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    Mitch f

    Personal Best Spot

    Finally got a chance to go fishing for a couple of hours. Fishing was a little slow for a while, then hooked up with a big spotted bass on the bigger Hi-Def craw. Turned out to be my personal Best Spot.
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    Best way keep hands warm?

    Another good way of conditioning is to never turn the heat on and windows down while riding around in your vehicle and keeping the house thermostat set right around 38 degrees. Just enough to keep pipes from freezing. Me, I’m a little more into comfort. I’ll use a hand warmer.
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    Sore Thumbs

    Varmint A Rig.

    Caught 2 Stripers and a bunch of whites on that A rig. Went out after the tournament.
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    Dan the fisherman

    Friday fishing

    Had the pleasure of fishing with Vinsott Friday. Had a great time and the fishing was pretty good too. Ended up catching 6-7 stripers and a white or two. It was a beautiful day, not too cold and the wind wasn’t terrible. We caught the fish in a variety of ways. Got them on umbrellas, spoons and brooders. Water temp was 49-51 degrees. All we had to do was find the bait and we got into them. The action wasn’t hot and furious but a steady. All fish were caught south of the bridge. Good luck out there fellas stay safe This post has been promoted to an article
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    Hog Wally

    Meramec giant

    Another 5 plus 21". I pulled a solid 18" Smallie into the boat when my best friend sets the hook on this ! 5 lb 2 oz !!
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    What's Cooking?

    Sous Vide Duck Breast a l'Orange, I will spare you all the cooking pictures. It is nice to have total control of what we put in our pie hole. Nothing I cold not pronounce in the ingredients. Some of the herbs from our garden. The side salad lettuce from the garden too. Simple steamed sliced carrots. Mallard breast result of a good hunt. You should of seen Pat tipping the plate to her lips to glean the leftover sauce, priceless, BilletHead
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    LIR Fishing Report 12/17/2017

    The LIR is fishing well, again. The water is still a bit murky but is beginning to clear up. D.O. levels are improving and trout are putting up a good fight, when hooked. #14 - #16 Mayfly patterns like PTN, GRHE and Soft Hackles are all working. #8 - #12 Olive Wooly Buggers drifted or stripped are working. Micro Jigs in black or white and Mega Worms in white or pink are working in the right spots and right conditions. If you are not keeping fish, please practice good catch and release techniques. i.e. wet your hands before handling fish, de-barb hooks, etc... Also, if you are interested in joining our Tulsa area club, see our website at TU420.com
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    Mitch f

    Meramec giant

    Sorry Wrench, couldn’t resist!😂
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    Air Rifle

    Pretty neat Glen, Way back when we were using green and grey army men. If you had a tank or jeep you were special. The enemy had a half track unit. We had some major battles. Back then it was politically correct to do this and we turned out great. Used our daisy lever guns and went to town. When we got done we checked out the carnage to see the dimples left in the plastic men. When I got my pump gun that shot bb's ,pellets and even darts you could blow off appendages. Fun times. BilletHead
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    Pat Magee

    Best way keep hands warm?

    I have a pair of Hestra Gore-tex mittens that are perfect for really cold weather fishing. They are for legit mountain climbing but they certainly do the trick when cold water fishing. They even have handcuffs so I can quickly slide them on and off without losing them if I need to do something bare handed. I also have tried the Hot Hands taped to the inside of my wrist and that seem to help a bit if you are wearing lighter more form fitting gloves. I have been thinking about a fishing rod with a built in heater in the grip. With every turn of the reel, it would power the small hand warmer in the rod. I mean this really isn't a bad idea, right?
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    Old Man Coon Huntin

    Good stuff Griz - My granddad on my mother's side was a coon hunter. He was a farmer in SE MO and hunted during the winter. He passed when I was 12, but I did get to go on one hunt with them, it wasn't season yet so it was a training run, but as a kid I thought that was one of my most fun adventures ever. One of the dogs got lost, it wasn't one of my grandpa's but one of the other guys dog. He left his shirt there where we were parked, went back the next day and the dog was there.
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    Old Man Coon Huntin

    Got drug into a coon hunt likely 40 years since my last, with no explanation by my Brother-in-law, but it is family so.....as I told Billethead en-route, you can choose friends but not family. Showed up a few hours early, as requested, had a tour of the area in the gator to familiarize me with the lay of the land. (I had been there in the mid 70's but with another gal so after 38 years of marriage, dumb is good) Learned that this hunt was for some folks who had paid generously at auction to benefit the school and the neighborhood was pleased. We went to the main place, not super fancy, but a much better location and decorating than our place. Had grilled duck breast rolled in jalapenos and bacon for horse de vours, (sorry never learned French, ....my Professor at Mizzou would testify English either for that matter) with cocktails followed by salad, baked potatoes, really nice steaks and wine. Then away we go, due to my bad ankle I was in-charge of driving the "refreshment cart" and support vehicle (gator), with coolers loaded with various drinks and snacks. One Walker (my favorite) and a Red bone were released it was a clear, cool fall evening, stars were very clear and the sound carried well. Very soon they cut a track, and the music began, man I love hearing any hound but the deep drum of a Walker is so special. They drop off the hilltop, I circle, get in the bottom below,the deep voice of the Walker, broooam, broooam,broooam...., then they tree, the Red bone is very, very excited, think she got an eye full. I watch from the bottom as the wheat (now led) lights descend, a near perfect circle below the cedar tree is formed with lights shining looking in excitement. Then a lot of squalling and hissing, starts moving from tree to tree in a tight cedar grove. The lights scattered quicker than if you had blew them plumb up..., going far and fast. I was totally dumbfounded (easy task). I turned on the Gator lights, to make a regroup point, as apparently there was an issue. After a bit the hunters gather at the "refreshment cart'. The story goes, it was a bobcat, and was not happy being confused with a coon and refused to be treed. The hunters were not scared just trying to give the cat some space...???, after being refreshed they went on. The youngest, Sam was about 9, had drank at least 3 Mountian Dews, he kept pace with the dogs for quite some time. Pretty sure his Mother made note of my name when we returned, hopefully not to report to child services, he was not skinned up too bad. Coon hunting has come a long way from my younger days. Brian the dog owner had a GPS deal around his neck. He could point out where we were and each of the dogs... maps and everything. The next track was fast and furious, as the dogs got further than anticipated, Brian said they are in a drive way..... he said 900 yds out...... showed me the map... only grumpy neighbor in 3 sections.... "I think they treed in the yard"....Please no. Fortunately the coon went on (likely jumped onto the house and ran to catch a tree on the east side) The lights in the house came on, ..Brians dogs are trained not to come to anyone but him. We ended up with two coons and a scared Opossum. I am not a coon hunter by any means but sure enjoy hearing the hounds run and watching the antics of the hunters will never grow old. Hope they invite me back next year. g
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    dan hufferd

    Found a few crappie

    My buddy Steve and I are working on our winter crappie fishing technique. Steve had the hot stick catching probably 20. Together we ended up with 10 keepers my contribution was 3 keepers. They were in about 28 ft of water. We also caught 4 or 5 baby walleye. I am blessed to have such a great friend! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Meramec giant

    An absolute Ozark Trophy congrats Matt!
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    Best way keep hands warm?

    Over the years, I have discovered this to be the case. If you can keep your core warm enough, you won't even need gloves most of the time. I wear lots of layers and that helps you stay warmer and also gives the ability to adjust if needed. Another thing, if you keep a hand warmer against your wrist, it will keep your hand warm by warming the blood vessels going into the hand. Additionally, latex gloves (believe it or not) will keep a lot of warmth in. The problem with those is that your hands will sweat and then get cold.
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    Air Rifle

    Sweetie pie threw a Christmas party yesterday and me and all the guys and older kids spent the whole day out shooting dinosaurs in the back yard. Finally after none of us would come inside someone brought us out a big plate of mini-corndogs. After eating a few one of the guys looks at me and says "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Next thing ya know we are being yelled at from the porch, because they sent those out there for us to EAT ! Mini corndogs are the best exploding targets ever. Orion had fun cleaning up the aftermath.
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    Best way keep hands warm?

    the first thing that i have found over the years of winter fishing is to dress warm. your extremities stay much warmer if you keep your core warm. other than that a good pair of mitts for running, and there are various fingerless fishing gloves to choose from. bo
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    Let someone know where you'll be.

    Good deal and thanks. I will look into this. I know there is fear of big brother watching but if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear at this time. If it ever gets to where I think I need to worry about being watched I will put on my tinfoil hat and ditch the phone . BilletHead
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    Meramec giant

    Yep, there's another one! Sweet! If pressured to choose the best Smallmouth river in the state I'd have to say the Meramec just because of all these 20+ fish y'all keep catching. It's a shame that I never fish it. Good job fellas. Doesn't all that gear fishing get boring though? I think you should up your game and start fly-fishing for them.
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    Stalking wild trout ...

    I know a spot or two that I had a trout surprise. Like you, I think about and want find out how they got there. Glad to hear that there are more such places where there are naturalized trout. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to find one or wo more. They tend to be fiesty fighters ☺ and that makes finding them special.
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    Let someone know where you'll be.

    Yes I second and third so on and so on like this thread, We have loved ones who are concerned about us. Like some that have responded here I go out alone. Tell Mrs. BilletHead where I am going and ETA coming back. If I move locations I let her know also. I have spotty service in some places and when I get out of some holes I have a series of texts and voice mails to go through like how are things going, are you OK and on and on. This is what I call true love fellows. I am not hen pecked I am lucky and I know it. She teases me she needs to know where to find my carcass for proof of death . She asks me to wear my PFD especially while running. Trouble can come fast and in the blink of an eye. I tend to not be so stable on my feet anymore but act like I am. Bkbying89, I share this with you backing up my thoughts on the bald headed woman. You see 12 years ago we had a reset in out life and the bald head was a result of this situation . I thank you for the post as it got me to looking for this photo. I realize how lucky and blessed I am, Her hair is back but mine is still kept shaved off. I was this way before she was temporary and I tease her she just wanted to see what it was like to have the perfect head. I think she rocked it better and I have the Klingon ridge going on. Thanks bkbying89. I need to revisit this picture more often. I thank my lucky stars daily for what I have, BilletHead
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    Varmint A Rig.

    Believe it or not, but my buddy caught a 14.5lb striper on an A-rig at Beaver with 3" Easy Shiners on some 1/8oz heads I poured on a #1 hook. Took awhile and even with babying it, still almost straightened the hook, but he got her in the boat, his first striper ever.
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    A buddy brought his boat this time. We fished from 10:30-4. Bets bite was from 3-4. Put in at Theodosia and spent the first half hour riding around so he could get the feel for his new rig. Asked if I could run the troller while we fished so he let me take the bow. We started fishing 10-20' on bluffs with TRD on homemade jigs and promptly had enough Kentuckies for supper. Made a move to try and find some largemouth. Power fishing was out of the question because neither of us wanted to work that hard yesterday, so we threw some custom pro football heads.. After trying multiple color combos we believed 100% that these bass were dialed in on a specific type/color craw and it was just one of those strange days when color was a big part of the pattern, and everybody that fishes a jig often has that color in their jig box. Fished those prime spots we found on the map on gravel banks between Pontiac and Theodosia. Average size was something to be proud of. Bites were in the 10-15 range. All lm were released. Here's the biggest 2 of the bunch.
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    Of course they are fish hooks! What are you, some kinda jackass that refuses to accept the higher learning of qualified anthropologists. Like YOU know more than them about things like that. Pfffft!
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    Outdoors in the delta TV.

    My son got to close this past weekends show!

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