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    Spiders AND snakes

    Had a close encounter today, thought Vernon would enjoy this. @vernon This afternoon I went out for a walk at one of the parks here in Bella Vista. It has an out of service access road that goes uphill at a fairly steep incline, leads to the top of an earthen dam that backs up a lake called Loch Lomond. I will do about 3 miles and will walk up and down that hill a few times to get my heart going. There's a gravel road that runs the length of the dam, maybe about a 1/2 mile in length. I'll walk it to one end then back to the other end. The tire tracks are gravel with some old blacktop, there's grass in the middle of the road and about a 10 foot strip on each side. The sides and side strips are kept mowed, but on the lake side of the dam it is chunk rock with weedy type vegetation and on the land side of the dam it is basically a steep slope covered with thick, weedy growth. So I am walking the dam today and see a big spider cross the track in front of me. I would get close to it as I want to check it out and the darn thing would come after me, it would kind of hop a few inches at a time coming towards my foot. I have never seen a spider that aggressive before. It did let me get close enough to get a good look at it, and darned if it didn't have some baby spiders riding on its back. Never seen this before, so when I got home I did a search on "spiders with babies on back" and it turns out it was a wolf spider. According to the experts it is the only spider in the US that carries its babies around like that. I didn't squash it, couldn't kill a mama with her babies, and I had some respect for a critter that would take on something that outweighs it probably about 10,000 times. So now about the snake - I start walking down the trail again, and maybe get about 100 yards, hear something move in the grass, look down and a bit to my right and see a snake dart into the weeds. It couldn't have been more than a couple of feet from my leg when it seemed to almost jump up and zip into the weeds. I only got about a 1 second look at it, but I am convinced it was a cottonmouth. Had that fat body with a skinny short tail section and the skin coloration those things have. And it was a good sized one, I'm guessing at least 3 feet long and bulky. I was fortunate it didn't go for my leg, because I never saw it until it took off. And it was pretty cool today, I think it was about 60 degrees when I saw that snake, but it sure didn't act sluggish at all. It must've been out in the short grass sunning itself until I came along. I have spend a lot of time outdoors and have seen some venomous snakes, but never have I had one that close to me (that I know of) where I thought it could've got me if it had wanted to. One more step and I would've been within inches.
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    Fishing in the neighbor's back yard...

    With all the high water I have been challenged to find some good wade fishing areas. The last few days have worked out pretty well. I took the boat up from Wildcat access and found some protected water along the inside bends of the river. These are areas on homeowner's backyards that are now flooded. The trout are up in in really shallow water eating BWO's that are coming up. Caught lots of smallish rainbows and browns along with a few nice ones. Size 20 BWO's and Adams worked.
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    Where's Waldo - Part 2 Home Edition

    Waldo got his numbers
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    Where's Waldo - Part 2 Home Edition

    John that was a great trip. I had no idea there were yellow perch in the White river. I think that cuttie is one of the Yellowstone guys the AGFC stocked earlier this year just to confuse us. The true Bonnevilles have most of their spots on the back half of their bodies. Next time you are up here come by for a beer....
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    Sounds like I will be meeting up with JestersHK and whoever comes along with him and riding down together. Hopefully there is room left for one more. I'll have my boat and I'm sure I can bring along some form of deer/elk meat treats.
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    Spiders AND snakes

    He'd be smellin' what's in my pants!
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    We left Texas behind on Friday afternoon thankful that we 1) still had Waldo in good shape, 2) we were out of the rain, 3) had on dry clothes, and 4) neither of us had hypothermia ! This is a bad picture if you are a boat owner. Ham dropped me off at the Little Rock airport so that I could pick up my rental car that I would use to get to Columbia for work once this trip was over. He and I met for dinner and I followed him back to Flippin. Sat we headed to White Hole access and were met with a nearly full boat ramp. Could have been an ominous start. At one point I counted well over 60 boats and then just stopped counting. It's a good thing that we were after the yellow perch run and not those stocked rainbows. Ham pulled up to a hole that he has seen and possible caught perch previously. I had a casting weight with a dropper loop armed with a #10 Aberdeen hook and some redworm. I pitched the bait into an opening in the weeds. It was less than 20 seconds that I missed a small bite. I repositioned the bait and hooked into my first yellow perch of the day. Took about a minute ! I am no stranger to this fish. So maybe it was familiarity with my quarry, but more likely just that Ham put us in the right spot. I gave my rod to Ham since he was champing at the bit to catch one of these guys himself. Took a little longer but not by much until he had his first of the day as well. Ham and I proceeded to drop into grass edges, under grass mats, etc. to catch more. Ham caught a few more from this spot. I got trout blocked and only landed one more perch from that spot. First I was blocked by what I am inclined to consider as a Bonneville cutthroat (my first ever; let me know from you knowledgeable guys if this should be considered a Yellowstone instead @netboy or @mojorig) followed by a rainbow. I was halfway to a slam, but wanted to catch more perch . We moved to a new spot upriver. At the confluence of this small tributary. I caught bluegill and two more yellow perch one of which took the hook too deep and didn't make it. Ham hooked some trout. I couldn't get the suckers to bite at this location either. Further upstream we went and into another small creek. I saw brook trout, rainbows and what looked like a decent brown trout as we went into the creek. The only fish that we could see were trout as we went further up the creek. Some of those trout were less than 5 to 6 inches in length. We headed back to the confluence and Ham hooked one of the brookies on his Zig jig. Then another. Now he had half a slam as well. I also caught a snakeriver cutthroat trout at that spot. I caught a rainbow but no other trout. I did land a new species for 2019, a male hornyhead chub. He was "dressed" for the ladies with a bright red spot and sported a head covered in breeding tubercles. We looked over a few more creeks and rock piles, etc. looking for interesting fish. Still not too worried about a slam. Then we made the big run uplake where we met @snagged in outlet 3. I had on an olive ginger 1/32 oz Zig jig and was casting towards the shore line or running the jig down through the troughs between the weed lines while Ham was talking with Pete. Just as we said goodbye to Pete I hooked and landed my first brook trout of the day! Three quarters of the way to a slam (or maybe 4/5? ). I caught another brook trout and Ham caught brooks and rainbows. We drifted downstream where Ham landed his cutthroat. We did come to the White to get me on knobfin sculpin. So it was decision time - go for the slam or head downstream for the knobfin. I wanted the slam. Problem was that water had been flayed over by boat after boat after boat. We soldiered on anyway. Ham came closest to a slam but lost the one brown that he hooked. I caught a couple more brook trout and a few rainbows, but don't think that I had on and lost a brown. We gave it a shot regardless. Headed back to the boat ramp. We tried a couple of rocky points and Ham caught a knobfin sculpin. I hooked a 5 inch rainbow. I did end up landing a knobfin sculpin at Stetson's dock. It was another great day fishing from Waldo. I appreciate Ham taking me on this adventure. I look forward when we can do it all again!
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    Spoken like an addicted Jighead !
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    Spiders AND snakes

    I was in a shop one night way up under a pickup replacing cab mounts and one of those baby carrying spiders approached me except I didn't know they were babies. . I am freaked out by spiders. They are good at a distance but I don't want them all up on me. Like I said I'm under a truck and there wasn't much room under there. I grabbed a tool and tried to flick that ugly thing away from me and that's when the babies poured off of her. It was like a liquid running off her back. I'm really surprised that I didn't hurt myself getting out from under there.
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    Columbus Day weekend

    Just want to contribute since everyone has always been so helpful. Spent a couple hours several days around Big Cedar cove from the bridge to about the Branson Belle. Bite was slow and mostly deep. Caught a few fish everyday split about in half with keepers to short fish, all 3 species. The majority of the fish came on pb&j ned. Couple on green pumpkin shakey head. These fish were in the 25ish depth range. And lastly caught a few on a sexy shad square bill; these fellas were right on the bank. All the fish seemed to be relatively near the points, nothing towards the back of coves. Beautiful weekend to have been on the water.
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    Micro Gamechanger

    I've caught plenty of nice bass on the normal 3.5"-4" Blane Chocklett Gamechangers for the past 2-3 years. New "micro" spines have been developed, which allow even smaller Gamechangers to be created. I tied up my first one with these new spines last night. It comes in around 2" long, with 7 SEGMENTS! Its really hard to imagine that. They can be tied with more or fewer segments to get different overall lengths...but 7 segments seems to be the favored design by the pattern's creator, Blane Chocklett. To help visualize the size of these...its about the length of 3 dimes. In fact, the HEAD of this fly is maybe just smaller than a dime. https://s3.gifyu.com/images/BDC88B32-FA88-48CA-A1BB-511AE9FBDAC3.jpg[/img] Its also shorter and narrower than my index finger. https://s3.gifyu.com/images/6D96BA35-AB8C-4F22-8D72-F9EC52F50DE4.jpg[/img] At 2"...that puts this at about the size of a large fathead minnow from the bait shop! -
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    The bream was fantastic! I enjoy the food just as much if not more than the fishing lol.
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    MLF just bought FLW

    It isn't just participating in a few tournaments that make you better, it's staying with it and grinding it out until you actually accomplish a few wins, then when you start feeling like you're really on top of it..... getting your butt kicked AGAIN, and starting all over from there, staying with it long enough to succeed yet again. Once you get to the point where it just becomes luck between you and a select few, the confidence really sets in. THEN somebody you never even considered being in your "league" comes in with a fat sack and blows you away because guess what? They are getting better too. It's never ending. At that point you either keep playing the game, (basically gambling) or you realize "Hey, this is freakin' rediculous".. ....and you go back to fun fishing, being a WAY better angler than you were before.
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    MLF just bought FLW

    I don't fish many tournaments but the one BFL i fished at LOTO taught me a lot. As a co-angler i got to watch a pretty good pro do his thing, which was flipping, pitching and skipping his bait around and under every dock he wanted to fish to. I was amazed by how far he could get a texas rigged worm up under a dock and also how consistently he could hit every little opening between the floats. Or under cables and next to piers. It showed me why they are catching fish that most average guys never get a bait to. It was fall fishing and a tough bite but he ended up getting his limit.
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    MLF just bought FLW

    “A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.” – Ovid
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    I’ll be there for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and will have my boat. So are we cooking fish on Friday night so Bret will be there? I can bring bream fillets again.
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    Mine are utilitarian as I wanted to get it wet right away. Yours match the rig perfectly. 👍
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    Spiders AND snakes

    If only the bass would be as aggressive!
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    We started fishing for blacks today with spinner baits. Later we switched to swim baits. We wound up catching 17 but only 4 were keepers. When the wind picked up I decided to go have a look for whites. We wound up catching 85 of them. Starting Sunday I will be there for 10 days. The water temperature was about 64°.
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    General feedback regarding the Kim City area: I just fish a few hours in the morning. The early bite (7am) is pretty reliable, but it gets tougher with each hour. The 15-20 foot jig bite stopped for me back on Oct 1st. Then the square bill and spinner bait in the backs held up for several days, then it slowed way down. Some mornings the rock crawler works on some decent fish right at daylight on the main lake. This morning I was fortunate to get the jig to work on a few nice fish (a 4# LM and a nice SM). I normally start with a jig to see if it is going to work, then throw a CB and spinnerbait. Each day is different and I rotate locations each day to try to find new fish. The CB is starting to be my favorite. The fog is an issue to deal with, so keep that in mind. When you launch, do not try to travel east with fog/steam and a bright sun. Travel West young man.
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    Micro Gamechanger

    Well it's a cute little feller. Bet it would be great at the trout parks during C&R season.
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    Just funny stuff

    That's just great - I spent 3 years taking Spanish in high school, what a waste of time.
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    Royal Blue

    Fall Weather Morning/Afternoon Bite?

    I can tell you that yesterday with the high pressure and bluebird sky that we never had a keeper after about 11. We had a bunch by 9:30 and it got really tough. That could've been the barometer though. Post frontal and all, but my schedule is what it is. There was a very strong reaction bait bite early though.
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    You bringing the other goods as well lol. Trip olive flavor for me please!
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    Spiders and snakes pfft! I was on a job site in Savannah Tuesday and we had pipe on the ground near the river. They would heat up during the day and at night the gators loved to crawl inside the warm pipes. They ran off a 12’er Monday. The locals act like it’s no big deal.
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    @BilletHead smells them. He had a little nest a while back I remember.
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    Spiders AND snakes

    My granddad always said he could smell copperheads, me I don't even try.
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    Glad you can make it - Friday night fry sounds like a plan. The guys apparently loved your bream fillets last year as they were gone by the time I got back.
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    Excellent report gentlemen. That trip sounds fantastic. Glad you guys were able to do it.
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    Spiders AND snakes

    Quill, I’d find a new walking path. Just sayin... Mike
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    Spiders AND snakes

    Ive seen copperheads out mid winter when temps in mid-high 30s and snow within a foot of them, in the ledges of cedar glades, where sun hit early in the day and warmed the rock, I believe that I smell venomous snakes before I see them sometimes. I know I have been way too close to several and so far very lucky. I like gumboots in those areas.
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    Sore Thumbs

    Spiders AND snakes

    I don’t kill spiders either unless they are brown recluse. They are nature’s best bug killers. My wife gets mad when I find one in the house and let it go outside. Snakes don’t bother me much either. I’m usually trying to pick them up and move them. Copperheads are a different deal though. Glad you didn’t get bit today.
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    Where's Waldo - Part 2 Home Edition

    Sounds like you guys had an all around great trip!!!
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    Big M area, October 9

    I roll into Big M at about 0645 and there's a truck by the ramp. There's a guy there outside his truck, and he's wearing a jersey, except it looks like one of those MLF referee jerseys- has black and white striped sleeves. Anyway he made a few casts then drove over to the other side of the park and went fishing on the bank over there. Nothing wrong with jerseys or fishing off the bank, but seeing someone in the refs jersey wasn't something I have ever seen except on TV. I got the boat in the water and got out of there pretty fast, didn't want to get a 2 minute penalty. But the fishing was pretty good today - got a lot of bites, had a problem converting those bites into fish in the boat but I bet I had at least 50 bites and out of all those bites I only managed to boat 15 of them. I had a good smallmouth on a Whopper Plopper that threw the Plopper right next to the boat. Had another keeper sized smallie get off a crank, and to add insult to injury, a spot then grabbed the crank and it got off too! Lost another good smallie on a shaky head. Shaky head was the best bait for me today, 6 inch Roboworm on a 1/8 oz head. Got a couple on the plopper, a couple of drop shot fish, and a couple on a crank. Didn't find many drop shot fish today, there were a couple out there, but couldn't find them like last week. Most of my bites were in 5-15 FOW, and the best banks had wind on them. Steep banks and rocky points with wind were good today. Saw a bass boat out there today off the bank on a flat, looked to be drop shot fishing. 5 guys in the boat. I am thinking it could've been a guide with 4 clients. Surface temp 73. Air temp was 41 when I launched!
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    Jerry Rapp

    Card’s back in the post season!!

    they finished in the final 4 of MLB. Pretty darn good. 26 other teams didn't get there. Back in January the majority of Card fans would have been very satisfied with a trip to the NLCS. Look at the Dodgers. They finished worse than the Cardinals in the final scheme of things.
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    Yeah, we lost the wind and it just got really tough. We couldn't adjust and really just never got bit other than the little ones after 11. Last week when I was out I had nothing early and everything once it clouded up and we got a little breeze. I can't get a keeper on a jig right now to save my life.
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    MLF just bought FLW

    Thanks guys, I see that as a co-angler it would be like having a tutor, but the competition causing improvement is just the difference between ambition and lack of ambition, wanting to improve yourself almost always leads to self improvement. My instruction was at the library and the only angler I knew was myself so the competition was always with myself. beating what I did last time over the same water. Attempting to catch every fish in a hole from big to small and trying to be on the water at least five times a week, every week. I think that outside competition, possibly even the presence of others, would have been a distraction.
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    The sizes that we caught seems to indicate that there may be a small established population.
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    Spiders AND snakes

    Ok @Quillback i could not help but read your post with the Jim Stafford song going on in my head😌.
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    My bad for not looking at the forum that this was posted😌. Thinking that it might be about Sonny's BBQ some of my favorite ribs from Florida. I was wrong... horribly wrong😵!
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    Phil Lilley

    October 14 fishing report

    TR bounced back over 917 feet but regardless, I doubted they would leave it off very long. They ran 2 most of the day today.
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    Big M area, October 14

    Well I have to report the bad when it happens, and today it was bad, caught 5 bass, 4 dinks and a 15" smallmouth. Jigs and worms, for what it is worth. Missed a few solid thumps which didn't help. Beautiful day, well except for the cold, foggy start. Monarch butterflies are moving south, saw quite a few crossing the lake. Saw a few eagles and some deer. Great day to be fishing, but not much catching going on, at least for me.
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    Give up the info oliver
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    Anyone been since the cool down started

    The cool down brought floods to me and I thought it would have there too? Sugar Creek was still high and green yesterday eve. I had plans a couple times and rain happened.
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    Tournament results 10/12?

    28lbs won. 16.5 was 28th place. Paid 30 places. 2 day total weight. If you could catch 13lbs both days you would have won a good chunk of money.
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    MLF just bought FLW

    My personal fishing evolution has gone something like- Phase 1-struggle to get bites or catch one anything in a day Phase 2-catch a few to a lot of dinks consistently most days I fish, struggle to catch a keeper Phase 3-catch a keeper(s) most days I fish, struggle to catch a limit Phase 4-catch a limit of keepers most days I fish, struggle to catch a big (3 pound smallie/spot, 4 pound LMB) fish Phase 5-catch a limit of big fish On Bull Shoals and LOZ, I'm generally pretty darn close to a phase 4 fisherman, on weekdays, when I can kind of choose the weather I'm going in. In a derby, I'm much closer to Phase 3, although I have a definite pattern going lately of having 4 fish with one or two good ones, and missing a limit fish that keeps me out of a check. I think part of it is poor time management on game day, and part of it is fishing pressure, but it's nice to see where I measure up. I think if I guy can be somewhere between phase 4 and phase 5, day in day out, regardless of weather and seasonal pattern, he's gonna do pretty well in the local tournament world. The TRUE pros that can be Phase 4+, on tour, fishing everything from tidal backwaters to highland impoundments to Great Lakes smallmouth to TVA river lakes to Florida swamps, are the names we all know. Lots of phase 4++ guys in their region drop to phase 2 or 3 on tour. Idk, may not make any sense to anyone but me, but that's kind of how I look at it
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    MLF just bought FLW

    This is just business and proof that the only thing that stays the same is everything changes. MLF knew it needed "minor leagues" to grow its brand and give accountability to the anglers on their highest circuit. There are anglers in the current FLW who can and will compete in MLF in the future. MLF respects FLW and that is why they made the move. MLF has made a big impact and is growing the sport. I have friend at work who trout fishes once a year. He asked me to take him bass fishing because he has been watching MLF and it looked fun. I took him once and he wants a boat. I know some purist say it is a dink fest. I like 5 fish limits too, but I think the format is just different and has it's own challenges and huge entertainment advantages to those not truly into tourney fishing. If it is easy, go catch a 100 lbs on a day on Table Rock in May next year..it ain't easy. The number of people bass fishing is skyrocketing. I hate all the fishing pressure on our local ponds too. But if I look at in an unselfish way, the more people that do it , the more they will stand up for and protect our right to fish and the waters we do it on. It also puts money in people who sell gas, hotels, boats, fishing tackle, etc. So much of that is based right here in the Ozarks, that I think that is a great thing. Change is tough and you have to adjust to it or get left behind.....
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    Craft hair baits

    These aren't flies so I hope I don't offend anyone by putting these here but wanted to post some of my hand made jigs that I tie that have worked well for me for quite some time now. I didn't see a jig section in the forums. They are called float n flies down south. Really only difference between these or flies is the head itself. You just can't get three colors of powder paint on a fly hook. These were tied on a 1/16th walleye head with 4 mm 3-d eyes on a #2 Gamakatsu 114 jig hook. Materials used is multiple colors of craft hair, krinkle mirror flash and 70 ultra thread. Did a couple with 140 but thread head built up to big for me. Been catching a lot of bass with these this year along with a few crappie. The action on these are fantastic. Sorry about how this spread out. Didn't know how to correct it. Seems every site I go on is different when it comes to posting pictures.
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    Craft hair baits

    I made a few more this morning, not that I need them because I don't lose many but I got some new eyes in that really reflect light well and couldn't resist. These are 1/8 oz.
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