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    Surface temps the last few days has been hanging in the 76 to 79 range depending on area of the lake. This morning at Shell Knob it was 77 and pretty much stayed there. I'm going to go ahead and do the K-Knob first. Lets just say Shell Knob to Big M and Shell Knob to Baxter as it is all pretty much the same deal right now, with one note worthy exception that I will tell your about in a minute. Lots and lots of drop shot fish in the 26 to 40g foot range not so much really congregated but several on a lot of locations, mostly gravel. There are also fish chasing all day long, some in the middle and some just about everywhere. I can't catch them worth a hoot on top water, but they will eat a under spin with a 2.8 inch Keitech decent. What they will eat the best is a 1/2 oz. Little George in Silver or Chrome. I started at the end of last week with 5 most of them probably 20 yrs. old and I now have none. They took them from me. Today especially, as I saw something I have not seen for 25 plus years on the Rock. Today I witnessed at massive school of LM chasing shad. The last time was up the Kings River near Blue Hole today it was at the mouth of the Kings. I was fishing the point going into Mill Creek at Twin Rivers and saw them bust right in the middle of the White River Channel. Its 98 feet deep right there. I really did not pay a total load of attention as I thought they were Whites and would be up and down. Deal was they stayed and stayed up. Finely after about 5 minutes I just had to go check it out as they just kept surfacing in about a 40 acre patch. I pulled out there and tossed the Little George. and it was a total slam and while I was reeling in the fish I saw that they were LM. busting all around the boat. Got the fish to the boat and it was a solid 4 pounder. When to reach over for him and he dived and snapped off the George. I had another one rigged so I calmly did the same frigging thing and lost another Little George. These were on 6lb that I had been catching K's on with out a problem. These LM were not that by a long shot and they were moving and slashing at top speed. Picked up another rod with a yellow magic and they were still busting all around me. Some of these feeds were as big as a bushel basket. Tossed out the YM on 8 pound Maxi and as soon as it hit the water if was gone, I mean it was like you threw in a 500 lb. boulder. It was there one minute and I had a slack line the next. I had 2 remaining rods with baits, both were under spins on 8 pound line. I boated 6 LM on them all about 3 pounders before the Keitechs were torn off. I also caught 1 more on a drop shot and one on a swim jig. All cookie cutter 3 pounders. These fish were on the surface at least 20 minutes and then they were gone. Wish I would have had a camera guy but the futility and craziness would have really embarrassed me. Reason for all the lite tackle was I was to have had some extremely mature fishermen today and that was what they were comfortable with. Due to the rain at Shell Knob they did not get out, so I was on my own after the drive over. I has also been catching some up there swimming a jig thru deep trees, and that has been a hoot. Now for the rest of the lake. The deep Football jig bite has really tapered off, and the drop shot bite is back on again from Kimberling City to the dam. Guides are telling me a half day trip they are using 6 dozen crawlers and fish are both suspended and on the bottom in the 26 to 35 ft. range. James River is still fishing well on the Football Jig at that same 30' depth range with some really solid K's and LM along with the big boys. Hope I don't have to wait another 25 years to see LM surface on the rock in a massive school like this. I don't believe there was any other bass in that 40 acre school but LM and as I have said, for the Rock in Post LM kill that is just something few people have ever gotten to see. Good Luck
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    Monster Carp

    Grass carp are weird fish. Supposedly eat nothing but plants, but seemingly one will get a wild hair every once in a while and eat something it's not supposed to. I was fishing a S-Waver in a pond several years ago when I watched this monster rocket off the bottom and T-bone it. It was a heck of a fight even on heavy swimbait gear.
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    White River 10-2-2018

    Matt and I went down to the White Tuesday night to float, put the boat in up at the dam around 10:30pm and took out the next afternoon at Cotter around 3:30pm. Great float dam was running 35mw and the fishing was great. Night time was good, yielded several quality Browns on a mouse just swinging and stripping. I was using my Sage TCX 8wt with a floating line and just straight mono 22 pound with a mouse at the end of the line. The mice that we are using are 2/0 Gamakatsu B10s so they are big and will stayed buckled up when you catch a toad, we are also throwing a full sinking line with a 2/0 Zoo Cougar. The reason we throw both is when they are not eating up top then we can go subsurface and most likely get the hooks up. Here is Matt with a decent Brown that he caught on a Lemming Mouse. The highlight of the night came around 1:30 am when I just heard a sip on the top of the water and my line went tight and the fight was on. The 8wt was bent over and the fish on the other end was digging in. He gave a couple of good head shakes and I knew right then this was the fish I had been hunting for a long time. Then with no warning he came charging to the boat, I could barely strip the line in quick enough to keep him tight , John was rowing as fast as he could in reverse as to help me out. Next thing I knew he was under the boat shaking his head giving it all he had to break loose and that instant he came springing out of the water and landed next to the boat, John netted him and with a sigh of relief I knew I was looking at a fish that had haunted me for years fishing the mouse. 29"*15" As far as the day time with 35 mw fishing was good. Fishing was consistent we picked up several fish first thing in the morning throwing the 56er and some variations with it in other colors like olive, brown and black. Fishing with with a full sink line and 4x tippet. Nothing very big but just a lot fish that are always fun to catch striping streamers. Matt was working on his slam but we could never find the Cutthroat to complete it, here is a Brooke that he caught on a 56'er. Till next time look me up on fb @ "Up Sauce Creek Fly Fishing and Custom Flies" or on instagram @upsaucecreek Tight lines Michael
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    I fished from the bank like a complete gaper at a public access that is very well used with rope swings in the trees and methheads tweaking in the bushes. I just had to nail a few fish for my sanity so location was not well thought out. I caught one Spot after another for about an hour and a half, a few around 15 or 16 the rest just fun little dinks. All were brought to hand with a Japanese top water bait and my sanity is in tact for now.... mission accomplished ✌️
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    Monster Carp

    Caught a giant today up around MCCords bend. No clue in the weight my scale only goes to 15. Gotta be pushing 30. This thing inhaled a war eagle spinner bait. Can’t believe the bait held together till the end
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    9/29 Walleye

    After bowhunting I picked up my father-in-law to try our luck at some walleye. At first we had a west wind so I picked out one of my spots on the east side of the lake that just slightly cuts into the main land to give the wind something to push into. I've found that those slight cutouts from the main lake tend to be where they like to stack up, rather than deep coves. We caught 10-15 almost all 14"-14.5" with one good 21" all in the 15' FOW trolling BB and crawlers. The wind died and our spot petered out. Then a good south wind picked up and we headed to one of my honey holes that I always catch them with a south wind. For some reason the fish were deeper there and I marked a ton of them but they just did not want to bite so I called it a day.
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    Monster Carp

    I love canned carp. That one would be at least 8 pints of prime. Pack one inch chunks tight in pint jar. Add one bay leaf, one tablespoon of ketchup and one teaspoon of canning salt. Pressure can for 45 minutes. Do not knock it until you try it.
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    Bill I know you must always Taylor trips to get the most fish for your clients but what if a guy say, me would call you and say hey I would like to learn a new tactic... is that something you offer as an a a guide or would you rather have inexperienced Fisherman's and just put them on fish. we have a summertime home on Table Rock and I would like to learn to fish it year round I have just started as you have seen figuring out the drop shot bite I would like to learn the best tactics for winter and spawn time of year. Is that something you do or would you rather just take someone fishing?
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    Bill Babler

    BFL - As a Co-Angler

    Not at all, but fishing the BFL is not Elite or Full Time FLW touring pro's. Most often these are guys fishing in the front of the boat that are everyday guys that own companies and businesses or guys that save vacation. ie they are just like you. I will tell you they are not worried about travel expenses or entry fees, and if you are, you really need to rethink your position. This is money that is not important to them. If you need it for other things or are worried about it, don't do it. I always tell folks when booking guide trips if my price sounds like to much for you, IT IS. Don't do it. Same things apply when fishing tournaments. This is a game, no different than softball or golf, you are not going to the Elite Series or the new MFL series no matter what you do. You can do FLW or BLF as that is all about the green, and if you can afford it you can do it. Remember this, for the most part the guy in the front of the boat unless this is his home water, or he has fished it multiple times knows exactly squat about anything, or really he knows just what you know but has ponyed up the bucks to fish the front. If you get the chance to fish with the Elite guys it is always a plus, but most times on the BFL it is just the Jimmy and Joe's
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    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    i did get out for a while last evening at dark. I did not go after green bass as i thought the wind might fire up the white bass. I was right
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    Monster Carp

    We've got a few of them here in the Bella Vista lakes. In the winter and early spring every once in a while I'll see one belly up - they are still alive, but for some reason I don't know, they'll lay on top, belly up, and sort of zone out. I'll try and sneak up on them with the trolling motor, and some times I'll get close enough I can poke them with a rod - spooks the heck out of them! Yes, I am easily amused.
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    Monster Carp

    I can tell from from personal experience, grass carp are one of the most powerful and acrobatic fish you will ever hook into. When I was a student doing work-study at a college sponsored aquaculture research station, one of my duties was to help seine the research ponds. We students would draw straws to see who had the misfortune to get in and pull the seine in the ponds with the adult grass carp. When the seine would crowd the carp they would begin jumping in every direction and I don't mean jumping like a bass, these fish would sail through the air like salmon, 10-12 feet distance while clearing the water 3-4 feet and they were 10-20 pounds! One hit me in the thigh and I ended up with a bruise the size of a baseball. I witnessed a grass carp sail through the air and go face first into a student's waders causing quite a scene as he tried to get to bank and pull the carp out of his waders.
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    9/29 Walleye

    The 22nd I harvested a nice doe and saw 8 deer that night. Nothing big but eventful nevertheless. Also was able to bring home 3 walleye. So we've been eating all organic the past couple of weeks.
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    either way it was a hell of a fight and fun. What do people use to try to catch them? I have a neighborhood pond that have a few that look to be in the 3 ft range, wouldnt mind hooking into another with appropriate gear
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    BFL - As a Co-Angler

    In a pro-am format there should be no boater expectations for cost share of fuel. If you catch a ton and eat/drink from his cooler, by all means offer up. Courtesy is the rule, if they expect $ they shouldn’t be there either. I never asked or expected and typically refused any $ as a “boater” “pro” or whatever. Including head to head. Buddy tournament stuff needs to share if anywhere fishing from a boat on a reservoir for bass ain’t cheap
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    You fit right in there 😁
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    You're right! There tend to be so many fish schooled up in that area, it can be hard not to snag one sometimes if you fish there. There's nothing wrong with accidentally foul hooking a fish, as long as you do the right thing and let it go. Intentionally trying to snag one though is another story. Laker hit on a good point with the story in his earlier post, unfortunately sometimes people's morals go right out the window when they see a big fish. Keeping a big fish to begin with kind of rubs me the wrong way anyways, that's another discussion though
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    That one has some shoulders on em T! What are they biting on? What time are you leaving today?
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    Your are right here Phil. I broke one off tail snagged this morning across from outlet three . . . Caught same fish three hours later with my fly still in him.. . Mouth this time 😆
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    Redington Home Waters Event Oct 5-6

    I hope it rains on your "family reunion" and the potato salad gives you the squirts.
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    Forecast has changed every day this past week while I've been checking. I've learned to just go with it and roll with it. With waders and a good rain jacket I'll fish until the lightning runs me off. Night time forecast looks great though with low wind and partly clear skies so far and a pretty fat moon which has always been a good sign for me. Moss should be cleared out with yesterdays heavy burst of water they pushed through. I look at it this way, what would I be doing if I didn't go fish? If that is more memorable than catching a big sea monster brownie I'll stay at home. <twist twist that arm> Me and fshndoug talked last night and got some game plans established. Shoot me a PM if ya make it down, and I'll send you my number over.
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    Daryk Campbell Sr

    I am a kayaker now !

    Probably a good idea to use it for a whole season before using it in the winter.
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    Pinch the barbs!! I took a hook under the finger nail last week with an 18 inch rainbow flopping around on the other treble. I told him I have let go thousands of trout but now it's self defense and I put the death grip on him. Got him subdued and got the hook out. I'm not gonna lie you will loose more fish on pinched barbs but I really like the initial strike so if they get off after a little tussle I'm fine with that.
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    String trick almost always works. Just takes a little nerve to do it. But it's over in a flash. Works best with two people. One hooked who can push the back of the hook down and back towards exit and a buddy with a little mean streak to yank that string like he means for that hook to come free on the first try.
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    Cabela's/Bass Pro store in Rogers

    " BP will keep what parts of Cabelas is profitable and chitcan the rest, like any well run business should regardless how we feel, " Most people believe that Johnny's passion is the outdoors...WRONG -- His passion is MAKING MONEY !!! and he is good at it..

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