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    Cape Fair 12/3/17

    I put in at 7:20 and fished a straight worm for a couple hours and had a couple shorts, and a couple swing and misses. It was pretty slow with the worm. I started throwing some cranks, spinnerbaits and squarebill with not much luck at all. I went to the very back of a 50 yard cut with a black Buzzbait with a gold blade and when I pulled it over the top of a log in the far back something took a swipe at it but stopped just short of hitting it. That got me excited because it seemed big. For some reason she pulled away from it. I changed to a black on black Buzzbait and did much better. I caught about 12 on it with 2 good keepers, and they really wanted it. The big one was 3.14 and the other was 3.5 on my scale. It sure was good to get out again and set the hook, it has been way too long. Water temp was 55.7 and I pulled out right at noon. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Slow day, decent afternoon

    Hit the river today after a four week hiatus. Very slow morning caught and removed 5 spots, on about 2.5#. Ate lunch tied on a fluke and took a few good ones. Been too long away now it’s catchup time. cheers
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    Clark Creighton

    My first Stockton fish

    And unfortunately my only Stockton fish today. Need to learn how to fish this lake!
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    Chief Grey Bear

    What's Cooking?

    On a lighter note this evening, smoked yardbird. Simplicity at its finest.
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    Chief Grey Bear

    Clear water

    Fascinating post. We've read countless posts over the years from STL7 about gigging and that there's no way possible to misidentify a Smallmouth while gigging. Until one of their own does it. Then it's no big deal. Just a part of the game. They want all gigging banned. Yet, go gigging themselves. Simply fascinating.
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    Jigfest lodging thread

    No problem, $1375 total and it looks like 15 right now. We could make it $100 each, and that would cover it and leave a $125 tip.
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    I was honored to spend a day with my uncle on Tablerock looking for bass. It was tough and a little slow but a beautiful day. We found 10 or 12 hungry fish about 1/2 back in a cove over 40 to 60 feet of water. Ended up with 5 keepers. 1 was mine 4 for Steve but who's counting. We were using gold and blue chrome 3/4 oz Binks spoons, and Steves secret bait. Don't ask can't tell😀. We had a great time.
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    Chief Grey Bear

    Now that's a Brownie!!

    Caught in an Ozark stream today! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Fishing in Islamorada post IRMA

    November is nearing it's end here and we've already had our first legit cold front of the winter! It's very early for it to be getting as cold as it did, but the weather has been crazy the last few years thats for sure. It dipped down into the mid 60s here, and looks like Sunday night it will be doing so again! We actually even have a tropical depression that is suppose to be making its way here during the day too and it's kind of made our weekend a wash. Luckily though it will just be a good bit of rain and heavier than normal winds. Fishing has been decent I myself have been doing the everglades things mostly. Before the front we were having good action with some juvenile tarpon and snook back there. Had a few days that were very good when it was nice and calm, and the water cleaned up substantially, and some other days where the wind was cranking but we were still able to pick away at some fish and had OK catches. Mid October had Colin and Stephen over from the UK, they enjoyed catching a good number of snook and they each got a medium sized tarpon and also a big lemon shark. The following day I had Jerry and his son in law Mark, they also enjoyed a good day of snook plus a couple redfish, and we got a couple of bigger 10-12 lb snook fishing deeper water as well as another lemon shark too. Had my dad and Ron Modra out for a fun day after that, we got about 8 snook and 3 juvenile tarpon... the snook were larger on average than the previous days which was cool just not as many. Had Philip and his buddy Andre for some tarpon fishing one day... we didn't have luck withe the tarpon we did hook one but lost him, though we banged up the snook pretty good landing a dozen or so. Half day with Mario and Steve who are Florida folk, we caught a few snappers for dinner and got 3 juvenile tarpon while doing that and a snook and couple sharks it was great fishing! And the last couple days after the front we had, we caught redfish, drum, and snook mostly. Those trips were with long time customer John Watson and his family, and then Bud, Anna, and Kyle whom enjoyed their first trip back in the everglades! It looks like after sunday the weather will be nicer again, it is suppose to dip down into the 60s again but then slowly warm up. Northeast winds most of the week 15mph or so, which should be ideal for most of our fall/winter fishing. I think the tarpon thing is more or less over, may have some shots at small guys when the water temps are 70 or more, but for the most part bet on doing the cooler weather options. That usually includes snook, redfish, drum, and trout in the 'glades. Mackerels should start showing up in the gulf which I haven't had any reports on yet but with this cold weather I'm sure there are some out there. Also patch reef fishing will be an option, but usually that's a little easier with less wind or at least due north wind. Capt. Rick Stanczyk Facebook Instagram rick@seethefloridakeys.net Islamorada Backcountry Charters with Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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    Hog Wally

    Clear water

    I'm happy to say the guy who stuck the one accidentally, actually was so upset with himself that he sat down the whole rest of the evening in total disgust about it. It was a 12" fish it's almost impossible to mistake a 20" smallie for any other fish. 12" fish in fast water running with the red horse, I can see the dilemma. Btw, we saw walleye, catfish and even a couple big hellbenders
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    Official Jigfest #4 thread

    Ok, I have final clearance from both work and better half. I think Quill or Griz had me down already, but ill be there Thursday late afternoon or evening. My cuz won't be able to make it so I'm flying solo. I'm also boatless, but will carry gear for boat rides! I'm just stoked things worked out in the knick of time, didn't want to miss this year.
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    That's what I like about you guys.... you've learned to respectively disagree and not get offended at the drop of a hat. New members who come on - they seem to get it too and follow suit. The "all about me" mentality doesn't cut it here. They get weeded out pretty quickly. But we are also a group that looks over each others flaws... and if we've really got ourselves together, we can polk fun at those flaws and laugh about it. Except Al... he's a pretty tempermental old guy Thank you to everyone! Happy December 1st!!
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    Cape Fair 12/3/17

    Nice Cheese!!! I opted to cut firewood today..lol
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    Chief Grey Bear

    Clear water

    You called the MDC and advised them that you illegally gigged two Smallmouth and left them behind?
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    Cape Fair 12/3/17

    Buzz-Bait fish, I am jealous!
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    Clear water

    The fact that they won't allow it on Blue ribbon trout water, but allow it everywhere else without even policing it chaps my behind.
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    Hog Wally

    Clear water

    only imagine how many bass and other game fish get stabbedThis is the point of my post that some may have missed. Unfortunately gigging is a sport where you can and will mistake the identity of game fish. It's not unlawful to stab a gamefish. It's unlawful to keep it though. I can only imagine how many bass and other game fish get stabbed considering we are very cautious and careful law abiding citizens who have a passion for the river and the smallmouth
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    Gary and I launched the Charger at Cedar Ridge Thursday 11/30 at 7am sharp. Water temp was 52* at the ramp, 50.7 under the bridge. Started out with a Ned Rig and caught some nice bass while the sun was still low in the sky. As it got bright the bite slowed some but we still manage to catch several. Then, when the sun was low in the sky again that evening, we thrashed 'em pretty good. We caught large mouth, small jaw, whites and drum......we had a ball. Most came on the Ned but a we also caught several nice fish on a fire tiger wiggle wart and a little 3/16 oz white rattle shad.....love it.
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    New brand of bass boat??

    Ya gotta look under that cowling from time to time because some really crazy things happen in there. I've found snake skins, live snakes, mice, rats, dead birds, wasp and mud dauber nests, spiders, enough feathers to stuff a pillow, fish hooks and split shot, worm weights, plastic lizards and Senkos, ant colony's, piles of dog food, piles of acorns.... You name it. I live pretty happily under those cowlings so it shouldn't surprise anyone that all sorts of other despicable critters will gladly take up residence there as well.
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    The lake be dropping

    If my memory is correct, I believe last winter they took it down to about 906 or so. I don't know if that is normal policy or not, but it would not surprise me to see it down there again this year.
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    The lake be dropping

    Is that typical for this time of year (ie, fall draw-down)? If so, how far will they normally drop it?
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    Ended my rifle season

    Haris122 - congrats in your successful mananged hunt! I have two memorable drags. Several years ago I had access to a farm near my house. The woman that owned the property did not want me to gut any deer on her property. Didn't want her dog bringing animal parts up to her house. Had bad experience in the past. It was the last evening of the antlerless season and I had a doe and her fawn coming towards me. At 40 to 50 yards I shot the doe and dropped her in her tracks. The fawn ran off to the woodline and walked back and forth. Another doe was coming with her two fawns snorting at the fallen deer. I watched her and did not even think about shooting her until she headed back the direction she came. As I headed out to the fallen doe the doe came back towards me and I shot her. Instead of dropping she ran 250 to 300 yards in the opposite direction. Had to go to both ends of the cut field to get both does loaded on my two wheeled cart. The second drag was on a buck that I shot about a 1.25 mile from my vehicle. The memorable part was that my wife was 5 months pregnant with our youngest at the time. She had to sufffer me field dressing the deer while she had morning sickness. This was the first deer that I used my two wheeled cart. We got to an area where we had to lift the deer over a barbed wire fence. I picked a spot on the fench where they had put in a wooden frame where they tightened the fence. My wife was on the other side if the fence as we were going to get the deer across. I had the back end of the deer in my face as I was lifting/sliding the deer over the fence. As I was pushing and lifting I didn't see that his head dropped down and was pushed up against the fench post. So I am pushing harder just as my wife saw the head pushed against the fence and pulled it up releasing the deer. At that time I was pushing hard enough for the deer and cart to go flying over the fence and nearly on top of my pregnant wife. To this day that was known as the day that I threw a deer at my wife☺!
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    11/27/17 Fishing Report

    I had stuff to do in the morning, but the rest of my day was open. So, I fish. I decided I was going to try for striped bass or hybrids. That was the plan anyway. I idled around looking for shad and fish in an area that normally has some stripers this time of year. No soap. Norfork is still a muddy mess from the Spring flood. Water just will not clear. Water temp was about 58'. Minimal wind. I found me a bluff and got busy. A few minutes in and I got a 16.5 inch smallie on a Crappie jig and 4 pound P Line. I got other bass on FB jig and Ned. I decded to burn a little gas and run as far up the creek arm as I felt comfortable. I shut her down when the main channel on the bluff side was 10 foot deep. Ned fish. wart fish. swapped sides of the creek. Small Walleye on a swim Bait (only my second Norfolk walleye). Ned fish. Crappie jigs. More on swim baits. some big stripers showed up and were blowing up, but nothing doing for me. Super Spook Jr got no love at all. oh well. 32 fish in 5 hours was a Good time. Raced back to ramp at 70 plus MPH trying to beat darkness. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Thank You!

    Just tonight I decided to stop looking at a member's posts. In the process, I realized I joined 10 years ago and have averaged almost 500 posts per year. In that time I have asked that only 4 members' posts be filtered. I will happily and readily admit that I am an opinionated, judgmental cranky older man with a hard head. I know this, and no one needs to remind me. So I think it says much about Phil's board and you folks that only four of you have forced me to block you in ten years. Thank you for letting me play in this sand box.
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    Thank You!

    We are all opinionated and very passionate about what we love doing! We don't always agree with each other but pretty sure that on the water these disagreements go by the wayside and the trip would likely result in a lively competition on who's catching the most or the biggest☺. Keep posting!

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