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    January 10, Big M area

    Went out a little later today, it being a cold morning, I think I started about 0930 and fished until 3:30. Fishing was a little better today than last time out. Found some spotted bass on a bluff wall that were hanging around shad. Not a lot of them, but picked up a few dragging the ned rig off the bluff, and picked up a few down 40-45 feet fishing a 3/16 oz white Zig Jig vertically. Bounced around to a couple of points and chunk rock banks and picked up a fish here and there on the ned, usually they were in 10-20 FOW. Ended up with a dozen, all spots except for one meanmouth. WT 45-46.
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    January 10, Big M area

    i had to get out again today with the bad weather coming in. was a slower bite than yesterday. bit we managed 7 keeps and one nice walter. the keeps were 4 lmgs, and the k's. 10 to 20 ft. baits were still the same two that i caught them on yesterday. bo
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    dan hufferd

    January 10, Big M area

    i see pic, I know the place !
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    Well heavens yes Jeff! If I make it to Jig Fest I will wear them for you. It's chic in BilletHeadVille too BilletHead
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    That was Bill Beck's memorial tournament. No A-rig. Fished by several of the Pro's on the New Bass Pro tour. 2 bags in the low 15's and then 13.5. We only had 11.91 but one of them was a 6 pounder and we got big bass. I caught it on a drop shot with a gulp minnow at 70' on the bottom.
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    Back at ya!
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    Lots of boats over the weekend

    Blevins, is an unbelievable fisherman on any Ozark Lake. He is able to get on the water alot. That's the key. He can breakdown what the lake is doing, run it and figure which areas the bigger fish are biting better. I know if your fishing against him and he beats you like he has the last several years, people get irritated and accuse him of cheating which is totally false. If he decides to take the jump and go "full time" on the tour he will have a great career. He has had some very good tutors when he was starting out but applies it what works best for him.
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    New Mexico Waters

    I can tell you where to catch a Gila trout. Small but they are there , BilletHead
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    March 23 OAF One Bass tourney?

    Go away.
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    The Yella Dawg can hold her own ;). Pics from a couple weeks ago when everyone kept tagging me in that video ;).
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    Bats are out

    Peepers are a peeping again this morning. Slow between peeps but sounding off none the less. That will change in the next couple of days as the peeping will stop with the weather going back to normal. Like JD my bees are out looking around. BilletHead This Afternoon the Koi fed on pellets in the garden pond and then I spied a grasshopper, BilletHead
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    Due to strong winds yesterday I searched a few creeks for deep fish and found nothing. I did not get a bite. This morning I fished the main lake and had approx 15 keepers and 40 fish total. Nothing big, but a good morning. With decent air temps, I was able to handle the steady northwest wind. I stayed in 40-60 flow all morning. Fished the ice jig. I normally like to mix in the 4 inch yamamoto grub, but the fish will not bite it. Perhaps the water temp needs to drop a few degrees. I did catch a few decent LM on a 3inch swimbait at daylight. I fan cast the swimbait as i search for the deep fish. There were plenty of fish i n the 15-25 ft range over deep water. I can catch a few of these fish on a swimbait at daylight.
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    Bill Babler

    What's Going on Today?

    Lake in the dam area is simply full of boats running. I mentioned this earlier in Bo's Birthday thread, but now at almost 10 AM it has doubled. On a Wednesday morning 30 degree I can see 5 boats actively fishing and lots more running. Got to be something up.
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    I hope my comments did not come off as irritated it was ment to b amazement. I have fished against him in the bassothons for years, his ability to catch the bigger fish is nothing short of probably the best thats ever wet a lure on our lakes. Im 40 yrs old been fishing tournaments since i was 18 im just pointing out that in my lifetime i have never seen anyone dominate these lakes like he has the last 4 yrs or so. Yes time on the water makes a huge difference and his dominance has fueled me to up my game but its tuff to find the time i want with a wife three kids that are into everthing and a full time job. But im not gonna complain wouldnt trade for anything!
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    January 10, Big M area

    Nice Jeff. Glad you caught a few!
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    Hank Parker wears them, they got'a be good !
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    Bats are out

    I saw a caravan of RVs with Minnesota tags headed north Saturday. Pretty sure it was the same gaggle of vagabonds I saw headed back south today. Guess I better bring some wood in tonight.
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    Maintain the house, cars and other stuff. Carry luggage. But most of all learn to say. You're right again dear...
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    March 23 OAF One Bass tourney?

    Unless I have to work - I am in.
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    Yep, high water does wonders for these fisheries. We try to tell everyone to enjoy these good times because at some point the high water could/will stop. This will result in these fisheries reverting back to how they were in late 90's and early 2000's when winter and spring tournaments were won with 10-11 pounds. Same goes for Crappie and Walleye too.
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    Did it look the same when you were traveling faster? When at a standstill or drifting very slowly like you were anything will just show up as horizontal lines. Best thing to do is turn around and make another pass at idle speed.
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    It was In Hillsboro. Has a minn Kota Ulterra so it will be a sweet rig!
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    Fishing University - Soft Science shoes

    It was bad enough before but, depending upon the guest, bearable when it was just Charlie Ingram but this Ray Brazier guy and his speech pattern put it completely over the edge for me. That plus stuff like, "Well, Charlie, we might have only caught eight ten inchers between the two boats today but one look around Lake Paid for our Food and Lodging and you can tell that it's one tremendous fishery and should be high on the must visit destination list of all our viewers."
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    Chief Grey Bear

    What's Cooking?

    Hey it's me! I haven't been by in a while. My newest concoction; Walleye Po Boy

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