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    Stockton May 6 & 7

    For my wife and I, heading to Stockton Lake and spending a little time on the water is an opportunity for much needed rest and relaxation. I sometimes catch a hard time from other walleye fishing buddies about how late we often get out on the lake, sometimes not until noon. This weekend we decided to hit it a little earlier. So, Saturday morning we rolled out of bed at the crack of nine and after scouting ramps hit the water by 11:30. We put in at State Park. Fortunately, Gary Stanton and lmt out had shared some general information about the current bite, which proved invaluable. Gary told me he was having luck on main lake points, and lmt out told me if I was going to try bottom bouncing that I'd have to fish deeper than 20' or the green moss would foul my spinners. Prior to talking with Gary, I was planning on fishing my favorite spring cove but decided to hit a favorite main lake point first. I bottom bounced that point at 24' and came up empty. There were some guys bass fishing on the south side of the point and I trolled on around behind them and decided to hit a secondary point on south of them. When hit the point, boom...had a nice double. Turned around and hit it again and picked up another keeper. Fast forward to 2:30 PM and we finished with another double on the same point, which made nine keepers and a short in three hours. We headed in to clean fish and then went to a fish fry at Gary Stanton's house. A good time was had by all. Sunday the 7th, we went crazy and were on the water by 10:00. Picked up four keepers and three shorts and headed in at 4:30. Had lunch with lmt out and his wife at State Park Marina and really had a nice visit. When we left my wife commented on how many nice people we have met over the years through fishing forums. Hope to meet many more. So, to sum it up, we both limited on May 6th bottom bouncing spinners and slow death rigs in 24-30' of water on a secondary point. On May 7th we had four keepers and three shorts using the same techniques in the same depths on a secondary point. Biggest walleye each day was 18". Typically, I wouldn't be fishing that deep this time of year. So, Thanks to Gary and lmt out for sharing information! We had a great weekend, can't wait for the next one! WM
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    Gary Stanton

    Stockton 5/8

    Had a 1/2 day guide trip on Stockton today. Lake is up 11 feet over normal pool. Water is getting dirtier near the mid-lake. Little Sac branch still looked clear. We caught 5 keeper walleye and about 10 shorts in 25-30 feet of water on bouncers with slow death.
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    Best thing I ever did was get rid of cable TV. I pretty much just vote now for who I want and never think about it again. We can't do anything about it anyway. There will always be poor, always be rich, always be hard workers, and always be lazy people. I can't let myself get angry about it anymore.
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    MVP (Major Visual Progress) has been slow coming so no responses in a couple of days. Spent a couple of days filleting and taping every seam and joint. Then flipped it over and finally rolled on the first of three graphite-filled epoxy layers tonight. Two more to go then flip and sand and epoxy coat the inside before paint.
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    Spinner Baits

    I learned a harsh lesson this past weekend on just how the correct size and retrieval speed/ presentation can make such a huge difference between catching fish and not. I used the exact identical spinner bait as my partner, the only differences were he was using a 3/8 oz and I only had a 1/2 oz size. He fished it really slow and I tried to do the same. He kicked my butt and I couldn't buy a fish in 2 days on the same bait!! That is how subtle differences in lures and presentation can make a difference some days. That is why I tend to buy several different weight sizes and blade combos in a spinner bait I like. Personally I prefer a 1/2 oz spinnerbait but that's just me. They all have their place though.
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    Spinner Baits

    head weight is something that needs to be used in variable sizes. when catching bass 15ft. or deeper, i often use a 1 oz. head on the SpinJig. remember that speed is a key factor in triggering bites. even in really skinny water and that blade needs to be burned at the speed of light, you might need to use at least a 3/8 if not a 1/2 oz. head. needed speed, type of blades being used, and depth you are fishing a spinner bait all factor into how much weight the head needs. bo
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    SK area

    Be sure to always fish the south side of the trees with red mulch. The mulch on the north side tends to mildew and put off noxious gases.
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    lmt out

    4/7 walleye

    Wife and I got to get out on the lake yesterday. Had to search for them but finally scratched out a few we ended up with 6 keepers and 9 shorts. All were released. Had the good fortune to meet up with Walleye Mike and his wonderful wife for lunch at State park marina had a great time chatting with them.
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    dan hufferd

    4/7 walleye

    He's a good guy. We should all get together some time. If we could all (crazy walleye fishing people) meet , fish different spots, come back together for lunch and share info, we could really take the lake apart. I bet we would all learn something. Kind of a collective. We probably fish most of the same spots anyway.
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    State park area 5/6

    AHA! You slipped up and named the cove! I am heading out to the garage and hooking up the boat...
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    State park area 5/6

    Very well thought out membership levels. You forgot to mention the senior membership. Most of us seniors can't remember three days later where we fished last in the mystery cove so we are rarely a threat to the fish population. Which is why I keep posting soon after fishing there but following my senior membership rule of not mentioning the cove by name. Mike
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    Phil Lilley

    Let the fishing begin...

    DD does it again.
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    Bill Babler

    Spinner Baits

    It is a very good idea right now to put a stinger hook on. We have been getting thumped hard this week, some knocking slack in the line and missing them till I put a trailer hook on. Early Coldslaw in 3/8 with either a big Colorado or a Colorado and a williow and as the sun comes up go to a Mouse or anything white. They really are liking gold blades over chrome. This is for the stained water. When you get to point 7 the water is clearing fast and the SB bite is over by 7 or 7:30. They are eating a Road Kill or Puke Tube with the ends dyed orange in the stained water on the old bank line. Put your boat in 30' and don't go an inch under that, stay in 30 to 35 and work the tube hopping and dragging on flat gravel and cove points. From point 7 to the dam they are eating the tube, jig and shaky head in the same depth. Tube color is watermelon candy and watermelon, jig is PBJ and the shaky head is GP with its tail dyed red. Buster is also catching them really good swimming the Keitech in Pro Blue and Rainbow Shad. Very few of us can do this, he is setting his boat in 40 to 45 ft. and swimming it as slow as mush thru a sieve. Mostly main lake points and he is catching big pre-spawn K's and post spawn LM Should have a really good idea after Wednesday as I'm on the Rock constant after that.
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    Just saw a post on FB supposedly quoting a Montauk Hatchery worker that said over 80% of the breeders/brood stock have been returned in the last week. Not 100% verified but that is what we were all hoping for!
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    Fished last night

    Brother in law and I fished the tail race last night. Lots of rough water. Caught 20 whites and 12 crappie between us. Sliders and bettles.
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    The best way I was told is to show up to the Park Office (573) 548-2201 and they can direct you. I believe certain things they wont let volunteers help with for liability reasons but there are plenty of other things to do. I believe the campground is in the most need of help but they could clarify if you gave them a call or showed up.
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    Mid James is Trashed

    Too many snakes for that nonsense.
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    Table Rock Holding Steady to Raising

    Hate to say it, but the days of democracy are long gone. It's bureaucracy all the way and IN MY OPINION no amount of calling/writing/texting/emailing/carrier pigeoning Congress will do a darn thing except cost you time, effort and money.
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    Water Condition

    I went up to Lost Bridge area yesterday evening, in and out of numerous coves...fish were hangry and the water was a little stained and very fishable. Fishing spinners and cranks, caught 6 healthy Smallies and 2 Spots. Buddy of mine hit War Eagle, at the mill, and said water was a little stained too. Also showed me pic of 12 nice whites and one 24" striper.
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    weekend report

    Just a little weekend report from this fishin Hack. Got down Friday around 9:30 the lake around the 10 mm it was dirty, not chocolate but dirty idled to a splitter point and had a good keeper on a buzzbait in 10 min, great start. figured I would go see were the water changed and ran down lake the dirty water kind of stopped and turned to stained water at the mouth of the gravios, i fished from basically 6 mile cove to the 2mm that day doing what I would call springtime junk fishing, I fished pockets and secondary points in the bigger creeks had a good day with 10 keepers 2 on a wacky rigged senko, 4 on a beaver bait, 4 on the buzz bait. had 2 fish over 4 on the buzzer, a 3.5 on the beaver, the others were keepers 15-16 inch fish. Sat my buddy was going to meet me so I fished from the 8mm to the 12mm and struggled, started off good catching 5 shorts on the buzzer early and then the rest of the day was tough for me, I was getting the bites but my execution was awful. We ended the day with 5 keepers for no weight caught most our fish on a shakey head worm, jig and a beaver. Oh the lake was bumpy on sat! harbor hop and sunny weather equals summertime conditions!! Sunday we figure we would run towards the darn and the morning bite was good fished channel banks with a beaver and a jig mostly had a 5 keepers by 9 am ended the day at 1:30 with 7 keepers total. 4 on a beaver 2 on a jig 1 on a buzzer, one good fish one a beaver was over 3, but nothing really big. Great weekend on the water got to fish with a buddy who just moved back from FLA for the first time in a bunch of years. Lots of stuff in the water so keep a eye out everyone!
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    5/9 walleye

    Think you got them figured out.Good for you.I 've smoked a lot of fish,ducks and geese but never walleye.I'll have to try that .
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    Holiday island

    Kolin says on the answering machine that the marina hours are 9 to 5 except Tuesdays. Not today. I had to hitch rides to and from the marina to land. oldfella and I fished from around 9:30 to 2:00. We caught 8 to 10 fish. One of his was a solid keeper. One of mine was close. Weightless senko and ned. Probably should have fished a swim bait but didn't. No walleye hunting because it is hard to buy nightcrawlers from a closed marina. Still, I had a good time and enjoyed being out for the first time in two weeks.
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    Phil Lilley

    White, Brown and Rainbow

    No anchors in current ANYWHERE!
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    State park area 5/6

    Are the courtesy docks usable at State Park? I'll be launching solo and having a courtesy dock to tie up to for a couple minutes makes things easier for me. I saw a few post and it sounds like parking might be hard to come by. Any word on this?
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    The Founding Fathers warned us of a two party political system. We do need a major third party if, for nothing else, to end the majority advantage in Congress. If no party had a majority of votes in either chamber of congress, then everyone would have to compromise. That's what I am really sick of - the pure partisan politics - and the voting is strictly along political lines in Congress. No wonder we can't get anything done. And no one dares step outside party politics without fearing losing the next election.
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    Fished around Aunt's Creek 5-5 / 5-6

    Spawn seems to stretch out for quite a bit for the largemouth. Back in mid April I caught some spawned out smallies and spots, and a few largemouth that had looked like they were spawned out. My speculation, at least for the upper White arm, is that the smalls and spots are probably done spawning for the most part.
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    Stream Conditions

    I was down there over the weekend but didn't fish at all. The water was still very high and off color. For perspective, it was still at the top of the whistle bridge. There were a few fisherman down there but hardly any fish being caught on Saturday at least. I walked the entire length of the stream round trip and saw one fisherman hooked up down in zone 3. Most of the flyfisherman were trying to fish the backwater areas above the Holland and Big Dam and the most fish I saw on a individual stringer was 2. From looking at the gauges it seems that the flow should be getting much closer to normal by the weekend time but with more rain in the forecast who knows what will be the case. The park seems to be ok though. the large campground by the river was open and there wasn't noticeable damage outside of a large tree down on the bank in Zone 1. It looks like a ton of effort was made to clean up the hatchery first as that was clean as a whistle. Kudos to Ben and his staff down there.
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    snagged in outlet 3

    What's Cooking?

    Again with the peas?
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    Fished around Aunt's Creek 5-5 / 5-6

    Good job guys. Back in Aunts was some nasty stuff floating just past the ramps. Good to see you guys caught them.
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    Fished last night

    Just got back from fishing at the dam (5/8). Lots of water (All the flood gates open). Chocolate milk water. Crappie and hybrids were no where to be found but the white bass were a hoot to catch especially when they were running with the rough water. If you are planning to keep fish, don't be like me and use a stringer, the rough water will just wash it into the holes and crack, making it a pain to undo with the rough water.
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    High Water Walleye/White Bass.

    It was rough this weekend I caught 9 walleye between Saturday and Sunday morning with bottom bouncers all between 25-35 ft of water had a few small mouth and channel cat also
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    Mid James is Trashed

    Ned will work out on the bank line fish, and up in the trees. Don't get too distracted by all the cool looking green trees with 15' on them. Not a high percentage deal.
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    Mid James is Trashed

    Backyard bite is going to be the deal for a while, unless you want to drag something on the old bank line. Problem with that is picking which old bank line, lol. When it gets up like this, they get on the oak trees. Convenient, since flooded yards are about the only places you can get at the bank.
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    96 CHAMP

    Let's Go Fishing

    RPS, do you happen to know the magic temperature so to say for the bluegill to spawn.
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    Let's Go Fishing

    Gentlemen, the shad spawn will start soon at these temps. All bets are off at that point. One year during the spawn I had a 63 fish top water day with about 25% keepers. (Overcast, muggy day during the height of the spawn) Not too long after that we will get the bluegill spawn. The salad days of the fish cycle. It will be fun provided I figure a way to get Kolin out of bed and down to the dock.
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    Mid James is Trashed

    For sure, Kings river has bluff notches that are just full of drift wood.
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    well, right here would be a good time to start with a group effort to get some answers. one voice will not do it, but many voices united together has much more volume. i am guessing that we would need to begin with our local state legislatures. bo
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    Mid James is Trashed

    Lot of it ends up in windblown notches, bluff cuts, etc.
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    High Water Walleye/White Bass.

    It was very tough out there only managed 2 short eyes and a few bass and crappie. Nice hat. ??
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    5/7 bass report

    Hey Skeeter, thanks for stopping by and saying hi...it was nice to meet you. I got on the water at 6am to try and beat the 200 boats in the high school tournament. Water was 59 by the darn...threw a frog and sbait in the flooded brush/trees with no luck. Was marking fish in 15 fow over the old shoreline so i pick up a jerkbait and started paralleling the bank and quickly caught a smallie, 2 whites and a crappie. Ran down by state park marina and fished a rock pile that was now in 15-18 fow and caught a couple small spots. Went back to OT to pick up the family as it was finally warming up. Headed towards the mile long bridge and started fishing points...we fished the old shoreline in 15-20 fow...my 10 year olds first cast with the ned rig produced a fat smallie close to 3 lbs (she thought she was snagged) . She caught another one over 2lbs...both were fat prespawn fish. I finally caught a keeper largemouth on a 3/4 oz wobblehead. Beautiful day on the water!!
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    State park area 5/6

    Sounds like it might be time to establish a FAQ page on your Cove Access webpage!
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    State park area 5/6

    Abk, thanks for the reminder about the one trip left. I'll use it wisely. We actually put tips in the jar. It was either the guys who came in after us or your neighbor's watch dog labs that removed it. By the way, water was pretty deep under the dock. Mike
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    2017 garden thread

    My lettuce is overgrown and about to get pulled and some tomato plants put in their place. The garden I locked the tractor into 4wd and ulled a spring tooth cultivator to dry and dry it enough be able to root till it. Should be able to if I can get a little time before the next rain. Every time I plant tomatoes early they want to be stunted, I end up taking a soup can of triple 13 and working it into the soil around each plant. For a while yiu think nothing is gonna happen then they go freaking nuts, they do like warm weather.
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    Marathon Key

    Went last year and stayed at Hawks Key Resort. Nice place but too expensive. Went fishing on the flats with Cpt Diego Cordova Great guy to fish with. Used small crabs and caught my first ever permit. What a blast. Going again in jun and have already arranged to have him again for a couple half days. Also went tarpon fishing with a guide out of Hawks Key marina. Would have to try and dig up his name. Fished with live mullet under the bridges. Caught one he said went a 100 lbs. Took about an hour and 20 min. Once the leader is touched , it's considered a caught fish. Did that at about the 1 hour mark After another 20 min I told the guide the fish was either coming up or else. Tightened drag all the way and pop, he's gone. Good time but don't really need to catch another that big. I'm sure 20lbers would be a blast
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    This x1000. It's a reality to face, and the American way to face new reality is to try and figure out how to make a buck on it. You don't have to be a Democrat Commie Liberal Socialist like me to accept climate change. You can be a good capitalist, accept the science, and innovate a way to help the planet, and make a healthy profit at the same time.
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    State park area 5/6

    Thanks for report Mike. I'll take 40 any day. And good of you not to call out ABK's dock by name. Oops!
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    The old timers used to say tha in the Ozarks we are never more than 2 weeks from a drought or 2 hrs from a flood.
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    Trout boat under construction

    Transom knees installed.
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    Okay...somehow the editor messed up (surely it wasn't me), so here is what I meant to write: I've been perusing the various USGS gauges looking at the preliminary peak streamflow for a bunch of our float streams and comparing it to the historic peak flows. Gasconade River at Jerome: The river here appears to have reached somewhere around 200,000 cubic feet per second. The previous record was set last December at 140,000 cfs, so that is a huge increase. Indeed, from 1897 to the present, not including this flood, the river only surpassed 100,000 cfs twice before 1983. Then...1983-136,000, 1993-110,000, 2008-118,000, 2013-138,000, 2016-140,000. You'll see this in several of the other rivers as well--far more frequent "super-floods" in more recent years than in earlier years. More about that later. Big Piney River at Ross Bridge: Looks like it reached at least 90,000 cfs (which means that the Piney may have been contributing half the Gasconade's flow at the peak at Jerome). From 1922 to 1943, the peak flow only went over 20,000 cfs 15 times. In 1943 it set a new record at 32,700. It wasn't until 1983 that that record was broken, and it was shattered at 81,200. In 2008 it got to 64,000. In 2016, 57,700. And now a new record. Meramec River at Sullivan (Sappington Bridge): It appears to have set a new record at about 95,000 cfs. The previous record, set way back in 1915, was 90,000 cfs. Other notable floods were 1945-77,300, 1969-50,000, 1983-67,700, 1994-56,400, 2008-66,900, 2016-66,000. Big River near Richwoods: The gauge wasn't reading well at the peak, but it looks like it was somewhere between 70,000 and 85,000 cfs, which shattered the old record of 59,800 cfs in 1993. Only four other times has the river gone over 50,000 cfs, including 1957, 1994, 2008, and 2016. Bourbeuse River at Union: It was one of the few which didn't set a new record. Not even close. It peaked at around 42,000 cfs, which tied 1994, with 1897, 1915, 2016, and the all time record of 73,300 cfs in 1983 all beating this year's flood. Which points out something else...the December 2016 flood, which set records on the lower Meramec in St. Louis County, was not as bad as it could have been, and neither will this one be unless the rain this week adds to it. Why? Last December, Big River didn't reach it's previous record. This flood, the Bourbeuse was well below it's record flow. If both rivers ever set records at the same time the Meramec itself above them is setting a record, the lower Meramec will go several feet higher yet. St. Francis River at Patterson: At about 120,000 cfs, this is a little below the record, set in 1983 at 155,000. There has only been one other recorded flow over 100,000 cfs, and it was in 1994 at 130,000. Note...the years I'm listing are "water years", which actually run from July of the year before to July of that year, so the 1994 flood was actually in November, 1993). James River at Galena: It apparently reached somewhere between 70,000 and 80,000 cfs. It's gone over 70,000 three other times, including 1993-73,200, 2008-85,100, and 2016-78,100. North Fork at Tecumseh: It is believed to have gone over an incredible 200,000 cfs. The gauge ceased working at 130,000 plus. In 1986 it reached 130,000, and the only other time it went over 100,000 was in 1985 at 108,000 cfs. Black River near Annapolis: At about 70,000 cfs, the upper Black was nowhere close to the record of 109,000 in 1994, nor the 98,600 in 1986, but it was the third highest flow recorded, with the fourth being in 2002 at 59,800. Jacks Fork at Eminence: It reached somewhere around 80,000 cfs, which when you stop to think about it is pretty incredible for a stream with that small of a watershed. The previous record was in 1994 at 58,500 cfs, and only three other times has it gone over 50,000 cfs. Current River at Van Buren: It appears to have peaked at between 170,000 and 180,000 cfs. Next closest record was way back in 1904 at 153,100. In 1915 it got to 125,000. Other than that, it went over 80,000 cfs only seven different years. With a few outliers way back in the first three decades of the 20th century, almost all the other really high flows on these streams have been since the 1980s. One reason for this is probably increased development, with more cleared land and asphalt allowing water to run off the land more quickly instead of sinking into it. However, there was a lot of poor land use practices, including almost completely denuded forests, back in the years from 1900 to 1950, which would have caused increased run-off as well. Yet there weren't that many huge floods back then. Part of the reason was an ongoing drought throughout the years of the Great Depression, but there were still plenty of wet years. So those who say that the greatly increased flooding is a sign of climate change do have some validity for that statement. But for whatever reason, while this was not a record flood on every Missouri Ozark stream, it appears to have set plenty of records so far.
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