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    Aunts Creek area / ice jig

    The Aunts creek area had some minor floating limbs but the water was clear down to 7 ft. As I approached my desired location my depth finder was filled with shad from 40 to 55 ft. I stopped and started looking for fish but nothing would appear on my screen. Around me, fish would make a big swirl on top about every 2 minutes and I never saw shad on top nor a fish on my screen. I tried under-spin, plain swimbait, and kastmaster spoon. Zero luck in 15 minutes, so I cut my losses and scooted over 300 yards to my desired location. There, the fish were setup properly but they were hard to catch. I caught a good limit, but way to many fish ignored the ice jig. It was a nice morning to be out and their were plenty of boats. I did catch this 5lbs 6 oz LM on a 5/8 ice jig.
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    Baxter- Deep Bite

    Today was a typical post front blue bird calm day. Perfect for deep fishing which I can do but I don't do much. It worked out today! Spoon= 20 fish 6 keeper football spots. Spots were stuffed full of shad 2-3 inches long. A-RIG=3 fish 2 keepers. Shallower on the rig 35ft sitting 15ft down. Only Largemouth was a 3 1/4 on the rig. Depth 70-80 ft deep, fish were above the shad in 60-50ft. Fished from 730-400. Caught all fish 8:30 - 10:30am. It was a head scratcher after that.
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    Your first fish of 2019

    Had to try out the new fly rod... 2019 first on an olive wooly; picked up a handful more before some midges started to come off and after a number of offerings finally caught a couple on a #20 BWO...went back to a black wooly and picked up a couple more before heading to the house. Mike
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    Baxter- Deep Bite

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    Winter time on the river

    Well I got some new waders and went to the river in between Bennet and Barclay and had a double digit smallmouth day. Not a lot of size biggest being a little over 16. River seemed to be down since Thursday but still pretty muddy. And the new waders are awesome. Have one more week until I have to go back to reality (college)
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    straw hat

    CC area

    Well the wife and I ran down to a mile or so from CC today. The water is fairly dingy and 44F. We know a point on the end of a bluff we can walk to. On the point is 4 or 5 stumps and 5 or 6 big rocks. This is within a few feet of the main channel in 5 to 8 ft of water. We always hit this spot during warm weather periods in Feb and/or March and always manage to catch a few nice largemouth up on that shallow water warming themselves. Usually not huge but 2 to 3 lbs. Well today we caught 9 bass with 4 being keepers. There were 2 at 16" each, one at 18" and one at 20". The real surprise was they were all smallmouths. That was a blast for some bass fishing from the bank. It surprises me because we do not usually catch many smallmouth around CC and never caught any off that point before. A nice day on the lake.
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    Your first fish of 2019

    Well, here is my first and only fish so far for 2019. 12" largemouth from Beaver lake. Fished hard for 5 hours and that guy was it, maybe had 3 other bites that ticked the bait then dropped it right away. Beautiful day, water looked good, but it had come up about a foot and a half in the last couple of days and maybe that put the fish off.
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    Hello Crew, I am planning an early March fishing trip to Taneycomo. Staying few miles down from the landing. We have had success with suckers fishing on light rigs with worms in the past, but we always went in February, not March. It almost seems the past few years have even gotten slower. Where is the best place to fish for White Suckers in early March on Taneycomo? How does the population of sucker seem to be this year? My best guess is big long channels before creeks, as they are staging for spawn. Thank you in advance.
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    Winter time on the river

    How’s everyone doing? No one has posted in a while did you all stop fishing? Lol I have been doing very well fishing The Niangua this month. It might be cause I don’t have the thought of snakes harassing me like I do in the summer lmao. Is anyone else scared shitless of the snakes in the summer or is it just me acting like a little girl
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    Your first fish of 2019

    Nice fish to invite home to dinner. Congrats!
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    KVD on Table Rock

    I spent part of my life living and working in the Boston area. Saw one game at the old Garden, that was back in the day when people were allowed to smoke inside. Had a seat up in the nose bleed section, where all the smoke was hanging, can't say it was a good experience. That place was a dump. Probably have seen 15 Red Sox games at Fenway, if I ever go back. I'd like to sit somewhere in those new seats they put on top the wall. Never been to the Masters, I was stationed at Fort Gordon for a year, never have had a desire to go back to Disgusta GA. The course itself is beautiful, but that town was a dump. Maybe it has changed since then for the better. Back then, this was 1979, the entrance to the course was right off a 4 lane road that was nothing but strip malls and urban sprawl, you'd never know looking at the entrance that the course was back there.
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    Crappie 1/3 & 1/4

    Just to the left of that huge sycamore tree on the point just north of the bridge. You will know when you are there when you see that loon in the water, the loon with the bad eye. If the loon is not around look for the stump that is located by the chunk-rock bank next to the old catfish float. Need I say more? Tight Lines! 😁
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    Suson Park St Louis County

    I've had real poor luck there this year and last for some reason.
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    Reel help

    I have the Team Gold also. But it just doesnt cast near as far as my cheaper Presidents. Even when rigged with the same line on the same rod. Pretty disappointing. IT was pretty expensive when i got it to
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    Your first fish of 2019

    Haven't gone out yet in 2019. We're heading back to MO today. May try for some creek micros this week. Planning on heading to Bennett's on Friday. So it will likely be either a darter or a trout😁. Or a sculpin.
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    Oh I'm all for it. The more time that guys spend sitting over the deeper schools of fish, the less pressure gets put on the shallow ones.
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    Let’s go fishing show!

    Looks like I will be there after noon if everything works out. Looking forward to meeting more of the gang.
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    obviously no need to stock that lake
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    KVD on Table Rock

    I had to let the Outdoor Network go. Too much deer hunting and other boring crap, it just wasn't worth it to me. Nothing is more boring than watching some dude whisper in a tree stand for 30 minutes. 🙄
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    Shoulda drove it around for a day or two to mess with the people that tagged it
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    Article Help--Top Trout Tips

    Not much offends me in this world, but seeing somebody hold a spinning reel upside down and reeling it backwards is one of them.
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    Article Help--Top Trout Tips

    Me and @patfish were down there for a bit on Sunday. We were in between 1 and 2. I'm trying to force feed some risers a gnat when this huge cast appears from my left. Definitely not a fly rod. So I just glance back to see how close they were to me and of course it's a spinning rod being held upside down and they are cranking it backwards. Time to go.
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    garmin panoptix livescope question?

    I don't know which one this is but the video is awesome! Saw it on a friends Facebook page.
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    Bull was kind this weekend

    Fished both days, 5 walleye, dozen slabs, great weather, all caught on swimmin minnow, WT 46. Pic of a decent one.
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    Three jerks a jerking

    Upper Bull, So we have been trying to get together for awhile. Everyone's day off needed to get into sync. So we got the call from Duckydoty he had a plan. So I ask what do we need to bring gear wise? Nothing, nothing at all. Now we have junk, lots of junk and it felt really strange going on a fishing trip with nothing. Did not have to hurry or be on the water early. Not a normal trip for us. We meet at Duane's house just missing getting to see Monachari. Follow the Duane rig to the launch to be greeted to beautiful skies and no wind to speak of. Unloaded and across the water we went to the first spot. So here is what we are going to do the captain says. Throw this here jerkbait over there. Jerk it six or seven times to get it down to the bottom in the mud. We will work it off to the drop off by letting it sit still for five, six or seven seconds. Give it a jerk and let it sit again. Repeat, repeat and repeat again. Bites can be on the pause on the jerk just watch your line and keep in contact with it. This we did as we shot the bull then Pat squeals I got one! Skipper leaps into action with coaching and the net. Success and number one is boated, We did good he says one is a good day and we may not get another. Soon Ducky has one on. it was all exciting until we seen the fish. Awe Crud it was one of those stinkin bass. I had the net ready but Duane says bass cannot touch the net or boat. Worse than having a banana on board, Duane hooks up again this time a real fish, A bit later I contact one, Mrs. BilletHead strikes again! Then Duane gets jinxed and begins to slay the stinkin bass, Some of them get the boot out of the boat, So we are fishing along and I say just what are these baits all about and what are they? These are megabass jerk baits. 25 bucks each, WHAAAAT yes. Are you kidding me? Nope. Now the BilletHead's don't do this . Heard about these but not that into bass or special 25 buck baits. THEN not too many casts later something happens probably because I am thinking of having 25 bucks on the end of my line SNAP and there it goes with out the line attached really far and disappears. I about puked. I got more Duane says. We ended up with two walleye each and Duane had one big crappie try to choke down a 25 buck megabass. Many, many stinkin green bass. Another photo before the fillet party began, Stories were told, notes were shared and we had a great day of fellowship of alike minds. Did any of you forum members ears burn yesterday? Was it you we talked about? . Great day and thanks Duane. We will make this happen again friend, The BilletHeads This post has been promoted to an article

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