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  1. Unedited... I wanted to get this out because there's some interesting info about small rainbows and the shocking survey from last night. I may add more and of course, some might be edited after Marsha gets through with it Generation has all but halted on Lake Taneycomo this week, something we haven't seen for a couple of years! With no flow comes the new reality of what the lake now looks like at low water... and it's changed quite a bit. We have noticed that the lake seems lower than it used to be, but again, it's been a long time since we've seen this and ALOT of water h
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  2. netboy

    Pretty brown 11/9

    They shut the water down on Bull Shoals because of flood conditions downstream so there has been some great wade fishing the last few days. Took the boat to a favorite shoal and got out and waded. Caught quite a few rainbows and this nice brown. He hit a ruby midge dropper beneath a peach colored egg. I lost a real pig of a rainbow also. Looked to be in the 25" range and really fat. Hook just pulled out. Hopefully we will get a few more days of low water before they open it up again.
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  3. I'd never gone up to Naknek this late... not many people have except locals I'm told. And even then, didn't see but a couple of boats on the river today. Stayed at Katmai Trophy Lodge near the "rapids" on the Naknek, owned by the Johnson family. They also own Naknek River Camp at the head of the river, at Lake Camp. The camp is closed because all their water lines are exposed, above ground. KTL is a regular lodge with power (electricity) and indoor plumbing so they could stay open all year, if there was fishing to be had. I went up to spend time with good friend, John McCloskey,
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