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    While fishing on Lake Taneycomo last evening, I hooked a brown just below Lookout on a 1/8th ounce jig. We've been hearing about these browns, seeing them in the upper lake moving up for the fall spawning season. This is the first one I've hooked.
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    Joe Cermele and Outdoor Life Online Editor Alex Robinson battle it out on the White River in Arkansas to see who can score the biggest brown trout in this trophy fish Mecca with help from legendary guide Crazy Mike Neher.
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    Want giant brown trout in the Ozarks? Strip the big stuff.
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    Nice way to start out the year.
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    Set the video camera on the boat ramp and got some interesting video. Scuds, or freshwater shrimp, are swimming above the ramp and crawling in the algae while the rainbows are cruising around picking them off.
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    Wanted to show, in some detail, how to fish a scud in dead water conditions on Lake Taneycomo. Fishing the trophy area from a boat.
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    I like making short and quick videos that don't take an hour to watch. Here's a day of fishing in a minute...no filler! You can check out more on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/looknfishy/
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    Phil Lilley

    Valentine Brown Trout

    Got out for a short drift this morning... perfect conditions. One nice brown... in the cheek.
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    One of the nicest rainbows caught on One Cast... we had fun with it.
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    An hour long video I made while floating 125 miles from Ponca to Buffalo City on the Buffalo River over seven days. It was an incredible trip. So get you a cup of coffee, turn up the volume, sit back & enjoy a float down The Beautiful Buffalo River in HD.
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    The Fly Fishing the Ozarks crew heads to Kansas City for a tying demo at Orvis.
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    Mid January... first good snow we've had in a number of years. My guess is 6-8 inches, nice and dry, not heavy flakes. Love fishing in the snow, although boating up and back was tough on the eyes.
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    The Fall bite has been really good. I've seen two giant bass caught (check my FB page for pics) but I was starting to get bored with the normal routine. At the last minute, I decided to put the conventional gear away and grab the fly rod. Went searching for my favorite local fresh water fish not expecting to find any this late in the year. I was wrong. https://www.facebook.com/looknfishy/
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    Published on Mar 24, 2017 The naturally tranquil environment of the marsh changes to anarchy when you fool a redfish into eating. Their unpredictable behavior will have you scrambling to keep up. It's madness in the marsh and it's addicting.
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    Published on Jul 14, 2017 They make us crazy but we can't stop fly fishing for grass carp. They are a blast to catch on dry flies. Link in comments to a step-by-step grass carp fly that I've had a lot of success using.
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    Phil Lilley

    Jig Fishing Taneycomo

    Trout are hitting jigs pretty good!
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    Ozark Gold

    Published on May 23, 2016 Spent 3 days living out of my kayak chasing these Ozark smallies. Remember to handle with care and practice catch and release, these guys are a precious resource. http://looknfishy.blogspot.com/
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    Duane and I fished this evening for about 90 minutes and boated I don't know how many trout. Threadfin shad were flowing from the dam, especially towards the last of our stay -- fish were all over the surface like bass feeding on a school -- or as Duane exclaimed -- like rainbows on the Naknek River (Alaska) during the smolt run. Crazy!
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    Season 1 of Streamer Chronicles brought Erik Griffen as my "control" for this little experiment. Season Two, enter Paul Zagorski. Paul is a fisherman of mine that I have had the pleasure to watch grow from a very green fisherman to a serious stick.
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    A fully synthetic articulated streamer that holds its profile.......in other words, the unicorn.
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    I am the first to admit.....this isn't the exact Mike Schmidt Double Deceiver. This is my version. Either way, the Double Deceiver has put more big fish in my boat than all other big streamers combined. Period.
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    Good evening jig fishing. Conditions were perfect.
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    Published on Aug 28, 2017 Lots of sun and no wind made for a fun day of sneaking up and throwing dry flies to grass carp. I've heard other people say that the grassies they catch don't fight hard. The ones I catch fight like tanks. Check out the giant cannon ball sized splash when one decides to get gone fast.
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    This guy is doing his own fishing show... good for him!
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    Windy conditions... so switch it up. Strip something.
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    Had an hour to fish... trout were hungry.
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    Episode 3 of Streamer Chronicles brings Alex Lafkas. Alex guides in Michigan and Arkansas and has been a HUGE influence on the big streamer game on the White River, Arkansas.
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    Thank you to White River Plastics, and Bink's Pro Spoons for helping me catch my December walleye.
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    A BRAND NEW articulated streamer from Kelly Galloup. The Flatliner is a horizontally (is that a word) flat profiled fly.....cool stuff!
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    In a series of videos, I've shown how to fish with flies below Fall Creek (Lake Taneycomo) using either a fly rod or spin rig. In this video, I'm fishing with a Zebra Midge/Soft Hackle combination and catching some nice trout, both rainbows and a brown trout.
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    After making a video showing how using scuds below Fall Creek (Lake Taneycomo) can be effective, I wanted to show that someone who doesn't fly fish can be just as successful using a spin cast rig.
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    Scott Sandusky Interview, Missouri State Record Brown Trout November, 2009
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    The Fly Roadtrip

    Published on Jun 23, 2016 14 days + 5 states = countless fish caught. No script, no hotels, no regrets. Only agenda, stay ahead of the weather. Here are the highlights of the fly roadtrip. http://looknfishy.blogspot.com/
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    Something different. An hour of unedited fishing.Stats:Lake Level- 703.77 feetFlow- 23 mw, 1,564 cfsTemp- 45 degreesLures- 1/8th oz yellow/white jig, 3/32nd oz sculpin/ginger, brown head jig.
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    Phil Lilley

    The Grass Flats

    Stalking grass carp on the glass flats.
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    One of the best things about fishing is the unknown. One thing I do know is when I rally up with Paul Bailey and Matt Newman we catch big bass every time. On this special episode of Stoked On Fishing Paul Bailey catches a potential world record bass.
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    The first video in the Kris Keller series, the Dream Catcher. A western-style articulated streamer with great movement. Rear Hook: Hook - TMC 5263 #2 Tail - Barred Marabou Hackle - Saddle Body - Cactus Chenille Wing - Barred Marabou Front Hook: Hook - Mustad S74S Head - Conehead Pocket Eyes Eyes - Flymen Living Eyes Tail - Barred Marabou Hackle -Saddle Body - Cactus Chenille Wing - Barred Marabou Collar - Deer Hair
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    Last day of flood gates so Duane and I had to go fishing. The Corps will shut the gates down tomorrow morning as Table Rock Lake recedes to 915 feet. Our lake will be back to "normal generation patterns", running when there's demand for power.
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    Phil Lilley

    Finding Wonder

    Our very own DuckyDoty is featured in this video.
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    October 2014 Trip with Matt Green and Alex Turley.
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