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    Sunday Fishing Report

    Spinnerbait bite is already on. Caught five on it Sunday mid-day from steep pockets with stained water. Upper White. Water temp 49-51. One solid 3.5, others all 2-plus. Donna kicked in a solid 2.5 on a jig for a best-five total of 12-13 lbs. Good bite is coming.
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    About 50 miles!! It's all good water. I've caught good fish all over that river. Have plans to float from Springfield Lake all the way to Blunks this year with another member. 52.9 miles that we want to do over 4 separate trips. But I don't expect the fishing to be better in any one section.
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    Bill Babler

    Sunday Fishing Report

    Trying to post a picture from my IphoneIPhone
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    Skeeter ZX190

    2/26 fishing report

    First time on Stockton since last September. Started fishing about 9:30 am and fished until sundown. Started at Orleans Trail and fished between there and State Park. Ended up with 14 in the boat (15 if you include a big gizzard shad I snagged). 7 came on a green pumpkin ned. The other 7 came on a Megabass 110 +1 in Pro Blue. I caught the bass trifecta. Also caught a 20 inch walleye. I would say most of the fish came in 8 to 12 feet of water. The water coming out of Price Branch only had about 1 to 2 feet of clarity. Same with Hawker. The smaller tributaries like Orleans Trail, had a good 5 to 8 foot clarity. Temps ranged from 42 to 45 degrees. This post has been promoted to an article
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    I bought mine on line a couple weeks ago. Since I am only 51 I certainly hope it's not my last time.
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    What's Cooking?

    Tacos on Tuesday, The BilletHead's Aunt and Uncle used to own and run a Mexican restaurant in St. Joe. Started off in the front of their house and then grew to a large scale. A main restraint and then a satellite location too. I remember the tacos they made. One or several at a time they were good. You can make them up ahead of time and freeze. Take out what you want and pitch the rest back in the freezer for later. Pretty easy for a quick meal. Season and cook your preferred meat. Use a flour tortilla, fold and put you some meat in there. Secure closed with three toothpicks. A little oil in a skillet and fry one side , flip and do the other. Pull out with tongs and drain upside down, Pull picks out and fill them up. You can just open them up easy and unlike corn the flour ones will not crack open loosing your goodies. Barbosas would just use onion, shredded lettuce and cheese plus a good a squirt of good tomato sauce. BilletHead
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    Rod Building Hobby

    Pulled my build off the drying rack this morning. Can't wait to make a few casts, although I almost enjoy building the rods as much as using them. Pardon the cluttered work area, when we moved I had to put a whole basement worth of goodies into a 1 car garage and a 8 x 20 shed.
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    The Coward? of Broward County.

    Or you could just stand behind Trump as he rushes in.
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    White Bass?

    They weren't on Saturday .
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    River boat tournament

    If you want a true river bass trail where it's mostly jet boats, you need to pretty well host on waters where a jet is a requirement. I fish tournaments on the Gasconade, Meramec and Osage and you can use whatever you want. For the most part, everybody runs jets because you need it to get anywhere. However, if the water is high enough, there have been guys bring their bass boats.
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    Sore Thumbs

    Sunday Fishing Report

    I fished Everett in that monsoon Saturday at Beaver. It was flat out tough. No A rigs aloud. I caught one keeper for 2.58 on a crankbait early and never caught another fish. 77 out of 138 teams didn’t weigh. The winners had 17.79lbs. Major props to those guys. I am excited about the water coming up and warmer water. Should get good soon. Thanks for your report.
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    ozark trout fisher

    Current River

    Hello, all. It's been a minute. Here are some pictures from a recent trip back to the Ozarks to chase some trouts.
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    IL Fisherman

    Fisherman’s nightmare

    Found this out on face book Talk a about crazy big wakes. 2 wake boats working in tandem. What’s next https://www.facebook.com/groups/120559614677761/permalink/1717771914956515/
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    Thank Heavens, I was worried about the carp populations.
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    Stockton jerkbaits favorites

    I have always got better bites at Stockton with PBJ jig with Green pumpkin trailer.
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    Stacy Jordan

    White Bass?

    Caught first white today big sow getting close to being real good
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    I know smart, responsible gun owners who enjoy hunting, or are employed in a position that self defense is potentially needed. I also know alot of dumb folks with guns. The NRA has done a total disservice to responsible gun owners by treating these two groups equally. Even worse is the NRA's completely tone deaf response to every mass shooting, especially this one. There was a time in this state that to have a concealed weapons permit, a person had to write and personally be ok'd by the county sheriff. That restriction was removed roughly ten years ago now. Those changes haven't improved our or our children's safety one whit.
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    Keitech 4'' Swimbait Jighead Size?

    1/8-3/8 with a 3/0 hook. That's for the 3.8 size, or equivalent like Strike King's swimmers. Oddly, some of the smaller swimbaits fish better with more weight than you would expect. 1/8 or 3/16 for those 2 & 1/2" size baits, #2-1/0 depending on the bait.
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    2/6 Report

    Aside from the initial spider web and people getting tangled up, I guess the funniest thing would be when this guy had his hat blow off in to the stream and he proceeded to strip down and bail off in to the stream to retrieve said hat. The other memory I have from opening day was when the water was up just over the top of the side walks across from the back parking lot. One guy hooked a lunker and it ended up jumping up on to the concrete and started swimming around like a salmon going through shallow water. It ended up swimming under one of the bench seats that were near them. The guys buddy flopped down on his stomach and laid in front of the bench to trap the fish and got soaked! They got the fish though!
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    Sore Thumbs

    Sunday Fishing Report

    I found 54 degrees on Friday when I was prefishing. A huge log jam prevented me from going there to check it out Saturday. I caught close to 20 fish there Friday but they were all shorts. I was hoping the bigger fish would move in there with the rising water.
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    She's blowing out

    i went for a run in Route 66 yesterday and she looked about a foot from coming over the bank just north of the old Rt 66 bridge (where the path from parking area comes thru the woods to the river). Kind of amazing how close we are to major issues, glad I live up on a ridge. Thankful for some dry days and sunshine.
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    Yep, glad I wasn't too subtle, lol!
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    2/26 fishing report

    Ditto Dan! 😎
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    I'm considering attending as the plans I thought were that Sat. are this Sat. Anyway, would need a open campground or cheap hotel, any recommendations?
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    At what age is a license not required? I think it's 65 which would make it my last year also.
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    Be the last year i buy a fishing license.
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    She's blowing out

    The Meramec today at Holzer:
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    Time to renew the MO licenses

    I got my hunting/fishing combo license and trout permit today. I'm good for another year!
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    Very Nice! You have great video and some nice fish! Of course there is the misnomer that there is an off-season for fishing , but I guess thaw as your point! Thanks for posting.
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    Stockton jerkbaits favorites

    They Walleye guys on the bank seem to live and die by the clown rogue jerkbait. I couldn't catch a cold with one.
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    Bill Babler

    Sunday Fishing Report

    Those are this morning on a Spro Phat Fly. 3 shorts and those 2 keeps. Mud line from Long Creek has reached the mouth of Big Cedar
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    She's blowing out

    Not sure if this will load but drone footage taken this morning @ Eureka. For those of you that may be in the area or passing thru there's several flood closures, I just heard W is now closed/underwater as well: Twin River Road Huntersford Road Willman Road Spring River Ranch Road Bald Pate Road
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    Mobile fishing unit

    Here is what my rental car looks like when I am travelling lately. I will have a couple of rods, maybe waders, my tackle bag with a variety of lures and baits. Mostly I am a bit of a generalist when I travel, so have to have a little bit of everything to have a chance at any fish that I might encounter. One of the rods in the car is for microfishing. I just could not get this sculpin to bite. you can see the tiny piece of gulp worm on a size 20 hook just in front of this fish. No matter where I positioned bait it just did not bite ! Maybe next trip.
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    I’d say it’s worth a try. There should be catfish starting to go up river or at least staging in the last deep before heading on up river which at Aldrich is under the bridge
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    OMG - Osage Missed Giant !

    Back when I used to set throw lines, we had a big blue - guess maybe 90 lbs. - take a bait and proceed to get tangled in the main line. Too far gone to release so we cleaned it. Have had flatheads there several over thirty, a couple maybe forty. All within ten miles of Jefferson City.
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    OMG - Osage Missed Giant !

    You don't see too many posts on OAF about a missed opportunity, but I had an experience that was both exhilarating as much as it was disappointing. With my 2017/2018 fishing season coming to an end, I had planned a trip with a friend to fish a creek feeding into the Osage that gets a decent run of redhorse suckers in the spring. The Missouri pole and line record river redhorse was caught in this creek back in 2016!. We made these plans a couple of weeks ago. I was concerned about the rain earlier in the week, but thought that the additional water might get those fish thinking about running upstream to spawn. The creek was coming down each time that I checked the gage height. I did not pay attention to the rain that came in on Thursday, which pushed the creek up again. As we were driving to the access, there were several indicators that we may be in for a challenging day. The first was the running water in the dry creeks along the road, then going over a creek that was running high and muddy when it was often no more than a low clear running creek, standing water in the lowland fields, then we came to a low water bridge over a dry creek that had water running over the road way. My buddy had no issue running through the water. We came upon standing water in the road. Again no issue driving onward. The next creek low water crossing was covered by rushing water. Now we did not go any further, but turned around and went the long way to the creek. Along the way past several flooding fields along normally low running creeks. This was what we encountered when we got to the confluence with the creek and the Osage, high, muddy and full of debris. The river was running less muddy than the creek so we fished the seams between the two waters. We fished worms using 1 oz weights. Throughout the day we really only had 6 or 7 "real strikes" from fish. We couldn't get a hook set. On one of those strikes on my rod in the river I got into a yellow fishing line. I pulled in a much as I could about 30 to 35 feet of line. It was still hung and it broke off. About an hour and a half later, I get a strike and set the hook and it feels like I have a fish, but still a weird pull. As I am reeling it in In notice that I am hung on the same yellow line. That could explain the feeling of having a fish. As I am reeling it up, I feel a surge on the line. So I am tangled with the yellow line that has a fish on the end! I begin reeling it in and the head of the fish broke the surface. The head was about 7 to 8 inches wide and there were distinctive bone plates running down the back and sides of this fish, a STURGEON! This fish was close to four feet in length! it begins pulling drag. The fish broke the surface a couple of more times and my line frays against the yellow line and it's gone. I was heartbroken. I'm not really sure how I would have landed this fish. He must have spooled the previous fisherman. Although I missed on landing a bucket list fish, I have a fishing encounter that I will never forget!
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    Skeeter ZX190

    Stockton jerkbaits favorites

    Megabass 110 in either Pro Blue or Triple Illusion.
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    Rod Building Hobby

    Looks like a fish rod now kind of...lol Have to epoxy wraps now, just put color preserver on thread and has to dry before epoxy goes on...
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    White Bass?

    Cave in we all must! That is for white bass! I'll keep an eye north Ham and you watch the South, BilletHead
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    Table Rock Lake Guides

    I don't know about Champ, but if you could book Donna G, that would be a lifetime opportunity.
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    Crockpot full of Chili & hot dogs and a canopy
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    Daryk Campbell Sr

    Table Rock Lake Guides

    Haven't used a guide before, but have made a couple transactions with James Gilzow, he is an honest man. Class act.
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    OA One Bass Tourney - who's coming list

    96, sorry you can't make it. I hope there are still fish that will jump on a lure in TRL when you come in April and May. Mike
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    snagged in outlet 3

    Oil supply line

    Wrench is the man!! Good people!!
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    Oil supply line

    It's just 1/4" ID fuel hose. Buy it at O'Reilly's and tie strap it together.
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    James McManus and I will be fishing it. Looking forward to it and hoping my trim works!😊
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    Just let me know. We will fish good locations and enjoy. Jig and Ned and maybe a slow crank. That way we can lose honorably. Or win.
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    Quill, Patrick and I are in. Just received the MSHP regatta permit and will apply for the COE permit today. We will bring paper plates, utensils and napkins. And a table. Mike
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