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    Dam area 5/11

    What a difference a few days make. If you want to see some color in the water in the dam area now is the time to come and see it. I launched from the State Park marina as Moonshine is still closed. Fished for a few hours and caught only 1 keeper LM and 18 dinks. Mixture on the dinks. Keeper and the bigger fish were caught on a spinnerbait near the walkways leading to docks. WT was 67 - 70 when I took out at 11:30. Water was dirty for the dam area. 2' visibility in most areas. Most of the dinks were caught on the Ned on secondary points. I switched from a PBJ to a gp/orange and started catching them. Mike
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    What's Cooking?

    Fresh creamed peas with baby onions are one of the finest things I have ever tasted. My grandmother would make them every spring. Great memory.
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    Spinner Baits

    It's a fish catching lake for sure, in the multi-species sense. Maybe more like some of the windy KS lakes like Melvern. That wasn't a knock on Stockton. Just one of the reasons blades can be a tough sell on TR. They see a bunch of them, and a bunch of everything else. Makes them skittish and grumpy.
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    Upgrading motor question

    If you get a G2, you can get all sorts of colors! Mine is a gen1 and navy, so it's kind of dark, but not as dark as a Mercury.
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    Spinner Baits

    And Stockton doesn't get the pressure TR does. It's not unfished, but it's not going to have 400 tmt boats on it on a weekend.
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    Royal Blue

    Baxter to Shell Knob 5/9/17

    I've lived in the area for 20 years and the Rock is just tough. Just finding fish right now is an adventure. There's a ton of cover. I know how to catch them pretty good on the blade, but this summer when you guys are killing it deep with drop shots I'll be lost. Fwiw, I only throw War Eagle anymore too. I used to throw Strike King and even Booyah, but there is something about the WE that makes a difference IMHO. It could just be confidence on my part though. I'll be begging for advice when the fish go deep pretty soon.
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    They evolved to handle big floods, and this one was warm water, so they weren't sluggish. It might make a big dent in this year class due to the timing...1-2 inch smallies can't handle floods like the adults can. But I don't think there will be a big difference in the number of adult fish in the river, just that for a while it will be harder to fish because of all the changes and the downed trees and such.
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    Stump bumper

    Upgrading motor question

    I know exactly what rod you are talking about, I will check. Thanks
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    Just funny stuff

    I think downtown Springfield is the mother ship for these guys.
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    Sorry for the slow response, just seeing this. I take it this is tongue in cheek, but that's a lot of if's! :-)
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    lmt out

    5/9 walleye

    When if filet the fish I just take the sides of and leave the skin on the filet. We call this half shelling. We have an electric smoker so the wife said she uses hickory chips. leaves the skin on and skin side down uses salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a little cayenne powder. She smokes them for 2 hrs at 215 degree.
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    Trout boat under construction

    Helper? No helper, unless you mean my wife who helped me flip it twice! Really there's nothing to be impressed by for woodworking skills. It's the first wooden thing that I have made other than a set of shelves.or whatnot. I'm more comfortable with a welder and grinder but thanks all the same! Last coat on the bottom. Flip tomorrow to epoxy the inside. Hope the taped off areas come off with little persuasion from a utility knife through three layers of epoxy.
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    Mitch f

    Just funny stuff

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    White, Brown and Rainbow

    Angle the boat trailer downstream in swift water. It makes unloading and loading much easier (and safer). It's much easier trying to load a boat onto the trailer when driving up into the current slightly versus going completely perpendicular to it. For whatever reason, I rarely ever see people doing this. Just make sure you don't drop the trailer off the downstream side of the ramp. In fact, it's best to just use the upstream side if you're not real familiar with the ramp or good at backing a trailer.
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    Spinner Baits

    Bill, as always thank you for the report. Still no TW action eh? Mike
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    Bill Babler

    Spinner Baits

    It is a very good idea right now to put a stinger hook on. We have been getting thumped hard this week, some knocking slack in the line and missing them till I put a trailer hook on. Early Coldslaw in 3/8 with either a big Colorado or a Colorado and a williow and as the sun comes up go to a Mouse or anything white. They really are liking gold blades over chrome. This is for the stained water. When you get to point 7 the water is clearing fast and the SB bite is over by 7 or 7:30. They are eating a Road Kill or Puke Tube with the ends dyed orange in the stained water on the old bank line. Put your boat in 30' and don't go an inch under that, stay in 30 to 35 and work the tube hopping and dragging on flat gravel and cove points. From point 7 to the dam they are eating the tube, jig and shaky head in the same depth. Tube color is watermelon candy and watermelon, jig is PBJ and the shaky head is GP with its tail dyed red. Buster is also catching them really good swimming the Keitech in Pro Blue and Rainbow Shad. Very few of us can do this, he is setting his boat in 40 to 45 ft. and swimming it as slow as mush thru a sieve. Mostly main lake points and he is catching big pre-spawn K's and post spawn LM Should have a really good idea after Wednesday as I'm on the Rock constant after that.
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    State park area 5/6

    Very well thought out membership levels. You forgot to mention the senior membership. Most of us seniors can't remember three days later where we fished last in the mystery cove so we are rarely a threat to the fish population. Which is why I keep posting soon after fishing there but following my senior membership rule of not mentioning the cove by name. Mike
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    Whatchya Drinking?

    Kentucky Derby that is all we have heard the past few days. The official drink is the mint julep. I am not a horse race fan but we decided we wanted to try to make the official drink, This should be a thread of what we are not drinking .The Mrs. took a sip and gave me a frown. With a yuk follow up. Then I tried it. Said maybe I can get used to it, another sip and I am not sure I can get used to this. This is where the mint julep ended up! No more foo,foo drinks for the BilletHead's
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    What's Cooking?

    You pea haters stifle yourselves. This tasted good when I put it in my mouth.
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    Water Water Water

    Impressive lmt out! Do you ever get skunked. Good to hear someone is catching fish. Thanks for the report.
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    What's Cooking?

    Not my idea of fine quisine, however a good aged steak yeah I could do that. Some days its the simple things though, came home last night, damp, and tired, walked into the house and the smell of the beef roast in the crock pot was the most wonderful thing I could think of. If I could make a fragrace that smelled like roast, fresh bread, and strong coffee I would be rich.
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    Fisherfinder Electrical Problem

    I'll give everything a scrub before I run new cable and I'll be buying a new 3 amp fuse link anyway so I can plug that in and see what happens. That won't take long as I have everything tore down already. If it don't work all I have to do is run the new wiring and get at fishing.
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    I have run into issues with the cheesy 3-5 amp fuse links getting corroded. The pins will still show 12v on the voltmeter but will drop voltage when the circuit is put under a load. If there is a fuse link in-line you might pull it apart and clean the contacts with a wire brush.
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    Fixing Leaks?

    I carry a stick of the JBweld putty in the jet boat for minor gashes. Goes on wet. Cures in water.
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    Odd hooks

    Anyone else seen these? The guy i seen selling them says very hard for fish to throw these hooks.

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