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    Ryan Miloshewski

    Taneycomo 8/10-8/17

    Another week on Taneycomo for my annual vacation has ended, and it was great as always. Fishing was tough some days, but we caught a lot of fish. I saw some giants in the Narrows (20+ pound browns and big rainbows) as well as Frank, Frankie and Carl upstream from Trout Hollow. They were not interested in biting anything thrown at them. We threw the usual jerkbaits in the afternoon when the water kicked on--Spro McStick's in Table Rock Shad, Normal Flake, and Ghost colors, Megabass 110+1's in elegy bone, and 6th Sense Provokes in ghost threadfin. We did not catch a lot of fish every afternoon, but the ones we did catch were all healthy and 16-18-inches on average. A lot of bonus fish, too. Multiple white bass, smallmouth, kan-tucks, and walleye. Most came right below the cable on the south side, but we did catch one walleye right above Lilley's and I saw one above Monkey Island that was 26-inches or so. I have a feeling the walleye are starting to explore, and I bet they start getting caught down from Fall Creek quite a bit. Did not land any fish over 20-inches on a jerkbait, but we had two browns on (one broke my buddy's line, the other spit it) that were 24-inches or so and I guess 5-6-pounds. Those came below Lookout and below the Cooper Creek docks, respectively. Dragging crankbaits (Bomber Fat Free Fingerling Shad in Pearl White and Shadtreuse) was our most consistent bite with the water on, and produced the biggest fish. My cousin John caught a 21-inch rainbow, and I had a 23-inch/5-pounder on above Trophy Run that jumped and shook me. Our second day my grandpa had a brown on that we never fully saw, but it was big. Its back half came out of the water and his tail was about 8-inches wide and adipose fin was about the size of the top-half of my thumb. He dove down and the crank popped off. That is the one problem with crankbaits--they are easy for the fish to throw. We caught a lot on jigs with the water off. We used 1/16 and 1/32-ounce jigs in sculpin, sculpin/black, sculpin/ginger, and black and caught a lot of nice fish. You have to fish it slow. If you think you are letting it sink long enough, let it sink more. I did throw a 1/8-ounce white jig with the water on and caught some nice fish. I stripped a weighted black/purple wooly in the Narrows with the water off and did very well. It is a lot better and more fun than using what Chuck calls the Handicapped Rig (egg and scud/midge) under a float. Went out with Duane Tuesday morning around 5:30 am and we did not catch a lot of fish, but the ones were caught were pigs. We probably caught nine fish, all on Duane's jerkbaits, but none was shorter than 18-inches. And Duane landed a tank of a rainbow, measuring 24.75-inches and weighing just under nine pounds. Got a hook in my buddy's finger, too!
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    Mr. Walleye

    Walleyes 17th - 18th

    Over the two days picked up 6 keepers and numerous (20 a day or so) sub legal. All of the smalls were 12 to 14.5". Lots of boats. No big fish... Biggest was 17" They were a bit moody from the storms I think. Most if not all were caught trolling in 18 to 25 fow. Could not find numbers on the flats. Tried bouncing the above depth and they would not touch them... Wanted trolled a bit fast. Anyone else care to share some non-location specifics? Also got to meet T-Byrd and his dad... Good folks. No fish pics... But a nice sunset this evening.
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    Ryan Miloshewski

    Taneycomo 8/10-8/17

    John's rainbow in the Trophy Area. The release of Duane's rainbow. Frank lurking below the surface.
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    Gulfport/Venice report

    A little late but I went down to fish with a offroading buddy in Gulfport to celebrate his birthday Originally we were going to go to venice fri-sat-sun but plans change as they often do. Friday we fished around Biloxi in my friend's 19ft cc. Fishing wasn't great, we caught some small mangroves, the ever present hardhead and I somehow hooked a small needlefish. We ate a tasty lunch at Gollott's and took it easy the rest of the day.Saturday we went offshore with the owner of Sea2Swamp out of biloxi, he was not hopeful since seas were 4-5ft but his brand new tidewater 28ft cc had an amazingly comfortable ride out to the reef we fished. We probably only actually fished for 3 hours on two different reefs but caught our limit of snapper, one being my 11lb one and the owner of the boats 16lb fish. We cruised around ship island waiting for some rain to pass and were back at the dock by 2pm. We had an amazing dinner at the half shell oyster house in gulfport. I had pecan encrusted redfish...amazing.Sunday was up in the air as the guys we were possibly fishing with did not get back until 11pm and they had ran over 200 miles that day. We got on the water around 9am and got bait around the harbor at pass Christian, MS. We got to the city rigs around 12:30 and I immediately started catching...sharks. all I could land all day was sharks The boat landed 4 snapper and a big sand trout. We had some pretty serious weather approaching so the decision was made to try for some AJ then flee. I hooked two but lost them. After that we took our time getting back to avoid weather moving through. All told we traveled 185 miles sunday but I made some good friends and contacts. I am headed back in november for tuna
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    Gulfport/Venice report

    more pics
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    Long Creek

    Only had a couple of hours yesterday so fished the marina docks and a couple of points within sight of the marina. Launched at 1:00 and was thankful the clouds were going to hold for a while. WT 86-87, wind SW 5-10mph, cloudy. Caught 4 shorts on flukes and 2 on swim jig pitching into the shade around the docks. Moved out to fish a couple of points and caught a couple of short smallmouths and this nice keeper. Sun popped out around 2:30 and reminded me that I don’t do HOT. Hope I have better reports in the future, but I guess 9 fish in 90 minutes in August midday is too shabby.
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    Walleyes 17th - 18th

    Good to meet you Bob. We got on a few eye's but my dad caught a giant. Had a fish fry with lots of big bluegill and took the walleye home.
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    Gary and I have been wanting to go to Stockton for weeks but the water has been too high. We took a chance and ran up there Wednesday and to our surprise we found it very fishable. Put in at Mutton Creek and ran up toward the mile long bridge. The fish were very active everywhere we went. We wound up with 4 or 5 keepers and a couple of dozen dinks.....we had a ball. Water temp up in some of the flatter creeks was around 90*. Main lake was 83-84*. We caught 'em on the ned rig, a wacky worm, small top waters, and the little flat rattle bait. Can't wait to get back up there.....
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    It’s a nice enough lake, but you’ve got lots of stuff as Good or better closer. I have wanderlust worst than most and I’m not going back down there to fish any time soon. IF I were you, I would definitely try to find recent fishing reports from Ouachita online. Striper fishing can be good. All three bass in good numbers. Walleye. Crappie. catfish. Panfish. It’s pretty and has lots of islands.
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    Roundhouse Shoals Walk in Access

    Yo Pete lots of 18-25 inch Browns and way more >15 inch Rainbows. The new regs are WORKING Bigly.
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    What's Cooking?

    Had a couple of the babies over today. Did burgers on the grill, beans and corn on the cob. Picked up some fantastic local peaches yesterday and we made an excellent cobbler.
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    They're Back!

    Put in at Mutton Creek Wednesday evening with the wife and son. Trolled flicker shads (forgot the night crawlers to use to bottom bounce) Caught a short walleye and a BIG drum - (5lbs. +) but the evening was saved by the surfacing white bass. Caught 20 nice ones in about 45 minutes, close to the shore. What fun! Rattle traps work well.
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    Roundhouse Shoals Walk in Access

    Hey guys I wanted to let you know there is new walk in access to the White River in Cotter just above Roundhouse Shoals. One of these days when there are washable water levels again, it might be really handy for some of us. Three distinct trails down to the water with nice steps. Good parking lot. A couple of picnic tables. And there is also the access down near the water treatment plant. I appreciate AGFC, Trout Unlimited, Federation of Flyfishers, and the City of Cotter for getting this done. I hope they are able to provide more accesses like this one in the future.
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    What were they after

    But that's what Orvis told them they needed to do.
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    Water Patrol

    If you have your ducks in a row for the most part, they are usually pretty cool IMO. I've been checked a few times and can't recall every having one act like a jerk. I'm sure they appreciate it though too because I have a buddy who does water patrol and he deals with some humdingers.
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    short trip

    linda and i put in a bit before 8 and was back on the trailer at 11. but, we did catch a few. 10 keepers. caught 3 off one spot and 7 on another. all brownies and most of them were thumpers. some of these were pushing 30 ft. deep. seems like they are creeping out a bit more. the Elite Mega Blade got everyone of them. bo
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    Grandfathering boat operators based on birth date makes no sense at all to me. Same way with hunter safety.
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    What were they after

    Brook trout are delicious! Eat them out West. 6-8 of them will fit in a 1 Q Nalgene water bottle. Mountain bacon!
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    15 rounds rapid fire (in a safe direction) and some bible songs will clear folks out quick. Folks don’t like crazy.
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    Report 8/18

    Haven't fished Shoal for a long time. Probably 2 years at least. Buzz and I where going to fish Elk today but wen we got up this morning it was lightning and raining outside. That was around 5:30 this morning and it didn't look too good I thought. Good for us it moved pretty fast through the area. We called each other and decided to fish Shoal instead since we wouldn't get on the water until later in the morning. It's only like 10-15 minutes for each of us to get to. I got held up by a train, but we still got on the water by 8:00. Buzz struck first with a nice little largemouth and then just few minutes later I opened my account! Fat little largemouth at 13". Stayed about the same until the whopper plopper struck twice in row and then some! Before you know it I had like 5 or 6 and was killing Buzz on the number count. The water flow was just about right, little to fast for me, but the creeks all now have a good flow! So we are floating and fishing and then the wind comes back up it starts looking like it could get really bad outside. Buzz starts throwing a war eagle spinner bait and starts catching some fish! All of a sudden he passes me on the count during that front that was moving in. I ended up catching 2 largemouth back to back casts that were 14" and 15". Buzz caught a couple of nice ones as well when the wind picked up! It was weird in a way like it happened, but that is fishing! I ended up with 12 total in about 5 hours and Buzz caught 14 I think. Not a huge numbers day ,but it was enjoyable none the least. We encountered a little rain as well and that actually felt pretty good! Very humid in between the rains and clouds today. Most were largemouth that were caught today and the only smallies we caught were kind of small really. Largemouths came mostly from downed wood on the banks and weed lines. Buzz took a pic of where we were. lol
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    Yeah we had a pretty fine day of Froggin' the backends mid-day Friday after that cool rain. Some pretty fair quality fish were biting. Then we hit the flats for Whites in the evening and could have loaded the boat real good if we had gotten to them a few hours sooner. Pretty sure those Whites were biting good all day under that blustery sky. Here's Slothman with the FOD
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    8/17 - Night time trip report

    I was out both Friday and Saturday night again this weekend. Both nights were clear with a full moon, which can make things a challenge. I fished with Leonard Friday night, which is fortunate because he had a few tricks up his sleeve to catch some finicky moon addled trout. I covered everywhere from outlet 1 to below the rebar hole over the course of both nights. I saw quite a few other anglers on the water as well. Both nights began with a strong bite early on catching fish on pretty much every cast, until the moon got up over the trees. From then on they would get hot for a few short minutes at a time and then you would have to change colors, or wait until they came back around to the color you had on. The PMS and the Hibernator both caught fish. Olive and red were the best two colors. My old standard black/purple was a dud. No browns, all fat healthy rainbows between 15”-20”. I heard of a nice brown getting caught early Friday night down by the boat ramp, but don’t know how big it was. I talked to a few other people and didn’t find anyone else that had caught any brown trout.
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    8-17-19 Bass report

    Got to 107 ramp at 6:30am ran towards the dam fished points and some off shore structure. Caught a few small bass on magnum trick worm went to Indian creek marina had a really good bass on came off at the boat. Decided to take a ride to the south fork area it was muddy so I ran back to the main lake and fished all the way back into a small creek at the very back in really shallow water there was a bunch of baitfish getting chased around so I threw everything back there that resembled baitfish with no luck. I picked up a brush hog started pitching to some standing timber I felt a big thump then watched my line slowly start moving. When I set the hook I knew it wasn’t a bass I fought the thing for a good 10 minutes it kept wrapping around trees and trying to go under the boat when it finally came up I wasn’t bothered by not having my net in the boat because it wouldn’t fit in my net anyhow. This is my biggest fish I’ve caught on rod n reel. 39.84lbs Flathead. Released in good shape. It made the front deck of my boat into a slip n slide and I think it ruined a fresh spool of florocarbon line I think it’s been stretched to much now it has a ton of memory. Caught a couple more bass. 2 keepers on the day
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    Water Patrol

    We are in our new house now which is located in Linn creek at LOTO and one thing I have noticed is the water patrol sit right at the entrance to Linn creek pretty much all weekend long. Yesterday he came and paid me a visit while I was fishing and I was surprised when he asked me for my fishing license. He actually watched me catch a crappie then pulled up and said that looked like a good one and I said yeah it was about 12”. And he said yeah looked like it. Then he said mine if I check your license? And I said really? And he said yeah. And I said I didn’t think you guys did that. And he said yeah we do. So he looked it up and then checked everything else on my boat and I was all legal and we chatted a bit about his job and the lake and how crazy it probably is. And then he was own is way. Nice guy and I have no problem with them being there but like I said I did not know they check for fishing licenses.
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    Gulfport/Venice report

    Got to give you Props Cody, you make those trips happen. Happy Birthday!
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    What were they after

    One of the big selling points of modern stocking foot waders, as opposed the old style canvass boot style, is that they are more comfortable for hiking in. My answer is the canvass boots are a bunch easier to get out of for hiking. I can't think of why one would want to wear waders to hike in a mile or two rather than pack them in and put them on at the water but the merchants at Orvis and Simms have about made it impossible to find good canvass boot waders, and the thing is the guys writing the ads probably never fish.
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    What were they after

    They looked a little ridiculous in ankle deep water wearing chest waders.
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    Water Patrol

    I don't like them messing with people unless there is reason to believe they have broken the law. To just randomly hassle someone is not cool. Most kind citizens say they don't mind because it doesn't happen to them very often....but if it happened every time you went fishing I guarantee you that crap would get old, whether all your ducks were in a row or not. The WP randomly checking folks is a sign that there are incentives for racking up as many citations as they can. And that's the crap that got Brandon Ellingson killed. Apparently they didn't learn anything from that after we (the taxpayers) paid $30,000,000.00+ to the Ellingson family. The officers that do that always get all pissy when you don't RESPECT THEM.... But bygod if they interrupt my day for no reason at all then WHO began the disrespect?
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    Wanted: Trout Boat

    I don't go to facebook, thanks anyway.
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    Yep. Thanks for pointing that out. Looks like we have quite a few guys not filling out lineups. Come on gents!
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    Ryan Miloshewski

    Taneycomo 8/10-8/17

    Yea tried it with the full moon Wed/Thurs and caught fish. But it was super foggy and just not worth it IMO. Couldn't see anything and throwing the Megabass without knowing where it is landing not fun--either lose the lure or short cast a bunch. Fished until 10:30 or so two nights. Caught on jigs and jerkbaits. Did catch one 19-inch walleye. And yea, it was not a deep one and it came out in one yank..unlike mine last year..that hurt lol.
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    Humans should not eat shad
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    Looks like we have another one this week, less than 3 days to get your lineup in.
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    I have fished Hamilton, the next one down. Trout below the dam at Ouachita at head of Hamilton during winter months. Bass are there but boat traffic keeps them skittish. Ouachita is more of a fishing lake.
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    What Ham said. It seems to me that Stripers are king there. the Ouachita River has good populations of smallmouth BTW
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    2019 Garden Thread

    Lawdy, we have suffered this season. I won’t rehash it all now. But, we’ve also had a lot of tomatoes...a lot of cracked and cat faced ones. Those have either been dried or had the sweet spot cut out and the rest pitched. But...there’s this one that is darn near perfect. A very large, clean Black Krim: I think the squirrels and long-necked climbing turtles are getting tired of maters. Possibly gettin’ canker sores 😄
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    What's Cooking?

    I know it! Love those peach gobblers!
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    What's Cooking?

    Wifey got these peaches at a festival she went to with some friends. First really good peaches we’ve had this year. There will come a time when you will wish those girls were there gobbling up your peaches. Cherish your time with them—it will go by faster than you can imagine.
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    snagged in outlet 3

    What's Cooking?

    I got a spatchcocked chicken in the smoker. Buttered the skin and sprinkled with kickin chicken rub. Wife is making the loaded baked potato chips for an app. Caesar salad and homegrown tomatoes with chicken.
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    What's Cooking?

    Had 6 trout fillets left from Rockbridge. Grilling 2 for dinner, smoking 4. No recipe for smoked fish, but add salt until the brine will float a fresh egg, add spice. Don’t let it brine more than 4-8 hrs.
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    White Bass with explosive diarrhea

    @slothman Nice bass . Congrats!
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    Student beat the teacher

    It was a pleasure to witness my son win his first tournament on the non boater side of our bass club today. He caught 4 keepers that weighed 13lbs. Dad caught 4 keepers for 11 lbs. Boat traffic was terrible. Come on fall!
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    What's Cooking?

    A share in some Iowa farm land is a nice thing to have. Kept it simple food wise today. Kids had two activities each. STL Pork Steaks and Grilled Corn.
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    Looks white. Poop is not white. Just sayin'.
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    TRL Facebook page "censored"

    Your perception is all jacked up, bro. You're FREE to either shut up, or leave. Nowhere on earth are you free to just do/say whatever you might feel like doing/saying, no matter what, without consequences. I say things quite often, knowing full well that I could catch hell for saying it. And when I do I man up and accept it without thumping my chest about my "right" to free speech. Of all the rights you have, the right to run your mouth about whatever you feel like is the most insignificant one. So who cares? Until telling blatant lies becomes illegal then the right to speak freely has no merit.
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    and the beat goes on

    Just think how big it would look if you long armed it. 😀 Nice one!
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    What's Cooking?

    Nancy has traveled to Iowa. She has inherited a portion of the family farm that was homesteaded over a hundred years ago. There will be a recognition ceremony at the Iowa state fair. The press interviewed the family today and took pictures. Meanwhile, I am home and on kennel help duty. In Nancy's absence, the Corgis are dancing to the Beastie Boys. Something about their right to party. The Corgis just told me they wanted meat, real meat, for their appetites. As they did so, they did shots. Chicken broth shooters, straight. No weak sister umbrella drinks for them. At their urging, I burnt some meat tonight. Tenderloin fillet, potatoes, and broccoli rabe with a sriracha Worcestershire compound butter.
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    Keep that elbow in😀
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    I would be happy to take the operators test if they put that in motion. Sometimes i feel like the young ones that have to take it have more sense than these old guys running around in there pontoons
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