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    Big Girls

    Caught em good today! Covering lots of water and chasing the wind. Cranks and blades in 6-10 ft. Nice to see some quality come out of the Rock again. Haven’t been posting, but this day was worth sharing. 18# with those three, 23 overall. Good luck Want to add this. My dad was buried 8 years ago on this day. Just want to say publicly that I miss ya and want to thank you for taking the time to take me fishing. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Indian Creek

    Got a late start, didn't launch till almost 11:00. Put in at H in Indian Creek, planned to fish the reported crankbait pattern. Five minute in. Second stop, I call this "Big Rock" smallie when we pulled up. . Little later Then Finally Ended up with a limit+ , only a few non keepers. All on crankbaits fished on points and bluff ends near the mouth of Indian and Little Indian. All my fish were caught on a 7A Bomber in a crawdad pattern, in less than 15 feet . Off the Water at 4:00 PS. My partner Mike, would like to thank Daryk for leaving enough snack and drinks for the excursion
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    Aunts Creek 3/22 trifecta

    After a couple weeks in California it was nice to get back on the water. Started at 9:00 to light winds and partly cloudy skies. WT was 50.5. Threw a wiggle wart till the clouds broke up, and after 3 casts caught a nice 2.5 LM. Had 4 on the wart. Moved to a wind blown point and proceed to crush them on a vision 110. Stopped counting after 10. Was able to catch all three species of black bass. Back to Cali on Monday. Be safe This post has been promoted to an article
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    dan hufferd

    Found a Few Crappie.

    There is nothing like having an expert crappie fisherman for a friend. We did find a few fish early in the day. This was Steve's spot so I can't tell, sorry. Water was around 55 the boys are working the bank in a few places.
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    Maryland Whites!

    So I have been reading about all of the white bass and crappie being caught throughout Missouri. Got me a bit jealous since I am in Maryland again and not able to get out after those guys. I hadn't fished since I got here on Tuesday. My Betterhalf and Livie were driving in from MO today. I expected them around 12 or 1 pm. I had a little bit of time to fish. I am still have a lot to get used too with fishing tidal creeks.. I must have hit the timing of spawn and the tides just right today. I started with a black and silver thinfisher blade bait. Halfway through my first cast I could no longer feel the vibration of the bait and the line got heavy then started to fight. Fish on! I reeled in my first whiter perch of 2018. These guys are the equivalent of the white bass in Missouri. Both fish are part of the temperate bass Morone Genus. They tend to be a bit smaller than whites, but can be a prolific and eager to bite as their Midwest cousins. I headed up to the bend in the creek to try fishing the current break. I caught two others on the thinfisher blade bait. A popular fish rig in Maryland and In PA is a tandem shad dart rig. I don't have any shad darts, but tied a white and chartreuse trout magnet about 14 inches over a chartreuse 1/16 oz jig head and put on a green pumpkin /chartreuse paddle tail Slider. (sorry not a great photo) First cast upstream, I caught this guy. It took the slider. I caught fish on the next 8 casts. Most came on the slider, most likely due to them being closer to the bottom. I moved just a couple of times and as the tide came in the bites continued. I caught males that were definitely in spawning condition and several fat females. This one came a s a double with a smaller fish on the top bait and this fat female on the bottom slider. I moved down stream and caught a few. The tide seemed to have topped out and the bite slowed. I ended up losing this rig. Then another and another without getting many bites. I called it a day after landing 42 perch in just over three hours. My wife and daughter showed up at the hotel just about an hour later. Other than losing some tackle it was a great day ! I hope to get Livie out tomorrow to catch her very first white perch and maybe some other Maryland species.
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    Hi Guys- Back home in STL from a whirlwind down and back trip to Bull, feeling old and beat down. Hit the water at 9:45, off at 5:30. I didn't get the 6+ pound LMB I was hunting, but I had something like 8 keepers, best 5 for 13-14 pounds. Had 2 smallies in the 19" range (bump board ends at 18") and a long and skinny 3.5 pound largemouth that I'm guessing was a big male. Smallies and the 3 pound LMB were all still on bluff end or steep banks, found spotted bass on flats in the back of pockets, could probably have had a lot of fun with Mr. Ned or a grub, but I was big game hunting. I had a game plan today of chasing the wind in the clearer water from around Oakland to the Music/Coon area, and was looking for big fish, not numbers. I rigged up one Falcon super duty with an Arig, and a second with a RIver to Sea S jointed swimbait, and kept my old faithful wart and jerkbait out as well. I really didn't get quite as much wind as I was hoping for until late afternoon. Water temps are still low 50's in the clear stuff, and there are STILL dead and dying shad around, not as bad as last week, but still there. I gave up in the clear stuff around 3, and fished transitions in the Theodosia arm with the cranks and caught a few shorts and a couple keeper spots. I was really trying to commit to the big bait, big fish theory, and wow, do I ever feel it after casting those seven and a half foot, extra heavy action rods all day! I guess it was a half success, as every fish that hit the Arig was a keeper, but no love on the swimmer. One of these days that bait is going to catch hawgs, but I just haven't gotten it in front of the right fish yet I don't think. Anyway... My back! Oh my back!!!!! I'm very out of shape with my fishing muscles- I caught the fats over the winter! P.S. lots of boats out today, good luck to all the derby guys tomorrow, I think there must be more than one... I'm off of here to take some Motrin and a hot shower...lol This post has been promoted to an article
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    It was warm enough for my delicate constitution to get out early for a dawn start. Very little wind, which at first I thought was good for my Ned fishing, but things were tough the first couple of hours on the glass like water. Poked around on some of my smallmouth spots and only picked up a couple of short fish. Went back in a cove that had held some spotted bass the day before and didn't get much action there either. Things were looking grim. I decided to try some main channel wooded banks that hadn't been producing much previously, also there was some wind starting to blow on the main channel and I thought that might help. Really wasn't expecting much, but I found some. More green fish than brown, but they were good fish on average. Caught 4 keeper sized largemouth, half a dozen tank spots that were in the 15-16" range, a couple of smallies, and one walleye. Had a pretty good window of biting fish for about 3 hours, then the wind really started blowing, it was 2 PM, so I packed it in. 17 total bass, 10 of them were at or bigger than 15". PB&J Ned again did the damage. I threw cranks for a while, but nothing touched them. WT 49-51. Turkeys were gobbling again, one of them was getting obnoxious, I mean non-stop gobbling from that bird all morning. Hopefully somebody nails that one this spring. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Trip Report in tribal lands

    Didnt see any worms squirming in my Cerviche but doused it in hot sauce just in case.
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    Ugh. Please don't tell me that. It's band enough now! These trips never hurt quite as much ten years ago!!! In all seriousness, I really am trying to change some diet, move around a little more, and get in a little better shape. My little guy is 3, and I want to make sure and be around many years for him. Carrying about 40 extra pounds around isn't going to help that. I'm not looking to be a full on health food nazi, but there are some easy changes that my wife has dragged me into making with her that will help her auto-immune disease and help my general health as well.
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    Quill you know that I still do the 8 to 9 hour round trips. I now make sure to plan those trips so that I have a day of rest afterwards !
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    Ackerman Access 3/22

    Wife and I went to Ackerman Access this morning at 11 after the water came down. Quite a crowd there when we arrived due to Spring Break and the Sowbug roundup this weekend in Mountain Home. We hiked a bit to get away from the crowds and found some pretty good fishing. She caught a nice rainbow right away and I lucked out and got my personal best cutthroat @ 21.5". Fished the usual egg/ruby midge dropper and the Cutties took the egg and rainbows seemed to like the midge. Here's a few pics...
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    I was in Flat Creek monday and caught them pretty good on shallow on brush. Also found some on brush further out in 20ft. About half were males but they were big ones
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    That's exactly what I did. Being an audio engineer, I've driven half my life on tours and to one off shows, usually in a 26' box truck, so driving 4 hours is no big deal. Driving 4 hours after a full day of fishing and getting up at 4am was WAY HARDER. On the plus side, the muscle pain kept me wide awake for the trip though, lol I'm a slow learner though, I'm sure I will do it again in a week or two. Gotta fish while the fishing is good and before summer concert season kicks in...
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    My days of making what I would call "Banzai road trips" are over, if it's more than 2 hours away, I am going to find a place to stay over night. But I have made, in the past, trips where I would drive 4 hours, fish all day, then drive 4 hours back home. The drive back home was always the worst part. But looks like you had a great day of fishing, congrats!
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    OK... gotta tell it now. It was May/June, our busy season. After 33 years in the biz, we got our first taste of bed bugs. The people who reported them said they had experienced them before and took it all well. Of course they had to go to the extreme to keep from taking them home... take off clothes, put them in a plastic bag with all other belongings to be washed and dried, heat treated. The local company came in and did a chemical treatment first. Supposed to come back and treat again after 10 days to kill one that would hatch. But we had live adults a couple of days later. So they heat treated. Still had bugs. They heat treated again. Still bugs.... all this within a week or more. We're still down... losing business. That's when we found our problem. They were in and behind the wood panel walls! So we tore out all the paneling, ready for more heat. but the company we were dealing with were booked up... bed bug business was booming! So we went out and bought our own heat source... a couple of butane blowers. We heated the room up to 150 and put fans all around to distribute the hot air. For 2 hours we kept it hot, going in every 10 minutes to check everything. Our fans started to fail... and melt. We wanted to make sure no bed bug or bed bug egg would survive. And they didn't. We've had 2 other incidents of bugs but they were minor compared to this. Fun times in the lodging business...
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    Maryland Whites!

    Looks awesome, and I too want a post fish fry report. Glad you were able to get out buddy. That rig looks good, but pretty sure i'd be pulling my hair out fighting that from getting Tangled up or hung up lol
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    Maryland Whites!

    Shore lunch?
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    Maryland Whites!

    The big issue is not being able to take some for dinner . I will have to let you know how they taste. Being related to white bass and stripers I would guess that they would be like white bass in terms of flavor.
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    What's Cooking?

    Thick cut pork chops with balsamic herb glaze, Glaze in saucepan. Consisting of Balsamic vinegar, honey, minced garlic, oregano, basil, thyme, crushed red pepper flakes and some S&P. Bring to a boil and reduce. S&P on Thick cut pork chops. While Oven is preheating to 400 degrees sear chops in a screaming hot cat iron skillet a couple minutes on each side. When done mop chops with glaze and put chops in the skillet into oven for 7 or 8 minutes. Pull and ladle on more of the glaze. Sided with baked potato topped with butter and blue cheese and some peas, BilletHead
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    Maryland Whites!

    Nice, What you get all settled let us know how they taste, BilletHead
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    Evinrude Motors

    That is totally wack. The Ozark Angler definitely handled that video in a much better and more mature way than I would have.
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    Fishing During Summer

    Thanks guys. Good point about being able to get there from the ramp. Not many public ramps on a non-corps lake and not being comfortable even going across a main arm makes options few. PB1 is closest to the house so will give the Glaize a crack
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    Fishing During Summer

    The upper Gravois can still be accessed and fished during Summer. A cruiser will occasionally run up, do a Uey, and stir things up, but it isn't a constant barrage. The upper Glaize should be the same accessed out of PB#1 The far upper ends of all the other tribs remain fairly calm but you need to be able to get there, so access becomes a problem. The Little Niangua can be accessed from Green Mill campground for a fee. The upper Niangua can be accessed from Der'Vaters Edge resort for a fee.
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    Fishing During Summer

    A lot of fishing is done early in the day or at night during the summertime. Not only is it more comfortable, but the boat traffic isn’t as bad. It also helps to get out during the week or on Sunday evening when the crowd is smallest. Just don’t plan to fish main lake points during the summertime. You can fish the coves without too many problems.
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    Big Girls

    Great job on some dandy bass! Those girls have some bellies on them for sure! Don't get to say that very often . I'm glad that your dad took you fishing or else we wouldn't have seen those fish. I hope that someday my kids get to hold up a nice fish and say the same things.go get some more!
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    Mixermarkb - congrats on you trip! Sounds like some good catching was going on! I prefer Alleve after a trip like that. Sorry that you didn't find that giant. Good luck next time!
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    March 22, back to Indian Creek

    Thanks JF, one of those things were I was in the right place at the right time. I really like the quality of the spots I have seen, seems to be a good year class of fish in the 15-16" range.
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    Where to stay at Truman

    It was exciting, big 18/60 and my wife was hanging on. We went through a place slow one time and found there was trees, went by there when water was down, it looked like a big Brush Pile. I think the only way to go on plane is find the Channel on Finder, plot it on GPS and hope for the best. Seen a Guy knocked a hole in his Boat, got it to the Ramp and it sunk there. People were not happy with him. Should be nice. We have a Cabin close as we can get to the Lake, would be living there if my wife wasn't working in Lebanon. I like the Lake, if your wanting to play you should be good out in the deeper water. Fishing is great, plenty of Timber and Rocky areas. I like fishing in the Coves and around Bridges. I really like Warsaw. Clinton is ok it has Everharts and Catfishing is good up there. oneshot
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    McDaniel 3/23

    After a great day on Table Rock yesterday, the neighbor and I decided to hit the Mac. Had 2 bites. 1 about 4lbs the other maybe 2. Beautiful day!!!
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    Aunts Creek 3/22 trifecta

    Couldn’t buy a jig bite either. Once the skies cleared I couldn’t put down the jerkbait. Just a hint they wanted it moving, no pause.
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    Found a Few Crappie.

    Dan looks like you had a great day buddy! Just a nice mess of fish. Should be some fine eats!
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    Tackle shop help

    I'm not sure where you are on the lake but, I use these two for bait and tackle...
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    Fish EVERYWHERE at Taylor

    Fished Taylor today as well. Most folks got a few fish (males) but pretty slow. Saw guys with fly rods fishing clousers. spinner guys with jigs and plastic and a few with cranks. one person with minnows. I think I was the only one with a small generator and fishing with electricity. Bank fisher people being about as successful as boaters.
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    Montauk 3/19/18

    Fished Montauk Monday and it poured in the morning but we all did well including one big hook-jawed pig one of my friends landed. We had the stream to ourselves in the morning. After lunch, other fishermen came out in force. It was a pretty nice day even with the rain. Bill
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    Trip Report in tribal lands

    That is one big YES . BilletHead
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    Wind on Bull Shoals

    Cant ever go wrong trolling a flicker shad on the Bluff straight across from the ramp at Beaver. Ive caught more Bass, Walleye, and Crappie there than i can count
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    Skeeter ZX190

    3/21 fishing report

    Took my friend Bobby fishing today. We talked about postponing the trip until Friday because we thought the fishing would be tough. A northwest wind; a couple of days after a pretty strong cold front, clear skies, etc. On the way down around ElDorado Springs, we saw several herds of cows all lying down. Not good signs. By the time we got close to Stockton, the cows we were seeing were standing up. So who knows. We put in at Orleans Trail around 9:00 a.m. and started there. I was throwing a jerkbait and Bobby was throwing a green pumpkin rock crawler. Nothing for quite awhile. I switched to an alabama rig and still nothing. Was working our way toward the main lake just east of the buoy line and I switched to a rock crawler in red craw. Caught 2 fish on back to back casts. A few cast later I caught another one. Continued for a little while longer but to no avail. Crossed to the north side and pulled out the ned. Caught a few out in 8 to 14 feet of water. Headed toward the dam and worked that big cove just north of the quarry. It was game on. We doubled up twice and all 4 fish were keepers. Fish still coming out of 8 to 14 feet of water. Secondary points and channel swing type banks were the best. We caught several in that particular area. We then headed toward the mouth of Price Branch in one of the big coves just east of the mouth of Price Branch. Started toward the back and worked toward the main lake. Caught quite a few back there too. We then headed back to Orleans Trail to finish out our day and caught a couple more on secondary points. We got off the water at 4:00 p.m. When it was all said and done, we boated 49 bass. 15 were keepers with the biggest being 17 1/4 inches long. 3 came on the rock crawler and 46 on the ned in green pumpkin. And we almost didn't go because we thought the fish weren't going to bite. You just never know. Water temps were 44.5 to start the day and 47.5 when we got off the water. This post has been promoted to an article
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    3/21 fishing report

    I’ll check them to make sure they do and I agree the floating is key. That’s why I never understood people talking about using a part of a senko, yum dinger etc. I’ve used the z man and like them fine except when one melts you’ve got a mess on your hands.
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    We think the key was temp... we fished pretty much 10-3 in 49° to 50° water then stumbled on a piece of bank above 55! Game on! Most fish came the last couple of hours on warts fairly shallow off those warmer rocks. Always great to fish with Steve...
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    Sore Thumbs

    Yamaha T1 25 or 27p?

    Not yet. Trying it out Sunday.
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    Bought the Cara Medium Cranker. As described and very accommodating meeting me to drop off the rod. Good Dude, Buy his stuff!
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    Phil Lilley

    Bed Bug Heat Treatment services

    Our cleaning staff check a bed as soon as they walk into a room to clean. You'll find bed bugs in fine establishments more often than dives... business people who travel all the time are the ones who most times spread them and they tend to stay in nice lodges. Our pest control people told us not to apologize for bed bugs... because it's not our fault that we get them. It would be neglectful if we had them, never checked and let them spread, infecting many people. That's when you find "dives" that have them and don't go to the expense to exterminate them.
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    3/21 3/22

    3/22 3-7pm FINALLY got to crappie fish for a couple hours casting the f-n-f w/ homemade marabou jigs and swimming 2" grubs by brush piles in 10-15 fow. and transition banks. Caught 9, all keepers but 1. Nice average 12"-13". Bass fished the rest of the day on the flats. caught some little spots and lm all about an inch short of keeper on 3 and 4" grubs, white or pearl was working the best for us. Going again tomorrow .
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    Bed Bug Heat Treatment services

    Chootem Phil chootem
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    Mitchell Weiss

    Fellows lake newbie

    I have been out on Fellows 4 times and been skunked every time. I am going to continue to try to catch fish on this lake. I have marked some great waypoints but never been able to get the darn fish to bite. My electronics show there are fish but I have yet to figure out the secret for actually catching them. I'll do it this year one way or another. I have tried mainly soft baits but Saturday is going top be my first real attempt to use Crank baits for extended lengths of time. I'll let you know how I do.
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    3/21 fishing report

    You never know until you go. Heck of a nice day man!
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    Air Rifle

    Good to see new guys getting into this. After the gun purchase "which can be very affordable" its a very cheap way to get that shooting fix. Ive enjoyed it to the point i have over $1800 tied up in it.
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    Air Rifle

    I can see it now when they get back. What Happened to my disposal Glenn Sweetie? I think it died baby. What killed it honey? Lead poisoning . Mrs. BilletHead is laughing at you Wrench. She is used to coming home from work to things i mess up during the day, BilletHead
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