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    Got to fish with my sister today

    We had a fun day on the lake today without many other boats out there. We put in at K Dock around 7 this morning and fished till 3. Boated up to Snap and started working the roll off from the bluff to just past the cut with mega bass. Picked up a couple stinking bass and my sister, Jen was pretty proud of this one. I told her to hurry up and toss it back so we could get back to fishing for target species. We picked up a couple big whites up there before we decided to try jigs in the brush piles. picke up 4 or 5 short crappies on the brush piles and the decided to try trolling flicker shad. Picked up a couple keeper crappie on the edge of the roll offs but was marking more fish up shallower. Caught most fish going with the wind staying in 13-15 feet of water going 1.7 mph. Had several double hook ups today. We caught 5 walleye with 2 being keepers, 15 keeper crappie and 7-8 shorts, 3 big whites, one giant quill back, and 8-10 of them bass and a blue gill. Fun day with my sister on the water.
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    Al Agnew

    About a half-century ago

    Well, almost a half-century ago, anyway...I got to thinking after somebody mentioned catching river smallmouth on various old lures back in the good old days. Fifty years ago, I was 14 years old, and already fishing Big River a lot, both wading, and out of a 12 ft. aluminum johnboat, but I have to admit I was mostly a bait fisherman back then. It wasn't until a couple years later, about the time I learned to drive, that I stopped using crawdads and went to using nothing but lures. But I guess I'm an old timer, because I remember a whole lot of lures from back in those days that most anglers today wouldn't recognize. And some that everybody would know. My first 4-pound river smallmouth was caught on a 2 3/4 inch floating Rapala, silver with black back, and I could show you EXACTLY where I caught it--that same spot produced several more big ones over the many years since that first one in 1968. I floated by it on my trip Monday, and as always, fished it carefully (caught nothing). The "old timers" I knew back then, friends of my dad and grandfather, and fathers of a couple of my fishing buddies, had their own pet lures. One was the Heddon River Runt. Another was a little fat-bodied wobbling lure called a Hawk. Lazy Ikes were sometimes used, but most preferred a similar lure called a Beno, which was like a jointed Lazy Ike--one version was even double-jointed, three separate body parts. And then there was the Peck, a weighted propeller in-line spinner, dressed with chicken feathers. Yellow was the preferred color. And of course, the Shannon Twin Spin, which was the lure that turned me against bait fishing. I've told the story many times, but I fished a certain pool on Big River, the closest spot to my house, at least once a week all summer for several summers, with live crawdads. Caught plenty of fish from it (and I kept fish in those days so I took a lot of fish out of that one pool, yet it continued to produce all summer), but the biggest I ever caught was a 17 incher. Then one day an "old guy" in a cedar and canvas canoe caught up to me just as I was coming up to the head of that pool, where the sweet spot for crawdad fishing was, a huge, slick log with the current sweeping under it. He asked if he could make a couple casts before I started fishing, and I told him "sure". One cast was all it took with that Shannon; a huge smallmouth took the lure just as he brought it over the log. He horsed it to the canoe with his heavy steel rod and baitcasting reel, and I came over to look at it lying in the bottom of the canoe. He said it was a "good 'un" and dug out his set of De-liars scales. They read 4 3/4 pounds. I'd been fishing that spot all summer, and never knew that fish was there. There was the Midge-oreno, with the secret skirt. A few people I knew liked the Baby Lucky 13 with the same skirt. One guy was partial to the smallest size of the original wooden Bomber. Surprisingly few people I knew used a lot of topwater lures, and none used walk the dog types. I fell in love with the Tiny Torpedo, and caught some big fish on it. The Devil's Horse was sometimes used. I always read about people using Hula Poppers, but nobody I knew did. Still, I tried them, with no success. That original Rapala was interesting. I always used the 2 3/4th inch size, the second smallest. I tried the next bigger size a lot but with surprisingly limited success. When the plastic version, the original Rebel, came out, I immediately tried it and caught some nice fish on it, but I still preferred the Rapala. Then the Storm Thinfin appeared on the scene. I had one year of terrific fishing with that lure, and then it just died. Rebel came out with their "humpbacked" version, and it was very good. So my tackle box back then was limited. Rapalas, Humpbacked Rebels, Midge-orenos, Shannons, Tiny Torpedos. I casted the Rapalas with a Abu-Garcia 314 spinning reel which I had cut the bail off. Everything else was fished with a 5 ft. solid glass rod and a Shakespeare Presidential direct drive casting reel. I started fishing in April, when the redbuds started blooming, and switched to walleye fishing around late October, no winter fishing for smallmouth. I bought my first canoe the year I graduated from high school.
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    Middle Meramec report

    Tried something different this week. Typically I run up to a spot that I've caught fish from before, burn through it one time with whatever lures seem appropriate for the temps and season and then move to the next spot, rinse and repeat. Since it seems like the smallies are transitioning towards spawning areas I thought I would select a few larger pools with good ripples above and below and pound them mercilessly until I either caught something or my arms fell off. For the first section I selected a place that I've never done very well at just to see what happens. It's a well known spot with a short bluff on one side and grass bank on the other, with typical gravel bar and back eddy at the top and gravel bar backwater at the bottom, maybe 300 yds total. I started off at the bottom of the run working up the bluff with a crankbait, nothing. Switched sides to the grass and tossed a jerk bait and picked up two small spots off of some logs. Back to the bluff side with the jerkbait, one 15" spot (or is it a hybrid?) in about 75 yds of big rocks. Hell with it where's the ned rig rod, I declare! Staying with the bluff side I pick up three largemouth in a row all 13-16" by dragging it slowly along the bottom. Thinking I'm on to a pattern I continue the rest of the way up the bluff and get nothing. I work my way back down stream alternating between the jerkbait and the ned on the grass side and get nothing. Back up the bluff I go again this time I'm going all in for the big boys that I know have to be there so I grab the HD craw and work over the same spots again this time changing the boat position Tight against the bluff and casting upstream and across to present different angles of attack. the exact spot I caught the three LM at produced a decent SM on the craw. Repeated casts brought nothing else, switched the boat around to where I had it earlier on the grass side and threw the craw some more and picked up another LM. Went back to the boat position where I caught the SM and caught another SM on the craw (little guy). I went up the bluff the rest of the way and caught nothing else but drum. Drum love the HD craw btw. Kinda frustrating but exciting nonetheless! i tried a few other places some fast water, a long stretch of deeper water with a bunch of downed trees and had almost nothing. i guess pounding a spot over and over can be productive or at least not spook the fish out as bad as I originally thought. Can't say I had a better than average day but can't say it was worse either. Good luck to everyone!
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    Cape Fair 3-23

    Put in late around 9:00. Started off slow searching a few pockets and main points with no luck using jerk bait, Ned, and wart. Decided to run to piney and it turned on for me, nothing huge. It was a wonderful day to be out on beautiful table rock!
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    Alex Heitman

    5 fish 31+ lbs?

    I like fishing the A-rig but only when they are really biting on it good. If you are fishing a tourney right now you better be throwing it unless you are some special pattern because it is a big fish bait. The arig was pretty magical when it first came out. I remember throwing it before a lot of people had one and man it flat out caught big fish all the time in the spring. I think the fish have become more conditioned to it now and it's more difficult to catch fish on. It's just hard to sling something like that all day and only get a handful or more bites on it in tournaments but that is how a lot are won this time of year. I hate when they get hung up too because you spook the fish where they are holding when you go to get it out. Weedless hooks help some but you also suffer hooking up with some fish as well.
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    5 fish 31+ lbs?

    I have some old central pro am and heartland magazines from nearly 20 years ago. You would be suprised how many of the names in the top of the tourney results are STILL the names in the top of the tourney results today. Guys that put in the effort to get out there and find fish, and keep skills up to date, and pick up new techniques when they are better and stick with old faithful when it's better are winning the tourneys. Fishing is time on the water, hard work, and constant learning, not a magic bait, $70K boat, or 46" plasma HD depth finder. The tools can help, but without time on the water and the desire to learn, they won't matter a bit.
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    Walcrabass I copied/pasted the questions and sent them to the Fisheries Biologist for Pomme de Terre, and asked if he would forward them to the correct individual since I don't have their email. Will see if it gets a response. Maybe one of the biologists from other areas read along and can provide insight as well.
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    Honest Fiberglass guy?

    Just make some slits in the carpet with a razor knife, drill a few 3/8" holes through the floor, shoot in a can or two of expanding foam, and set some concrete blocks on the area so it doesn't puff it up too much. That will firm up that soft spot real well.
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    Dam area 3.21.17

    Dang it. Missed the best one.
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    23 March Upper End Report

    Myself and Muddy were out there this morning also, we went out of Big M. Fishing was a bit slow for us also, I am also blaming it on the cold morning. We caught a few nice largemouth to start and Muddy got a fat keeper sized spot, I think we got 4 or 5 that went between 2-3 lbs. One it got later in the AM, we caught some fish, but smaller, in the 12 inch range. We never found a bunch of them, just one here and there. All Ned fish except one caught on a c-rig. Also noted that the water temp was 54 to start, saw 56 when we left around 1230.
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    Some very interesting takes here to say the least. Not sure we will ever know for sure what these walleyes are doing in Stockton Lake as far as the spawning process. I am thrilled to hear that more bigger fish are being caught there. For a long time all i could catch was a lot of 14 inch fish with the occassional keeper at 15 inches. Some good info boys and interesting opinions on the topic. I am still looking for that 30 incher myself. Got a couple of 28 inchers up in Canada. I think if i caught a 30 inch walleye in Stockton I would get measurements and get a good replica mount of her. Even though we are not sure if she can successfully spawn or not. I couldnt bring myself to put a fillet knife through that beautiful fish. Just my opinion on that.
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    Walleye are protected in the rivers during the spawn, however if the reproductive success in the lake is minimal then protecting them during the spawn, would have no effect upon the population. Biologically it just doesn't make a difference. Slot limits are again designed to protect the breeders, if they aren't breeding successfully it won't have an effect. Now upping the length limit to 18" would, it would act more or less like the 4 point rule on deer, would provide them at least and extra year of growth to attain the 18" length.
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    Stclair Smallie's

    What's this all about? Easy. Hog Wally caught nice fish, as usual. Posted pictures. Check. Well deserved accolades ensued , with good natured back slapping and bonhomie. Snoop joined the good times with apparently a lot on his mind. Some hackles were raised, but, no big whup, and, as usual, the original post was unceremoniously pushed aside to give you what WE want to discuss. Namely, competition, homosexuality and apologies. Like a soap opera, but without good looking men and coiffed hair.
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    Hammer time

    Fishing Report 3-23-17 Mutton Creek

    Met with OA member Zaraspook at 7:30 to 50.8 water temp at ramp. Went up Big sac and worked back to ramp. Was a tuff bite for us, ended up with 9 all blacks and no keeps. Had to finesse the few we caught, junebug finesse worm on channel banks. Had a great time anyways, as it was the second time we fished together. Zaraspook has a ton of knowledge and experience, so for me, just fun picking his brain and enjoying the day together! Loaded up at 1pm. CPR and tight lines!
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    Big Ed Fishing Today

    Ed I want to tell you it's refreshing to see a guy that's not so proud to charge for info (*cough* Bassing Bob). Fishing is a lot simpler than most make it out to be. Guys need to quit trying to figure it all out from a computer. Drop your paid subscription, show up a day early, wet a line and get to work.
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    Middle Meramec report

    Any day that includes a smallmouth bass is a good day.
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    I bet there's some head scratchin' over #4... :-)
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    Al Agnew

    About a half-century ago

    Of the three down the right side of my upper picture, the top pinkish one is a River Runt knock-off, a Millsite Wig Wag Floater. The middle one is a wooden River Runt. The smaller bottom one is the Heddon Midget Digit. Top one in the middle right column is the Hawk in the color that the old timers I knew preferred...and they would always add a one-inch strip of white pork rind to the back treble. Middle one is a Midge-oreno from South Bend Lure Company, circa 1970. Bottom one is a wooden Baby Lucky 13 in a crackleback finish. In the middle left row, the top one is a lure that I think was made by an Ozark lure company, called a Bright Eyes. Middle one is the old timers' favorite night fishing lure for Ozark streams, the Heddon Crab Wiggler. That particular one caught a bunch of big bass at night for me before I retired it. Bottom one is a triple-jointed Beno that I found about three years ago on the middle Meramec, half-buried in a gravel bar. The hooks were gone, as they are in the photo. I wonder how long it had been in the river. On the far left top is the Peck, and the bottom lure is a Kautzky Flex Ike. The Bright Eyes is interesting to me because I knew a guy who whittled out his own version, almost exactly like that one, out of cedar. He would whittle it with a pocketknife, use a file to smooth it somewhat, and add hardware--no painting or varnishing. He liked the color of the cedar when it was wet, and if he found the right piece of cedar he could carve it out so that the belly was lighter than the back. He was a guide on Current River and if his client lost one, he'd just climb a bluff when they would stop for lunch or a break, find a dead cedar, break off a limb the right size, and carve out another one. His knife was always extremely sharp, and he could whittle one out in just a few minutes.
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    Its's that time of year!! (For crappie)

    When Tablerock is on, you won't catch a better stringer of crappie anywhere else in MO! It produces some good ones!
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    5 fish 31+ lbs?

    Best comment I've read on here in a long time.
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    Half the fun of spraying. Congrats on the crappie.
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    Anyone been to Dardenelle?

    Mike they are all over the place down here as well. Water is staying around 60 until late in the day, then it'll clime up to mid 60s or so. It's about to get warmer this weekend though. There's fish still staging up, fish in the spawning flats, kinda all over the place. Lol.
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    Sore Thumbs

    Anyone been to Dardenelle?

    Check out Spadra area. Always good this time of year but I'm afraid everyone else will be In there trying it out as well. Good luck!
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    Not sure about all Walcrabass but not sure against it either. We also used to raise channel cat in ponds but never utilized any wild caught brooders, and never had any shortage of young fry in the cream cans for stocking in the rearing pond. Shocking up brooders fish would be about the only way I can think of to acquire wild fish that hav already spawned. The numbe of fish it would take to make a noticeable difference in a lake the size of Stockton would be pretty high I would think. I have always had the opinion that nature finds a way, walleye normally spawn in more riverine conditions with flowing waters. Those locations and conditions are not in very good supply, the Osage flowing into Truman is probably the most consistent, long enough, gravel enough, water flow enough. Some walleye will spawn in the smaller rivers and even creeks each year, but it is a small percentage of the overall population. I have heard comments about lake spawners and have even read a few articles but haven't seen any hard evidence that they can. I certainly would like to see some lake spawners instead of them just thinking they are going to.
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    Recommendations for gel coat restoration?

    I will second the recommendation of Championship Marine. Tom stands behind thier work. They do a great job!
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    Sac River Jim

    Rest In Peace ole buddy
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    Dan, let us put this in perspective. I have lived on TR for 15 years now. In that time I have one 29" beast that did not make 10 pounds, one 30" unexpected fish that hit 10 pounds even, and one 32.5 fish that almost made 14 pounds. Fish like these are more than want. They are want + effort + random chaos odds. Yours will come.
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    What's Cooking?

    I am going to have to suffer through some grilled walleye fillets, oven roasted taters, and a skillet of fried apples. Specifics, walleye fresh from the last couple nights seasoned with butter garlic lime, and a variety of pics including season salt and old Bay, little round whole taters, no idea where my wife found them and the fried apples are whatever was on sale liberally coated with sugar and cinnamon some dried apricots and dried cranberries and given a taste of butter in the skillet.
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    Gary Stanton

    Stockton Walleyes 3/20/17

    Hi, Small spinners with slow death hooks seemed to work the best with about 1/2 crawler.
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    Who let you out to torment the fish? You should be chained to an airbrush ?.
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    Fishing Report CC 3-21-17

    Awesome report, Hammer. We all dream about those days when they are hitting like that. Those are the times that keep us coming back after the days when the bites is tough. I am glad to hear they would hit a bladed jig, one of my favorite baits to fish. Just so you know reading your report will make my week seems even longer. I can't wait until the weekend. Weekend warrior here. Thanks for the report and keep hammering them.
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    Bill Babler

    Dam area 3.21.17

    Great fish. Tks for the report. If you have an iPhone email the pics on medium to your email. Download to your picture file. Works perfect most of the time. If you load them from the iPhone directly on your personal device they load way to big and you have to size them. Great day Dave
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    Phil Lilley

    Scott Pruitt

    I'm not going to let this go on.
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    Honest Fiberglass guy?

    If you have no other issue besides a soggy spot in the floor I can tell you how to fix that real easily. Unless your Champ is a 1980 or earlier model then the likelyhood of rotten stringers is very low.
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    Stclair Smallie's

    I'm amazed how far this thread has gotten, very entertaining to say the least. Thanks, you managed to get a few chuckles out of this grumpy old man. And then the topic switched over to daughters. I have three myself as well as three granddaughters with the oldest being 14. The two oldest play hockey and since the oldest had out grown her goalie skates my better half promised her a new pair. $400, are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!! And that wasn't the top of the line. I thought I was finished when the last one moved out 2 years ago but the merry go round just keeps on going. Today I get the honor of paying for my son's wedding rehearsal dinner. It's only money.
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    Scott Pruitt

    The way I see it we are in a huge productivity slump and we are screwing ourselves by trying to "save the planet" when none of the other countries are following suit or even lending a hand. So there are only 2 ways to fix this....Either kill off a bunch of us to reduce the population, or regain productivity (by whatever means) until the leaders of the world can come together and team up. Harsh, but that's the reality of it. I mean, what are the other options ? The bottom line is that we as a country are not in a position right now to "set the stage" and hope that other countries will follow our lead. There are just too many mouths to feed.
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    Jet Touring Boat

    thats what i thought. 50 people is alot of weight to put off no wake.
  38. 1 point

    Jet Touring Boat

    Ha, that's funny. A boat that holds up to 50 people is going to make a small tsunami. That's an interesting sales pitch though.
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    Dam area 3.21.17

    Actually the Dave with the report is the "Other Dave from Kansas", the Other Dave you are referring to is just Dave. Just keeping things in order here. Nice fish Other Dave! Glad to see you got that young'un into them again!
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    5 fish 31+ lbs?

    To all of the A Rig haters... Why the disdain for this method?
  41. 1 point

    Scott Pruitt

    Quit waisting your thoughts on it. They will be gone in 4-8yrs maximum. They can't kill all the Truffala Trees in that time frame.
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    3/17 Report

    Haris122, I made it down Thursday but didn't feel it was worth posting. I got started right after the siren and started at the first falls and caught a nice pumpkinseed on one of my first cast. Seems like I have been catching more sunfish lately out of the springs. I wound up missing a few and losing two but managed a nice 16 inches below the big hole at the beginning. Caught him with a white sparkle Wooley bugger. I left around 2:00. I did see a lot of nice fish and full stringers. One trout I saw caught off the bridge probably went 2 1/2 pounds. The two boys let it go as they had a couple decent ones on the stringer already.
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    Dam area 3.21.17

    My daily good deed...
  44. 1 point

    Keeping Ned fish pinned

    Oh, forgot... And bust them! Hard. Save that reel into them hookset for grub fish. They don't pick a Ned up the way they do a grub. Reeling into them will cost you fish.
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    I can't get a break..

    I was going to go fishing today, but started feeling bad last night and got up this morning with my sinuses in a rage.. not very pleasurable when you bend over to pick something up or turn around to fast especially in a boat..good way to fall in and get wet, it's always something..
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    I can't get a break..

    Keep the trailer between the yellow and white lines then. J/K. I let my wife take my car to work a few times the last couple of years and her success rate of picking up metal objects in my tires is about 75%. Truly incredible.
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    Chief Grey Bear

    Bronze Beast!

    From the Illinois River in Oklahoma, 21 inch monster smallmouth.
  48. 1 point

    Upper Gasconade

    If the question is ever should I go to (Insert place here) on the Gasconade the answer is always yes.
  49. 1 point

    Ned Rig Setup Questions

    So, got an email about my points were going to expire...had to hit BPS. Turns out I have enough that this was free.
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    Crappie Bite 3/4/17

    Livie and I got out again going for crappie. This time we were fishing a MDC lake near our home that we fish regularly. We got out around 4:30 pm and started fishing 1/64 oz jigs under floats. I had on a white and chartreuse and she was fishing a black and yellow jig. I caught and landed the first crappie of the evening. This was a 9-10 inch black crappie. I caught another crappie and a couple of bluegill while Livie wasn't getting many bites and landed only a small bluegill. She switched to the white/chartreuse jigs and started catch both crappie and bluegill. Then both she and I caught the unexpected, a few golden shiners. I had caught some in this lake a couple of years ago and hadn't caught one since then. Livie has never caught one before. So I was really excited catching this species and having both of us landing them. My second shiner may be the largest that I have ever caught.. But we came to catch crappie. Between 5:15 and 6:00 pm was when we got the most crappie bites. Livie became the CRAPPIE MONSTER!!! As she landed several bigger crappie. Once the sun began to set, the crappie bite slowed and most of the bites were bluegill. At that time we packed up and headed home. So the ones we kept ranged from 9.25 to 11" in length. Livie wanted to learn and she got to fillet three of these crappie. She didn't do too bad a job. I got the rest of the fish cleaned and am looking forward to a couple of fresh crappie meals. If the weather is like tonight, we may even try to get mom out with us tomorrow evening. Probably won't keep any if we do get out again.
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