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    Phil Lilley

    Doty-Lilley Crappie Trip 4/29-30

    We left Branson about 2:30 yesterday for Stockton, Marsha, MonaCheri, Duane and myself, with Duane's boat in tow. Our target was to put in at Sons Creek and fish the evening, stay at Stone Creek Lodge (good friends Kris and Amanda Nelson, owners) and fish again Monday morning before heading back. Put in about 4:30 and headed out. Water temp about 64 degrees I think and windy. Seemed like it was out of the SE but was hard to tell not being used to the lake and direction. Duane has a nice fish finder... and we looked for fish. We went over to the left bank heading out and started there. Duane is going to have to add to my report because he has better knowledge of water temp and depth. I caught the first fish on a chart/red tube jig - a 19 inch walleye. Thought it was on! But of course there's a big leaning curve in most fishing trips. We dinked around that area, up and down the bank, marking fish all over the place but couldn't get them to bite. Did catch one here and there, mostly keepers. Then MonaCheri stumbled onto the pattern... trolling. I'm glad we caught in on the video... she set her rod down to check her phone. She's a birder and had been "talking" to a little yellow bird (MC can chime in and add to the report too if she wants to name the little bird). After catching one while not doing anything but moving along, she caught another one, and it was one. We ran out of deep water and turned around. Catching picked up as it got darker. Started catching some shorts but most were over 11 inches. The battery ran out on my GoPro and it was on silent so we didn't notice it until we were done. Too bad... we had doubles and triples... lots of stumbling around trying to net fish and untangle lines. We ended with 25 crappie, 7 whites and the walleye. After cleaning our fish at the lodge, we decided we weren't going to get out early Monday - the girls vetoed 5 a.m. wake up call. So we didn't get out he water till after 9 a.m. Monday. The wind was already blowing, we tried the same area with little success. The troll bite wasn't there. Pulling up in a cut Kris told us about, we got out and headed inland looking for some mushrooms. Found a few. We ended finding some crappies on the south bank in deep water but they didn't want to play very hard. We gave our 3 crappies and 1 white to a guy at the ramp, pulling out about 12:30. We had a wonderful time... and the fishing was even pretty good. Look forward to going back again. This post has been promoted to an article
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    shark bait

    Eagle Rock Sunday evening

    Fished Eagle Rock area yesterday evening with my friend Terry. Caught some realy nice ones and a bunch of smaller ones. Spinner bait and supper spook was our ticket. Put in at 5:30 pm and off the water at 9:30. This was my biggest and Terry had his big one about the same size.
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    Kings River Crappie

    What a week... Day 1 started out first cast with my fav reel not working (worked fine the other day!) Day 2 the bow fish finder stopped working. Day 3 the trolling motor broke and my cranking battery went dead (even though I have solar panels which come to find out were installed on the wrong dang battery). Thank goodness the trolling motor busted at 3 pm on Day 3. We had 21 crappie in the live well with 7 over 14 inches. Fished Thurs/Fri/Sat for crappie up the kings... this has been an annual deal with my dad since I was probably 7 or 8 years old (nearly 30 years now). Fishing was good with all of the larger females still out deep in 7-8 ft down on timber in 20-30 ft of water. Males were moving shallow with a few here few there kinda thing. Limited out day 1. Few short of a limit on day 2, same deal on day 3. Caught 6 crappie that weighed 2 lbs over the 3 day trip with several others in the 1.5-1.9 range. Was tough to get one much over 2lbs. I did lose one that I think might have gone 2 1/2 maybe 2 3/4. Love those huge Table Rock Slabs! I chose to spend most of the time finding and fishing the deep trees vs throwing the bank like everyone else as the shallow bite wasn't really on yet. With the water level being 915 a lot of my fav trees are under water and were tough to find. Day 2 when my bow fish finder went out it made life much more difficult. The other one worked and had my way points so I could still get in the vicinity of my trees, just took more casts/etc to find em. Water temps 64-66.5 last 2 days. My guess is this weekend the shallow bite will be on fire. Now I get to take the boat in to have it worked on.... BOAT = Bust Out Another Thousand. Mark This post has been promoted to an article
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    I just really enjoyed this. Hope a few of you do too.
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    Bridgeport 4/28/18

    was planning on getting up early Saturday morning to go after some Crappie, but it seems i slept through my alarm. Finally got to Bridgeport around 1pm, headed up around Pt.15 in a small cove proceeded to have the fish surrounded by minnows under a bobber. Fishing was pretty slow, but considering the late start i was not discouraged yet, decided to try Peachtree, in one stretch of bank about 40yds caught these 9 fine Crappie, with the only female being the white Crappie. water temp was 64.3 - 66.1 This post has been promoted to an article
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    Upgraded to a new version. Probably should have held off but they said it could be a security thing so I did. Now some of the plug in's need to be upgraded... and one is locked up that is shown in the articles. I hate upgrades.
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    Jeremy Wades Mighty Rivers

    I think it would much more reasonable to stock 100 12 inch long Musky. 🤪
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    Susquehanna Shad Run 2018

    I never got to Day two on my shad fishing. I ended up back at the confluence Sunday afternoon. I had picked up a second rod, a medium weight, and put on my reel with the nanofil #6 line. felt that I would be able to get my casts out further as well as having a little more backbone to control these fish a bit better that the ML rod with #4 fluoroclear line. I also had a few shad spoons, #13 Tony PET spoons (now sold by Luhr Jensen) and a Nungesser spoon. I had used a green highlighter marker to add some green to a #13 chrome PET spoon with yellow feathers. The Nungesser spoon was green and yellow. I tied on the Green/chrome spoon with a green/yellow 1/8 oz dart as the top lure. There were at least 10 people in the spot that I fished on Sat, but the spot that I fished from was open. With the tandem combo I was able to reach the seam between the fast river flow and the slower flow of the creek. The first cast and BAM had a strong hit and after a nice fight I landed my first of the day. I had another strong hit on my second cast and then nothing. Somehow I broke off above the top lure. I hate losing lure and especially losing fish. I tied on my other #13 chrome Tony PET lure and a red/white 1/8 oz dart. I got a couple of bites and landed two on the chrome spoon, but not at the pace of the other fisherman in that area. I switched back to a green/yellow dart and the Nungesser spoon. This combination was the ticket. I ended up catching 5 shad on the dart and 12 shad on the spoon. In just over two hours I hooked and landed 20 hickory shad. What an amazing fish. They hit hard, fight hard, and are plentiful when they run the rivers/creeks. I could only reach the productive water two or three times for five or six casts and would get bit half the time I got it in the sweet spot. The guys along the bank were catching fish after fish as well. What a great time !!
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    Got over to Pomme de Terre about daylight . Had 5 Rods out for Catfish baited with Stink Bait, Liver and Live Bluegill. And had one Rod with just Worm for Bluegill, caught 3. Fished until 1PM so not so good but I think the water is still cold. Would have been better after Crappie. Decided to go Mushroom hunting. Lately I have found things have changed. Dry Wall is heavier then today I was going to walk around two fields. Well the first field they had to have made it bigger because I got half way and had to rest and was very glad to get back to the Pickup. Didn't find any Mushrooms. 😥 oneshot
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    Daryk Campbell Sr

    My son's first smallmouth.

    My son and I were invited to join my neighbor to go fishing. We met up on the spot and proceeed to fish. My son brought our minnow trap. He is very interesed in it, and wanted to catch something. I was throwing the Ned. He was using a popper. We seen a couple of beds. I explained to him what they were, and how they are made. He tried to catch the fish protecting one nest, but no takes. We left that area and caught up with our neighbor. He was pulling in a drum as we walked up. I continued to throw the Ned and had a couple takes, and while reeling in, they let go. Sunfish. Then I got a real good taker, and was fighting with very light line, but it stayed deep. It was a decent fight, but then it let go. Never got to see it. Could have been anything in this hole, from a turtle to catfish to a white bass to a walleye. My boy checked his trap, had a few baby blue gills. I told him that he could use one for a big catfish, he was interested. He got one hooked, all by himself. Casted out and thought he had another snag. My neighbor calls out, you have a Fish!, my son acts like nothing going on. He pulls in his first smallmouth.
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    96 CHAMP

    Night fishing for bass

    First off you need the air temps to be stable for a period of time as such they are doing now, we need night time temps in the 50's to start the process and stable warm temps during the day as well to have any degree of consistency. Yes you can catch them without the for mentioned but you will work much harder for them and not have the consistency, not to say that any periodic warm front during this time will not spur some activity, right place right time in that scenario. Once the temps have leveled out as they appear to have, it's go time! As far as where, consider where you have been fishing as the bass have moved up to the banks and or flats for their spawning ritual. Take into consideration the deeper water channels and drops, deep coves leading into spawning areas and cuts in the channels adjacent to drop offs and large structure as rock ledges and boulders and possibly large downed trees near these areas, bluff banks are also productive as bigger bass prefer deeper water as a escape route. There are numerous scenarios depending on the environment where you are fishing. As far as methods of producing big fish at night without a doubt a black, black & blue, black & purple, black & red, and even a white spinner bait & trailer is a proven method time and time again but as always never limit your arsenal to just a couple of baits, worms, craws and jigs are all options as well as others. On top of that I would also recommend a clear fluorescent fishing line along with a black light so you can see your line. Last but not least, make sure your hooks are sharp, you don't want to lose that hog once he is on the end of your line!! Add all that to many years of trial and error and you will become a successful night time bass fisherman
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    Susquehanna Shad Run 2018

    I’m taking notes. I’m not buying anything until I actually get there, but I’m paying attention.
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    Jeremy Wades Mighty Rivers

    These shows just continue to grow my bucket list of fish I want to catch!!! I read up on these guys when we were planning our Alaska trip several years ago. Never got after them.
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    Jeremy Wades Mighty Rivers

    Here's an interesting fish you don't hear much about, but lives in Alaskan rivers. http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm?adfg=sheefish.main
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    Been Married 35 Years

    Well that solves that! So you CAN "go back". Good to know.
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    Yeah it wasn't always like that. The new generation of Ameren heads seem to be very worried about the lake ever reaching full pool, so now they draw the lake down earlier in the Fall and CAREFULLY ease it up just before memorial day. The slightest hint of any substantial precipitation will have them pulling plugs like crazy. The previous generation was real good at keeping the lake at a much more stable level, closer to 659. and winter drawdowns weren't so drastic.
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    Al Agnew

    My son's first smallmouth.

    Nope, pure spotted bass don't have spots on their bellies, but ROWS of spots on their lower sides, below the dark band of blotches running horizontally down the middle of their sides. This one shows that dark band of blotches very clearly. Hybrids CAN have dark belly spots, and they CAN have the dark band of blotches. They can also have red eyes. But so can pure spotted bass, though rarely. Even smallmouths don't very often have red eyes. The red pigment is always there in both smallies and spots (more of it in smallies), but it is usually obscured by dark pigment. Usually the red shows up only when the rest of the fish is light in color. Smallies caught over a clean gravel bottom in sunlight are most often red-eyed. They can change color rapidly, and they will lighten up over a clean, light-colored bottom to blend in. When they lighten up, the chromatophores (cells with dark pigment) change and the dark pigment almost disappears. This happens in the eyes, too, and when the dark pigment almost disappears, the red beneath it shows up.
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    Niangua Arm fish species?

    Might I ask why? I can understand liking another species better, but, golly, any fishing is better than finding something else to do. I'll fish for tiny long ear rather than skip fishing...
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    My son's first smallmouth.

    Looks like a great day well spent with the kiddo! Its always awesome when they get to the point where they are catching them on their own. Thanks for sharing!
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    MDC Fishing Report?

    It isn't "government bashing", it just venting frustration. Why even bother (waste time....which is YOUR money too) providing "information" just so there is something there. Accuracy is unimportant....just throw something up to make it look good. Really? You're too bored to be frustrated at that? Better man than I. If I ever work on a boat for ya I'll just wipe some wires off, shoot a little engine cleaner on it.....so it looks like I really did something. Don't come complaining later and bore us all with your piddlyass complaints about how your money was chillin' in my bank while you paddled back to the ramp. Just be happy with the fact that you even have a boat. Personally I don't care one bit about their "fishing reports", but IMO (and my standards truly aren't that high) it's pretty typical about the way they operate overall.
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    Windier Today on the Upper End.

    Today we had one of those annoying winds that blow from every direction at the same time. Water temp 58 - 59. I started off swimming a paddle tail grub with no bites. I fished a pbj Ned in 5 to 11 feet of water semi-parallel to steep banks near a notch or outcrop. 21 fish with 5 keeps.
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    Al Agnew

    MDC Fishing Report?

    I think you will note that it usually says, "fishing HAS BEEN...". Not "fishing WILL BE...". Geez, guys, it's a report of what anglers have been telling marinas and other reporters about their fishing. Sure it's more or less useless. I haven't read one in many years. Long ago, I used to read the ones about the various streams, because they sometimes gave you a bit about water conditions. But that was before the internet and real time river gauges, and sites like this one. They always came out on Thursdays, so they still weren't accurate even with water conditions after a day or so. Which meant the weekend angler had a slight chance of the report being relevant if the weather was stable. Now, I see no reason for them to even put out reports. They aren't going to come up with anything that rivals what you can get on the various internet sites, unless they just compile their reports from those sites. Wrench, I think you're being a little unfair about them being the ones with their fingers on the pulse. Maybe if there was an agent for every body of water, out there every day checking anglers throughout the season not only for their licenses but getting creel censuses done on a continuing basis, they'd have that finger on the pulse. But we know that ain't the way it works. Heck, agents work, they don't fish every day themselves, and I doubt that many of them are as good at catching fish as the average tournament bass fisherman. MDC's job is to provide the best fisheries possible...it ain't their job to show us all how to fish.
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    Ketchup, We were out yesterday too. Spent the first 4 hrs graphing trying to find the bigger females out suspending in wait for the spawn. Looking mainly on windy flat points leading into spawning pockets. Most of the shad were on the bottom in 18-20 ft of water. We did get lucky enough to find a small group up off the bottom and we caught 2 about 4lbs that was it. Bright moon days are the pits!!! Switched to ned and caught one after another for the next 5hrs.
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    Second bird down and I am done

    Trout Jigfest on the White river, every winter now for 4 years or maybe 5, I can't remember. Anyways keep an eye on the White river forum this fall if you are interested.
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    My daightef lived in Columbia for several years on a house built in 1980 in the area called victorian village right near Univ of Ohio. I live on the Gravois Arm and rarely leave it anymore. I will say this though Jigs, creature grubs and plastic worms including sinko types are the the most dependable ticket around here. Fish docks. Follow shaded areas.,

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