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    ozark trout fisher

    One Last Outing

    As you all know, next weekend is opening day of Firearms Deer season in Missouri. I've been hunting in the outside-the-fence portion of Peck Ranch Conservation area for a bit over a decade now. The hunting isn't especially good; it's always more of a surprise when a deer does end up in the back of the pick-up by the end of the weekend than if we go home empty. But it's beautiful. The smell of the shortleaf pine, the rocky glades on top of Stegall Mountain, the fog over the fields in Vermillion Bottoms on a November morning. If that place doesn't capture your heart it probably isn't beating. I am taking a natural-resources related position in Indiana, and start pretty soon. I've already got a new place, moved quite a bit of my stuff, the whole nine. It won't be all that different-it's still the midwest, after-all, there are still pretty, forested hills in the southern part of the state, there are still deer and turkey and smallmouth bass. It's a pretty comfortable transition. But it still is different, and given that I'll be an Indiana resident sooner than later (and who in their right mind chalks up the money for non-resident tags when there are big deer in your backyard?) this is probably the last time I hunt at Peck Ranch. And while you never know where life will take you, also probably the last time I'll be in the Ozarks, period, for quite awhile. You can say what you want about coming back, but there will be new streams, new hills, and bigger smallmouth bass. And Michigan and that steelhead and trout paradise just to the north. There are no guarantees I'll be back here for awhile, and honestly, I'm fine with that. But it's gonna be weird. Peck Ranch is always going to be the place where I shot my first deer, where I thought it was easy because it wandered right in front of me a few hours into the first day and stood stock-still, as if it were waiting for me. In the same watershed a few miles to the north, that is always going to be the place where I refined my fly-fishing technique, where I learned that even though glo-bugs and a strike indicator do work pretty well, there are actually other ways to catch trout. Eminence is always going to be the town where I stood under the bridge and happily caught smallmouth bass while my car with the hopelessly blown-out transmission was being worked on a few blocks over. These are things you don't forget. Anyway, I won't be thinking about any of that next weekend. I'll be enjoying the (hopefully) chilly morning, watching the sun rise, and then set, probably not causing the slightest bit of harm to any deer in the process. But when I drive away on Sunday afternoon, it's going to feel a bit different than it usually does.
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    dan hufferd

    Walleye 11/5/16

    Made it to the lake ! No bite all day until 4 pm. The sun peeked out from under the light cloud cover for about an hour, I had full sun and promptly caught a total of 7 walleye from 3 different locations. I was tough fishing. I am happy. I got called into work Sunday afternoon probably won't fish until next month. November walleye is in the boat !
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    Al Agnew

    Feral Hogs are getting out of hand

    Not only does hunting scatter the hogs, but it also makes the survivors almost impossible to kill; hogs are SMART critters and learn fast and well. I have no patience with a few things...guys that make no effort to figure out who is responsible for various policies and just knee jerk blames MDC for stuff that isn't their responsibility, guys that make no effort to actually find out WHY MDC makes various policy decisions, and guys that think that taking the sales tax money from MDC would be a good thing because it would make them somehow more responsive to whatever your pet peeve is with them. Get it through your head, dumping the sales tax means cutting MDC's budget by a whopping 60 percent! How do you think you'd be able to operate your business or household if your wages were cut by that amount? Oh, and one more thing...MDC isn't always right, no agency is. But if you're going to question one of their decisions, you better have some good reasons to think their science is wrong. Their science has shown that it's far more efficient and effective to remove hogs by trapping, and that hunting them is counterproductive. (And yes, Chief, I have what I think are some decent reasons to think that some of their decisions on stream smallmouth are wrong, before you jump on me about it
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    I was co-angler at Ft.gibson a few years back. It was during spawn. My boater had nuzzled in between 2 docks. I was face to face with outside walls of docks on both sides. He did this for about 45 minutes. I waited til he moved boat a little closer to the bank. I had a tiny target area to throw to. I ended up catching the biggest fish in our boat that day. It was 3lb range. I didn't do great but I did weigh in more than my boater that day. Quite satisfying
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    Cape Fair 11/6

    I put in about 20 minutes before sun up with a massive fog cloud that didn't burn off until 9 or 9:30 or so. I caught 2 keepers and missed a huge blowup on a buzzbait (dang it). The first keeper was 2.5lbs and the other was 4.1lbs. Lots of fun. I caught around 15 total and got off the water at 11:45 or so. I caught the bigger fish on a KVD 1.5 and the other on a buzzbait. Most of the shorts came on a shaky head. Water temp was 67.5. And air temperature was 44 or so at first light. Still lots of boats today, I know there was a highschool tournament today.
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    2016 Archery Thread

    Now that the first part of archery season is about to come to a close how did everyone do? i shot this 12 pointer 45 yards away on 10-30 at 0830. Seen him before daylight ever came up and he was chasing off any other buck that would come close to 1 doe. Had to grunt at him several times to keep him in the area.
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    Yeah, ain't gonna argue politics on here...won't change anybody's mind anyway, and I've already voted. I think I might go fishing tomorrow.
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    Daryk Campbell Sr

    City pond fishing.

    Due to Smalliebigs' luck as of late, I decided to try my rod at a half hour time gap and see what I could do. I started off with the Zarra Spook that I have been having great luck with, but could not get anything to give me a look. I seen the fish, they were there. I tied on the Ned with five minutes to spare. Two bass caught. This was about 3:30ish, South St Louis. They were both released. I did not measure them, first was definitely a keeper, second was short. I am not able to upload right now.
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    River Smorgasbord

    More smorgasbord just less selection at the buffet.....decent Spots and lost the only Hybrid. ....also caught a Big Buffalo but just didn't have it in me to do a pic
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    FLW Co-Angler - What Would You Do?

    That's one reason I've pretty much given up fishing the pro-am format. For starters, my strength is fishing shallow, knowing my targets and fishing them carefully and thoroughly. I like to cover a lot of water and when fishing alone, I keep the boat pretty close to the bank. I've had to do that in pro-am tournaments in the past and never did extremely well because I felt like a heel for keeping my back-seater cut off all day. I like for the person with me to catch fish, even in derbies, which was pretty evident a few years back when my partner won the co-angler division of that year's BFL stop on Table Rock. I probably could've caught a few more myself if I hadn't been generous enough to let him have more than his fair shot at the fish. But this guy was new to tournament fishing and I wanted him to have a good day. And did he ever. Not patting myself on the back at all. Just saying, pro-am events can be a bad deal for both the boater and non-boater, provided the boater has enough of a conscience to feel bad about pigeon-holing his partner all day.
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    Red horse 11/5

    Put in at red horse saturday morning. The fog held us back a bit. We ran about five miles (my guess) up river. We only saw one other Boat and that was by design! Caught quite a few shorts on top water but the better bites came on lay downs on the shallow side. Small flippin jigs won the day. We only fished for a few hours but it is Always good to see blazerman on a nice fall day! This was the best one of the day
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    Jack Perdew


    Went out of PC about 10:30. To 2 pm Looking for crappie over brush between the islands. Water temp 68 wind calm water like glass. Seeing some topwater action which lasted about 10 min and no takers. So back to crappies. Good day with nine keeper crappie and two 20 in Walleye all came from 10 to 20 ft of water using minnows. Looks like walleye for supper
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    If you didn't you have no right to complain, If you did please say a prayer for the winner no matter who it may be, The BilletHead's
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    straw hat

    Trip of 11/5

    Well as many of you are aware my wife has had major back surgery this year as well as some health issues for me as well which has really halted our fishing. Saturday she was feeling well enough that I took her for a drive around the lake (or what is left of the lake). I had picked up 2 dozen minnows and we made a quick atop along a steep rock bank not too far from the mile long bridge. I had brought her special fishing chair with her and she sat and took in everything around her. It was nice to see her relax. We were almost out of minnows when she caught a 5 lb (21 1/2") largemouth!!! Someone was sure looking out for her. I had the pleasure tp listen to her crow about this for the last 24 hours. lol Talk about good therapy. It was great.
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    What Hickory Could Be...

    Capps has yet to disappoint me lol. You just have to walk further. I went one morning before sun up and there was a guy walking through the woods to a spot that holds several dozen fish usually . he was carrying a net and two buckets. I shined my headlamp on him and he turned around and left. Guessing he thought i was a warden but he didnt hang around. So . Agree with buzz and olle that we shoukd be more vigilant in keeping people honest.
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    Thermo cline

    I've thot a bit more over a sandwich It's because Dan is fishing 65 feet deep Hahaha
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    Hammer time

    Thermo cline

    It's maybe your confidence goes up therefor you fish better and concentrate. Almost all fresh water game fish feed just before or during low pressure. Low pressure is usually associated with clouds or overcast. I've been keeping notes for over 20 years and have been much more successful during low pressure cloud covered days. Some of my best days ever have come on nasty rainy windy days. In early spring high pressure sunny days can be awesome, lake temps can increase on north facing banks and bass will feed in the warmer water. My dad always told me best day to go fishing is when you can, so I've been year round during all conditions. Since I've retired and can choose when to fish, I choose low pressure cloudy days with wind.
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    Thermo cline

    A few reasonings - im happier plankton come to surface fish move to structures rock and Boulder fisherman start slaying the as rocks warm and cool water point trees become amazingly important water warms in shallows better light penetration spoons seems to work better at these times ( wished I could get a bass lesson with a spoon ) I just don't get results ? hope these variables puts a better fish in your well
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    Hammer time

    Thermo cline

    All the quality fish and most all the fish for that matter are relating to the bottom. Best bait has been 1/2-3/4 oz fb jig in 10-25fow for me. Have only caught a few shorts on squarebill and none burning a blade. Have had a pretty good cb bite, but bait has to be banging the bottom. Has been a weird fall, warm temps lake down a bunch and barely any shallow baitfish.
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    What Hickory Could Be...

    True story, Capps truly has some potential. It could grow some good fish but everybody and their stringer prevents it from happening. Even with the pressure their are a FEW good holdover fish. I could go off on a whiney tangent but I believe that I will just go fish it this evening?
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    dan hufferd

    Thermo cline

    Fish in full sun, it helps, I don't know why, but it does. Maybe someone can shed some light on it for me. ha ha
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    Red horse 11/5

    Forgot to mention i got checked at the take out by an MDC agent. I did not have any fish and everything was in order so we had a nice chat. First time in 12 years that i have been checked on the river and i am actually glad to see them around.
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    SK area 11/7

    Only fished a few hours in the morning and again in late afternoon. Came in during the rain(s) and stayed close. Marked lots of suspended fish but couldn't get them interested. Worked topwater with some success but didn't pull any off vertical wood. All came dead shallow near small cover. No keepers.
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    Trip of 11/5

    Great post Straw Hat! My favorite fishing partner (my wife) generally out fishes me too, I figure she's lucky to have a husband that is a good guide! LOL! Glad you all are feeling better! WM
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    When you catch as many as I do,it's hard to round, or estimate. Hard to forget less than 5.
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    Not me. But if I ever lose count, I just lift the stringer.
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    Trip of 11/5

    Very nice Im still cracken up great things were taken place right there on beautiful Stockton hats off to you two
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    FLW Open Championship winning weights

    I saw that. Rigged upside down...probably just to screw with peoples head. Wonder how many of them left out the bait they really did best with.
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    Jason Thanks for taking me I haven't been out for several months as neck and back procedures shoot I really hadn't seen my boat either Saturday Put in cedar ridge water was 64.1 clouds west breeze - went to dam fished top water Lots of effort couple fish next swapped to jig caught fish on gravel ran a spinner bait a lot only to blank biggest key was boat control to catch keepers moved to face of dam as sun came out full force Same presentations surprised to catch se real there also I went by a secret location and shook my fist at hufferd and looked like he was busy slinging walleye to me sorry I didn't stop but I was a dog off chain!!! next stop was Coffman cove with Jason beating on me to stop hard to stop in trees no spook fish no spinnerbait fish no crank bait fish only jig fish agai water was 63.7 awesome stain all in all we found fish in text book locations they were not aggressive I cleaned a bunch and all of them had nothing's in there stomachs No shad no crawfish Sunday Jason took me again after church and family dinner with 2 hours we just stayed at state park this time the fatal east wind location was the key here as a great surface break up with strong breeze Went to a text book spot slight color 64.3 Same jig presentation and ned rig We had a few short fish that just wouldn't measure while I was thinkn I notice small shad on bank I pulled the motor and ran a few miles down lake And I comitted to a spook and jig as Jason wanted a big fish to post I blanked until I slung my jig and it didn't land real nice fish I threw it to Jason and slung jig for 15 more minutes With no prevail Thanks for the trip even if it was a few hours that was a nice bag of fish as well I hope this sheds some light on how we caught them
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    Winter Smallmouth fishing

    Great topic, and Al always covers it so well. In the past several years, I've keyed in more on winter fishing 2 or 3 rivers within decent driving distance. Wintertime is the only time of year I can fish consistently due to my job. I've heard Al mention sandy areas, I experienced this last year on a river with little sand in it, there was a feeder creek out from a pasture that has deposited sand in a stretch where it drained in, there were fish there on that cold day. Al mentions the 35 degree line, in bigger Ozark rivers, they rarely get that cold, at least the ones I fish due to there streamflow sources. Creeks and smaller rivers I'm sure is another story. I love to finesse that bite in the winter, using small plastics feeling for the dead weight a lot of times instead of the thump you get when it's warmer. It might take me up to 5 minutes to work that cast depending on the current and conditions. Last year was such a warm winter, the fish seemed to be more active and not as docile. Jerkbaits as mentioned are my other main option, I carry standard models and deep diving ones and usually have one of each tied to a baitcaster. Like all I don't wait the 30 seconds between jerks that often 5 or 10 seconds seems to work fine a lot of times for me. Hope this helps a little and good luck..... Bret.
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    Roaring River is low and clear and the dry fly fishing has been pretty good all year, I went down last evening caught a lot of small trout on a para adams, with a #20 pheasant tail as a dropper, fished the dropper about a foot off the adams, lots of intrest in the pheasant tai, caught maybe 7 on the nymph, broke the nymph off and started catching fish on the #16 para adams, and the fish on the dry were bigger than what I was catching on the pheasant tail. Still catching a lot of trout on san juan worms, mega worms and chamois worms, and small eggs will catch trout all day. zebra midges in black, olive, gray, and brown have been pretty good lately, and we are still doing pretty gook on #16 and smaller copper johns. I fish a pheasant tail a lot, because it catches trout every day Burlap nymphs work well right now, they make a good caddis nymph. woolybuggers in olive, black, and gray have been good lately. I will fish a bigger bugger early, up to a size 6 sometimes, and as the day goes on I'll fish em a bit smaller. Water is so low right now, I wouldn't use anything much bigger than 6X and I'm using 7X most of the time, 9' leaders are best. The MDC will start stocking big trout next week, a few hundred 3 to 6 pound trout will be stocked as will 3500 12-15" trout. C&R starts Friday, November 11th, the fishing is still allowed fri-mon 8 a.m-4 p.m. Flies only.
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    jim m


    just ordered a substantial amount of skirt material. jigs are my confidence bait so decided to keep some components on hand. nothing fancy just some colors that I have confidence in. I keep several sizes of naked heads and just change skirts as needed
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    After many years and countless miles and sub standard care, not to mention duct tape and caulk, the plastic finally gave out underneath the stern of my Penobscot 17. The corpulence of the owner , might, MIGHT, have been the culprit of the plastic's early demise. Boo hoo. Bought another Penobscot 17, used, but in excellent condition, this past Sunday. As I knew the Big was fishing pretty good, and was quite clear, and had a willing partner who took a vacation day from work, it was time to get the "new" water vessel wet. Which we did, cnr (Mark) and I. On the middle portion of the Big. Weather was cloudy and calm, river fine. In fact, water temp was still in the 60s. Mark caught the first fish of the day on a topwater bait. He remarked, and seemed pleased, that he was the first to catch a fish in the new canoe. Broke the cherry he said. Well, judging by the size of that cheeseball fish, the canoe I'm sure felt nothing and continued floating feeling vaguely dissatisfied. Until I caught my first fish of the day, as pictured. On a fluke (shocking I know). Fishing was pretty steady the rest of the day, quite a few 13 14 15 inch fish caught, fat and feisty, Toward the end, I caught this largemouth. On a ned rig. Yes. A ned rig. Which I have dissed in the past. I figured a ned was just a different slider worm, a slump buster. But, I have been using it of late with pretty good success. Yes, a lot of dinks are caught. But also, a lot of really decent fish. It's an effective clear water tool. Anyway, here's yours truly with a couple of fish and cigars and dirty fishing shirt interrupted by a sizable paunch.
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    Is that we have choices. I choose option #2
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    It's a super nice river fish. I just was thinking of the fish I posted and Gavin giving me grief and my arms weren't anywhere near as straight out.
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    Awesome trip, pics, and report Mr. D. But with all due respect, I don't think you have any room to critique anyone's fishing wardrobe............................
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    MDC needs help from deer hunters

    FW, what sort of things have been important and then "gone away", and nobody cares any more. I suspect that the things you will mention have been worked and are still being worked, just not in the spotlight anymore. For years hunters were asked to kill every feral pig they saw, period, put it on the ground. How well has that worked toward eradication. having been around both feral and domestic hogs, I will say that hog are certainly not stupid, nor are they the paragon of intelligent thought some give them credit for. They will however become very wary and spooked easily if pressured. In the county where I work, there is no comparison to the number of pigs trapped and the number shot by hunters. The only areas I know of where feral hogs have been eradicated or nearly so are ones where a combination of trapping, radio collaring, and aerial shooting have been used. However some of those techniques don't work well everywhere, especially aerial shooting, lots of trees, ravines, lots of accesses by public, and dense brush make that tough, more open country and the aerial gunners are very effective.
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    My time is up... I am back home... Already missing it. Last night was again more smaller fish, and 2 that were pretty decent. Sorry for all the net pics, night time, cold, and hands were full Fished rebar again as I'm familiar with that area at night and I was flying solo again. Checked out the outlets one last time to look for sea monsters, but didn't see anything too crazy. Thanks again Phil for the great reports leading up to this trip, and for Friday! I truly love this place and we are blessed with an amazing fishery for sure.
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    Walleye 11/5/16

    Good job! I think I recognize that bouncer blade?
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    Fish & Golf Championship

    What the hell does Golf have to do with anything? Not even Dry Fly Fishermen, as yuppie as they are, would combine fishing and golf into the same event. How about Steve Austin's Broken Skull challenge ? Now that would be worth watching. Fish all day, then kick each other's @$$ in a log dragging race uphill in 110° desert heat.
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    Didn't know you were a numbers guy! Do you carry a clicker to count your fish too??
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    FLW Co-Angler - What Would You Do?

    Jig/wobblehead, buzzer/plopper or spinnerbait out the back. Or a deeper crank out the other side of the boater hitting the deeper zone he isn't.
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    Mitch f

    Winter Smallmouth fishing

    Great article! I would change his temp scale/baits used as follows: Wiggle Warts magic water temp number is around 48-52 degree water, worked slowly. Jerkbaits for me seems best at 45-50 degrees Jigs will catch fish anytime during the fall/winter and full blown winter time frame. The one thing you need to figure out is wether they will hit a normal/medium size jig, like an Eakins, or a small finesse type jig. It seems to be about every mile of river you will run into a wad of fish, some groups bigger than others. Usually within a half mile of a boat ramp the bass can be gigged out and scattered so I would venture farther away. I learned most of these things over the years from our own Zipstick, who seldom posts anymore on here...he's the winter fishing guru on these Ozark rivers.
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    Feral Hogs are getting out of hand

    Parks are closed or leased not sold. selling of property by coe almost never happens as it requires congressional approval. leases are a normal mode of business and have been for a long time. Marina leases, parks leased to city's or counties, Ag leases to farmers, it is a legal way to utilize the property and provide a service that nobody wants the federal govt involved in. Do you want the govt farming ground, or renting you a boat. Also the monies brought in by those leases, 75 percent are returned to the county in which it takes place, the federal treasury only gets 25 percent. More often than not I find that many of folks dislikes are based on a lack of knowledge, or incorrect information.
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    Hey! I didn't say he was a jerk, I just said he tries to be one. I bet he will own it too. I'd fish with him any day.
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    11 / 3 - Night Fishing

    I was able to get out last night. We did not have a lot of bites but we caught 3 nice fish, one of them being VERY nice! Was only able to capture a pic of the big boy... tough to get good pics at night. We caught a couple small fish this afternoon and looking forward to going back out tonight. We have only seen 1 FLW boat come down Big Creek but we can hear them buzzing down the river.
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    Phil Lilley

    Latest Report?

    Here's John Berry's report sent today. During the past week, we have had no rain, warm temperatures and heavy winds. The lake level at Bull Shoals fell one and four tenths feet to rest at five and nine tenths feet below seasonal power pool of 659 feet. This is forty one and four tenths feet below the top of flood pool. Upstream, Table Rock rose two tenths of a foot to rest at five and nine tenths feet below seasonal power pool and nineteen and nine tenths feet below the top of flood pool. Beaver Lake fell four tenths of a foot to rest at five and nine tenths feet below seasonal power pool and fifteen and five tenths feet below the top of flood pool. On the White, we had heavy generation in the afternoon with lower generation in the morning and no wadable water. Norfork Lake remained steady at one and two tenths of a foot below seasonal power pool of 553.75 feet and twenty seven and four tenths feet below the top of flood pool. On the Norfork, we had low levels of generation all day with wadable water every day. Seasonal power pool has been reset for the lakes in the White River system. All of the lakes on this system are below seasonable power pool. With cooler fall weather and lower lake levels, we should see more wadable water. The Catch and Release section below Bull Shoals Dam is closed from November 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017 to accommodate the brown trout spawn. The State Park will be seasonal Catch and Release for the same period. All brown trout must be immediately released. In addition, night fishing is prohibited in this area during this period. On the White, the bite has been spotty. Some days have been excellent and some poor. The hot spot has been Wildcat Shoals. We have had no wadable water. The hot flies were olive woolly buggers (#8, #10), Y2Ks (#14, #12), prince nymphs (#14), zebra midges (black with silver wire and silver bead or red with silver wire and silver bead #16, #18), pheasant tails (#14), ruby midges (#18), root beer midges (#18), pink and cerise San Juan worms (#10), and sowbugs (#16). Double fly nymph rigs have been very effective (my current favorite is a cerise San Juan worm with a ruby midge (#18) suspended below it). The best bet for large trout has been to bang the bank with large articulated streamers delivered with heavy twenty four to thirty foot sink tips (350 grains or heavier) on bigger water. You will need an eight or nine weight rod. This is heavy work but the rewards can be great. The Buffalo National River and Crooked Creek are navigable. The smallmouths are still active. My favorite fly is a Clouser minnow. Carefully check the water level before entering Crooked Creek or the Buffalo River. There are no dams on these streams. They both have large drainages and are prone to flooding during and following any rain event. The water can rise very quickly. There has been wadable water every morning on the Norfork. The lake has turned over and there is a sulphur smell on the upper river and with lower dissolved oxygen, in that area, the bite has been slow there. The most productive flies have been small midge patterns (#18, #20, #22) like ruby midges, root beer midges, zebra midges (black or red with silver wire and silver bead) and soft hackles (#14, #16) like the green butt. Egg patterns have also been productive. Double fly nymph rigs have been very effective. Try a small bead headed nymph (zebra midge, copper John or pheasant tail) suspended eighteen inches below a brightly colored San Juan worm (hot fluorescent pink or cerise #10). There have been reliable hatches of small midges (try a size 24 Adams parachute) and caddis (try a size 18 elk hair caddis). The fishing is better in the morning. My favorite fly has been the ruby midge. Dry Run Creek has been less crowded with school back in session. A large number of brown trout have moved into the creek. The hot flies have been sowbugs (#14), Y2Ks (#12) and various colored San Juan worms (worm brown, red, hot fluorescent pink and cerise #10). While you are at the creek you should visit the Norfork National Fish Hatchery. It is fascinating. Be sure and remove your waders before entering to prevent the spread of aquatic diseases. The Spring River is fishing well. This is a great place to wade fish, when they are running water on the White and Norfork Rivers. Canoe season is over and there are fewer boats on the river. Be sure to wear cleated boots and carry a wading staff. There is a lot of bedrock that can get very slick. The hot flies have been olive woolly buggers with a bit of flash (#10), cerise and hot pink San Juan worms (#10) and Y2Ks (#10). Remember that the White and Norfork Rivers and Dry Run Creek are infected with didymo, an invasive alga. Be sure and thoroughly clean and dry your waders (especially the felt soles on wading boots) before using them in any other water. Many manufacturers are now making rubber soled wading boots that are easier to clean and are not as likely to harbor didymo. John Berry is a fly fishing guide in Cotter, Arkansas and has fished our local streams for over thirty years.
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    Lew's Acquired ......

    I'm 56 years old and a lifelong Razorback fanatic, but there will be no more Hogs avatars for me until we have a new athletic director who doesn't support student-athletes disrespecting our country and all the vets who gave everything up to and including their lives so these brats could go to college free and play basketball.
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    Next Week

    We flat tore 'em up this afternoon. 8 keepers along those bluffy banks but nothing over 3#,. Then ran across a giant school of Whites and filled both livewell in less than an hour. Only saw 3-4 other boats the whole time we were out. Awesome day!
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