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    Bass Enforcer

    Nice one today

    I decided to drive down for the day to get my fix. Unfortunately there is no medicine for the kind of withdrawls I've been having with not getting to fish since 4th of July. Fishing was pretty rough for me today. But did end up catching a few keepers with a nice 6lb lm. My arsenal consisted of square bill cranks, spoon, jig and drop shot. If I was able to graph them up I could usually catch a few out of the herd. Primarily fished larger Creek arms and docks back in those same creeks with a spoon. I did fish the bank with a light weight jig or the square bill and caught a few, but of course the better bite for me was deeper. Any where from the 28 fow to 80 feet of water with the fish mostly concentrated around 35 fow of water. Flipping the spoon in the boat stalls or just on the outside of them or the fronts of the docks. Seldom did I let the spoon hit the bottom in the stalls. I used pretty aggressive Jerks in the stalls but they seemed to like the short popping technique when they were suspended out in the open water when I was vertically fishing for them. Probably all old news for everyone but thought i would share my stories. Good luck to all
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    Fishing with my son

    Been having a blast this last year teaching my 3 year old how to fish. He caught this Bluegill all by himself today from casting to hook set and reeling it in. We have lost a pole in the process (I was not clear enough that let go meant the button to release the line and not the entire pole) many flies, and two packages of weighted bobbers he couldn't resit throwing into the water. His favorite fish is a "Golden Shiner one" as there are boatloads of them in our pond. After a recent trip to Cabelas he really wants to catch a Catfish and a "Big Mouth Bass." Most nights he practices casting with my old fly rod and I pick up the line and pretend I am fish so can reel me in. I am sure the neighbors get a good laugh. My favorite moment was when he corrected my wife for using to much wrist in her cast and then demonstrsted how it was done. Proud dad moment as I joked he was a better student...that went over well.lol. Anyway, after his bath tonight he sat on my lap and did some thread wraps. Told me I was best friend and would I take him to the river this weekend. My wife and are ver lucky to have him and his little brother who loves to fish in the bath tub.
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    Terrin Garber

    Between Baxter and Cambells

    picture of my buddy with one of the white bass
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    They aren't a boat you want to own....unless you are a guide. I'd much rather be a client in a drifter than a client in a Jon boat.
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    What's Cooking?

    I had forgot about Wayne's corn technique. Miss that guy.
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    Pointers for stockton lake

    I have been fishing for white bass in the fall for many years at the 245 bridge area unless the water is too high. There is a gravel parking lot and a trail leading down to the water. Sliders, swimming minnows. and 1/8 oz rooster tails are the most productive lures for me. You will need a medium action spinning rod and real. The action usually starts late September early October and will continue until killing frost. CC area and High Point are back up locations. If you go to High Point you might try turning left at the T by the old church and walking down to the points (the road gets a little rough) Welcome to the Ozarks and Good Fishing to you.
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    What's Cooking?

    A few years back, WayneSWMO posted a technique for shucking corn. It was new to me at the time. Microwave 3 minutes, cut off the stem end and squeeze out the cob. Works like a charm. Grill's been getting a workout due to the heat. Thick-cut pork chop with Montreal steak seasoning, zucchini with lemon pepper and silk-free corn on the cob. Easy, tasty, lo-cal, no mess.
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    Funny how the brain works when you are preoccupied or flustered. Like throwing a pair of perfectly good pliers overboard into the water instead of the 13" fish in your other hand. Or walking around your house asking where the heck is my cell phone or car keys and they are in your hand. Doh!
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    Terrin Garber

    Between Baxter and Cambells

    Caught 10 fish this morning on a gravel flat 30-40 ft of water with fish suspended at 20ft Drop Shot and Spoon two white bass and a walleye for the frying pan as well I am new to the forum. I work as an Assistant Director at the Youth Camp with the Cross between Cambell and Baxter. If you see a young man (I'm 23) fishing in a 94' Charcoal Champion come say hello I would love to meet some fishing pals... Also, thank you for the reports... I will do my best to share my knowledge from this part of the lake
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    TR for the weekend. Ongoing

    Hit the water around 1:00am, nice and quiet, 3rd cast and got lit up by a nice brown. Fmcbrandon caught a nice smallmouth and a nice colored up little bow. Wish we had some more moon light, and the fog is thick as soup. I'll take quality over quantity any day of the week too!
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    Chief Grey Bear

    Thanks for nothing MDC

    Sorta hard to argue against their management plan when you keep posting pics of monster fish.
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    The only way I would ever want a drift boat is if it came with a GPS controlled programmable automatic rowing machine.
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    Fishing with my son

    Stillfisher, I am pretty sure we have ALL been there. If the snoopy type poles ever re-produced you couldn't drive through the lakes there would be so many out there, they would be an invasive species.
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    It doesn't take much fuel pressure to keep 3 carb bowls full. If the primer bulb never gets hard then either the bulb is bad or there is a leak somewhere (hose, pump diaphragm, or needle valve). When priming an outboard always point the arrow on the bulb skyward to push any trapped air out of it. I actually have the fix for the typical hard starting cross-flow Johnson/Evinrudes, but it took me years to figure it out, and since not even the factory manuals describe a cure I've elected to keep it a secret and make money off of it.
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    I like the way this guy thinks

    Overworked public defender uses power to recruit any attorney in the state, and he picks Nixon
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    I like the way this guy thinks

    I will call you out on this one. I don't normally react to your anarchy remarks, but in this case they are wrong and demeaning. Public defenders are paid less than lawyers working in firms, they have no budget to investigate, and a caseload greater than the district attorneys' offices. Some go there for courtroom experience - you get that real fast. Some go seeking to do the right thing. The ones who stay more than a couple of years are committed. When I practiced, I was a regular appointee by the federal judges. I was in a position where I could not gracefully say no. I was paid $20 an hour up to a total of $1000 dollars for work where my normal rate was $100 to $200 an hour. Trust me on this, you do not go into indigent defense for the money.
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    Aug 3 on the Upper End

    Rather than post a new report with much identical information, I will add this report to yesterday's. Only 2 walleye today, 20 and 21 inches. We caught four sub legal walleye, many bluegill, bass upon bass, including two keeper large mouth and one keeper spot, and an oddity -> a mean mouth. Same depth and bait and speed. For you bass fisherman: the big flat at the mouth of the Roaring River is covered up with bass at 24 to 28 feet.
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    That's One Way to Lose a Tournament

    I like to lose them when they are about halfway back to the boat. I don't have to worry about livewells, weigh in bags, sand papered thumbs, and fish escaping the confines of whatever they are confined in. Bonus is I can tell the "I would have won if I had landed that huge bass" story back at the weigh in.
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    Spoon Feeder

    Throwing out an idea

    Fishing guides are on the lake almost every day and after 20 to 30 years they are loaded with information on how to find and catch fish. I always thought it would be awesome for experienced guides to put on two day fishing seminars including the fishing. I talked to Darrel of Bink's Guide Service about this and he was open to the idea. He said he could handle five boats following him. It would be a combination of seminars and live fishing. Darrell would be able to make a bit more than his normal guide fees and you would be able to have two great days of fishing and learning for less than you would pay for a guided trip. I would appreciate your feedback on this idea, if enough are interested I will look into all the costs. It would include all lodging and food. You would bring your own boat. It would be based on two people per boat and cabin. Extra people the cost would only go up by the cost of the food for the extra person so if you could share a boat and cabin with two people besides yourself the cost per person would be lower. If this sounds interesting to you post here and also what you think a reasonable price for this would be per person. This would be on Lake Norfork and if the idea is successful we would do this three or four times per year so you can learn the various strategies to catch stripers.
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    Don't Forget to Count Your Fish.

    A buddy and I went fishing a week ago Sunday at a local lake. It was hot. We anchored up the boat under some trees with a good point dropoff in front of us. Fishing with chicken livers, we caught 7 nice 3-5 lb channel cat. It started heating up and we pulled off the lake. I went home with the catch in the livewells to clean fish. We had a great mess of catfish for supper. Last Thurs, while loading up the kayaks for a Spring River trip, I smelled something foul. At first I just thought it was the trash cans. Better half makes a statement, "it smells like it is in the boat". I lifted the cover and raised the seat over the back livewell and was greeted by an awful smell, flies, and a mess. When I was taking the fish out of the livewells, there was still a lively one that resisted being caught in that livewell. I decided to let it drain out and went to the front livewell to get the ones in that one. With the heat bearing down on me, I forget to go back and get the one in the back. I let it ripen until today, I had to clean it out before this weekend. It has melted down to a gray runny mess with maggots and some bones. I puked twice while I run water trying to flush out the mess. Used a pair of dollar store grabbers to get the bones out and tossed them. Flushed with detergent and dumped a box of baking soda in to get rid of the smell. YUK
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    Aug 3 on the Upper End

    Went out at 6 AM with two friends of over 40 years. Marsh and Gene visit every three or four years and let me pretend I am a guide. Fortunately, I got lucky today. I did not fish but spent the time driving, baiting, and coaching. The two of them caught 5 keeper walleye at three locations. The small fish in the picture is 18.5 inches. The large fish is 24.5 inches. The terrible part is that they will expect to do as well tomorrow. Water temp 88. Fish depth 25 to 30 feet. Nightcrawler harnesses at 1.2 mph. Edges and changes locations.
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    What's Cooking?

    I have brined pork chops before, but these chops were bone-in and had some fat. The thin, lean, boneless loin chops are easy to dry out.
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    Bass fishing high, muddy water

    Go flip/pitch shallow cover with a Black/Blue jig or creature bait. Or try a colorado bladed spinnerbait or chatterbait.
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    2014 Jackson Cuda 12

    Like most things that go on sale here that I wish I could buy but don't have the cash.
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    snagged in outlet 3

    Aug 3 on the Upper End

    There's always cooking
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    I was just going to say the same thing. Planning on putting some seeds in the ground this weekend, should pretty much guarantee a drought thru about November, lol.
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    What's Cooking?

    I make pork chops fairly often and they are never dry or tough. Make sure they are fairly thick. Season (Bad Byron's Butt Rub) and place on a hot fire. I like to sear them over a really hot fire and then move them to the side to finish. Then pull them off when they are done and wrap in foil until everything else is ready.
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    I would Love to have one, they are great to fish out of....Just need someone to row the darn thing while I fish. Have a buddy in Libby, MT and another in Alaska who "love" to row and run a boat.... not me but sure enjoy fishing while they do. g
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    I had a buddy that bought a drift boat for Ozark stream and tail-waters. He couldn't sell that tub for two years. Hated it.
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    I dunno..... From a Jon boat I can do it for a mile or so, then I need a break. From the back of a drifter I can comfortably do it all day long. And I'm not constantly stepping on my line. One thing that nobody takes into consideration when flyfishing from a boat is the elevation of your feet. Flyfishing from a raised deck is a hindrance (unless you are on your knees). To do it "right" you really need your feet to be level or slightly below the water surface. There's a reason why the word "angle" is in the word Angler.
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    The story I read, it was a protest move because Nixon withheld funding to the Public Defender Program. Since Nixon was a former Attorney General, he was the obvious first pick. He is to be tasked to defend a felony thief I believe, but his name is being withheld from the public. I really don't see any problem, Nixon is a public servant with a law license. He should just serve his time like anyone else.
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    Chief Grey Bear

    I like the way this guy thinks

    Just wanted to make sure everyone was paying attention. Or it's auto correct fault? Or I didn't pay attention to what my thumb was typing. Im going with the last one!
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    Mitch f

    I like the way this guy thinks

    Sorry, I don't know of anyone in this forum who wears make up unless they're female. Who you been hangin out with???
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    I've been known to express my opinion on a subject. Not so much anymore. We used to have great discussions here. Those days are long gone. You have to walk lock step with a couple of rouge groups. No worries about apologizing. I have a great deep respect for you. If you put me in line, I needed it.
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    Mitch f

    Just funny stuff

    Horrible, this may blemish the Cardinals history of greatness!!?
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    Sore Thumbs

    Color Poll

    Swimbait: pearl white and shad color with chartreuse stripe(for dirtier water) Grub: natural shad and natural shad Jig: brown jig with Beaver craw/purple skirt and beaver craw/orange skirt. Yamamoto twin tail trailer in special color that is green pumpkin with purple/orange/blue flakes.
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    I like the way this guy thinks

    I don't know anything about Nixon, or have an opinion on him. I know he's a democrat, but I don't care a hoot that. But it just tickles me to see a politician have to squirm
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    Several things need to be checked. First verify that the engine has acceptable compression. Then verify that the timer base (under the flywheel) is moving freely throughout the throttle movement range. Check the throttle cam roller on the carb linkage to see if the outer sleeve of the roller has deteriorated and fell off. Once those three things are either fixed or determined to be "ok", start it up on a hose and do a "cylinder drop test". This is done by allowing the motor to warm up at idle speed, then with insulated pliers remove the spark plug leads and reattach them one a time and compare the running attitude of the engine as each lead is removed. If removing any one plug wire causes a different reaction.....or no reaction at all then that cylinder has an issue that needs to be addressed. Could be a fuel or an ignition problem. After you've done the above report back and we'll go from there.
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    Mike jones

    Tuesday night jackpot results...

    We will run the Tuesday night jackpots until people quit showing up. Probably into September..not sure when the championship will be yet. Do know that it will be 7pm-2am on a weekend..and night fishing in late September and October can be phenomenal!!!
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    Color Poll

    I'm not even going to try.
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    Color Poll

    1. Keitech's rainbow shad or electric shad 2. Yamamoto's natural shad (Dave Barker once told me it's the only grub you need on TR --- good enough for me) or possibly green pumpkin 3. Jelly smoke or green pumpkin/orange --- both with green pumpkin trailer
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    The Homer Sloan derby on Oct. 1 is a good one. Reasonable entry fee includes a steak dinner for both partners. It's a fundraiser for the Shell Knob chamber and has been around for ages.
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    Wart 57

    Cape Fair 7/30

    Nice Day on the water. Fished 7/31 10 pm till sunrise. Great night on the water. Caught 3 keeps on 10" power worms fishing from the Bridgeport bridge to the flat creek bridge. Not many bites but 2 of the 3 were real nice fish. One was 24.5 inches and would estimate at 7.5 lbs and the other was a 23 incher. Roll off gravel points in 10 - 12 ft of water. Love that part of the lake this time of year at night. Good Fishing !!!
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    That's One Way to Lose a Tournament

    it is something that I have always been very cautious about over the years when getting bass out of the livewell. open the lid as little as possible. just because they did not escape from you getting them in the boat, does not mean they are not going to try to escape when given the opportunity. bo
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    Which river for first drift boat trip?

    In Ozark waters, one can stand on a jon boat with a trolling motor and cast a fly. With less work and less hassle. One won't look as picturesque, and needn't wear a bandanna around ones neck to complete the fishing tableau. But, you already have your albatross, so, good luck, and start rowing.
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    What's Cooking?

    Found a nice thick strip, grilled it and cut it into three pieces. One piece left for today's lunch. Some Cherokee Purple maters and corn from the City Market. Paired with OZV old-vine zinfandel, which is really good stuff and not too pricey. Oh, and that's some avocado salsa verde in the background, also from the City Market. Darn good stuff that I'm on a mission to reverse engineer
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    Table Rock

    Very nice! River fish will generally be river fish regardless of the heat.
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    fishing line

    Drew how well does the triple surgeons knot go through the guides. I am ready to try mono leaders on braid again but have had horrible luck with them slipping and coming undone. I have no issues with confidence in braid directly to a jig, just issues with abrasion against rocks etc. The braid just doesn't handle it as well.
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    Fished up the James on Thursday,put in at cape fair and it was pretty tough. Fish scattered and shallow. Thermocline around 20-25 feet. Caught all my fish shallow in less than 10ft of water. Crankbait and a shakey head. Fish were keying on bluegill, had 7 keepers all blacks. Biggest maybe around 3lbs, kept going back out deep and looking but never found a bite on a FB jig or big worm. I don't think they were running water which I'm going to guess was the reason they never set up deeper on the points and breaks. Lots of shad and fish would chase here and there but nothing steady. No topwater fish for me. Best of luck.
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