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    Big M area, 11/4

    Launched about 7 AM today, cloudy, cold and windy which it would remain all day. Air temp was 47 when I launched, and 49 when I pulled out at 1:30 PM. My expectation was that there might be a good crank bait bite with the wind and clouds - I caught a few early on a Rapala DT 6, mostly small fish, but one LM that was around the keeper mark. Had a decent fish that grabbed the DT right at the boat, got a glance at it's back, looked to be a smallie that might have gone 3 lbs, had it on for about 3 seconds and it pulled off. Not much you can do to keep them on when they whack it right at the boat. DT bite just flat stopped, so I switched to a Menace Grub on a 3/8 oz swing head. Boated a couple of keeper sized smallies on the grub, had a couple others that I never saw but pulled like decent fish. Had one largemouth that was around that keeper mark on the grub too. The smallies were on shallow gravel that had the wind blowing parallel to the bank, and it was no gentle breeze, that wind was blowing hard where they were. Not a great day as far as numbers, boated 9 bass, 3 keepers, but it was enough to make it a fun day to be out. WT 60-61. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Continued...... Unfortunately as you can see from the pic the shot didnt kill him quick and he managed to kick himself around in a perfect circle before I could reload the crossbow and get a clear shot at the vitals. Which I did get the clear shot he gave up the ghost 10 seconds after 2nd bolt entered his chest cavity between his front legs and exited thru his back clipping the heart and center punching a lung. Like I said he'd managed to kick himself around in a perfect circle and left a blood donut in the field. Solid 9 point with 1 1/2 kicker off the back of a browtine. same buck in velvet earlier this year.
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    I'd guess I cleaned somewhere around 250 bluegill this year. It's one of my personal goals to have full employment for cricket farmers.
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    Cape Fair - up Flat 11/3

    I dropped in at sun up and it was chilly, cloudy and breezy. Started with a buzzbait and never had a sniff. Tossed a Rock Crawler for another 20 minutes with nothing to show for it and a hodge podge of other stuff that did me no good. So I decided to run up Flat Creek. Water was 55.5 degrees when I decided I found a place I wanted to try. I tied on a jarkbait thinking "what the heck". And I am glad I did. Caught around 15 total but all were short of keeper length I believe. Still a great time. For living right on the water - I sure don' get out enough. Thanks for reading. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Shell Knob Sunday

    Fished for a few hours today with my youngest son. Probably caught around 12 total with 6 keepers. Spook, spinner, and Rock Krawler did the work today. Not a ton of bites, but enough to keep it interesting. Temps fell throughout the day, caught fish main lake and in kings river. WT 61
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    Tried to fish for a few hours prior to thunderstorms and heavier rain moving in this morning. My outboard motif decided to screw me over again and not fire at all. Repair is cheaper, but I’m just about ready to replace the darn thing. I was going to try to fish out of White Hole. I knew that the AGFC had a project there recently, but I had no idea what had been done. Kudos to AGFC! It is First class. Asphalt parking lot with ample parking. A nice pavilion. A ramp down to the waters edge. And the best part is a nice new boat ramp that is double wide and angled down current to make launching and loading easier. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Got my buck

    Well The BilletHead got his buck this morning. Seeing last three trips out the bucks were starting to move. One morning seen five. They were just crossing pastures willy nilly without rhyme or reason. I knew it was going to start getting good. Had some good ones on trail cam but it was to the point I told myself first legal buck I would try for. Raining when I got up so watched radar for the rain to pass and pass it did. South West wind was in the next couple hours going West and then North. No real place to sit with such a shift I knew it was time to go regardless. Went to where I had the best view. The view was nice except for the Angus heard who decided to graze in front of me, And under me, Antler less deer were moving nervously about. to the right of the heard picture is a mixed stand of oaks and persimmon. Out of it ran a doe right through the middle of the cows but kept looking back. It went into timber and right back out through the cows to where it had come from. Then two behind me one way and one the other. To my immediate right a slot. In the Slot coming from the North West is a buck. Far enough I was having trouble seeing the whole rack and if it was legal. It crossed the slot and yes it was a keeper. Took the shot and it looked good. Buck went into The mixed hardwood grove. Cows became alarmed and seen me in the tree. Here came the heard. I slip down and walk to first blood cows in tow, Waited a few minutes and began to follow trail. Sparse at first and then thicker blood. I found him, Thick neck and heavy bodied, 9 points. Rack to me looked dwarfed compared to body size. Tagged deer and went back to house for knives and the ATV. No trailer but my big plastic decoy sled. There was no way by myself with back and shoulder issues I could load it. When back wrestled it around and got it gutted. Put sled on side and rolled deer into sled and tippet it the rest of the way in. Back to house for a lift with block and tackle for a wash out. The shot was quartered away and I had got liver then took out some of the top of heart ventricles before exit. So after that put in ATV trailer backed into garage to another block and tackle to lift high enough to back truck under. Loaded and took to be processed. We have processed two does ourselves but I was not going to do this beast. Too many things getting ready to do next few days. Low on burger we will get back straps cut into thirds for roasts and keep the inside loins. The rest will be ground. Sigh of relief, plenty of meat and no plans to shoot another one. Meat will be shared with family and friends, BilletHead Hope to hear stories success or not from the rest of you!
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    I used my trolling motor and fished for a little bit. I caught a 1/2 dozen rainbows in not a lot of fishing time.
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    communicating with the mdc

    Everyone says it’s not that hard to do a catch weigh photo release deal .But this picture right here shows just the cluster that would ensue. You can’t have an accurate measurement when your hand is hanging onto the scale . Not saying any pressure is being applied but I wouldn’t accept this entry .
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    Where did the fish go

    I had some luck Friday paralleling steep chunk rock bank with a square bill crank bait 4-6' deep. As luck would have it when I picked up a crappie rod I hooked one of it not the biggest walleye I have ever had on. It pulled lose while I was fumbling in the rod box for the net. I did catch three nice chunky keeper bass and a 3 lb. walleye on the crank. The walleye belched out two really big shad in the live well. Should note I made a lot of casts to catch them.
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    He was a badass. This was just a few short years ago. Lancaster Cave. Look at that smile . . . .
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    Bill Babler

    Quick Howdy

    Guys, I've been bow hunting for a week and we are completely out of touch at our deer camp. Had to run home but am headed back to Central Mo. in a few minutes. I will be home November 15th. after rifle hunting. I've taken 2 Gobblers with my bow for the first time ever, no luck on the deer last week as weather was horrible. Hoping for a good week prior to gun season. I've gotten a lot of texts and emails on Falcon Rods. I'm not forgetting you all but please resend me what you are wanting after the 15th as I just don't get or have trouble doing any kind of business from Deer Camp. Tight Lines and Shoot Straight, see ya November 15th. Tks Bill
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    To keep with BH's cattle theme I hunted Saturday morning and no deer movement but the beef wouldn't leave me alone. Hunted one stand, perfect wind, and the cows camped out with me for 3 hours. Decided to mooooove to another stand 400 yards away on another ridge and wasn't there 30 minutes and the cattle found me again. Waited another hour or so and no deer so called it quits for the day as the Mrs. had afternoon plans. On to Sunday morning. Woke at 0500 and the rain had literally just stopped, looked at radar to confirm and it had and was moving out of the area (not a fan of hunting in the rain ). Was up in the stand and settled in at 0545. Sat there for 2 hours with nothing moving till out the south across the middle of the field a yearling is frantically running across it zigzagging with nothing chasing it. About 15 minutes later he comes running back the way he came. A buddy had texted me @ 0810 asking if I'd seen anything. I was literally in the middle of replying to him when I see a doe standing in the middle of shooting window. (Picture for reference of what my shot window looks like from the stand which is set back in the timber 5 yds 20 ft up a pine tree). Also need to say I've been put on the injured reserve with a recent shoulder injury so that explains the crossbow or I'd be shooting the ol Switchback. The doe passes the the shot window from the left to the right and then coming straight at me is what I've called "Niner" . He stops at 25 yds facing me and just the left of the cedar branch on the right side of the window. He turned slightly quartering hard towards me and on 2 steps I wouldn't of had a shot I'd feel comfortable taking so put crosshair in front of the front right shoulder hoping it exit just behind the front left shoulder. Solid rest, squeezed the trigger, and watched the bolt connect thru the scope. Well guessing he turned slightly into the shot as I hit him about 6 inches off mark up on the neck and lodged the broadhead in the front part of the opposite shoulder however the shot did drop him in his tracks. To be continued with a reply to this post as I've limited out on pics ;).
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    Aqua Therapy

    It had been a month and a half or so since I’d chased a river smallmouth and withdrawl was more than set in. It’s been a long tough harvest season that still isn’t quite over, but the recent rains gave a chance today to sneak off to the river after picking my boat up at polar bluff from getting a fish finder worked on. I decided to try the boat out at van buren as I had brought a few rods with me. Man the fall colors are in full swing here in the southern Ozarks, current river was a beautiful sight. I didn’t fish very long maybe an hour and a half, but the smallies where active. Caught a good bite in a couple spots. One in current and one in slower water. I’d say some are transitioning over! Looking forward to my winter fishing after harvest is over. Today was a nice couple hours of aqua therapy. I always say one day a week on the river would add years to our lives.
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    Better be barbless if your gonna be putting those under your arm.... Just sayin.
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    I can so relate with this :)

    There is often confusion between desiccant crystals and powder crystaline floatant. Desiccant crystals are silica gel, just like the crystals in electronic gear and shoes. Powders like Frogs Fanny and Loon Blue Ribbon are hydrophobic fumed silica. Both silica gel (the desiccant) and the fumed silica are made of silicon dioxide (silica). Hence the confusion. Same chemical in different forms. Combination products like Shimazaki Dry Shake and Loon Top Ride have both silica gel and floatant powder. They are called “Shake and Bake” products and will dry and waterproof the fly with a single treatment. After the powder floatant in the shake and back products is used up, the remaining drying crystals cna be renewed bey putting the crystals in a glass dish and microwaving the crystals on high for 15 seconds X 2. The water will escape as steam and the pooping noises are the crystals exploding. Put the crystals back in the original container and use them to dry flies. Above Copied and paste for you Ness Also I bought some stuff called feather dry that I used when treating wild turkey feathers I dyed for fletching hunting arrows. A fine powder worked great and I am sure it is like frogs fanny. I use that for filling my "shake and bake" type bottles of drying powder, BilletHead
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    I went out Friday afternoon to dark, Saturday morning until midday, and Sunday morning until midday. Friday night I had a very boring set in some very nice weather. Decided to get down at 5:45 and move to the field edge in hopes that deer would move in to feed. 1 buck unsure of the point count as the light faded fast and i could only see his shape. 3 does passed me at 25 yds but again not enough light to shoot and the rain was coming so I held off on shooting for fear of not being able to trail if she went far. Saturday I was in an hour before legal light, watched a fair number of does and two 4-pointers in a cut beanfield but nothing move toward me in their exit from the field. 11am rolled around and i was contemplating getting down and prowling the edges adjacent to quail hunters in hope they would bump something...I'm half-way down the tree and an 8 pointer appears from the drainage 80yds to my right at a steady pace, he was putting distance between him and whatever bumped him, he made for the field edge stopped in the middle to catch the wind and continued in the direction of my secondary set and rub/scrape line. Quail hunters were the theme the rest of the day but I had no luck trying to mooch. Yesterday morning I putzed around the parking lot pissing/moaning about the rain and daylights savings until I had enough and made the walk. Moved in slow, had to wait on a doe to move off as i was hoping a buck might harass her, decided I would just a soon be happy with that and tried to close the gap from 110 yds. Managed to make it to 45 before i ran out of concealment....contemplated shooting, but held off. she walked back into the bedding and I waited 30 minutes before continuing to my stand. I'm in a secondary set overlooking a 40 yds string of scrapes, and thicket patch with a lot of rubs, was hoping for a buck to come in and refresh the scrapes but that looks like its a mostly nocturnal path at this point. Wednesday day/evening is my next go.....I'm racking my brain over where to move, how the wind will be, what approach paths will be viable. I need anxiety medication..... or meat in the freezer. Rifle is also this coming weekend. I'm heading back to Springfield to hunt with my younger brother. At this point I'm throwing darts at the shoreline of Stockton Lake map.
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    Something else to consider..... what as fishermen are we doing for TR as far as habitat? I for one bought an old beat up pontoon, stripped it down to a couple seats and a steering wheel, put a new 50 HP Merc on it and we put out brush piles. Special thanks to MagicWormMan for his help in the past. To date, 243 and counting. Not always easy, not always fun, NOT very expensive, a bit gratifying to know you are working to give back as a fisherman. Does this mean you all should run out and buy a pontoon? No, but in years past, the conservation would loan out their brush boats to fisherman. When they pull the lake this winter........... find a cove or two and pull some float-ins to the waters edge and tie them down. VERY easy to do and gives the fry a place to grow a bit. Some years 12-15 feet deep and you can do a bunch in a day..... Maybe we can rely on ourselves to do the work MDC doesn't or won't. Just another option to consider.
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    communicating with the mdc

    On the Arkansas side of TR, we (AGFC) have stocked the following since 1983: Channel Catfish (Catchable and Yearlings): 157,776 fish (Years stocked: 1988, 91, 99, 2000, 02 - 15) Black Crappie finglerings: 48,500 fish (Year stocked: 2003) Walleye finglerings: 849,264 fish (Years stocked: 2003 - 16)
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    communicating with the mdc

    I honestly think Table Rock has plenty of fish . I believe with the decomposition of the standing timber the fish have started to use open water more . Making fishing a little more tough. Every lake that has ever been impounded has a surge in fish populations the first 10-20 years after being flooded . Until all the new cover starts to decay. We know there is plenty of forage fish in Table Rock . We know most of the fish live deep and follow bait . Look at some of bills posts about magnum spotted bass that he feels have never seen a lure . You can’t go down the bank throwing a ned rig and expect to catch multiple 5 pounders . The big ones are still there , but maybe just maybe they have wised up to the same old tricks .
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    What's Cooking?

    Cioppino tonight with a poached pear.
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    Shell Knob Sunday

    all fish today came off of bluff walls with a ledge. No ledge no bite.
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    I feel like Santa Claus has died. Except SR was real. So many gifts he gave to everyone. So much kindness, and wisdom. Love that man, and will miss him dearly.
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    Night 3 begins... Hoping that rain got them fired up. Marty I don't know how many more years left of this before I slow down lol. Gotta get after them while I still can.
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    Well come on over this coming March as soon as the Henbit turns purple, and we'll go hit it. Bring a flyrod and a rugged set of hip boots. I'll provide everything else. There's some big ol' knot headed gills in there.
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    A empty seat around the camp fire🔥

    Sorry to hear that. My condolences to Kip and the family. I always enjoyed Senior’s company. Remember him trying to sell us on the virtues of (greasy) skillet coffee when the coffee pot was left behind. 😄
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    What's Cooking?

    Some of my favorite things in this meal, I know some of you get tired of my wild game but hey we do what we like. We have hunted mallard breast, foraged hen of the woods mushroom, gardened lettuce, and cooking with Mrs. BilletHead. @Terrierman for turning me on to Don's chuck wagon for batter on shrooms, Thanks buddy! Sure glad we had duck left from last season because our hunt sucked big time yesterday in the middle zone opener . We both made mention we were glad we only fried a few hens. So good I could of ate them until I was foundered. Ate early enough it will be a hard decision if it will be another salad or a bowl of ice cream later! BilletHead
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    Good Onboard Chargers

    MrGiggles, I don't know a good one from a bad one. But I had ordered a Pro Mariner Sport dual bank charger a while back. After 8 months it kind of went crazy and quit charging. I called Pro Mariner. First of all a person answered the phone. Which threw me off for a few seconds. It was still under warranty so I was waiting for the reason why they wouldn't honor it. That didn't happen. They were professional, Polite, and to the point. We tried a couple of simple things and decided it was shot for what ever reason. They sent me a new one. Which I got in a couple of days. Didn't even want the bad one sent back. I couldn't believe the level of customer care. It was like living in the sixties. I would buy another one for no other reason than there customer support.
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    So last night got interesting... Started off throwing jerks past outlet 2. Fish were stacked up all over the place and hitting surface pretty regularly. My cuz struck first on his fly rod stripping olive wooly buggers. I've been trying some of the super cheap lures that Duane used for his blanks. They so far have been pretty good producers, but last night things just started to go downhill. Started breaking hooks left and right on them, then broke 2 bills off bouncing on the bottom... Just seemed like my luck had changed. Then I stuck a pig. Hit me like a truck and then the aerobatics started. Very similar to the big fish I lost last time I was down, I survived the first jump, but the second one he shook off... Not sure what I would of done different, I did hook this one on a jerk bait that had pinched barbs in the back... My sissy fingers are to blame lol. Then it started sprinkling. My cuz checked his phone and said we got 20 min before rain. We were all the way down past rebar again so we headed back to the pavilion and got rain gear on. Got geared up and it was just a nice pleasant rainfall. I like fishing in light rain, and my cuz said, " man if it's gonna rain, it should really rain, not this piddly stuff" Well God was listening as we were up by outlet one and he unleashes a line of rain and wind which chased is off the water... Thanks cuz... Lol So we did catch a few normal rainbows and one little brown. Saw a few big browns, but overall not the night I was hoping for fish and weather wise. Maybe tonight will be the night!
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    communicating with the mdc

    Exactly. And I think if all clubs/circuits would just try it they would feel likewise. If pics or scoring is sketchy at all, or if there are any valid disputes among the field, then simply refuse to accept it. It is each anglers responsibility to make sure that every fish scored is indisputable. That is NOT hard to do. Matter of fact, it is easier to do than babysitting and culling fish all day long.
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    Started around 10 or so. Had 3 rainbows right off the bat with the jerk bait down by outlet one. Moved down towards 2 and hit a few more. We then went down past rebar and my cuz hit a nice 21in brownie.
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    Launched at K Dock early for a sit in the woods and brought along some fishing gear for a mid day try at some walleye. Nothing moving but the crows this morning. The wind picked up and started blowing good around 10 am so I climbed down out of the stand and hit some flats. Tried crawler harnesses at a bunch of different speeds and then the wind started getting too strong to troll against it. Switched over to 3 ounce bottom bouncers with Flickershad and ran with the wind trying to stay at about 2 mph. Finally crossed out into the 27-28 foot of water range and started spotting fish on the fish finder. Was not long and one rod went down. Got it about 1/2 way in and it came off. Felt pretty good on the 9 foot rod. Deployed B.B. again, got the proper bounce going and 2 rods went down. A 23 and a 24 in walleye. Before I could get either rod back out, the 3rd rod went down and it was a 16 inch stinking green bass. Tossed it back in while yelling at it to never come back. Got all 3 rods out again and headed back down wind where I was marking fish. One rod went down bringing in another 24 inch walleye. Second rod goes down with a short stinking bass. Pulled everything in to circle around and make another pass with the wind. At the very end of the marked area one of the rods went down getting a 25 incher. Best 1 1/2 hour of walleye fishing I’ve had. Evening sit in the woods, had 3 does within 17 yards. Was hoping for the big guy to be in tow. Not this time. This post has been promoted to an article
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    A empty seat around the camp fire🔥

    I regret to inform you that Kip Borgschulte Sr has passed at the age of 72 from complications of a stroke that occurred 10 days ago. The Current River was his favorite habitat. He taught me and many others about the Current R’s fickle ways, and the art of winter float tripping & camping in the cold. He will be missed. Services in St Charles next Saturday.
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    Fully understand. Have done it before myself. But it was still an awesome "blood trail"
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    Cape Fair - up Flat 11/3

    Very nice bass on the jerkbait. Congrats!
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    Way to go! Unfortunate that it happens but you can't account for everything. Thanks for sharing it. Would have been puzzling to come upon that blood trail in the middle of the woods after the fact.....might make a few hairs on my neck stand up!
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    I’ve already heard a guide complaining that their opinions were not requested by AGFC prior to the project being done. 🙄
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    Yea but hated to see him suffer any more than he was already. Hard to sit there and watch him with his up just staring at me ;).
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    Time change Saturday

    Went up Saturday and put in at Roark. We had some success fishing brush piles and caught some crappie, mostly shorts in 15 ft of water. Jugs worked better than minnows. Caught a few bass on cranks and a few whites. Caught my first smallmouth around Roark area, had only caught them up by old state park before. All in all about 20+ fish for the day. Was better than it had been. About had the Laje to ourselves.
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    communicating with the mdc

    The Arkansas fish and game stocked 60,200 walleye in Cricket Creek. https://www.ozarkswaterwatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/MDC-Report-on-TABLE-ROCK-LAKE-2014.pdf
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    snagged in outlet 3


    Are felt soles legal 😀
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    Good Onboard Chargers

    My son had a minn Kota charger seemed to be good, my 176 has a dual pro in it and i think its 10 years old, my 190 i just bought has a pro marine in it don't know much about it. Once my batteries are charged up i unplug the charger.
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    There's a 70 acre pond that I love to hit every March with a 4wt. flyrod for big honkin' gills. If you hit it right (timing) when they first move into the shallows you can catch nothing but the big ones for 2 weeks. After that the little farts take over and it gets rather monotonous.
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    My wife and I fished Stockton this year and while chasing walleye we caught a mess of bull bluegill......and they got in my belly! Mike
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    Eleven Point Everything

    For a real visual treat you'll wanna check out the meremac river from valley park down to where it dumps into the Mississippi. Don't camp on the gravel bars...
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    A few bows... Overall a good night.
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    Big bass tour

    i found the video and passed the link along to shane bush our mdc biologist. everyone needs to keep dinging the mdc and squeak loudly and often. this is the only way to make your voice heard and affect changes. bo
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    In the world of walleye...

    I got my butt handed to me today. Sat in the woods again and watched a doe and a yearling about 80 yards out. That’s all I saw. Started getting a little chilled around 9:30 and thought I’d see if I could do a repeat on the walleye. They were not having it today. Only boated one short. Did catch a nice crappie though. Oh yeah, could not keep them stinking bass off the hook. Finally called it quits because I got tired of being aggravated by them. One pass, they took all three rods at the same time. Another pass, they took 2 out of the 3 at the same time. Sure are frustrating things.
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    David Goddard

    Solid Bite in Warsaw

    Our second club tournament of the semester was out of Drake Harbor this past Saturday. We fun fished from there Thursday and found a good pattern fishing rocky 45 degree banks and docks which ended in about 5-7 foot of water. that nice 4.5 pounder Justin is holding in the picture anchored out 14 lb bag from Thursday. On Thursday they were running current, or at least it looked that way on the water because it was so windy, we never checked the dam report online. With the current, the bite on the broke up chunk rock steep banks was much better with a spook and spinnerbait. On Saturday they didn't run current so we only caught one keeper, which was actually a meanmouth, I think, in the morning fishing the chunk rock banks. We assumed that the dock bite would be better once the sun came out. However, the sun never came out and we started catching them on docks back in the creeks in that 5-7 foot range anyways just running a spinnerbait down the side. then we ran dome broke up bluff wall stuff and caught a few more pots and I caught a 3.80 on an underspin with a keitech. We had 13.6 lbs on Saturday and if we could've culled out the one little spot we had left would've had a pretty nice sack. If y'all do Instagram give us a follow we'd appreciate it. Again thanks for the support that Mizzou Bass Fishing has received from everyone. We really do appreciate it. Tight lines.
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