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    9/9 Evening in Coose

    Decides to spend an evening casting and went to Coose Hollow about 5-8pm. WT still at 85. Cast poppers at docks and shoreline down the west side. Would up with 5 spots but none over 12". The bluegills were really aggresive along most of the shore til about 10' out. Usually hit popper before the first move. Also very hot on any plastic thrown. Wound up hooking 5 really nice ones just under 8". Ate em'. Bass all came from docks. Saw a surface bite about mid-cove in the middle but only lasted about 5 minutes and was over by the time I slow trolled over. Drop dead beautiful evening. Lake pretty quiet. Watched a fox along the shore for a long time and a beaver swam so close he splashed water in the boat when he finally spooked. Really a nice night.
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    Best way to rig a Zoom Centipede

    Now we wait for the inevitable reply from the "woe is me" guy who has a new truck and bass boat but claims he can't afford to "waste" Centipedes by sticking two of them together.
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    Phil Lilley

    2011 Flood

    I'm putting together some images for a speaking engagement Saturday and came across these.
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    Greasy B

    Inspiration for Primrose and Pearl?

    That's what I kept telling the big trout swimming in the San Jaun River a couple of weeks ago, they weren't listening.
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    Steve McBasser

    9/6 Upper End

    Dang! That's a nice "mean mouth". My buddy Andy and I caught those things around Shell Knob about 10 years before the MDC would admit they existed. Awesome fish.
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    State Park Area 9/5

    Drone Dogs worked like a charm keeping you from the little green roofed dock. You stay out of there!
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    Sore Thumbs

    Funny Meme

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    Buck Creek Area 9/9

    Figured I was due for a report as I've been slacking with the high heat and high water. Got out this morning in the monsoon. Raining HARD! Water tempts between 79-83. Bushes still in 28FOW. Started throwing a buzzbait and spinnerbait shallow. About an hour and only a 10 in kentucky to show around a dock. Moved out deep rotating points. Found a couple productive ones. Fish seemed to either be just outside the deepest bushes or in the last bushes on the drop. One point gave up 9 keeper kentuckies. Several small browns as well. Fished mostly from 25 to 35ft. Jig, Swimbait, Dropshot. Usual suspects.
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    Matching the hatch is good to a point, but ALL fish are opportunistic feeders.
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    Hi Phil, yes I did. Thank you! That day, I lugged around a full frame camera with a 100mm macro lens. I normally carry a small Sony RX100m2 in my waders, which also takes good high-res macro pics. A pupa/adult fly project would be cool. I have photographs (varying quality) of several different pupa that I've come across. If you ever want a third hand to tag along with you and take pics of fish or bugs, let me know I often see this one wiggling it's way to the surface:
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    Tackle Warehouse Coupon

    For those of you that shop Tackle Warehouse, there is a promotional code, coupon, that saves you $5 off your purchase. No minimum purchase but you still have to pay shipping..... It worked for me.....FHABAQ214.
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    OK I'll spill it Stick two of them together (flat to flat with a cig lighter) and rig it sideways. Sick !
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    brother dave

    Fishing Labor Day

    We were fishing on Tuesday morning too. Dad and I Along with my nephew were having a pretty good time dragging scuds, 1/8 white jigs, ava night crawlers. We would run up to fall creek and drift down to trout hollow then repeat. We boated a nice number of bows and a half dozen browns, nothing really but stocker size. Did boat one 21in brown at the hole at fall creek, And managed a small electrical fire from the trolling motor plug at the same time as netting the brown. Then the rain hit and we went home soaked.
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    Some AGFC news

    Looking to revitalize AR bass fishing. http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2015/sep/10/agfc-eager-to-revitalize-fisheries-2015/
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    Friends in the right places

    An insult to special ed kids everywhere. Although I have been known to yell at high school sporting events, much to the dismay of my kids, who were on the playing field, and my wife, who generally moved away from me or told me to leave. So, old school coach might fit, albeit narrowly.
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    New to area, taking son fishing

    That area can be a little dicey at times if you don't know where to look for the shallow spots and submerged stumps. You probably should go down more to the middle of the lake, like Rouark or Mutton Creek.
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    Yeah I like those pics too. John, can you post up your P and P fly for me to see please? I did a goggle search all sorts of color combo's came up. I love catching stupid trout. Pete
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    Spoon guys

    David, for me it was the speed that you can fish them. I fish fast, its hard for me to slow down. Also watching the binks video on youtube a few months ago and seeing how effective they can be. It took me several trips but had I stuck with trying to learn the spoon instead of putting it down I don't think it would take as long. Its also a reaction bite. So you can catch fish that arnt actively feeding.
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    Best way to rig a Zoom Centipede

    When at home, I use a regular old cheap-o soldering iron to create the occasional crime against nature looking soft bait. Those tips on the wormizers are way too fragile.
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    College Football

    Yeah the only reason that I can accept it is because of the funds that the smaller schools receive. That pretty much makes their season. But with that good comes a lot of bad. There has to be a better way.
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    Fishing higher flows tomorrow

    Yep, y'all were both spot on. I think we could have caught a lot more fish if we'd have focused on sticking to the slack water and jigging it, but I was determined to get a big fish. Ironically the biggest fish I landed was a really pretty 17" rainbow on the first drift. We probably caught 25 or 30 between the two of us, most of which were small (all smaller than the 17"), but there were quite a few fish with full fins that had been in the river a while mixed in there. We caught most fish on jerkbaits because that's what we threw all day, but we did catch a few on jigs in the C&R area. It stormed like crazy on the way up there and rained lightly on us for the first hour or two of the trip. I thought that might help the big fish bite, but it didn't. We did manage to locate a few groups of really nice fish. We fished to them on multiple drifts. Each time they would charge the jerkbait down, maybe dart back and forth a few times, but we couldn't get them to eat. Finally I had one come out of nowhere and it just engulfed my jerkbait, but it came right towards me. I reeled as fast as I could so I could stick it, and before I got any pressure on the line, it jumped straight up out of the water and threw my bait right back at me. I swear it came six feet out of the water - I've never seen one jump so high. It looked to be a really long and lean brown. It was a big fish for sure. We had a bunch of heart stopping moments when big ones would charge our baits, but that was the only one that bit. You're right Joe, they must have all the food they want right now. They were definitely frisky and would chase the bait around, but as soon as they got a look at it they wouldn't bite. I threw at least three different jerkbaits, and my buddy threw two or three different ones. Same results all the way around. Maybe the big fish bite is better on a faster rise, or early in the rise?
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    Oddly enough big flatheads love them too.
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    Best way to rig a Zoom Centipede

    I thought I was being slick when I bought a "Wormizer" ($32.00) years ago, but it didn't take long to figure out that I was now spending more on AA batteries than I would have on more worms and plastics. A bic lighter does the same job way better anyway.
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    Thursday September 10, 2015

    According to Albert Einstein fisherman all tend to be insane, myself included. LOL.
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    I tied a lime green blob once to imitate power bait, but it did not work.
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    Inspiration for Primrose and Pearl?

    Uhhhh....yes you can and yes they will. Seen it happen too many times for it to be a fluke. Sure something that resembles part of their diet is surely going to produce better results.
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    brother dave

    Teal In Small Creeks/Rivers?

    I have had some luck for teal on the Missouri, the Mississippi and lakes (like Mark twain, Thomas hill and table rock) But generally do better in the shallows in bottom land swamps, like Ted Shanks, eagle bluffs, mtc, Columbia bottom and bk leach. On the smaller creeks and rivers I loose sight of them in the background, so unless they decoy down I don't get a shot.
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    A couple questions about the Current

    Put in at Pulltite on sunday floated about 15 miles before setting up camp on a perfect gravel bar. Spent less time fishing than I'd of liked due to having to paddle the canoe with all of the gear. Caught 6 smallmouth 13-17 inch range below round spring. All came on 1/4 buzzwait. There were not many people on the water which seemed pretty strange considering the holiday. Monday floated the last 12 miles down to two rivers. I hooked up with something really big and brown above jerktail, before losing it. It felt huge. Overall, I wish I could have fished more but spending the night on a gravel bar in the ozarks can't be beat. Sorry for no pictures, I'm gonna have to figure out how take fish selfies some day.
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    Phil Lilley

    Old Dead Brown

    A friend from KC shared this on FB. This is his son Chris posing with the brown we found dead just above our dock in either 1998 or 1999.
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    ? re monte ne ramp

    With the water being high still, you can't use Beaver Shores yet and Rocky Branch and PC are always packed. Especially with a tournament. The tournaments are only rough if you're launching by yourself. If you have someone parking your rig while you drift off the trailer, it goes pretty easy and quick. I'm hoping the ski ttraffic will die down now that the holiday has passed.
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    Best way to rig a Zoom Centipede

    forgot to mention that especially with the water color we have now, I LOVE to dip the tails on the green pumpkin about a 1/4" or so in chartreuse dye.
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    I think MoSmallie deserves a new Avatar!
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    Hahahaha. ....I caught one on the Missouri River once and like a dumbass tried to lip it. Sweet report and you're guy's cove is a killer fishery in itself.
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    Labor Day Weekend Fishing

    Took my brother-in-law out saturday to a part of the lake he hasn't fished yet. We put in at Cow Creek and fished from the dam back to the launch site before the boats got wild and crazy. To say the least the fish are very scattered but if you cover enough water you can catch a few. We caught 15 fish only 3 being spotted bass and the rest were largemouth. Did have 6 keepers. All fish were caught on squarebills. Monday I had the pleasure to take my neighbors out to the lake. They have only fished from the bank so this was going to be a new experience for them. Fished Kings river, and had them throwing rooster tails and I don't know how many bluegil/fish that they ended up catching. They were grinning from ear to ear all day long. Besides the bluegil there were a bunch of 12 inch largemouth and spotted bass that pulled their on the lines as well. If you want to catch alot of fish go up the kings and throw a little squarebill or roadrunner/roostertail. The quality hasn't showed up there yet but there are alot of undersized hungry fish up there biting. Good luck.
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    Al Agnew

    College Football

    I know it was a vanilla game plan, and that Boehm and Hansbrough were out, but geez, it looked like the o-line simply got pushed around by an FCS team. I don't care what kind of game plan it is, the o-line should have been opening up holes for whoever was running the ball against those guys. The holes weren't there. That was my one big concern while watching the game. Mauk's play wasn't great, but a lot of it was receivers dropping balls and running the wrong route, and even poor pass protection at times. His interception was horrible, but I suspect he simply thought his receiver could outfight that kind of opposition for the ball--I'm not sure he makes that stupid decision against an SEC defense. Lock looked very good, but this WAS a vanilla game plan against an FCS team--Lock has yet to see a good D-1 defense, or have to use the whole playbook on a good D-1 offense.
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    Mitch f

    Monster Canadian Musky

    The guy was 84 years young! The Musky was 60"
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