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    shark bait

    Last weekend Dec 2

    Fished out of Eagle Rock. Put in at 7 am. Fish were busying the surface occasionally so tried top water around the dock and down the bank. Nothing. Tried jerk bait- nothing. Went halfway back in Panther and the schooling was going pretty good. I tried a several top waters an nothing. So I tied on a ned with a little 3 inch white senko and swam it through the schools. Bingo! I stayed on them a couple of hours. Caught several keepers with a few 2 - 2 1/2 liners. After they quit I went the bridge and cought a very nice smally on the old roadbed. Went up to mouth of Roring River and cought a few here and there, all small until I saw some busting the surface off a point. First cast to that area I caught one that was 3 1/2 to 4 lbs. All spots except for the one sm. Fun day and beautiful weather.
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    What's Cooking?

    Trying to clan out some deepfreeze space for tomorrow's pick up of a slaughtered beef. So 2 roasts came out last night, one for my daughter, grandson, and SIL, and one for myself and mother when I got back from Dr. Appt. Nothing more than a roast that got seared in a skillet then into the crockpot with a couple chunked onions and some beef broth and Billy goat seasoning. When I got home the house smells wonderful, wish I had a loaf of sourdough bread to bake, added carrots and some baby taters. Also made an expiramental sauce for the meat, some horse radish sauce my wife had, some juice from the roast, a couple drops of liquid smoke, and a little corn starch to try to thicken it. I like horse radish sauce but it is usually a little too strong for me, but this mixture is just about right. This meal has been approved by "The Dirty T Shirt" group.
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    Phil Lilley

    Size vs Quantity?

    I’ll be to post the results here. But most ppl agree with you, so far.
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    snagged in outlet 3

    Clear water

    I'd do it but no water will get in my live wells. If you don't know me well enough to trust me then we shouldn't bother. Similar to golf. If I don't trust you enough not to stand over you to make sure you don't cheat I don't want to know you anyway.
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    Meramec at Holzer

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    Cape Fair area, 12/6/17

    Buddy and I got in a pretty full day Wednesday at Cape Fair. Results weren't so great but we were fishing between two strong, rapid-fire cold fronts. Started in some shady cuts between Bridgeport and Peach Orchard and it became apparent early on that would be very little shallow action, so we soon migrated back out to the main river. For most of the day, we went 15-20 minutes between bites on the Ned rig ... not a good deal on a bait that consistently produces a bite every 5 minutes or less. The action was primarily in channel swings and bluff ends. I did manage to pick up a gorgeous 4 pound-plus fish off an isolated boat dock (15 feet of water in the stall where she bit) on a finesse jig and lost beside the boat what looked to be one of the biggest spots I've ever seen in any of the river arms. Got a pretty good look at it up close and it was well over 3 pounds. Also managed one fish on a jerk bait. Dilly dilly! All told, we had a dozen fish but only two keepers. No crank bait bite at all and I spent too much time throwing one. Better days coming soon. Stay tuned. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Clear water

    I think it would be awesome to have a fishing tournament between several of us on this forum. I'm sure we could trust each other enough to weigh and CPR the fish instead of having to lug them around all day. There would definitely be some hurt feelings after the day is over with.
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    Winners and Losers in the Tax Bill

    You could fund qualified education expenses with a Roth, but the annual contribution limits are lower than the 529 limits and no state tax break. Plus grandma & grandpa can contribute to the kid's 529 plans too. I'm not a fan of whole life insurance (lots of hidden fees), but if you do have it you could take out a loan against the policy. The trade off is the increase in the standard deduction v your loss of exemptions. I you are not itemizing now, you will probably pay a little less but not much less.
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    Chief Grey Bear

    Clear water

    I would like add in all fairness to Al, we have two totally different styles of fishing. Al will fish many miles of stream in a day. 12, 14, 15+ miles in a day. He admittedly catches the easier to catch fish. On the other hand 5-6 miles are about all I'm good for. I enjoy working the brush and beating the banks. We use different styles of baits too. He uses faster baits like spinners and WTD and the like. I use slower baits with lots of soft plastic types and slow wide wobble cranks that pierce deep into the water column . So it stands to reason our experiences on the same waters can be different. I should have stated this earlier but I didn't. After I thought about it for a while I came to realize the reasons why. So I just want to put this out there.
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    I like this discussion. I'm with @fishinwrench. I like his attitude. I am content with what I have- no complaints. Under the tax plan, I think both plans, our personal taxes are less, not by much. And the resort will enjoy a tax break if we have any profit to claim. We're spending a lot of money on big items this fiscal year but most of it is capital. A few years ago, they let us claim all capital expense, not make us depreciate it out... that was nice!
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    Winners and Losers in the Tax Bill

    Scholarships are included in exceptions. If you withdraw without one of the exceptions you must pay a penalty and are taxed on the earnings the 529 has accumulated, but not on the principle. The earnings portion of a nonqualified withdrawal is taxable as ordinary income. In addition, a 10 percent penalty tax must be computed on the earnings portion and paid with your federal tax return, unless you qualify for an exception to the penalty. The exceptions relate to withdrawals made on account of the beneficiary's death, disability, receipt of a scholarship, or attendance at a Unites States military academy. A limited exception also exists for families claiming a Hope credit or Lifetime Learning credit since those credits act to reduce your qualified higher education expenses.
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    Al Agnew

    Mid Mo Smallies

    Try to find a copy of the late Chuck Tryon's book, "200 Missouri Smallmouth Adventures". While the accesses it lists might not be open these days, it says that the following creeks north of the Missouri River in mid-Missouri hold at least a few smallmouth: Perche Creek Silver Fork Hinkson Creek Bonne Femme Creek Little Bonne Femme Creek Moniteau Creek Cedar Creek Middle River Auxvasse Creek Crows Fork Loutre River Whetstone Creek He does say that smallies are scarce in some of these creeks, though present.
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    Sorry to keep bugging

    I'm not a super duper fisherman...but your baits look fine to me....but I doubt you do much on the buzz bait. Check out the map section up top...it will give you general areas to fish...I would probably fish bluff ends in the main lake the most...with the crank bait or drop shot. The end of bluff across from big m has always been good.
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    Another factoid, Just like you It is noisy and it smokes . Other than that you are right, BilletHead
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    Sorry to keep bugging

    Better have a spoon on. 30 to 50 feet. Check out some of Bo's posts. He can catch em.
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    I fall into the "below average" category but to be totally honest I'd say that my family lives quite well. We have all we need. Nice enough house and 10 acres of land, have some pretty nice things, and although we might have to wait awhile to afford the more expensive things in life we truly don't "want" for anything. When I hear someone who makes 150k/yr. cry about how bad they have it..... I simply cannot relate. I live quite happily on a little more than 1/3 of that.
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    Rod selection?

    I switched to a bait caster this last year due to seeing Buzz and others just tearing it up with a bait caster! I started with an Abu Garcia Black Max and a Berkley Cherry wood rod. Cheap set up to see if I liked it or not. I liked it and will upgrade after the first of the year.
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    Went To The River

    I'm not really bothered either, but I know some people freak out if you kill a bass. Some of those that would freak have no problem putting them in a cage and drag them all over a lake and then release them miles and miles from home. "Sorry Bass...just screwing with ya!" Fish taste good (most of them anyway).
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    Went To The River

    A chip off the ol' block I am. I'm actually not bothered one bit about Oneshot's grocery collecting because I know he doesn't waste a single bite of it. The guys that upset me are the ones that drag them around on a stringer all day and then throw their dead stiff carcasses in the trunk of their car. You know darn well that they end up as catfood.
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    Cape Fair 12/3/17

    I put in at 7:20 and fished a straight worm for a couple hours and had a couple shorts, and a couple swing and misses. It was pretty slow with the worm. I started throwing some cranks, spinnerbaits and squarebill with not much luck at all. I went to the very back of a 50 yard cut with a black Buzzbait with a gold blade and when I pulled it over the top of a log in the far back something took a swipe at it but stopped just short of hitting it. That got me excited because it seemed big. For some reason she pulled away from it. I changed to a black on black Buzzbait and did much better. I caught about 12 on it with 2 good keepers, and they really wanted it. The big one was 3.14 and the other was 3.5 on my scale. It sure was good to get out again and set the hook, it has been way too long. Water temp was 55.7 and I pulled out right at noon. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Went To The River

    It depends, some places (state wide?) 12"-6 fish, some places (special management areas, some or all?) 15"-1 fish. https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/fishing/seasons/species this list some of the special management areas https://mdc.mo.gov/search/google-appliance/special%2Bmanagement%2Bareas I think the theory is keep adding more regulations and making them harder to find til only catch and release folks bother to buy a permit.
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    dan hufferd

    My first Stockton fish

    I am sure that you will get it figured out. You all ready have the right lure. Looks like there was a nice chop on the water. That spoon thing is a fun way to catch them. If you can stay over a school of bait fish for a few minutes, even if it is in the middle of the lake. Packs of whites move through. Notice the depth. Drop the spoon to that depth, wait, when the pack comes through again start jigging. If they are moving bait fish this works well for all species.
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    My first Stockton fish

    Also get some bed rigs in green pumpkin and purple and hit the banks by cedar ridge. Tons of 2 lb bass there on those 45 degree bank
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    My first Stockton fish

    Let me help you with this. It’s very very simple. Even today you should put your boat in 12’ of water. STAY there. Throw a Stan Sloan spinner bait 1/2 ounce and burn it. I’m talking 1/2 inch under water. Wake that baby and you will catch some big fish. Also throw a rock climber or a wiggle wort in red.

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