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    Stockton May 6 & 7

    For my wife and I, heading to Stockton Lake and spending a little time on the water is an opportunity for much needed rest and relaxation. I sometimes catch a hard time from other walleye fishing buddies about how late we often get out on the lake, sometimes not until noon. This weekend we decided to hit it a little earlier. So, Saturday morning we rolled out of bed at the crack of nine and after scouting ramps hit the water by 11:30. We put in at State Park. Fortunately, Gary Stanton and lmt out had shared some general information about the current bite, which proved invaluable. Gary told me he was having luck on main lake points, and lmt out told me if I was going to try bottom bouncing that I'd have to fish deeper than 20' or the green moss would foul my spinners. Prior to talking with Gary, I was planning on fishing my favorite spring cove but decided to hit a favorite main lake point first. I bottom bounced that point at 24' and came up empty. There were some guys bass fishing on the south side of the point and I trolled on around behind them and decided to hit a secondary point on south of them. When hit the point, boom...had a nice double. Turned around and hit it again and picked up another keeper. Fast forward to 2:30 PM and we finished with another double on the same point, which made nine keepers and a short in three hours. We headed in to clean fish and then went to a fish fry at Gary Stanton's house. A good time was had by all. Sunday the 7th, we went crazy and were on the water by 10:00. Picked up four keepers and three shorts and headed in at 4:30. Had lunch with lmt out and his wife at State Park Marina and really had a nice visit. When we left my wife commented on how many nice people we have met over the years through fishing forums. Hope to meet many more. So, to sum it up, we both limited on May 6th bottom bouncing spinners and slow death rigs in 24-30' of water on a secondary point. On May 7th we had four keepers and three shorts using the same techniques in the same depths on a secondary point. Biggest walleye each day was 18". Typically, I wouldn't be fishing that deep this time of year. So, Thanks to Gary and lmt out for sharing information! We had a great weekend, can't wait for the next one! WM
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    Gary Stanton

    Stockton 5/8

    Had a 1/2 day guide trip on Stockton today. Lake is up 11 feet over normal pool. Water is getting dirtier near the mid-lake. Little Sac branch still looked clear. We caught 5 keeper walleye and about 10 shorts in 25-30 feet of water on bouncers with slow death.
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    Getting far afield here, but this is a piece of writing my buddy Tom sent me, and I think it covers the red versus blue subject VERY well: "My liberal friends think I'm conservative. My conservative friends think I'm liberal. More often than not, I feel like a man without a country, like a traveling nomad without a tribe. I want to be another voice. A different view. At best, suggesting a calm and respectful approach--less extreme. My hope is to offer some doubt, dismissing what I see as a human lust for certitude. At worst, I may appear uncommitted, lacking in fortitude and conviction. Few choose to be this kind of "third voice". "It is my experience that evil suffers no doubt, with an agenda never in question. So certain that it is right...ready to discount anyone not holding its version of the "truth". Grasping any fact that supports their version of "truth" as they see it. Quoting facts undergirding their certitude, and discounting any that are counter to it, because it's more important to be right than to listen to others. "This tribe mentality, us versus them, leads to demonizing the other in an effort to justify what we consider an enlightened position. Refusing to hold the tension of realizing that one MIGHT be wrong, leads to unashamed 'I'm right, you're wrong', and we feel justified in leaving the other behind. Forgetting that we belong to each other, we give in to indifference or even hatred toward those we consider unenlightened. We become the same, and a worsening version of those we have demonized and disdainfully dismissed." It seems to me that many politicians and media rabble rousers have a vested interest in keeping us at each others' throats, when what we need is, at the very least, the kind of respect for each other that we "Ozarkanglers" usually show here. I am sick and tired of people considering anybody who doesn't agree with their political or religious views not just an opposing voice, but an enemy with a nefarious agenda. Most of us want the same things, we simply disagree sometimes on what is the best way to proceed to get them.
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    lmt out

    5/9 walleye

    Had 9 keepers and 7 shorts 20 to 25 ft Bb and spinners. Kept a limit for the smoker
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    We had a small 25 man buddy tournament on 5-6 I had a rough time but my partner finished 3rd and took big bass with a 5.54 pound LM.. Water in The James and Aunt's Creek looks like the Mississippi. As of yesterday, the water started to clear a bit around Kimberling with 1-2 foot viability The water from K.C to the dam continued to clear and looked pretty good I was told.A lot of guys ran from A.C all the way to the dam with no problems, From A.C. on up the James still had quite a bit of debris still though. Water was near 62 degrees but found some 65 degree water up the creek but no fish. 25 guys weighed in close to 60 bass.Biggest bass was 5.54# caught on a spinner bait. Ned rig and hula grub and grubs worked in the clearer water.No shocker there. The spinner bait bite was a tough grind but paid off with the better keepers in the muddy water..Painted blades fished SLOW!! Some guys caught some with a War Eagle mouse color. All of our better fish were caught shallow less than 5 to 6 feet from the bank. Shade was also key, Not a lot of quantity but definite quality. A lot of the bass were still pre-spawn much to our surprise. Here are a few pics of what the water looks like in the James and Aunts Creek area. If you can get out there, do it!!
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    Spinner Baits

    my favorite size is the one they will bite. bo
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    Best thing I ever did was get rid of cable TV. I pretty much just vote now for who I want and never think about it again. We can't do anything about it anyway. There will always be poor, always be rich, always be hard workers, and always be lazy people. I can't let myself get angry about it anymore.
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    "pre-spawn". So true. A month ago the dock talk was the spawn was "70% complete". I fished seven days straight two weeks ago, each weekend since and a few days in between and yet to catch fish with bloody tails and we caught a lot. This past weekend we caught some good fish that had huge bellies and didn't appear to have spawn. Caught a few that were skinny as heck. Hopefully the fish that haven't spawned (30%???), can get in and take care of business before they drop the lake out from under their nests. If nothing else, the last 4 - 100 year floods we've had has provided plenty of cover for the fry of all species. Another benefit of the high water is that the a lot of tournaments were cut off during a portion of the spawn and the sight fishing was slowed. Now sight fishing is nearly non-existent????
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    Mid James is Trashed

    BREAKING NEWS REPORT: Rumors of a backyard bite are greatly exaggerated. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
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    Spinner Baits

    In stain I'll throw one as light as 1/4, with #2/#4 tandem Colorado blades. Old river bait. The heavier heads aren't just for slow rolling or covering open water. They also give you a little more accuracy throwing at targets. Something to think about currently.
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    State Park Ramp open.

    I put in at State park ramp yesterday, no problem. I hope before summer gets here the water drops and more boat ramps will be open. It was busy for a monday, had to be 25 trucks and trailers there when I left at 1Pm. Fishing in the forest was interesting, I did catch a few on Spinnerbait back in the trees. Also like that backyard fishing with the Ned rig.. Not a bad day after all...
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    MVP (Major Visual Progress) has been slow coming so no responses in a couple of days. Spent a couple of days filleting and taping every seam and joint. Then flipped it over and finally rolled on the first of three graphite-filled epoxy layers tonight. Two more to go then flip and sand and epoxy coat the inside before paint.
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    Spinner Baits

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    Spinner Baits

    I learned a harsh lesson this past weekend on just how the correct size and retrieval speed/ presentation can make such a huge difference between catching fish and not. I used the exact identical spinner bait as my partner, the only differences were he was using a 3/8 oz and I only had a 1/2 oz size. He fished it really slow and I tried to do the same. He kicked my butt and I couldn't buy a fish in 2 days on the same bait!! That is how subtle differences in lures and presentation can make a difference some days. That is why I tend to buy several different weight sizes and blade combos in a spinner bait I like. Personally I prefer a 1/2 oz spinnerbait but that's just me. They all have their place though.
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    Spinner Baits

    head weight is something that needs to be used in variable sizes. when catching bass 15ft. or deeper, i often use a 1 oz. head on the SpinJig. remember that speed is a key factor in triggering bites. even in really skinny water and that blade needs to be burned at the speed of light, you might need to use at least a 3/8 if not a 1/2 oz. head. needed speed, type of blades being used, and depth you are fishing a spinner bait all factor into how much weight the head needs. bo
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    SK area

    Be sure to always fish the south side of the trees with red mulch. The mulch on the north side tends to mildew and put off noxious gases.
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    SK area

    I tend to key on trees with the red mulch ...
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    dan hufferd

    High Water Walleye/White Bass.

    Trying out my new hat, looks it will work. It's hard for a guy to give up his old hat. All these fish were 35 feet deep. The 1/2 gold Binks spoon was working well, I am glad I had it in my box. Word for the day "Tough" at least for me, I would bet that the night bite was good.
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    lmt out

    4/7 walleye

    Wife and I got to get out on the lake yesterday. Had to search for them but finally scratched out a few we ended up with 6 keepers and 9 shorts. All were released. Had the good fortune to meet up with Walleye Mike and his wonderful wife for lunch at State park marina had a great time chatting with them.
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    Jet Boats on Taneycomo

    I run one. Tracker 185 with 175 hp sport jet. Uses a lot of gas and not really needed when familiar with the upper end. See about 4 or 5 other tracker sport jets over the course of a year. Some gator jets, shoal runners, and others but the majority are prop boats. I would have to run over wade fishermen with the jet to get up any further than I can with a prop.
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    dan hufferd

    4/7 walleye

    He's a good guy. We should all get together some time. If we could all (crazy walleye fishing people) meet , fish different spots, come back together for lunch and share info, we could really take the lake apart. I bet we would all learn something. Kind of a collective. We probably fish most of the same spots anyway.
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    State park area 5/6

    AHA! You slipped up and named the cove! I am heading out to the garage and hooking up the boat...
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    State park area 5/6

    Very well thought out membership levels. You forgot to mention the senior membership. Most of us seniors can't remember three days later where we fished last in the mystery cove so we are rarely a threat to the fish population. Which is why I keep posting soon after fishing there but following my senior membership rule of not mentioning the cove by name. Mike
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    Alex Heitman

    State park area 5/6

    I like to go on late evening and early morning raids on this talked about cove and dock with a wiggle wart, 5xd, or whopper plopper. I have not been since the lake level went up 12 ft but I would all security systems are down so have fun while it lasts guys
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    Yes quite a few breeders got loose and blown out into the stream with the flooding. I made an emergency trip down last week along with several others and I can personally attest (along with 5 buddies) that over 175+ breeders were returned to the brood/breeder tank at Montauk over the last 5 days. No kudos or thanks needed as it was the right thing to do (still sore from carrying bins with fish/water over to the raceway haha) . We love that park and the Current in general as most of us have been enjoying it since before we could walk and talk. I can't say the same for several other people who took advantage of the disaster and decided to catch/film//keep/boast about them (TAD HEADRICK and crew) on their "outdoor page". Makes me sick along with the lodge, park, and hatchery staff and every single other person who knows about it. Its nothing new from him. Nothing at all sporting about catching fish in a barrel and then acting like a wanna-be celebrity. I did hear that while there were some losses at the big hatchery quite a few fish survived. I saw some posts by the MDC on Montauk Hatchery specifically that the hatchery fared better than expected. After talking with the park and hatchery staff and everyone there was an incredible effort to save the hatcheries. Those folks busted their tails and worked tirelessly (and still) to save and clean up what they could. Many thanks to them as well for everything they did and do on a day to day basis!
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    I'm not speaking for Phil at all, and I'm sure he will shut it down if he feels the need, but I for one appreciate the fact that we can disagree on important issues like climate change and not call each other names. I've learned a lot from Phil, Al, Vernon and others here on the OAF about rain events, stream flow, lake level management, and climate change. This is a pretty special community, and I think at this point we all do a pretty gosh darn good job of listening and sharing ideas while keeping things respectful. We all say things in the heat of a discussion from time to time that we might regret, but this is the only forum where I've ever seen folks self moderate when they step over a line that others find disrespectful. It's a refreshing change from most of the online world. Frankly, if the Blue team and the Red team in the political world listened and talked to each other with anywhere close to the same level of mutual respect that we do here on the OAF, our country would be in much better shape. So, I say all that to say that I'll keep checking in and learning, and hope Phil lets the conversation go as long as it stays respectful and productive.
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    Phil Lilley

    Let the fishing begin...

    DD does it again.
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    Bill Babler

    Spinner Baits

    It is a very good idea right now to put a stinger hook on. We have been getting thumped hard this week, some knocking slack in the line and missing them till I put a trailer hook on. Early Coldslaw in 3/8 with either a big Colorado or a Colorado and a williow and as the sun comes up go to a Mouse or anything white. They really are liking gold blades over chrome. This is for the stained water. When you get to point 7 the water is clearing fast and the SB bite is over by 7 or 7:30. They are eating a Road Kill or Puke Tube with the ends dyed orange in the stained water on the old bank line. Put your boat in 30' and don't go an inch under that, stay in 30 to 35 and work the tube hopping and dragging on flat gravel and cove points. From point 7 to the dam they are eating the tube, jig and shaky head in the same depth. Tube color is watermelon candy and watermelon, jig is PBJ and the shaky head is GP with its tail dyed red. Buster is also catching them really good swimming the Keitech in Pro Blue and Rainbow Shad. Very few of us can do this, he is setting his boat in 40 to 45 ft. and swimming it as slow as mush thru a sieve. Mostly main lake points and he is catching big pre-spawn K's and post spawn LM Should have a really good idea after Wednesday as I'm on the Rock constant after that.
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    Just saw a post on FB supposedly quoting a Montauk Hatchery worker that said over 80% of the breeders/brood stock have been returned in the last week. Not 100% verified but that is what we were all hoping for!
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    Lake Michigan

    It's still very, very cold, but I managed to get a fish from the big water last week. Water looked chalky blue-white, and I threw a jerkbait around some industrial rip rap. I would guess 16" or so on the fish. It had been a very long winter for me until this point.
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    Fished last night

    Brother in law and I fished the tail race last night. Lots of rough water. Caught 20 whites and 12 crappie between us. Sliders and bettles.
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    SK area

    Don't get your buff hung up on the tree branches either.
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    The best way I was told is to show up to the Park Office (573) 548-2201 and they can direct you. I believe certain things they wont let volunteers help with for liability reasons but there are plenty of other things to do. I believe the campground is in the most need of help but they could clarify if you gave them a call or showed up.
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    As the water level drops, there is a TON of trees/debris left on the bank near the cove my father lives at. In the past, the Corp allowed homeowners to pile up the brush and burn as long as conditions were safe. The last 100 year we had dad and his neighbor used their front end loaders and piled trees/debris into large piles and burned them. I would suggest checking with the Corp again this year, but suspect they will allow folks to clear again. I will try to take some photos of the Mid James this week and post.
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    Thanks, that's a very nice report and extremely accurate.
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    Mid James is Trashed

    Too many snakes for that nonsense.
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    Table Rock Holding Steady to Raising

    Hate to say it, but the days of democracy are long gone. It's bureaucracy all the way and IN MY OPINION no amount of calling/writing/texting/emailing/carrier pigeoning Congress will do a darn thing except cost you time, effort and money.
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    She is up and still rising.

    A friend joined me today. We didn't have a bite for the first hour. We started catching a few on the 4th spot. We caught whites walleye crappie and 30 bass. We only managed 3 keepers but one was a 4# brown fish.
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    Ramp suggestion

    Nancy and Basil are as good as you will find in the Ozarks. Good christian folks who walk the talk!
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    From what I was told------------The lodge fared well and wasn't flooded. The campground on the other hand was hit hard and they were working through the weekend to get it cleaned up. I didn't get to hear the extent of the damage but the folks are working hard to get things somewhat back to normal. They had quite a few volunteers this weekend and prisoners that were brought down to help restore the campground. I haven't heard when it will open back up though. The cabins near the waterfall looked to be standing as well as the fish cleaning station and bathrooms. I'm sure there is damage but glad to see them still intact from the outside. I was going to try to help clean up in the campground area on Thursday but there was no work able to be done as it flooded once again while I was there. I arrived Thursday morning and no sooner had to flee back across the bridge from the lodge to the hatchery building/bait section as the water was rising quickly and would be over the bridge within minutes. It only got to I believe 8ft on the gage but enough to top the bridge and keep the road/park closed for hours as the rain just kept falling throughout the afternoon.
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    State park area 5/6

    The cost of a yearly pass depends on your level of access. It is by invite only and also requires solid referrals from current members as well as a round of interviews with yours truly. Silver Membership allows you to fish Point 2 and the island at the mouth unsaid creek. You may look into the creek but not enter at any point. Gold Membership allows access to the entire unsaid creek but you are limited to using only cork and bobber with barb-less hooks. Platinum Membership grants access to the entire creek, gate/lock code to enter unsaid cove in unsaid creek and fish any type of tackle/bait. Diamond Membership allows everything the Platinum Members enjoy. Except, I turn off all my security systems thus guaranteeing that you are not harpooned, poisoned, electrocuted, bitten, infected or otherwise maimed in any way. **Any violations of the by-laws are reviewed by me. Membership can be revoked at any time with forfeiture of annual dues. Violators will be placed in the Code Red Club. As of right now there is only one person in this exclusive, yet abominable "Code Red Club". He knows who he is and I am currently working on installing EyePrint ID recognition scanners on my dock to keep this vile angler from his crankbait pirating and pillaging of my cove.
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    We don't need a third party. That will just get us more of the same. We need no parties. Political parties are just schoolyard BS.
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    The Founding Fathers warned us of a two party political system. We do need a major third party if, for nothing else, to end the majority advantage in Congress. If no party had a majority of votes in either chamber of congress, then everyone would have to compromise. That's what I am really sick of - the pure partisan politics - and the voting is strictly along political lines in Congress. No wonder we can't get anything done. And no one dares step outside party politics without fearing losing the next election.
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    Fished around Aunt's Creek 5-5 / 5-6

    Spawn seems to stretch out for quite a bit for the largemouth. Back in mid April I caught some spawned out smallies and spots, and a few largemouth that had looked like they were spawned out. My speculation, at least for the upper White arm, is that the smalls and spots are probably done spawning for the most part.
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    State park area 5/6

    Sounds like it might be time to establish a FAQ page on your Cove Access webpage!
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    State park area 5/6

    Abk, thanks for the reminder about the one trip left. I'll use it wisely. We actually put tips in the jar. It was either the guys who came in after us or your neighbor's watch dog labs that removed it. By the way, water was pretty deep under the dock. Mike
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    State park area 5/6

    I appreciate you guys adhering to the confidentiality agreement in our "Creek Contract". M&M, just to let you know you only have 1 remaining admittance left on your yearly pass to unsaid cove. I also had the neighbor check the tip jar on the corner of the dock. It was empty.
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    This x1000. It's a reality to face, and the American way to face new reality is to try and figure out how to make a buck on it. You don't have to be a Democrat Commie Liberal Socialist like me to accept climate change. You can be a good capitalist, accept the science, and innovate a way to help the planet, and make a healthy profit at the same time.
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    Trout boat under construction

    Built some seat framing so not much visual progress so put up some current status photos. Waiting for more epoxy and fiberglass tape to show up so I can fillet and tape all of the inside joints.
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