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    To our OAF men in blue

    We have several members here who serve in various roles of law enforcement. God bless you guys and stay safe out there in these troubled times. Most of all, know that you have our prayers and utmost appreciation for what you do.
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    Shot my personal best deer.

    While not a MO deer I do hang out here on the forum so thought I would share my personal best deer. I shot this one in Nebraska. After seeing this guy Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and not being able to get a shot; he finally gave me an opportunity Wednesday. My personal best by far!
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    Big Girls

    Caught em good today! Covering lots of water and chasing the wind. Cranks and blades in 6-10 ft. Nice to see some quality come out of the Rock again. Haven’t been posting, but this day was worth sharing. 18# with those three, 23 overall. Good luck Want to add this. My dad was buried 8 years ago on this day. Just want to say publicly that I miss ya and want to thank you for taking the time to take me fishing. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Well that was just silly...

    So, first day off the boat toter. Only things that broke were one braid-fc leader and my sunglasses strap. Good start. Fishing was, well, scary. Decent limit by 930ish. Full keeper slam by 10 am. Hard one was the spot. Go figure. Three keeper meanies total. Tried to stop counting keepers at 15, then hit 2 more back to back and gave up. That was around 230, fished till 445 or so with no drop off. Water 65-68 or so, colored up. Pretty shallow bite. Best one was a 19 & 1/2" black. If it didn't rhyme with bread, or something... Got a little touchy with the sun, but they didn't move. Just hunkered down and bite got softer. Keying on little features, and not avoiding rock snot at all. The jaws are just an immovable force when you pop them.
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    Sat/Sun 3-25/26-17

    Fished both days this weekend. Spent our rainy/chilly Saturday from Owl Creek up to state line and managed 15-20 bass and four really nice crappie. One of the bass was a very nice LM and we had several other keepers. Unfortunately, we invested 2 hours in those crappie. Quality always seems to be good in the White but can't say the same for numbers. At least not for my efforts. Bass came on a spinnerbait, Bomber 6A crank, Senko, Keitech single swimmer and a crappie jig. Depths were from practically dry ground to no more than 12 feet. Just FYI, there's a fair amount of mud rolling down from the Roaring River, along with quite a bit of floating debris in both the upper White and Roaring Rivers. Be careful running. Launched Sunday at Viney and fished downstream to near the White/Kings split. Tough going for us. Managed about a dozen bass, of which two were nice keeper spots. The rest were sub-keepers. Spinnerbait, single Keitech and Ned were the players.
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    Donna G

    Out of Eagle Rock 2/27

    Disclaimer alert - as previously noted, I am geographically challenged, especially on the water, so I'll let Champ188 fill in those pertinent details and any other snippets he deems noteworthy. Splashed at 8:00 a.m. and put it on the trailer at 5:30 p.m. Long day and not our easiest ever. Certainly not the numbers we had on Thursday. No wind the first part of the day and ducked in a slip at Big M twice to avoid short showers. Hey, I'm on vacation. Don't have to tough out the rain. Best I recall WT ranged 49.1-52.7. First fish came at 9:15 a.m. Finally got a little something going when the wind showed up. Ended up with 20, mostly spots, no brownies. Five keepers for around 15lbs anchored by this beauty. Got my heart pumping on 6lb line. Sheesh. Had to run around the back of the boat like crazy Iaconelli feeding line. Mix of baits and mix of water - spinnerbait, Ned, swimbait, crankbait...maybe one on a FB jig. Beat the wood again and didn't seem to help a lot. Good looking stuff, too. I was sure hoping to capitalize on the bright skies this morning and run that swimbait through tree tops for a big chomp, but the fish had different ideas. Hope this girl shows up next Saturday for the OA derby.
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    Grandson asked me to "fix" his reel that his Dad had messed-up. Quickly discovered Dad had looped line around the rear of the spool and had just kept crankin'. Easy fix and an opportunity to show "Patch" how to disassemble an open-face and how they work. Included a little lesson on how to correctly set the drag and how to fight the fish with the rod and not just by crankin' the reel. Showed him how to take care rigging-up the Ned Rig and how it was important to get that worm on the hook shank straight and he watched Mr. Fumble Fingers (me) struggle with it and tied it on. Later that evening he takes the same rod/reel/Ned and lands, gets a picture of and releases this beauty....
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    Bill Babler

    4-22-19 Kind of Nuts Today

    Started at the dam early and it was just not what I wanted it to be. Had several fish with a 4.52 jaw but not many bites. Loaded u.p the rig and headed for Baxter. Temps at the dam were 56 when I launched at 6. Relaunch at Baxter at 11 and the temps were 60 and it was just flat on. I caught them on a Keitech 3.3 and a jerkbait with the boat in 30 ft. Fish seemed to be in that 15 ft. range suspended and moving up. Fished from 11 to 5 and did not go 10 minutes without a bite. Wind was just perfect. Had 2 keeper walleye one 19 inches and one 22 inches and I released them. Had 10 crappie, the biggest I have ever caught. One here and one there. They were monsters. Biggest at 3.08 and 18 inches. Next biggest at 3.02 and 17.75 inches. The 10 weighed in at a little under 24 pounds. Smallest was a shade under 17 inches. I have fished in my 65 yrs. on Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Barclay, Kentucky Lake and Toledo Bend and never had a 2 pound crappie let alone a 3 pound crappie and for gosh sakes catching them on Table Rock is just unreal, I'm in a fog. Knife is 15.5 inches long. Every crappie came on a suspending jerkbait. Color did not matter as long as it was Blue. They were not schooled, one here and one there. Pole timber was always present. Best 5 bass would have pushed 17 pounds, all the best being jaws. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Bill Babler

    Finding Fish on the Rock

    Slothman started a very interesting topic on CHIRP and I'm going to carry it on a little here, and I want to preface this by saying Table Rock Lake as it is what I know the best but am still learning on every trip to the lake. With the various types of underwater eyes we now have as far as some of the best freshwater electronics that have ever been invented by a multitude of companies how are they helping us. From scan to sonar just what are they doing for us? Table Rock and the White River Chain of lakes are for the most part ruled more by seasonal patterns, water depth and movement than they are by structure. How many of us thru either side scan or just our sonar mark places that look good, but don't have fish on them. I will bet everyone reading this piece. I have over 1,500 gps marks on my card with the majority of them not being structure, but there are plenty that are. Do they hold fish? Sometimes but most often not. Structure on Table Rock is like a Hotel or a Bed and Breakfast. The fish may visit, but they don't live there. They may stay a while and new guests from time to time check in, but most including the largemouth are on extended travel holiday. Most should own a 5th. wheel, cause they are on the road 90% of the time. Why? I will tell you at times I know and at times I don't know. Here is the place that Bo could jump in and help as he is one of our posters that is perhaps more in tune with seasonal patterns and the movement of fish than the majority of us. What is puzzling is most of the time the fish are moving just to be moving. There is adequate forage all over the lake and for sure enough forage to sustain them where they are, but they pack there sunscreen and head off to another location on the pond. That's why when folks ask, I say they live in the water, not by this or that structure. Table Rock fish are perfectly happy to suspend at depth and not relate to any structure whatsoever. Does water temperature influence migration? Yes and no. there are fish everywhere in the lake and I have had a many of trip that looking for warmer water in the early season is the wrong thing to do. Sometimes 45 degree water has more bites than 53 degree water. Warmer water at times make fish rise in the water column, or become more active. It puts some gas in the tank and make them move. Is this good? Sometimes. at other times it turns concentrations of fish into single targets of harder to hit moving fish. The only pattern that really holds on the Rock is a deep Winter and a Deep Summer pattern. Winter fish love 50' and they love it in deep vertical cuts or channel swings. Summer fish love the thermocline. Best depth for the last 30 yrs. has been 26' What does this have to do with structure. Just about nothing. Most of these fish hold on zero structure. At times they will relate to deep trees but most often they will not be so much in the tree as above it or just within 30 or 40 feet of it. Really, most often they will relate to runoffs and sharp drops or they will relate and suspend near changes in the bottom or transitions. A good example is I took a BFL angler out last year for a day prior to his tournament. We found a huge concentrations of K's on the bottom on a channel swing inside flat. I mean a huge concentration. We could have jerked them on a spoon or a drop shot and still been jerking. It was post spawn and every fish in the area was congregated and getting to know each other. He went back the next day and the flat was empty. Said it looked like a pool table top. After he left I took my client out there and found them in 2 minutes. They had moved from 22' on the bottom out to 22' suspended over 90' in the middle of the channel. No structure, just setting out there enjoying their day. That's Table Rock. Another point of Table Rock is fish love flat pea size gravel, with absolutely no structure or cover. It looks like the Serengeti down there but there are hunters that roam it, almost every month of the year. Mostly SM. When either the Conservation Department or fishermen add structure the fish leave. It is far from, "If you build it they will come." Don't work that way on Table Rock. Some of my best locations for both SM and K's have been totally ruined by adding structure. The bass just leave and don't come back. There is already plenty of structure in Table Rock that the bass very seldom if ever relate to, adding more is really not the answer, and adding it to locations that have none and trying to attract bass most usually has the opposite effect. As I said there is a bait or food form most everywhere and there is bait around existing structure and there bass are not there, either. I guess this is a long winded version of saying buy and learn to use your electronics as you see best, but just because you have 1,500 way points does not mean you know where the fish are or when they will be there. Good Luck
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    Not even sure where to start with this... Some of you know I posted an unspoken prayer request on 1/8. A few know the specifics. Well, these are the basic details. In December my wife had a flare up of headaches and dizziness. Nothing super alarming, especially for a pharmacist in winter. Then on 1/2 she woke up with double vision. A week later she was having surgery to remove a brain tumor. You probably won't hear a lot of folks say "Hallelujah! My wife is having brain surgery!" But I did. We did. Because it wasn't inoperable, which it certainly could have been. God is good. Never doubt it. The pathology report really hit us for a couple of weeks. All we knew for certain was that it wasn't the always benign tissue they expected based on the MRI. Local pathology wanted extra eyes on it, sent it out, to Mayo as it happened. Both identified it as a different type, but also benign. Requires a little more watchfulness on everyone's part, but still a good prognosis. Did I mention that God is good? Overall she's doing very well, just in the middle of a long recovery. She's struggling with some double vision, lot of possible causes, but none emergent or requiring intervention. We're hopeful that it will resolve, but realistic about the possibility it might not. Compared to how things might have gone, she is so very fortunate. God does not forsake His own. Throughout, we have felt surrounded by the prayers of faith filled folks, many from the members here. It was like a wall was built around us, around our family. We lived on prayer and faith. Can't thank you enough. Not if we did it every minute. So I guess that covers the thanks, and the update. That leaves the jigs. We are obviously behind on everything from production to getting back to folks about orders. We're working on it, and we're getting there. For now, we're basically in a backorder situation. We're still trying to make both unpainted and painted jigs. At some point, it may be that we just have the unpainted available for a while. Painting is obviously the slowest part of the deal. I cleared some space in my inbox. My email is still the same, feel free to use it. Honestly, it's probably the easiest way to reach me currently. There's so much more to tell. About lessons learned. About friends. About faith. Would be happy to talk about it with anyone. Especially if you're struggling. Hope everyone has a great spring. "My" fish probably needed a year off anyway 😉.
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    Take a moment this Easter

    Sometimes we just have to tap the brakes and give thanks for the true blessings and the mercies that we have been given as a result of the greatest sacrifice. I am more blessed than I deserve and thankful for the grace that is bestowed upon me - if it were not for those two things I am not sure where I would be in this crazy world. Happy Easter everyone C4F
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    The wife and I decided to take our other grandson fishin' on Tuesday 5/28 and we had a ball. They ate the Ned Rig so good last week so I tied one on for everybody and they are still eating it up.....I taught Ethan how to fish with a spinning rod and how to work the Ned Rig. I even gave him my fishing pole. He started catching them really good.....then he started getting cocky......So I had to show him who's boss..... It was a great day. We caught fish and laughed until we cried several times. The boy is a blast to fish with. My wife was the camera "man" all day and did an excellent job. What a day....
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    Sore Thumbs

    Got me a newer boat. Finally!

    After the saga I had with Hydro Tec on my last Skeeter I decided to forego another rebuild and sold it as is to a guy in Tennessee. I picked up a 15 FX21. I was not going to buy another boat without a warranty. Excited to go fishing and contribute to this forum again.
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    Personal Best Smallie

    Hit the Meramec today. The last 3 weekends have been blown out due to high water, but before that - back in March, - we were really putting a hurt on 'em, numbers-wise. Which usually isn't the case this early in the Spring - at least for me and the people I fish with. With the weather decent, the river level and flow back to near normal, my buddy and were chomping at the bit to see if they were still in their haunts and active. Well, they weren't. We only caught 6 fish the entire day, but one of them was the freak below. I've been Ozark Smallie fishing for about 10 years and have never caught anything close to this, nor have I personally ever seen a another fish this size. 5.51 lbs on the Rapala digital scale. Didn't have a way to measure her length, so I am not going to take a guess. Beautiful, healthy, fat fish. She didn't have a mark on her, except on the top of her tail. Not sure what that could have been from. I could probably fish these rivers for the next 50 years and never catch another fish this big, so it was a very special moment! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Howdy all...

    We've been taking up space in the 417 for a week now, will get some fish info up in a bit. First...thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to pray for my wife Heather, and for our family. We cherish your prayers, and are still finding our strength in God. So many times, He was all we had to cling to. Overall, she's doing well, better than before surgery in many ways really, but it's been a rougher road than when I last posted anything. Right after that update, she developed multiple pulmonary embolisms, and we started treating those. That was just after Valentine's Day. Hopefully, that's about to come to a resolution, should know in a few weeks. About mid April her three month MRI came back showing something that still enhances. That's most likely residual tumor. We're in the process of trying to find out what the plan is for dealing with that. Many of you have been through something similar, and know that "unsettling" doesn't come close to describing it. It's been...rough. That covers it pretty well. Knowing it's a long process and being caught up in the process are different things. So jigs...we were almost up to speed on pouring jigs when the clot issue happened. That quite simply changed a lot of things. For now we're on what I would describe as a hiatus with the jigs. Just not going to spend hours over a hot pot when I might regret it later. If things work out well, we will be back at it, because the darn little things work. Girls just headed home this morning. On top of everything, in the middle of this our daughter made an AAU basketball team, and is in the process of applying to the Air Force Academy, and Annapolis. She leaves for an Air Force engineering camp in Colorado Springs in a couple of weeks. Basketball like crazy until then. Busy busy. When I say I love you all like family, please know that I mean it. This is a pic I wasn't sure would ever be taken...
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    New personal best today

    Caught my personal best largemouth today. 5.20lbs. Was a pond bass but none the less the biggest bass live ever caught. Sad to say it’s still a pound and a half behind my wife’s biggest bass out of the same pond.
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    Good Bye and Thanks for All the Fish

    Douglas Adams book title, but wonderfully appropriate for leaving TR. The moving van comes tomorrow and unloads in Tulsa on Friday. I will come back next week to take the boat off the lift and move it there. Assuming the flooding does not breach the dam, I will put it on Skiatook Lake soon thereafter. I will continue to read and post in the forum. The reports will be for a different lake though. Thanks to all here. You have been invaluable in learning and fishing this lake, and I appreciate all the wonderful things you find here compared to other forums. rps
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    finally got to feeling better and got out for a bit tonight. went fishing with my old buddy gary harlan. he is spending the summer here instead of falcon. too much stuff going on down there on the border. the dems need to talk to someone that actually lives down there and they will straighten them out pretty quick on how bad things really. now back to the news. we kind of did a bit of showing out tonight. plus 12 keeps and a host of those good ones. a 3/8 GrassJig got most of them, but got a couple on a beaver type bait on a 1/4 Pro Series head, and one on a tube, also on a 1/4 Pro Series head. the one bigger one that was caught on the bank came on the tube. all the rest were in the 10 to 15 ft. range more on the main channel and not back in pockets. only one of these bass seemed to have spawned. the rest were as slick and fat as could be. the pic on the two were caught at the same time. mine was on the tube on the bank and the other one more in the 10 to 12 ft. range. with the water fluctuating as it has been, there may be some bass spawning next month just as there were last year. bo
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    lmt out

    Personal Best

    My personal best missouri walleye amd second best ever. 9lb 12 oz. 27 1/4 inch.
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    White River Outfitters Guide Service 6-27-18 That's a pretty big chunk of water I just bit off, and I'm even going to sweeten the deal going up the James to point 12. The are biting and I mean they are biting like I have not seen in the past 10-15 yrs. Sometimes not as fast but 6 out of 7 days if you want to, you can catch fish. I'm saying if you " WILL" fish like the fish want it and fish where the fish are, its easy to catch them. I don't do it everyday, some days and with some people mostly seasoned fishermen we make it hard on ourselves. If I have novice fishermen they catch them easy. If you want to drop shot any soft plastic or swim a Keitech fish are available. If you want to power fish yes, you can be successful, but sometimes you have to work a bit more at it. Surface temps have dropped to 83 degree but they will pop back up this week. We have a complete solid thermocline at 26' lake wide. There are fish off the flats, fish off the bluffends and fish suspended and on just about every major channel swing either just off suspended or on the bottom at the 30' mark. Only part of the lake would be called Super Hard from Long Creek to Point 5 Probably decent at night, but from what the Big Cedar guides are saying its miserable. Of course all they are doing is live bait fishing at depth on the same locations. Over and over and over and over. From Point 1 to Point 5 the whites have been blowing in the flat cove mouths most mornings. Its over by 6:15 at the latest so you need to get out there. Buster Loving has cleaned a zillion whites the past 3 weeks in that area. After the whites go down he is headed to deep trees and catching LM, and K's' suspended out of the tops at the thermocline and off some of the gravel in that same 26' to 35' range the same as Bobby is. By the way big shout out to Bobby for keeping us very well informed on the dam area. Lets take a big stroll here and go from Point 5 to point 12 on the James and that's a lot of Aqua, but still the same bite, if you want it. As usual this time of the year lake sections of fish group or school after the spawn and try to regain some flesh back after all the debauchery. You can hit 5 runnouts and nothing and then the 6th. will be completely covered. Be careful with the CPR as I said these are lake sections of fish. One day they will be on one spot and the next day there gone to another or just out loafing over depth. Early this week Rick Lisek had a 3 person trip and used a Chompers WMC drop shot worm up the James and they had 93 bass in a 4 hr. trip. He said at least 20 keepers maybe more as they didn't measure. All at the above mentioned depth, caught on the bottom mostly on gravel long points and runs in that 30' depth, or up suspended off the bottom. Had one of my good friend and client Ed Shawbaker out this last week and had easy 40 on a jig on gravel 26' right on the money. We were not throwing at the bank we sat in 26' and turned the boat bow toward the bank and fished a full drag in that depth and doubled on several as I spoke of earlier they were hard to detect, but were eating like pigs. Next day we threw the flutter spoon with James Atwood. threw the big Lake Fork and the Dixie, and they just waxed either. James got sick about 1/2 way thru the morning but I'm guessing we had 25 at least all on the spoons prior to " The Big time Potty Break." Most all were LM and most all were keeps. Day before yesterday we fished from KC to just above Baxter and it was the same deal only I picked up a tip from Quill instead of drop shot we swam the Keitech thru the suspended fish, again at that same 26' mark and caught fish after fish, it was completely silly. Yesterday I fished from Viola to Big M and again swam the Keitech. I believe the guys said we had 80 total it was stupid. Most of the time swimming the Keitech boat is in 60' to 70' to target these fish holding in the 30' range, usually about 1/2 way back. I will tell you I could have sat on them with the drop shot, but this is way, way more fun, and the bite on a single location will last much longer when you pull them from the school and drop them away from the school instead of just pulling them straight up and then dropping them straight back to rat you out to their buddies. Trick is you have to go slow and fish it thru the correct depth. If your not getting bit, your reeling it to fast. Back to my Ole Buddy Bill Beck here " Are you fishing it, or are you throwing it out and reeling it in?" As usual I should have listened to Champ much more closely as he put me on a fantastic head for this. I'm using the 3/8th. Wareagle with a 3.3 inch Keitech. The shad are exactly this size. If I try and use a 1/4 most of my clients do not have the patients to let it get down. The 3/8 gets there quicker and maintains the depth at a more even level. Depth is the key on these suspended fish. Easy for the DS but hard throwing and casting. I'm also swimming it on a heaver rod with 8lb. Maxi as I need the backbone to get them stuck 6'9" Cara T7 spinning rod with a Shimano Stradic. Sweet combo for this application with the big jig head and the heaver line. Just a bit much for the Squirrel tail It really likes the 1/8 to 1/4 up to 5/16. Even a better rig for this is the Cara T7 Cranker spooled with 10 lb. InvizX but not a ton of my folks can throw a B. Caster. Here is the deal on that Wareagle, it has double bait holder/ keepers I still put a spot of glue on it and clip off that nasty light wire weed guard. We used 7 total swimbaits to catch that 80 fish. TOTAL. That in the day of the jelly for bellie Keitech is more than great, its fantastic. Here is another priceless tip. You have to net the fish you catch with the swimbait. If you try and swing them they will shake their heads so violently that they tear the swimbait to pieces so just net them and save yourself a buck a fish. Get out there and look around, you just never know what you'll find in the briny deep. Good Luck This post has been promoted to an article
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    I need to thank everyone here

    I hardly ever post anything, but Im on here a lot. My wife was diagnosed with early onset dementia 5 years ago. i haven't pickup a pole since then taking care of her is a full time job. now she's in a residential care facility getting close to the end. i buried my brother yesterday. all the post and pics helps me ease my mind for bit. So thank you from the bottom of my heart and keep those pics coming.
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    Decent summer fish

    We fished our club tourney out of Cape Saturday. The catching part was fairly easy for all that entered, but the keeper bites were a different story. I had several dinks by 8, and caught the first keeper at 9 with a 7" ribbon tailed worm paralelling the bank in 15 FOW. At noon i pulled up to a dock in 40 FOW, cast my PB&J wacky worm on a head that aarchdale makes, and at the same time i cast, dock owner walked onto the dock. This was my first cast in there so i let it set. chatting with the owners. While this was going on, i was slightly jigging the wacky on the bottom. Went to pick up my slack and noticed my line was out of the dock, in open water. Quick hookset, few jumps mid-air, and one more right into the net. This fish measured right at 22" on the dot. Felt great after not fishing for the past 2 months to catch a nice summer fish, where i normally struggle like no one else. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Fun Family Weekend

    Went down to a shallow overcrowded river in SEMO Thursday-Sunday. Nice drive on Thursday plus lunch at the Arcadia Academy. On site with plenty of time to set camp, and let the kids swim while the adults enjoyed several gravel bar cocktails before dinner. Family float on Friday. My friends son, and my two daughters did the whole 5-6 mile float on their little kayaks w/o incident. Not bad for kids under 10! We were very proud! Fishing was better than expected too. Lots of little rat smallmouth on 1/16 & 1/8 oz Ned's and a few better to 15" on top. Gals elected to gravel bar on Saturday while the boys floated & fished. Tons out Saturday but it did not seem to matter. We caught little rats everywhere we could sneak a cast in between other floaters, some nice fish too. One Hog!
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    Friday eve

    Finally got the youngin out last evening. Been trying to sense the oa outing with no luck do to weather! I decided on the blade, she was on her typical night crawler method (still working on patience for the bass). On a main lake point we push up to the bushes and started pitching. About the third cast had one just kill the war eagle. It was a beauty of a black!! She seen it jump and I quote her "dad I need a rod I'm bass fishing!" My heart melted right then. We fished a couple hrs lots of fun. I ended up just watching her fish a swim bait after that. No other way I'd want to spend my time! All day today was "can we go fishing?" So tomorrow rain please hold off we're hitting it early!
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    Mitch f

    Tackle HD, our new tackle company

    A few years ago, Hog Wally, MOSmallies , Smalliebigs , and myself, met on this forum and forged a bond through our passion for river fishing. That passion has manifested itself into a new lure company. I know you've Probably been hearing about it from us for a while, so we would like to formally announce the opening of our new lure company, Tackle HD, as of JAN 20, 2017. We are starting out with a few modest offerings, but plan on continually adding more products as we grow. Tackle HD is committed to the design and manufacturing of brand new products to the marketplace. All of our molds are originals. You won't find anything like them anywhere. All of our lures have been designed, tested, and re-tested to have a unique fish catching action and look, and an uncanny attention to detail. These lures are literally spawned on the bank of the Meramec River, in the heart of Missouri's finest smallmouth country. Our jigs have been specifically designed to work with each individual lure we create, but work well with a variety of baits. We will mostly be selling products online, but will sell through a very limited number of retail stores/tackle shops. Our products are made one at a time, all in our humble little shop in St.Clair, MO., by American workers. We're pretty proud of that. We also think it's pretty cool we all met on OAF. Thanks Phil Lilley! Here is the link to our website: www.TackleHD.com You can also keep up with the latest news via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! We will soon have a couple of videos on our website that offer instructions on things like rigging the baits, and fishing tips. Along with some success stories and pictures. Here's Al Lindner's son Troy with a giant smallmouth caught on the HI-Def Craw. We would ask our friends and fellow fisherman to like our Facebook page as well! Thank you for your support! Have a great and blessed weekend! Sent from my iPhone
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    They have this game figured out. So fun watching them beat me. Monday was a great day with 16 keeper bass, biggest 4.5, 4, couple 3's on a buzz bait shallow. Pea gravel with basketball size mixed. 30 degree banks. Had to cover A LOT of water, but worth it. Went out Tuesday n Wednesday and couldn't even come close to repeating. Decided to crappie fish and ....... more great memories for us.
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    Thank you all for the nice words on here, yes I really did catch it on a Red Craw RC, and it was on the back side of wind blown brush piles and lay downs. Wasn’t throwing it in the piles directly. I’m a Cape fair fisherman mostly because that’s where I feel comfortable. I don’t fish very often because of work and family obligations but really like the format of the big bass tour, makes an average Joe like me have a chance at winning a Boat. I’m still in shock over the whole ordeal. Lots of different emotions that have gone through my head the past couple days. Basically it was all about being in the right place at the right time. And yeah I’m not gonna say exactly where I was because I like to fish in those areas on my off days and an occasional tournament if I can. But no joke, a RC, it’s my favorite lure and I was gonna ride and die with it both days, I don’t throw the Alabama rig because I don’t care for it, it wears me out too quickly. Ps. I do have two boats for sale. The one I won and a 2014 Z9 loaded. Don’t know what either are worth but they are for sale.
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    Mid-White River arm 5-13-17

    We were late leaving home and then further delayed when we arrived at Viney to find the gate locked ... not sure why they couldn't let folks use the small ramp just before the toll booth. Regardless, we rolled back out of there, up thru Shell Knob and around to Campbell Point, where we finally got the bottom of the boat wet about 8:00. Put three (two solid keepers) in the boat first stop on a War Eagle 3/8-ounce double willow spinner bait and a squarebill of undisclosed make/model/color. Fish were up in the woods on the old backyard swingset/birdbath/garden knome pattern. Covered a lot of water over the next 4 hours and continued to catch quality fish. This bite finally died about noon, so we rod-boxed the winding sticks and pulled out some dragging stuff. Found a good bite along the tree line in several areas ... most came along the old bank line at 12-18 feet deep. Ned didn't seem to be the right deal but the jig worked very well, helping us cull up to a conservatively estimated best-five weight of 17 pounds. Ended with 21 total and 11 keeps.
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    than she did. She's hooked. Had several this size and yes, she caught a bunch of them. I'm sworn to secrecy once again as we talked about not telling where we caught them, but I can tell you it was a very "Long Creek" in 8' - 12' of water that we fished. Same bait as always.... baby shad in any color you wanted as long as it was chartreuse. Hopefully I didn't give away too much info here. Wouldn't want her to not go with me next time. Waiting to get her and the 11 year old into whites. If any of you have some knowledge on the whereabouts of where the whites are, please share or send me a PM. The spoonbillers will be up the James this weekend (I think). Not sure I want to compete on the James right now.
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    Big M area, 2/13

    Had the good pleasure of fishing with Huntest (the other Dave) today, we had what I think was just an exceptional day for this time of year. We threw the Ned all day, except for about 5 casts where I threw a shaky head, on the 5th cast I hung it up and broke it off, so back to the Ned. Anyway, me being goofy and always counting fish, I caught exactly 30 today, Dave got a little behind early as he was throwing a "Goby" colored Ned to begin with, and it just wasn't working, but once I convinced him "Dirt" was the color to throw, he kept pace. He doesn't count his, but we had 50 today probably, with maybe 10 keepers. 1/8 oz Neds, throwing them towards the bank and dragging them back slowly on the bottom. Fish have moved a bit shallower, we were getting them from 5 to 20 FOW, with a few out deeper. Gravel banks with some rock near deep water were good, and so were some rocky points. We did fish back in one cove, but only got one bass back there, most were near the main channel. Biggest fish was a 5 lb. LM, healthy fish, but had several of those big black patches on it. Never seen one with so much of that coloration. PB&J was working too. I don't know how much color matters, but they liked Dirt and PB&J today. Water temps were 47-49. Funny story about the 5 lber, Dave had hooked up on a decent fish, which turned out to be a 20" walleye (released), I had just made a cast, and I stepped back in the boat to net the fish or hand him the net I forget, anyway I was holding my rod with one hand, and once we got the walleye in the boat, I moved up to the front and started to reel, well that Ned had been sitting on the bottom, and when I started to reel I thought I was hung up, but it started moving and I realized it was a good bass. One of those flukey things that happen sometimes. Had a photographer with me today, so you get to see my smiling face.
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    Sunday, 2-12-17, White River arm

    First cast at 8:30 a.m., last fling at 3:30 p.m. Fished pretty hard throughout the day in the middle White River arm, roughly from Campbell Point to Baxter. Only had nine total to show for our efforts, with just two keepers. Wind howled all day, swinging around from northwest to due east by the time we left. Jerk bait carrying a lovely Tim Hughes custom paint job produced the first and biggest fish. After that, bites came on a crank plug, a single swimmer and the Venerable Varmint. Apologies (not really) to the BASS Open and other prefish drive-by guys if you don't know our lingo here. Weather has these fish stirring. Saw water temps up to 51. Pretty surprising where we found some of them.
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    They ain't all 30 feet deep

    Fished a couple of pet sections of the White River today. Despite having not a cloud in the sky (literally, all day), I managed 26 total with 7 keepers, best five of which would go 14-15 pounds. Having a decent wind helped, as did having it blowing on the shady bank from noon until I quit at 4:30 p.m. Started fishing at 9:00 and caught a couple pretty quick on the Plopper, including my second-best fish of the day at about 3.5 pounds. Also caught a couple on a shallow crank and one on a Carolina-rigged Centipede, which was the ONLY fish caught deeper than 6 feet all day. The rest came on 3/8-ounce War Eagle spinnerbaits in the Spot Remover and Purple Shad colors. Managed a few pics but didn't get the two biggest ones. Hard to handle the boat in the wind and take pics by yourself. Right, Bo?
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    Bill Babler

    Turning the Knob on Table Rock Bass

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report June, 14 2019 Shell Knob, MO. White River Outfitters Perhaps the most perfect Top Water Morning, Just up Stream from Shell Knob. ss The Idea this morning was to fish out of Eagle Rock. I had a last minute cancel that I was not able to fill and have two trips next week out of Eagle Rock and wanted to get up there and see what was happening. Got to the 86 bridge at 5:30, and knew I was in trouble as there were boats and rigs parked everywhere. Didn't want to fight the mob, I'm guessing a pretty decent size derby. Didn't want to waste a perfect morning so I booked for the Shell Knob Bridge Ramp and there were only 2 rigs there at a little after 6. Lots of boats flying by from up stream so I'm guessing the ER derby crowd was headed downstream to big water. Mistake for the most part. I headed upstream right into the teeth of them. Boats on most ever dock and major runnout from SK to Carter, all right on the bank or flipping any dock they could find. With the cloud cover slight drizzle and little chop you could not have ordered a better Top water morning. Fish were absolutely blowing everywhere at depth. At first I thought they were whites, but nope, mostly LM with some really nice K's and several Jaws mixed in. I petty much caught big keeper fish cast after cast from 6:15 till 9:30 on a Fin. I have fished here in the good and bad times and today for me was for sure one of the good times. Wish my son could have been out with me, he was here last week and we caught fish, mostly on a jig but today was special as it was all about the Top. A couple of guys that were fishing a dock came out and pulled up to me saying that had seen me wacking them and did not mean to intrude but wondered how I was catching them. I asked first off did you catch any on that dock and they said no. They had watched the MLF guys catching them early in the mornings on a shad spawn under docks and thought that was the deal. I said it might have been a month ago, but those fish were long gone and out here for me to catch. I tried to help them, but It just was not going to happen,so I wished them luck and they pulled off. About that time the fish blew up again. I was sitting in 106 feet of water. Message to self, I don't think White River bass need to hide under anything.😎 Just about every fish I caught and the numbers were a bit silly, were keepers. With the way they were feeding this morning, I'm guessing they probably will not eat again until sometime next month. I just got really lucky being in the right place on the right day at the right time. These fish were chasing schools of shad and also schools of fry. There are just millions of tiny fry swimming in big schools around the Knob. Some shallow and some deep. Just have no idea how many offspring are out there this year as I think we had a fantastic spawn. My boat was so saturated with poop, fry, shad and crayfish that I had to take it to the car wash and wash it out to prevent from grinding it into the carpet. Lots of Daddy's in them also, just about the size of a 3/8 oz. jig Put lots of fish on the board, but for the most part just gave them a smooch and sent them back to the briny deep to continue on their feeding binge. I did catch 1 on a jig just for kicks and grins and a couple on a drop shot and a spoon, but the Fin was the deal by far on this perfect top water day on Table Rock Lake. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Branson, Mo. Table Rock Lake Report White River Outfitters Guide Service Amy with a fantastic top water Table Rock Smallmouth bass Due to an emergency cancel from my today's clients I'm home after just an exciting last few days on both the Rock and Taney. Bass fishing on the Rock from end to end is really setting new standards for quantity and if your work it some very nice quality. Numbers of fish on guide trips is just outstanding with most 4 hr. trips averaging 35 plus fish, and if I can get people up, about 1/2 of those will be top water. Shane with a nice Redfin fish. Best top water bite even on clouds has been 5:30 to 7 AM. There is now a real solid shad spawn going on the bank,and it is over about as quick as it starts. The progression is very interesting, and you can follow it out just watching the chasing. At first light its on the bank behind the bushes and then works out to depth as the sun rises, or really just as the morning progresses. Best top water for me and mine, remains a wide wobble top water wake bait. I just am getting very little love on either a spook a chugger or a pooper. Not saying they won't just tear them up, but not even close on the number of strikes right now on the wide wobbler. Every once in a while something really special happens. Amy made it work with a double on the fin catching this super LM and Jaw with one swing of the fin. Lots of times you can get two on but getting them in for a photo is quite a different matter. Good Work Amy. When the topwater deal winds down, I'm going with really 3 presentations, and the drop shot is not one of them. When they are still up there shallow and under 10' I'm going with a Ned. I'm using GP or PBJ any natural variation in the clear water, In any of the off color water and there is still a lot of it, I'm using orange craw. As the morning moves later, the swim bait is still just simply on fire. Don't get caught up with only a paddle tail, the C-tail grubs are at times producing better. Pictured are a Chompers smoke pepper, Yamamoto smoke red fleck and of course 2 from the Keitech family. All of these are on 3/16 Keitech tungsten ball heads with 2/0 hook. I'm talking here after 8 in the morning and you will still see some chasing. Don't let these get away. Put on a heavy spoon or a tail spinner that you can throw for distance and keep after them, as they are just always out of reach for a top water bait. The hooks on the Little George are trash and if you don't upgrade you will be sorry. Most of these fish are remaining under 25 ft. right now and instead of dragging the Ned that deep I'm fishing a 3/8th. to 1/2 oz. Pig Sticker Quick 5 in GPO. Trailers are plentiful, but the smallie beaver is working fantastic for me right now and it has just the right amount of orange already in it. Yes,the pro's and some others are catching them on bluffs. With clients this is pretty much impossible as they are paralleling and that does not give everyone a shot, These fish are on the long gravel points. One of my clients on his own last week had 36 off on point. He said they were just stacked in 17 ft. He nedded the heck out of them at Shell Knob. Visibility is ranging from 2' to 12' depending on lake section. Surface temp is pretty much 75 lake wide with a little variation. They are biting, get out there and enjoy it. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Table Rock continues to impress me every time I an lucky enough to fish this lake. @Justin92297 and I fished the lower end on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday and we fished the Kings and the White on Saturday. Thursday we had 17.3 lbs for our biggest 5 including a 4 lb smallmouth that Justin caught and a 4.5 lb largemouth that I caught. We caught 12 keepers on Thursday and all of them came off Keitech 2.8 swimbaits in sexy shad color on quarter ounce head with a weed guard and jerk baits. Cedar trees seemed to be the biggest key for us pretty much all week. Just slow rolling that small swimbait through the trees or making a long cast with the jerk bait past the tree to get it down to max diving depth when it came past the tree got us almost all of our bites. We caught some in trees that were in 30-40 feet and topped out in 15-20, and we caught some in trees that were in 15-20 feet. Friday brought more of the same for us. the only difference was this time we found fish schooling like crazy back in a creek. I caught a keeper largemouth on a spook and missed 2 other blow ups and we caught 10 keepers on Friday. Today in the area that we found schoolers we just fished out baits around where the fish were schooling and caught a bunch. Many of them were shorts but we saw some really big ones blow up on the surface. The bite after the schooling activity in the morning was pretty much the same. Small swimbait and jerk bait through trees in the same depth zone. Saturday we decided to see a new part of the lake and put in at Viola. Neither one of us had ever fished the kings and we thought maybe there would be a good rock crawler or wiggle wart bite up there. We did not catch them on crankbaits but we caught them flipping main lake wood that was on the steep banks with a small jig and a swing head with a menace grub and on an underspin with a 3.3 Keitech. Trees were again very important; wherever there were cedar trees in about 20 ft of water on the main lake there were bass. Saturday was definitely our best day for numbers. we caught over 50 fish and had 18 keepers. No big ones but it was a very fun day and I like that part of the lake a lot. Sunday we fished the lower end again and only had like half of a day since we had to get back to Columbia for class on Monday. We only had 4 keepers and all of them came out of very deep trees that topped out in like 15-25 feet that were over 40-60 ft. on the 2.8 Keitech. Sunday was a tough post frontal day. Probably only caught 10 fish and only 4 keepers. Lastly I wanted to touch on the meanmouth that Justin and I caught. We caught a total of 3 that we noticed this week and I had never thought that there were many in the lake. We also caught a surprisingly low number of smallmouth in 4 days (probably only like 10). Is the spotted bass population in Table Rock breeding out the smallmouth? I sure hope not. Either way Table Rock is my favorite lake in the U.S. and I cant wait to go back again. Also, if anyone is looking to fish a tournament this weekend on Lake of the Ozarks come fish the Mizzou Fundraiser Tournament out of PB #2 on this Saturday Tight lines everybody.
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    Kim City - Mar 16th - Swimbait

    I fished from 7:30 to 10:30 in Kim City area and had decent luck with a underspin and plain swimbait. I fished the mouth of a spawning cove with my boat setting in 45' and casting to 25' and slow rolling over trees. I had 10 fish with 8 keepers, 3 LM and 5 Ks. One LM was 5.11 using a 2.8 inch plain swimbait. Another LM was 5.5 using a 3.8 inch plain swimbait. This time of year, the plain swimbait can out perform an underspin. I caught a few keepers on the underspin and the rest on a plain swimbait. The area I fished had very little bait compared to when I fished it 10 days ago. Ten days ago it had too much bait in the area. The WT was 43.5 to 46. Some shad are still dying, but it seems to be minor. I could not move around much due to the amount of boats in the BFL tournament. For me, the main feeding time was over at 9AM. I would estimate my best 5 weighed 18.5 Lbs. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Three jerks a jerking

    Upper Bull, So we have been trying to get together for awhile. Everyone's day off needed to get into sync. So we got the call from Duckydoty he had a plan. So I ask what do we need to bring gear wise? Nothing, nothing at all. Now we have junk, lots of junk and it felt really strange going on a fishing trip with nothing. Did not have to hurry or be on the water early. Not a normal trip for us. We meet at Duane's house just missing getting to see Monachari. Follow the Duane rig to the launch to be greeted to beautiful skies and no wind to speak of. Unloaded and across the water we went to the first spot. So here is what we are going to do the captain says. Throw this here jerkbait over there. Jerk it six or seven times to get it down to the bottom in the mud. We will work it off to the drop off by letting it sit still for five, six or seven seconds. Give it a jerk and let it sit again. Repeat, repeat and repeat again. Bites can be on the pause on the jerk just watch your line and keep in contact with it. This we did as we shot the bull then Pat squeals I got one! Skipper leaps into action with coaching and the net. Success and number one is boated, We did good he says one is a good day and we may not get another. Soon Ducky has one on. it was all exciting until we seen the fish. Awe Crud it was one of those stinkin bass. I had the net ready but Duane says bass cannot touch the net or boat. Worse than having a banana on board, Duane hooks up again this time a real fish, A bit later I contact one, Mrs. BilletHead strikes again! Then Duane gets jinxed and begins to slay the stinkin bass, Some of them get the boot out of the boat, So we are fishing along and I say just what are these baits all about and what are they? These are megabass jerk baits. 25 bucks each, WHAAAAT yes. Are you kidding me? Nope. Now the BilletHead's don't do this . Heard about these but not that into bass or special 25 buck baits. THEN not too many casts later something happens probably because I am thinking of having 25 bucks on the end of my line SNAP and there it goes with out the line attached really far and disappears. I about puked. I got more Duane says. We ended up with two walleye each and Duane had one big crappie try to choke down a 25 buck megabass. Many, many stinkin green bass. Another photo before the fillet party began, Stories were told, notes were shared and we had a great day of fellowship of alike minds. Did any of you forum members ears burn yesterday? Was it you we talked about? . Great day and thanks Duane. We will make this happen again friend, The BilletHeads This post has been promoted to an article
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    Kimberling City Mo. Launched at Schooner Creek this morning at 0700 to perfect overcast breezy conditions. Had Mark Pritt in tow good friend and client. Surface temps had dropped to 77 degree with water clarity at 15' First big run to start the day had fish surfacing completely around us, all Black Bass and loads of them. We only had 4, two on top and 2 on the chrome little George. Really did not make one hoot of difference as we were there to jig fish and they were right where Steven and I left them on Friday. They tried to hurt us this morning as we brought 3 strong limits of SM to the boat. Only had 2 or 3 short fish and jumped off several. Several times this morning I thought I was in Alaska fighting Halibut. I had 3 different fish that just durn near whipped me. Had the drag cranked down on the Steez with just about no give and they pulled it no problem, 15lb. Invizx. A few years ago I had a trip where I had a young lady catch 3 jaws over 5 lbs. on a tube in one day. No 5 pounders this morning, but our best 5 were an easy 17 lbs. of Mean to the Bone Jaw, as far as size this was probably my second best day ever for best 5 smallmouth. The day on the tube we had 20+ pounds best 5, so it was just a super outing. Fished 5 locations in the 4 hr. trip with the last spot being a zip. I tried a shallow ledge rock area that I usually catch them on this time of the year. Wind was hitting it perfectly, but no love. All our fish were still in that 28' to 32' depth range and from speaking to the guides this last couple of days, all the crawler fish are coming from the same depth. All our quality fish came on the 3/4 Pig Sticker Quick 5 in either Greeen Pumpkin Orange or Brown Orange and we used the Nichole's Texas Craw in Copper. Ran out of Copper and Mark did catch our last fish on Road Kill. I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am to be able to earn a living on one of the most beautiful lakes in the World. With the Fall bite slamming into us like a great White Shark, this lake seems to be in splendid condition giving up big brown fish like that. Mark has fished St. Clair several times and said today it had nothing on Table Rock for quality Small Jaws. Good Luck
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    A Curious Pair on the Upper End

    I went out at 5:30 this morning hoping for a top water bite. In the first 90 minutes I caught two and neither were keepers. I switched to Ned fishing and promptly caught this: I put the flathead back. I went on to catch four bass with one a near keeper. Then I began trolling for walleye. Based on information I was given, I started trolling a wiggle wart 25 feet down. In an hour I caught one small bass. However I had noticed many suspended bait balls 10 to 15 feet deep. I also saw fish suspended just below the bait if there was timber present. I put on a Storm Smash Shad 6 in pearl and went looking for timber that topped out 10 to 15 feet down. I wound up at a community hole near Holiday Island. I let out 170 feet of PowerPro 10/2 braid to put the bait 15 feet down and trolled over the trees at 2 mph. I landed several bass and this 23 inch walleye. I call that a fun morning. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Launched at Long Creek ramp at 6:45 this morning, first rig in the lot. I started out jigging a tree in 15 feet and right off landed a 15 inch crappie. Jigged several other trees, not even a sniff. I set the boat in about 20 feet and started throwing towards the bank and brought the jig back really slow and caught 11 more crappie in the next hour and a half. The fish was scattered from right on the bank to 15 feet of water. I needed 3 more crappie to fill out my limit, fished till 11:00 and could not get another crappie. All fish were caught on 1/16th oz. green pumpkin chartreuse pepper tube jig. Water temp was 58.5.
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    Took the family on an outing for a couple hours after church this evening. Spinner bait caught 4 spots, red wart caught the big one, my better half had bragging rights today. Bananas in a boat brings me luck. Life doesn't get any better, hope everyone has great week. Wt 55-55.6.
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    focused fishing

    A-Rig Alternative

    Hey Guys, Bill asked me to post some info on an alternative to the A-Rig that I have been throwing for over 20 years. I had written an online article about it about 15 years ago but could not find the original article so here are the highlights: Double Fluke Rig: A double fluke rig allows you to fish two separate baits on one rod, it is most effective in the spring but has produced winter through early summer. The rig can be fished weightless when fish are suspended in shallow water or high in the water column or by adding nail weights, split shot or belly weighted hooks I’ve had success as deep as 25’ deep. The beauty of the rig is it’s slow fall and weedless properties. It is very effective when fish are holding in and around the tops of cedar trees and other cover where A-Rigs and jerkbaits can hang up. It’s also cheap, all of the components cost less than a buck or two as compared to $25 jerkbaits and $15+ all in on A-rigs. The draw back to the rig is it doesn’t cover water very quickly, much like fishing a jerkbait you have to be patient for the rig to be effective. It falls slow, even when weighted and the retrieve requires patience, allowing the bait to fall between jerks or twitches. Rigging You’ll need a couple of 4/0 EWG hooks, a couple of small crane swivels about 36” of 10# fluorocarbon and a bag of flukes (I like white, but whatever you have confidence in). Take 12” of fluorocarbon tie a hook on one end and a swivel on the other Take the remaining fluorocarbon and tie the other hook and swivel on the ends Run your main line from your rod (more on the rod / reel / line in a minute) through the eye of the swivel on the shorter leader. Don’t tie it to the line allow it to slide up and down the main line. Tie the main line to the swivel on the longer leader. Rig your flukes on the hooks and you’re ready to go A weightless rig will sink about a foot every two seconds, with nail weights about a foot a second, small split shot a little faster. (all on 10# fluorocarbon main line) I like to use a 7’ medium heavy rod with either a fast or very fast tip, high speed bait cast reel and 10# fluorocarbon line. Working the Rig Cast the rig toward the bank or cover, allow it sink to the desired depth on a semi slack line ( you’ll get a lot of bites on the initial fall) then retrieve with a series of twitches and pauses back to the boat. In warmer water work the bait faster in colder water slower. When you hook up take your time playing the fish, if there are other fish in the area there is a high probability of doubling up once fish is hooked. The bait is most effective in the spring but I have had success in the winter around trees and other cover and again in the heat of the summer around large boat docks. A double fluke rig is a good alternative to an A-Rig, I personally have used it in tournaments that don’t allow A-Rigs but make sure to check with tournament officials before using it.
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    Bill Babler

    Guide Service

    Quick weigh-in on the topic. Never feel responsible to give a guide a tip. A tip is a very subjective thing. It is really not how well you do or how well he does but just how you feel about the day. Guides use guides. We use them where ever we go, from Alaska to Colorado to Florida to Louisiana to Texas. My criteria is preparation. How well does this guy or gal know the body of water and how much information and in what manor do they give it to you. How does he present him or herself and what is the quality of their equipment weather it be new or old including boat and gear. Is the guide punctual and has a plan in mind? I want to learn more than just about fishing, I want to know about the area and a bit about the guide. I want to ask their opinion about seasonal patterns not just at the moment we are fishing. If you are quiet, most often the guide will be quiet right with you. Ask questions and you will 99% of the time get quality answers. I don't have very many trips as a guide that I don't pick up a tip or two from a client. You should pick up a bushel from the guide. 99% of the time trout or fly fishing guides do not fish. They are either on the oars or positioning you in the right locations. 90% of the time pan fishing guides or saltwater guides will fish. Some at the invitation of the client, most thru necessity to correct changing patterns and baits throughout your trip. On the White River system it is almost impossible to get front ended by a guide. Yes under some circumstances it can happen, but most often this is not target fishing, it is open water fishing. I only know of a couple of guides here that will take some advantage and fish hard. Every fish you catch, I catch, so for me it works great if you catch them all. It is also a big joke and a laughing point to tell the buddies that the guide caught 1 and you caught a dozen. Not a trip goes by that I will have a client say "No one ever told me or showed me that before." In a lot of situations you can tell and tell and tell, but if you show someone it gets their attention. It is never and I mean never any one thing big, it is a multitude of very small little things that make us more successful. Most of us want to teach you one more little thing or 1/2 dozen if that's possible. On the Rock, it is not only what we use but how we use it. Technique is important in everything we do as is our equipment. Only a certain percentage of my clients will fish live bait. Most want to learn how to present and use artificial bait on Table Rock. In the past week, I have had trips that I got zero tip and I have had trips that I got enormous tips. Two different trips out of our Lodge. I took a couple fly fishing this past week. The wife caught 20 and her husband caught 27 all rainbows. Probably one of the nicest best trips I've had in 2016. I cleaned 8 rainbow trout for them that were simply magnificent. The other also out of the Lodge. I preformed way above my pay grade and the fish more than helped me as on this 3 person trip we caught and released 40 rainbows and these folks had never fished much before. All on artificial. No tip on either trip. Last Monday I took a bass trip with 3 guys from Florida. We had a decent trip, but nothing to write home about. I think they had 7 or 8 each, all on artificial. Decent day, but they gave me $200.00 each, tip over the guide trip price. One of them saying there was no way I could make a decent living with the equipment I had and what I was charging for a 1/2 day trip. Said the same trip in Florida was twice the price. I have other folks ask why we charge so much to take them fishing. It is all perspective. The guides here on the Rock are not getting rich in comparison to our brothers and sisters elsewhere in the country. Most are just hoping for a great life meeting super fantastic folks and guiding them to the best day they can on the water. Most of us have investments in equipment ranging in the mid-six figures and it really has to be that way to be competitive in todays market. Everyone wants to fish with the biggest baddest and best. Hardly a bass trip I take from a new client that he or she wants to know what boat I drive and what kind of gear I have. Most even want to know the tow truck. Lots goes into being a fishing guide, and doing it the right way. If you feel your guide did it the right way regardless of the total number of fish on the trip and you feel he qualifies I will guarantee you that he or she will appreciate that 10% or what ever you deem is right for the day. Our slogan is we never expect it and always appreciate it. Good Luck
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    Current Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 6-30-16 White River Outfitters Guide Service It all started innocent enough with a swirl and a swing and miss as the Big Kentucky charged the 90 series Whopper Plopper, don't know if her vision was blurred from a late night with the boys or just mistook the speed of the projected food item. Didn't matter as she came back with a vengeance the second time and just "Bone Jarred It." Water blew in every direction and the Daiwa Steez sang line thru the guides of the Falcon Cranker. It was not what she thought or hoped it was. The durn thing had stickers and she had a face full that she really did not want. Kind of like a Griz. grabbing a Porky, Just not what she expected. This was a tricky catch as there were lots of deep dock cables to be avoided and the big spotted fish had in mind to get home to them. Kris played it cool and kept the pressure on. A couple of simi-deep runs and a pole vault jump and this beauty was posing for the OA forum. All this action is now located at your local water park, ie Table Rock Lake. Post spawn fish of abnormal size and color are now organizing a free for all feed bag. Not everywhere and today at times we struggled but, if you can find the right "Hidey Hole" you can for sure Zara in on some super spotted bass fishing. In the past week, I have fished from Leatherwood Creek to Long Creek and the only formula that changes is the depth. Deep fish at Eagle Rock are 20' to 30' and deep fish from Baxter to Long Creek are 35 to infinity. And I mean it. Bill Beck today had close to 20 keeper spots off very deep trees. He was sitting in 106. That for you Shallow guys and gals is One Hundred Six Feet Deep. He had his clients lines marked at 40' to fish the tops of bluffend trees, where the bait was a couple of feet above the tops. He said today he saw fish rising from as deep at 70' in the trees to eat his drop shot. I get dizzy and sea sick both just thinking about it. I'm starting most morning with a really good topwater bite. I was told about a Zillion times that there was none at the dam. Wrong, we blew up at least 15 this morning. It is early however, as the last topwater deal there was at 7 AM. We then had to dive, dive, dive to get em. most all at 35' suspended and nothing on the bottom. White River from Baxter up, use your electronics on the bluffends and the long points to find them. Start out as deep as 100' and work your way in letting your electronics light your way. This past week, we have had lots of K's from 17 to 19 inches and it is the second best time to catch a big gal besides the pre-spawn. Surface temps lakewide have settled into the 85 degree range and the water is clearing more and more everyday. It is very fishable. Most all our fish are coming early on the Whopper Plopper and then the drop shot, slab spoon or the Dixie Jet flutter spoon. You may have to look at least a dozen location to find a school of fish. I and most of the guides do not waste a minute casting to a flat screen, you have to see surface fish activity or see them with your underwater peepers to put on the brakes. You want to catch a big Kentucky? Get on out there. Right Now!!!!
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    Bill Babler

    Put on the Thinking Cap

    Guys, we are starting to hear and really have all Winter heard of a shallow bite. Yes there has been one. We see a few fish being posted caught on a RC or an A-Rig or any of the bottom baits and I really think we are pushing in a little to early and a little to fast. We are on the fringe of staging time. This is grub swimming, stickbait fishing and A-Riggin at its best. Trouble is you need to fish where the fish are, not just set in and start down a bank. I'll put this in print right now, I have not fished down a stretch of bank on TR in the last 20 yrs. I just don't do it and I see folks do it all the time and then they whine when they are not catching them. Even our resident shallow fishermen like Champ and Donna who may fish shallow, do not for the most part just fish down a bank. They are fishing locations, cuts and pockets. He is moving and shaking and trying his best to fish productive water. Most often just fishing a bank or fishing shallow is not it. Why would you pull onto a location, and then just throw down the trolling motor and start cranking and winding? If the bank is 500 yrds why do you assume that they are there and for that matter where are they on that stretch of similar depth and structure? For me. every cast that a client throws and does not catch a fish is time. Time is all you have and it is so fleeting that you need to utilize it for the most production. Every time I catch a fish, I extend the amount of fishing time I make on that location, weather it be changing a bait and fishing differently or just expanding the area I'm fishing. I don't make repeated cast in a location hoping to activate the fish or hope that I get lucky. I'm from Missouri, they need to show me and show me pretty quick. We are getting ready to see some very nice weights come to the scales in the local tournaments, these will not be bank fish. These will be transition fish. These will be fish that are suspended or staging off the spawning banks. Guys, suck it up and move out a bit. How many of you are stopping at locations and making a cast that if you did that 3 consecutive throws end to end you would not hit the bank? Right now, is the very best time to use that high dollar TV that is sitting getting dusty on the bow and console of your boat. Almost every cove mouth and runnout still has pole timber located sometimes a 100 yrds. off shore. This time of the year the fish will move into these location and rise in the water column and start moving or staging toward the spawning pockets. Not so much moving toward the bank, but moving up in the water and cruising. From Eagle Rock to the Dam these locations are everywhere. Look for these big multi finger coves. Anyone that believes one side of the lake is better than the other is off his or her rocker. I have heard fish the East Shore as the West sun warms it faster. Not happen here. You find the right location and it will be on either side of the lake, makes no difference. Don't make it harder than it is. We are all seeing now that the coldest water on the lake is producing the most fish. Clarity and breeze here is more important than temperature. Don't fall in love with thinking you are seeing lots of fish and just not making them bite. You want real heart ache, go down to Bull Shoals and your graph looks like a Christmas Tree 12 months out of the year. You see lots of birds flying and on the water and then see fish on your graph in huge numbers, 99.9 percent of the time you are looking at gizzard shad. Once the bass move off the bottom they disperse for the most part and its very uncommon to see schools. Most often you will see multiple singles moving thru the water column from 10' to 50'. Hopefully in the 15' to 25' range suspended as if you are seeing them and you are out from the banks a couple of casts, that means they are also between you and the bank. THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE ON THE BOTTOM. Someone mentioned Rock Creek in a post today. Those fish are biting. The runnout from the Rock Creek Bluffend goes out within 200 yards of the bluffend on the up lake side. That cut falls off into 90' of water that is the main channel and also the main channel that goes into Rock Creek and the big cove that is just upstream. RPS, don't kill me for this. How many of you all are stopping out there with the boat in 90' and throwing up on the end of that pole timbered bluffend? How many of you are sitting your boat in the channel in over 100' and throwing up on that bluffend from the bouy out to the end of the runnout ? Those are major staging locations, as the fish move from the main lake to the big Rock Creek and its big Spawing coves. Up the White River from Big M, how many of you are fishing the river channel edges? There are miles and miles of timbered channel edges that still hold fences stumps, trees and brush. Again, Sorry RPS. Use your electronics to see and follow the channel. There are ditches and cuts that you can see on your map that are just unreal this time of the year. One of the best is above the bridge at 86. Your boat can be sitting in 55' of water and you are throwing into 25 ft. right on the channel edge. There are fantastic fish up there. Won't always catch them, but you have a chance. Places like this hold late Winter and staging fish, They are not always there and it is for sure a good place to get caught up in the pole timber, but it is also a place to catch a fish of a lifetime. Put your thinking cap on and think outside the box for the next month and catch yourself the biggest fish you have ever caught on the Rock. Good Luck I
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    I haven’t posted in a while. But, yesterday’s outing was a big one for me. I launched in the afternoon and jetted through pelting rain to chase smallies. The conditions seemed good for some bigger fish to be out feeding. And, the Meramec River did not disappoint. On consecutive casts, I caught a 20.25” and then a 20.5”, breaking my previous Meramec PB of 20” and 4.2#. My scale decided to not work, so I don’t have weights on these two fishThe bigger one looked like a real warrior—it’s jaws were scarred up and had a bunch of holes. What did I catch them on, you ask? The new HD Hellgrammites (green pumpkin) on a shakey head jig. I bought a few packs at Denny Dennis in Fenton. So, thanks Tackle HD for helping me catch (and release) truly awesome fish! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Outside of Saturday on Taney, I have been on the Rock the past week most everyday launching either out of Shell Knob or Baxter and fishing up to about Viney, which I see is now open for business. Surface temps are ranging from 84 degree early to 88 in the middle of the day or at least by 11 as that has been my quitting time most days. Traffic has not been a problem except for the Kids Camp at Twin Rivers. They are out pulling tubers before 6 am. One quick rant and then I'm on with the report. I'm going to blame them but if not I will say I'm sorry in advance. Last Thursday morning I was the first boat at the Shell Knob ramp and there were 8 spotted bass floating up and banging on the ramp. I should have carried them off but I didn't as my client got there while I was still in the mad mode. I'm sure it was the Wednesday night derby. After I got back from my trip around 10am there was someone taking photographs of them. Don't know who or what as they jumped in their car as I was still in my boat approaching the ramp. This made news or totally made someone else mad besides me. If I had a dollar for all the fish that has been killed on Wednesday night over the past 30 yrs. out of Shell Knob, I could retire. I have heard folks say they have gotten better, but last Thursday was an embarrassment if it was the tournament event on Wednesday night that killed those fish. Fish from Baxter to Viney Creek are still biting and its not hard to catch 30 to 50 on a guide trip with or without live bait. They are hitting a drop shot worm as well or even better at times than a crawler. Top bite is hit and miss but I'm catching them really well on a flutter spoon in the same places that usually hold top water fish. You can see most of these fish and they are at times pushing to the top and at times just holding at the thermocline between 20' and 30' suspended. I've been catching them by the dozen out in front of the big docks with at least 75' of water at the ends. Had 7 this morning off a deep dock and a NO Wake Bouy, including two 3 plus lb. LM. You can also catch them swimming a 3.3 Keitech right now the same place as the Flutter Spoon, and also off the long runouts up the White and Kings River. Also had a nice walter come in on the Keitech this morning, to client and friend Jack Swank. Further up the White you get the better the jig bite is. It is also really good from Baxter to Big Creek. Unlike Bo, I'm using a huge Nicholes Craw and catching big SM on it, along with some quality spots, Go Figure. Most of these fish are in the 18' to 25" dragging on the bottom, much like a C-Rig. Using either a 5/16 or 3/4 Pig Sticker FB jib in GP or Brown to do the damage. Best Craw color as been Texas Craw. Best top water has been the WP 110 in Loon, and the best color for the Keitech as been Pro blue Shiner. I'm also using either a 4" Yamamoto cut tail in Brown/Purple or a watermelon Chompers DSW. These fish seem to move everyday from location to location so If they are not where you left them yesterday, look on the next runnout. If I could think of any more information than that you would know more than I do. On the other hand knowing more than I do is still not all that much. Good Luck out there. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Took a 3 day float down a river with some great friends in search of a few fish, a great gravel bar to camp on, and the perfect margarita. I do believe we scored on all three. Two of us blew out of Springburg on Friday morning. Along the way we gathered up friends from both the East and West edges of the state. We met up with the shuttle Goddess and took her, one of her hands, and all three vehicles to the put in. Luckily they didn't take all three vehicles back at that point because just as we were about to push off it was determined that somebody left their rods in their truck. So away a couple of them went to retrieve those. Gave me plenty of time to get everything like I wanted and then we hit the water. Most of this is just a photo dump with a few comments thrown in. There were some 17 to 18 inch fish caught but I wasn't one of the lucky ones. I still had a huge smile on my face most of the time though. It should also be noted that the two biggest fish came on the fly. The fishing wasn't great the whole time but there were moments that it was really on fire and it did not matter what you were throwing. We caught fish on the bottom, in the middle and up on top. From plastics to flies everything worked when they were on. Did I mention amazing gravel bars for camping? Friday night at this camp I stuck a nice fish on a Wiggle Minnow on the fly rod. It was putting a bend deep into the 8 wt. I finally managed to get it out of some current and up over a submerged log. I thought it was game on for big fish awards. I was completely amazed and embarrassed when I saw the size of that fish. It's truly amazing how much of a fight these fish have in them. How about great scenery? Saw a few more stars in the sky than what I usually do in town. A few shooting stars. Possibly a UFO. This has instantly became one of my favorite pictures. It will make it to my office wall. Not many shots get that honor. And then it was over. Lots of beauty and great adventures in our Ozarks. Get out and get you a piece of it. It's worth the memories that will last a lifetime.
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    Dewayne French

    Elite Solo & the Open

    First off let me say I will try and not make this to long and a big thanks to all the guys and ladies on this site for their unbiased going on's with this great lake we have. I have been a OA member for several years and even post from time to time, normally I fish Nofork/Bull. These highland lakes with their beauty and humbling fishing characteristics make it a challenge. Everyone always denotes fishing to putting those dang jig saw puzzles together as kid, Well I wasn't good at that and I like CATCHING better than fishing any day. I have been on Table Rock for about 9 days stright since the 23rd of Feb fishing Webb's Elite Solo Feb 25/26 and then the Open and I will be quite honest I struggled to put the winning pattern together in either one. I'm not a grub fishing dude I have never gotten that down (BUT I KNOW THAT IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO) to catch them this time of year if the A-Rig isn't in play and love to fish a crankbait this time of year. As I had a sammich with Champ & Donna before my elite solo (She can make A great Sammich BTW) after I had been on the water a few hours & yes we where not around the lower end. After my solo tournament and finishing mid pack with the crankbait and Jerkbait I realized I needed to go to the clear water and try the Grub thing. After a couple of days of riding around all the boats from KC to Long Creek bridge and catching some quality I wasn't satisfied with my practice and ran back to my Crankbait & Jerkbait fish and started catching numbers and Quality mixed in with out the boat pressure I was seeing down the lake. I made the decision to make a long run to above Eagle rock for the Open and knew I wouldn't have the pressure as I would down the lake and If I could get lucky I could end up with a good kicker up there on the crank/JB. Day 1 after arriving to my first spot and then second spot with out a keeper and very few shorts. I rotated back through and began catching quality on a Gizit, I was always told by my Dad to never leave fish to find fish. These fish where not going to be moving a along way (they can not go that far up there) so I had to adjust my bait and presentation and Boom a limit, but without a kicker I left early to make the run back and try some clear water spots (just shorts), ended up in 50th place after day 1. Day 2 dawned still cold and bundled up for that long run again, but this day was my long day and I could stay until 3:15 before I had to make the run back. I never finished out my limit even with the Ned I could only manage shorts, but I had the kicker a 4.5-5 lbr that helped boost me up to 36th and a nice check to help pay for my trip. I found water temps during these 9 days from 48 to even 60 on one of those shorts and flip flop afternoons. I never caught anything from the green algea/snot in the clear water and never caught anything from the 60 degree stained water either. I caught fish where shad was to places I didn't even graph a bait ball much less see any. Lures ranged from a Crankbait (WW/RC), Jerkbait, Gizit, Shaky head, Swing head, and yes the NED. Practice was more running and gunning, but on one of my best days of catching before the Solo I did have 27 fish with 7 of those keepers mostly the swing head and 2 custom Rock crawlers did the damage. The shorts also where not those little dinks most where just shy of the 15 inch mark. A good number of just sub legal fish where caught. During the rest of practice I didn't do a lot of catching just looking. The clear water fish I did catch were of good quality I just couldn't duplicate those in areas I thought I should have. I'm never a fishing in a crowd type of guy so I opted to go to the river and I avoided the crowds and actual had fishing areas to my self up there and I learned more about those fish and what they do and where they go up there. Thanks again to all you guys and gals I enjoy these highland lakes and trying to figure them out. We are blest with very good people on this site and if you see me out there on the water please come by and say hey. I run a Basscat and it always has Purple in it.
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