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    Bull Shoals near Peel

    Caught a variety of all bass today in 15 to 17 fow using pumpkin pit boss with 1/4 oz tungsten. Fish are concentrated on sides of main lake points on the outside of the brush line. Find the green top bushes and fish outside of them. Caught around 8 quality fish in 2 hours this afternoon.
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    Roundhouse Shoals 5/7

    I took my boat down to Roundhouse Shoals his morning and got out and waded. Caught 6 or 7 on eggs/midges early and then about 10:00 the caddis started coming up. Tied on a size 18 foam bodied elk hair caddis and the fish really liked it. Probably caught 30 on the dry fly and missed a bunch more. After missing 5 in a row I checked my fly and it had a trout scale embedded on the hook point so that's why I was missing them. Mostly average size rainbows along with 2 cutthroats and this really fat rainbow that gave me a good fight on a 3wt.
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    Wrench and Ketchup

    Wrench and myself finally got together for a day of, well fun...... Tho wrench gave his idea of a recap to our day, I’m going to give mine, as it is slightly different than his.... So, for a solid week leading up to this benefit tournament, wrench sent me pictures of frog infested fishing backwaters, whites the size of musky, stories of buddies of his coming up to fish, catching nothing smaller than a 7lb fish. The more we chatted, the more my excitement grew. He talked about us fishing his favorite honey holes, as the launch was in his backyard. Now, for a guy to take you to fish HIS holes, is a big deal. Just Incase I fell overboard, or got lost launching the boat, I asked for gps coordinates as a backup, so I could meet him at the next secret hole. Well, those never came. Yeah, I know, can’t give out all of your secrets. The evening before launch, I get a message, which I shared with him right away, saying the launch site has changed to the other end of the lake. Man did my anxiety take its toll, because for a week, seeing these pictures, hearing the stories, and finally fishing his secrets holes, I knew getting that message would change everything. So I sent wrench a copied text with the new launch details, and about 10 minutes later, I get this response: “You’re on your own”. Now mind you, this is like 8:30pm, the evening before our first outing together. As I load my gear into the truck, my mind drifts off to those stories I heard all week about 7 pounders every other cast, possibly hooking a white that swam back out of the river, that would engorge any musky left over on LOZ, and the idea of seeing firsthand his honey holes, I got settled into bed around 1:30am. At 4 I fire the truck off for my 1 hour 50 minute drive to this new area of the lake. We met at a local supermarket that was boiling smoke from some ribs they were preparing. Our agreed meeting time was 6:30am. Im one of those that am atleast 45 minutes early most places, especially fishing related. I get there at 5:40, roll the window down, letting those smoke searing ribs sink into my lungs. I have my gear laid out across the bed, standing outside waiting for wrench. At 6:31 he pulls up, smiling face and all, as I comment “where were you, at the donut shop” to his reply, another friendly smile. We load up, get to the launch, chat with a couple dudes, and launch. 7:30 takeoff time, and looks at me and says “well, I have never been on this side of the lake, so I hope you got the goods”. Now, I remember a week ago telling him “I have been on this pond once in my life, and it was by the dam, for crappie” so when he says he is relying on me, I just sunk into the boat seat. We get to the first cut, and both catch a few behind docks. Keep moving and more of the same. As the day goes on, and the washing machine wave makers start coming out, this was about 10am on a cool, cloudy sky, I knew it was going to be rough. And rough it was. In closing, we caught a bunch of short fish, watched guys weigh in limits, got a free t-shirt, and finally got to hang out. Wrench is one of those guys you just feel comfortable around, not the “Im wearing my speedo in the boat with you” comfortable, but one you can joke with, tease, and enjoy the day with, thinking “I could do this again”. We had 9 fun filled hours of doing/saying guy stuff. I have no doubts we will be doing this again soon, but with a few modifications: Everytime he texts me pictures or stories leading up to the outing, I’m blocking his number!!!! “disclosure”. SOME of what you just read was true. You choose what isn’t. Wrench, you’re a good dude. Thanks.
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    Terrin Garber

    Cops for Kids

    Fished with my dad. Caught 12.7lbs. All keepers came on a ned rig. was tough until the wind picked up in the afternoon. 17.5 won it I think. Fishing main lake gravel points and spawning pockets. Bite for us as 5-15 foot. Seemed like in the wind you could catch fish shallower. Fished from Branson all the way up to Cambell's point hoping. Great day to be with my dad on beautiful Table Rock Lake. Good luck everyone.
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    I fished the Missouri BASS State National Qualifier on May 4th put on by Webb Outdoors out of Moonshine Beach this past weekend. To put it bluntly fishing was great. Caught 15-30 keepers a day, easily. My normal partner Justin Luetkemeyer wasn't able to make it so I fished will a different guy on the Mizzou team. May 2nd we put in at state park and ran around to areas that I have had success in the past. Fished from about 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The day was shortened because my partners boat needed a new primer bulb so we had a boat repair to do and decided it would be better to do it in the day light. We found fish schooling as soon as we got on the water and headed off to a place I know the schoolers usually come up well. Had 5 keepers in about 5 minutes of fishing on top and proceeded to catch those schoolers for probably 15 or 20 minutes. Some nice spots in the 2.5 lb range and one good smallie that weighed just under 3; all those fish bit a spook but the bigger smallie came on a small bull shad which is in the picture. We fished mixed rock banks with 2.8 and 3.3 inch keitechs the rest of the day and put together a bag that was 15 lbs with 3 smallmouth and 2 largemouth. All of those fish weighed between 2.9 and 3.1 lbs. Scattered timber helped that bite but not a forest. Cedar trees better than pole timber. Caught a few on a jerk bait and ned rig as well, but small swimbait was the best, sexy shad color. May 3rd we put in at state park again and fished down to about the Kimberling city bridge. The same smallmouth bite was predominant. We actually got on one bank where I caught 3 smallmouth in about 20 yards that were all 2.75 to 3.2 lbs, all on the keitech. We tried to chase largemouth and I was able to catch a nice fish that was almost 4 lbs in the back of a pocket with run off on a weightless fluke. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at them and they would not fire on anything. They would follow and not bite anything that looked like a bait fish but just wouldn't eat it. In the backs of pockets if you threw a shakey head or ned rig, right down the middle of the cut, you couldn't keep the spots off your line. They weren't any good for a tournament but were very fun to catch. We ended up with 15ish lbs again thanks to that bigger largemouth. May 4th we put in at Moonshine beach, that was an adventure with all of the high schoolers but it didn't bother me too much. The line just moved a little slower. Started on our spot with the good schooling fish and caught a limit including a nice smallie which went 2.8. Fished the back of a pocket and caught a largemouth that I never weighed but would guess was about 3 lbs. Good start we thought! We figured if we could catch 15 lbs again we would have a good chance of cashing a check if not winning. Got in my head too much, I think, and chased largemouth too much and didn't trust my smallmouth spots enough. Caught a bunch of keeper spots and a largemouth that went 2.27 lbs in the backs. finally committed to smallmouth and culled up a couple times but only by like 0.10 lbs. Boats everywhere! Thought I was fishing the Big Bass Bash. Looking back on it, I wish I had fished the 3 best spots I had in the dam area and then ran to new water down past Kimberling City to try to get away from the boats. Hind sight is always 20/20 though. The lake is fishing amazing though. We caught an insane number of fish. Other patterns that worked which I heard from guys on the team were a watermelon red flake shakey head on bluff banks with scattered timber (they found this pattern trying to get away from the fishing pressure) and a jerk bait, chatter bait, and spinner bait in the backs of pockets with a lot of run off which had shad. I love table rock so much and I hope I can get down there again before my summer work starts in STL and my hometown of Bowling Green. The topwater bite is just getting started and should only keep getting better. Mike Webb is a great guy for putting on this event and I can't thank him and Sherry enough for putting it on. Also, Thanks to Wilkerson & Reynolds Wealth Management down at Osage Bluff for our awesome new jerseys. Tight lines everyone! This post has been promoted to an article
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    JR Brotherton

    Tuesday trip

    Got out Tuesday from 10-2. Just drug minnows through a cove with some standing timber to catch the crappie. 12fow or less was chocked full of sub legal males the better keepers were 15-30 but suspended 5-10' off the bottom. Found the eye on a rocky point with a jig and crawler. Not a bad day on the water. Lake was still rising but it wasn't too dirty. Was above the 245 bridge .
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    Last time i fished with Ketchup we both pitch our spoons up under a dock and they migrated and hooked each other, We both faught each other all the way to the surface thinking we both had a fish. At the time i just said lets keep this to ourselves, but it was to funny not to share
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    For your ensemble to be complete you must have matching shoes. May I humbly suggest you pick up a pair of these:
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    1st time wearing one of these.

    Thinking I need I buy some new gloves and sleeves to match the already bright shirt and buff. Don't want anybody to miss me while on the water. Maybe Skeet Reese has a pair of sun pants he'd sell me to complete the outfit.
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    Phil Lilley

    Taneycomo Report, May 7

    Quick and concise... recent rains have brought our lakes up to levels which warrant some concern. Beaver Lake is now approaching 1125.5 feet, only 4.5 feet from its flood pool while Table Rock hovers at 920 feet, that magical level that calls for flood gates and flows at 20,000 c.f.s.. But Table Rock Dam is now running 3 turbines full while one turbine is down for maintenance so 5 spill gates are open 1 foot each to make up for the 4th turbine, equaling 15,000 c.f.s of flow. Four gates were open for about 24 hours yesterday when Table Rock's level reached 920.3 feet but dropped below 920 feet this morning. All the while, Bull Shoals is rising and is now at 672.7 feet, almost 10 feet higher than a week ago. Taney's water temperature is 54 degrees on the spill side, 44 degrees on the turbine side. When the extra gates were open we saw 60 degree water and a push of threadfin shad, just not as many as we'd like to see. I think we got a deposit of warm water fish too, white bass, walleye and small mouth bass. White jigs have not taken off like we would have hoped with the spill gates open but fishing is fairly good. Some are fishing a 1/32nd ounce white jig under a float 10-12 feet deep the first 3 miles of the lake while others are throwing 1/8th to 3/32nd ounce jigs straight, 4-pound line. I'm also using our sculpin/peach jigs and doing pretty good too. Spoons - silver Cleo or Boyaunt - are working well too. Work the eddies all the way down to Fall Creek using an 1/8th ounce earth color jigs like black, brown or sculpin. Below Fall Creek, drift minnows, night crawlers and Berkley Powerworm in pink, red or while on the bottom using drift rigs. The word is the trout are not in the creeks right now for some reason but if you're out and want to try, I would because they really should be in there. The water isn't going to be as fast down at the Landing so fishing down there will be easier. With this high water, watch where you're drifting and stay mid lake. Don't anchor in current and wear a life jacket if you're at all uncomfortable in swift water. View full article
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    National Youth Fishing Tournament

    One of the kids who is learning to make baits at my house sent me a text. He said they came in 22nd over all. That is a good finish with so many boats involved. I am proud of him.
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    1st time wearing one of these.

    Well.....this man, real or otherwise, likes to get laid occasionally. And with the women I've always been interested in looks are a big part of that. You can stink, and sound like a pompous jackass if you want, but bygod you'd better have trimmed fingernails, clean shoes, and be clothed properly.... or you're going to end up at a party with Sally Palm and her 5 lonely sisters. 😊
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    Real men don’t give a stink about what they look like. The tacky face buff/rag is pretty nice at times. An essential if guiding flats in FL. Remove it if approaching someone you do not know. Common Courtesy.
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    I have spinning reels that I use along with the spincast ones, and I know they’re more problem-free a lot of the time but while I can’t explain it, I have a personal preference fishing with spincasters. I have used braid in the past in lower quality spincasters and they did eventually cut into the pins and reel-head but it wasn’t that quick, and the drag on this reel seems actually quite a bit better so I think that would help it from extending the life of the reel for longer than those. I am going to look into some of these other lines too, so keep the suggestions coming.
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    snagged in outlet 3

    2019 Garden Thread

    Hockey face mask and a badminton racket. Hand to hand. That chick is up in your kitchen. 😆
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    Just found out they finished 9th over all... that's 9th out of 320.
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    NIB Mitchell 300X

    I've got three new-in-box Mitchell 300X spinning reels. Two are the Gold series, and one is a Silver series. They're roughly a 3000-size reel. The Gold reels have 10 bearings, while the Silver has 5. They hold, according to the box, 240 yards of 8-pound test mono. All come with a spare spool. The reel in the photo has been used but is in fairly good shape as these reels are the second-generation of the iconic Mitchell 300. I also have a Gold 308-size (smaller) that is used but will sell for $10. Used reels don't come with a spare spool unless I can find them. The Golds in the box are $15 each, and the Silver is $10. Buy all three, and I'll throw in the used reel. You pay shipping or pick up in Clinton or Warsaw.
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    Slab Sunday

    Got hall pass after church Sunday.... WT 65-68 dingy/mud mix and look like a slalom skier running up... Trash scattered... End with 10 before daddy duties called... Too many shorts to count 16 FOW 6-7 feet down rigging straight meat All the fish I’m cleaning most of their eggs look this the past two weeks.... Brown... Think they are transitioning to the main channel now... God Bless and Good fishing Lance
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    May 3 - 5th report

    Stayed at sister creek resort and as everyone knows the lake went up about 8 feet when we got there on Thursday and ended up about 12 feet up when we left. It looked like we were fishing in a flooded forest. We found fish in the bushes and off the bushes, but be prepared to get hung up. It seemed like the fish were confused on if they should be in the bushes or out on the original lake points. We ended up holding our own with all the rain that came in and no sunshine till sunday. I think if they would have had time for the high water to stabilize we would have seen more In the bushes. Maybe by next week the and stable high water, the majority of fish wil be in the bushes. The majority of our fish were over 2lbs with a few 3 and 4lbers mixed in. Friday was windy, rainy and maybe the worst day of our trip but the most productive for us as we managed 16lbs of fish. The majority were smallmouth but those smallies feel like double thier weight when you fight one. We caught the bigger ones on tubes and jigs around little sisters creek, bull shoals boat dock and oakland area. We were fishing brush on sides of points, and backing out off the brush which seemed to produce bigger bites. Picked up a few on cranks, and dragging wurmbs and flukes along with a few walleye in the 17" range. No top water bite for us. On Sunday sun was shining and decided to get out of the bushes and fish secondary points all morning for those bigger smallies. Landed better quality fish with.my buddy hooking what look to be close to a 5lber that got off at the boat. He caught it right at high noon dragging a big jig and teased me by handing me the rod and asking if I want to reel it in. Guess it back fired on him as he lost it at the boat. A few of the smallmouth we caught were not totally spawned out like they should be but most of the ones we caught were. A few of the largemouth had red tails as well. All fish released...ran Into some meat eaters from up north at the resort and they had no Intention of release anything. They ripped some big fillets off about a 5lb smallie and a few smaller ones. Said they were down passing time till the northern fishing kicked in full swing. Was seeing down 20ft is some coves which amazed me after all the rain dumped on the lake.
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    Big Clifty 5/3 and 5/4

    Spent the weekend at a friend's house back in Big Clifty. I am not very familiar with this part of the lake as far as fishing goes but I have to say we had a great weekend fishing and the kids got in on the action as well. Such a beautiful area back there! Beaver is a fund place to fish in May- we caught Walleye, LM, Spots, Smallies, and Whites. Water is SUPER CLEAR- probably up to 20 feet of visibility. WT was 64ish... we had a few different bites: 1. Way in the back of the creeks and coves lots of fish on/around beds or up shallow. Had our best luck in these areas making long casts into the skinny water in back or flipping into flooded timber (had to be stuff that looked like it was there for a while- nothing "new" from the last few day of rain was holding fish yet. I caught most of my fish in these areas throwing a 5/16 oz Jewel Spider jig with a speed crawl or a rage tail menace. 2. Long tapering points with a swim bait- usual suspects: keitech 3.3 fat in anything shad like. (Side note- tested out the Jewel Gem head- REALLY like that swimbait head- locks those things on!). Caught one very nice Walter this way which sadly I didn't get a picture of. We were bank fishing in front of my buddy's house and my net was in my boat! I got one hand under his belly and he flopped and came unbuttoned. Was def 22+ inches though. Very nice fish. 3. Topwater- We didn't have a lot of topwater action- at least not much luck getting fish to BITE to top even though we did see some activity. But I chalk that up more to me not knowing this area very well and where to go. But- I did have one of my favorite fish catches ever on top water. My daughter and I were on the back of the boat throwing topwater early Sunday AM. 1/2 way through a retrieve with a spook my daughter almost took my eye out with a pop-r so I decided to take out the back seat so we had a little more room to move around. I put my rod down (spook still in the water) and reached down to remove the pedestal seat... suddenly my rod was heading for the lake! Grabbed it just in time- rod in on hand and seat in the other. The samllie you see below just crushed it! Actually thought it was a striper... handed the rod to my daughter who had a blast reeling it in! 4. Found a school of whites in the back of a cove in 20 feet of water. It took some work to get them to bite but we did get a few- keitech 3.3. Beaver is at its best this month- fun mixed bags... with the insane rain we got last night I am sure the water will come up some more and if it stabilizes at all flipping a jig is going to be a great time...
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    It’s a warmouth which I grew up calling goggle eyes. You guys call Northern Rock Bass, Ozark Bass, and Shadow Bass a “goggle eye”.
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    Cops for Kids

    Well you didn't win, but you got some nice fish on the Ned. Makes it a great day I think.
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    May 5th

    There was 1 other boat that went by us right above Taylor, but they had come from the lake. As far as the ramp goes at Taylor, they had actually just put new chat on the ramp and all the way up to the paved road. But now that we've had so much rain the water level at Taylor on Sunday was right to the top of the boat ramp. I would assume its going to keep coming up as well with this rain from this morning. Hopefully the boat ramp will still be usable after the lake returns back to normal level because before they put the chat down I would not have backed a trailer in there.
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    Flyfisher for men


    Largemouth bass will pound them, too.
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    1st time wearing one of these.

    I have two pair of gloves. The ones I've been wearing this spring smell like death from handling paddlefish with them on. I figured if I leave them out in the weather long enough, they will eventually quit stinking. If they don't, then oh well. They will just be handling more stinkin fish in the future anyways.
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    Dawn dishwashing detergent.....
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    snagged in outlet 3

    Wrench and Ketchup

    Did you guys talk "outfits" and men's shorty shorts? Wrench seems to be a fashionista of sorts
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    You need to test the voltage from the battery through the trim motor circuit. If you don't have a workable understanding of how it all works then your best bet is to either study and learn....or take it to someone who does. As for the idling issue, probably just needs a minor idle mixture adjustment.
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    Good on you for passing on the craft.
  30. 1 point

    1st time wearing one of these.

    Camo cargo shorts and black socks! Oh the humanity!!! What is wrong with you? <says the ugly bald guy who wears same setup> Light colored patterns are awesome, but man I wreck em quick with dirt, slime, blood etc... Not that I care, but they get ugly real fast. The gloves are awesome too, but man getting the stink out of them is like trying to get the smell out of hockey gear LOL
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    Once you have a green sunfish in hand, it's really easy to ID by the feel. They're way softer all over, with the dorsal being the only place to poke you, and even that's pretty tame compared to other sunnies. I suppose that's why flatheads prefer them, they'd be way easier to swallow whole.
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    That yellow shirt is iconic!!!
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    Heading down for 10 days

    I have not been able to get a bite in the brush. I am guessing that some are there but I can't get them to bite. Some are close to the brush and some are quite a ways out. Some hit right under the boat as I was lifting my bait for another cast.
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    I used to be anti-braid, dig in issues, nasty birds nests, etc., but I have started using it again and I am really starting to like it. Better braids out there now, I don't have dig in issues, no snarls, and the stuff casts unbelievably well and is super sensitive. No more line twisting on a spinning reel either. Here's a link to the brand I've been using, only thing I don't like about this Sunline is the high viz dye runs out fairly quickly and you're left with line that is almost white. Functionally however it is great stuff. Don't know how it would work on a spincast. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Sunline_SX1_Braided_Line_Hi-Vis_Yellow/descpage-SXHV.html
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    Hell yeah Dave!! Great job boys!!! I agree with your opinions on Table Rock me loves too 😜
  36. 1 point
    Picked one of these up a couple of weeks ago, lightweight, fits snugly but doesn't feel too tight, fairly cool (temperature). Much more comfortable that any Buff I have worn and I've gone through a few. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Buff_Cool_Net_UV_Buffs/descpage-BCN.html
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    Shell Knob to Big Creek 5/4 - 5/5

    I keep an eye on the video reports, as do most, and have fished the area from Big Creek to just passed Shell Knob the majority of my life. Granted there were a lot of boats on the lake, i found it intriguing that the report posted by Mr. Prey showed the bank line with definitive docks and landmarks in the background, anyone with some history in the area could pinpoint them. He also described exactly how a was catching them, similar to the pattern i found to work. It was an absolute circus and merry go round on these 2 spots. Comical at times with 5+ boats on a single stretch of bank. These guys are generous enough to tell us how to catch fish without paying a dime, Bill, and many people on this forum are a wealth of knowledge. Give them some respect and make their report your own instead of hammering these few spots you can make out from pictures. I'm sure this doesn't apply to many here but just an observation.
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    QB - coming late to the party, but have to agree with the warmouth. That is a species that I have never caught. So I am a bit jealous. They are one of my target species here in Maryland this year. Hopefully I will have one caught in the near future.
  39. 1 point

    Trip to the Promised Land recap!!!

    You helped a ton!!! Hope to meet face 2 face in July! Sunscreen for sure, but being used to the prehistoric sized mega swarms of AK skeeters, bug dope will be for the kids!!!! Very true, a few showers in that heat is refreshing!
  40. 1 point


    That's a warmouth.
  41. 1 point

    National Youth Fishing Tournament

    That's awesome Phil! I checked on our local team and I was very happy to see that they finally weighed in a keeper! Took them four tournaments to boat a keeper, but they did it!
  42. 1 point

    German Browns in Germany?

    Would be cool to learn more about your grandfather's missions and see what you can find out. I had an uncle killed in WWII in Italy. Have done some research and know the approximate location of where he was killed. Going to be in Italy in a few weeks and I'm giving strong consideration to driving to the area -- about 2 hours from where we're staying -- to check things out.
  43. 1 point
    Royal Blue

    Jig set-up question

    After breaking off a ton of jig fish, I throw finesse jigs on 14-15lb Sunline FC Sniper and bigger jigs on 17-20lb FC Sniper. I don't get any less bites and I've only broken off a couple of fish in a year. You get what you pay for on the line too. I bought Pline and that was the line that I broke the fish off with.
  44. 1 point

    National Youth Fishing Tournament

    How many of us started out doing full fledged bass tournaments versus pond prowling and learning the basics? You have to walk before you can run, especially when you're shelling out a couple hundred bucks just to participate. I'm just hoping the kids don't get turned off to it by getting their butts kicked time and time again.
  45. 1 point
    Old plug

    Gravois area Pre-Bash

    Ketchup I am looking forward to the recap of the tournament. You could not have found worse time to do one.
  46. 1 point

    2019 Garden Thread

    Freakin’ animals are making me nuts this spring. Had a robin (maybe 2?) build a double wide nest over my front window. Two together. Knocked those down and thankfully there were no eggs. Later that day mamma decides she’ll rebuild above the front door. Full nest built quickly with plenty of mud on the porch, storm door, siding. Knocked that down. By a couple hours later there was a new nest well underway. Knocked that down. Within a few hours another new one was underway. Knocked that one down too. Like the dude in Holy Grail who kept building new castles in the swamp on the ruins of the old. Got out the hose and sprayed everything down good. Lots of grass and mud up there. After that was cleaned out I got out the step ladder and sprinkled cayenne pepper up there. Seems to have changed her mind. Though she may just be waiting for me to go to work tomorrow. Speaking of work, there’s a sparrow nest pretty near where I park. No poop problems so I just keep parking there. Then last week there’s a dead chick on the hood of my car. Didn’t have anything handy, so I figured I’d start driving and it would eventually blow off. Nope. Turns out sparrow chicks are pretty sticky.
  47. 1 point

    1st time wearing one of these.

    His privates are probably in the shade. Bet his belly sticks out more than his dickydoo.
  48. 1 point

    1st time wearing one of these.

    Not cheap. Fish Monkey sells one with perforations at your mouth and nose. They also have some great sun gloves. I don't have a link nor do I sell them.
  49. 1 point

    1st time wearing one of these.

    Well like my daughters tell me, fashionable doesn’t mean comfortable.
  50. 1 point

    1st time wearing one of these.

    I'll be so glad when this fashion fad peters out. So tired of guys whipping in fresh off the lake with "Hey Wrench how's it going?" And I'm like ...Going good! Who the hell are you? The REAL Spiderman or an imposter? Sing a song and I'll try to guess. Seems to be 2 types now. The guys with full body cover ink who wear nothing but a pair of shorts, and the guys who walk around fully covered like a raped Muslim chick.
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