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    As you look out from the ramp in the picture, to your left is the deep water channel. To your 1 oclock to 3 oclock is a large bumpy flat that extends all the way to the same river channel along the far bluff. Fish are somewhere on the flat at all times. They relate to the underwater humps. At times they will school and chop shad over that flat. From the ramp at 12 oclock is the ledge from the flat to the channel. Before the lake was impounded someone built a rock wall or maybe a road bed down that edge. You can see it on side image sonar. That hump on the edge is productive when the fish have gone deep for the summer. From the ramp at about 1:30, on the far side, you can see the mouth of a small cove. In the spring, the bass use it to spawn. Later in the spring, early morning, fish the timber at the back with top water or buzz bait. To your 9 oclock, on the other side you will see a point. That point extends quite a ways out and about 200 feet from the point a hump rises to only a few feet deep. When the lake is down, it is a navigation hazard. Fish the hump and the edges for bass and walleye. From the ramp to your 11 oclock lies another cove, Raridan Branch. Go past the first boat house on the left and fish a jig or a ned between the boathouses for three or four houses. When you go upriver from the point on your left, the channel u turns to the left. From there, fish the northern turning to western side up past the boat house. I have caught good fish in every location described. BTW, a gentleman launches his older brown Ranger from that same ramp very often. He is an Ozark Anglers member, knows that part of the lake really well, and is friendly. Say hello. If I remember correctly, his name is Jack. Good Luck.
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    I will not be at the lake on Sunday. We go a funeral to attend in St Charles sunday. were going to go up on Satirday to visit amy daughter and my grandkids are comin out. I will be home late Sunday and will not be on the Hybrids again until Monday evening. The one on the picture was 5.88 just shortvof 6lbs. Mybhybrd fishing budy got one over 7 1/2 week before last.
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    Thanks for the HD Craw and pizza, I'm placing my order for craws and jigs tonight. Rick
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    The little one I caught. It's a picture of a picture. Pete
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    Mitch whats the mold that you used on the jig you just sent me a picture of?.....looks like a football head but I don't know of a mold with that type of weed guard. I like it!
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    Jason, May I invite you to join me in my new boat on Table Rock or on Beaver. I supply the boat, the bait, and the gas and you teach/help me set up my HDS10 so I don't go crazy. Any day after the 4th works for me, but I know you work summers so I will let you pick. I will even show you a couple non-community holes for walleye.
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    Hi jtram, Thank you so much for the Roaring River Conservation Area recommendation. Great way to access the river with plenty of solitude. Wound up fishing a hot afternoon and catching a few, but not stealthy enough on my first day out this year to match my desires. Caught a few and had a great cool day in the middle of the summer. Also found three river cans, two of which were live ! Learned that I need to leave markers for my take-out spot to avoid some extra cross-country hill-scrambling hiking.
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    Bet you just cannot wait now. Huh. She be coming very soon. I am barely fidhing myself. The readiation treatment is in the moring 5 days a week for the next 8 weeks including this one. I must keep my shoulders in a unmovable position for about 15 minutes. Trouble is the bad one starts in about a minute after they get started. Buy the time they ar done the pain is enough hat I cannot rise off the table with that arm. Not a pleasant experice at all. It about ends fishing for that day. Was hoping to get at this fixed after these treatments. Cannot do that now the knee replacement that needs to b replaces is finally about done. I will have that done on 21june 8 days after I stop the radiation treatment. Not the kind of season I was looking forward too. That bss wrench caught was 6.3. I know the exact place that was. I do nit think he had to use must stelth as much as he had to know where he was. That area is a big spawing area. There is a old lady lives up their that has come down to the dock a time or two while I was fishing her dock and flirt with me.
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    Hello Phil, I saw your Wednesday fishing report. I thought I might be able to help. A friend and I fish TR for crappie near Viola and found all they would bite on was a red head, blue body, white tail 1/16 oz marabou jig. I thew 1/2 of my tackle box at them, I caught 3 he caught over 50. I hope this helps. If you try it down there let me know if it works. Dan
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    I been casting and messing around a bit.I casted my 1/2 oz bass jigs on 0/4 O' shaunecy hooks. I will be dressing them pretty heavy. There is going to be no more rusted buck tail hooks anymore. I like the O'shaunesy because it sets the catching end back to a maxium. It also does not have a very wide gap. That also helps in the brush. While I was out there I found a cheap old egg simker mold I bought back in the mid 60's. For some time I have been wanting to cast 3/4 and 1oz drop shot sinkers with swivels in them. It really helps keep the line from twisting. So I got to messing around and doing a bit of modifying and here is the first results.
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    the picture on there now. Wenche youngest daughter did it. I told her I was going to post it for everyone to see. Boys he is so proud. I jut love to flirt with her be tease her. I call her Beaty queen and all sorts of stuff. I am somewhat of the village jester around town. Blacks use to call me a jive turkey. Hell I learned it from them.
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    I use the sonar to locate the fish. I rarely fish the shoreline. I look for fish in the edge of the old riverbed. Once I locate the fish I will work the area with my trolling motor. Then if they are schooled I actually drop anchor and fish always casting towards the direction of the last caught fish, keeping the wind to my back. The spotted must school more than largemouth since 75% of my fish caught are spotted bass. Usually thy are caught in the shallower water adjacent to the deeper water. Interestingly, the schools in the deeper water dont seem to hit as much. it as if some of the school move into the shallower water to feed. I can clearly see the school sitting on the edge in the deeper water. The 19 fish I caught today I actually caught all in about 70 mins. The rest of the time was first spent looking for the school. Finding the fish generally take 20 - 45 mins. But then its crazy! I didnt post this but I showed a friend this technique yesterday. We slaughtered them. In about 1.5 hrs the 2 of us easily boated 40 fish. He could not believe how they were stacked up. These were all from the a school in a specific area. This really works. make fishing very enjoyable. PS I do not have similar fortune during the summer months. Hope this helps.
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    I got a pic here of something you might want to try. These or 1/64th oz crappie jigs. They are so easy to make. I just cut off about 3/8 of a inch of a rabbit strip and glue it to the bottom of the hook in back of the jig head with super glue. then wrap and seal it to the head. They work well in colder water. I use them all the time on my favorite crappie rod, A 7 ft ultra lite rod with 10lb test braid on it. That stuff is so thin and the rods so long I can cast these little devils close to 30 ft wet. I use crappie candy a lot also on ligs
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    Need shad? Run to the back of Monte Ne. One bad cast got me 6 today, big ones.
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    Check out my drop shot bass from Elmdale. Ha
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