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    Open Carry

    As a law abiding citizen, I can't tell you how much safer I feel knowing that certain older white middle class males are protecting me from harm as I go about my business in suburbia. They are heroes in my book. In fact, I think they should exercise their constitutional rights and use their conceal and carry permits and go to Wellston and Pine Lawn and Moline Acres and West Florissant and North St. Louis and keep the public safe. I'm quite sure they are tough enough. Imagine how much safer North St. Louis would be with our constitutional defenders walking around in their Wranglers and Reeboks with a holstered weapon at their side. Women would weep, children could play in the street, men would nod with respect. Neighborhoods revitalized. Gun toting white douche bags bringing peace to the black and violent north side. Yeah right. See you at Starbucks Deputy Dawg. Keep an eye out for suspicious yoga type women with large hand bags.
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    The season has begun.

    One of the finest days of king fishing I have ever seen today on the Naknek. We landed 10 kings in the 25-30 pound range and an uncountable number of smaller ones. The really big boys are due to show up next week. Having lots of fun out there right now.
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    Figured I would go ahead and make a post, this is my first post but I have lurked around for a while now reading reports and all the information provided by y'all. I have learned a lot from the information you guys all share and would like to contribute my self! I just wish today I had something in the form of good news. I mostly bass fish and have been doing so for as long as I could cast a rod but have finally gotten into my own boat within the last year. Anyways, I went out this evening from 6 til around 9 or so and fished mostly shallow in the flooded brush in hopes something would be lurking up there. Only managed one spot about 13 inches on topwater and then chased some schooling whites that busted the top for about a minute with nothing to show. There was little to no fish breaking the surface but there was tons of bait on the surface. I was around the Islands near 12 bridge. I frequent the islands since I have access to a dock and live in Coose Hollow. As I got back to the dock around dark there was just tons of bait on the surface. But couldnt find feeding fish to save my life. I know this may be old news and isnt much of a report but I have been wanting to become active in the community for a while! Gonna try for a bit early tomorrow and see what happens. Hopefully I will have better fishing to report soon! Oh, if you see an old red ranger 492 with a yamaha and guy that looks like he isnt catching much, feel free to say hi! Lol. -Ryan
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    Open Carry

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    Mini Vacation

    Yep, it's a shame that info doesn't flow as freely as it once did. Killing bass has a way of plugging that pipeline.
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    Open Carry

    I find it interesting the number of people that feel the legally armed citizen was in the wrong and feel that they presented a greater threat than three violent felons. I am further intrigued by the number of people that would put their life in the hands of a criminal, trusting that they will simply rob and move on.
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    I've been really thinking about digging my old fly rod out, and trying it on Taney some day. I have never really been a "fly fisherman" but more a fisherman that uses a fly rod sometimes. Mostly on small streams, and ponds to catch bluegill, goggle eye, and small bass. My two concerns on busting it out of it's long time storage to use on Taney is 1. The laughter I will have to endure from you guys about my $20 discount store Martin equipment. 2. I'll like it so much I'll have to go spend ten times that much on a new good one!
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    Open Carry

    For those that are placing blame on the armed citizen can you please explain why you excuse the actions of the criminals involved that resulted in this situation? A good guy with a gun draws on three violent felons that are hauling off firearms and cash and the guy that draws is somehow in the wrong does not compute with me. The unfortunate thing in all of this is that the minors involved will likely get a slap on the wrist and continue on to commit more violent acts in the future. I hope they will all be tried as adults and sentenced as such. That would be the best outcome to this.
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    Really bad incident on the Ramp today

    1st 10 years I had my boat it was kept at a cabin in the U.P. of Michigan. For 3 weeks a year I would launch it maybe 3x a day in small lakes with gravel ramps. Never a soul around except the critters. 10 years right? I thought I was very adept at all things ramp wise. Well the first public ramp with people coming in & out, waiting in line, kids now in the car blocking my rear view, hands sweating, boat wakes pushing boat around. I was THAT GUY! Any way I have developed great patience for peoples ramp woes unless an obvious "don't give a s***t" attitude. Always offer help, not always taken. Life is short...Peace.
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    Big Trout Caught

    How many crappie or walleye tournaments do you see on Table Rock? How many crappie, walleye, bluegill or catfish tournaments do you see aired on ESPN? There are so many people after Bass on Table Rock more so than any other fish that it inherently lends itself to having a bigger impact on fish populations/health. Aside from RPS and a handful of others there are not many true Wally hunters on TR. Crappie is also more of a seasonal deal where guys are after them in the early spring for the most part and then not so much the rest of the year. Bass are bombarded year round for the most part.
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    Cape Fair Marina

    Surprised someone wasn't plowing through it with a wake boat.
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    caught on original minnow color rapala on consecutive casts, heard a bigger one feeding under a large flooded root ball. had action from small spotted bass and could see larger ones in the school but they were finicky in the clear water, the river was backed up just enough into the creek to make it good fishing, was only their 3 hours prolly caught 6 spots a 12 inch small mouth and 2 sunfish plus those decent ones that went right back into the water after these pics . hot day cool water shade and good fishing caught on july 10 i think
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    fishing report

    Limited out on crappie Today 12 feet of water in short coves on minnows, and jigs
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    Viney Creek

    Put in at 6 this am. Started with squarebill and spinerbait. No go so went to bushes (willows) with nutech and grub trailer. Finally good decision! Fish are in the bushes here. Didn't get out to main lake. Off at 10:30. Ended with 16 bites and 12 landed. 3 keeper size and one of those "one that got away" fish. Water 85,visibility 3-5 ft. Fishing in 10-15 ft, submerged willows. Fish hitting bait in upper part of bush. Nothing after jig settles to base.
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    If you haven't had a good laugh today... https://youtu.be/yRu2GHZxwlg
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    Open Carry

    Sorry if this is off topic, but I just had to share this somewhere and this seemed as good as anyplace. I always considered myself a Mary Ann guy -- Ginger just never did it for me. So, last night I'm watching Gilligan's Island on TV Land and somehow Mary Ann gets hypnotized and thinks she's Ginger -- she even starts wearing Ginger's clothes. Now I'm gonna have to rethink things! There's a third, even better choice! Oh, and then the Professor tries to hypnotize her back to Mary Ann, and Gilligan's watching and guess what?? He ends up thinking he's Mary Ann! Oh man, my gut still hurts from all the laughing. They sure don't make 'em like that anymore!
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    Open Carry

    Welcome back Andrew.
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    Open Carry

    Good luck! This thread is pointless anyways.
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    Open Carry

    You are both well beyond crazy.
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    Open Carry

    I love shotguns, rifles, and sporting pistols/revolvers....but I hate hand sized short barreled guns and assault rifles that are strictly designed for shooting people with. They could all be melted down for scrap as far as I'm concerned. Nothing but trouble.
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    As Jerry said, none in Arcadia Valley. I haven't seen them anywhere around here, which is fine with me. I did, however, take a macro shot of one along the Eleven Point River that some might like to see.
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    There was what appeared like a dead Canada goose floating under the trees along the bank... it was more of a question asked out loud. I thought it would fit - random. Kinda like "Squirrel!!"
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    Open Carry

    I am all for banning handguns to get rid of them, worked for drugs. We should also ban murder, rape and robbery while we are at it, sure would make things more safe.
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    Open Carry

    ? Surely you aren't arguing that we don't have waaaaaaay more gun deaths than we should?
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    Mono has too much stretch IMO, i feel i miss a lot of bites. I like to use a braided line, with a very soft fiberglass 9ft rod, switching to this set up has caught me more fish than previously. Power pro depth hunter works best for me. Metered every 25 feet with black and white tick marks every 5. Great braid for longline trolling. Pick up a fish with x lure and y colors out, then you know exactly how deep they are, very easy to replicate and you dont need identical line counter reels. I also like leadcore line, but can usually get my baits deep enough with metered braid.
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    Common Sense ....

    There are two really good reasons not to head out into a fog on a body of water where motorboats are used. 1. You can't see. 2. You can't be seen. So both you and the guy that almost hit you are equally at fault.
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    Thanks guys! I went out for about an hour close to noon (yes I'm crazy) and fished some docks and managed to pick up 3, a 15 inch spot and two shorter largemouth. But with this heat I'll be off the water for a few days at least. Thanks for the warm welcome!
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    Aldrich Cats

    Went out Monday morning, trolling in some areas that I usually do, not far from Mill Bluff. It was windy, which turned out working to our advantage. We got the whites pinned in a cove, where the wind had them caught. They were feeding, so we swapped to some cranks and started trolling… and we stopped when both live wells were filled! Took a couple of hours. Had a fish fry last night - good stuff.
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    Bill Babler

    A couple of Big M launch pics

    Back Ramp at Viney is very steep and extremely dangerous. Parking is limited. Best not use it
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    Custom painting lures

    just finished this 7" floating minnow, semi-transparent ,color changing Owner hooks and split rings
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    A tisket a tasket

    The little f-ers always tunnel out.
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    Open Carry

    There are plenty of misguided people that want to prevent legal firearm ownership and other that are just as bad that want to regulate it to the point of firearms being museums pieces. Pretending otherwise is naïve. Perhaps you should re read the 2nd Amendment, specifically it contains the language 'shall not be infringed'. It does not state you can own them, but they must be locked up. It may surprise you that people can own firearms, carry concealed, and do so safely and effectively. Thousands of people do it everyday and the streets are not running red with blood, there are not shoot outs on every street corner, and more than one crime is prevented by the mere presence of a firearm in the hands of a potential victim.
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    First post and a bit of a report

    Howdy! Still pretty new myself. Lots of info here. Good to see another poster. a "no fish" report is better than "no report" Welcome.
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    Really bad incident on the Ramp today

    A few years back I was fishing a small county lake near here and a due pulled up in a big diesel truck pulling a massive pontoon boat. I made it a point to stick around because I thought there was no way he'd pull it off, especially because it's a short, narrow ramp and you've got to come in at a slight angle. He cranked that thing in the slot, slid it down the ramp -- with maybe a couple feet of clearance on each side -- first try. Man, that was a thing of beauty. I wanted to applaud.
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    I'd say you had better keep her or there will be a lot of us standing in line waiting to catch her.. :-) ..
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    That's just nuts. Wow.
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    Big Trout Caught

    Yes, I think any sportsman would like to see trophy fish of any species released, if possible. And we have pretty much beaten the hide off the carcass of the catch-and-release horse.
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    First Trip to Beaver Lake

    It's also sucking at record levels this year also.
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    Drug Busts On CA

    Oh crap, now the pedophiles are out in the public areas too. I am sure blessed I have some private land......
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    That's funny. I never would expect that edit from you.
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    Open Carry

    Contrary to popular opinion, nobody wants to prevent gun ownership. Also, to the person who stated they are exercising their 2nd amendment right by carrying or having the option to, reread the amendment please. Concealed or open carry isn't mentioned, neither is the right to access any weapon you please. You can own firearms all you wish, but please do so responsibly.
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    Thanks for the report. I think the rise this big just scatters them everywhere. So much more lake for them to hide in. Just put the trolling motor down on high and is what it sounds like.
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    Really bad incident on the Ramp today

    I specialize in not being helpful.
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    I think that we are entering the final days / years, personally. Think about how far advanced the Roman Empire seemed (Indoor plumbing as an example) until they became relaxed, full of themselves, praised athletes more than teachers / priests, became "tolerant" of an "anything goes so long as you are happy" society. To me, true tolerance is when I say "I disagree with you, and I don't support your choice to (whatever). I do still love you, but if you want to be in my house, respect my opinions and rules." What has me worried about our future is, no matter how loving and respectfully I say that, more times than not I am told that I am not being tolerant and that I am trying to judge. Tolerance is becoming code for "let me keep do what I want and don't say anything - even if it steps on your rights a little bit". I just don't but it.
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    Really bad incident on the Ramp today

    There's a fine line between tolerance for differences and tolerance for what is downright wrong and detrimental to society. We have definitely crossed that line a while back and all the kum-ba-yah in the world isn't going to bring us back.
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    20lb Brown Caught on Norfork

    Agreed. Especially when a replica mount looks as good or better than a skin mount anyway. I don't mind people keeping stocker trout, 15 inch bass or any other "keepers" really, but I hate seeing a true Trophy taken out of a fishery.
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    Nailed it. Parents, youth sports organizations, even schools go out of the way to make them all feel special, without any actual accomplishments. Lot of folks need to quit worrying about boosting self esteem, and work more on raising good citizens. We have generations of it in place now. There are a lot of us still trying to do it the right way. It's amazing how much grief and negative reaction you get from the "free rangers" when you hold your kids to high expectations, and apply some even handed discipline.
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    ozark trout fisher

    Whiskey Joe's Favorite

    Sounds like you must have been way down low, given the carp and jets. I don't fish below Union ever, as that seems to be the lower limit of the decent smallie fishing. Where I fish you won't encounter either of those two pestilences at least in any appreciable numbers.....though who knows, the asian carp may show up there eventually (I hope not!) The area from Noser Mill down to the 50 bridge in Union is what I consider the middle river and the stretch I fish almost exclusively. There is some nice, secluded water in there, but access is spread out and that's the challenge. Also lots of tiny spotted bass for every smallie or bucketmouth. It's not for everyone. The upper river around Tea/Mill Rock/Wenkel Ford is also nice for early season floating/wade fishing too.
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