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    I have three daughters and grandaughters that fish, started them all early and it paid off. I like the Huk gear as well. I wear it more than anything else. Need to find some summer colors, the darker ones are too hot to wear right now.
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    I would say that is a great level IMO. Maybe not for those wading or inexperienced in a canoe/kayak though.
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    Got home a few hours ago and had a lot of fish to vacuum pack. Left 4 fillets out to try something new. Cut fillets in 1 1/2 inch squares and placed on greased foil covered baking sheet and lightly seasoned. Cut bacon strips in 1 1/2 inch long sections and covered each piece of crappy. Put in oven on hi broil just till bacon crisped up. Plated nuggets on a tray lightly covered in lemon juice. will be doing this again!
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    Those inches deep river wide shoals you encountered are new. The gravel is a deposit from when the Arkansas Nature Conservency tried to "Save" the river. Some of the best chunk rock runs are now covered in gravel. We hope spring floods will continue to scour that stuff somewhere else. And yes, it's not what it once was, but still pretty special to me. This year all of my 16+ smallies have been below Grandview. Marble to the Gap gets fished HARD. The explosion of Kayak Bass fishing is ramping up the pressure. Hopefully all those fishermen will leave with a personal desire to help protect the river.
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    Quick Driftless Trip

    Great place to visit!
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    You have to label additional rods(or hooks) with your name, address, etc. if you do that you are good to go long as you do not exceed max number of hooks. Mike
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    Is there a limit somewhere on what you take on and then excel at? You don't seem to know such a thing....
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    Bassin on my b day

    Academy has some really nice Magellan branded long sleeve tech shirts that work awesome. They have some lighter summer colors too. And you can find them on sale for around $14 each.
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    Simms shirts were $50 but I have a few Hanes cool dry that were 2 fer $20 perform just like the high end stuff
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    Bassin on my b day

    I bought a long sleeve Huk shirt and hoodie in the Yeti color yesterday so I should be set for now. My oldest grandaughter is 15 and will fish all day with me, the rest will last a couple hours. Grandson is six and will fish for an hour. Then it's time to throw rocks or whatever else a six year old can think of.
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    Bassin on my b day

    We know! We've fished with you two😀! And she doesn't like not catching a fish. A girl like her dad!
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    Simms and Patagonia have sun shirts in light colors. Great items. Hoodies too. I have several.
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    Bassin on my b day

    Thats awesome! Gotta plant those seeds! I am a lucky man in that at least my oldest will fish all day with me. She's a bit of a tom boy. The other two will hang for a little bit, but my oldest gets mad at em like I do. I am new to Huk gear but so far they have exceeded my expectations. Nice being able to keep the sun off ya. The hoodies work great as I'm bald so I can keep the sun off my dome. I have some of the long sleeve shirts too which I like. The back on that hoodie is vented and stays pretty cool up to about 85 degrees or so. I also need to shop some lighter colors though. Beats lathering up in sunscreen.
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    Panfish Party

    Those little baits will catch anything, that's an interesting color. The head looks bigger than 1/125. Might paint up a few little ones in that color.
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    A windy trip

    Nice trip report Marty. Glad that you guys got into some quality fish! Those walleye should have been a nice dinner if you kept them. Also wish that you had a photo of that sucker's mouth. I might be able to ID that fish. Can't say that I am not a bit jealous especially when I'm stuck dealing with budgets, staffing issues, work quotes, etc. and missing opportunities to fish in the great weather yesterday .
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    When is/was this presentation and where at? This would be great to see.
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    That looks like an awesome time buddy! And no doubt if there are turtles Liv will be catching them. Suprised she didn't done in after the bigger ones lol. Looks like a great multi species day. Nice looking creek too.
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    Milwaukee Heated Jackets

    The Milwaukee products share batteries within their family. This shows to be M12 so any M12 tool would use the battery. Milwaukee makes a great cordless tool, buy with confidence.
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    Fishing/Trip Report 7/28-7/31

    The boys were so great on that trip that we had a new adventure for them this week. We took the 2 younger boys fly fishing for the first time in Southwest Colorado. We did an exhausting amount of hiking on a 12 hour fishing excursion but it was totally worth it. We all caught tons of fish! I am not sure who is more lucky, those 2 boys or their dads! What a way to end the summer!
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    Our Trip West

    Nice. Looks like a great time. Road trips are the best vacations ever.
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    Our Trip West

    Great pics ness.
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