighed in were subject to intense scrutiny. OK, to cut to the chase, the winner was Kbillb - Kbillb's son one the first OA One Bass back in 2015, so another trophy to place over the family fireplace. Very nice plaque made by Ducky Doty. It will have the winner name added to it and then sent to Kbillb. Here's the winning fish, 4-15 was the weight. I believe this fish held by Shark Bait was the runner-up, I was running back and forth between taking pics and flipping burgers, so I may have this wrong, but it was a fish in the 3.5 range. Had a great time, already looking forward to next year! Thanks to all who provided food and fellowship! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Well I had the pleasure of fishing with Hog Wally and Drew03cmc on Saturday. Drew was very willing to drive from Kansas City to fish here with the Meramec guru so it showed me his drive is at the level I like. This was planned well in advance and the river conditions were at first glance not ideal but, Hog Wally knows this corridor like nobody else I have ever been out with. He actually relishes higher water surgically going from One known ambush point to another that would normally be out of the water and part of the bank. These little nooks and crannies and "pockets" as Hog calls them are very little windows of opportunity that can be very tough to identify as well as hard to get a bait in. The bait is also only in that little pocket for a very small amount of time in this higher flow which can make it even more tough. I felt a little bad for Drew being new to this water in these conditions but, he did really good. The High pressure with winds out of the East as well as the water temp dropped about 4 or 5 degrees from where it was pushed the fish back a little bit but, they would eat, you just had to get right in front of them. We caught some fish but, we had to work. Hog pulls into a nice little "pocket" and cast into a window of about Two foot square and nails a nice 18.5 broom tail Meramec Smallie and then gets Drew up to the front of the boat and says put it right there hahahaha....sorry that can be tough. Drew got his Craw right in that little pocket and had a bite with no hook up. Then he gets it back in the pocket again and gets a bit again and sets the hook. I am screwing around with a re-tie and Aaron says get the darn net and sounds serious....I look at Andy's rod and it's bent very good☺ I fumble for the net and hand it to Aaron...I was excited as hell thinking Aaron just put Drew on an absolute HAWG. The anticipation was growing waiting on a visual on this fish thru the light chocolate milk colored water and then this GIGANTIC White Drum wallows up to the boat hahahaha. We had a great time and Drew is as motivated of a river fisherman as I am and that impressed me. Hog Wally never ceases to amaze me in how well he knows the Meramec corridor in any water level....but, that dude is king of water just a little up and off color where most don't even go fishing, he is nailing hawg after hawg. Meeting Andy was very nice and he is a very cool cat. This post has been promoted to an article
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    I had a great time. DBlades was very nice in letting me ride with him on his boat. He took me to some great spots, and helped me fish. We got fish at most of the locations we went to. I really couldn't tell you where they were if I wanted to. He told me which bait to use, and It performed for me. The weather was great, the food was better! Thanks to Quillback and Muddy Water for holding down the fort for us at the "pavilion". To bad it was just big bass, because DBlades caught a 250 pounder out of there. Maybe a few more pounds including the water logging. I managed to fall out of the boat (within the first 30 minutes), and he helped me back to safety. The water was cold. Very cold. Luckily I was camping nearby and did have a change of clothes. He drove me back to the dock, and made sure I was ok and we went back to it. I cant wait till next year, and I will have a change of clothes from now on. LOL. but very serious. OH, and yes I did have on my life jacket. No he did not push me. I was on the rear casting deck picking up a rod, next thing, I was grabbing for the boat. No rods were harmed in the making of this blunder.
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    Serious Note- OAF

    The man overboard incident I had during the OAF, I consider minor only because of the E-ladder. Without it, I might well have ended up in the water trying to retrieve my partner and I know you can hurt yourself getting in using the motor. I've had this ladder about three years but just installed it last week. Sometimes you get lucky, something to think about.
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    Gizzard shad and PB Largemouth

    I was fishing Tuesday at an STL County park lake an observed a dark spot out in the lake. I cast into it and hooked a Gizzard Shad about 8" in the dorsal fin so started to fish on the down wind side of the school of shad and caught three nice bass in the 14-18 inch range. I decided to fish the upwind side of the school and on the first cast hooked up with what I thought was a carp since I caught a glimpse of the belly flash and it was fat. Played it and when I got it close saw that it was a bass and backed off on the drag and landed her. By myself so took one picture next to my rod for scale, measured her from tip of my middle finger up my arm and tail touched my shoulder. Then I released her. Figured between rod picture and unofficial measurement of finger to shoulder believe she was about 25 inches long and probably 9-10 lbs. since she was so fat. Since then I have been working on some gizzard shad baits and this is what I have come up with so far. These are 1/8-3/16 with 2/0-3/0 jig hooks and measure 4-6 inches in length. Last picture is the jig I caught it on, about 3 inches long. Going to get out there tomorrow and look for shad. Find shad and you find bass.
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    Brian Sloss

    some smallmouth

    Since the higher water has receded to fishable levels, I have been getting some guide trips in. The water remains up a bit and there is a stain to the river. I have done a trout trip and a couple of smallmouth trips. The trout has been ok, but the smallmouth are loving the stained water. Here are some highlights.
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    Sunday Fun Day!

    Fished in and around Mutton Creek and ended up with two beautiful walleye a couple keeper Crappie and a half a dozen largemouth. Swim baits, jerk baits, spoons and jigs ....... Beautiful day on the water!
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    Indian Creek, March 21

    I'll start off with my big fish story. Threw the Ned up on a rocky bank, let it hit bottom in about 10 FOW. Lifted it and thought I was snagged, just dead stop and solid. Then a split second later I felt some movement, not a lot, but i was beginning to think I had a bass that had wrapped the line around something. Then the fish just started swimming, pulling drag and I was thinking, man I have a really big smallmouth, fish turned towards the boat, swam under the boat and kept on going, pulling drag - I then realized this wasn't any kind of black bass, but I was thinking possibly a striper. I've got this fish on 6 lb. line and a light spinning rod, and it has swam under the boat and out the other side, but it is staying deep. I had to get my rod on the other side of the boat, so I stuck the pole vertically into the water and got on the trolling motor and managed to flip the boat around and get on the deep side of the boat without getting tangled in anything like the trolling motor. Fish had stopped running at this point, but was staying deep and not letting me move it much. Now we went into a give and take thing, I'd gain some line, then the fish would get mad and swim back down. After about 5 minutes of this I get the fish close enough to see it's not a striper, but it's big and gold so I thought carp. Again the fish gets mad and swims back down, but it finally wore out and I slid it into the net. I believe it is a buffalo, somebody that knows please confirm. It bottomed out my 15 lb. Bogagrip scale, I am thinking about 17 lbs. or so. The bass fishing was pretty good today. I caught 30 bass, somewhere around 8-10 keepers. Most of the keepers were 15-16" smallies, with a couple of spots that were also in the 15-16" range. Smallies were on main lake/channel banks and points, spots were halfway back in one cove. Fished a couple of other coves that didn't have any, but the one cove was pretty good for them. PB&J Ned on the 1/8 oz head. WT 49-50. I caught a smalls on my first cast, then caught another one on my second cast. Just a good day to be out fishing. Heard some turkeys gobbling, it is starting to feel like spring out there. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Hog Wally

    Another Ned convert

    Another personal best on the hidef craw. This kid was a happy camper!
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    Bill Babler

    Rough Week in the Dam Area

    Was out everyday this week in the dam area, just doing what I usually do looking for clear water Probably a huge mistake. Fished mornings with the water usually starting at 47 degree and warming to 49 by a 1pm take out water is clear from point 9 to the dam and then colored up LC. Been starting on calm water with a floater then switching to Arig on wind. Bluffends and channel banks. Been catching 6 to 10 fish per Trip with most all being LM or Jaws. Seem to catch a K about every other day 8 out of 10 are solid keepers, not a lot of short fish like last year. Fish are somewhat congragated in very small areas and large stretches of the same kind of bank holds Zero Spoke to Pete Weeners and he was finding it the same. 1 eighty yard section of bank will hold fish and nothing else for miles. Going to fish some shallow colored water this week and see how that treats me. I like my size ratio right now, but just not enough bites View full article
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    Al Agnew

    Got into the act...

    I gotta say it's been a tough winter for me for fishing. Water too low and clear, weather too cold and frozen, something always seemed to come up that I had to do when the weather would moderate, then water too high and too much rain, and finally I had surgery that was supposed to be no big deal but took me out of action for two weeks. So yesterday morning I was looking at a weather forecast, and it looked like the next week was going to be rain and more rain, and yesterday was going to be partly cloudy and cool with a northwest wind, which isn't all that great, but it might be my only chance to go in the next week or two. I called Hog Wally to see what the water looked like on his part of the Meramec; I knew it was up more than a foot, but was it clear enough. He said it had about a foot or a bit more visibility, but with his characteristic optimism, he said it should be perfect. I'd hoped he could take off and go with me, but alas, he had to work. So I started to get the boat ready, and found my starter battery was dead. Well, I wasn't in any huge hurry to leave, since I figured the sun would warm the water up and it would be better fishing in the afternoon. So I let the battery charge for an hour, and then took off for the river. I ran up several miles from the access, headed to a certain winter hole. The thing about this hole is that it is short, though deep, and has a bit of everything a smallmouth would want, all in a small area. A nice riffle coming into it with a nice eddy and drop-off on the gravel bar side. A beautiful run against a mud bank with cover on the other side at the bottom of the riffle. A rocky bank with strong current. A rock point forming a big, deep eddy with logs and rocks. A steep clay bank with sunken logs and gentle current with plenty of depth. So, you can fish that one hole thoroughly without taking too much time, and usually find out where the fish are, and translate that to other places. Hog Wally, though, had told me where he'd found the fish a few days before...the rock point. I started in the deep eddy below it, and no action. But when I got up to the point, a cast across it with a crankbait got my first strike. Nice fish, nearly 18 inches: About two casts later with the crankbait, I got a heavy strike. It was obviously a big fish, but I quickly figured that it probably wasn't a bass. I was right: The darned drum had completely engulfed my crankbait, so far down its throat that I couldn't even reach it with my forceps. It took me forever to get the lure extricated. I got no more strikes on the point, so I moved up and fished the gravel drop-off. Nothing. Over to the deep run on the other side, nothing. I fished down the rocky bank with strong current, and in a small eddy I caught another 18 inch class smallie. I got it unhooked and started to photograph it, but it flopped and left the boat. You'll just have to take my word for it! I went back to the point and tried an HD Craw, but got nothing. Fished out the rest of the pool, nothing. Headed to another wintering pool. One thing I'd learned about this stretch of the river is that some of the fish stay in the wintering pools all year, and both the first one and this second one had spots where we had found the fish staged pre-spawn. The point in the first pool was one of those spots. So I had hopes for the staging area of the second pool. I fished some other parts of the pool first, with no action, and then reached the staging area. Bingo. I caught three smallies, but none very big, maybe 13 inches. So I started the motor and headed to another wintering pool with all the good stuff in it. I stopped to try one other spot, which wasn't a good wintering pool but usually produced fish in the spring. Nothing. So on down to the wintering pool. This pool has a great rocky bank, with one section of it being the staging area. But I started at the top of the pool. Fished the faster water with no action. On the other side was a gravel drop-off into deep water, with a backwater alongside it. I'd fished it with Hog Wally during the winter with only a few mediocre fish to show for it, but I was just sure it would eventually produce something. As I started across to try it, I noted a school of minnows scattering across the surface, right on the point. I slipped into the backwater to make a cast across the point with the crankbait. It came right through the spot where I'd seen those minnows scatter, and they scattered again...at the same time that I got a hard strike. This one was bigger, I could tell. Those first two nice smallies had obviously been males, but this one was fat 19 inch female: It was the only fish there. I fished the staging area, and caught only a couple small spotted bass. By this time it was getting well up into the afternoon, and I had one more pool that had everything, even a small tributary coming into it, that I wanted to fish. The area at the mouth of the trib was a flat, 3-6 feet deep, with a couple scattered logs lying around. Fish were there, but I only caught two largemouth and three 10-12 inch smallies. I went down into the main part of the pool, but could catch nothing but small spotted bass. The sun was going down, so I started the motor and headed back to the truck. It had been a pretty darned nice day!
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    Hog Wally


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    Quill where are the pictures?? I don't think there could have been a more perfect day - wide awake at 4 a.m. ready to get on the water....finally splashed at a little after 5...yep it was dark!! Cruised over to the park...there were a couple of boats launching...but near the water there was 'ole muddy waters sitting in the dark under his tent getting stuff ready. Quill showed up shortly after and so did a few others (BTW Cheese was a brave one in shorts!) After a bit of light banter (and no coffee.....) on the water we went. I had read all of the recent posts from Bill and Quill.....so I was loaded up and ready...caught just shy of 20 with my two biggest being a 2.1 and a 2.5 then it was a pounderville for every one after that. The bigger ones on the Rock Crawler....it had to be hitting stuff on the bottom....yep a reaction bite right off the main lake just in the cuts and coves - the little ones on the Ned....as Bill said there had to be trees on that side and to stay as they were stacked up when you found them. A little after 2:30 Loaded up and went to the weigh in - Quill and Muddy had most things ready to go! BTW thanks to all of the wives out there as it seemed they did most of the cooking and or buying of said potluck items.....with one exception...Phil was cooking Salmon....YUM!! Anyway back to the actual weigh in....there were say 15-20 of us when Phil broke out the Brecknell 81696500593 Hand Held Digital Balance Scale to many OOO's and Awe's from the group - this has now become the official scale of the OA Tourney. The anglers started coming over to the spot where Phil was standing...you could see the anticipation in their step and hope in their eyes as each dipped into their respective bags to haul out their own swamp donkey's knowing that they would be taking home the coveted wooden plaque....each fish was held high...kinda...to the joy of all standing around the official scale guy - BTW we came to the conclusion that we cannot eye ball the weight of a fish to save our souls! After we figured out how to actually hang the Bass on the scale each one's weight was called out...you could see the joy in the fisher persons eyes if theirs was the biggest so far and the feigned smile of the ones that were just kicked out of the lead. In the end the Kansas guy won the big bass at 4.15....congrats's! Then we ate excessively and went home The end C4F
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    But it really sucked for me. Friday marked the first year anniversary of finding the tumor, it was day my grandson was born. 2 weeks from Tuesday will be the first anniversary of being cancer free, the day the tumor was removed. Its been a long year, the surgery and recovery. 37 days of radiation, and the 4 months recovering from it. The lymphadema and treatments for it. 2 false alarms, and biopsies to go with them. A nite at Barnes back in January when the lymphadema developed an infection. The choking, dry mouth, stiff neck, ringing in my ears, and all of the aches and pains from damage due to radiation and surgeries. Needless to say, I did not get much done in the last 12 months. I did some fishing, mostly from a boat. I did one easy float trip in the kayak last fall. Very little wade fishing. I did not do much hunting, just a few days rifle season for deer, no ducks or small game. The yard, garden, house, and all other outside work did not get done by me. I returned to work at the end of September and have worked since. My wife had a stroke back in January a week after a minor surgery. She came home with a walker and not able to raise her left arm. With therapy and prayers, she has regained the use of her arm and leg for the most part and has returned to work also. She was not allowed her full recovery time due to the 5 weeks she was off with my radiation, they counted those weeks because it was still in a calendar year. But, I am in better shape than most that have went thru what I had. And have a body back to the size I was in my late 20's, lean and mean. Had to buy some new clothes. My stamina has returned and I am almost back to normal. Just in time for this little guy's birthday. And I have 2 more coming in April, both the daughter and step daughter are due around the same time. Lots to live for and look forward to. 3 grandsons and a granddaughter to train in the ways of the outdoors.
  29. 11 points

    Sunday Fishing Report

    Spinnerbait bite is already on. Caught five on it Sunday mid-day from steep pockets with stained water. Upper White. Water temp 49-51. One solid 3.5, others all 2-plus. Donna kicked in a solid 2.5 on a jig for a best-five total of 12-13 lbs. Good bite is coming.
  30. 11 points

    OMG - Osage Missed Giant !

    You don't see too many posts on OAF about a missed opportunity, but I had an experience that was both exhilarating as much as it was disappointing. With my 2017/2018 fishing season coming to an end, I had planned a trip with a friend to fish a creek feeding into the Osage that gets a decent run of redhorse suckers in the spring. The Missouri pole and line record river redhorse was caught in this creek back in 2016!. We made these plans a couple of weeks ago. I was concerned about the rain earlier in the week, but thought that the additional water might get those fish thinking about running upstream to spawn. The creek was coming down each time that I checked the gage height. I did not pay attention to the rain that came in on Thursday, which pushed the creek up again. As we were driving to the access, there were several indicators that we may be in for a challenging day. The first was the running water in the dry creeks along the road, then going over a creek that was running high and muddy when it was often no more than a low clear running creek, standing water in the lowland fields, then we came to a low water bridge over a dry creek that had water running over the road way. My buddy had no issue running through the water. We came upon standing water in the road. Again no issue driving onward. The next creek low water crossing was covered by rushing water. Now we did not go any further, but turned around and went the long way to the creek. Along the way past several flooding fields along normally low running creeks. This was what we encountered when we got to the confluence with the creek and the Osage, high, muddy and full of debris. The river was running less muddy than the creek so we fished the seams between the two waters. We fished worms using 1 oz weights. Throughout the day we really only had 6 or 7 "real strikes" from fish. We couldn't get a hook set. On one of those strikes on my rod in the river I got into a yellow fishing line. I pulled in a much as I could about 30 to 35 feet of line. It was still hung and it broke off. About an hour and a half later, I get a strike and set the hook and it feels like I have a fish, but still a weird pull. As I am reeling it in In notice that I am hung on the same yellow line. That could explain the feeling of having a fish. As I am reeling it up, I feel a surge on the line. So I am tangled with the yellow line that has a fish on the end! I begin reeling it in and the head of the fish broke the surface. The head was about 7 to 8 inches wide and there were distinctive bone plates running down the back and sides of this fish, a STURGEON! This fish was close to four feet in length! it begins pulling drag. The fish broke the surface a couple of more times and my line frays against the yellow line and it's gone. I was heartbroken. I'm not really sure how I would have landed this fish. He must have spooled the previous fisherman. Although I missed on landing a bucket list fish, I have a fishing encounter that I will never forget!
  31. 10 points

    Fishing with mr.price

    Mill creek yesterday jerk baits
  32. 10 points

    Battery question

    Well it IS time for a fresh battery, but something you need to know about chargers is that they bring a battery up to 15v as quickly as they can without over-boiling it, then they shut down until the battery voltage falls back to about 12.6, then they kick back on and once again bring it up to 15v. This goes on over and over again until the time it takes for the battery voltage to drop increases by a predetermined amount. Some chargers have a MANUAL option that over-rides this function but that is not advisable except in emergency situations, because without the cooling down cycle the battery can actually boil the electrolyte down to a level that exposes the plates. Simply charging until the light goes green ONCE is not charging the battery but about half way. A battery that is fully charged, in good condition, and has set for 12+ hours without being hooked to a charger will test at 12.70 or more. Here's a guide that shows percentage of charge that you can test with a simple voltmeter. To test the full condition of a battery just apply a decent load (turn something on that has a substantial current draw, for 10 seconds) and see how far the voltage falls. If it falls below 20% then returns to less than 0.5 volts of your beginning voltage when the load is removed then the battery is failing. When the light is green on a charger that doesn't indicate that the battery is fully charged, it simply means that the battery will not accept any more charge AT THAT TIME.
  33. 10 points
    Hog Wally


    I had a hour to kill before supper so I dunked the river pro in and my daughter and myself went a ways up and or down the river. 47 degree water and perfect color. 4' visibility. I literally caught fish at every likely spot. 4 over 17" including this beauty.
  34. 10 points
    Been a couple weeks since I’ve been on Beaver. I installed my new rod holders one week and last week took my Dad to the little lake to go fish. Been hearing the bite has really turned insane since the flood. Boy they weren’t joking. You could probably put a plain hook in the water and catch crappie right now.... Dinks are thick A coworker and I went yesterday and smoked them😂. I only wanted to keep a one man limit. Kept 16 WT 51, rigging minnows. We caught fish everywhere 15 feet or less. Go get em.... Minus it white capping in the minnow bucket it was awesome out. Pics below... God Bless
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    IL Fisherman

    New fishin stick

    My son Aaron built me a new fishin pole for Christmas/Birthday. 7’6” glass rod for cranking. Coming down the 21st. Gonna test her out with some Wart and Crawler action.
  36. 10 points

    What a day!

    Ever have one of those days you were there at the right time and the right bait? Today was one of those days for me, one I won’t soon forget. They were all over the Tackle HD craw today, after catching another 18 incher I noticed the craw in its gullet was much like the Craw I was using, by luck had matched the hatch! Been awhile since I’d been out after the smallies, guess made up for some lost time! Water temp was 55 and they were caught in different places from current to holes! My best 5 averaged 17 inches, for me that will be hard day to top! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Ya, it was a great time. Fishing was good, I had 5 keepers with the 3.6 being my biggest. Already looking forward to next year.
  38. 10 points

    Back at the pond for more fun

    Took a walk back to the pond i fished last week. Needed a fix. Crap on my mind and I needed some relief and to forget temporally. A bit windy casting but manageable between gusts. Thinking it would be another bass day I put on a three inch streamer. Smaller than the one I used last week. Two or three casts later my first bass followed by a couple more. Next cast another fish but not a bass but big bluegill. He engulfed the three inches, Then another gill, Thought if this is going to happen I would rather catch these instead of another stinkin bass . The fly reel is four inches across for scale. Pretty nice bluegills thought. I sat inn the grass and tied on a smaller fly. A one inch dragonfly nymph. Early in the season I catch some pretty nice fish on the little fly. Bass included. From that one place I began to do real well then moved thirty feet to where i had the gusty wind to my back. If I got a decent back cast I could shoot line a bit higher than a normal cast and get some distance with the wind helping. Totals were 20 bass and ten bluegill and in the ten bluegill not a dink in the bunch. The two flies used, BilletHead
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    Windy day on the Norfork

    Made a trip to Ackerman access early this morning hoping to beat the predicted wind. I had planned to fish the area downstream from the access but that plan quickly changed as the water was too high from backflow of the White river, which has been running water bigtime 24/7 for last few days. I had to walk up above the first island to get away from the high water. Fishing was pretty good with 4 cutthroats, 2 browns and about a dozen rainbows. Fished an egg pattern with a ruby midge dropper. Wind really started to crank around 10:00 so I called it a day shortly thereafter. Here's a pic of a pretty cutthroat...
  40. 10 points

    New Zealand 2018

    Hey Guys & Gals, I just returned from another amazing trip to New Zealand. Here are a few photos from my adventure. I hope you enjoy! All Images © Randy Hanner and www.sovereignpiscator.com, 2018. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.
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    Hog Wally

    First cast

    Less than 2 foot deep. Visibility 1 or 2".
  42. 10 points

    Going Native in Maryland

    I have been reviewing opportunities for possibly catching some native brook trout in Maryland. I have been skunked the last three outings, one in Maryland and two in Missouri. I settled on trying to fish Poplar Lick Run in Garrett CO. This creek feeds into the Savage river. The Savage and it's tributaries are known for having wild and Native brook trout. The one problem is that I would have to cross almost the entire state of Maryland to get there a trip over 4 to 4 1/2 hour trip. With my past luck I was a bit concerned. Also the temperatures in the mountains was going to be in the low twenties. Didn't know if I would have enough warm clothes with me. Decided to give it a shot. Left the hotel at 5:15 am. I checked out New Germany state park, which is the source of Poplar Lick. I was surprised about two things, the snow on the ground as well as a pay phone booth! The stream was a bit smaller than I had anticipated. I decided to head down towards its confluence with the Savage river. As I was heading to that creek, I was running the length of the Big Run creek. It looked to hold some promise if I could fins some pockets or pools with a little water depth that could hold a few trout. It was 22 deg at my first stop. This stream has a fairly high gradient and is surrounded by rhododendrons. This will be a recurring theme through out the day. I now remember why I hate them ! The first spot that I tried did not have great water depth. Fortunately there were some plunge pools below the culverts where the creek crossed the road. The third cast into this pool with a 1/64 oz olive marabou jig with a black head got bit. This was my first native brook trout and the first fish that I have caught for my 201/2019 season. It came unbuttoned as I was trying to net the fish. So as BilletHead always says - if there is no photo it doesn't count ! So now I needed to catch another one to get a photo. I didn't try to catch another fish in Big Run creek and headed to Poplar Lick. Poplar Lick was a little smaller stream in sections than Big Run. I weaved my way through more rhododendrons, hemlocks, and other brush all day. I tried to be as stealthy as possible due to the small stream and how spooky brook trout can be. Kept looking for deeper pockets and a little slower water to be able to fish my baits effectively. I fished for several hours. I missed a few fish on my way upstream. I only had one that seemed to be partially hooked on a 1/32 oz olive and orange Zig Jig, but I think that it was only holding the tail of the jig. I fished a pistol pete in that same hole a couple of hours later as I headed down stream. Unfortunately I had a fish follow the bait through the entire hole and down in the fast riffles where It lost interest. I did not catch any fish in Poplar Lick run. I tried to microfish a tributary of the Savage River. I saw several darters and minnows and was sure that most if not all would be new species for me. I fished them for about 45 minutes and did not get a hook up. I was getting worried that I would not have photo verified catch for the day . I tried a few baits in the Savage river itself and lost a countdown, nearly broke my hand and ankle while traversing logjams, etc. It was getting to be a really tough and discouraging day. I went back to Big Run creek and made a couple of casts in a larger plunge pool near the confluence with the Savage. I got bit on what would be my last cast. This time I landed and released this native brook trout. Not as well colored as the first one, but I got the photo. Take that BH !
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    2/28 Bass Fishing

    Fished all day and ended up with 8 fish, 4 of which were keepers. Also had one white. Launched around 8 out of Mutton Creek, water was pretty dirty. Fished for a couple of hours on the main lake around Mutton without a nibble. Decided to go North to get out of the mud. All of my fish were caught in the back of Hawker. Chunk rock banks 15-18 feet and all came on the A-rig. Water temp was 43-44. Could not get bit on ned, jerkbait, or jig. For most of the day it was dead calm with just a slight breeze, then later in the day the wind picked up a bit. Did not seem to help the bite though. Was a beautiful day out and got to set the hook a few times, so it was a success. The water starts to clear up about halfway between Mutton and the bridge. The really muddy water in the main channel is a bit warmer than off in the creeks. It was 48-49 and then would drop to 43-44 once you pulled off into a cove. The first pic is at the Mutton Creek ramp. The other pic is at the mouth of Hawker. These are the 4 keepers. Nothing special, just 15-16". And the white Banks like this were the only places I could get bit. The real chunky rock on a steep bank. This post has been promoted to an article
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    How I Spent My Ice Storm

    I started making jigs this winter. Here are some of my newest patterns.
  45. 10 points
    Skeeter ZX190

    2/26 fishing report

  46. 9 points

    Opening Day Snagging Report

    We boated nine fish between 12am-5am and then two more later that afternoon. Two of them had tags. Our numbers should have been more, but we had a terrible time with rolling fish and not burying the hooks in to them. Everything we caught was up around the Walnut Springs area. The 72 pounder was caught while three of us were fishing a big tree for crappie. One of the guys decided to make a few cast with the snagging rod and ended up hitting it. I've got it all on GoPro, which I am working on editing right now. I'll try to remember to post the video on here as well once I have it done and uploaded to YouTube.nThe difference in the number of fish I graphed before daylight and after we got back out there that afternoon was staggering. Boat traffic and daylight really scatter those fish in a hurry. We also did some crappie fishing Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. The only way we could get bit was fishing big wads of brush and trees in water 20-25' deep. The fish were about 10' down. Wednesday produced 8 keepers and Thursday produced 9 for us with plenty of shorts. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Scott, Saturday was amazing. It's nice to meet more and more people you can connect with about river fishing the way we all did. Aaron is the definite king of that waterway and it simply amazed me how he would explain spots that seemed completely innocuous to the bystander. I've learned a lot and will continue to do so. That drum was one big surprise that I did not expect. My hoodie smelled of drum slime the whole way back to KC. I can't wait to get back out there and experience that river at it's best and float some new water soon. Thanks fellas!
  48. 9 points


    Aarchdale and i put in at Masters at 6:45. Overcast with lite wind. We tried the point to the left with nothing. Moved across the lake and i picked up 2 keepers on a jerkbait. 3 hours went by before Andy caught 2 keeps a few minutes apart. Another 30 minutes and we rounded a point and i caught 2 more keeps pretty quick. About 75 yards down we lit them up. I caught 4 keepers on 4 casts. That turned into a double minutes later for us. Off the water at 12:30. Ned, SB, crank, jig. All fish came on the JB. We ended up with 19 fish total with 16 keepers. Far better than i had expected.
  49. 9 points

    3/2 at Turnback

    Put in at 2 pm on Friday around the Turnback area. Brought home a couple of crappie and four whites. Water temperature was 54 F. Spent the entire time pulling cranks. Pitching jigs on a kayak in the wind can be a bit difficult! Also caught four good largemouth ( three of legal size) and a big drum. Was pretty excited to catch my personal best crappie on Stockton...it was 14.5 inches long. Looking forward to things heating up this spring! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Table Rock Lake Guides

    I don't know about Champ, but if you could book Donna G, that would be a lifetime opportunity.

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