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    Got to the launch a little late this morning, wish I had gotten there at daylight. I say that because when I got to the launch there was striper activity on top, right out on front of the launch. I only lasted for an hour or so, fish were a little finicky as to what they wanted, but I did manage to get one in the boat that I estimate was about 8 lbs. Caught it on a tail spinner. After the striper activity stopped, I went up Indian creek and threw the Ned around. Caught 8 bass, 12-15" fish, mostly spots. Fish were for the most part in 10-15 FOW. Scattered, never found a bunch of them in one place. Caught a walleye that was just a shade over 18", it joined the striper in the live well. WT 48.
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    12/17/18 Bass Fishing

    I talked my wife into going out a few hours yesterday. We launched around 11:00 at State Park and fished around that area on the little sac. It was pretty slow going for the first couple hours the water was slick and wasn't much biting. We finally started catching a few when the lightest of breeze started later in the afternoon. We fished mostly main lake points and just inside the point leading into the coves. The inside of the points seemed to be the best. It was pretty slow for the most part we ended up with 14 total 9 keepers. All but 1 was caught on a jerkbait natural shad color. 1 shorts was caught on a rock crawler. I haven't been on Stockton much this fall so I was in search mode most of the time. They are bunched up so when you catch one you will usually catch more. It was a beautiful day for mid December a little more breeze and I think we would have caught more.
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    This was my first time on Stockton since last July. I had a couple of things going against me. First was a new hat. Wasn't broke in yet. New hats aren't lucky. Second was that the bass were probably mad at me for not fishing Stockton in about 6 months! 😀 Put in at 10:30 am at Orleans Trail and fished till sundown. Water temps hovered around 46 to 47 degrees. I fished between Orleans Trail and State Park Marina. Ended up with 15 bass with 4 keepers. I caught the trifecta. The largest bass was 18 inches. Also had a 17 incher. The other 2 keepers were just over 15 inches. Caught 1 bass on a jerk bait, 4 on the A-rig and everything else on the Ned. Secondary points with a fast drop seemed to be best. I had no idea where I would find them and I spent too much time looking too far back in the bigger creek arms. I found my fish from the main lake to about halfway back. Plus with the lake this low, the fish just aren't where I would normally find them at normal pool. It was a simply gorgeous day on Stockton.

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