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    Back on the water

    Just picked up my boat from Fishinwrench.He did a nice job on fixing various proplems.If anyone has some problems take your boat to him.He is a class guy that knows what he is doing.
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    Phil Lilley

    May 26th One Cast

    My last cast last evening... a surprise brown. Hooked it right at the top of Trophy Run. White Jig. My box is exactly 20 inches long... he fit perfectly.
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    Back on the water

    Thanks guys. 😊
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    Went with Harry on Thursday of last week. Left the house before five but got hung up in a fog bank 3 miles south of Aurora and had to creep all the way to the lake. We were totally socked in with fog until 9 or so. We were hoping for a top water bite but couldn't make it happen. We threw everything we had at 'em until about 2pm. Found a grub bite at 18 - 20' and started catching them pretty good. We quit about 5:30 just because we were beat. I had woken up at 1:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. It got pretty hot in the afternoon but when you're catching fish you can put up with it. Water temp was right at 80 and the air temp was well into the 80's. The water was pretty clear considering all the rain we've been getting. Hope ya'll are getting to go too.
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    Good times indeed buddy! We need to do it again soon.
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    Prepared Catfish Bait

    Pretty hard to beat Sonny's where I fish for channel cat. I might go see if I can catch some this evening. Catfish, cornbread and baked beans actually sounds pretty good right now.
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    Old plug

    Back on the water

    I have known Wrench for over 25 year thru thick thin and Tornados. Sorry to say he has never worked on my boat but will next time I need it. Mostly because he told me not to be bring him a 4 stroke Merc 115. Just want to say you deserve the recognition.
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    Crazy spotted bass question

    Spring river shoal creek in sw Missouri
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    I used Mountan Creek for shuttle. I had a good day. Not a great day. Caught around 25 smallies. Several nice goggle eye and a nice rainbow. Most smallies were less than 12”. Biggest smallie of the day was a 17”. Im not used to fishing a stream with such a fast flow. Shot right by a lot of spots without getting a cast. When I tried to cast while moving, I snagged a lot. Lost a lot off tackle. So I switched to weightless soft plastics. Neds, flukes, swim baits, and senkos. Started catching fish, then.
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    Don’t want to figure the math on camping, fishing, hunting gear. If that POS made 150k on fishing he is still underwater.
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    Wanna go camping? πŸ˜‚
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    No more hooten to mudbank

    Although I have lived here longer (35 years) than I have lived anywhere before, I am very disappointed in the laws here about river access. Where I came from a certain amount of the bank to the river mark was public land and there were normally accessible areas every 2 to 3 miles. Mr. Agnew I totally understand what you are saying... I have also been to Jeff City for these "Meetings", and have a folder full of crap from the time that I found out that you could legally string bobwire across a river...lol.... I have also taken Water Quality testing classes with the Stream Team... We may be right about the law, but when a landowner shoots you in the head.because of a gravel bar... wow, even in some of the places that I have been they would say that is a game changer..... The State and those in power need to make these "Laws" clear, evident and written in stone. I will not clean, walk, or test any stream where I feel there is a *&KHhole that feels he has the right to shoot someone in HIS RIVER...lol. The government really just needs to get there crap together and not play favorites no matter what
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    That is fantastic... We remember us when someone that we loved took us fishing and we just didn't get it . We didn't need to...it grows on us, we may leave it but it never leaves us.... Congrats for the fish, but even more.... Congrats for a child that always remember the experiences and that you are Always Her Hero.
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    2011 Basscat Puma

    Should read better. Either way, I'm just wanting to dream, not serious enough to burn someone's time with having them send me pics. I'll be doing well to afford seats and carpet in the boats I have now this summer.
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    Nacho cheese!! No, that stuff is terrible with beer.
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    snagged in outlet 3


    Yep they all taste bad.
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    My daughter, Jaiden, and I went to the river today. I was mainly expecting to go on a boat ride and enjoy the beautiful day with Jade. I didn't think the fishing would be very good with the water being high and in the middle of the day. We jetted up river and then started to float back down. Oh yeah, Jade likes to listen to music and sing too which usually doesn't help with the fishing!! I skipped a 1/8 oz #2 sickle finesse jig paired with a 2.75" orange and green pumpkin Z-Man worm under some overhanging limbs by the bank. I watched my line as the jig drifted down river skittering on the bottom. All of a sudden my line stopped drifting so I reeled into the pressure. My line started swimming up river and the fight was on. Then the smallmouth got in the current, headed down river, and started pulling drag on my reel. Luckily I had my fishing buddy Jade with me to grab the net, or I don't think I would have ever boated that fish. I'm sure it was less, but it felt like it took 5 minutes to get that beast in. The fish was just shy of 17." The smallmouth seem to love that green pumpkin and orange combo around here. If you look closely in the mouth of the fish you can see a craw that she had eaten just before she took my bait. The pincers on that craw still had a orange hue to them. This may not have been my biggest smallmouth, but it is the best one I have ever caught because I got to share it with Jaiden. After we released the fish and drifted around the next bend, I saw an eagle fly over us. I thanked God for another wonderful day that I got to spend with my daughter in his beautiful creation! This post has been promoted to an article
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    White river 6/27

    Had a good morning today with minimum flow until 1 pm. Sulphurs really started popping once the fog burned off around 10. Lots of rainbows, 2 decent browns and real pretty cutthroat. All on dries. Here's a link to a short video of the bug action... Also a couple of pics...
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    My dad, uncle, and I went to Mexico bass fishing with a friend of my dad's that could "speak spanish". I think he knew taco and burrito. An entire week in some pretty rough areas and very few people could understand us and we did not understand them. It was actually a really neat experience.
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    Phil Lilley

    May 26th One Cast

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    Old plug

    6-25-19 hard to find them

    I am doing something along that line now. I know some spots that 25 ft deep that bass will rise to schools shad about ten ft down. My current go to spot is on a small deep flat that drops steeply to the too the old channel bank down over 5o ft. You got to be there at the right time of day and year to find them there.. That biter does not last very long. I been down there the last down there 2 evenings in a row. Got bass both times but in a short bite. First evening only 2 at 3 and 5 lbs. last evening 4 from 2 rot 4 lbs. casting a Big Bite Kriet worm out and just letting bit sink.I have dropped a shot on them when they are laying on the bottom using that magnum Bass Pro trick worm with a little success. Might be even better if it was not just off a good sized navigation channel. Sometimes its all I can do to hold on to my seat much less fidget with my drop shot
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    Crazy spotted bass question

    I have that reel!
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    Mike Long, world record hunter

    Are you referring to the fact that it costs 10 times more to camp than it does to stay in the nearest motel ? πŸ˜…
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    Giant bluegill caught in IL

    Intended to be a joke...and bad photoshop at that. Watseka and areas of NE IL flooded really bad today (over 5" in 3 hours last night).
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    I'm going to guess any river in the Missouri river basin. Osage has some big spots in it.
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    Lebanon Ponds

    Hey guys, I travel to Lebanon, MO quite a bit for work (from Ohio), and I get the itch to go fishing here every once in a while. For when I typically get out of work, Lake of the Ozarks is just too much of a drive to fish. I was wondering if anyone knew of any public ponds in the area (30 min drive), or if you could private message me about getting some access to private ponds. I had planned to go knocking on doors my next trip over here. Bennett Springs is one spot I'm familiar with, and have thought about going there, but I prefer bass fishing (catch & release). Thanks, BL
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    Then on Tuesday I went with Gary. We did a little better because we focased on the bite Harry and I found on Tuesday. We did just the opposite of what Harry and I did on Tuesday. Gary and I didn't even launch the boat until almost 1 in the afternoon. We started out fishing that 16 -18' range but the water was coming up fast so we bumped it on down to 20' and kept getting bit. We had a ball.
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    Whatchya Drinking?

    It’s Winesday Wednesday (15% off for 6 of any 750ml). Drinking a nice red blend from Decoy.
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    snagged in outlet 3

    2019 Garden Thread

    Shasta daisies
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    Skeeter ZX190

    Viable options

    That's not a buffalo. This is a buffalo! 😁
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    Fixed it for ya.
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    Alex Heitman

    6-25-19 hard to find them

    Hey stay off that point leading into my cove haha
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    I've seen articles where they bust people with contraptions like that to cheat in fishing tournaments.
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    Mike Long, world record hunter

    The article said something about $150k over the course of time... But any real money he made probably some more from sponsorship deals, appearance fees, tackle deals. But- from reading the article and everything that went into this for him: It probably was never about the money anyway. The dude sounds like a complete narcissist. He obviously wanted fame/respect/status.
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    I think they said he pocketed close to $150,000 in tournament winnings... The damage he did to that tournament circuit you'd of thought they would of exposed him sooner. If I was the author of that article I bet he sleeps with one eye open for a while.
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    Indian Point Crappie/White Bass

    Nacho cheese or Ranch???
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    We sprinkle Doritos in the water to attract gills. Then drop crickets to them. If you get lucky you will have catfish come in and eat the gills. Big ones too.
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    6/22/19 KDOCK Area

    Put in a Mission, need to turn around at end of blacktop a back down.. no parking room on road going down to lake. You can park at end of black top on edge of field.. On water at 6 off at 4, 1 keeper on black toad, 1 keeper on big Redfin, only the 2 hits fished Snapp. Ran down to Mincy, trolled Flicker on inline weight at 24-27 FOW, 2 nice crappie, 6-7 short bass 8-10 inchers, 1 15 inch Walter. Saw "NO" surface any where. Still a few "floaters" all the way down to Bee Creek.
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    Bill Babler

    Indian Point Crappie/White Bass

    Best bet for white bass is early and late. At times you can see them surfacing chasing shad right at daylight. Poppers will work, but small swim baits and spoons either thrown into the schools or vertically jigged into the suspended schools works better. There have been a few, but very few surfacing in that area. Fishing now is pretty much over for the day at 8 AM in that area, so get out at 5 or so. Again depending on boat traffic it may be pretty tough till right before dark. Wait till just prior to dark to bait your catfish lines or the turtles will eat your perch. Crappie are pretty much non-existant in that area unless you can catch them under a commercial dock and that is a tough go. I would set a trotline or use jug lines or limb lines in some of the coves right now to catch catfish. You can fish for bluegill and have the kids keep the smaller ones for trotline bait and eat the bigger ones. There should be plenty of bait size ones around your resort dock. In a boat target the gravel points and the timbered cuts in 12 to 30 feet for the big ones. Crickets seem to work the best just fished up and down on a drop shot., July on Table Rock Lake at Indian Point is not the time to be fishing, expecting a fish fry, just for the most part unless its catfish. Good Luck out there.
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    Ron Burgundy


    Fished the dam area today for walleye got several shorts with only one keeper...I always keep a top water tied on to cast to Striper chasing shad up, this morning had a big Striper busting the top but never got a sniff but kept seeing a nice bass busting near the bank so threw at it and ended up catching a 4lb black unfortunately she sucked the pencil popper way down and ripped a gill , she ended up dying so I cleaned her and found she had eggs and a fairly big perch in her stomach.
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    That's a great story! My parents bought that hat for Jade awhile back. She knows that's her "fishing hat" and she wears it every time we go. It's sweet what children grasp onto, and the little things that make these trips special. The thing in her hand is a fish counter. I bought one the other day because when I start catching fish I get too excited to remember how many I've caught by the end of the day. I let Jade see it before we left for the river and she did not put it down for the rest of the day! She wanted us to catch fish so bad just so she could click the button! Looks like I'm going to need to buy another fish counter πŸ˜ƒ
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    Looking at this photo again reminded me of a family story. When we first moved to Missouri in 2000 I was trying to figure out what was going on with fishing in the state. I had bought the MO gazetter map book and would look for places to fish. My oldest daughter Jackie was 4 at the time. I found an access to the James river that I wanted to fish. The next time we headed down to Springfield. My daughter had that same hat as your daughter is wearing in your photo. I would buy her a fish pin that matched any fish that she had caught. At the time she had a bass and a bluegill pin. Neither wanted fish on this trip but she and my wife Sue were in the river while I tried to catch some fish. They were in the water on a shallow gravel bar. The gravel under my wife's feet got swept away and she fell over onto my daughter and into the water. Long story short both were fine but Jackie's hat got swept away downstream and was lost in deeper water. Hysterics followed not from the near drowning but from losing her hat😌. I have never driven as fast up Rt 65 back to Springfield. We pulled in just as BPS was closing. Sue snuck in through the exit door after a customer came out. She did replace the hat and all was mostly well. No pins😌. Made another trip down later to replace those. Never did catch a James river smallmouth until many years later.
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    I haven't been the same since that night😌! Agree that there are a bunch of great guys on this forum! Get out and fish with a few!
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    Well shoot I'll be down there tomorrow night and Saturday night. Don't be a stranger, meeting weird dudes off the internet becomes more normal after the first trip, just ask John lol. Seriously though, if you can get away for a bit just shoot me a PM and I'll send ya my cell. I promise I'm not a vampire or anything. I've met some really awesome guys who I now call friends from this place. Happy to show ya how we chase them at night, and I'll give ya the same 1 fish guarantee deal I give everyone else lol.
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    Jesters I've got to get out with u sometime on one of those nighttime Taney trips. I'm ashamed to say I only live about an hr away and have never been out there at night. I'm a river fisherman at heart and hooking into those trout at night sounds like a blast. I can barely catch them in the day when I can see what I'm doing! I love reading your reports. I didn't even know you could catch trout like that at night!
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    John will plant a seed that's hard to come back from lol. He is a great patient teacher. Congrats on a nice trip and love seeing these kiddos out fishing.
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    Yes Bill I got on the water late.πŸ˜› Anyway here it is. Lots of gills in the 12ft range, had trouble hooking up, little suckers. Got this one the same dropshot as the bass.
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    No more hooten to mudbank

    Drunken/stoned teens will flop like a mop and scatter if you say you are gonna call their parents. 20-50 ish tweakers are gonna try to steal from you. Locking gas cap needed if tweekers spotted. Some Tweekers drained Larry’s tank on a float years ago. He gave them a jump start before we shoved off. Then they repaid him by draining his gas tank. Worthless people living like animals due to their addictions. Very Sad. Wish we could treat them or jail them so the could get clean.
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